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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 6 out of 32
  2. Negative: 2 out of 32
  1. 100
    We Ski offers an absurd amount of events, objectives, and extras -- and it's all icing on the mountain, as this would be a great game without most of it. The comfortable motion controls ensure that even a simple, leisurely ski around the resort is usually a joy.
  2. 85
    Take it for what it is meant to be, and this is a game where all the family can experience a light Mii-infested slice of alpine skiing heaven.
  3. It doesn't reinvent the winter sports genre but it does understand the limits of the board and knows how to be charming with them. A really pleasant surprise. [June 2008, p.48]
  4. An average skiing game. Wii Balance Board controls are too sensitive to be fun in a whole family game sessions. [Aug 2008]
  5. Not worth the board for, but a bit of diverting fun for those tired of "Wii Fit." [Aug 2008, p.79]
  6. 76
    If you enjoy the typical waggle-sports found on the console Wii Ski will likely please you, if you are still not a believer in motion control there is little here to advance the medium, just a lot of mindless fun to be had.
  7. For $20, I can't complain, as it was a fun diversion and I appreciated the fact that I didn't HAVE to play the game for 20 hours just to unlock a slightly steeper slope.
  8. 70
    The reality is that longevity is limited to how much the player enjoys swooshing down the snow in the solo game and for some this isn't going to be enough. A beautiful experience, while it lasts.
  9. Family Ski comes highly recommended – even if only to soothe the pain of yet another blue-shell-related defeat. [May 2008, p.118]
  10. Varied missions and solid, intuitive controls ensure anyone can play.
  11. While it lacks flashy presentation and over-the-top action, as previously seen with EA Sports Big's SSX Blur, it makes up for the negatives with precise controls that feel like you're actually skiing.
  12. We Ski isn't a game that will satiate your need for high-speed thrills, over-the-top stunts, and fierce competition. Rather, it's a relatively sedate game in which you can have fun exploring, taking part in friendly contests, running errands for other skiers, and posing for photos.
  13. Even still, I think this is a great game for families and players that don't mind some lighthearted fun.
  14. As stated before, We Ski's biggest draw, and also its biggest fault, is sacrificing skill for accessibility.
  15. Genuinely good controls aren't quite enough to hide what is an average game. [July 2008, p.94]
  16. For those not seeking a deep, engaging experience, the game will provide a small and simple sandbox to play in, along with solid usage of the Wii's motion controls and the console's newest input device, the Balance Board.
  17. A gentle, accessible alternative to "SSX Blur." It won't set your world on fire, but hte Happy Ski resort is well worth a visit. [Issue #24, p.64]
  18. And in the End... Most older players won't get an extended life out of We Ski, as the game play can get a bit repetitive, and starts out very easy, though for families looking to play together, it's worth every penny.
  19. 70
    I can't imagine playing it top to bottom, but as a discounted novelty to pop in every now and then, We Ski is a good time.
  20. We Ski tries, and is largely successful, at creating a casual skiing game with a novel control mechanic. Which is great, but the actual content wouldn’t have held my attention for even an hour if it were just some old PS2 game (which, graphically, it sadly resembles).
  21. It's worth buying if you can find it at a bargain price, and works as a decent alternative to Wii Fit for balance board owners. Just don't expect too much.
  22. 60
    As a casual game, We Ski works. Sometimes it takes the "casual" a little too literally, but its tight controls and impressive physics make you feel like you're mastering skiing techniques even if your heart rate barely fluctuates.
  23. The biggest problem with We Ski is that it’s just not exciting or challenging enough to make most gamers want to keep playing.
  24. Family Ski offers exactly what you might expect out of a title like this, but there is precious little to be impressed by. The controls are actually the best offering in this title, but the lack of content and overall lackluster production value makes this a questionable purchase.
  25. 60
    We Ski put itself in a great position for the launch of Wii Fit, but it’s unfortunate that the core game doesn’t support the well-executed balance board integration with stronger core gameplay.
  26. The $30 price tag isn’t too bad for gamers craving the latest in motion control. But without a real campaign to jump into, We Ski feels like a collection of random, unrewarding races and mini-games.
  27. One thing we can say for sure about buying We Ski is that you'll get what you pay for: a cute, fun ski game that can be played with the Wii Balance Board. [June 2008, p.90]
  28. This is not a perfect game, it has some issues, and could have used a bit more work, but in the end it still is enjoyable enough to be worth a rental.
  29. 60
    We Ski doesn't feel like it's quite ready for prime time, which may be due to the publisher's need to schedule the game to coincide with Wii Fit.
  30. But if you’re someone who’s been out of school for a while and wants to remember what it’s like to feel the sting and confusion of a mysterious grading system, or if you’re someone who desperately needs a summertime grading fix while school’s out, then by all means, check this out.
  31. The Wii Fit Balance Board is of little help, and only serves to complicate things further.
  32. What looks like an open world, is in fact a closed snowfield that only gives you the illusion of freedom.
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  1. PatrickK
    Dec 11, 2008
    I really enjoy playing this with my kids. The motion control with the wiimote/nunchuk is excellent - I kinda catch myself feeling like I'm skiing sometimes. The only downside is that there's only one mountain to ski on - would enjoy more varied venues. And Bandai missed a great opportunity to get creative with wierd/fantastical/out-of-this-world ski areas. Imagine Mario Kart on skis! It's still a lot of fun, and worth the low cost. Full Review »
  2. JM
    Jun 30, 2008
    It really is a blast, and feels very much like the real thing (even without the balance board). I wish we could download some other ski areas (even real ones!) for variety's sake. It rewards only the fastest, most reckless skiing, which can easily be transferred to the real slopes and cause serious accidents. What it calls "slolom" is at the opposite end of the alpine racing spectrum - it's pure Downhill, Franz Klammer style, far too few turns. All this said, I'm enjoying it immensely. Full Review »
  3. JS.
    May 23, 2008
    I think the professional reviewers have underestimated this game. I've been playing it since 5/21 on the balance board and I find it very enjoyable. One of the better games I have for the wii. Full Review »