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  1. Apr 28, 2014
    what..the..hell..? a lame girl named DeeDee is the main character with no charisma, no emotional reactions and every other voice ingame sounds ALWAYS the same..the game is slow paced, boring and has no realism AT ALL, it's just a very lame arcade WWII flying not buy it, there are MANY other titles so much better than this like IL-2 birds of prey, birds of steel, heroes over europe, blazing angels, this game is just dull..BUUUUUUUT, maybe, just maybe, some more casual gamers could actually enjoy it, it's very simple to play and the slow paced gameplay makes it easy to understand and play, something that some games don't even think about and the action becomes a HUGE clusterf@#k

    If you're a casual gamer, try it, MAYBE you'll like it, if not, don't even get close to it
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