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  • Summary: The multiplayer mode is a key feature of America’s Army: True Soldiers with eight maps developed by Red Storm Entertainment and full Xbox LIVE online gaming service Clan support, so teams will be able to quickly jump online and compete. Players immerse themselves within the true infantry experience of a modern Soldier. As a Soldier in single-player mode, advance through your career and take on roles such as Rifleman, Grenadier, Automatic Rifleman and Sniper. Red Storm and the Army have worked together to make sure that the America’s Army: True Soldiers gameplay experience is an authentic Army experience. The America’s Army: True Soldiers game accurately portrays the values that guide Soldiers in the U.S. Army, by specifically incorporating gameplay based on mission accomplishment, teamwork, leadership, rules of engagement and respect for life and property. Just like in real combat, honor and respect must be earned, and in the game, the Play-Lead-Recruit feature allows players to earn respect as they move up through the ranks and become true leaders. Teammates can award points to other team members who play honorably and jump in when the mission is on the line. As the most realistic U.S. Army experience on a console, America’s Army: True Soldiers features high-tech equipment, including a Blue Force Tracker that improves recognition of targets while increasing information to the player. Additional Intel will be gathered by the Raven UAV and displayed on their Blue Force Tracker. AI teammates can share Intel via in-game voice-over. [Ubisoft] Expand
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  1. The game that began as a free PC download has made its way to retail shelves with this Xbox 360 iteration, but it looks as if most of the fun was lost in transit.
  2. 50
    Even with a solid multiplayer though, there's no reason for America's Army: True Soldiers to be priced and marketed in the same class as other AAA FPS games available on the Xbox 360.
  3. In total, the whole Basic Training experience lives up to the 'basic' in the title, and will take you an hour to complete.
  4. This game is essentially a bargain bin Xbox game and it is insulting to see it with a regular Xbox 360 game price tag.
  5. America’s Army: True Soldiers is essentially a poor man’s version of Ghost Recon or Vegas, but you can’t tell from the asking price.
  6. A breakdown of the core gameplay mechanic will haunt players early and often in America’s Army: True Soldiers.
  7. We jumped online on several occasions and it appears there are so few people playing online that we found the same dudes in a lobby on totally different nights. It’s little wonder though why there are so few soldiers playing; in this game, being a soldier sucks.

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