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  • Summary: Based on the 2007 live-action feature film, Transformers: The Game lets gamers control the outcome in the battle for Earth as they choose to protect it as Autobots or destroy it as Decepticons. Players experience the unstoppable power and massive scale of their favorite Robots in Disguise such as BumbleBee, Barricade and others. As the Transformers robot's war comes to Earth, gamers make the choice to join the Autobots in protecting our planet or to join the Decepticons in destroying it. With dual campaigns, the fate of the world is in players' hands. Instantly change from a larger than life robot to a high-powered vehicle such as a sports car, fighter jet or helicopter. Players crush, topple and wreck every object, including buildings and vehicles, in their path or use the objects as weapons. An unprecedented line-up lets gamers experience the massive scale, unique abilities and sheer strength of an army of characters from the Transformers universe when they choose to play as Optimus Prime, Megatron, Ironhide, Starscream, BumbleBee and more. For head-to-head battles, fans engage in melee combat that reflects each Transformers robot's character, scale, weight and power along with melee weapons and special moves unique to each character. The game's ranged combat offers a wide array of projective weapons designed to take out enemies from afar. [Activision] Expand
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 1 out of 28
  2. Negative: 7 out of 28
  1. Transformers doesn't make any radical changes to the classic action game genre, but it does have likeable characters and top-notch production values, coupled with enjoyable gameplay.
  2. It’s about on par with all other movie licensed games: relatively short, decent graphics, decent gameplay, and not much value to it.
  3. The way better controls make this our favorite console version, but it's still not great. Transformers: The Game should be a sleek, cutting-edge sports car; instead, it's an old beater whose driver's seat has a spring sticking out in exactly the wrong place.
  4. As it turns out, though, that's not enough to make up for sloppy controls, frustrating camera issues, and repetitive, uninspired game design. [Sep 2007, p.85]
  5. This game could have been so much more. The skeleton of a great game is here, but nothing comes together.
  6. 50
    Paying $60 to play through the movies story is just too high a price to pay for a mediocre adventure game.
  7. Transformers should never have made it past Activision's headquarters and it should never find its way into your Wii's drive.

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  3. Negative: 8 out of 13
  1. Sep 10, 2011
    Transformers is one of my top 10 favorite movies of all time and as usual most movie based games don't do that good, but this is an exception that I would say is the best game of the bunch Expand
  2. HaydnB.
    Sep 15, 2007
    This game is awesome!!! you get to be awesome robots with cool designs and in an enviroment where one shot at building could cause serious damage. My favourite part about the game on wii is that you get to make up your own style of punches. My Favourite character in this whole game is Megatron, in my view he has the best design and is the most lethal. Another good part about this game is that in the Decepticons game it turns out that the end of the game is the opposite of the movie! Expand
  3. SamiC.
    Oct 22, 2007
    You love to destroy stuff, you love the movie, the game is worth it. It takes a while to get used to it, though, but its a really cool game.
  4. JonL.
    Jul 14, 2007
    From what I heard, I thought this game was good enough for a rent. Was I ever wrong!! This game sucked ass, and I never played this game ever again. The missions are somewhat okay, but they mostly suck anyhow. The graphics are good and all, but the gameplay is where is all falls down: camera sucks, combat sucks, weapons don't do much, getting from point A to B on certain times is both frustrating and ridiculous. Bottom line: this game may look like it's worth a rental, but in actuality, it really is not worth your time and money. Expand
  5. JebRand
    Jan 24, 2008
    I recieved this game as a gift and I felt obliged to play it. Every moment I wasted playing this game Activision should pay me back, as it was surely a waste of my life.

    I hate games where the remote controls the camera view (e.g. Metroid 3).

    This game is sooooooooo weak, the only reason I gave it a 1 is bc it was a gift and I feel bad giving it 0.
  6. DarrisC.
    Aug 5, 2007
    This game has no point. The camera control is a ridiculous idea. Why would I want to control the camera? I want to point and shoot, and actually do something. The time of the linear game with no point is over. It peaked with super mario bros. to all game companies out there; let it go! This should have been a great game, I mean its transformers, and you should be able to do anything you want. IM sure there was a sizable budget, where did it go? Expand
  7. Anonymous
    Jan 8, 2008
    This is defenitily one of the worst games i ever played. That camera is ridiculous!! it is really annoying when i played the game! The voice acting was also bad,I was forced to turn the volume up so i could hear it!! Gameplay is also boring and repetitive. And the game has only like: 6 levels in each storyline! that's to short for a game that costs 60 dollars! Also sometimes the levels were to difficult, especially in the autobots racing levels.(not to mention the driving was horrible!) So conclusion: Do not buy this game it is horrible don't waste your cash buying it! Expand

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