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  1. Feb 28, 2012
    binary domain is an all round good game its not bring anything new but wot it does, it does well, is got a great story an action to keep you playing,for me this game play a lot better than syndicate ,i got both game on the same day and out of the 2 binary was the most enjoyed
  2. Feb 29, 2012
    Surprise Hit of the Year : I'm having an absolute blast playing this game! It is refreshing to see heart and soul in a video game again, pure Japanese glory. In short, blowing robots is fun and rewarding, shards and explosions abound. The game has a wonderful pace that keeps you in the action and enthrals with good story-telling. The multiplayer is not as flushed out as it could be, nonetheless, it is an enjoyable experienced that is added to the package.

    This game is the best robot shooter I have ever played to date. The soundtrack provides a fusion rock and electronic music that blends well with the slick environments, from calm to intense battles. You have a new fan, Thank You Toshihiro Nagoshi and Team! - A Californian
  3. Feb 28, 2012
    Binary's Domain theme is a mixture between "Terminator" with "I Robot" (the movie with Will Smith) in a third-person shooter, with a gameplay action that resemble "Vanquish", with the same quality, and is very well worked graphically, with really cool effects and details, especially on the Bosses.

    The game's story turn around the 21st century, when global warming worsens, and thus, 70% of
    large cities are flooded, many uninhabitable, and much of the population dies - the governments decide to build new and modern cities above the ruinned and old parts of the cities, that are partially flooded and, where the people still live on extreme poverty - but a problem arises: who would build the new city now that the labor was scarce?

    The answer came in the form of robots, which invariably causes a company, in this case American (called Berger Industries), becoming the world's largest megacorporation and the U.S. become the sovereign nation in this new World. Due to the U.S. global hegemony and the increased use of robots, a new Geneva Convention is made in 2040, and includes a clause 21 to deal with Robots.

    40 years after these events, after an attempted assassination of U.S. President, and it becomes public that there are robots among us, with human skin covering metal skeletons (Terminator style), called "Hollow Children", and they did not know they are machines... at this point enters your team, which is part of "Rust Squad", which deals directly with clause 21 of the New Treaty of Geneva, and is a multi-national Team with several specialists, and in this mission of the game you're infiltrating Japan where a scientist is involved with some prohibited matters.

    The share of action in the game, is punctuated by history, very well written and dramatic, and I was impressed with the quality of it for a Shooter - the graphics are great, especially the struggle against the Bosses - the giant spider will be the first Boos that will impress many people, and you must destroy the armor pieces of it in order to hit nuclei of energy in the legs, while protecting from being crushed / struck by his bullets and missiles.

    Enemies will splinter and break acording to where you shoot them, and the damage varies with the location shoots (ex: if it loses a leg, it will drags it on the ground, and chest, he will lose armor plate). The acting and music are well done.

    There also big enemies, that impress and frighten by their size, and through the phases are linear (the only negative thing), it's still a lot of action, and the game is a great surprise from SEGA, like Vanquish was last year.

    The game has also a Skills system: these Skills are activated by nanochips that you buy from vending machines you find in every stage, and fit into a Grid in the Satus Menu, each one with a limited space, and the Skills vary between diverse powers, eg 10% Bonus Defense, Faster reload, more damage to enemies, etc.. and the nanochips has variable size and shape to be fitted into the Upgrade Grid.

    Binary's Domain also feature a Trust system, based in your responses and combat attitude: if it is negative, the Team don't obbey your orders; a negative point of the gameplay comes in the form of the Team AI: the people stubbornly get in front of you while you're shooting... and this gets your Trust level down; the bid of loyalty and trust do not seems to have any impact on the overall history, but sometime is a little annoying, because in the middle of the game you have to stop and read the pre-set responses, since they often vary according to subject the speech.

    You can change your Squad team members between the game stages, and the game has many refueling points / upgrades in the form of Vendor Machines, of course, since you have the credits of course... the game Save points are in the form of checkpoints, often unclear, which is when appear a small square made of rotating pixels at the corner of the screen.

    The game has also several collectibles: it seems that there are 70 files with things about this game world, in a virtual form of spreadsheets, plus there is a gallery for enemies and weapons, with detailed data about them. About the difficulty I'm playing at the No Survior (usually Hard, and there's only one above, the No Mercy), and don't found it so hard in fact, you can play very well, especially if one is accustomed to third-person shooters. The game has also support for the Head-Set, you can use (or not, in this case using the LB to get the answers by text) to command your allies in your Team in Singleplayer Mode - and the game has Multiplayer modes in Live, and consequently, Xbox Live only achievements (this mode is said to be like Horde Mode in Gears of War).

    Until now, this is the one of the best games of 2012 till now, for me (besides Syndicate), and is one of the best shooters in the third person I've ever played in the Xbox 360. My score: 8,6.
  4. Feb 29, 2012
    At first Binary Domain appears as a standard third-person-shooter. The fact that this game takes all the good things from other great third-person-shooters and combines it makes this game an awesome action game for every fan of the genre. The graphics mostly look great: The aimations of the characters,. the motion blur and especially the destruction of the enemy robots never gets boring couse it just looks too cool. The scenario seem to look quite boring, but it's fitting right into the setting of an incredibly modern society. And last but not least: the story is the best I remember of a shooter for a long time. Well written with interesting and funny characters, told with long and great cutscenes.
    The gameplay itself never gets old: Giant Bossfights, tactical & action-packed gameplay... and the possibility to actually talk to your squadmembers and also to answer if they're asking you for tactical options and totally random stuff, too.
    Binary Domain doesn't make many things new but almost everything perfect!
  5. Feb 28, 2012
    I'm not going to go into the story very much, because Xborn74 already made a very good account of it, but I can say that it is very gritty, and well produced. I especially liked the fact that the conversations in Japanese were subtitled, and there are some good twists abound near the end. Voice acting is solid and the banter between characters is also very good; it's hard not to like the main characters, of which there is a good mix of ethnicity's. The story is fairly emotional and definitely aimed at an Adult audience. There are quite a lot of cut-scenes at a very high quality.

    The single player is a decent length, clocking in at around just over 10 hours, and there is re-playability in the fact that you can pick different squad members who have different conversations throughout the campaign. The combat is extremely solid and the bosses are immense on a Lost Plant scale. There are no energy bars, so the only way to tell if your hurting them is the actual damage that they have taken i.e. when you start to destroy their armour. You can easily become immersed in these battles, and the bosses can take massive amounts of damage before they are defeated, just like the movie The Terminator. You get a real sense of achievement when you finally take one down and there are parts of the game where you face a gauntlet of tough enemies. You need to make good use of weapon upgrades and nanomites (skill upgrades), bought using credits earned in game, if you want to secede!

    The voice controls work well, but it's just as easy issuing commands and aiming banter at your team mates using button presses (simply hold lb and use a face button).

    The MP is decent, but the SP is this game's bread and butter.

    This game really is a gem, and I would it recommend to anyone looking for an intense and immersive game. Personally I'm already on my third play-through and it still seems fresh and enjoyable. To get the best experience, it's best to play on either survivor or no mercy difficulty, both of which can be tricky, but not unfair.

    I really can't see any negative points for this game, so I'm going to go ahead and give it a perfect 10. Certainly my favourite game of 2012 so far - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
  6. Feb 29, 2012
    If you like the idea of playing a shooter that has well developed characters, a thought-provoking (if somewhat wrote) premise, solid gunplay, a sci-fi Jap-anime art-style, a solid cover-oriented team shooter, and some RPG-lite player development aspects thrown in, then really this is among the best there is for that. If the above puts you off, then avoid or wait until it hits the bargain bin.
  7. Feb 29, 2012
    While it may not have the polish of some of the big budget titles on the market, it more than makes up for it in charm. This sleeper hit will surely surprise more than it will disappoint, especially with it's more than capable third person combat and fun and often times humorous banter shared between comrades that you have the ability to direct. The squad combat is great, but where the game really shines is the sense of destruction you cause on your robot enemies as their armor flies off and you tear them apart. It's an awesome game that unfortunately will be overlooked by many due to it not being a big budget game. Expand
  8. Feb 28, 2012
    I really wish I could give this game 9.5 as the only thing that bugs me is when my team mates walk into my line of fire and give me **** if they get hit. It's a tense 3rd person shooter with character attribute customization, party selection, a trust system, controls feel tight and the visuals are clean and convey a futuristic feel without having to make everything everywhere chrome which I didn't think was possible. This games made by sega's yakuza team and well worth the price. Oh if it sweetens the deal there's a french robot. Expand
  9. Feb 28, 2012
    An interesting and well directed story, good solid characters, a well balanced mix of humour and deepness that drive into suspense, an outstanding playability, the smoothness of controls, a superior AI, often above average graphics, the variety of scenarios, the ability to suck in the action and the best boss-fights ever seen since a long time now are just few of the reasons that makes Binary Domain one of the best shot actually on the market, it's definitely worth the fee cause it's a real gem that will let play itself several time before letting you say "ok, now I definitely want Binary Domain 2". Few little things like some voice not always "perfect" at a given time, a sporadic repetitiveness of some teammates in few circumstances, or the smallness of some non-shooting areas doesn't scratch a bit the greatness of this game. Just do yourself a favour, it's a wonderful 2PS or "TPS", as good as GoW series if not even better, don't ruin it pick watching anything on the web, if you can think you could like the gender buy it blindfold, you will not be disappointed. I can highly recommend this game, I give it an overall 9,8 (better CG on PS3 but better controls and details on 360) cause it deserves it, happy robot wrecking to everyone...and thanks to you Nagoshi for this great game. Expand
  10. Feb 28, 2012
    Great story, unique and original in some ways, gameplay feels like a gow clone.
    Some nice memorable moments in the game for sure.
    Overall a great game, i give it 8.5/10.

    Sega should make a sequel
  11. Feb 29, 2012
    Superb game!!!! I really love this game's great story, very nice graphics and brilliant gameplay.
    Sega once again proved they know how to make the game with great gameplay. I enjoyed the game from the beginning to the end and will play it through again very soon, cause the game is worth it and I know I will have the same fun with it, maybe more. The graphics btw is really brilliant. Its
    crisp, detailed and even the virtual materials (carbon, steel...) looks like real. For me, its the biggest surprise in 2012. Hope people will find their way to this game, cause the game is really worth ones salt...
    Top notch game, top notch fun... its Binary Domain
  12. Mar 28, 2012
    Wow. this game is so overlooked. In my opinion this game is way better then alot of games out right now. Its fun, has replay value, looks clean and crisp, plays well, and has a fun story. I wish more people bought the game so that i could enjoy the multiplayer.
  13. Feb 29, 2012
    I really like this game its exactly what i want in a 3rd person shooter. solid cover mechanics, interesting animations, pretty good quality AI, fast paced. Voice commands are a little suspect but still not awful.
  14. Mar 3, 2012
    This is a game with very good story and characters. It has a lot of well implemented gameplay mechanics and combat feels really good. It's one of the best third-person-shooters I have played!
  15. May 9, 2012
    Recently picked this up after Syndicate ended up being a bust. It's a "Gears of War" style game with a "I-Robot meets Bladerunner" plotline. While not original it is a breath of fresh air compared to most new shooters. 10+ hours campaign and a mediocre yet playable multiplayer. You can use voice commands to talk to your squad in the campaign which is great. It has some RPG elements when it comes to your team's abilities and morale as well. Big surprise of 2012 so far. Expand
  16. Mar 5, 2012
    Some problems with voice recognition and a little lack of polish here and there are not enough to diminish this great archievement by Toshihiro Nagoshi's team. Great Shooting, enemy designs, story, and the cheesy characters kept me nailed to the couch 'til the credits started rolling. A must -play.
  17. Mar 12, 2012
    Binary Domain is basically Gears Of War w/ squad control and a MUCH better story. The voice acting is well done, the graphics are very good, the gameplay is awesome. This is the sleeper-hit of the year. The only downside to this game is that the multiplayer is probably pretty crappy. I didn't have a chance to give multiplayer a fair chance yet, but from the 5 - 10 minutes I did, I would say it's pretty generic. THis game is definitely worth checking out for the singleplayer tho. Expand
  18. Mar 4, 2012
    An excellent game, with only a few flaws that keep it from greatness. The cons include, slow melee controls, poor execution moves, and glitchie wall leaping; however all these are masked inside an enjoyable story and excellent gun play. Robots are demolished piece by piece, bosses take up the entire screen and just enough gun variation to boost the customizable factor. I cant wait for the second installment and hope its just as good, if not better than the original Expand
  19. Mar 20, 2012
    Just going to open up my review - This is the best cover-based shooter I have ever played. The amount of polish in the shooting is unbelievable, and the enemies are all extremely satisfying to fight.
    And unlike most generic MANLY SPACE MARINE fare from the genre, this game delivers an unparalleled story with fantastic writing and great characters. Not a single weak member in the cast. Now
    down to brass tacks. The game runs at a fantastic framerate and looks nice all around. Seeing plating peel off of enemies is fantastic. And speaking of the enemies, oh my god are they awesome. Unlike other Sega robot shooter Vanquish, this game's robots are fun to fight. Blow their arm off? They run out of cover to go pick up their gun. Blow their legs off? They crawl toward you. Blow their head off (and this has a fantastic little sound that plays every time)? They start targeting their allies. It's unbelievably satisfying in nearly every encounter, it refused to get old for me. Speaking of never getting old, they throw A LOT of variety at you in this game. What really sets this game apart aside from the level of polish is the squadmate interactivity. This is fantastic, and to my surprise when I played the demo the game uses voice controls. And WOW, voice controls have come a looooooong way since Lifeline on the PS2. They mostly work well, but some words REFUSE to register (I'm looking at you F-word)
    And unlike most other cover-based shooters, this game will throw boss battles at you by the boatload (nearly the entire last 2 or 3 hours are boss battles). Some of these are annoying, but some of them are absolutely amazing and fun all the way through. The game itself clocks in at around 10 hours, not bad for a modern game, especially one this good.
    The sound design is great. As I mentioned before, the DING when you pop a robot's head is so pleasant, the voice acting is all great featuring big name anime actors like Travis Willingham and Laura Bailey, and the music at some parts is really good. Most of the tracks just blend in with the background though.
    And now for the bad news - the multiplayer in this game is terrible. Netcode is some of the worst I've seen since I tried to play Spear Pillar on Smash Bros. Luckily, the multiplayer isn't worth playing anyways and the single player campaign was clearly the entire focus of the game.
    So all in all, best shooter I've played in years, BUY IT, BUY IT AND PLAY IT. You won't regret it.
  20. Mar 11, 2012
    I've played the Gears of War games to death, and love them, and so my first impression playing Binary Domain was that's it's a little vanilla. It's doesn't have a strong atmosphere, and atmosphere is what primarily makes the Gears games so memorable after the shooting.

    But Binary Domain does have very strong characters who made me laugh, so I actually cared about them (when does that
    happen?!?!), and it has a great sci-fi story that is very well told. When I finished the game, I felt like I'd had a great emotional experience, not just played a dumb shooter, even though it's that too. But what's with the critics on this one? The best it got is like an 80. Seriously? I've played most of the major games this last console generation, across all three consoles, and Binary Domain definitely ranks in my top ten fun experiences. It's just a very, very good game. Expand
  21. Mar 13, 2012
    I was really surprised with this game! Never played a shooter where I cared about all the characters or story so much. I can see myself replaying this multiple times just to see the different squad member interactions in missions. Only downside I can say about the game is the ghost town multiplayer and sometimes the voice commands won't register certain phrases.
  22. Mar 23, 2012
    Wow. Biggest surprise of 2012. Like Vanquish before it, Binary Domain has turned out to be another excellent, stylishly executed third-person shooter from Japan. Unlike Vanquish, however, Binary Domain actually tells a somewhat interesting story and although I didn't like the characters at first, they really grew on me and I came to find their banter oddly charming in a silly action-movie kind of way. Unusual for a Japanese game in this day and age. The game looks and sounds amazing and the colorful, clean environments are about as far from a Gears of War style aesthetic as you can get which gives this game its own unique look that sets it apart even from the similarly stylized Vanquish. The game plays like a dream and the campaign is superbly paced. An absolute must-play for shooter fans looking for something a little different and anyone who still wishes there were Japanese games worth caring about. This is one of those. Expand
  23. May 9, 2012
    One of the most underrated games of 2012. Amazing story, interesting characters, and the combat mechanics work well. I just wish this game got more coverage, instead of being released without any trailers or TV ads. Hopefully people will start to pick this up, once they realsize that they are missing out on a very impressive game.
  24. Jun 18, 2012
    This is one of my all time favourite games. The mechanics are awesome, the voice acting and the writing are fantastic and the fun factor is constant throughout multiple plays. It is a shame that more people aren't playing this game as the developers have done everything right with it. Any flaws it has are minor, one being that we don't need a character explaining what we already see , a fault that many games suffer from, give us credit for seeing what you have put before us. Buy this game, you will love it. Expand
  25. Mar 1, 2012
    Surprisingly fun. As a fan of RPG's foremost and shooters second, the demo caught my eye with it's squad loyalty system. And while it's not exactly the most complex thing around, it is enjoyable enough that it carried me through the story. Which I enjoyed much more then any call of duty or battlefield game I've played recently.
  26. Mar 6, 2012
    It is very likely you, at present, do not own a copy of this very charming third person shooter. A game designed in the East with the mindset of the West at the forefront of its development, the result is something surreal. A game with balanced combat, great visuals, impressive boss fights and an enjoyable, if slightly surreal, plot to weave them all together in one of the most complete and enjoyable campaigns I have ever played in a shooter. The package is, however, somewhat let down by its multiplayer component. Its a tack on, and I have no other words for it. Obviously an obligation rather than concern, the developers have made no exemplary effort to set Binary Domain's multiplayer apart from the herd. It can, however, be enjoyable for small sessions at a time but will never raise you out of your seat or impress in you anyway. Is this a game for the competitive purist? Neigh, but it is likely the best campaign you will find in a third person shooter this year. Highly recommended. Expand
  27. Mar 15, 2012
    Superb game! While Binary Domain could perhaps be called somewhat derivative, the game overall is so satisfying and fun to play that any of those complaints are long forgotten. It's quite sad that Binary Domain has been overlooked, as it's a real unsung gem of a game. The game itself is a mixture of Terminator, Gears of War and Mass Effect. The sci-fi story is surprisingly deep, asking hard questions about what it is to be human or robot. The squad of soldiers seem initially stereotypical, but they very quickly start to develop personalities of their own, and the dialogue system encourages you to frequently communicate with your squad mates to raise their loyalty to you. The loyalty system is very important to the game and can have huge repercussions in the games ending(s).

    The gameplay is very satisfying, blasting wave after wave of robots. The limbs of the androids can be shot off, which often results in robots hopping on one leg or dragging themselves along the floor to get at you. The AI is pretty good too, which makes ordering your squad mates around an important tactic. Grab this game while you can, it's probably going to be in the bargain bins at this point, but I foresee a time when it's a pricey item on eBay. Great work, Sega!
  28. Apr 15, 2012
    Binary Domain is a great game. I was totally surprised by how much I enjoyed it. For those of you who don't know much about it, BD is a third person shooter with some lite rpg elements thrown in and is drawn together by a well told and interesting story. The game is set in Japan and you play the entirety of it as one character in an extended team of specialists who form what is called a 'rust crew'. As things progress you get to choose 2 characters of the rust crew to join you during your missions however the story makes it clear that the other characters on the roster are not inactive but are fighting the battle simultaneously undertaking their own specific missions. This gives the feeling that you really are a team tackling the bigger objective together and there are numerous times when all characters meet up at set points providing the option to change up your team. Changing up your team gives the opportunity to delve into the rpg aspects of the game which encourages interaction with the different members of the rust crew with the intention to help you either build up confidence and respect with team mates or diminish it. I loved this. If you max out confidence and respect with certain team mates it can lead to variations in terms of how the story develops in relation to your characters' relationships with the other members of the crew. But, I got the feeling that any rpg developments were always secondary to the direction of the main story and don't hold any real ability to deliver a different ending to the one programmed in. This is not Mass Effect. Still, the rpg elements add a nice touch that lead to a deeper and enjoyable sense of immersion with the unfolding story and are carried out subtly and satisfyingly enough to make it a good inclusion in an otherwise straight up shooter. As a quick aside, it would have been great if you could embark upon multiple play throughs as each member of the rust crew and explore different possible story developments nuanced to each character even if the ending is set in stone. The enemy ai include a good variety of rank and file types to mash up with some specialist classes mixed in and each enemy robot class has it's own distinct look. Let's make no mistake here, Binary Domain is an action title first and foremost so it is it is imperative that the action is decent and let me tell you, the fire fights are bloody fantastic! You will have to use cover appropriately and the cover mechanic works great. Though the arsenal of available weapons isn't extensive they still cover all the typical bases for a modern shooter including assault rifles, sniper rifles, pistols, smgs, shotties and LMG's.You can also spend points earned by destroying hostile robots to upgrade your main weapon and its unique special ability called the Bosonic Charge at vending terminals. Here you can also upgrade your own characters' augmented skills and those of your team mates and each of their primary weapons if you want to. I have to say the boss battles are excellent and there are plenty of them with very little repetition. In fact Binary Domain is not a short game, you get a good solo campaign for your coins and you can adjust the difficulty to bring further challenge especially if you want to play the whole thing co op with a mate. This all adds up to make the action in Binary Domain a highly positive achievement. Add in good lite role playing, fantastic boss battles, an engaging story and fun team mates to fight alongside and for me, BD is a surprising stand out in the third person shooter genre.I highly recommend it. Expand
  29. Apr 1, 2012
    Well done Saga! This is what video gaming is all about. Polished levels, great weapons, fabulous character handling and just non-stop action.
    Only flaw: repeated dialog from team characters. This and Vanguish is great fun for any trigger happy gamer that fed-up with the same old game sequels.
    Hope Binary Domain finds a sequel. Ps: From my gaming experience, SAGA is vast moving towards a
    game developer that was ok, towards a Creating House for real gamers. Expand
  30. Jun 2, 2012
    This game was the biggest surprise for me. I wasn't waiting for it, skipped the trailers and haven't played the demo. First hour is kinda dull but then Binary Domain starts to shine with interesting story, fluid gameplay mechanics, likeable characters and boss fights (masterpiece!). It's decent game so well executed that it provides more fun than most of latest AAA's. It's polished and it doesn't cut corners with QTE's or cutscenes instead of gameplay. You will do much more than shoot and cover here. Expand
  31. Jan 6, 2013
    Brilliant game! Do not miss it! The gameplay is buttery smooth, making it very satisfying to blast apart robots. The characters are in-depth, interesting and likable. The graphics and art direction are superbly. The boss battles are huge and impressive, making them very satisfying to take out. But most of all, the story in Binary Domain is top notch. This game will keep you interested from start to finish. Expand
  32. Dec 22, 2012
    Sad story of a brilliant game just not getting good enough advertisement.

    Try it now you've finally heard of it, if you like cover shooters, you'll love it.
  33. Apr 16, 2012
    Binary Domain is an interesting beast. Whereas Yakuza: Dead Souls was still uniquely Japanese in flavor and has endured some criticism of its TPS mechanics as a result, Binary Domain is a Western-style shooter with some added elements that its Japanese developers must have thought would enhance the typical TPS experience. The result is surprisingly effective and enjoyable.

    Yas, if
    your team is the one who localized Binary Domain, I need to give you some serious commendations. The script, the voicework, and the crisp presentation are all high-caliber. The same love and care that obviously went into the localization for Yakuza 4 and Dead Souls are here, but the addition of a great English dub makes it even more impressive (not that I would EVER want the Yakuza games to be voiced in English again, mind you).

    That being said, Binary Domain is still quite different than its Yakuza brethren. It's a lot more linear, and the gimmicky voice command and relationship systems don't work that well most times. The multiplayer is also pretty mediocre, but the single-player campaign is far more enjoyable than any standard Western shooter that I've played in the last few years. The constant banter between teammates, the well-conceived story, the atmospheric locales, the variety of gameplay, the brilliant mechanical designs, and the satisfaction of blowing pieces off of the enemy bots all combine for some compelling gameplay and replay value. The enemies are fairly intelligent and can be quite difficult to take down, which contributes to a sense of real achievement. Menus and interface components are streamlined and user-friendly, and the auto-save/checkpoint system is about as perfect as you could ever hope to have. You never need to worry about losing progress or screwing up a save file, career profiles, hard saves vs. quicksaves, or any of the other aggravations that seem to pop up in Western shooter campaigns.

    Also, the plethora of upgrades, crafting options, item pickups, and shop offerings still feel like they benefited from Yakuza's pedigree. And like Yakuza, you actually start to understand and genuinely care about the characters, even if they do seem painfully stereotypical and forgettable in the first couple hours. I love the way that minor puzzles, mini-games, and QTE-esque rail sequences keep the shooter combat from feeling repetitive, and the quality cutscenes are lengthy but don't overstay their welcome. Players can also approach objectives in a variety of ways. NPC squad members might suggest an action to take down the enemy, but you are still welcome to do it your own way, to which they will sometimes reply "nevermind" in a comical way. The script is perfectly balanced, too, throwing in some clever humor amidst the intense drama of the narrative. It tackles some difficult existential material at times, so the occasional comic relief is certainly appreciated.

    If there is one thing that I could say is a missed opportunity, though, it's the linear structure of the game. While shooters normally ARE linear and it may not bother a majority of players, I feel like Binary Domain would have been a more stand-out title if it had allowed you to approach mission content and objectives in a more free-roaming fashion. I didn't expect the game to be a Mass Effect contender or anything, but if you were able to set up a base camp as you moved through Tokyo and handle secondary objectives freely before moving to the next hot spot, perhaps even selecting your teammates to supplement your abilities in each scenario, it probably would have made better use of the relationship system and customization that the game touts. Still, this is just wishful thinking, and perhaps the devs will consider that if Binary Domain 2 ever becomes a possibility. Otherwise, the major gripes that you will hear in reviews for this game are focused on the lack of multiplayer options. Sure, the mainstays are present, though not original or revolutionary by any stretch, and there is no campaign co-op. And that's a shame, since it could've garnered Binary Domain some much-deserved attention from critics and players alike.

    The bottom line is this - Binary Domain is, surprisingly, one of the best third-person shooters we've received in the seventh generation, if only for its meaty single-player campaign. Unfortunately, the game wasn't marketed very well for its American release, and many gamers may overlook it assuming that it's just a generic throw-away title. In actuality, even the best Western TPS franchises could learn from Binary Domain's stellar presentation and localized script. I would encourage ever Yakuza fan, shooter fan, or general action gamer to give Binary Domain a shot, and you may be pleasantly surprised by the quality of its experience.
  34. Mar 14, 2012
    this game is great, ok so it's not a AAA title, the story's a bit weak and don't expect character interaction and development of mass effect, but its still a pleasurable game to play. everything works and does what its supposed to. only draw back is the voice commands are a little ropey and its probably better to just play using button commands rather than trying to shout words that just wont be recognised. Great game, great price and will keep you entertained, give it a shot! Expand
  35. Dec 21, 2012
    A unknown gem, I bought this game for $20 in a bargain bin and boy did I get more then what I paid for, the game basically combines Vanquish, Final Fantasy and Gears Of War together, giving a great RPG like TPS with command elements, the major reason that game succeeds so much thought is mainly in the story, which has a few different paths to go down and is made more emotional then many other shooters which have become quite mindless in the past few years, the games voice controls may not work properly but it's rare that a shooter try's to get the player to care for the characters and therefore makes a good attempt at something different the only other major problems with the game is that it becomes quite monotonous after a few hours play time, but despite it, there's not much holding it back as one of the best games no one played this year Expand
  36. Mar 2, 2012
    Binary Domain is a fun shooter and a decent sci-fi story that has plenty of intense fights, especially the boss fights where you are usually dealing with a huge robotic creature. The boss fights don't end quickly, but take time and perseverance to win. . .luckily most have stages, thus checkpoints within, so when you die you don't have to go all the way back to the beginning of the fight. For the most part the checkpoints are well placed and plentiful which was a pleasant surprise for me. The game has plenty of length, taking me 10.5 hrs of in-game play time in normal mode. I couldn't give it more than an 8 for several reasons: 1) The cover system is too sticky and will frustrate you many times, especially in a lot of the boss fights when you need to run, gun, and get into and out of cover fast. The cover system got me killed more than a few times. 2) You have to die several times, at least, to get through many sequences involving button and stick pushing, in order to figure out what they want you to do. 3) Your squad will more than not get in your line of fire and then **** at you for shooting them. 4) Voice acting while not bad, has to contend with some really campy script at times. Bottom line though, even through the frustrations I have mentioned, it was action packed, I had fun, and you will definitely get your big time fill of shooting robots. Collapse
  37. Jan 21, 2013
    The press does not do justice to this game. This is it a real GOOD third person shooter. It has nothing to envy to Gears of Wars or Vanquish, in plot is better than both. It has things that I liked a lot like the characters, and fun gameplay it offers. It can be purchased at a great price, I would not think twice.
  38. Sep 5, 2012
    Ok I'm going to be honest I bought his game recently for a steal of a price and it was worth it!! This is the game terminator salvation should have been! You feel the damage of every bullet! It neve gets old as you destroy countless robots! It plays just like gears of war and visually it is awesome! It's was a complete surprise to me! If you enjoyed deus ex and love the movie blade runner I would recommend to pick this up! The storyline at times is silly as well as the charecters trademark catchphrases. However it just added to the pure fun of the game! I like my games simple I just want to put it in and shoot everything that moves just like the good old days! And this delivers! With epic
    Boss battles which you unload your entire arsenal into a robot that is HUGE!! It never gets old! The downside however is the lack of customisation it is very limited! And the acting is a bit underpowered at times. Another thing is due to my accent the voice recognition did not pick me up everything was frustrating! However as previous reviewers have said the cross and homage to terninator an Irobot are their and if u live those two things you shall not be disappointed!! Absolute steal and a surprise of a game which has sadly been overshadowed by "bigger" releases. This is a classic and all I can say is PLEASE SEGA DO ANOTHER!!! Honestly so far in 2012 this has been the standout game for me! And yes i have played mass effect 3!
  39. Mar 14, 2013
    The game is actually quite good in every feature. Animations are specially polished and the feeling during the shootouts is great.
    Maybe the voice commands are a little inaccurate but you can calibrate them as you please. This feature is a nice touch for third person shooters, for sure.
    I'm really enjoying this game and you will probably like it too.
  40. Apr 4, 2013
    Downloaded it on the cheap from Xbox Live Games on Demand, and I like it. It's basically Gears of War with Robots. And some things thrown in to make it a little different. A sleeper hit.
  41. May 29, 2013
    I am bursting with accolades for this game. As a third and first person shooter junkie of many years, this is my second all-time favourite game after Halo Anniversary. BD almost slipped under my radar due to a lacklustre advertising campaign in the West which reduced sales and pretty-much killed the chance of a sequel.

    For me, Binary Domain ticks all the right boxes: engaging story and
    characters, smooth gameplay, crisp graphics, attention to detail, powerful weapons, interesting enemy AI and great music. Some have criticised the story and characters for being stereotypical and cliché-ridden. Although these elements might seem generic on the surface, there is a surprising amount of emotional depth attached to them and even a generic story can be enjoyable if it is intelligent, stylish and well-written, which this is. Personally, I think the writers and developers deserve multiple awards the game just stands that far above its shallow Western counterparts such as the Gears of War franchise.

    The only real flaws are the ineffective voice recognition (which can easily be bypassed), the dead multiplayer and the meagre Invasion/Horde mode that is too difficult to play solo. Despite these aspects, I have no hesitation in recommending Binary Domain to all shooter fans.
  42. May 7, 2012
    Felt too much like a cheap console port. The voice options were fresh, but unfulfilled. I was left feeling empy inside when i finished this game. Usually i have a feeling of rejoice or discontent.
  43. Jun 29, 2013
    My favourite single player game of this generation (Only beaten by San Andreas for all time). The multiplayer is not played anymore, but it was okay. It's cheap now too. Get it.
  44. Apr 2, 2012
    I really enjoyed this game it was long enough for me to get my moneys worth and had a very good storyline and some very enjoyable characters, the best being a French robot. But it feels like there are some loose ends and the ending comes off as too preachy at points, like the whole point of the game is to say racism is bad. I understand that is a theme but seriously? Good twists make up for it though all in all it's worth it. Expand
  45. Apr 16, 2013
    *1 SP run completed (~9 hours) & MP played (1 hour)

    I thoroughly enjoyed Binary Domain. Personally, I felt that the story is adequate but no, it's not going to win any awards. The twist is foreshadowed and while it's not blatantly obvious, is not overly difficult to figure out. SEGA also published Vanquish (by Platinum Games), which I thoroughly enjoyed. Again, the story in Vanquish
    isn't the greatest but the gameplay was stellar and I believe SEGA learned from this for BD (both are 3rd person shooters) as navigating through the levels, environments and varying challenges is fun, kept me interested and wanting to find out what comes next.

    The one thing I did enjoy and admittedly haven't investigated thoroughly is squad selection and the gameplay options that arise from them. Choosing characters A and B, at certain points in the game, allows for some things to differ than if you chose characters C and D to accompany you. That capability and overall narrative option via gameplay was pleasant and refreshing and made me want to explore the game further.

    As you are the primary force in your squad, there were times when the ability to level up others in your party seemed irrelevant. As long as your gun(s), health, defense and so on were upgraded... you could take on anybody. Something I liked was that I wasn't given a million rocket launchers for each boss and the difficulty spikes are annoyingly challenging but certainly possible.

    The game isn't left on a cliffhanger but a BD2 isn't out of the realm of possibility either.

    All in all, fun game that does some innovative things. Challenging and worth playing. 8/10.
  46. Mar 27, 2012
    Oh ok. Terminator. A rough team. A TPS. A bit of Phlip K Dick and Isaac Asimov.
    Er... What else?
    Well well well...
    Seems to me that due to the amout of money put into gaming those days, we could decently expect something more... Orignal, couldn't we?
  47. Apr 5, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Nothing new from this game but i have to say something that really made me want to cut every member of teams throat is STAY OUT OF MY LINE OF FREAKING FIRE!!!!! I don't know if anybody else had a problem with this but as soon as the gunfire started and you moved to a cover spot they ran RIGHT next to you or you moved up and they moved into you previous spot only to FOLLOW you and jump RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU! Don't know ANY third person shooter that didn't know that FIRE LANES are important for a reason. I get that this game was suppose to evoke the emotional aspect of squad fighting but COME ON there should be no reason they go right I have to go left just so I can shoot without someone from my squad jumping right in front of me. Sounds like I'm complaining yes, cause this was the only FLAW in the game that made me ragequit so many times that I just almost about gave up on the game if it wasn't so short.(84hours total with ragequitting) So if you are looking for something to fill the void until something else comes out or your done with ME3 then give it go. Rent or Buy?

    Rent- nothing new here and the EMOTIONAL aspect will have you feeling sorry that you even rented it. BTW- Boss fights in this game will be another reason that you want to quit and the last boss blows and there isn't enough ammo for heavy weapons to finish it off. just make sur ethat you are packing some serious heat other then your standard issue weapon.
  48. Jan 13, 2013
    Its not going to win any awards but its still a fun shooter. Gameplays is like a arcade game and the first few missions are boring, but as you go on with this game you just got to keep on going. Its very hard to predict what happens in this game and just game offers twists and turns, good story as well. Overall nothing next-gen but a enjoyable shooter. Binary Domain 7.5/10
  49. Jul 10, 2013
    When I started playing I wasn't overly impressed but the more I played the more I enjoyed this game. The graphics at first seemed just, OK but are actually pretty impressive in a non obvious way Game play is challenging at times but you always know you can achieve it it never seems impossible. The dialog is a bit cheesy and a bit repetitive but overall a fun game especially at the price you will find it for. Expand
  50. Feb 20, 2013
    Binary Domain not bad and more fun than Gears, really quite surprised with this 3rd person shooter. 2D stereotypical characters B movie dialogue and heavily scripted level design versus insane over the top action sequences and fire fights.
  51. May 12, 2012
    Binnnaaary Dooommain,A very fun and refreshing game with a either wtf or brilliant storyline and over dramatic cutsences which actually makes me feel attached to my squadmembers.gameplay and graphic are decent,voice acting and some other minor elements can be refined. A 8.5
  52. Feb 19, 2014
    Well lets say first that i didn't even know this game existed before Playstation decided to put it on free for Plus membership. At first i wasn't sure if i wanted to give it a shot with the low reviews and all... But if you are in the same situation in which i was: do it.
    Lets start with the bad:
    This game is not flawless, the characters are a bit too much and stereotypical, but not bad.
    They are just not has interesting has characters in other series, lets say Mass Effect for example. I would say that they are between pretty good and cliched. Something else that was very frustrating for me was the music. There is almost no music in this game, the overall sound is good, but when you hear some kind of music you might like it, or not all at like me. I listen to a lot of music, but here it is like a medley of some techno rock, very Japanese kind of music, which is ok for some people, and they keep the volume very low at the same time. Which is like listening to Dragonforce at a very low volume while trying to beat a boss that send you waves of stunning rockets up your ass and THAT is an annoying experience. This bring me to the real annoying part of this game. This game can get very F***ing irritating when it wants. Some bosses are awesome to fight and to look at. They are very japoneses in the aesthetic and this time in a very good way. But some of them have some really randoms events which will kill you and make you restart the 15 minutes fights for no reason. I love hard game. I LOVE Dark Souls kind of very hard bosses that make you try on over and over and still you can overcome him. In this game when you die to a boss it wont be fun at all. Only 2 or 3 bosses are that bad. I think of a boss that keep sending freaking rockets at you and stun locks you over and over and even if i didn't die to that boss, it wasn't a good experience: i don't like to lose the control of my character for half the fight (and a 15 min one).
    Now the good:
    Firstly, the combat system, which is amazing. For a third person shooter with cover, i think its pretty much better than the one in Gears of War, even though i like this last one a lot. What make it so good is the way you fight the robots and dismember them, it make the fights very dynamics and entertaining still the last minutes, and this is pure joy. Like i said, i was not a big fan of the character development in this game even if it is not that bad, but the real charm in here come from the background of the universe which is nicely done in many ways. At first, it feels like a boring copy of Deus Ex. After 1 hour or 2 you realize that it is much much more. They did put a lot of love in the making of this world and it shows, and just for that this game worth the 10 hours of your time. There is also a very good variety of enemies and weapon. Too bad you can't change your primary weapon.
    Oh and i forgot. Do NOT buy/download this game for the multiplayer. I did try it a bit and it was mostly a frustrating experience because of d/c and a strange ganking experience which include me spawning and getting exploded by a rocket around 0.5 second after (like i said, I don't like having rockets in my face and not being able to avoid them).
    With all that said, i did like this game a lot. If you can forget the couples of irritating experiences, the bad music (for me) and the 10 hours campaign long without multiplayer, you should really try it.
  53. Jul 12, 2013
    Ottimo sparatutto e trama intrigante con personaggi carismatici ed interessanti spunti di originalità. Binary Domain non l'ennesimo clone di Gears of War. Voto: 8,5
  54. Nov 28, 2013
    Brilliant Shooter!!!! So many details have gone into this game that puts every other game to shame. The ability to use voice to interact with your teammates, the story line, character development, etc. are all top notch. Killing robots by disassembling them piece by piece has never been more fun and this game should have received far better reviews and more recognition than it deserves. You really have to play it to appreciate the genius of a game it really is!!! Expand
  55. Mar 2, 2012
    Binary Domain is a fun shooter and a decent sci-fi story that has plenty of intense fights, especially the boss fights where you are usually dealing with a huge robotic creature. The boss fights don't end quickly, but take time and perseverance to win. . .luckily most have stages, thus checkpoints within, so when you die you don't have to go all the way back to the beginning of the fight. For the most part the checkpoints are well placed and plentiful which was a pleasant surprise for me. The game has plenty of length, taking me 10.5 hrs of in-game play time in normal mode. I couldn't give it more than an 8 for several reasons: 1) The cover system is too sticky and will frustrate you many times, especially in a lot of the boss fights when you need to run, gun, and get into and out of cover fast. The cover system got me killed more than a few times. 2) You have to die several times, at least, to get through many sequences involving button and stick pushing, in order to figure out what they want you to do. 3) Your squad will more than not get in your line of fire and then **** at you for shooting them. 4) Voice acting while not bad, has to contend with some really campy script at times. Bottom line though, even through the frustrations I have mentioned, it was action packed, I had fun, and you will definitely get your big time fill of shooting robots. Collapse

Mixed or average reviews - based on 43 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 27 out of 43
  2. Negative: 0 out of 43
  1. May 19, 2012
    Binary Domain wants to be more than a generic shooter, but unfortunately drops the ball with the unique gameplay elements. What remains is an entertaining, reasonably interesting and good looking shooter that could've scored better with an extra layer of technical polish.
  2. May 6, 2012
    It's a fun, frivolous sci-fi narrative with just enough strength of writing to provide some memorable moments of dialogue; satisfying combat and set-pieces; and a competent grasp of pacing. After some bad experiences with the genre, Binary Domain has convinced me that there's still some value in cover shooters.
  3. Apr 17, 2012
    A Japanese adaptation of the Gears of War franchise with voice commands. Besides the mechanical novelty, which would have been better executed with buttons, the game is just another regular shooter with some interesting boss fights. [Apr 2012]