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  1. Mar 24, 2013
    It's bad enough that it's dull but the fact that it can be beaten in 90 minutes is pathetic. [Apr 2013, p.82]
  2. 45
    If you have a child, or adult for that matter, who really enjoyed Wreck-It Ralph do him or her a favor: Instead of buying this game for them for Christmas, buy them a Wreck-It Ralph plush. If you somehow bought this game, buy one for yourself too so you will have something to hold on to when you cry after experiencing this game.
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  1. Nov 25, 2013
    Picking up where the movie left off, you play both Ralph and Felix trying to eliminate the swarms of bugs that have reproduced in the system. Weak premise, but okay, we'll go with it.

    The controls are a little neurotic in that you can switch between Ralph and Felix at any time. It's a simple 2D platformer that feels like it was really rushed in order to be released with the movie. There's absolutely no polish to the game.

    That said, it some ways it's okay for kids. Even young kids. The "baddies" are super easy to kill and you don't really need to worry about them that much. I played thru 1 or 2 levels before becoming completely bored.

    Don't waste your money on it. (I rented it for 1 from from one of those Red Box stations for $2.)
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  2. Mar 17, 2013
    Absolutely horrendous. I had to unfortunate lot to review this game and it's complete garbage.
    Horrible platformer with ugly graphics, ugly
    gameplay packaged.. real ugly.

    I wouldn't recommend this to anyone. Just watch the Youtube reviews (the one from Eurogamer is the most fun and more of a summary).

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