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  1. 91
    Wii Fit Plus is a better product, but keep in mind that it's not a sequel. Like the second edition of a book, it looks and feels exactly the same as before, but the additions effectively make the previous version obsolete.
  2. Wii Fit Plus is an enjoyable way of gaming-exercising. If you've not tried the original this is a healthier option.
  3. 81
    Wii Fit Plus can definitely be viewed as a marked improvement of the first game, especially if you can deal with the fact that it's more of an update than a sequel. Where Wii Fit was lacking in several areas, Wii Fit Plus brings us an elaborate sporting sensation, with an abundance of Balance Games and new functions.
  4. If you take things seriously and practice a daily routine, this game will be the most useful one you've ever played. Staying fit is important so you don't have to feel guilty when playing all the other games!
  5. Best thing is the hassle-free multiplayer. It offers great potential for fun fitness parties.
  6. Oh yeah, I did lose weight by playing these games for two weeks -- about 1.5 lbs, with no other exercise, no change in diet, and not much noticeable discomfort. Not a big deal, really, but people seem to care about this stuff, so there you go.
  7. Wii Fit Plus isn’t a sequel; it’s an update. But at $20, it offers a good bit of additional content, features, and refinements—enough for fans of the original to consider upgrading and replacing their old game disc.
  8. Wii Fit Plus is indeed an enhanced version of the original, as Miyamoto said. It's just a shame those enhancements aren't expansive or extensive enough to guarantee long-term value, or to justify the higher SRP.
  9. Wii Fit Plus is essentially a wealthy add-on, enriched with features, mini games and exercises (most of which are just variations to the originals), to make you sweat more and more than the first episode. Unfortunately the new mini games do not justify the cost of this product, that we suggest mostly to those who never bought the previous version.
  10. Ultimately, Wii Fit Plus is basically the same game, slightly expanded. If you liked the first game for a while but lost interest, it’s hard to say that this one will keep you coming back.
  11. Wii Fit Plus is everything Wii Fit should have been and more. It's a solid entry in the fitness genre.
  12. Whether or not Wii Fit Plus will help you get in tip top condition remains to be seen, but this is an incredibly enjoyable video game for a budget price.
  13. 80
    With Wii Fit Plus, I won't be utilizing the calorie-counter or custom workouts--both are done better in EA Sports Active--but I will enjoy the many new, well-produced minigames.
  14. Wii Fit Plus is not a game for gamers per se, it’s a game for people who want to exercise. That should be enough for one to know if this game is something they should be interested in or not. It combines the playfulness of the first Wii Fit with some great options from EA Sports Active, like a counter of how much calories you lose.
  15. A bigger, more polished version of the world's favourite exercise software. Very slick. [Winter 2009, p.85]
  16. User-created routines and plenty of new activities make Wii Fit Plus a vast improvement on the original, although some important omissions stop it from being a standout.
  17. Wii Fit Plus adds a fair amount of content for a $20 expansion and includes all the content of the original. If you're looking to mix it up with new activities, there are some winners here, but if you stopped using Wii Fit after the first two weeks, Plus isn't going to get you off the couch for much longer.
  18. Worth a purchase by anyone who loves mini-games, and certainly worth buying as a Balance Board bundle if you don't own the original, Wii Fit Plus is an upgrade that'll satisfy one audience but could disappoint another.
  19. Your motivation to hop on your balance board has sunk – Wii Fit Plus offers many extensions at a reasonable price. Fitness fans don’t hesitate and get a copy right now!
  20. 82
    Whether you already own Wii Fit or find yourself completely new to Nintendo's best-selling phenomenon, Plus is great way to burn some calories while having fun.
  21. Wii Fit Plus finds a way to tweak the Wii Fit’s formula a little closer to perfection. The new options guarantee that you’ll be spending a bit more time with both your feet on the Balance Board and the controller firmly gripped in your hand. It’s not a real game in any form but it is a unique way for getting a bit in shape.
  22. Extension to the original game brings new exercises and a bunch of multiplayer minigames – and thats all its about: more fun less labor. [Dec 2009]
  23. No advanced training routines but instead small and simple exercises that slowly improves your strength and balance. It contains a couple of new and entertaining mini games and some new features that makes good sense.
  24. 6 new exercises, 15 extra cool mini-games, multiplayer mode, calorie counter, and many enhancements for only 19.90$. Exercise for everybody improved with the same efficiency and more fun. A great expansion.
  25. It's an ungenerous expansion, but if you've not tried the original this is a slightly healthier option.
  26. Whilst the failure to fully address issues from the original Wii Fit is a bit of a disappointment, Wii Fit Plus is still a good exercise program with a large array of fun activities that will appeal to a broad range of Wii owners.
  27. For players who enjoyed Wii Fit and are still using it, Wii Fit Plus is worth the upgrade: it surpasses the original game in every way. However, the game will not compel players to keep up their routines. Only plan on adding this Plus to your collection if you are into the whole fitness game genre.
  28. For owners of the first game, this $20 upgrade is worth it because you get a good amount of new content in addition to all the refinements found in Wii Fit Plus. For those who skipped the original Wii Fit, the Wii Fit Plus bundle is an excellent deal since you get the Balance Board and all the activities from Wii Fit and Wii Fit Plus.
  29. It won't win any new converts but Wii Fit Plus improves on the original in every way.
  30. 80
    Wii Fit Plus is simply the original Wii Fit with some fun extra games and some needed calorie counters and routines. For Wii Fit owners, it's worth the paltry asking price, and for newcomers it's the best version to own.
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  1. Apr 7, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click full review link to view. Wii Fit is one my fav wii games

    the training is fun play i loved the running out of all of them

    the game could been better then i expected it to be but i have blast of fun with the yoga and mini mii games they have
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  2. Oct 23, 2013
    It adds just enough content to satisfy me, so while not being a completely different game it's everything that was fun in Wii fit and managesIt adds just enough content to satisfy me, so while not being a completely different game it's everything that was fun in Wii fit and manages to make a better game. Full Review »
  3. Dec 29, 2011
    This is a really good game - and when you especially have to exercise, this makes it more fun, rather than a grudging task where you feel thatThis is a really good game - and when you especially have to exercise, this makes it more fun, rather than a grudging task where you feel that it's not going anywhere. Great graphics, stunningly eye-catching. Plus you can also get others involved, and even your pets. Wii Fit Plus is for everybody, so getting fit doesn't mean you have to be alone. Rather than picking yourself up and plunging into the deep end, it helps give you advice which is extremely family friendly and is very encouraging. Plus, the Wii board itself can be useful for other games, and is also very adorable. Highly recommended if you want to lose weight or just look and feel good in your body. Full Review »