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  1. Mar 26, 2013
    BioShock Infinite is not only one of the best story-driven games, but it’s one of the best games ever. With a fantastic chemistry between the game’s two central characters, one of the most stunningly realised game worlds, some excellent game mechanics, incredible production values and a frankly genius story, it’s a game that simply everyone and his dog must own.
  2. Mar 28, 2013
    Awesome game. Good to see that some studios are still investing in a good story and it shows. Graphics are okay; the music is very good. Is it better than the other stealth game Dishonoured? I think so yes. Bioware should take notes....the ending is very well done.
  3. Mar 26, 2013
    I've been playing for awhile, and i'm having so much fun with this game. The story is great and the gameplay is amazing! The sky-hook is one of the most fun things I've ever been able to do in a game. There aren't very many bad things to say. However, if you have a good gaming PC I've heard Infinite has better textures and framerate so you should get it on PC. This is my GOTY so far.
  4. Apr 1, 2013
    There's nothing else to say about the atmosphere and setting. It's the gameplay which hooked me. It's better than ever and I can't stop playing for that reason alone, and the rest of the game is almost impossibly good. The first bioshock had the atmosphere but game play was a little off. The gameplay in the second bioshock was better but the atmosphere not quite as good. Infinites has better gameplay than the best from 2, and a better atmosphere than the best from 1. I'm trying to avoid saying 'Best Game Ever' or 'Best Game This Generation' but..... um..... yeah. Expand
  5. Mar 28, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. With jaw-dropping visuals,audio,voice acting and story,Bioshock Infinite is a masterly crafted game worthy of standing beside the likes of Bioshock and Half-Life 2.Actually experiencing Columbia and its fall is truly amazing as the world changes around you and the war progresses,getting darker and more chaotic.Experimenting with the Vigors is awesome with my favourite being Possession,while setting various traps and using Undertow is always awe inspiring.The Skyline system is great fun and adds an exciting element to the city,especially during combat.If I had a serious issue it would be regarding weapons.Woe betide those like myself who prefer to use the Handcannon and RPG,but can't.You'll be out of ammo within a minute during larger battles(though vending machines are often close by) and the two weapon system makes little sense.Whether its two pistols or two heavy weapons,that's all you can carry and four would have been the smarter choice,especially considering the number of weapons in the game.That said,Bioshock Infinite wowed me throughout its entirety and I cannot wait to experience more stories of Columbia. Expand
  6. CPB
    Apr 1, 2013
    One of the best games of all time, let alone 2013. The story tackles everything from American history, politics, and science. The gameplay is smooth and fluent, and the rail system is a very innovative mechanic. I liked the first bioshock, thought the second one was okay, but this is great 10/10.
  7. Apr 13, 2013
    One of the most beautiful and inventive games ever created. I found it every bit as awe-inspiring and addictive as the first two installments, and I have completed two play-throughs of each of the three games. If you consider this game a reboot or standalone product in the franchise, I personally find nothing worth complaining about. Compared to other games on the market right now, unless your obsession is multiplayer, you won't find anything more absorbing or entertaining than Bioshock Infinite. Compared to first two games in the series...I have a hard time finding a way to rank them. The weapons in Infinite are definitely less appealing, the choices are pretty much nonexistent, the save-anywhere feature is gone, the levels are smaller, and I didn't find my skin crawling with goosebumps. While there are certainly some disturbing moments in Infinite, I found the first Bioshock a bit more compelling simply because everything was horrifying; and with that element gone, the urgency and intensity of survival disappears. I can't bring myself to knock Infinite any points though, because to me that complaint sounds more like artistic opinion than any comment on the actual quality of the game. The only legitimate complaint about Infinite when compared to the first two games is that sense of choice: Bioshock 1 and 2 offered two endings and two ways to deal with situations, giving the player a reason to replay the game. Bioshock Infinite gives you a few moments where you're given the illusion of choice, but only one ending to the game exists (sorry if that's a spoiler). Infinite is worth replaying, but the only incentive is to experiment with different guns and powers. I know these sound like enough complaints to damage the score, but I'm sticking with my score despite all the flak reviewers get on this site for giving a perfect 10. Bioshock Infinite is a worthy successor to Bioshock because the series has once again revitalized a stale genre with inventive combat, impressive scenery, deep narrative and solid amount of player customization. I could go on and on about this game all day. I hope you find time to play it. Expand
  8. Aug 23, 2013
    Didn't play Bioshock 1 or 2 because I don't really like survival horror and thought they looked too dark from the demos. Bioshock Infinite is a beautifully crafted game with engaging characters and intelligent story. Gameplay is unique and varied and feels well balanced. I was left gobsmacked at the end. Not just because of the ending but because this was a game I had almost ignored yet it turned out to be my game of the year so far. Top marks. Expand
  9. May 7, 2013
    Believe the hype! It's game of the year and if you don't think so, you just don't know. (note: GTA V is not out at the time of the writing). Who needs tacked on multiplayer? nobody.
  10. May 9, 2013
    This game was an incredible experience for me, start to finish. The art design and characters were great, and the story made me want to keep playing until I had beaten the whole game. I had a blast with the skyhook. In my opinion, this game surpassed the original Bioshock.
  11. Mar 27, 2013
    This game has one of the best stories that I have played in quite a while. I do not completely understand why people say it is anti-christian or anti-american. It is about a group of people who pretty much have their own religion and they have succeeded from the union. Then some people say it is not believable like bioshock one because of the skyhooks and it being a floating city. It's a work of fiction. This is a great game all around. If I had any complaints it would be that it was a little easy which made it a little short. I played my first play through on hard which made it much more difficult, but not nearly as difficult as most games on hard. Great music, great scenery, great story. I have not enjoyed a games story as much as this one in quite some time. Expand
  12. Mar 29, 2013
    I was highly anticipating this game especially after loving Bioshock 1 & 2! Ok so the scenery is a little different but I guess thats why I enjoyed it so much it was something different. Absolutely loved the graphics, game play and the immersive world that you are thrown into. I spent ages searching all the rooms and alleys looking for voxophones and collectibles. Really enojoyed having Elizabeth there, kinda missed her when she wasn't, lol. I think that her character is done really well, she is helpful and not a damsel in distress that you constantly have to baby sit and protect. From the minute I put this game into the console I could not wait to play this game again. Everything justs seems to flow in this game. The different bots through it like the patriots and handymen keep you on your toes. I cannot believe people are scoring it so low (especially for the graphics), they are done in typical Bioshock flare. All I can say is get this game and give it a go you will not be disappointed. I take my hat off to the team who designed this game, absolutely loved it and cannot wait to play it through again and get all the things I missed. Well done. Expand
  13. Apr 18, 2013
    One of the most powerful game stories I have ever experienced. It has that fightclub esque conclusion that allows you to look back at the story with new light and demands that you play again to understand more. Elizabeth features as a beautiful and inspiring character and is such an asset to you during gameplay that you feel lost without her. The presence of the skylines adds interest to what could have been a simple shooter and there are enough weapons and vigors (plasmids aka magic) that you can play the game once and still feel that you have not experienced all there is to have. Without discussing any of the topics that lead to spoilers (though all of them are brilliant) I would say that the ending comes to quickly and that they could have added more boss battles or general exploration of Columbia but I'm not going to reduce the score because I actually find shorter games easier to play. Expand
  14. Mar 28, 2013
    As a fan of the franchise, I have been looking forward to BioShock: Infinite for a long time...and it was worth the wait. BioShock: Infinite is an absolutely beautiful and amazing instalment to the franchise that is both filled with breath-taking graphs and heart-pounding moments. The game's story is original and well-executed and in BioShock fashion, it takes you to place you'd never expect to go. In my opinion, this game is flawless and since being a huge fan, some moments nearly brought me to tears due to awe! This alongside the original is no doubt to best game ever and is like I said completely flawless. A ground-breaking work of art that will inspire many games in the future. Expand
  15. Mar 26, 2013
    FIRST IMPRESSIONS Full Review to follow:

    Bioshock Infinite, despite it's lofty expectations and undeniably "sky high" promises from creative powerhouse Irrational Games, is an incredible achievement in interactive entertainment. From the incredible art style to the story, the well written script to Columbia itself, Bioshock Infinite is more than just a game on disc; it's an incredibly
    and thoughtfully created world quite unlike most games of today just waiting to be explored. Attention to detail is where it starts, and it only grows from there. The world feels alive, from the propaganda littering the streets to the way Elizabeth reacts to certain discoveries while you both slowly crawl around Columbia's cityscape. It's a game that doesn't hold your hand, freely allowing you to explore Columbia at your own pace. There's plenty off the beaten path, but it never forces the player to find it. You have to be invested, curious, and interested. Playing Bioshock just to get to the next shootout is not playing Bioshock Infinite at all. The gameplay, while I haven't had any major battles featuring the skylines, feels tighter and much more action packed, peppered by intense battles and a lethal arsenal. The level design is also incredibly unique, featuring some truly stunning moments even within the first few hours. Now, the game isn't without some faults. Flat textures abound on consoles, but it is a far from ugly game (far from it actually). Elizabeth also sometimes moves around way too much (I assume she is attempting to focus on the player's location, and the AI engine can't decide what to do), giving her a sense of a hyper curious person. It doesn't ruin the experience, but it is a little jarring as at certain points she is incredibly life like, and others feels like an NPC deciding where to stand. That being said, Elizabeth is impressive so far. Her animations are stupendous, facial animations are stunning, and the voice work (for everyone, at that) is spot on. I have yet to jump into the meat of the story, as I'm taking this game very slow, but so far the wait has been worth it. Well worth it. Expand
  16. Apr 2, 2013
    If you are a Bioshock fan, you will LOVE this game. This is everything I have waited patiently for all these years. I hope the DLC is just as good as the campaign.
  17. Nov 19, 2014
    Single player FPS don't usually hold my interest for really long. I prefer multiplayer. But this game was just amazing. I love the steampunk design, the twist ending, the level design, the power ups. Im not going to write a very long detailed review but this game was great.
  18. Mar 27, 2013
    FIRST IMPRESSIONS Full Review to follow: Bioshock Infinite, despite it's lofty expectations and undeniably "sky high" promises from creative powerhouse Irrational Games, is an incredible achievement in interactive entertainment. i have not anymore to say
  19. Apr 7, 2013
    So I'd been hearing about all the hype about this game for awhile, so I caved and bought the damn thing. All the while playing it, I was very impressed, but not really thinking that it was a 'masterpiece' that some people had claimed. I thought that until I got up to the end, and honestly everything I thought I knew about games went out the window. Definitely the most thought-provoking and mind-bending end to a game I've ever played... I literally said 'WTF' to my TV. Comparing this to the last 2 games does it no justice, it stands on its own as a great achievement in video games. Of course it's not without its faults, but really the story alone is the reason to experience Bioshock Infinite. I'm definitely going to play it again. Expand
  20. Jul 17, 2013
    Bioshock Infinite is one of the first truly great games to come out in a long time. There is just so much that this game does right. From the opening sequence that does the job of immersing you amazingly, to your arrival in Columbia, which is absolutely breathtaking, to the absolutely sublime ending which I won't spoil, because spoilers would result in your mind not melting upon reaching the end.

    Anyway. Gushing aside, this is a great, well-put-together game. It's everything a sequel should be. One that uses the previous game as a jumping-off point to explore bigger and better things, spreading silvery angelic wings and flying off into unexplored territory. It takes the gameplay from the first game, fast, fun, actiony shooting with plasmid abilities, only now the plasmids are called vigors, and applies it to a more adventurous toned game rather than horror-themed, adding in mechanics such as the skyhook and Elizabeth's tears, as well as gear which has different effects, and it all meshes together seamlessly to create some of the most fun and interesting shooter gameplay I've seen in a long time. The story is definitely up to Irrational's standard, exploring complex themes both in morality and in science, presenting both in equally interesting ways, and allowing the story to unfold organically. Elizabeth in particular deserves mention, as she was one of the most intriguing and organic characters I've ever interacted with in a game, though to be fair most of the other characters were just as good, it simply wasn't as noticeable because they got less screentime.

    I believe I should also mention that this game is ludicrously thought-provoking. I finished it a few weeks ago and there are still bits of the story I'm working on figuring out.

    The world is also incredibly immersive, partly because you never leave Booker's first-person perspective and partly because every aspect of it is so well-crafted, feeling very cohesive and real. It's almost impossible not to get sucked in.

    The graphics are also absolutely beautiful, with some truly amazing views to be found.

    The final boss battle is also one of the better I've seen, as it successfully tests all the skills you've learned to use thus far, which is exactly what a final battle is supposed to do. It's climactic, fun, difficult, and provides plenty of methods with which to attack the enemy, fitting whatever play style you prefer, and even adds an extra mechanic which works quite intuitively.

    If I had to criticize this game, I would have to say that death doesn't hold a lot of weight, and that makes it a little hard to take threats seriously and get invested in combat. But this is a small nitpick compared to the sheer earth-shattering greatness of this game.

    I wish I could go into more specifics, but this is a really spoilery game. Just suffice it to say that it's excellent, definitely worth buying.
  21. Mar 30, 2013
    First off, I am admittedly a Bioshock fan. The first game, and even the second, demonstrated and combined unparalled narrative and brilliant gameplay. So, while I am a gamer, this is only the second game I have ever preordered. While I had my doubts that it would live up to the first game, I did assume that on some level it would be at least a fun experience with an interesting story. Oh my, how it absolutely blew away my expectations. FYI, this review is spoiler free.

    The Story: Absolutely amazing. If you enjoy stories of any kind this is a story that could not be told in other medium. Think Twilight Zone at its best. The enviroments create layers upon layers of pull narrative, which is there if you want to experience it but it won't get in the way. It's not heavy handed at all and there are a ton of lodd ittle moments that stand out but totally make sense later on, or if you pay attention to certain details.

    Graphics: The best of this generation in my opinion. The lighting and enviroments are incredible. The character models are full of style and life; a mix of realism and cartoonish aesthetics. It is unique to Bioshock and works really well. The art desgin really stands out as well.

    Gameplay: Shooters are a dime a dozen, but what makes Bioshock unique is the abilities given to the player. Infinite does this well, and the combat is really enjoyable. The weapon are varied as well. I often had issue with being forced to carry ony two weapons, but half way through the game it became quite apparent there was always another weapon lying around if you needed to rely on it. My biggest gripe is the AI often seems stupid. It's not too noticible in the midst of a fire fight, but occassinal the AI will not even notice your presence which takes away from the experience. Overall, the combat is a blast. The sky rails really are awesome and add an extra element t the fast paced combat. The other addition is Elizabeth's ability to bring in objects from other realities which can aid you, this adds to the overall strategy of combat and a welcome addition. She is also helpful and getting you items when you're in need.

    As I've stated, this game is nothing short of a masterpiece that will be talked about for ages, even moreso than the first I think. It is baffling to see the odd user review call it overrated, but I think that comes down to what you enjoy in a game. This game is an experience, but if you're looking for a straight up shooter this might not be for you. There are periods of time without any combat at all, you're just taking in the world. I really think this is the game to show what is possible with stories and videogames. The ending does not dissapoint.
  22. Mar 29, 2013
    *9.9* The biggest issue in Bioshock Infinite is that not only does it beg to be explored, it is necessary to fully understand and appreciate the game.
  23. Apr 6, 2013
    The original Bioshock is my favorite video game of all time, and I thought there was absolutely no way this game can live up to it. I was wrong. I have never had so much fun in a game in my entire life. The sky rails are amazing and I could stay on those things all day. Although there are less powers (Vigors), the powers are all very different and I do not need anymore. My personal favorite is Undertow. The ending was superb and makes this game have the best story of any video game of ALL time. Play it and you will experience this masterpiece. Expand
  24. May 13, 2013
    Alright, so the first Bioshock has been out since 2007 and was a jaw dropping theme then, what with the game changing art style, revolutionary gameplay, it really was a spectacle to see be released on the 360. Then it came to Bioshock 2, and as far as it goes to say, it was a good reason to hop back on the bathysphere to explore more that the city of Rapture had to offer. But now, with a step out of the water to take a breath of fresh air in a city up in the clouds, Columbia. As soon as you get shot up into this unbelievable town. Where as it doesn't start the action right away, this is actually a good thing because it gives you a chance to take everything in, really take in all the sights of this game Irrational Games has been on for years. Since I was already a big fan of the other two, you bet I had my copy pre-ordered and I awaited til midnight to get my chance to play this magnificent game, and definitely was not disappointed. Among other things, you will notice right away that it feels kind of different from the past two games, but still the same similarity. The combat in this game is where it really takes the cake, it's like they had finally read the complaints about the other games in the means of combat and DID something about it, and that is why I see this gaming company going farther with a series like this, which I hope they really do, even though the ending in this game, leaves you with a mind enough as it is. What I really love about this game, is that the protagonist Booker DeWitt, actually has a voice to be heard, and an opinion around every corner, so that you can really grow closer to how Booker feels and thinks about most things, building a connection. The sky-lines are a cool aspect in this game, although not really used as much as I thought they would be, being a major way to travel around the city and around combat, however, I suppose it actually is a good thing that it is not revolved around such an aspect, since it could get old pretty fast, leaving the sequences still to be looked forward to when they happen. Kind of like the ordeals with Songbird when Elizabeth's guardian shows up to do its job, these are really fun sequences that just don't happen that often. Now, they do have many options to choose in this game, where you might think it could make a huge difference in the gameplay later or change how the game plays, this is not really the case however, feel free to make choices without much penalty to the outlook of the story. All in all, this game lives up from its predecessors, and keeps the Bioshock name awesome as ever. If you're considering about trying this game, you're overthinking the answer will always be yes, even if you weren't a big fan of the first one, the ending of this game is completely mind-bottling and changes how you could look at things. This is definitely the kind of ending, when you finish it, you will want to find a friend who's finished it as well and have a long, deep conversation with them about what they thought it all meant over a cup of tea. I give Bioshock Infinite, 10/10 Expand
  25. Mar 26, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I should probably start out by saying that I am not a fan of the first two Bioshock games, I'm don't dislike them but I wouldn't consider myself a fan, however I decided to buy Bioshock Infinite on a whim, and am so glad that I did. The game is absolutely beautiful, yes it may lack the graphical power of games such as Crysis 3 but the world of Columbia looks absolutely amazing from an artistic point of view, the gameplay is solid but so far seems slightly too easy on medium difficulty I will be trying out 1999 mode on my 2nd playthrough.) The story in the game is one of the best I've seen in a while and I've barley scratched the surface of it, so far despite not much happening I am completely captivated by it. I also found the relationship between Booker and Elizabeth to be believable thanks to the amazing voice acting supplied by Troy Baker and Courtnee Draper. Speaking of Elizabeth, never before have I cared for a gaming character, but thanks to the amazing talent behind her (AI, Motion Capture, Voice, Model, Script etc...) I think I might actually care for the character. I don't know why but when I (Potential Spoilers) first killed a group of men in front of her and I saw that she was scared of me because of that I kind of felt bad because she'd gone from being really happy and ecstatic to scared and cold. (Spoilers End) I could keep writing about this game for a while, but I kind of want to get back to playing it, if you are unsure on whether to buy this game or not, I strongly recommend buying this full price, it's utterly amazing and almost (In my eyes at least) faultless. It's good to see that this console generation is ending on a high note with games such as this and Tomb Raider and hopefully more to come. Expand
  26. Apr 1, 2013
    A game such as this comes once in a generation, and very few times in a lifetime. True Master craft worked with the biggest love and attention, from music to visuals, it was an incredible pleasure. The story in particular is the work of genius, it will have you thinking for days after you've finished it. Never has a game had such an incredible story and characters that can stir some deep emotions inside of you. Thank you Irrational. Unforgettable. Expand
  27. Apr 1, 2013
    I cannot give this game anything less than 10, I am not going to repeat the reasons already described ad nauseum in the 10 reviews below, but I thought It was worth it mention this I have seen some reviews in the list below that mentioned "clunky controls" (I have played on the Xbox 360), I have changed the default layout control in the options menu to the one that uses the LT button for aim zoom instead of the default layout that uses the right stick (button 3), that has facilitated the gameplay a lot to me. Expand
  28. Apr 15, 2013
    BioShock Infinite isn't a merely a game, it's an experience, one that will leave you questioning everything you know and sad that never again will there be a game so complete.
  29. Apr 8, 2013
    Bioshock Infinite is the most hooked I've been on a game since Fallout 2. I was a little late on the hype wagon so I made extra sure to not read any spoilers while I awaited my order to arrive from overseas (cheaper this way).
    From the opening scene, nay the Main Menu even, the graphics are easily the best seen on consoles (and most probably PC yet). Not the best as in technologically
    wowing or polygon counts that require you to buy a liquid nitrogen cooling system, but the overall impact of the art direction and surroundings that draw you into this game world. The sunshafts look exquisite and the subtle dust clouds (which were something a friend noticed before I did) just make the whole image 'complete'. The effects when you first acquire a new vigor are awesome albeit a little chilling and I'm saying this while plodding through my second playthrough (already done Hard, time for 1999 mode now).

    The audio is top-notch. I'm playing through 5.1 in the lounge room (with a bit of recline on the sofa and the subtle background effects are incredible. I looked around the lounge room once because I thought there was a fly behind me! Great sample rate guys In certain areas the crackle and burn of an overloaded electrical circuit sounds as 'nails on a chalkboard' painful as you'd expect. All that was missing was the burnt plastic smell! I'll concede that in certain firefights it can be tricky to pinpoint an enemy's location based on the audio alone. I have a feeling there may be some 'echoing' acoustics in play however which may well be by design.

    Finally the story! You know naught other than what Booker witnesses the second the game kicks off. There is plenty of gameplay before you even meet Elizabeth, but when you do that's when it all shifts up a gear. I refuse to give anything away here, but even though I may have been frustrated due to failing repeatedly in a gun battle here or there, the niggling 'what happens next?' compelled me to power on through to victory.

    Based on the usual logical criteria and gameplay itself this game would still rock a solid 8 or 9. But the feeling the player is left with after finishing the game and witnessing everything come to fruition? That's a 10 in my books.
  30. May 1, 2013
    Initially, Bioshock Infinite caught my eye in a passing manner. I was certainly interested, but didn't really anticipate it like some prior releases. As soon as I picked it up, though, it was immediately clear this game went above and beyond the expectations set forth by the current generation of FPS games. I admit, I was a fan of the first Bioshock. The tone and atmosphere were great, and the concept captured my imagination. Though I had some minor gripes with some gameplay mechanics, and polish issues, it was and still is a great game. Bioshock infinite on the other hand, blew me away with its great storytelling and fluid gameplay.
    First off, the look of the game. Its certainly not as gritty and textured as some games, but I really don't feel that is the point. Its stylized, and for a purpose. To encapsulate the bright and floaty feel the city should take, and to emphasize the time period. From the characters, to the city, to the machines; it all fits within the confines of the look and feels natural. Though it initially starts off bright and scenic, the colors dampen and darken as you turn the stones to reveal the dark underbelly of the cities politics.
    The story and setting are amazing. The city is a wonder, and its great to explore. It is filled with voxophones (audio diaries) and other historical items to expand upon the universe, but even when I had collected all of them I wanted to learn more. The story, without any real spoilers, isn't limited to the fantastical and faces very real issues of the time. From religious fanaticism to racism, the human element is very prevalent. But it is all centered around the main character, Booker Dewitt. A veteran and former Pinkerton, who is hired to bring a girl to New York in exchange for wiping clean his gambling (and other) debts. And from the girl, Elizabeth, to the prophet Comstock, to the rebellion leader Fitzroy, everyone has a part in the story, and everyone is as colorful and thought out as the next.
    Game-play, I found, was very fluid and in my experiences cinematic. If you have played the first Bioshock at all you would know that tandem use of plasmids (known as Vigors in Infinite) and guns were difficult and unwieldy. You had to either equip weaponry OR plasmid. In Infinite, thankfully they are more seamlessly combined. Though a similar layout is used (left trigger vigor, right trigger gun), you can now keep your weapon equipped and use left trigger to instantly blast out a vigor. Weapons themselves are your standard affair: pistol, machine gun, shotgun, etc. But the vigors are the standouts. This time around, vigors are a bit more refined, as Bioshock had many great vigors, they were too varied and too specialized. The creators have now smartly combined traps and instant use as a secondary and primary fire, and thus vigors can be used several ways each. Lastly, the sky lines. These things are GREAT. Not only for travel, which is fun to zip through areas anyway, but in combat it is awesome to lunge onto one to get a birds eye view of the battle or to buy some time and heal up.
    I could go on for MUCH MUCH longer about the companion aspect with Elizabeth, which Infinite may be credited with being the first game to get it right, to Songbird, the Infinite Big Daddy equivalent, to the thought provoking story-line, but I have limited words on this tiny box. One thing I can say is, PLAY THIS GAME! You wont regret this purchase!
  31. Mar 30, 2013
    One of the best or maybe the best fps i have ever played! A story and characters that will grab you from the start and combat that has the old bio-shock feel. And plot twist that will go WTF more then once, You need to do yourself a favor and get this game now
  32. Mar 30, 2013
    This is what I call a masterpiece, the best since Half-Life 2. A great story, good looking visuals, and a great sound. Gameplay is awesome, faster than in the other 2 Bioshock games. You will feel like you are inside Columbie, like you are Booker. Also, Elisabeth is a great character, you will WANT to help her, even If you don't need to. For me, she's even better than Alyx. It has one of the best videogame endings, but it's a little strange.
    Also the story is long, and if you are masochist, or really good, you can try the "1999 mode" in wich you start the whole story again each time you die.

    9'8 out of 10, so a 10.
  33. Apr 13, 2013
    Better get this out of the way early, I like the Bioshock franchise, hell I love it to bits but there is liking a game and then understanding that a game was overrated and liked for the wrong reasons (glaring over at Bioshock 1). Bioshock 1 was System Shock 2 (the developer, Irrational Games, previous title) to a T, hell it even ripped half the name off it. System Shock 2 was a game that had been made nearly 10 years earlier and for quite a lot of people did the job a damn lot better than Bioshock did. Anyway I digress, on with Bioshock Infinite.
    You are Booker DeWitt, a man sent to pay off a debt by capturing a girl named Elizabeth from the flying city of Columbia and bringing her back to New York. However soon after arriving on Columbia you are marked out as the Antichrist that will destroy Columbia. Eventually you find Elizabeth and begin your journey to New York (or as she is lead to believe, Paris) but are stopped time and time again by dark secrets about Columbia, Elizabeth and yourself as well as a majority of the supporting cast. The story gets pretty out of control rather quickly from then on and is probably better left to first hand experience but make sure you bring some migraine tablets and someone with a Masters Degree in Quantum Mechanics otherwise you'll have no clue what on Earth has happened by the end of the game (and the funny part is you think I'm joking about the Quantum Physicist).
    The game plays like the past 2 Bioshock games but with a faster pace, better shooting mechanics and half a ton less ammo (which is a bit odd considering the amount of weapons there are just laying around) Plasmids are back but they are Vigour's now and you can also use a special tonic thing to upgrade your health, shield and Salt (the substitute for Eve) but unfortunately these are rather scarce and make the feature near pointless. Also the audio logs are back and this makes the story even harder to understand when you miss one of the bastards because they are so well hidden.
    The game looks pretty gorgeous but the console versions suffer from muddy textures, slow frame rates and the lack of mouse & Keyboard controls making the PC version much superior but its nothing that shouldn't be expected from the ageing consoles this late into their lifespan.
    In short Bioshock Infinite is the best Bioshock game yet, probably one of the best games of the year but its still early days (It is only March after all) but it is still getting too much hype for it shouldn't be taking credit for, plus what's with the love of steampunk since Bioshock 1 landed? Its like people treat it as though its a new thing.
  34. Mar 30, 2013
    I loved the original Bioshock when it came out in 2007. That the pace of the plot evaporated after the twist mattered not one jot, the game delivered deep in something sadly missing from many games today atmosphere. Bioshock 2 I also enjoyed in 2010, with the way that it opened up more, and gave a spin on events in Rapture of its own accord, but it never stunned like the original. After seeing the first trailers for Bioshock Infinite 2 years ago, I was hoping for something that would deliver in all key areas of a great game i was not disappointed!! Presentation is generally excellent for the 360, the loads being minimal and fairly fast. The graphics are beautiful in the way that they are executed and the imagination behind them, and if there is the occasional pop-in of objects or textures, and an odd moment of frame rate stutter, it never affects the gameplay. Sound design is on another level though, completely the voice actors do a sterling job, the sound effects are eerie in their delivery, and coupled with the amazing soundtrack which at times evokes memories of Stanley Kubrick's The Shining, amongst other things. The soundtrack is a loud, cluttered and often blustering bundle of objects that does what its supposed to it fills in the spaces that the graphics depend on to deliver the whole 'feel' so to speak. And so to the gameplay, which is where I have to state that this latest entry in the Bioshock series truly is the best so far. There are a handful of neat gimmicks put into the game at key points (the skyhooks, the tears in time), which when coupled with some familiar aspects (the vigors you may have seen before, and the weaponry), makes for some compulsive First-Person shooter gameplay however, the final ingredient, the one that makes this game truly great, and probably one of this years' best (and probably the decades I'm going to state right now!!) is the plot thundering through on some riffs from Alan Moore (think sparks of League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and Watchmen), and some very clear influences from Terry Gilliam (Brazil, 12 Monkeys), and many more I could mention, the whole thing moves from scene to scene, and never ever detaches the player from the game I've said this before, but if this were a book (the whole thing certainly feels like a graphic novel) you'd be up until 4 in the morning reading it!! The last time I played a game that truly made me want to get to the end, to see the whole thing, and know what was going on so much, was either Shadow of the Colossus or Half Life 2, so I think you can understand how highly I rate this game. i could write more, but alas, I'm on my second playthrough of the cursed game you see, and I want to get back to it, so I'll finish with this it is the best single-player campaign game I have played in years, it threatens to overflow with the wealth of ideas bursting forth, and even if you don't think you'll enjoy it, you have to give it at least a try. One utterly superb game. Expand
  35. Mar 28, 2013
    Incredible game! The only medium that has aptly portrayed the other dimensions theory intelligently. The gameplay is quite fun and one of the best AI's for a npc and enemies alike. I am ecstatic there isn't a tacked on multiplayer trying to nickle and dime consumers. Atta boy.
  36. Mar 28, 2013
    BioShock Infinite is an AMAZING game, and is definitely a must buy for fans of shooters/RPGs and/or fans of compelling story games. You play as Booker DeWitt, a man sent to the flying city of Columbia to wipe away your debt by bringing the mysterious Elizabeth to New York for your employers. Although I am not very far through the game I am already intrigued by many of the character's motives and backstories such as Booker's & Elizabeth's which I look forward to discovering throughout the game and from what I have played already, the game is very satisfying to play. The city of Columbia is beautiful and very well designed, you can easily see the level of effort that has been put into this world. The game also sucks you in, making you totally immersed in its world and leaving you wanting to learn more about it.
    The weapons are very fun to use and the controls are customisable so you can edit them to your liking. The newly titled "Vigors" instead of "Plasmids" from previous titles are also varied and great fun to use and experiment with. Elizabeth can also assist you in combat and exploration by finding money, ammo and salts for you. The AI behind her is the best I have ever seen from a game, she acts like a real person by naturally interacting with her environment by looking over balconies and etc. When you are not moving forward. Her facial expressions also change quickly depending on your current situation and they look very believable. Overall This game has exceeded my expectations and I highly recommend it. It has great characters, a great storyline and great gameplay. It's a MUST BUY!
  37. Mar 26, 2013
    Right away i was blown away and i keep being amazed by this game. Its surprises you all the time and makes your feelings swing, your happy and interested in everything then startled and frightened the next. The game play is phenomenal and entertaining, the audio/music is outstanding and the graphics are gorgeous. If you have every played a bioshock game before this then you will love this one possibly more than 1 & 2. If you haven't played bioshock before then you will still be able to get into this game and fall in love with bioshock. Expand
  38. Apr 13, 2014
    Anything i say about this game has already been said, with that in mind, this game IS **** FANTASTIC, story, art and characters are astonishing, the first game since Dead Space that has really managed to keep me interested and involved with the game's plot and lore, the only real negative things about BioShock Infinite is the fact that the game was spoiled for me and that its 2 short, therefore not enough plot points are fleshed out, dlc hopefully will fix this problem, also it has some of the worst Boss fights ever put in a shooter, their very goddamn annoying, least theirs not much, and last of all they get rid of important features from the 1st BioShock, this being medpacks that u hold on 2, jeezzz they would have come in handy

    WOuld U Kindly buy the **** game
  39. Apr 7, 2013
    Gameplay is as u'd expect the bioshock formula. But the story... the story is confusing, you sit there at the end of the game with your jaw on the ground trying to understand. This just makes you want more, it engages you, its not another game that's all about gameplay and the story is a side game. I felt like I was playing a movie. The characters are great, what some people have said is that they needed more faces to the voices, a face for Fink a face for Booker because we play it we feel like its a movie nd we want to c the faces behind the voices with the emotions being formed in their faces. Only complaint but it doesn't take away from the beautiful city in the sky, the music that creates the atmosphere, its brilliant. This is what new gen games should be like. This is what dishonoured wishes it was. Expand
  40. Jun 27, 2013
    Artistic and action-packed throughout. It diverges from the original Bioshock formula, but still makes it somewhat familiar. Couple that with an amazing story. What else do you want?
  41. Mar 26, 2013
    It's not often I give a perfect score, but this game earns it. You're pulled into an atmospheric world that brims with life and festivities. Most everyone you encounter has something to say and has an aura to them. It's a game you need to take slow to enjoy every aspect of, there's beauty and depth throughout the entire game. The narrative is extraordinary, the character you play as (Booker DeWitt) story unfolds through the progression of the game, you always feel there's something more to him. But the character that you come to rescue (Elizabeth) drives the story more than anything and gains your affection and care. Comstock serves as a great villain and the world of Columbia is like none other. While Infinite undoubtedly feels like a Bioshock game, combat has been balanced and flows fluently through playtime. The most miraculous things in this game are just pit stops or novelties, discussions heard abroad or a barbershop quartet singing singing a Beach Boys song as they float aloft. Infinite flips between story, and action at a great rate and fuses the two well, for near perfect progression. The game is flawless and will stand as a marvel in video game history. The ending will be something discussed for a long time in the future, you're doing a disservice to yourself if you don't get this game, it's one of the best I've ever played. Expand
  42. Apr 26, 2013
    An engaging experience that must not be missed. The games still feels very "Bioshock" like while doing some things better. Not perfect, but no game is.
  43. Apr 10, 2013
    Following its previous titles, Bioshock Infinite entered the gaming realm with extremely high expectations, not to mention its on and off delays plaguing the gaming community as they anxiously awaited this game's arrival.

    Fear not, this game more exceeded expectations for all gamers, and very well may have redefined first person shooters as a genre.

    Not only does it reincorporate its
    captivating shooter mechanics and genre-based gameplay, its story is comparable to that of a Pulitzer Prize-winning novel, and creates deep bonds and passion between yourself, the gamer, as well as Booker Dewitt (the player character) and Elizabeth; and of course, the ending, for which every piece of the puzzle is put perfectly in place, and leaves you with a lasting impression that will not be forgotten.

    Game of the Year material for sure.
  44. Aug 2, 2013
    Amazing game. A mind-bending story, dialogue and locations. Graphics are beautiful and stylized to match the surrealist wonder of the game's conceit. Action is fluid and engaging and the music is a clever game of Name That Tune that will make you want to stay for the end credits for the answers. Hours and hours of gameplay in your first run and you'll likely want to play it again immediately. Awards have rightfully been won, ignore the trolls. This game is solid gold. Easily the best of 2013 so far. Expand
  45. Mar 26, 2013
    Tight game play, great story with a great cast of believable characters. A few frame rate hiccups here and there, but nothing out of the ordinary. I'd recommend this game to the fullest degree. 10/10.
  46. Mar 29, 2013
    Before Infinite, BioShock is probably one of my favorite games. Everything about it was epic, and then, when 2 came out, I enjoyed it, though it could have been vastly better. I have had Infinite pre-ordered since they announced it, and, now, when it finally comes out, it is becoming one of my favorite games of this generation. Everything about it, the art-direction, the AI, the combat, everything screams "Game of the Year." Even with all the next-gen games coming out this year, I feel that Infinite will still stay my top game of the year. I sat down in the morning after it came out, and played straight into the night, and it was probably the most fun I've had playing a game in years. I highly recommend getting this if you thought the first BioShock was good/great, or even if you're not a fan, because Infinite is probably the most immersive games I've ever played. Expand
  47. Mar 31, 2013
    Bioshock Infinite is a Bioshock game, period. I know it looks different and may seem different, but a lot of the things from Bioshock are in Bioshock Infinite. While Infinite has its own look and everything, which makes it feel new and fresh, this is a Shock game through and through, so you have a mix of the familiar with something entirely new. The combat is very similar to the first game, but guns have more of a kick this time around. Plasmids also make a comeback in the form of Vigors, which allow for a lot of variation and experimentation in combat. There's also the inclusion of sky-lines, which make some fights really exciting and frantic. I'd say the combat scenarios are an improvement from the first Bioshock. You'll also be looting the environment and corpses for money, food, salt (for Vigors), etc.

    Bioshock's art direction is simply stunning. It takes a very talented art team to pull off something like Infinite, and the team at Irrational was definitely up to the task. The amount of detail in each and every environment is staggering. You'll definitely understand why this game was such an undertaking and took so many years to create when you see it in action. Then you have Elizabeth, which is one of the most realized characters in all of gaming. Elizabeth's animations and interactions are one of Infinite's many highlights.

    But Bioshock Infinite is ultimately all about the narrative, which it delivers on from beginning to end. This game's story is hands down one of the best in the business, even going as far as surpassing the original Bioshock. While Bioshock was a masterpiece, its ending left a little something to be desired. But this isn't the case with Bioshock Infinite. This game has an ending that'll blow you away.
  48. Apr 14, 2013
    To begin, these are merely opinions and while my opinion will surely differ from other folks, I would like to submit that I completely enjoyed Infinite (having re-played Bioshock 1 & 2 in an effort to set the mood before jumping into Infinite). I cannot point out anything I was unhappy with except that it had to come to an end sometime. Each person will walk away from this game with various opinions but it's easy to see from the scores (currently at the time of this comment, 549 Positive vs. 54 Negative) that some folks were perplexed by the subtle innuendos and noxious sarcasm of the story line but that only adds to the experience. Looking back on this, Bioshock Infinite, Tomb Raider, God of War, Dishonored and a few others…it’s shaping up to be a great year for games. Expand
  49. Mar 26, 2013
    A masterpiece. It's Bioshock what did you expect? The game is like no other. Highly recommend to fans of any genre. Nothing in this game makes me want to stop playing, this is quality that we haven't seen in games lately.
  50. Apr 4, 2013
    One of the greatest games of our generation. The ending made me just restart the game straight away. Also the connection with Booker and Elizabeth was just phenoenal. Such a great comeback after a shaky sequel Bioshock 2 I would recomend this game to anyone.
  51. Apr 2, 2013
    This game is perfect never had a problem with glitches or bugs, the story is amazing with a perfect ending that no one will guess, and the gameplay is different but feels like Bioshock. The original Bioshock was the Greatest game of all time in my opinion but this is a superior game with a perfect story and top notch gameplay. I currently am on my second play through on hard and am going to play on 1999 mode after. Now "would you kindly" buy this game. Expand
  52. Apr 21, 2013
    (SORRY FOR LANGUAGE) I just don't get how GOOD is BioShock Infinite. First of all, I wouldn't give the game 10 out of 10. A 9.5 would be excellent. About the game, the story is one of the most epic, tragic and dramatic I've ever seen and experienced. It never got down but some of the gameplay mechanics turned it kinda tedious. The only problems of the game were that at the nearly end the gameplay was turning repetitive, and that was a bit disappointing. Great visuals and you may have fun hearing covers from famous songs of all time and some references to many movies and TV shows. Also, Elizabeth is one of the best video game characters ever. Her personality, although not the coolest, it will convince you. But her relationship with Booker can become sometimes cold and weird.
    I don't know how does the PC version of the game runs, but this one sometimes has a lower FPS and textures that remind me the Nintendo 64.
    Overall, BioShock Infinite is a video game that puts the industry near from a new form of art, instead of a money-machine.
  53. Mar 26, 2013
    Coming from someone who didn't play BIoshock 1 or Bioshock 2, the game is awesome! The vivid world called Columbia is an environment I haven't quite ever seen in a game! The game reminds me a lot of Skyrim how you can use magic or perks that just massacre your enemies. I'm 3 hours in and the story is solid as well. Has a huge religious undertone to it. So far I'd recommend this game, it's awesome!!! Expand
  54. Mar 28, 2013
    Simply the best game I've ever bought! (I own just about every 1st/3rd person shooter on the market). There really isn't anything to compare with it except maybe Half-Life 2 or the previous Bioshock games. It keeps the fun 2 handed fighting of the original bioshocks (ie. plasma's or vigors as they are now called in the left hand). It lets you fight with the weapons you like best, upgrading them throughout the game. I downloaded the main song since it's the 2nd best theme track I've also ever heard (Battlefield: Bad Company being the best.) I already know that once I've finished the game, I'll be playing it again. (I'm only about 1/3 way through so far and like a great movie, you want to watch it again and again to enjoy all the details you may have missed the first time.) It's a game that I'll remember for a long time since there are so many awe-shocking scenes. I bought the Turtle Beach PX51 headset just for this game and the sounds/creepy music simply blow me away. I would recommend buying the $20 guide book which is impressive in itself. I can truly say that this game was well worth the $60. If you're not a Bioshock fan, you'll still enjoy the variety of characters, weapons, and outlandlish story with this game. It's an adventure/world that you'll remember for a long, long, long time regardless of how many games you've played. There simply isn't anything like it. I'm not sure if it has any multi-player capabilities yet but I really don't care. This is a game that is best enjoyed by playing the single-player (just you and Elizabeth). Seriously, get this game!! Expand
  55. Jun 8, 2013
    All I need to say is, as of this writing, 805 users think this is a great game. I concur, and there's a near 90% chance you will to... if the user ratings are any judge.

    In all honesty, this is one of the most visually stunning games to grace the Xbox 360. Audio is superb with a soundtrack so beautiful that it's been playing on my iTunes on repeat for the past few months now. Voice
    acting is equally excellent, though I am NOT listening to it on iTunes... Gameplay is what you've come to expect from Bioshock although you're only able to carry 2 weapons at a time and have 2 abilities mapped at a time which takes a little of the OP feel that I enjoyed from the first Bioshock away from the game when you get toward then end. This winds up being irrelevant however, mostly because of how outstanding every other aspect of this game is. Simply put, stop reading my review and go play this game if you haven't already... and play it again if you have. Bring them the girl... wipe away the debt! Expand
  56. Mar 29, 2013
    Bioshock Infinite is, simply put, a masterpiece. The original Bioshock was good, but this game is a truly great. I was a little hesitant to say so at first, because saying that would put it up there with the likes of Red Dead Redemption and others. But, after finishing it, I can say without pause that Bioshock Infinite is everything Irrational set out to do in more. The story is probably what most will come to the game for, and rightfully so. While the gameplay of Infinite is incredibly fun and addicting, it must be said that it doesn't quite live up to the story. This is acceptable though, because the story told by Ken Levine in this game is right up there with some of the best stories ever told in the video game universe. Before playing the original Bioshock, I had no clue that a video game could actually make me think. But, alas, they can. Then, last year, a video game made me cry. The Walking Dead probably did that for many. And this year, Bioshock Infinite does all of that and more. My only advice to people who have picked up this game or plan to is this: TAKE YOUR TIME! Do not rush through this game. Explore and absorb everything Columbia has to offer. If you are still on the fence over whether or not this game is worth $60, IT IS! Call of Duty and Halo are the Sirloin steaks of gaming. Bioshock Infinite is the Filet Mignon. Expand
  57. Mar 26, 2013
    This game is extraordinary and really does deserve all the praise. It has a solid story-line and has smooth controls that work well. Bioshock Infinite captures all the fun things we love in a shooter, well balanced action and lots of ways to kill (especially the vigors)
  58. May 15, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. A brilliant shooter that nudges the entire genre forward with innovations in both storytelling and gameplay. It trips over itself in a couple of spots, but not in any way that should keep you from embracing it with your utmost enthusiasm. Expand
  59. Jun 22, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. What can you say about bishock infinite? well its the most immersive game I've played in a long time. it's awe inspiring visuals are just beautiful, Elizabeth and Booker Dewitt are very well detailed and fleshed out characters, as are comstock and nearly all other characters, the vigors are interesting and the combat is satisfying. it even has a nice reference to rapture in the ending. Expand
  60. Mar 1, 2014
    Bioshock Infinite was stuck in development for a long time, but it is finally hear and it is worth the wait. Infinite tells the story of Booker Dewitt and his journey through Columbia. He meets Elizabeth on his journey, a mysterious young women who has many secrets about her. The story is one of the best in all of video games and gets better the more you think about it. It might lull towards the middle of the game but the ending of the game will be engraved into my memory and makes an already fantastic game even better. The shooting is also great, it is more fast-paced and more of a shooter than the original. The Vigors feel a bit forced and seem like they are just introduced to have a connection to the original. The graphics are not outstanding technically, but its style is outstanding, showing the bright and wondrous city of Colombia. The music is also great adding to the outstanding style of the game. Bioshock Infinite is on the same level as the original Bioshock, story wise and game play wise. It is one of my favorite games of this generation and of all time. Expand
  61. Mar 29, 2013
    Just finished it. I'm at a loss for words, so deeply affecting is this game. I can only describe it as a masterpiece. It transcends the genre and can be held up against any contemporary medium. Also, It shows a glaring light on the state of the games industry, this game is possible, yet what we so often get is marginalized and made stupid and any weed of intellect and art must be removed. It shows the industry is a sham. Expand
  62. Aug 12, 2013
    What a fantastic game. Honestly, BioShocks 1 and 2 weren't at the top of my games list, but this one just blew it all out of the park for me. I loved everything about this game. The gameplay, the characters, the setting, the story. My only honest complaint about this game is that the story can be a bit incoherent or confusing at times if you don't take the time to listen to all of the 'voxophones' you come across in the game. Other than that, the weapons and vigors are fun as hell to use, and I had more fun playing this game than I have with any other game in years. Definitely give this game a go if you're a FPS fan or you like deep, complex stories with great characters. Expand
  63. Mar 29, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Simply put, amazing everything. SPOILERS the ending... a bit strange Expand
  64. Jul 18, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I've never been a huge fan of FPS games. They all seemed generic, following the same military style of story and gameplay. However, all my preconceptions about FPS games were destroyed by the original Bioshock, a game that seemed to show the potential of the genre. I didn't think any FPS game could surpass the brilliance of Bioshock. As you might have guessed, I was proved wrong. Bioshock Infinite not only surpasses the original Bioshock, it is also one of the best FPS games I've ever played.

    Like the original, Bioshock Infinite is set in a very unique and bizarre world. The floating city of Columbia is, dare I say it, even cooler to explore than the underwater city of Rapture before it. Part of Columbia's charm comes from the art direction, which is amazing. Every building and detail of the city seems to bask in the sun's light, and everything has a beautiful glow to it. Granted, there's a lack of textures, however it doesn't even matter that much (I've heard this isn't an issue with the PC version). Columbia is just amazing to look at.

    The gameplay in Bioshock Infinite is very familiar, but also very refined. You still have guns and Vigors (which are essentially Plasmids) which is all standard Bioshock affair. However, the Vigors in this game are far more satisfying to use than the Plasmids. Nothing is quite as cool as using the Bucking Bronco Vigor to launch enemies in the air, only then to send a Murder of Crows at them. There are 2 cools new additions to combat. First is the skyline, which can be used to zip around and attack enemies from various positions. The second is Elizabeth, who can open tears and bring in ammo, turrets, and other useful assets during combat. The only gripe I have with the combat in this game is that you can only hold 2 guns at a time, which is a shame.

    You can't do a review of Bioshock Infinite without mentioning Elizabeth. Everything about her is just awesome. For one thing, you never have to worry about her, as she takes care of herself during combat. She also helps you by tossing you ammo, money, salts, and health packs. Her dialogue, voice acting, and character emotions all contribute to make her believable, interesting, and vital to the game's core experience. She's also very crucial to the plot.

    The story here is amazing, plain and simple. It starts off pretty basic, "Bring us the girl, repay the debt". However, as the game progresses, the narrative evolves into something very fascinating and foreign, but at the same time very familiar. The most notable moment of this game is the ending, which is, simply put, one of the best endings to any video game you'll ever play. It not only reconstructs the entire narrative of Bioshock Infinite, it also completely reinvents how you viewed the original Bioshock. The ending alone makes this game masterful.

    Simply put, this game is a masterpiece. Do yourself a favor and just play it. I honestly didn't think it would be this good, but I was proved wrong. It's an understatement to say this is just one of the best games of 2013. Bioshock Infinite is, without a doubt, one of the absolute best games of this generation.

  65. Apr 21, 2013
    This game is amazing. I know that is like a broken record but MAN it really is incredible. The story. Characters. Gameplay even though the guns kinda look the same from one and other, that part didn't really bother me. Vigors. Columbia. Oh my GOD Columbia. This city is beautiful, it engages you to explore it, and the light effects are great in the city. Simply put is Awesome. And don't think the ending sucks because it makes you think, like a great sci-fi movie should do. Blade Runner, Inception, and others to name a few as inspiration for this game. So if you like sci-fi, steam punk, thought provoking story and ending, and great characters and fun gameplay than go BUY THIS GAME!

    *THUMBS UP! d(>w
  66. Mar 27, 2013
    First game I have given a perfect 10 (reviewed on hard dif). SCORE! RECOMEND**(changing controler to MARKSMAN at begining, makes controls like most FPS)*If you are easly or even mildly offended with racial overtunes and undertunes do not get this game. It is littlerly 1912, your charecter is caucasion, so you will expereince all the begatry that your peers openly express. The ignorance of that era, on this matter, in my opinion, is both sad and funny. PRESENTATION: This is BioShock weather you are new to the series or not. its not the same BioShock rewraped, but if it didn't have the BioShock name you would tell yourself this is just like BioShock. GAMEPLAY:Skyhooking is fun, and I find alot more manageable then the ziplining in FarCry3(not sure why I tried comparing those two, skyhooking blows that away, like comparing pickles and oranges.) its like riding a roller coaster you can jump off of and back on at many points. combat is thrilling and very responsive. GRAPHICS: Jaw dropping, inbetween a beautiful painting and a popup book. GOT TO GO THROW SOME CROW! Have fun hope this review helps in your decision. WHAAAAA! Expand
  67. Apr 16, 2013
    Brilliant storytelling, i was stunned by the final, that kind of writing needed to really understand the whole picture by being engaged at all moments. Anyway the lack of a plus story mode was a mistake.
  68. Mar 30, 2013
    Loved this game from beginning to the very crazy end. It was so much fun! I was a big fan of Bioshock 1, not so much Bioshock 2. Bioshock Infinite is almost as great as the first one. Looking forward to my next playthrough.
  69. Mar 26, 2013
    Feels like Bioshock in terms of the control, movement, and gunplay. But the ambiance, the setting, the world... it's even better than Rapture. The racial supremecy overtones are spot on and they give this game an added boost to players who appreciate an intricate and controversial plot. This is a must play. Sure, there are better FPS out there (in terms of combat), but there is only one Columbia, and it's beautiful. I almost creamed myself playing the first fifteen minutes what with the fair and the conversation and the historical references... and that's even before the combat begins. I think I'll put Gears down for a while and experience this. It really does not get better than this one. Expand
  70. Mar 26, 2013
    This game is amazing. It has great graphics, great gameplay, and great... well... everything... just buy this game and listen to what the critics are saying, they're right, this game is too good to be true.
  71. Jun 15, 2013
    There is seriously nothing I can think of that takes away from this game. From the ride up to Columbia, to the moment when everything finally clicks during the final cutscene, it was a blast to play and I had a lot of fun during my playthrough.
  72. Apr 27, 2013
    Loved every minute of the game the graphics, the sounds effects, the guns and the way the story line was it was perfect hope to see another game like this on PS4.
  73. Jul 13, 2013
    Wow. Unbelievable. I got my hands on this game through a friend and never would have imagined having so much appreciation for it in the end. Personally, I have been losing interest in gaming in the last couple of years, but Bioshock Infinite has, without a doubt, prolonged the day in which I decide to give up on video games. This had a fantastic story; a story I didn't think a video game was capable of telling. It played as if a science fiction novel, done by H.G. Wells or Jules Verne. The characters were fantastic. And you couldn't help but admire Elizabeth her character felt like Alyx Vance from Half-Life 2. Finally, I couldn't have given it a 10 without the ending. Bravo. It literally made me jump up from my seat and run around the room in shock. I love when a game does that to me. And I love it when a game is so complex that it allows me to replay it and see all the puzzle pieces coming together in my head. The first Bioshock allowed me to do that, and so did Infinite. This will definitely go down as one of my favorites. Expand
  74. Mar 27, 2013
    "BIOSHOCK INFINITE is a brilliantly crafted experience from beginning to end that celebrates videogames as an art form. The flying city of Columbia is a marvel to behold & the gameplay is so fine tuned that at no point does the experience ever get stale.

    The characters are fantastic, the powers are fun & the attention to detail is ridiculously well crafted. The best part of the package
    is the story, which will blow your mind. BIOSHOCK INFINITE is worth the wait since entering Rapture so many years ago."

    Read my full SPOILER FREE review here:
  75. Mar 27, 2013
    All I can say is listen to the 200 people that understand how truly amazing this game is and pay no mind to the 20 people who say its over hyped. this is one of the most truly brilliant games I have ever played its one of those games that cements video gamings status as an art form. I can see how some people might not think its as great as I do but based on all components its a 7.5-8 at the very worst. I give it a perfect 10 but the people who are giving it 1s or 0s are just haters who arent intelligent enough to appreciate it. AMAZING GAME 10/10 for me and the first bioshock 10/10 those who say its a game can go back to COD, have fun blasting hajis over and over with an AK i will be playing something truly original and different. peace Expand
  76. Mar 30, 2013
    I was worried about leaving the dark, ominous depths of Rapture to explore this colorful new game, but after a few hours i was hooked. The action is much more intense and much tighter than the previous games, and though there might not be as many plasmids/vigors, the combos are just so satisfying. Knocking enemies off the world with vigors and the skyhook just never get old. The characters and the connection between them really drive the story forward too, and if the player takes their time through this one there is some great detail and heart within this game. There might be low-res textures up close and maybe there couldve been more done with weapons after seeing the modding system from bioshock 2, but the downsides in the game never stopped it from moving forward. Definitely looking forward to whatever these guys have in mind for bioshock infinite in the future. Expand
  77. Mar 26, 2013
    This is the first time I've ever left a review on Metacritic and I thought I needed to do so in this case since I was so utterly blown away by this game from start to finish. I don't think it is overstating the case to say this is the best game I've played in many years and I was just overcome with the beauty and immersion of the city of Columbia. No spoilers here but the story and especially the ending were excellent. The only real negative I can think of (and this is very slight) was that I would have liked to have seen more of Songbird. Anyway, I received this game on 23/4 and played it almost flat out finishing it early on 25/4. I'd say the campaign was about 15-17 hours in length (if you are an explorer like me and I always play on challenging difficulties, "Hard" in this case). I'm now on my second play through on the Hardcore "1999 Mode" and loving it. I've also downloaded the season pass and can't wait to see what additional single player content they put out. Enjoy. Expand
  78. Mar 26, 2013
    Haven't even finished playing yet but I love it, is is completely beautiful, and the combat is just as beautiful as the world your in, the characters so far as just as you would expect with any game by Ken Levine, my rating may be bias, because I freaking love the Bioshock series, but since I've already seen people give this game scores of 1... I have to be pro-active to the haters. Worth every penny, and possible game of the year. Expand
  79. Mar 27, 2013
    A truly wonderful, amazing and unforgettable experience. No other game in recent memory comes close to achieving what Infinite does. From the first moment you are drawn into the world of Columbia and quite frankly I never want to leave. Just go out and buy it.
  80. Apr 25, 2013
    Amazing game, story completely blew me away! Also, I could spend all day riding the skylines, similar to swinging all over the city in spiderman 2. Once you replay the game a second time (which I recommend you do), your eyes open up to everything that you dismissed in the first play-through. I won't reveal anything, but I definitely missed a lot of little details that hinted at the story progression Expand
  81. Mar 26, 2013
    Bioshock Infinite is what video games were meant to be: true interactive storytelling, without pointless or limiting cut scenes. Irrational Games made some giant promises and they delivered.
  82. Mar 26, 2013
    Stellar graphics, gameplay, and storyline. The most fun I've had with a single player game in years and the ending alone is worth the full price. Don't expect a normal ending.
  83. Mar 27, 2013
    First things first, I could probably more accurately give this game a 9.5, but since I didn't have that option, I decided to side with my enthusiasm and give it the perfect score. Sure, the game is not without it's faults, but it was so easy to get caught up in things that it does right that I just didn't mind.

    For those of you that are concerned that taking the series out of Rapture
    and doing away with series staples like the Big Daddies and Little Sisters means this isn't a "true" BioShock game, put those fears to rest. Columbia is every bit as beautiful, mysterious, and, at times, terrifying as Rapture, and from the moment you begin controlling the hero, Booker DeWitt, it just FEELS like BioShock.

    Speaking of Booker, it's a real testament to the quality of the story telling that Irrational Games was able to make me feel like I was in his shoes. He's initially not a particularly likable character, given that he has a very specific and damnable backstory, but his decisions quickly started to feel like MY decisions, and by the end of the game, I was even sharing emotions with the guy.

    That, in a big way, is where Elizabeth comes in. She is the emotional center of the game. When she's sad, you want to comfort her. When she's disappointed in you, you feel shame and you want to make it up to her. When she's afraid, you want to protect her. This game made me, very intentionally, LOVE this character.

    My main concern about her was that I'd have to spend time babysitting her in battle, which fortunately, is the exact opposite of how it works. The game makes it very clear from the moment she joins you that she can take care of herself, and that she'll even go a step further and take care of you. Ammo, health, salts, and strategically placed items on the map are what she offers, and, many times over, I would have been dead without her help. The rare moments when she's not with you will leave you not only feeling alone, but feeling very vulnerable.

    If it's not clear, Elizabeth's timely assistance was definitely one of my favorite aspects of the gameplay, but it had close competition from the inclusion of the SkyHook. Powerful melee attacks, brutal executions, and, of course, the ability to zip around the play-area in order to gain a strategic advantage, cheese it, or execute death from above all combined to make the SkyHook just... fun! The ability to carry only two weapons at a time was definitely frustrating at times, but it also added a certain element of strategy to the gameplay when it came to choosing which weapons suited my play-style best and which weapons paired with which vigors best. Vigors are, of course what completes the feeling that this IS a BioShock game. Working in very much the same way as the plasmids did in the first two, they are your attainable powers. Each one has a basic attack version and a trap version (I found myself becoming quite attached to the Shock Jockey traps), and they are, just like in the first two, practically key to your success in this game.

    There are a couple places where the game fell short. One is time. Some people are going to feel like this game is too short, especially after paying $60 for a game that JUST has a campaign. I, myself, only got about 12 or 13 hours out of it. However, the narrative of the story is so, in my opinion, perfectly executed that it would have been a shame if they had ruined the flow of the story purely for the sake of getting a 20-25 hour game out of it. My only real complaint for any point in the game, in fact, is when they almost did just that. There is a portion in the middle of the game where they are obviously stretching the story out a bit by sending you these cycles of missions where you never seem to quite be at your destination. It's short-lived, though, and the narrative picks right back up, and, in the meantime, you still have the fun of combat to keep you entertained.

    Overall, it's not the best FPS combat you'll have ever experienced, but that's not why you're playing this game. This is storytelling at it's finest, and you are rewarded turn after turn with a mystery that just keeps building until an ending that literally made my jaw drop. I can't wait until my friends start getting through this game simply so I have SOMEONE I can sit down and rand about this game with. Do yourself a favor; don't be the person that's left out of those discussions. Play this game. Love this story. Debate it with your friends. It's what Irrational wants, and, though you may not know it yet, it's what YOU want.
  84. Mar 26, 2013
    I had doubts before preordering the game, but I gave it a shot, since I loved the bioshock games from the past, and I always liked the atmosphere which is unique to this game, no game has this kind of graphics, and sounds, and environment. The gameplay, as always, fun to play, and not to easy, but possible, (not like those games that you die a thousand times to move on). In addition to that, you have a unique companion, that aids you in many ways, Elizabeth will through you a coin she found, or a shotgun when you are out of ammo, also, her character is something I never saw, she moves along with you, not after you, she interacts with the world, like it was real, she would tell you her opinion or just go around and look. If you love singleplayer games, and are looking for something fresh that no other game can offer, give this a shot, you won't be disappointed. Collapse Expand
  85. Mar 26, 2013
    Best game in years! Best game in years!Best game in years!Best game in years!Best game in years!!
    Best game in years!!

    Must Buy,dont even think twice.
  86. Mar 26, 2013
    I finished Bioshock Infinite late last night, and after I turned my console off and turn in to sleep I spent hours awake reliving what I had just played, working through it all and it was then that I realized that this game right here deserved a 9/10 despite some of the flaws it has that might have killed a lesser game

    Yes Bioshock Infinite has flaws, I played this on my 360 (duh) and
    some textures were not up to standard and looked hilarious when you stood close and made an obvious choice to notice their flaws, but these were for background items such as books in a bookcase. Elizabeth, despite most of the time being an incredibly useful companion would sometimes block my movement when out of combat or I would lose her, minor flaws as she worked perfect in combat and saved me several times.

    Despite these two flaws that were minor niggles at most (but that graphics thing REALLY would have spelt death for a worse game) Bioshock does lots of things so right you forget the flaws, that then makes it all the more jarring when one of them comes back to haunt you.

    Combat is fast and fun especially with the use of the skyline, adding verticallity to a game that could have been very flat. Using Elizabeth to open tears while riding the lines full pace to pull off hit and run attacks against a Handiman left me feeling satisfied in a way I have rarely felt in recent games. While only two guns can be held it is easy to find ones you want on the battlefield and switch them out, but for me I was only switching one out due to my attachment to the China Boom shotgun (seriously that thing was my constant companion once I picked it up for the first time). Vigors, while there are less of them than in Bioshock 1 and 2 the ones we have spice up combat even more. Want to pull an enemy sniper on a rooftop to you so they can get a facefull of China Boom? undertow my friend. Want to re-enact that scene from The Birds? Murder of crows. Want to send the enemy's fire right back at them? Return to Sender. While you are also forced to have only two selected at once it is easy and quick to switch them out when you're in a situation that calls for something else.

    The atmosphere and tone of Columbia is spot on and this was in fact the first game that made me feel bad for my destruction (something that comes as naturally to an FPS player as breathing). After the visceral "F*CK YEAH!" feeling of accomplishment had left me and I was left to slog through ruined streets and the corpses of not just my enemies, but innocent people, I felt twinges of guilt for my part in the destruction of a beautiful, if troubled, city in the clouds. Oh yes Columbia is beautiful, before the aforementioned ruins and destruction Columbia felt like a dream. The bright, blue sky, the sunkissed street's, it had the atmosphere of some kind of afterlife just from the lighting, I spent more time than I would care to admit simply walking around and listening to the soundtrack, the people, and of course the barbershop quartet.

    Finally, last but definitely not least, we come to the story, and the main reason my head spent so long trying to wrap itself around what I had just experienced. I'll try my best to hold off on spoilers and just say that it made my heart twinge in all the right places. This is not just Booker's story, it is Elizabeth's and it is Comstock's, all three of them are connected in ways you can't imagine and the resolution to it all, a twisted mirror of an early scene in the game, left me with chills. This game is filled with awesome supporting characters, from the Ryan-esque Fink to the mysterious Duo (that's what I call them) that are first seen in the opening of the game. When you play this game pay attention, explore, see EVERYTHING Columbia, bless its terrible heart, has to offer.

    Now if you will excuse me, I have another play-through to start.
  87. Mar 26, 2013
    I am huge on multi-player games. In fact I haven't really got into a single player campaign since the first COD4: MW game came out. I have heard such rave reviews I had to give this a try. Bioshock Infinite will be the first single player campaign that I will finish since Modern Warefare, that is how I know this game truly deserves a 10 from me. The graphics are gorgeous and game play is so much more than what I have expected. From the moment I entered Columbia I explored every space and corner of the place. This defiantly makes me want to pick up the first two games. Expand
  88. Mar 27, 2013
    Beautiful color pallet new additions into series ass fun elements the sound track makes you tense and gripe certain areas adds a new chapter too bio shock one that sends the series forward rapture was epic and concept of a floating city adds a unique fresh take on a game element not seen in many games in recent years
  89. Mar 27, 2013
    This game was exactly what I've been waiting for since it was 3 years ago. All of the push backs were well received so that this game could be perfected. The gameplay is smooth, every combat scenario felt exciting and exhilarating. The graphics are absolutely gorgeous, the city of Columbia is a delicacy on the eyes and the character models are outstanding. My only problem is that some textures are muddy up close but they are miner to notice. The story is fantastic, i never predicted any of it, and every plot twist kept me on the edge of my seat. The score is great, the music that is heard through Columbia makes you feel like you're in 1912. Overall a fantastic, well-developed game by Irrational and 2k games. Well Done!!! Expand
  90. Mar 28, 2013
    From the instant that you open the doors into Columbia you are hit with detail, fine detail. Bioshock Infinite is a refreshing game to this years and last years drag of FPS shooters, showing off its world, characters and storyline in a spectacular way. Living up to the original game, Bioshock Infinite delivers what you expect from Irrational Games and more; starting off with the characters: you are playing through the eyes of Booker Dewitt, a guy who has a debt to clear, comparing Booker to Jack from the original Bioshock is very easy, Booker speaks....Jack does not, this gives Booker the interactivity to the world around him,. Elizabeth the games fierce heroine is not a heroine you expect; there is no "Save me Booker" or soppy crap. Elizabeth can take care of herself in battle which gives you the freedom of fighting without worrying about your A.I friend. Elizabeth can rip holes or tears into different dimensions, thus helping you in battle, from weapons to health and even turrets.

    Gameplay: Bioshock Infinite's Gameplay is also a nod to the original, the easy handling of the weapons now with the added looking down the iron sights; the weapons that you given to kill each have there own kick, you get the feel of the weight this giving you easy use. The plasmid like drinks you take like the original Bioshock have the ease of firing but now with an alt-fire for devastation to your arsenal.

    The ending: I will not give any spoilers away, but I a true hats off to Irrational Games to create an epic storyline with a truly mind blowing ending of which I'm still getting my head around.

    Now with the added 1999 mode of which I'm about to play I'm sure I'll find more hidden secrets that will stagger me even more.
  91. Mar 28, 2013
    Yes, this game isn't the original Bioshock, yes it doesn't have the same setting nor does it feature any characters from the original, or the second, but ultimately, does it matter? Infinite in my books is the best game I've played in a long time and it deserves every piece of hype it's been given. The story is brilliantly portrayed as is the environment and voice acting. The soundtrack is perfectly suited for the situations in the game, and everything matches up nicely. The only thing wrong with Bioshock Infinite? It's that it ended. Expand
  92. Mar 28, 2013
    I've been a gamer for over 20 years, and during that time I have played some pretty ground breaking games. However, none of them (including Half Life) have come close the the impact Bioshock Infinite had on me. Hands down the greatest game I have ever played. Thank you Ken Levine and Irrational.
  93. Mar 28, 2013
    Bioshock Infinite is, in my opinion, an outstanding achievement in gaming history. For one of the first times, a character has become so human in a nieve and innocent sort of way that I forgot at times that I was simply just playing a video game. The story is outstanding; the visuals are vivid and beautiful; the fights are entertaining; and the game in general feels great and fluid. Irrational has brought us another masterpiece centered around the Bioshock universe. 10/10 Expand
  94. Mar 28, 2013
    Excelente videojuego! tiene una increible ambientacon y una gran jugabilidad. Sin duda alguna Irrational Games lo hace de nuevo y nos presenta una nueva joya, que profundiza mas el aspecto narrativo que su hermano Bioshock 1. Altamente recomendable.
  95. Mar 28, 2013
    This is one of the very best games I've played in a while. Very inspiring story, great gameplay, what else could you ask for. Columbia just looks beautiful and so real, you just feel like you were there. Thanks for bringing us one of the greatest games ever Ken Levine, you're definitely in the right direction. Keep it up. If I had to describe this gem with one work it would be: EPIC
  96. Mar 29, 2013
    This is one of the best video games I have ever played. And that is why I'm going to start the review off with things that were poor about the game.
    Character control is the slightest bit murky. We're not talking Red Dead Redemption bad, but Booker DeWitt seems just the littlest bit unresponsive. Starting a sprint is a bit more difficult than I'm used to; sidestepping is a tiny bit
    awkward and has a little bit of lag.
    The Vigors just seem slightly off, and forced. I was never a fan of plasmids in the original BioShock (despite it being one of my favourite games of all time) and although the Vigors are implemented infinitely better into core gameplay in Infinite in that you don't need to switch between a gun or a plasmid, I found that in my first playthrough I actually never used the Vigors at all except for when they were necessary to story progression, or by complete accident which elicited inappropriate words from myself. Collision in this game is a bit upsetting. The world is absolutely huge! I understand that. But within my first 10 minutes into the game I found a glitch where you could walk around outside Columbia on thin air which is entertaining and fun yes, but a pretty noticeable glitch on a game which has had 3 years of development. Another time, I got stuck behind a barrel in an office of an arms dealer and had to reset from the last checkpoint after 5 minutes of furious button mashing (and even more furious swearing).
    Not a negative but still surprising to me, was the amount of FPS in this game. I love shooters, but I was really hoping for a more story, atmosphere experience. These are both supplied in droves and the shooting doesn't take anything away from the experience of the game at all, but I was surprised at the amount of combat nonetheless.

    That's all the bad. Now let me delve into why, despite those (honestly fairly minor) problems with the game, why it is one of the best games created in a very long time. Not only in terms of gameplay, which at its worst is slightly rocky, and at its best is absolutely seamless and exhilarating, but in storytelling (and actual story itself), and atmospheric setting. The game starts you off on a boat with two particularly aloof characters giving you information but entirely ignoring your questions he DOESN'T row. What? It is as disorienting and confusing as the initial BioShock as you walk up to a lighthouse and see increasingly worrying signs. You solve a little puzzle an- wait what the hell? The sky is lighting up under the sound of a foghorn. This moment is when confusion gives way, and instead begins the incredibly dystopian, twisted transition to the sky that is in my opinion, much more disheveling than the opening of BioShock. That being said, stepping out of the pod in BioShock is definitely a more difficult decision than in Columbia the polar opposite of its predecessor warm, inviting, cheerful, choir music and candles invite you lovingly into the bosom of Columbia.

    This begins the incredibly detailed, wonderfully fleshed out adventure through Columbia, as well as time and space itself. Everything about the atmosphere is perfectly thought out, down to the last touches, whether that's a poor young boy singing and begging in the poor streets of ShantyTown, or a girl who is far removed from the game objective, who kindly asks you to donate towards her cause. Detail is something that clearly, Irrational Games does not overlook one cutscene in particular had me in awe of the level of detail after Booker played guitar and Elizabeth sung in a part of the game so off the beaten trail I bet 1/10 of the players who finished the game saw it.

    The AI in Elizabeth herself is something to behold. I cannot believe the amount of work that went into creating her from her sighing and sitting down on a couch, chair, wall when you take too long; to her bending down to closer inspect small details of the map; to her balking at blood splatters you just created with an enemy; Elizabeth was not a half-hearted project. The emotional connection you feel to the character is intense and undeniable as the game ends (provided you followed the story and didn't just like the blam-blam) you are either forced to sit in tears in your eyes (either of sadness or just from how purely brilliant this game is) or with your mouth agape as you process everything that just occurred. Or maybe both.

    There is enough exploration in this game to last several playthroughs. I picked up my 8th infusion (upgrades to shield, health and salts) and patted myself on the back for upgrading my shield all the way "so early" and I went on to beat the game about 2 hours later I thought I was really indepth in my exploration but I was sorely wrong. This game has so much to offer it's a wonder even the developers remembered where everything goes.

    Basically, there is so much good about this game. It is this generation's Half-Life 2. If you didn't love the story, you didn't understand it.
  97. Apr 13, 2013
    Columbia where dreams are made and destroyed. Political Turmoil plagues our world of Columbia and one mans search for a girl eventually turns into a quest to defeat a tyrant. Bioshock Infinite blew me away as soon as the opening scene of Columbia is revealed. I'll start off with the Visuals, Graphics were pretty well done nothing groundbreaking as Crysis but nonetheless the iconic monuments, areas and enemies make this game look beautiful, Booker Dewitt is a great protagonist fearless and wont stop till Elizabeth is safe. Gameplay wise if you have played the previous Bioshock games you'll feel right at home switching between vigors and and weapon is done by a selection wheel, combat is fluid and done well even though AI is not the smartest its quite satisfying striking a guard with a Skyhook to the face. The story is what makes this game so amazing you think you know what to expect but in the end you just don't. Bioshock Infinite is a game everyone should play this year and if you have not please do yourself a favor and go down to the nearest game shop and purchase it you will not be let down. Expand
  98. Mar 30, 2013
    Rarely is there a game that as soon as you finish it do you want to play through it again immediately. Bioshock Infinite is one of those gems that you can't help but play again and again. whether it be for the excellent, thought provoking story, awesome gameplay, incredible voice acting, or simply to see the beauty of the city of Columbia one more time. This is the type of game that you will want to stop and smell all the roses and dive head first into its mythology and world. This is an instant Classic and everyone will find something to love Expand
  99. Apr 1, 2013
    This is the best story driven game I have ever played. I'm not sure I can write a proper review to give this game justice. I highly recommend it to people who are into these types of games for the story. It is mind blowing and gives you a lot to think about... Watch the scene at the end of the credits (A lot of people seemed to have missed that). I created an account on this site just to review this game. Expand
  100. Apr 1, 2013
    In reviewing this game, I find it so difficult not to mention the original Bioshock, as for me that is still one of the all time greats of this generation and possibly in my top 10 favourite games of all time. Infinite however raises the bar for me. I didn't necessarily think that while playing the game initially. Even though I was having a great time, playing some of the awesome gameplay mechanics, using the greatly varied Vigors and zipping around the Sky-line despatching enemies ever more efficiently. Something just wasn't quite there... Until those final 5 minutes of the ending and then everything fell into place, making all that came before so much more relevant and powerful. This is story telling at its very best and adding to what is one of the best times I've ever had playing a game. Although Bioshock Infinite shares its DNA with its predecessors, the original gameplay ideas, setting, visuals, fleshed out characters and incredible story telling, should be more than enough to make any comparisons redundant. Any self respecting gamer should play this game and all who do really do owe it to themselves to finish the story, as then and only then will you realise what a masterpiece you've been playing. Expand
  101. Apr 21, 2013
    (SORRY FOR LANGUAGE) I just don't get how GOOD is BioShock Infinite. First of all, I wouldn't give the game 10 out of 10. A 9.5 would be excellent. About the game, the story is one of the most epic, tragic and dramatic I've ever seen and experienced. It never got down but some of the gameplay mechanics turned it kinda tedious. The only problems of the game were that at the nearly end the gameplay was turning repetitive, and that was a bit disappointing. Great visuals and you may have fun hearing covers from famous songs of all time and some references to many movies and TV shows. Also, Elizabeth is one of the best video game characters ever. Her personality, although not the coolest, it will convince you. But her relationship with Booker can become sometimes cold and weird.
    I don't know how does the PC version of the game runs, but this one sometimes has a lower FPS and textures that remind me the Nintendo 64.
    Overall, BioShock Infinite is a video game that puts the industry near from a new form of art, instead of a money-machine.

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Critic score distribution:
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  2. Negative: 0 out of 33
  1. May 27, 2013
    An instant classic that should be kept in a special place in every gamer's collection.
  2. May 11, 2013
    BioShock Infinite is a sure-fire game-of-the-year candidate, and definitely one of the standout single-player games of this generation.
  3. Apr 19, 2013
    Fuzzy-headed narrative and thematically irrelevant auxiliary mechanics make Infinite feel sloppy even when it's working. Combat increases in frequency and decreases in impact after the Hall of Heroes, so for most of its length the game sinks towards a deflated ending rather than rising towards a climax. However, that slow descent starts from a great height, so there is still much to value in Infinite even as it drowns in its own shortcomings.