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  1. Oct 25, 2013
    what a huge letdown. cant compare to the last 2 games at all. graphics are pretty bad unless ur on pc, game runs horribly unless ur on pc. city is dead, combat is soooo easy which makes it quite boring.....there are not 1 but 2 i win buttons being the shock gauntlets and the grapnel device that lets u string people up anywhere not like the last 2 games that while still quite easy required a little skill.....not this game u want to win spam a button and u win. honestly this game isnt that good its too short. clearly people are blinded by the fact that they paid money for this and are giving it much higher reviews than it deserves. Expand
  2. Oct 25, 2013
    Game is hugely bugged.. That is my biggest complaint. I have had multiple lock ups, just a plain black screen every time go to stake out the story line mission in the first part of the game. Awful release compared to the last two!.
  3. Oct 25, 2013
    This is a love letter to Arkham City, while not improving on anything established in the first two games it just continues from what Arkham City did. Interesting story so far, if you liked the first two you should enjoy this game.
  4. Oct 31, 2013
    I would really love to give this game more than 4 points but unfortunately its impossible.
    Gotham City just looks empty as if the developers didn't care about it, in Arkham City you had Civilians all over the place however in Arkham Origins every person you meet on the street is an enemy. Its almost like every person in the whole town is a criminal including the police.
    That brings me to
    the next point, the police or the Swat teams they got the same AI like the villains, and that AI only got two modes.
    Completely retarded, or Brain-dead.
    The next thing on the list are the fights against the bosses imho they are just over glorified Quick time events.
    Counter, counter, attack, attack, counter, counter, rinse and repeat. It gets boring within 2 minutes, unfortunately the fights last at least 15 minutes each (with only one exception).
    The next real big problem are the bugs. After the patch 31-10-2013 its impossible to finish the game anymore. As soon as you loose against Bane and restart the fight, which you will most likely (whose dumb idea was it to put 15 to 20 other mobs, armed with shields knifes armor and tasers to a Boss fight Its not making it harder its just annoying also Bane always was a man of honor who wanted to beat Batman alone to prve that he is the strongest man there is.(just wait until the Hulk hears that)) all Cut scenes from the fight will play at the same time, after that the screen just goes Black but the Game continues.

    But not everything in BAO is bad.
    I really love the idea of the early Riddler acting as a Hacker to expose the secrets of Gotham's Citizens.
    I really loved Jokers Origin story it had lots of atmosphere

    But those things cant pull BAO out of the Dirt pile its buried in
  5. Oct 27, 2013
    Let get things straight the story voice acting and combat are as good as ever and if you liked the first too games there is plenty more of the same here. but this game never really lives up to its potential, Boss battles have been a concern on previous games no such problems here deathstroke, firefly and bane stand out in particular. The crime scene analysis is excellent as well. However we now have a full city to play with but it is empty and soulless, there is a curfew so so no citizens to be seen. It lacks imagination, we have hundreds of gang members running amuck, but no the citizens for them to torment it doesn't make sense. The game suffers and from severe slowdown in cutscenes and the screen even froze on me on several occassions i would say at least 8 times in 2 days) I can't even remember another game that had so many problems. The size of the city can become arduous and can take a long time to travel around without the use of the batwing. Bigger doesn't mean better I would have preffered a smaller city packed with action rather than a empty sandpit with alot of snow. Finally it is also a bit daft that i can spend a cinsiderable amount of time trying to reach one particularly enemy but never manage it because in the end he is behind a locked door. I'm the dark knight a locked door isn't going to stop me. But that was it end of story move on to the next section. A complete watse of time. The premise is good with eight assasins coming after batman but in the end i didn't care. Overall it id the biggest disappoint of the year by far. it could have been fantastic instead i finished fed up thinking of what could have been. and the glitches and infuriating and they should never realease a game if it doesn't even work properly.
    I will buy the next one because im a batman fan but i and everyone who buys the game deserves better
  6. Oct 30, 2013
    OK, seriously, in its current state, DO NOT BUY THIS GAME. It's crashed on me a dozen times and on two separate occasions corrupted my save so i have to start again.

    gameplay wise its much like arkham city, so solid, if becoming a little repetitive, but with no evolution from the previous game, normally i'd say 7/10, but the bugs are so crippling i'd say for now, until it's patched,
    only a 0 is appropriate.

    wait a couple of months for the patches, pick it up in January, you're not missing out if you don't play it now...
  7. Oct 30, 2013
    At least 3 game breaking bugs in this game. The combat is dubious not much in the way of anything new the voice acting is terrible the story itself is barely worth paying attention to. The Joker for some reason is british and Bane is a Frankenstein mix of the comic books and the recent movie. It's probably worth waiting till it sells for half price.
  8. Oct 25, 2013
    Never in a million years have i ever played a such a crappy game.the controls are shabby and the boss battels are just stupid.Arkham city was an amazing game but arkham orgins is just pure dog crap.Never buy this game!
  9. Oct 25, 2013
    Pos game has locked up on me 4 times already. And I haven't even touched multiplayer. What little I have played seems like a less fun version of the older games.
  10. Oct 25, 2013
    EXACT same game. Open world means when nothing new is introduced. It's must MORE areas to grapple and fly over.
    Not to mention the character voice changes all suck. Batman sounds like a huge pus.
    It took everything I loved from the previous games and warped it in a sub-par way. The new joker has some good moments, but he is NOT the joker we fell in love with. The gameplay feels similar
    yet awkward, and I have never had less interest in the story.
    Even gadgets are all screwed up with their quick use and feel awkward to use.
  11. Nov 2, 2013
    I loved the previous Batman games and if you liked Arkham City, well, this is pretty much the same game but with one big difference. This one is pretty much unplayable due to bugs and glitches. This game has hard-locked up my Xbox about a dozen times. Expect to need to reset your Xbox about once an hour. In addition, numerous glitches required me to restart from my last checkpoint. When fighting Deadshot, I punched him through the ground and he ended up stuck down there, with no way for me to get at him.

    I have never played a more buggy game on a console. Stay away.
  12. Nov 5, 2013
    Have completed the game and have trying to go back through... I don't even know where to start with the game breaking glitches this game has where you just can't progress at all until the problems are fixed.

    First lets start with regular game play. The flight ceiling is capped extremely low, and rappel points for this game are sparse to say the least. Even when you should be able to
    rappel onto a building, interactions with password terminals is intermittent, basically the only way to describe this nonsense is the developer has a certain way for you to interact with the item. Even though it absolutely breaks the mechanic of the game and the way items function. Then there are invisible walls where they shouldn't be. So batarangs will bounce off structures that simply are not there. This is an invisible wall in gaming that usually activates something. So the player would have to cross this wall and then it activates something like an enemy spawn or an action. In gaming you don't see it, but in coding its a necessity. Basically the objects aren't coded to ignore these barriers. Its embarrassing.

    Game stopping glitch. Joker fun house (Now Corrected by patch which took a week) When going back through the game, you get to the joker fun house the water would electrify and a timer would start. The buttons you used to use to escape the situation are now not there. Now matter what you would do the timer would run out and you would lose and see the joker mocking you.

    Second game breaking glitch. Under the GCPD building in the sewers if you have ventured into the open sewer pits. You can get across, but now there are no rappel points, no gadgets, nothing at all allows you to get across. In fact I thought I was doing something wrong, but after launching a youtube video and posting it on the WB Facebook page I found that I was among others who were stuck.

    The game was clearly rushed, The story is extremely short and what should be used to establish ALL villains and the relationship between Gordon and BAtman is a missed opportunity. It basically becomes an uneasy. I'll stay out of your way, but not the relationship they build where you see the bat signal. Its embarrassing and I am guessing they plan more character development with DLC.

    Season Pass DLC issues. So a season pass means you pay a one time fee and you get everything for a year for that one time price. Well not with this game. Not only did the season pass not work, but after purchasing the season pass you still had to pay for items that should be free under the season pass.

    Game stop COdes were also not working correctly, as I paid for my season pass at game stop and then got charged again through my paypal account through the Arkham Origins store.

    DO NOT BUY THIS game and I would recommend buying it used. The reason is the DLC they have is a joke. Costumes you'll never wear and skin packs for a glitchy multiplayer. Thats right they now have a multiplayer with packs....
  13. Oct 27, 2013
    The game is so unstable that it became unplayable for me. Loved arham asylum and arkham city, but this piece of crap isn't the name batman worthy. First time startup and logging onto WBID the game hung. Restarting the game...same problem. Had to delete the file 'shared settings' on the harddrive to be able to startup again. Then it worked. Explored a lot of the city before actually starting on the storyline. About 8 hours into the game I went after the penguins arms dealer and the game hung during the cutscene. After restarting I went back to the place where the cutscene would have to start to begin the mission, but it doesn't...nothing helps except to restart the game completely, which I won't do. Instead I will return the game and avoid this developer in the future. They should FORBID this team to ever make a game again Expand
  14. Oct 28, 2013
    I would wait to buy this....Bought the game last Friday and it has so many game breaking glitches it borders on unplayable. Just look at the support site gripes all over. I am on a part where a glitch has stopped any progress in the story mode. Game freezes constantly (up to 8+times) complaints of corrupted saves etc, and it's not just the 360 version having issues, unless this gets patched I would hold off. Expand
  15. Nov 3, 2013
    Wow, what to say about this game. Personally my perfect weekend includes the daily activity of fishing the fish and a round o golf followed by High Tea.

    That is my opinion on this game.
  16. Nov 3, 2013
    Wow. This game was OK until I reached Deathstroke than it was downhill from there. The deathstroke sequence alone will make you never want to play this game.
  17. Nov 4, 2013
    This game is a waste of time and money. I am sick of hearing my gf go on and on and on about absolute Enigma this Enigma that just shhhhht. I usually don't mind watching the Batman games but this one is a crock of crap!! I would prefer playing in feces.
  18. Dec 3, 2013
    Having loved Arkham City, was ever so disappointed after spending hours traipsing over a dull city, especially the damn bridge, only to come upon building after building of repetitive action. Any originality that existed in City has been aped and boringly reproduced it really does feel that it's continually the same room again and again, just with a different skin. Gave up bored.
  19. Dec 3, 2013
    This game even though it is from a different developer many people have high exceptations for this but it downright dissapointing like there said that u could fight with each assassins but electricutioner was not one of assassins that u could fight with and some boss fights are too reptitive
  20. Dec 10, 2013
    I was excited for this game, and I had to wait a while before I reviewed just so I would be hot headed about it. I failed. This game seems to come with a built in clock, I haven't played longer than an hour at a time, not because I'm uninterested, but because the game freezes within an hour of turning it on. I can't figure out how it freezes as the map is basically the same as Arkham City, but instead of it being a prison that used to be a city, it's a city with no one on the streets but people who attack you. There are no spoilers in this review, mostly because I haven't gotten far enough in the game to actually spoil it for anyone. I will say the boss battles are terrible quick time events that are horribly tedious. Beating Deathstroke actually wasn't challenging after I figured out his attacks are generally the exact same every time. That pretty much sets the tone for the bosses.

    Overall: This never should have been compared to Arkham Asylum or City. Origins isn't even close to good on its own. Waste of money and time.
  21. Ape
    Feb 26, 2014
    Trash. Game is a blatant copy of Arkham City while limiting your essential game play mechanics in an artificial attempt at making the city feel bigger than you. Hopefully rocksteady comes back for the next installment otherwise the series is dead to me.
  22. Feb 15, 2014
    This is nauseating. I can't believe the outrage when COD releases another game from a series that never had an ounce of creative blood but when WB guts its best series; everyone shrugs. It feels like an iPad version of Arkham City except with less personality. It's easier than the previous games, doesn't make sense canonically, and all the voice actors (except Joker's) seem to be bored. The only good parts of this game were made by another studio and they even messed those up. I'm glad I bought this game for 15 dollars instead of 60. It's an embarrassment. Expand
  23. Nov 19, 2013
    It's not finished. This game had the potential to be great like the previous two title's but unfortunately it has been rushed out to generate Money before the launch of Xbox One and PS4, I would have much rather waited another year, It's basically Theft and would request my name removed from the credit's if they were on them. Its an insult to the fan's.
  24. Nov 9, 2013
    I was really looking forward to enjoying this game, as many fans were, the previous games have been so solid and well designed. Sadly Origins is a pale imitation of the earlier versions of the game; a lifeless city, cobbled together puzzles, and a badly designed travel system, to name a few of the superficial problems. That being said, it *is* Batman and still a potentially enjoyable version in the series created by Splash Damage as we wait for another gem from Rocksteady...but

    Unfortunately there is a big caveat here; at this point we are two weeks after release and the game has been so buggy for me that it has been unplayable for 7 of the 14 days. I have been teleported out of the actual city into infinite falling loops that were locked into the game save, had the software write corrupted saves that overwrote good saves, and am now in a place where the game will not recognize any storage locations that have previous saves of Origins stored on them. These are just the bugs that impact my ability to actually drop into game play. The WB boards regarding the game have over 94 *pages* of complaints and requests for support just in this two-week period of time. I do believe that there are quite a few players who have only stumbled over a few of the many minor bugs and so have been able to move forward but there are so many players that have triggered game breaking bugs that I am actually shocked that WB released the game.

    I would recommend going to the WB website and looking at the various support threads before purchasing the game to ensure that most of the "Game Breakers" have been patched. In my many years of game playing I have never owned a title that was so egregiously bug infested. I think it's possible to play Origins with only minor problems, as can be seen by some of the reviews here by players who have had only minor glitches, but my experience has been remarkably bad. I am actually surprised by reviews that rate this game as good or great. My experience, and the experience of many players who are posting directly to the WB boards, would indicate just the opposite. My reading indicates that the PC version runs fairly well but the consoles seem to be completely borked. I can only hope that WB and Splash Damage find a way to fix this broken piece of software so that owners of the console versions can at least attempt to experience the game they have paid so much money to explore.
  25. Jan 5, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. So this kills me to say this but I hated arkham origins, mainly because it felt like dlc for Arkham city, the same setting, less characters in the story first of all, they must of hated their decision for killing the joker in arkham city because just when you think this game wont be all about the joker, surprise it isn't black mask its the joker who hired the assassins. I mean lets be honest we wanted a sequel not a prequel to arkham city. deathstroke was pretty cool, but why was only in the first quarter of the game? Expand
  26. Mar 23, 2014
    Why make a great game intntionally frustrating and difficult. I can't get past teh Deathstroke battle. I get incirmentally better at it on my later attempts, but it's not been fun in any way. The same moves over and over and over and over and over again... it's just really long, and if you make any mistakes you take so much damage you have to start all over. I'm on normal difficuly, because that's the only way you can get newgame+ unlocked. Also, i pre-ordered so i could get the extra constumes, and i can't use them in the game until i beat it first? That's stupid. All the Saint's Row games are fun, Dragon Age, MASS Effect, Red Dead Redemption, Borderlands, all great games that are PLAYABLE without multiple attempts and dont' force you in to trial and error on the same spots. Arkham Asylum was so great, and had none of these ridiculous battles. Someone is just too much a fan of Deathstroke so made the call to make this stupid battle try to seem "epic" by making it take way longer and more effort than it should. Expand
  27. Mar 8, 2014
    This is a money grab, plain and simple. It takes AC and adds nothing to it. The entire game felt like you were playing AC. It could have been an expansion pack rather than a new game.

    The story itself is neither good nor canon with anything, including the later games. Honestly is there no other villain that can fight Batman than the Joker??? How many games need to have this same
    villain? You know he cannot die because he'll be back in later games. Enough is enough already.

    The challenge system adds nothing to the game other than making you play the way the devs wanted which removes any real freedom you might want if you want to get 100% achievement. Even worse is that combat is horribly broken in this game. The counter technique which has been a mainstay in previous games is all but useless now unless you play the long, boring game of: hit once, counter, hit again. There is no freeflowing or anything anymore. I didn't bother attacking most gangs because it simply wasn't worth the effort. Combat is just plain broken and dull. This is amplified by yet more enemies that can somehow fight as well as Batman and yet are still minions to a big boss.

    Arkham boss battles have never been anything more than multi-part QTE events. Origins takes this even further. None of the boss battles are any good and they all take a while. A complete and utter waste of time. I personally got tire of the game before I got halfway through the main quest. I just wanted it to end.

    AA was a good game. The series has fallen from there until we heard a thud with this one. I'm glad the next game in the series won't be coming to current gen consoles because then I won't be tempted to give it one more chance. I just know I'll be disappointed. At least we'll have the memories of AA.
  28. Jun 7, 2014
    Now hear this, this game is not actually so bad
    but it's just bad alright first the controls are stiff and way too confusing
    and the game is just soooo hard, i mean like batman is a very weak vigilante
    and the enemies got so much health and way too powerful and sometimes there are things that you can't get, like you have to beat the game and get the useless secrets
    ahh this game pisses
    me off soo many times i just hate the series Expand
  29. Feb 28, 2014
    This is the mw3 of the Arkham franchise. With the developer that made the last two successful games gone, rocksteady was replaced with WB Montreal. The game neither plays or tells a story as smoothly as Arkham city or asylum did. Batman acts like jackass, and half the hunters coming after you are all poorly designed and poorly delivered characters. Also, why did you bother putting joker in this game if Mark Hamill isn't doing him? I like joker, but he can't be the villain for EVERY GAME. Plus, the open world feel is gone, as the game traps you in corridors and makes you fight like a caged animal, eliminating the fun sneaking aspects for the most part.

    Overall, while not a "horrible" game, Arkham origins is a hastily put together attempt to ride the wave of success the other two Arkham games have had.
  30. Mar 27, 2014
    Wouldn't be a bad game if it weren't for the corrupt save file whe I'm a quarter through the game forcing me to start over. Also the exact same game as the last two but with more a lot more glitches.
  31. Apr 29, 2014
    If you enjoyed Arkham City and Asylum and you can get it on the cheap then it's worth a look. Treat it as a mission pack and you'll be right and dandy. Obviously it's still in Beta at the moment but from the looks of it, it will be great when they fix the problems and release the full game. Why are you looking at me like that?

    The story is decent if a little Joker-oriented although
    with the regularity it puts key characters in danger you'll wonder if it remember it's supposed to be a prequel and therefore there is no tension.

    In terms of the combat, it's essentially like Arkham City's but clunkier and less responsive. You will have dropped inputs, batarangs flying off to nowheresville (or occasionally attacking the wall that murdered its parents) and enemies who can interrupt your attacks without warning. A lot of that changes when you get the Shock Gloves powerup as you become a powerhouse of unstoppable attacks and suddenly you no longer need to worry about which enemies are shielded or tactics in general. Gone are the Freeze Grenades and instead replaced with the functionally-identical Glue Grenades.

    The combat upgrade system is also broken as you can't get any of the stronger upgrades without wasting levels on your armour, and is in itself bugged if you attempt to get any of the upgrades attached to the Shock Gloves without first getting all of the upgrades before that. The tech tree for stealth upgrades is a little better but still frustrating and unintuitive.

    The stealth gameplay is closer to City's offering but the difficulty is "upped" by chucking in more goons rather than actually making it tougher. Combining the Remote Claw with the Sonic Shock Batarang and the Smoke pellet works every time and you can clear most rooms in under a minute without difficulty. The simple AI means that some areas can be beaten by making a loud noise and camping a ladder, ready to Batarang anyone fool enough to climb up (which is everyone)

    The other "addition" to the gameplay is the Crime Scene reconstruction, basically taking the evidence scanner from Asylum and City to the next level by having Batman play holograms of crimes as he gathers clues. Unfortunately, this just amounts to scanning a load of fixed points while Batman monologues to himself. Given that the devs expected you to complete this game three times (regular, NG+, I Am the Night mode) it's a shame that while it's neat the first time, by the third you'll be hammering the B Button desperately trying to skip it. Speaking of which, the cinematics really aren't good enough to force you to watch the same stupid animation of the Batwing flying (which you don't actually get to fly. At all) without allowing you to skip it. Or most of the other cut-scenes that we no longer want to watch.

    WBM have attempted to artificially lengthen gameplay by adding I Am The Night mode which resets your game (just the IATN game, not the rest of it, although we will get on to that) if you die. That's it. It's identical to the rest of the gameplay, nothing has changed, which is a shame as it promises "the ultimate challenge" but isn't any more difficult than, you know, playing the game without dying. With all of your powerups already activated.

    The boss battles, while they aren't bad as such, but again a lot of them just feel like replicas or slight adaptions of Asylum and City bosses (Deathstroke, CopperHead and Shiva being elements of City's fight with Ra's Al Ghul, Deadshot as Two-Face, Firefly as Poison Ivy, Bane as Bane / Freeze)

    The bugs with the game vary from the ridiculous Thug-walking-endlessly-into-a-wall to the game breaking "sorry, forgot to load the floor, you will now fall forever and your game save is corrupted". The silly bugs are entertaining at first, like a clown doing an unexpected pratfall into a bucket of paint. But after that clown keeps falling into the same bucket over and over there comes a point where you wonder if the clown has swallowed some of the paint and we should remove the bucket and get him into the hospital. WBM, to continue the metaphor, insisted that the clown was fine and anyway they already closed all the hospitals so you should reset your game and hopefully this time the paint-drinking clown won't be there (it kinda breaks down at that point).

    The point is that the game crashes, freezes, occasionally refuses to interrogate characters that you have to in order to continue and this happens EVERY TIME. Half of the walls in the game aren't even solid - for example in The Final Offer (Penguin's boat) when you first enter and climb up past the steam vents you can literally crouch and walk through the wall there. I really cannot comprehend the lack of care and attention that was put into a "Triple-A" game. The multiplayer shows this in spades with matchmaking problems abound, randomly spawning your character without eyes and a lack of care which gives it away as a cheap Gears of War rip-off.

Mixed or average reviews - based on 46 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 28 out of 46
  2. Negative: 3 out of 46
  1. Mar 11, 2014
    Arkham Origins is very fun to play and very easy to forget as soon as you're done. Kicking butt as Batman is still a joy and the Invisible Predator scenes are as excellent as ever, but the game's almost complete lack of surprises weighs the experience severely down. [Nov 2013]
  2. Dec 28, 2013
    That it's so thoroughly entertaining despite being mostly identical to its predecessors speaks volumes about the quality of Rocksteady's original design, and of Warner Montreal's understanding of same. [Jan 2014, p.68]
  3. 80
    It's a case of more of the same, but with such good source material this isn't a bad thing. [Issue#105, p.87]