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  1. Aug 14, 2012
    What an amazing game. it is worth every penny. it is one of the best j rpgs of all time and i think its close to xenoblade. had a great story. i did not finish the game yet but so far its been a great experience. good graphics for the wii and had great gameplay
  2. Aug 16, 2012
    this game is cool, I like it, |I also think it's good and fun and nice.| When I| played this game it made me feel happy like when I eat ice cream or poop.
  3. Aug 14, 2012
    The Last Story - A game from RPG mastermind Hironobu Sakaguchi. Sounds good, right? Sadly, "The Last Story" is the exact opposite - A game with horrible gameplay and an underwhelming story where only the characters shine... And only at very few, certain moments of the game and without doing sidequests, this 15 hour game has not much time to show you those moments anyway.

    The main
    character of the game is Elza (Zeal in the PAL and NTSC/US version), who's part of Quarks (Dagran) mercenaries and always dreams about becoming a knight, since mercenaries are looked down to in the world of The Last Story (among other things).

    After the first battle in the game, you probably hope and expect that the gameplay offers more... WAY more, correct? Sadly, besides positioning yourself before the battle, how you start it (killing the enemies healer, using your crossbow or sword or destroying a pillar or bridge), there's not much to control in the battle. Do you expect to get to control the whole party, use lots of skills and items, among other BASIC aspects of the genre? That with 7 mercenaries and a party out of up to 6 characters that you can at least CHOOSE which character you want to control? Yes? Well, to bad, there's NOTHING like that. No items, the amount of skills and the amount of strategy is a joke. Yes, you read right. That's pretty much your WHOLE strategy. In every single battle. If you expected lots of strategy because you're playing an RPG, you'll get disappointed. Gameplay-wise, The Last Story resembles more an Hack'n'Slay.

    During battle, when your bar is full, you can give your party orders. But not even then you have much of a "choice". Every character has ONE skill (left), ONE special attack (up) and 2 other commands. At least something, right? Again: No. With the exception of Manamia (Mirania) and Kanan (Calista), the special attacks are THE SAME as their normal skills, just stronger. For example: Jackal (Lowell): He uses ice magic and if it's diffused, the enemies slip on it. His special attack? A stronger ice attack. That's it. Manamia can resurrect (giving your characters an additional life) and Kanan can create a barrier. The often ridiculously bad AI sometimes forces you to use the command option as often as possible, especially if you fight enemies which get healed by ice magic and Jackal / Lowell ONLY uses his magic. (To name an example)

    The story is below-average at the very best. It's obvious when playing that Mistwalker tried to make something more original, but the execution is done VERY badly. Thankfully(?), you don't have to endure it for a longer amount of time since the story (without doing sidequests) is only 15 hours long - Less than 1/3 of what you expect from an AVERAGE RPG. But even WITH sidequests... which are few, don't take long and aren't much fun anyway, you'll be VERY lucky to hit the 20 hour mark.

    Upgrading is a joke. The armor differs between a "heavy" type with more defense, but less magic defense, a "balanced" type with the same amount of defense and magic defense and a "light" type, which offers more magic defense, but less physical one. And their boni often only differs WHEN you get it (e.g. at +6 or +7).

    The online mode offers boss fights and PvP. Whereas the 1st one is rather challenging at first, it gets boring and annoying REALLY fast, since most people (IF you find someone online) prefer to use their physical attackers (like Elza). And having a party out of 6 different Elzas results in a very quick Game Over. Why? Simple: If just a single player loses all his/her lives, you have 30 seconds to finish the battle. If you didn't, your whole party loses. No drops, no anything. Having the option to yell stuff like "Someone diffuse that magic!" doesn't help since nobody listens to it anyway.
    PvP works different, but it's even less fun. The balance in PvP is non-existent. You either enter a map where magic users can and WILL one-shot you EVERY SINGLE TIME or a map where they have no chance at all. Also, if you don't "dodge" magic or hide behind a boulder or wall, you CAN'T survive magic. Even dodging or hiding results in high damage.

    Long story short: The Last Story gameplay is below-average at the very best, the story is way too short and the story-telling isn't very good either. The characters themselves are pretty good (Besides Elza), but since the focus is on him ALONE, you'll barely experience anything interesting about your other party members anyway. The soundtrack isn't bad, but you expect WAY more from Uematsu. The world is tiny, brown and doesn't offer much anyway. The online mode is just plain bad and the replay-value is practically zero, so if you're planning on purchasing it, don't expect anything better than a short, mediocre game.
  4. Sep 1, 2012
    What an amazing game. it is worth every penny. it is one of the best j rpgs of all time and i think its close to xenoblade. had a great story. i did not finish the game yet but so far its been a great experience. good graphics for the wii and had great gameplay
  5. Aug 15, 2012
    The Last Story is a very good, if flawed, JRPG. It's a traditional RPG at its roots but it plays out more like an action game with its varied and mission based gameplay. The game's key selling point is the creative real time combat system which combines quick combat with strategy. You will need to micro-manage multiple elements on the battle field and your own party members in order to overcome some hectic battles. The game also boosts a fantastic musical score and art direction, but the game is hindered by frequent by slowdown (which is especially annoying during combat). The story is enjoyable but a tad too predictable. The cast is fairly deep and well developed. The voice work is excellent but the dialogue is very cheesy. Even with all of these complaints, something about this game often put a smile on my face. It only lasts about 20-25 hours and is a bit on the easy side, but it's a heartfelt and enjoyable adventure. *PS* I played the original PAL (UK) release, and because the US release is the same exact game, I figured I'd provide my insights on the game for early adopters (especially since I actually played and beat it). Expand
  6. Aug 16, 2012
    The Wii's last hurrah is also one of its best. JRPG's are renowned for being repetitive, with lots and lots of padding in the guise of 'leveling up'. This is not the case with this fast paced adventure, Sakaguchi's best since, well..Final Fantasy! It gives you the great storyline and characterization that JRPG's are renowned for, minus all the weaknesses that this genre has suffered for at least a decade. Great, interactive combat system that is strategic and exciting (hullo...Kingdom Hearts). It has great music and despite having low res graphics, it is still a beautiful game. Dust off your Wii and prepare for one of the best JRPG from the true master. Expand
  7. Aug 27, 2012
    I've never played an action RPG that plays like this. All the options on how you can approach enemies is really interesting and fun. And the game is beautiful and sounds great. I truly hope this becomes an ongoing series
  8. Aug 22, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. The Last Story is an awesome game, from it's great gameplay to it's brilliant musical score. It is very much a traditional JRPG at heart, with the kinds of characters that you'd expect from any Final Fantasy doing the rounds. But it does differentiate itself rather well from the traditional "young man or woman with amnesia" style of character: the way the characters all interact with each other is fantastic and really adds a human layer to the proceedings, leading the way to a climatic ending where Zael (the main protagonist of the piece) has to battle against everything he knows to be right and wrong. And that is what the game is really about, a man's struggle to find his place in the world, challenging what he knows while making (and losing) friends along the way. The combat system is also a breath of fresh air when it comes to JRPGs, it is not turn based, but real-time and actually relatively strategic. It's not perfect, but it could really come alive with a sequel. The musical score (as you'd expect) is fantastic and really fits the mood of the game well. But it doesn't deserve a "ten" for a few reasons, the graphics, while great, are occasionally jarring with some parts looking fantastic and others looking like a (high end) game from the last generation; which is a little disappointing. It is also just a tad short (clocking in at just over 20 hours depending on skill) for me, it seemed as though it should not have ended that early, I would have happily played a further 10-15 hours. To sum it up, this is a fantastic game that does almost everything right, 90/100. Expand
  9. Feb 22, 2013
    I was really disappointing in this game. I know the Wii isn't known for its good graphics but this was terrible. The story line was predictable and the characters were also. Also the controls are whack, probably due to it being on the Wii. I was excited about this game when I skimmed over the back of the case and through the guide booklet, but in game the textures on the towns, forests, and even the people was just low res pixels. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. Expand
  10. Jan 16, 2013
    Flawed, but enjoyable. The story has potential, but is not explained enough in detail. At times confusing. Questions left unanswered. Also the story can be a bit predictable. It took me 22 hours to beat, so you could say it's a bit short. The combat is action-packed and fun for the most part. You unlock new moves and skills at a nice pace. You can manage and upgrade equipment and weapons, this is however very shallow. No quest journal(!!!) Silly dialogue, compensated by good voice acting. The most stereotypical characters I have ever experienced in a game. Nice graphics, and overall design of the world. Good variation of locations. Great soundtrack. I could probably go on forever. The fact is, there are many small ups and downs, a mixed bag. I was left a bit disappointed when it was over, but I can't deny the fact that I enjoyed it while it lasted. Expand
  11. Aug 21, 2012
    The gameplay is fun, and never gets dull, but its such a shame that there isn't nearly anything to tweak with in usual RPG fashion. Each character has two moves each, both of which are not customizable and upgradable. Additionally, you only control one character throughout the game. This wouldn't be such a deterrence if you were given a lot of control of your party members like Mass Effect, but you're limited to filling up a gauge to tell them which arts to cast. In this way you'll never get lost in the gameplay like you would with a deeper structure. The story is only decent. While good for the JRPG sub-genre, I shouldn't excuse its cringe-worthy lines and lack of subtlety just because the genre is known for bad stories. It also hits cliches at every turn within the narrative, which is perhaps why this game feels as though it has a lack of verve and intrigue. Mistwalker proves it is inept at creating tension and drive, because the story always seems rather meh.
    The characters, while likable in their own right, are fairly one-dimensional. The protagonist is simply a virtuous do-gooder, there's a princess with special powers, a drunk, a ladies man, a quiet girl. You know, everything you've seen before. This one-characteristic approach to the characters makes them forgettable and unnecessary to the plot. The best thing I can say about it is its pacing. The game flows incredibly well, and never makes you sick of any of its features. This is especially notable because all party members are introduced within the first few hours. The battle system does get new gimmicks to pique your interest at a nice pace, and the difficulty curve is nice (although it is rather easy at the beginning). The game will only take you about 15-20 hours, but its brevity is actually one of its strengths. It does value this time, and the result is a nice flow that is rather addictive and hard to pull away from. The voice work isn't fantastic, but the dialogue isn't that great either. Expect awkward phrases, lectures, and overly long motivational speeches when playing this game. You know, the usual JRPG nonsense. The score is good for background noise, but its hardly memorable aside from the main theme. Unlike other games, when listening to the soundtrack I couldn't remember where it had come from. Despite these gripes, Nobuo did a nice job.
    The game's lack of customization, verve, and weak story make this hard to fully recommend. I would buy at price drop, but new (to support Mistwalker). It is worth your time though.
  12. Dec 12, 2012
    This review is based on a completed run through of the game.
    It's been a long time since I have played a game like this. This is how Final Fantasy should have been over the last 10 years or so. Most of the complaints that I have about this game would be problems with the wii. I hated the fact that I couldn't see these wonderful characters in HD. I wish I could have used a better
    controller, but that being said, Mistwalker really avoided having useless controller waggle forced into the game. The sound, the game play, the story, the characters were all very enjoyable. I just wish that the game would have been on a grander scale (there is only one town) I wish it would have been longer. My play through took about 36 hours to complete the story, side quests, and epilogue. If you do play, I would recommend playing the co-op in the beginning. The weapons that you win in the co-op mode are very useful in the first half of the game but not so much toward the end. I highly this as the last great wii game. Expand
  13. Aug 30, 2012
    If I wanted to recommend an RPG to someone this would be at the bottom of my list. The story line is short, there is virtually no character, or weapon customization besides linear upgrades. You spend a majority of the game doing random town gathering quests, the in town arena is the same couple of battles over and over again. There is very little exploring, there is only one town in the game and then story-line quests outside of town. The only reason I continued playing was the hope that it would expand the more I played, but it didn't. Expand
  14. Feb 13, 2013
    An absolute beautiful game. Just what you would expect from the genius behind early Final Fantasy games and the man behind the majority of Final Fantasy's OSTs.

    I just want to get the two bad things out of the way:
    1. It's too short. I finished it in 19 hours, which isn't short. But for a game which such a great story you just wish it was longer.
    2. This one is a funny one, because
    it's also one of the best parts about it the battle system. It can get a bit clunky when trying to move while surrounded enemies.

    About from that. The characters reminds me a lot of Final Fantasy X's, but that's a good thing. They feel different enough to not be a copy. Vast majority of the game takes place in 1 town, which might seem like a bit of a bore, but the story flows so brilliantly that it will not bother you.

    Like most JRPGs of the PS2/GC PS3/Wii generation the game is rather linear. But the story is so beautiful and the characters feel so life-like and are totally lovable that you will not care for the linear factor. Unlike Final Fantasy XIII, the linear aspect here works in The Last Story's favor.

    I did want to give it a high 9, as it does have some flaws. But it's more worthy of a 10 as oppose to a 9. Go out and buy this if you have a Wii. It's cheap and worth every dolllar.
  15. Oct 14, 2012
    The Last Story has finally hit the United States and I couldn't be happier. From people who worked on most notably Final Fantasy and Lost Odyssey, The Last Story is their next JRPG and first exclusive on the Wii. Regardless of the Wii's technical prowess, The Last Story does a lot more to advance JRPGs than the competition on HD platforms. It's a beautiful and stunning JRPG with some western design influences that brings the genre into 2012. Personally, I feel it's a better game than Xenoblade Chronicles, which I felt went on for way too long and the quests weren't unique or interesting enough. In addition to getting this magnificent game, you also receive an outer cardboard box that houses the game, an art book, and early buyers also receive a soundtrack. It's a gorgeous package.

    Graphics - This is a Wii game, so you'd assume it won't quite match games on the HD systems, which you'd be right about in some cases, but this is a gorgeous game. Characters look great and their faces animate with emotion. The environments are meticulously detailed with good looking water, beautiful architecture, etc.

    Story - The story of The Last Story is beautifully crafted. Unlike many other JRPGs with voice acting and character designs that can be somewhat grating on the nerves, The Last Story feels more mature in both areas. The voice acting is fantastic and very British, while the characters all look unique and are wonderfully designed. For example, Syrenne, who likes to drink and has pretty much no manners, is a nice change of pace for a JRPG.

    Soundtrack - It's so finely crafted. As you'd expect from Noduo Uematsu, The Last Story soundtrack is lovely.

    Gameplay - Maintaining most elements that make a JRPG, The Last Story adds in western influence, which benefits the game and makes it feel like an evolution for the genre. Combining a cover system with combat that you're accustomed to, The Last Story is a real treat to play. Using the cover system, you go into cover and you can pop out from cover to use ranged attacks, then you can leap over cover and use sword-focused melee combat. It all feels very seamless and fluid. While were on the topic of this game's combat, make sure you go to the options menu and change the combat style to 'Manual'.

    Online Deathmatch & Co-op - Somewhat strange for a game of its kind, The Last Story features network play via a 'Deathmatch' mode that has you fighting up to 6 people online, while the 'Co-op' mode allows you to join with them to defeat a boss. While the single player portion is the meat & potatoes of The Last Story, it's a nice little addition to have some online play thrown into the mix. From my experience, the online parts ran fine for me and lag-free.

    The Last Story is a beautiful title that defines a new era of JRPGs. Bringing together gameplay mechanics from the East and West, this game can appeal to just about anyone who likes a good RPG. Let's hope this truly isn't the last story.
  16. Nov 1, 2012
    This is another great jrpg on the wii. With a few plot twists, lovable characters and a great combat system, this is another must buy for any jrpg fans or wii owners. 8.5/10
  17. Nov 27, 2012
    The Last Story is a great send-off to Wii! Despite working with outdated hardware, the game looks and sounds fantastic. The characters are well rounded, the voice acting for the most part is quite well done. The story kept me hooked throughout the game, and how many RPG's come with an online mode? Not many. The only thing hampering this game is some performance issues I ran into and a somewhat lackluster ending to an otherwise fantastic story. Expand
  18. Jan 8, 2014
    I wrote a review of this game August 14th when it was released, and while my score doesn't differ, my opinion does.

    I hadn't completed the game when I wrote the review, but when I finally did, I realized just how much I loved this game and will remember it for years to come. The Last Story and Lost Odyssey really show Mistwalker's talent, and I hope they come out with something new soon.
  19. Aug 24, 2012
    The Last Story is a pretty good but flawed game. Graphically speaking it's by far the best looking game I've seen so far on the WII, because so it does tend to get choppy and gets frequent frame rate drops at times but usually doesn't last more then thirty seconds. Controls are actually somewhat straightforward and somewhat difficult to figure out. I found myself being confused trying to use certain skills at times but other then that it was easy all you pretty much had to do to attack was run into enemies and the player you control would automatically attack. The story isn't bad and there are a few side quests to help you enjoy the game more, at the time of the games end I had clocked in around 28 hours. There were some boring parts in the game but still it was enjoyable. Music and sounds were awesome and characters were unique and interesting. This game is actually good and I had more fun with it then I did with Xenoblade, but there were some aspects that left me wishing there was more ways to customize my characters or maybe more ways to change the outcome. Still this is one of the best looking games on the WII and one worth playing for RPG fans. Expand
  20. Nov 29, 2013
    It's been quite a while since I enjoyed an rpg all the way through like I did this one. For the Wii the graphics are pretty good and it's just a blast in my opinion. It's not a perfect rpg, but it is very well done. Here are some thoughts: Pro's: - While not extremely deep or complex, the storyline is enjoyable - Fantastic cast of characters around the main protagonist - Very amusing with funny banter frequently
    - Some adult themes occasionally which were pretty amusing
    - Lots of little side things to do throughout town that continue to pop up throughout the game over time
    - Battle system is original and fun
    - Weapon upgrade system is fun and not too complex
    - Quite a few optional story missions and dungeons
    - New game +

    - Very linear game
    - Not open world, you are pretty much stuck to the city the whole time.
    - Other characters in the party, while fun and amusing, could use more back story
    - Somewhat short for an rpg
  21. Apr 29, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I have played so many Rpgs in this 7th generation era but I will have to say one thing that this game is certainly one of my top 5 game and 3rd best Jrpg after Ninokuni and Xenoblade.

    Story: Story and character is just to fantastic for any game..I cared about Zoel and his Band of mercenaries.Characters have deep emotional touch with beautiful stories and the main protagonist is one of the best i the RPG genere.

    Graphics: Even though frame rate issue was there i was always wondering how did the old Wii manage to produce such a beautiful game.

    Gameplay: Just 10 out of 10. Blend of RPG strategy and action.
  22. Jul 28, 2013
    Slowly immerses the player into a caliber of story-telling from the golden age. Pushing capabilities and a combat system worth its weight make The Last Story another truly delivering experience from the veterans.
  23. Dec 24, 2013
    Plot Summary:
    In this captivating game you play as male name Zeal and his 6 mercenary comrades Yurick (the pyromancer),Syrenne (the hearty drinker),Dagran(the helpful friend),Lowell(the cryomancer/flirt),Calista(the dreamer),and Mirania (the healer stomach of 10 men) as you band together to save the world from a deteriorating fate.While playing this game, I have felt captivated by the
    game's articulate use of scenery and vocabulary.I was also pleased with the relative character personalities. Expand
  24. Jan 14, 2013
    Hironobu Sakaguchi makes a great Rpg for this generation. Good and beautiful music from N. Uematsu, great battle system and entertaiment history, not good, not bad, but passable. One of the biggest RPG of this poor generation in this genre.
  25. Apr 7, 2013
    The characters in this game hook you in before the story even begins to fall into place. There may be missteps, yet that's welcomed when tackling the JRPG genre with a new style of gameplay and battle mechanics. When playing this game I experienced as though I progressed through more of an actual story as oppossed to a campaign with no soul. Truly a one of a kind gem in the Wii library that shines brightly. Expand
  26. Apr 30, 2013
    Astonishingly mediocre. Everything from the gameplay to the graphics to the music to the story are mediocre. It's not terrible or anything, it's just you'd expect so much more from all the hype it was given. The voice acting is awful, a lot of the characters are idiots, ,and while the story does have its occasional high points, it's marred by its abysmal low points. Overall, a mediocre game. Don't bother; go play Xenoblade again. Expand
  27. Aug 26, 2014
    this game is just beyond crap.... lame gampeplay (the stealth sections is a total embarassement), a silly story, no exploration... and the framerate is a joke.... no interest at all... what a shame for sakaguchi....
  28. Aug 13, 2013
    Good graphics, good gameplay, good music, good story, good game. Is there anything more to say?
    No! It is a really good game on Wii so buy it, if you can!
  29. Aug 21, 2013
    Personally i think this game is the best that WII as to offer, it got amazing graphics(it's a WII, so don't expect more than what it can handle lol), but the game play is the best this game has to offer, i got so addicted to the story i just had to finish it, couldn't play anything else until i finished it first. the last battles are really difficult, at less for me eh eh, i give it a 10, because this game for me is one of the few that really makes me think that owning a wii isn't so bad. :D Expand
  30. Jan 7, 2014
    Another amazing game that came late to the Wii's life was this one. I wish I knew about it sooner, because I completely regret not being able to buy the special edition for this game. The game has beautiful art direction and the music is just as good. The characters are very well done and the game itself is just fun and definitely fits in right beside Xenoblade Chronicles for my favorite games.
    The Last Story is another beautiful game made by the man who kicked off the highly acclaimed Final Fantasy, and it definitely shows.
    The last Story has like-able characters, funny dialogue, unique game play, and surprisingly good graphics for the Wii.
    It obviously has it's small flaws, but overall this game is well done despite being made by a smaller company. This is definitely a game that needs support, so I'd definitely recommend to dust your Wii off or play on Wii U, because this game is another must-have for JRPG owners.
  31. Mar 22, 2014
    Nintendo's done it again. After the SUPER MARIO GALAXY games, THE LAST STORY is the best Nintendo game for the Wii, and one of the best games on the Wii overall. Unique gameplay, graphics comparable to an HD game, clever characters, classic and well-written Fantasy storyline finally made interesting, and witty humor coming from every turn, and the only thing to complain about are the character models' poor facial feature and bad lip syncing (though the latter clears up around the middle of the game). This game easily gives even SQUARE ENIX's FINAL FANTASY and Disney's KINGDOM HEARTS franchises a run for a run for their money in the Fantasy department. Would love to see Nintendo make a Wii U remake of this game (and publish it themselves, they own this game after all). Bravo to THE LAST STORY. Expand
  32. Mar 14, 2014
    ive only played this game for about a week maybe im about half way through it. i have to say i love everything the graphics are well done the characters are well done the weapon choice is great the story itself is amazing one of the best stories ive ever played the JRPG styled format of the game is amazingly done the enemies are superb as are the classes im constantly guessing who did it? i cant wait to get to the end im sure that ill be disappointed that it is over. id say that this game is as good as any Legend of Zelda game on the market and that it is completely worth every penny i spent for it. i know that when i finish this game i will play it again this is the best game for the wii console ive seen in awhile certaintly better than many supposedly great games. no doubt this game deserves the highest score possible certaintly though there are moments where i feel like crying due to the story line, i wont let any of the story i know out of the bag but this is an amazing game and i encourage anyone who has a wii to buy this game if they love a great story Expand

Generally favorable reviews - based on 61 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 49 out of 61
  2. Negative: 1 out of 61
  1. Sep 4, 2012
    This game is the product of a true master.
  2. Aug 28, 2012
    The Last Story feels like a JRPG that took incomplete notes as it tried to learn from Western design. The simplistic implementation of massively multiplayer online (MMO) combat motifs makes battles boring or frustrating. The character customizability, though wonderful, is purely cosmetic, never really extending into the play or storytelling. Worst of all, the gameplay and story might as well be two ships passing in the night. While Zael confronts the game's real antagonists in cutscenes, the player simply sits on the sidelines. In games, that's the last way you should try to tell a story. Ra
  3. 80
    While my review may seem overly positive, the game's small number of flaws are incredibly frustrating at times. That said, if you feel you can look past a few missed opportunities and a flawed but fun combat system, I can't see why you wouldn't enjoy The Last Story. Just don't expect it to be as genre defining as previous Sakaguchi titles.