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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 15 out of 42
  2. Negative: 1 out of 42
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  1. 70
    In no way does the spin-off game stand up to "Project 8" on the other next generation consoles, but as a "popcorn flick" equivalent to Hawk games, Downhill Jam is a decently entertaining and innovative game nonetheless.
  2. A passable but unexciting racing game that substitutes the finesse of the other Tony Hawk games for simple and scattered action.
  3. Tony Hawk’s Downhill Jam is an unimaginative and often times annoying game that hangs its hat on a Wii controller interface that is interesting because it is different, but easily forgettable after a few short hours.
  4. The graphics, while not gorgeous, look good and do a marvelous job of conveying a real sense of speed. While it may not be a traditional Tony Hawk game, it is a very competent racing game that is fun to play.
  5. A mild downhill racer with too many glitches, and beyond the grinding, nothing to do with its licence. The Wiimote controls don't ruin it, despite the madness of the button use, but they don't add anything a regular analogue stick couldn't have made easier.
  6. I said it last year, "Every console launch will have a Tony Hawk game," and while Tony Hawk’s Downhill Jam isn’t the biggest or best, it’s still a decent ride.
  7. 65
    Playing Downhill Jam is like watching an infomercial at three in the morning: it's sort of amusing and it passes the time but you're not enthralled by what's going on, either.
  8. Games Master UK
    Solid but unspectacular short-term fun that dulls if you're looking for subtlety. [Jan 2007, p.75]
  9. 70
    The new take on the game has tons of potential to be fantastic and with a few tweaks to the overall engine and trick system this could easily be a nice compliment to the already great franchise.
  10. games(TM)
    Despite its condescending moments, Downhill Jam remains an impressive extreme racer that’s difficult to not recommend. [Jan 2007, p.114]
  11. Edge Magazine
    The thrills are just too short-lived, and it simply doesn't stand up as a more boisterous alternative to the razor-sharp focus and freshness of "Project 8" on 360. [Jan 2007, p.83]
  12. Decent attempt, but doesn't quite deliver the goods.
  13. Downhill Jam isn't an awful game; it's just a game that uses the Wii's new controller in completely the wrong way. Games that would work better on a standard controller have no reason to exist on the Wii, and when they're released with awkward controls and unimpressive presentation you have to wonder what the publisher and developer involved were thinking.
  14. AceGamez
    It never reaches the heights of "SSX" or the pure finesse of "Project 8" though, leaving Downhill Jam stuck somewhere between a rock and a hard place.
  15. If the location sub-areas were each as large as a full location, this game would be a blast, even with its other blemishes. In the end though, Downhill Jam is too short, and with the recent announcement of a full-fledged "SSX" game coming to the Wii in 2007, anybody looking to pick up Downhill Jam might want to think twice.
  16. Play Magazine
    The best thing to happen to the Tony Hawk franchise since free roaming, Downhill Jam is allso, if not more so, an introduction to the challenge of re-acclimating oneself to tilt gameplay. [Jan. 2007, p.75]
  17. 70
    As an entry level title, Downhill Jam makes a good introduction to the possibilities of fast-paced gameplay on the Wii, and is definitely more approachable than "Tony Hawk's Project 8," the series' other current entry.
  18. 65
    While the vision is pure, the final execution is anything but. However, purity has never been a requirement for some, and for anyone after a simple, if shallow Hawk experience on the Wii, this may provide the goods.
  19. The attempt to simplify the controls for just a few buttons has resulted in a game that’s far too easy, yet doesn’t have the moxie to hold up when it’s prodded for depth.
  20. Since Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam is tailored for the Saturday morning crowd, the appeal of this title is already weakened to an average Hawk fan. But with the older demographic went the intangible addictive nature of the series.
  21. Nintendo Gamer
    This is solid, but too basic to live up to the Hawk gaming legacy. Good for newcomers to skateboarding games though. [January 2007, p.58]
  22. 69
    It demonstrates a welcome change of direction for the now infamous series and definite inroads into future potential for the future of similar racers on Wii. No, it's not without its faults (the less said about the unfulfilling multiplayer, the better), but viewed as a shamelessly simple arcade racer, it offers a surprising amount of longevity and fun.
  23. 55
    This one feels like a road rash after a nasty spill and should be avoided unless you have plenty of Bactine on hand.
  24. The control just really brings it down. Offering some level of sensitivity control would have been nice. Offering support for using the nunchuk/classic controller/GC controller for more classic style of TH control would have been awesome.
  25. It's pitched at a younger audience than the usual Tony Hawk games, so the frantic, no-frills racing may only be fun for casual gamers.
  26. Tony Hawk’s Downhill Jam gets an A for effort, but a C- for execution.

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Mixed or average reviews- based on 13 Ratings

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  1. ShawnFlanagan
    Sep 12, 2008
    This game shouldn't have the "Tony Hawk" name attached to it. The only thing that makes it part of the franchise are the character namesThis game shouldn't have the "Tony Hawk" name attached to it. The only thing that makes it part of the franchise are the character names and the video footage. Otherwise it is a shortly-entertaining demo of what you can do with the Wii. This shouldn't have been sold as a serious game. Full Review »
  2. PeterC.
    Jan 22, 2008
    This is actually a really enjoyable game. I've gotten tonnes of fun out of it. I often feel games are over-rated and very rarely This is actually a really enjoyable game. I've gotten tonnes of fun out of it. I often feel games are over-rated and very rarely under-rated. In fact I often agree with the harshest scores. However, I got this one on sale and it has been really fun. Surprisingly so. Takes a bit of time to get used to the intricacies of the game and appreciate on its own terms though. I didn't like it much for the first couple days of playing, but now it's actually serious fun. And I've invested a good 15-20 hours in it over the last month or so, taking the odd hour here and there. I think this is actually a good test of whether critics will actually stick with a game to appreciate it. Gamespy deserves top marks on this count. G4Tv , as usual, are just complete idiots, apparently more interested in making money than actually reviewing the game properly. Full Review »
  3. Sam
    May 9, 2007
    Downhill Jam is a fun diversion to what could be a really promising future to Tony Hawk games on the Wii. I just don't know why Downhill Jam is a fun diversion to what could be a really promising future to Tony Hawk games on the Wii. I just don't know why Activision stuck with this spin-off with minimal controls when they could have made a "Project 8 Wii" game instead, relying a lot on the motion sensing of the Wii, but motion sensing is minimal in this game, save for the turning. The graphics are decent; not perfect, but surprisingly pleasing. The sound is alright; the soundtrack isn't great and the voices can get annoying, but despite these annoyances the sound is passable. However, no matter how hard it tries, this game just isn't funny. However, I really enjoyed the game, but I just wish Activision took the fullest of their advantages to what could have been a great start to Tony Hawk and the Wii. For that, I take off a point. Full Review »