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  1. Nov 19, 2014
    Single player FPS don't usually hold my interest for really long. I prefer multiplayer. But this game was just amazing. I love the steampunk design, the twist ending, the level design, the power ups. Im not going to write a very long detailed review but this game was great.
  2. Nov 13, 2014
    This game is nearly everything that is wrong with modern games and is by no means a worthy successor to the original Bioshock. I would even go as far to say that nothing in it justifies it's existence.
    The gameplay is that of an uninspired shooter with an unnecessary gun limit, the plasmids are all the same and copy pasted from the predecessors, Elisabeth is basically not even there and
    the enemies are bullet sponges.

    The story is badly written, most of the characters don't even act rational and all the mentioned social criticism is as deep as the developers understanding of the string theory. The player is at no point required to think.

    Infinite still has a few redeeming factors.
    The world looks gorgeous, the setting is rare and fits very well. The game runs at stable 30 fps on the 360 and has no screen tearing. I didn't encounter any mayor bugs on my playthrough.

    All in all Bioshock Infinite is nothing more than a mindless casual shooter with no replay value that runs well.
    I do not recommend it in any way, but since it at least runs better than most console games of our generation I still have to give it 5/10.
  3. Oct 30, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Well, I'd never played the original two bioshocks, well, I did, but let's just say I didn't have particularly high hopes for it when I picked it up for £8.00 at Cex exchange... I took it home and put it in my Xbox...

    6 hours later, I was swinging around on skyhooks launching crows at giant cyborgs while bringing veritable bullet rain down on the Vox Populi below, all the while getting help from one of the greatest characters in video games. There were, however, a few kinks that could be ironed out for the next one.

    The difficulty goes insane, you cut through soldiers like a knife through newly bloodied butter. But then you run into the slightly larger guys and you need to pump so many clips into them it becomes a chore.

    Elizabeth needs to be more active, the worst thing for a story driven game is to have to stop after every fight to scrounge the battlefield for ammo, money, salts and health.

    The story works well up until the end, with them tying it all up with the almost audible phrase **** it, space time.'

    Here's some good bits though:

    Again, story. All characters are handled well and are likeable.

    That sequence where elizabeth gets carried off by the songbird is great, I really loved that. The sequence with slate was great, and it fitted well into the overarching plot, it's just a shame almost nothing else did.

    I sense a lack of replayability though, there are very few significant choices, and it's too long a game for me to play twice, because the only potentially significant choice is near the start...

    Final verdict:

    One of the best games of all time, so much better than half-life, but it still has the kinks.
  4. Oct 21, 2014
    Finally got around to finishing this game and I loved it. Totally different vibe than the others. The music and sound design are top notch, visuals are awesome for the 360, and you can't beat the story line. 10/10
  5. Oct 13, 2014
    From everything I had read up on this game prior to playing it, I was expecting an abomination on par with the likes of Duke Nukem Forever. I'm not sure "relief" is what I should feel when a big-budget, overhyped blockbuster turns out to be merely competent, if overly self-important.

    We've been over and over how the game world doesn't make a lick of sense, how the combat is a big step
    backwards from even Bioshock, itself a "streamlined(read: dumbed-down) System Shock 2. We've gone over how the plot and the BIG TWIST AT THE END (™) is actually supremely stupid and shows Ken Levine doesn't understand time travel OR the infinite universe theory he based and named his entire project on.

    I knew all of that going in.

    But I was surprised at how... bland it was. How so much time went into painting a gorgeous, if hollow world where there is little to no complexity to any of your actions, filled with nothing but racist cartoons and Ken Levine's creepy daddy fetish-I MEAN THE GREAT AND EPIC AND TRAGIC CHARACTER ELIZABETH(™).

    I also suppose I'm less upset about this game knowing it's hubris collapsed the enterprise of its' founder, a man who let himself be convinced he was a "visionary" by millions of sheep, and in trying to make the most beautiful world possible only ended up destroying everything.

    I'm sure there's an allegory for that somewhere...
  6. Sep 30, 2014
    The worst 2k game I've ever played, it is a piece of **** **** Bioshock Infinite starts with columbia as a city, it seems like the whole "opening up to the world" and "people interacting with you" was a loaf of horse****, Columbia feels like a park, not a place where people live, it doesn't feel real at all, it feels like an uncoordinated place, if you take things from once place, you're stealing, if you take it from another.. well that's fine isn't it.... sorry some of you may not be able to understand what I'm going on about unless you've played it.. so... I'm gonna stop rambling and talk about... all the errors I can

    So when I started playing the game I thought everything looked... **** not good I thought it looked pretty poor, not as good as what they hyped it up to be, this is a problem I'm having with lately hyped up games. they're all **** I hated how as soon as fight kicks off, all the civilians dissappear, I hated the character of Elizabeth, she was inconsistant and acted very peculiar, and before anyone tries to back her up saying she's meant to be, I can honestly not describe her as a character beside.. her being scared.. her having powers.. and her seeming like a **** and unlikable, she wasn't nice, she wasn't funny she just came off very unlikable, and that's the same as booker, That ending was one of the most **** up endings of all time, You literally need to look up youtube videos to understand it, and that's not a good thing, having to go in full depth analysis' to understand what the story is about.. is not only stupid but makes the game come off like they couldn't be bothered to explain it, and before anyone says it's intentional.. well I can say one thing.. if it is.. then that is **** pointless, stupid and some of the most retarded reasoning ever. seeing I haven't played it for a year, I've forgotten most of my complaints with it.. which i am happy about, I've sold the game.. actually no.. I snapped it in half when I finished it.. sorry it was **** awful.. it remains to date the only game I ever broke when finished it as I could no longer be **** with it and I didn't want it to remain in my life. I had so many more reasons to hate it, such as the character progression, the gunplay, the enemies, and how retarded they were.. EVERYTHING... I would need to ramble on for another 2500 words.. not characters. words to go in depth about everything wrong with the game.. I wish I still had my old review where I do go further in depth but I can leave you with this.. do not get this game, it's glitchy, stupid and completely **** pointless. Bioshock infinite is a rancid, disgusting piece of dog **** not as bad as the walking deads final episode.. but still pretty **** disturbing..
  7. Sep 24, 2014
    bueno este juego cuando salio pense que iba a ser un poco mas tetrico por las entregas anteriores y los graficos con los asesinatos se salian un poco pero la verdad soy muy muy fan de bioshock y le puedo perdonar todo menos dos cosas que en vez de llamarlos plasmidos fueron vigorizadores y
    spoiler alert
    que al final te hicieron un lio mental con que tu eres comstock
    pero el diez se lo
    merece por la originalidad de los vigorizadores osea los poderes y a historia es perfecta a mi punto de vista el segundo mejor juego de bioshock Expand
  8. Aug 1, 2014
    The best video game experience I had in the last 10 years, probably since Half-Life 2. I've just finished this game a few hours ago, and I'm still under the influence of the powerful story it told and the emotional impact it delivered. If we would strip it down to the core gameplay mechanics, it probably wouldn't stand out that much amongst other good games in the genre, but it would still hold its ground. Where this game leaves its mark is the unique setting and atmosphere it immerses the player in, and the incredible story that it manages to tell in a flawless way. I'm so sick of games with half-assed endings (which is around 90% of them), so it's very satisfactory to see a game that told a better story than any movie in the last few years. They will probably parade around with Bioshock Infinite as a textbook example of interactive and immersive storytelling in a video game, and other series would have much to learn from it. Expand
  9. Jul 12, 2014
    This game is better than i thought. Although i thought it was way over rated at first i was wrong. Very very wrong in so many ways. Although i will still say that the gameplay isnt the greatest.
  10. Jun 25, 2014
    Bioshock Infinite has received countless awards and more ten out of ten's than I can count. However, that does not make those true.

    This game a good story. Yes, good, not amazing, not life changing, but good. With no spoilers the game lasts for what seems like forever to give you just a good ending which is unacceptable. With the build up and lore of Columbia you expect a fluid, amazing
    ending but it fails to deliver.

    The combat is terrible. The combat has resorted to the "Call of Duty Syndrome" of releasing an onslaught of enemies on you for you to kill. When that said "wave" of enemies is defeated you progress a little forward, then another wave of enemies is there for your disposal. Repeat.
    There are some sections of the game that get extremely tedious in which you have a "boss" to kill while grunts are attacking you while the "boss" is reviving the grunts you have previously killed. This is just there to pad the game...

    The mechanics you have known to love like different weapons, upgrading your weapons, hacking, vigors (formerly known as plasmids) have been reduced to an extremely basic state. The weapons have basically been doubled however, you can only hold two. Going from holding eight unique weapons with a different type of approach and feel to two similar, watered down guns ready to pump out ammo.
    Hacking is gone. Just gone.
    There are eight vigors and those too feel alike in use. The only one I had fun with was Undertow but all the others basically are auto kill or distraction.
    Upgrading your weapon is useless almost. The chance of you keeping the same two guns throughout the game are very slim because with all the enemies you go through ammo like crazy. So you have to pick up other guns that your enemies drop so when you upgrade Sniper Rifle all the way then have to switch guns makes all that money you spend go to waste.

    What does the game do well besides a good story? The graphics! I am not one to praise/fault graphics unless they enhance the experience or hinder it. This game looks gorgeous and I mean that. When you shoot up into the sky at the beginning of the game and take that first glimpse of Columbia, well its breathtaking to say the least.

    Is the game worth picking up? Not really. Just a generic FPS with amazing visuals.
  11. May 29, 2014
    Prepared to be blown away!!!! This game easily has one of the best stories in gaming history. With twist and turns that will blow you away. Make sure to follow the dialogue and story when playing or you can easy get lost/overwhelmed. My only dislike for this game come with the combat and RPG elements. Unlike Bioshock upgrading your guns and powers is not nearly as rewarding. The powers are lackluster and the enemies get repetitive quickly. Big daddies where an actual challenge in Bioshock while the Handy Men are easily defeated. Overall an amazing game worth playing over and over!!!! Expand
  12. May 22, 2014
    Although Infinite was the first that I played in the series when I got it free with PS plus I was disappointed the story was not captivating as Bioshock which I played later but the most disappointing thing was Elizabeth which was not that game changer nor was the hook used in traveling that everyone made us believe and the combat was not that good.
    The city and graphics were the best
    parts of the game.
    It is 8-8.5 game at best especially considering the long development and the hype which was followed by those reviews.
  13. May 22, 2014
    I like the settings, the story and the gameplay in general. It is a solid game with unique perks. For me, Bioshock is a franchise I will always play but never will consider it as a perfect game or 10/10 game. While I enjoyed the game for most of time, I never found the story is that special as someone claimed, and I always need to push myself a little bit to finish the game since the game bored me here and there. Expand
  14. May 19, 2014
    Infinite is an incredible game not only for its innovative gameplay and fantastic FPS style, but for its intelligent and beautifully crafted plot and characters. If you're still hanging on to your last gen console, this is an absolute must buy if you're looking for a strictly campaign FPS.
  15. May 16, 2014
    I haven't played the first 2 bioshocks but wow this game is great i picked up on the story line with some research. very well out together game the story is fantastic very impressed with how this game was developed everything fits in well deep story behind it, the combat to the character built up is great. its a must get. 9.5/10
  16. May 15, 2014
    One of the best games of 2013.
    Original, refreshing. Lots of variety in terms of shooting.
    so fun to sneak around and look for guns, plasmids and stuff
    high rated for a reason
  17. Apr 13, 2014
    Anything i say about this game has already been said, with that in mind, this game IS **** FANTASTIC, story, art and characters are astonishing, the first game since Dead Space that has really managed to keep me interested and involved with the game's plot and lore, the only real negative things about BioShock Infinite is the fact that the game was spoiled for me and that its 2 short, therefore not enough plot points are fleshed out, dlc hopefully will fix this problem, also it has some of the worst Boss fights ever put in a shooter, their very goddamn annoying, least theirs not much, and last of all they get rid of important features from the 1st BioShock, this being medpacks that u hold on 2, jeezzz they would have come in handy

    WOuld U Kindly buy the **** game
  18. Apr 5, 2014
    Bioshock Infinite is a crazy game. It's story, while somewhat confusing, is very well done. The shooter mechanics also work really well, providing a diversion from many current shooters.
  19. Mar 31, 2014
    This IS one of the best game i've ever played, I thought RDR was the best game of the generation, but I was wrong! When i first heard about Bioshock Infinite i tought it was going to be an "new COD", i was really but really wrong, the last time i felt like this for a game was with SOTC for the PS2!
    This is a MUSTHAVE game for XBOX360PS3PC!
  20. Mar 22, 2014
    This game is a masterpiece. Not only does it have incredibly beautiful and awesome graphics but it also has action and smooth gameplay to match. I can't remember the last time i had so much fun playing an first person shooter. I might go as far t say that this game is better than the original BioShock. I really like the new setting of a floating city where everything is kind of steampunk-ish and cool. The weapons are very cool, the enemies are at an enjoyable difficulty and the storyline is genuinely riveting. An absolute masterpiece of an FPS game and my new second favourite game (behind Borderlands 2). 10/10 Expand
  21. Mar 15, 2014
    GOOD: superb story, immersive world, great attention to detail, well-written characters, great voice acting, best partner in gaming history who will find a lot of useful items for, abundance of loot like gears and infusions, some good guns, purchase stations, opening tears into other universes, some good vigors, challenging last mission, and a satisfying ending

    BAD: most vigors are
    useless, most guns suck, no weapon purchase stations, questionable AI on melee enemies, all of the small choices in the game like pick the bird or cage will not change the story, when you go through the first half the game exploring you have all the good gears and the second half's gears are useless, backtracking, boring first 1/4 of the game, ending leaves two loose ends even if it's good ending(NO SPOILER: how is Comstock a racist after finding out his origin and how does Elizabeth have powers)

    FINAL VERDICT: It barely squeezes in to an 8/10. It's a fun game that is worth $60 and should played by all shooter fanatics
  22. Mar 10, 2014
    This has been and always will be my favorite game of all time. The gameplay was fun it might have been an fps but it was different than most. However the story is the reason why I gave this game a 10 it keeps you on your toes and without spoiling anything when the credits began to roll my jaw hit the floor. If you haven't played this game it's worth every penny and you won't be disappointed.
  23. Mar 10, 2014
    Un excelente juego, casi al climax del primero, una historia impresionate, una calidad grafica sobrecogedora y la ciudad de Columbia, y por supuesto el personaje de Elizabeth, que es de lo mejor del juego, mi punto en contra seria que conforme avanzas el juego se vuelve mas lineal quitando el factor de exploracion que distinguia al Bioshock original, los vigorizadores no son tan espectaculares como los adams. Expand
  24. Mar 8, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. HONEST REVIEW!!!
    You know what? This review is going to be short, because if it'll be long I ain't going to watch my language.

    Obviously, this game sucks. I played it on xbox and THAT much boring corridors I last time saw in Outlast and that was awful game(but I'll talk later about it). I hadn't completed it, because of its boringness!(if this word exists)
    If you want to play this game, you won't be right? if you'll buy it. This game ain't worth your's or mine money, either! Because you'll just spend time on boring story and monotonous gameplay!
  25. Mar 2, 2014
    Bioshock Infinite is in every way, shape and form a perfect game. Beautiful graphics, insanely addictive story and high quality combat. The story alone is enough for this game to be a perfect 10/10 out of many people's books. This game will mess with your thoughts and emotions, but that's a good thing. Worth a purchase no matter what price. Disappointing that there will no longer be more Bioshock games. Expand
  26. Mar 1, 2014
    Bioshock Infinite was stuck in development for a long time, but it is finally hear and it is worth the wait. Infinite tells the story of Booker Dewitt and his journey through Columbia. He meets Elizabeth on his journey, a mysterious young women who has many secrets about her. The story is one of the best in all of video games and gets better the more you think about it. It might lull towards the middle of the game but the ending of the game will be engraved into my memory and makes an already fantastic game even better. The shooting is also great, it is more fast-paced and more of a shooter than the original. The Vigors feel a bit forced and seem like they are just introduced to have a connection to the original. The graphics are not outstanding technically, but its style is outstanding, showing the bright and wondrous city of Colombia. The music is also great adding to the outstanding style of the game. Bioshock Infinite is on the same level as the original Bioshock, story wise and game play wise. It is one of my favorite games of this generation and of all time. Expand
  27. Feb 26, 2014
    Although the gameplay could be a little better, the story, design and atmosphere are so incredibly good, that after a while, you don't really care about all that things that gameplay lacks, bacause, let's be fair about it, there are better shooters. Still, on the other hand, Bioshock games never were just "shooters". Music fits perfectly and the voice acting is top-class. Journey through Columbia is not something you gonna forget and definitely not something you should miss. Expand
  28. Feb 16, 2014
    There is nothing else to say this game is perfect, if not it's damn near it, the scenery is beautiful, the game play is just brilliant it make you feel like you can beat the game no matter if you have played and mastered the previous Bioshock games or if you are new to the franchise, the story is a great one that has its twists and turns but in the end all lines up beautifully, i felt like the powers (vigors) in this where all a lot more useful than the previous games and while the majority of the game you have Elizabeth along with you she is one of the more useful companions helping you find money and throwing you supplies when you are running low, the voice acting is second to none both Booker and Elizabeth's voices are extremely well done as well as everyone elses in Columbia, the enemies are unique and diverse and all have their individual challenges along with them, and this may not been and "open world game" but there is a lot of exploring that can be done, it would be nice to have a map due to the size of the environment and having the arrow just isn't the same and i feel more changes in the story due to decisions you have made would have added to the replay value but ending is amazing and awe inspiring Expand
  29. Feb 10, 2014
    It must be me. I had fun with this. It's a solid shooter in an amazing setting but for some reason it didn't grab me. Maybe I should have stuck with it. You should all give this a go.
  30. Jan 24, 2014
    Best graphics i've seen. Soundtrack is outstanding. Story is immaculate and simply unbelievably great. Requires strategic thinking at many points. Character development is on spot. I can't find any flaw.
  31. Jan 18, 2014
    FYI: I just want to point out before this review that I chose to review the Xbox 360 version because that was the platform I happened to play it on, I don't believe that the game is better nor worse on any other platform.

    I am honestly speechless. Bioshock Infinite is one of the best video games I have played in the last decade. It has the greatest video game storyline I
    have probably ever played with complex twists and turns that will make your mind melt. I've been a part of the Bioshock since the first game back in 2007, and it was so revolutionary, I thought nothing could compete with it. Three years later, Bioshock 2 was released and I was disappointed with its short run through time and weak plot. Two years later Bioshock Infinite was shown at E3 and people were informed that it would take place in a different setting with a different storyline and usually in a series, whether it be movies, TV, or games, is usually not a great sign of the product being good. When Bioshock Infinite finally released this year, I was instantly blown away, the actions and gameplay mechanics were so great that I was almost in tears, it had so many cool aspects to it, it felt so good as if someone was throwing free money at you. My hands were shaking the entire playthrough with happiness. By the time I finished the game the storyline had already made my brain explode into 1,000 pieces and I was honestly crying that I had to finish such an amazing game that doesn't come around often. Bioshock Infinite isn't just a game, It's a living, breathing experience. Expand
  32. Jan 9, 2014
    The first Bioshock is a great videogame, one of my favourites. It blended a dark toned atmosphere and wonderful art styling born of brilliantly influenced ideas with balls to the walls action and an excellent story with a twist that had me questioning my motives of all previous games I have played. Bioshock 2 was a torrid sack of crap cash cow that missed the point of it's predecessor. Bioshock Infinite is my game of the year for 2013, not that that means **** but I loved it. The gameplay is more the same but you can't complain (apart from the massive leap in difficulty when you meet the handymen) however this time the creepy atmosphere is within an almost Disneyesque world set in the clouds made up of the same standard of artwork that was put into Rapture. The story is fantastic, the end had me thinking for two days, piecing together all the things I had seen while playing the game and seeing them in a different light after the final twist and immediately wanted to play through again and it felt like a different game when you are looking for the significance of the answers rather than just the answers you found in the first play through but in the first play through you don't know the questions till after the twist. The characters are just as colourful as the original while at the same time not kissing it's ass by copy and pasting the villain structure. This game is a must buy. Expand
  33. Jan 5, 2014
    Just beat this game today. Bioshock Infinite is a great game that ultimately falls short of the original. The story was good but i felt there were some plot holes that took away from the experience. However, overall the story had good pacing and was interesting. That said what bothered me the most was the tone of the game. The environments didn't have the same atmosphere the original had. The tension experienced in rapture was nonexistent. Events like obtaining the shotgun in the original Bioshock did not happen. Some enemies like the Handymen did not feel like an adequate replacement for their rapture counterparts. While the game looks amazing it lacks the creepiness and the immersion of the original. At times i felt like i was just running from one fight to the next whereas in the original i felt i was discovering a ruined city and piecing together what happened to it. There are audio diaries in Columbia and while there is some back story it lacked the mystery and sense of wonder that rapture had. Columbia is a beautiful city to look at but exploring it ultimately left me feeling the backstory wasn't quite as good. However, there are still plenty of reasons to play the game. Combat was great, controls were to easy to get used to and the new plasmids were really cool. While the story might not live up to the original it still had its great moments and cool environments. It might not quite reach the heights of the first Bioshock but i still highly recommend the game. Expand
  34. Dec 31, 2013
    I loved the first two games, and after playing through this one, I found it to be the best of the three. The action and combat improved slightly, and the skyhook system is amazing, but I think where the game really shines is in story. Now I won't give anything away, but it seems to have a basic concept at the beginning: Get the girl, wipe away the debt. There is far more than this to find that you will uncover throughout the game. It's honestly better than some movies out there, the idea is THAT good. Some of the enemies you will encounter seem a bit unnecessary, mostly the bosses, and aren't as interesting as they were in the first two, but it doesn't affect the game or matter much, considering how awesome and amazing the rest of it is.

    Bioshock: Infinite gets a 9.5/10
  35. Dec 31, 2013
    I'm sure this has been said before, but Bioshock Infinite feels as if you are playing inside of a painting. The art style sucks you in to this extraordinary world and the story sells you on it. Gameplay wise, the game is fun but can get tiresome at points. One example of this is when you have to fight an annoyingly difficult boss... THREE TIMES!!! Skyhooks manage to vary up the combat and gear you collect while going through the game allow you to utilize things such as these to your advantage. Elizabeth is a fantastic character who you really come to feel for as the game progresses. She proves to be useful in combat, preventing the game from feeling like one huge escort mission. The twist, while present, is rather expected and not very shocking for people like me who already know a thing or two about Quantum Physics and Philosophy, but for the average gamer inexperienced in either of these it will come as a huge Bio-shock (ha ha). Expand
  36. Dec 6, 2013
    Bioshock Infinite is thoroughly enjoyable.Aside from a few problems along the plot line is mixed it still contains the action of the first and second Bioshocks.
  37. Dec 5, 2013
    This game is overrated, A good game, not a great one. Critics report it to be on par with half life 2 and the original Bioshock, but Infinite does not deliver. Combat is decent, the game looks good, but its main selling point, the plot, is only slightly better than average.

    At many points the game gives you fake choices, something that seems as it will matter but in reality does not
    affect the story. Not even weapon upgrades matter, as they do very little to improve the gun and the upgrade isn't felt like it was in the first two games. Combat has taken a step back, with a two weapon limit, shields, and no health kit or eve/salts storage.

    The main crime this game commits is adding vigors for no good particular reason. In Bioshock, the insanity of it fit perfectly. In infinite, they don't make sense in the context and aren't necessary for combat like they were in the original.

    This game is good, not great, and not to be modeled off of.
  38. Dec 4, 2013
    Wonderful game and definitely my favorite in the Bioshock series. I thought the combat in this game was much better than 1. I played this back in March, and I think its my top game of the year and right up there in the top 3 for 360.
  39. Nov 29, 2013
    this game is amazing it goes the extra mile for graphics and storytelling everything it does it accomplishes and from a developer who makes masterful games its only a cycle for irrational now just amazing.
  40. Nov 26, 2013
    Great game. Amazing detail and brilliant setting. The pacing is good, not brilliant. The story is very good and enough to keep you playing, wondering what will happen next.

    Combat is varied enough with the help of vigors. Buy lots of ammo as their is lots of combat.

    Only real negative is some of the objectives in the mission dont seem to exciting.

  41. Nov 18, 2013
    A good game that i feel is lives up to the Bioshock name, the scenery and storyline are the best parts of the game and are what make it worthwhile playing. The combat on the other hand is nothing special, with less variety than previous Bioshock games it was a bit of a disappointment. Overall though it is well worth playing
  42. Oct 30, 2013
    This is my first bioshock and i still shocked,the weapons hasnt nothing special but the vigors and the powers of Elizabeth make bioshock infinite one of the best games of the year
  43. Oct 29, 2013
    Is anything bad about this game? If so, I was distracted by the general perfection and wonderfulness of the game to notice. It is both fun to play as well as intelligent, a trait few games seem to understand. Rather than trying to scream about how war and violence are bad while selling a game about it, Bioshock Infinite focuses on actual issues of extremism and how monsters can be created out of the best of intentions. On the gameplay side, almost every feature and trait of the game seems to be purposeful and well integrated, with no features seeming out of place. The ending was a bit abstract, but in the best possible way. Expand
  44. Oct 25, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Let's be honest all the bioshock's we thought this would really SUCK but a MAJOR Twist happened. For those Who really wanna try this GET IT. Lets face it the voice acting is good the gameplay is incredible the script writing is great. Sound design is Very good so lets face it. All of us after the review's really wanted to try this Very Badly. And those who did not play it have no soul. Expand
  45. Oct 19, 2013
    What honestly needs to be said about this game? Beautiful graphics, awesome story, fantastic gameplay. Just all around one of the best 360 games of all time. The only problems are the middle section is VERY padded, and you won't use many of the vigors. But seriously, buy it.
  46. Oct 15, 2013
    This game is a masterpiece, it can't be said any other way. Irrational Games has created another amazing world for us to dive into and explore its deepest secrets. The story of Booker Dewitt and his charge Elizabeth is well done and shocking in its turn of events. The gameplay, however similar it is to Bioshock 1, is fun and gives you the joy of playing with the elements in a new way. The environment of Columbia is nice at first and it seems more of a utopia until you explore Finkton and see the atrocities that every race but white men have to endure. The level design and new Skyhook mechanic coupled with Elizabeth's powers give the game an exotic feel found nowhere else in video games. As for the ending, I'll leave that up to you if you haven't beaten the game. Ken Levine has done it again with this game and everyone should at least give it a try; you won't regret it. Expand
  47. Oct 14, 2013
    This is a good game but not better than the previous installments. The main disappointment is the storyline which is just too confusing to understand. All in all a good game but I prefer bioshock 2.
  48. Oct 13, 2013
    Definite contender for game of the year. The game provides a compelling, well rounded off story with fantastic characters, The combat in infinite is the best in the series far and a beautiful environment My only problem the game is that there is nothing else to do after you beat the main campaign.
  49. Oct 10, 2013
    Let me start by saying that I absolutely love this game! Although the gameplay is quite similar to the first Bioshocks in terms of essentially being a shooter whilst giving the player various powers (vigors or plasmids), Bioshock Infinite appealed a lot more to me due to its world and the vibe that naturally comes along with it. In the original Bioshock we went into a lighthouse which took us to a wonderful and claustrophobic underwater world. In Bioshock Infinite we go up instead of down and one of the many amazing moments of this game is the first time when you set foot and discover that bright, seemingly peaceful place in the sky. You immediately get the feeling that something is off, which is up to the player to discover in the rest of the brilliant single player campaign which will make your jaw drop at the end! I also liked that the main hero had a voice this time, compared to the earlier parts, which immerses you more into the game. Finally, a special mention has to go out to Elizabeth who, like many others have already said, is one of the best videogame characters ever written!

    Bioshock Infinite is one of the few games where I was disappointed to have finished the campaign so quickly, simply because I wanted to enjoy the world and story a bit longer. The game has made a unforgettable impression on me and is an instant classic!
  50. Sep 28, 2013
    I enjoyed the first Bioshocks (and loved the original System Shock). This game... well, the best you can say is that the graphics aren't bad. They also aren't great, but, hey. Not bad. As game mechanics go, this is your classical "run to an objective, fight the same boring wave of enemies, oh, here's a boss" tripe that gets vomited out by incompetent studios all over the globe. In this case, it's so depressingly ineptly implemented, it'd be funny if it was any worse. Aiming and targeting are finicky and look artificial, enemy animations are incredibly jerky and there is no walk-bounce. Terribly in a first-person shooter, kills immersion if you linearly float through the world. The weapon and vigor system is boring and predictable, the interaction with the world is limited to picking up salt, health and money, and the story is inconsistent, full of holes and above all boring as hell. Stay away, stay far away. Expand
  51. Sep 22, 2013
    Being a fan of the claustrophobic settings of the previous games, I was very dissapointed with the sudden transition to such a large environment, I enjoyed the older games better (just my opinion) the game did excell in gameplay and story, but it just wasn't my kind of bioshock.
  52. Sep 17, 2013
    is varry nice game even tho i hav not play et varry good varry nice gameplay excellent graphics gud and AI is accually intalligent i recommand eet varry nice
  53. Sep 13, 2013
    I put off playing this game for along time because I never got into the series (was too scared of the Big Daddy's!). Recently I bought it and completed it in 2 days, and I have to say, I love to hate it. As a game, it's god damn awful. Tedious, repetitive and inspired gameplay. Yet, as a story, it is utterly captivating. Charming, rich and vivid, I was totally enthralled by Infitnite's narrative. In the end, it was the only thing that made me slug through the hours of endless shooting and Motorised Patriots (god damn, I was scared of those too!). The game is also beautiful, both in the physical world and in its social background. As I've previously stated: it's rich, vivid and divulging. If this game had been released as book or a film, it'd be an instant hit. The score I've given for this review is based on the lasting impression Infinite gave me: "This has changed the way I look at video games". Expand
  54. Sep 11, 2013
    This game is terrible. The gameplay is nowhere near as good as the first Bioshock. The story is pretty good, that is why I gave this game a 1/10, because of the story. 3 points taken away because of how repetitive the gameplay was. 3 points taken away because of the limited choices of abilities. 3 points taken away because of how disappointing the enemies were, they were not as frightening as the first game's enemies. Absolute disappointment. Overrated. People need to be honest with themselves. I will not recommend wasting your time on this game. Go on the bioshockwiki page and read the story, you'll enjoy it tenfold. Expand
  55. Sep 10, 2013
    I can't deny that the gameplay here is extremely well-designed and well-implemented, or that the setting is interesting, but the problem with Bioshock Infinite is that there isn't a significant overlap between the two like in the first Bioshock. In the first game, the powers and the gunplay flow naturally from the dark and edgy environment, and the gameplay comments on and expands the ideas laced throughout the environment. Here, though, the powers and gunplay, while extremely well designed and implemented, don't flow from the environment. It's like the gameplay and the environment coexist but don't interact. Some professional reviewers have commented that the violence is actually a distraction from the environment, and I agree. Doesn't mean it's not a fascinating a highly enjoyable game, but don't expect the emotional whomp of the first Bioshock. Expand
  56. Sep 7, 2013
    bioshock infinite is a great example of phenomenal game and it will be mentioned till the next one comes out. awesome gameplay, compelling story and not bad graphics either and this would be an experience everyone would enjoy, except COD fans of course they just wont bother. P.S the two gun limit is because of how many guns there are so stop complaining about it people.
  57. Sep 4, 2013
    Game sucks. Generic gameplay, boring, monotonous, pretentious... it's just all around stupid. The original Bioshock also sucked, so I guess it doesn't fail to be a proper sequel.
  58. Aug 27, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. More like if you know what im saying....
    it's crap, boring weapons, very repetitive, ending written by a high dog about quantum worlds and ****
    because everyone knows what quantum mechanics mean, you can say al kinds of random and everyone's mind wil be ''blown''. Elizabeth seems to be ignored by al the enemies and just tosses you to make the game easier, because it's already extremely easy, you have regenerating shields just like al the modern shooters and the only threat is the boring ghost boss or the handymen who are just stupid bulletspunges. The e3 demo was a lie as well, stealth and choices aren't in the game (choices that change the game's story or gameplay). The weapon upgrades cost a ton so you will be only use the same weapons throughout the game and the upgrades are boring as hell, it's always +10 percent accurcy, damage, less recoil, you name it. People who call this game an artistic statement are just really ignorant. The game touches a lot of ''controversial'' topics, but none of them actually influence the main story. It's is just there to make an impact on people who have never read a good book because this story is Elizabeth seems to be totally shocked when you kill someone for the first time but continues to stop giving a afterwards and just throws weapons to you like it was her job.
    The graphics are rushed with a lot of blooming effects, which is cheap but i actually prefer such cartoon like graphics over realistic ones (although this game runs like even with my titan). Only if you are in to some good voice acting and some pretty enviroments this game can be worth about 10 dollars, but otherwise just stay away from it. I mean really people, how can this game with such a repetitive gameplay and cheap story be rated by some people as the best game ever.
    A huge dissapointment.
  59. Aug 23, 2013
    Didn't play Bioshock 1 or 2 because I don't really like survival horror and thought they looked too dark from the demos. Bioshock Infinite is a beautifully crafted game with engaging characters and intelligent story. Gameplay is unique and varied and feels well balanced. I was left gobsmacked at the end. Not just because of the ending but because this was a game I had almost ignored yet it turned out to be my game of the year so far. Top marks. Expand
  60. Aug 22, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Bioshock Infinite is a triumph of a game. It overcomes the memory of Rapture by introducing the new and exciting world of Columbia. It is both recognisable and fresh as it keeps the same combat mechanics from Bioshocks 1 & 2, but introduces new powers and methods of combat (such as the use of skylines).

    First of all, the storyline. On a first playthrough, and without the background information of the voxphones (recorded messages from prominent residents of Columbia) the storyline might seem a bit confusing. You play as Booker DeWitt, a PI who has been tasked with finding and extracting a girl called Elizabeth from Columbia. The quote "Bring me the girl and wipe away the debt" is used extensively throughout the storyline and you always feel curious about Booker's past and who is behind this plot. However, if you are like me, and want to collect every voxphone to expand the storyline, listen to every conversation, look at every poster in Columbia etc then you will be able to follow the storyline more clearly. This is essential when you reach the game's shocking, and thought-provoking, ending. The one major triumph of this game is that it elicits conversation between you and others who have completed the game a discussion of the ending seems compulsory and everyone seems to have their own idea on what is going on! Congratulations to Ken Levine and his team for weaving such an intricate story with well-rounded characters and motivations. It is rare for a videogame to challenge issues such as racism, classes, religion and capitalism but these are all contained within, even if some are not extrovertly shown.

    The combat is fluid and there always seems to be a variety of methods on offer to dispatch a group of enemies. Do you make use of the skylines? Do you use your vigors and try to set fire to a patch of oil, electrocute enemies in water, or use a water-based attack to hurl them off Columbia? Or do you just shoot them in the face? The options available to the gamer are varied and appreciated. The enemies themselves normally exhibit a fair degree of AI, although they can sometimes do silly things. Occasionally, enemies have got stuck on scenery. Some of the new enemy types are very interesting and a bit scary to deal with. I liked the Patriot. However, I felt that the Handyman was over-powered by being too fast for his size and strength. The point of Big Daddies was that they were incredibly powerful and could rush you, but you always felt more nimble and agile than them so at least you felt you had some kind of advantage.

    Columbia is a beautiful place a lot of open sky to look at. The sounds of Columbia are also excellent I love the early 20th century adaptations of a few late 20th century classics! (Especially the Beach Boys) There are many diverse locations to explore and exploration is rewarded by voxphones, weapons, health packs, vigors and infusions. Infusions allow you to level up your health, shield (thanks, Master Chief!) and salts. Salts are the spiritual successor to EVE.

    I should talk about Elizabeth here. Generally, I find NPC sidekicks to be incredibly annoying in videogames. In the past, they have often been characters that you have had to protect and then they do something stupid and get themselves killed, often due to poor AI. Elizabeth is different. The game has been constructed carefully so that Elizabeth is only ever a help and not a hindrance. Elizabeth can open tears in reality to assist you in combat. These tears can be anything from bringing allies to the fight to med-kits. She is a valuable companion, able to draw your attention to collectibles you might have missed, and offers interesting conversations as you progress through the story. You feel very protective of her as you find out what she has had to endure. Songbird is also protective of Elizabeth you all will have seen him (it?) in the trailers. You will discover that there is a tenuous link between Songbird and Rapture's Big Daddies. Songbird is a fabulous creation well done to the design team. Both scary and something that you want to love. It's a shame that we couldn't see more of Songbird. The sequences that Songbird inhabits are normally the most exciting or emotional.

    The game's almost a perfect 10 but not quite. While the storyline is incredible, there are a few plot points that don't quite tie together for me. I have experienced some slow-down on the 360 in busy areas of combat. The handyman is a bit unbalanced. Elizabeth's abilities and autonomy seems to have declined somewhat from early versions of the game. Some vigors seem to be hardly used by many gamers seem to have their favourites and stick with them. If specific vigors were required in certain situations, that might encourage the gamer to use a wider mix of vigors. And you killed Songbird, you b*stards! ;-)

    Can't wait for the DLC. Season pass purchased. Thanks for the ride, Irrational Games.
  61. Aug 21, 2013
    This game really boils down to the question, do you focus on plot or gameplay? As far as plot goes, the game manages to surpass its predecessors. The characters are highly believable, the plot is well executed and as far as overall storytelling goes, the game easily lives up to the hype and is deserving of all the praise it has received.

    As for the actual game play itself, well...Its
    fun but it there isn't anything original that hasn't been done sadly. For the most part, the RPG-ish element that felt present (i.e. finding weapon upgrades, saving up EVE for those high priced plasmid upgrades) is largely if not entirely replaced by an admittedly more expansive but largely uninspired shop system. Basically, whenever you want any upgrade outside of your health/vigor(eve)/shields, yes I said shields you go to the circus of values. Even the player upgrades are reduced to search and retrieve missions.

    As for the shooter mechanics, the ability to use the Columbia rail system is fun and leads to some interesting combat mechanics, but after awhile it really does become repetitive. Between the cliche two-gun system, the attachments and the regular repetition of getting into a fight, killing some bad dudes and moving forward the actual gameplay feels far more linear and doesn't encourage players to explore around as in the previous two titles. Don't get me wrong the actual gunplay is SUBSTANTIALLY improved over its predecessors. The weapons feel smoother and the actual guns all have different purposes which will have you weapon switching to suit each battle...but I get the same thing (speaking purely of gunplay here, NOT plot/art!) in Halo to be honest.

    Overall, Bioshock Infinite is a good game I would still recommend to friends...but unless you are looking for a narrative-driven game in which case you will enjoy this significantly more than I did, its just another well-done shooter, but really nothing that is groundbreaking in terms of raw gaming mechanics.
  62. Aug 20, 2013
    I loved the first bioshock and when I saw the trailers for this game I set my expectations WAY to high,
    so the fact that this game BLEW ME AWAY should be a you need to know. The game is beautiful even though its on Xbox and the art style is one of the best I've seen in any game ever. The gameplay is SO much fun, it's fast paced, balanced, fluid, and addictive. I don't know why people
    complain about it "not being revolutionary" when it introduced awesome features in the skyline system, tear manipulation, and had one of the best, if not THE best, companion characters. Speaking of characters they're all fantastic, each one of them had such depth. And lastly the story which was just phenomenal, I'm not going to say any more about it. This game is must play and it's the only game I've ever played that I'd give 10/10. It's my favorite game and you NEED to play it if you own any type of console. Expand
  63. Aug 19, 2013
    This was an enjoyable and praiseworthy game, the graphics and design are unique and very well done, the story delves a bit into philosophy and politics, making this a sort of thinking man's game (although not as much as the first), but...the characters can be a bit one-dimensional and unbelievable at times.

    The game play is fun but is standard fare for a first-person-shooter.

    said, I enjoyed this game far more than anything else I've played this year, and it is much better than the sum of it's parts, definite game of the year contender. Expand
  64. Aug 18, 2013
    The first two Bioshocks, combined, I have the most hours played into them on any game I have played combined. Bioshock Infinite is a masterpiece in story telling in video games. The artistic and steam punk feel of the graphics in the game really give a feel of alternative universe and what could be. The soundtrack is brilliant and so is the voice acting. I have never felt so many emotional feelings in a video game before. Being able to find Voxophones and Kinetiscopes adds a medium replay value. This is one of my favorite games of all time. A must buy. Expand
  65. Aug 16, 2013
    Bioshock Infinite has an interesting concept, but it seems the game focuses too much on storytelling instead of engaging gameplay (a story which, overall, isn't very impressive). Despite its weaknesses, Bioshock Infinite is most definitely the most beautiful game I've ever played, with the best atmosphere of any shooter to date.
  66. Aug 15, 2013
    Let’s get this out of the way.
    I’m quite disappointed with Bioshock Infinite.
    I was looking forward to a big world to explore with interesting characters, a great story, and of course some satisfying action to spice things up.
    What we get with Infinite however, is a game of missed opportunities.
    Unlike the original Bioshock the beautiful world of Columbia feels more like walking
    through Madame Tussauds than a city. Sure people are doing things, but they all have the feeling of waxworks that you can’t interact with in any way other than listen to their conversations, or, when the action picks up, shoot them in the face.
    A big drawing point of the original Bioshock was the story, which fit perfectly with the setting and the action. In Infinite everything feels a bit disjointed. The idea of the vigors is basically a crossover of the plasmids from the original, which caused the fall of Rapture and so played a part in the original story, but in Infinite they are like most other things in Columbia, just sort of there.
    These vigors are the source of your special powers, but these powers are strangely useless. It doesn’t feel like the action was designed around them as the original was. They feel like something that is there simply because they were in the original, which makes them rather inconsequential. As a matter of fact you can go through the game without using them.
    Then there’s the story. On the surface you get a very humane story of redemption and the frailty of men and human ambitions (along with political commentary), with some very emotional and well voice acted scenes, but the minute you walk through your first tear in time and space is when the story starts to fall apart, and from tear to tear in the fabric of reality, the story opens one problem after another ending in a rather contrived mess.
    Then we have Elisabeth. Now, Elisabeth is largely a well realized character (though there are some serious problems with her in regard to the story), but her presence is both a welcomed addition, because she’s a likeable and interesting character, and a major problem in terms of gameplay. She basically acts as a default lifesaver. You run low on health, she magically finds health. Run low on vigor, she finds salts. Out of ammo, she supplies. Leave a vending machine without buying anything, a lot of coins magically appear at her feet. (For some inexplicable reason she can’t seem to pick up lockpicks even though one of her main abilities is picking locks.) This makes the game a lot easier than it needed to be and removes tension from the fights. Then there’s her ability to apparently render herself invisible to enemies. Considering that your character is there to free her, protect her, and bring her back to New York, it feels very contrived that she’s only in any danger in cutscenes where the player has absolutely no control. During fire fights, where bullets and grenades are flying all over the place, she’s in no danger what so ever. Again this simply removes tension from the fights and undermines the whole idea of you protecting her.
    So what we are left with is basically the FPS which is the main element of the game, and it unfortunately feels a little sluggish. Now, even in the original the FPS elements were not the best parts of the game, but since everything else worked so well, I sort of forgave it its shortcomings in that area. In Infinite it stands out as it’s the only thing that’s actually left for you to do. That is such a shame considering the obvious amount of work and love which went into the realization of the city in the skies and the presentation of the game as a whole. It’s not that the shooting is bad, it’s just not as good as seen in other more “focused” games.
    Now, this may sound extremely negative, but despite its shortcomings I actually enjoyed Infinite.
    It’s a good game!
    It’s a very beautiful, well presented shooter, but it could and should have been so much more.
    I still recommend it, but just realize that behind the beautiful facade there really is nothing much to uncover, and that’s a shame.
  67. Aug 15, 2013
    This game was fun to play though, though I feel the combat is a little lacking. Still though, I loved it and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a story to dive into.
  68. Aug 14, 2013
    a truly brilliant game with great story, great graphics and unforgettable gameplay. a must play. there are a lot of unforgettable characters, especiallly elizabeth and booker.
  69. Aug 12, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. HUGE SPOILERS BEWARE
    Bioshock infinite, a game that is so difficult to put into words. Not only is it a moving oil painting, dramatic screenplay and an all around mind bending experience… it is easily the best installment in the Bioshock series. Irrational Games broke the barrier between plateau, climax and redemption with its ferocious artistic integrity, themes and gaming techniques. This game is simply one the best games I have ever played and a true gem in my videogame library.
    You play as Booker Dewitt, a down on his luck male looking to wipe away his debt by retrieving a girl locked away in a tower, or so you think. Much like previous Bioshock games, you are brought to your destination in a Bathysphere-like transporting device, in this case you are shot into the sky rather than transported below the ocean. Knowing that Andrew Ryan only controlled the Bioshock Bathysphere’s, I entered Columbia with a foreshadowed sense that the people in charge of the city may already know of my arrival, which peaked my interest early on. Upon entering, you walk through a beautiful cathedral to find the entrance into the city. Viewing extremely conservative and almost prehistoric religious scripture on the walls, you experience an overwhelming sense of corruption and tyrannical religious affluence at the very start of the game. You find that the citizens of Columbia actually worship the founding fathers of America in replacement of Jesus Christ, giving it a very strange “Deliverance” like tone which is truly unique in the world of gaming. Another theme introduced at the start of the game is racism. Through out the game you hear slanders against the Irish, “orient” and African Americans. You find that the religious and discriminatory racial influence of Columbia was started by Comstock, the “prophet” and father of Columbia. A war veteran that fought at the battle at Wounded Knee (much like Booker); Comstock met the Lutece twins who used their scientific genius to create the floating city for Comstock, allowing Comstock’s ideals to thrive in his own institutionalized and segregated society. You come to find that Comstock has dubbed you as the “antichrist” and has known of your arrival and plan to steal “the seed of the prophet” (a.k.a Elizabeth) for years. The upper class Caucasian citizens of Columbia begin to fight against you while the lower working class minorities fight beside you. Once saved from the tower, you learn that Elizabeth has the ability to open “tears” into other dimensions and time, helping you in battle against Comstock’s forces and providing a huge question to the plot, why? Seventy percent of the game you are led to believe that Infinite is a revolution tale, but near the end you learn that is so much more. You discover that Booker is Comstock in another dimension and that you are actually Elizabeth’s father, both realities are able to exist since both the Lutece twins and Elizabeth possess the ability to open different dimensions.

    In one reality, Booker sells baby Elizabeth (a.k.a Anna) in the real world to “settle a debt”. Sick with guilt, Booker is met with the Lutece twins who create Columbia so that Booker may attempt at getting his daughter back over and over in a series of different dimensions. This reality takes place if Booker does not accept the baptism after the battle at Wounded Knee. In a different reality Booker becomes Comstock when he does accept the baptism, becoming sick with the desire to create a better world “free from the Sodom below”, Comstock performs a series of tests in order to produce and maintain Columbia, making him infertile. Comstock then travels into another dimension where Booker doesn’t sell baby Elizabeth. Instead, Comstock steals baby Elizabeth from Booker and keeps her locked away so that Booker can’t take back Comstock’s heir to Columbia, adult Elizabeth. The opening of different tears makes the possibilities of different realities infinite; hence, Bioshock Infinite. Having thousands of worm holes and loops in existence, it isn’t impossible that Rapture was created and that they could both be in relation to the other. With the new downloadable content for Bioshock Infinite “Burial at Sea”, Irrational Games will have the opportunity to further explain this relation.

    I loved that I could view cutscenes from within a tear and walk right into another environment. I also loved that they stuck to their old formula and explained the story through audio logs (voxophones) rather than cut scenes, which allowed me to explore and gather the story at my own pace. Lastly, I truly loved watching Elizabeth develop from a sweet caged bird, Disney Princess-like character into a dark wounded soul with a god-like power that made you fear her yet still made compelled you to bring her out of darkness. Thank you Irrational/2K games for making such a masterpiece and fulfilling every single one of my expectations while also reminding me that all games don’t have to be predictable.
  70. Aug 12, 2013
    What a fantastic game. Honestly, BioShocks 1 and 2 weren't at the top of my games list, but this one just blew it all out of the park for me. I loved everything about this game. The gameplay, the characters, the setting, the story. My only honest complaint about this game is that the story can be a bit incoherent or confusing at times if you don't take the time to listen to all of the 'voxophones' you come across in the game. Other than that, the weapons and vigors are fun as hell to use, and I had more fun playing this game than I have with any other game in years. Definitely give this game a go if you're a FPS fan or you like deep, complex stories with great characters. Expand
  71. Aug 9, 2013
    I really loved the original Bioshock when it came out so I feel like I should really like this game and on some levels I do but on others I don't. I'll break it down for you. PROS: - The story is pretty well written and the ending is great - The world is pretty gorgeous considering the limitations of the Xbox 360 - The characters are well written and I really felt for Booker and Elizabeth
    - Elizabeth as a helpful NPC companion was a lot of fun, (but then I do enjoy the helpful NPCs a lot)

    - The game feels like it drags on a bit longer then necessary
    - Health, Salts (Mana) and shield feels too small and to extend them required a lot of pointless side missions (more filler)

    - it's very linear, it is BUT its an FPS so please don't expect a RPG!
    - The graphics suck, well compared to top notch PC games definitely BUT its an XBOX 360!
    - The shooting sucks, it's not Call of Duty that's for sure but I think it was adequate.

    I think it's an OK game, not the masterpiece everyone claims it is but its definitely not BAD. Some people say "the journey is as important as the destination". Unfortunately for this game the journey is fairly mediocre but the destination is pretty amazing.
  72. Aug 6, 2013
    Bioshock infinite is by far the best game of the year so far and in my top ten favorite games of this generation. the graphics are amazing you'll stop and stare for tens of minuets. the story is the best i have seen in a game for a long time. Elizabeth is awesome and she can give ammo,health and money and can open tears in realty which give you cover guns and robotic allies. this game is worth every penny. 10/10 Expand
  73. Aug 5, 2013
    The opening is so breathtaking and splendorous that it could be played at least a dozen times before the repetitive and often frustrating combat bogs down an intriguing (if somewhat less focused than in previous titles) storyline.
  74. Aug 4, 2013
    this game is a thought provoking and interesting experience. Infinite provides the a first person shooter with a brain. The game has one of the more unique and interesting stories ever told within a video game. Everything is meticulously planned and when everything sinks together it leaves you with a real shock to the system. The game looks amazing on every system and plays fluidly. it is a shame that the rail combat was not included more heavily in the game because it is a blast. I lot of people have complained about the combat, but i think it is fast paced and enjoyable the weapons feel great and the shooting feels much better than previous bioshock games. the addition of gear and fusions adds to the great combat and of course the vigors are fun and extremely powerful. it is great that the game allows you to find your favorite combination of gear, weapon and vigor. the stars of the show however are definitely the characters and the back story of the world of columbia. the world is interesting and begging to be explored.
    this is the pinnacle of first person shooters and easily one of the best games of this generation.
  75. Aug 2, 2013
    Amazing game. A mind-bending story, dialogue and locations. Graphics are beautiful and stylized to match the surrealist wonder of the game's conceit. Action is fluid and engaging and the music is a clever game of Name That Tune that will make you want to stay for the end credits for the answers. Hours and hours of gameplay in your first run and you'll likely want to play it again immediately. Awards have rightfully been won, ignore the trolls. This game is solid gold. Easily the best of 2013 so far. Expand
  76. Aug 1, 2013
    Bioshock Infinite, for all intents and purposes is a game that delivers. Elizabeth is a lovable companion, and surprisingly for once, it doesn’t feel like an escort mission. Rather a companion that helps you out when you most need it. The setting and graphics are nothing short of breathtaking. Everywhere you look there is something interesting to look at; it makes you slow down and take a a good look before progressing. There is also no feeling of repetitiveness, the game offers quite a bit level design and variety.
    Game flaws would include the fact that you can only carry two weapons at a time, but other than that, there’s really nothing more that can be thought of.
    Bioshock Infinite is a game that will immerse you to the very end. This is a game that instantly hooks you into its world the moment you hit start, and doesn’t let you go until days after you finally get over that ending. It’s that good.
  77. Jul 31, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. The bioshock franchise has been blinded and overpraised by this new trend that "Videogames are art". Looking at this game gameplay-wise makes it a very average game and a disgrace for a series so praised as bioshsock. I don't have any problems with the change of genre but why this particular game doesn't get the same flame as many other games saying they are flooding the market with FPS and CoD rip-offs,and this game had no reason to change from a vintage health bar to a cover and wait shield; there is no point on changing. It also changes to a two weapon mechaninc... sounds familiar. But if the gameplay is different it should be better right? But all the strategy and real challenge the previous games had were torn appart into a dumbed down shoot-run-hide CoD ripoff. The weapons you use change because you become tired of using one and you want to change to another and there is no real point on thinking what weapon you should use in these particular scenario, given that all "battles" are virtualy the same being as I said shoot-run-hide-repeat. The weapons aren't memorable and you just stop using some of them to use just, well, better weapons. The same happens witht he vigoors, until you get a particular vigoor, you only need one permanet which is the mind control one and the other slot you can use whichever you feel like it. I know there are some enemies that have a weakness to a specific vigoor but you can still use the bronco one and pass the game as a breeze. And the upgrade path has been also dumbed down into a three way no brainer and upgrading your weapons and vigoors have no strategy whatsoever specially the vigoors as the traps have no purpose in a battle heavy FPS. Also, you don't get the option to unlock the poorly excuse of a vita chamber here so dying is only an issue in 1999 mode which gets me to my other point. There were claims that the 1999 mode was going to bring challenge again to the gamers but it just lets you die like a normal game and it offends the name challenge by making the enemies bullet sponges and with an unhuman acuracy. In bioshock 1 and 2 it made sense that the splicers have this king of acuracy and resistance given that they augmented their body to the point they went mad. So if you are going to change the whole mechanics of the game, you should also change the AI of the enemies for a fair challenge. It is still the easiest of the franchise but also the most frustrating. You can tell they didn't change the AI because the frikin policemen attack you the same way a splicer would; rushing in and shouting like a mad men without thinking a bit. So like many reviews had said the thing that stands the most are the skylines but it doens' change the fact that the gameplay was butcherd then grouped around some CoD and then pasted again with our next topic which is the fake gold or pyrite which is the artistic design. of the game. In every review I had heard of this game, half of it is about the plot and character design. Which people praise for reasons I can't explain. The plot is transdimencional that just explains EVERYTHING with multiple unvierses and isn't interesting at all. Also at the middle of the game all you have done to get somewhere is trowned to the trash and just go to another universe that changes everything which is just dumb. And remember, when I say everything is explained with multiple universes, I MEAN EVERYTHING even stupid things like ghosts. And compared to the depth and scientific acuracy of what was bioshock 1 and 2 this one has some serious problems and inacuracies for me, a 17 year old guy who just happens to love physics and know about some topics. It just says quantum particles which stay at a fixed height and doesn't go into depth to what it does or how it is powered. There is also NO explanation for the vigoors. Seriously, non, go and try to find out. And now with the characters, they are simply generic characters that doesn't compare a little to the characters of bioshock. I don't want to go in depth with all as I would never finish so lets go with the most overrated character of the game if not a contender for gordon freeman and master chief, Elizabeth. She is a one-dimensional generic women that does what all animes do, generate a waifu. A bland character based on millions behind her which can be or very over the top or a quiet character. Elizabeth isn't either as she is not Japanese, but her character is a copy paste from the most one dimensional characters that this world could ever imagine, a disney princess. This is not just the obvious, not, there are intreviews where they say their character is based on Bella of Beauty and the Beast. So, NO, Elizabeth is as bland as princess Toadstool. And finally, the "super deep satire and criticism of the US". I will wrap it up saying that thisdoesn't complement the plot. At theend it is just "look we're racis"t without a point just squashed into it.But the graphics are good meh ugly faces Expand
  78. Jul 27, 2013
    My favorite game of 2013, absolutely stunning visuals, amazing voice acting and much more. There is a lot of choice in fighting. This game may even be my favorite game of all time, a must own.
  79. Jul 27, 2013
    Incredible. Everything about this game is fantastic. If you could only afford one game this year I would recommend picking up this one. The story is the best I have ever seen in a video game, and when coupled with the amazing voice acting it makes for a great experience. Gameplay is fast-paced and addicting; providing a skill system through the various skills you acquire. Elizabeth is actually smart and doesn't hamper your ability to deal with enemies. Enemy AI is good, they don't seem to be complete morons leaving themselves out in the open to be slaughtered. Graphics are incredible, among the best I've ever seen on the 360. The world is my favorite out of any game I've ever played. The developers got the early 1900's, turn of the century feel spot on; when mixed with the steampunk aspect of Colombia being a floating city and the semi-advanced technology it makes for a setting that's unparalleled. Oh, and BioShock Infinite has one of the most mind-boggling endings of all time. Expand
  80. Jul 23, 2013
    If you love the dark-theme of the original BioShock and 2, this game will not deliver that. You don't have daylight in the previous game since the city was located underwater. But that doesn't change the experience you will have in this game.

    You are Booker DeWitt who is sent to the flying city of Columbia to escort a teenage girl named Elizabeth back to New York. As the story goes, you
    will encounter twists and a confusing ending (for some like me). I didn't bother understanding it. Columbia is so beautiful and well-crafted. The lighting, visuals and animations are stunning. AI of Elizabeth and the citizens is very realistic. There's a scene in the beach where each citizen minds their own business and Elizabeth acts like a kid who hasn't seen anything like this and interacts with every citizen. It's very wonderful to watch. Elizabeth in combat is the highlight of the game. Whenever you are low in ammo, health or salts, Elizabeth will toss it over to you and this is the most useful feature. She even tosses coins while out of combat. Besides this, she can spawn hooks, a platform, a turret, cover or even ammo for guns from another dimension. Playing the game will explain this.

    Just like the previous games, you have Plasmids which are renamed into Vigors in this game. Similarly EVE is changed to Salts. In this game, you have a new addition called the Sky-Hook which acts like a melee weapon and to give out a finishing blow to weakened enemies. Besides this, there are skylines mostly in each important or wide areas which can be used as a means of transport to get around the area very fast. It so useful to evade when so much enemies around and take out enemies while railing. The Vigors in the other hand are actually the improved versions of the Plasmids. Instead of throwing fire like a flamethrower, you throw balls of fire at enemies. You can lift enemies, grab enemies from a distant, grab bullets or even toss enemies over board. The Vigors look very bright and powerful even though some act like improved Plasmids. You will enjoy them.

    You can't forget the guns. There are guns labelled as blue and red. There isn't much difference between them. It's just red is more powerful than blue. The guns are splendid. Ranging from pistol to RPG, the guns are amazing. Just like the previous games, you can interact with the dead bodies and the environment for loot and spend the money on upgrading weapons and Vigors and collect gears (tonics in bioshock 1).

    Overall, BioShock Infinite is so amazing and takes a huge leap from the previous BioShock games and stays very strong in everything till the end. If you love the previous BioShock games or haven't played any, this game is the one you should pick. You will not regret buying this game.
  81. Jul 21, 2013
    Loved Bioshock and Bioshock 2 and thus had big expectations on this. Was totally disappointed. Long but boring. Repetitive battles and enemies. After the first third or so I was just hoping it to finish already. Also autosaving sucks bad.
  82. Jul 19, 2013
    By far the best single player experience I've ever played.

    The story is one of the best in video and pulls all of these apparent tropes given at the beginning of the game directly under the rug from you with an ending that sticks with you for a long while, great gameplay and combat in general, fantastic voice acting, and probably the most beautiful and well designed world I've ever seen
    in a video game, aesthetically. Handles topics like racism, patriotism, and American exceptionalism by showing perspectives on things which I never thought possible, making concepts like these somehow feel acceptable and ethical in the context of the universe. Pretty much absolutely everything I would want from a bioshock sequel (no Bioshock 2 does not exist) and an example of how sequels in general should be made, using the previous title as a stepping stone to further and greater heights (quite literally) in the game's own rite. Yes, this game has flaws but none of them come near to be worth mentioning from all of things this game just does right.

    Please, buy this game.
  83. Jul 19, 2013
    Extremely overrated. Does not hold a candle to the original, seeing as how BioShock revolutionized and paved way for future FPS game and the implementation of mature and cleverly written storytelling. This game has amazing graphics and and unique use for the sky-hooks, but that's all that's really new. It's just another FPS game with badly executed plot devices, a convoluted and pretentious story, a massive amount of filler, irrelevant choices, poor design, transparent characters, and unnecessary consistency that puts a damper on the immersion and story. This game receives a lot more praise than it deserves. Expand
  84. Jul 18, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I've never been a huge fan of FPS games. They all seemed generic, following the same military style of story and gameplay. However, all my preconceptions about FPS games were destroyed by the original Bioshock, a game that seemed to show the potential of the genre. I didn't think any FPS game could surpass the brilliance of Bioshock. As you might have guessed, I was proved wrong. Bioshock Infinite not only surpasses the original Bioshock, it is also one of the best FPS games I've ever played.

    Like the original, Bioshock Infinite is set in a very unique and bizarre world. The floating city of Columbia is, dare I say it, even cooler to explore than the underwater city of Rapture before it. Part of Columbia's charm comes from the art direction, which is amazing. Every building and detail of the city seems to bask in the sun's light, and everything has a beautiful glow to it. Granted, there's a lack of textures, however it doesn't even matter that much (I've heard this isn't an issue with the PC version). Columbia is just amazing to look at.

    The gameplay in Bioshock Infinite is very familiar, but also very refined. You still have guns and Vigors (which are essentially Plasmids) which is all standard Bioshock affair. However, the Vigors in this game are far more satisfying to use than the Plasmids. Nothing is quite as cool as using the Bucking Bronco Vigor to launch enemies in the air, only then to send a Murder of Crows at them. There are 2 cools new additions to combat. First is the skyline, which can be used to zip around and attack enemies from various positions. The second is Elizabeth, who can open tears and bring in ammo, turrets, and other useful assets during combat. The only gripe I have with the combat in this game is that you can only hold 2 guns at a time, which is a shame.

    You can't do a review of Bioshock Infinite without mentioning Elizabeth. Everything about her is just awesome. For one thing, you never have to worry about her, as she takes care of herself during combat. She also helps you by tossing you ammo, money, salts, and health packs. Her dialogue, voice acting, and character emotions all contribute to make her believable, interesting, and vital to the game's core experience. She's also very crucial to the plot.

    The story here is amazing, plain and simple. It starts off pretty basic, "Bring us the girl, repay the debt". However, as the game progresses, the narrative evolves into something very fascinating and foreign, but at the same time very familiar. The most notable moment of this game is the ending, which is, simply put, one of the best endings to any video game you'll ever play. It not only reconstructs the entire narrative of Bioshock Infinite, it also completely reinvents how you viewed the original Bioshock. The ending alone makes this game masterful.

    Simply put, this game is a masterpiece. Do yourself a favor and just play it. I honestly didn't think it would be this good, but I was proved wrong. It's an understatement to say this is just one of the best games of 2013. Bioshock Infinite is, without a doubt, one of the absolute best games of this generation.

  85. Jul 17, 2013
    Bioshock Infinite is one of the first truly great games to come out in a long time. There is just so much that this game does right. From the opening sequence that does the job of immersing you amazingly, to your arrival in Columbia, which is absolutely breathtaking, to the absolutely sublime ending which I won't spoil, because spoilers would result in your mind not melting upon reaching the end.

    Anyway. Gushing aside, this is a great, well-put-together game. It's everything a sequel should be. One that uses the previous game as a jumping-off point to explore bigger and better things, spreading silvery angelic wings and flying off into unexplored territory. It takes the gameplay from the first game, fast, fun, actiony shooting with plasmid abilities, only now the plasmids are called vigors, and applies it to a more adventurous toned game rather than horror-themed, adding in mechanics such as the skyhook and Elizabeth's tears, as well as gear which has different effects, and it all meshes together seamlessly to create some of the most fun and interesting shooter gameplay I've seen in a long time. The story is definitely up to Irrational's standard, exploring complex themes both in morality and in science, presenting both in equally interesting ways, and allowing the story to unfold organically. Elizabeth in particular deserves mention, as she was one of the most intriguing and organic characters I've ever interacted with in a game, though to be fair most of the other characters were just as good, it simply wasn't as noticeable because they got less screentime.

    I believe I should also mention that this game is ludicrously thought-provoking. I finished it a few weeks ago and there are still bits of the story I'm working on figuring out.

    The world is also incredibly immersive, partly because you never leave Booker's first-person perspective and partly because every aspect of it is so well-crafted, feeling very cohesive and real. It's almost impossible not to get sucked in.

    The graphics are also absolutely beautiful, with some truly amazing views to be found.

    The final boss battle is also one of the better I've seen, as it successfully tests all the skills you've learned to use thus far, which is exactly what a final battle is supposed to do. It's climactic, fun, difficult, and provides plenty of methods with which to attack the enemy, fitting whatever play style you prefer, and even adds an extra mechanic which works quite intuitively.

    If I had to criticize this game, I would have to say that death doesn't hold a lot of weight, and that makes it a little hard to take threats seriously and get invested in combat. But this is a small nitpick compared to the sheer earth-shattering greatness of this game.

    I wish I could go into more specifics, but this is a really spoilery game. Just suffice it to say that it's excellent, definitely worth buying.
  86. Jul 16, 2013
    I finished the game and my mind was blown according to all the comments and reviews I had read. The story is a perfect "10". You rarely see such a concept so well realised and thouroughly thought of. What it does that exceeds the movies that accomplish that too is that as a game, BioShock Infinite has a consistent theme. The Infinite as it is depicted even in it's gameplay. It's fitting.

    Its gameplay is well balanced and the exploration is great thanks to the immersive world that Columbia is. The graphics engine is old and that is the biggest problem with the game as it has overstayed its welcome. If it was built on a new engine it could easily (through its beautiful art) grab the perfect score and be a contender for the "game of this gen". It still is, but it still bothers me that it's not technically proficient. It's well built and has no problems and rare framedrops.

    All in all, it's one of the best stories ever conceived for a video game has some great plot twists and the way that the story gives away the info that hold it together is perfect. It's a better game than its predecessors and although it doesn't have the same impact with its atmosphere, it does a great job at what it aims to do. Give you an experience you won't forget.
  87. Jul 14, 2013
    Bioshock Infinite is a great game and has great visuals, gameplay, sound, and story. Even though the textures might not be the best quality the creativeness of the world around will astound you at every turn. Every room in the game is set up to amaze you and it certainly does that with the vibrant colors that seem to have disappeared from recent games. The sound of the game is pretty good. The guns sound a bit tinny, but that's ignorable. The soundtrack only has a couple of outstanding songs that will get on your iPod, but even if most of the songs are forgettable, they still fit the game really well and get you immersed into the action. The gameplay is also very good. Even though the game uses "burst control" as a means to make your shots more accurate instead of recoil patterns, it never feels cheap although you never feel like a skilled shot. The vigors are what spice up the gameplay along with the wonderful game-making sidekick Elizabeth. The vigors allow for more combat options than usually present in first person shooters and Elizabeth keeps you company and gives you ammo, health, salts, and she even can spawn in a couple of automatons. The story is what should make you want to buy the game though. Booker and Elizabeth go on an adventure through the sky city of Columbia that cannot be experienced by any other game. The game supplies you with some memorable characters and some plot twists that will leave you thinking a long time after you finish the game. If you haven't bought the game yet, buy it now. It's an amazing game and definitely fits in my top 10 favorite games of all time at number 3. Just below number 2, Ocarina of Time, and number 1, Wind Waker. Expand
  88. Jul 13, 2013
    Wow. Unbelievable. I got my hands on this game through a friend and never would have imagined having so much appreciation for it in the end. Personally, I have been losing interest in gaming in the last couple of years, but Bioshock Infinite has, without a doubt, prolonged the day in which I decide to give up on video games. This had a fantastic story; a story I didn't think a video game was capable of telling. It played as if a science fiction novel, done by H.G. Wells or Jules Verne. The characters were fantastic. And you couldn't help but admire Elizabeth her character felt like Alyx Vance from Half-Life 2. Finally, I couldn't have given it a 10 without the ending. Bravo. It literally made me jump up from my seat and run around the room in shock. I love when a game does that to me. And I love it when a game is so complex that it allows me to replay it and see all the puzzle pieces coming together in my head. The first Bioshock allowed me to do that, and so did Infinite. This will definitely go down as one of my favorites. Expand
  89. Jul 12, 2013
    OH MY WORD THE STORY. I loved the cinematic feel of this game, very much in the same vein as the original bioshock. The twist was one that left me reeling for days. The presentation was similarly fantastic. The only real issue that I had is that for some reason I felt that the gameplay felt like it was somewhat forced. Like the story, and the gameplay felt a bit dissonant, like it was a movie with a shooter added in. However, regardless of this whining I cannot deny the story, setting, characters, style was just so amazing, definitely the best game I've played for quite some time. Expand
  90. Jul 10, 2013
    The Good: Fantastic and intriguing story, two protagonists are likable and relatable, great art direction, skylines are awesome

    The Bad: Gamers who don’t usually explore will miss out on a ton of the plot, shooting is pretty generic, a little bit on the easy side, too much hand-holding, no stealth elements, violence a little out of place, some side-characters are underdeveloped

    Bioshshock Infinite is the kind of game you want all of your friends to play even though it doesn’t have multiplayer so you can discuss and debate about it. The ending was already (sort of) spoiled to me but nevertheless it still shocked me as everything unraveled. This game is of perfect length but at the same time you don’t want it to end because the story and characters are very fantastic.

    Bioshock Infinite has one of the most brilliant openings in gaming history, and while some games start off great but gradually get worse the story of Bioshock Infinite is constantly twisting and turning that you’ll never get bored. Just a warning though: if you’re the kind of person who only likes fast paced shooters where the goal is to shoot everything in sight, like Call of Duty, than you will not enjoy this game. A lot of the story won’t make sense to you unless you walk around listening to audio diaries of different characters. so you need to be a patient gamer.

    The core gameplay of this game kind of sucks. While it is promising at first, it quickly becomes “run away from your enemies before they shoot you” or shoot, possess, and electrocute everything in sight. It’s not very difficult or punishing, and while this may bother some people for me this was good because it meant I could skim through these action moments to get to the story.

    It’s not fair to say that the combat is entirely bad however. Guns feel great to use (even though the controls for them are quite stiff), jumping off a sky-line to kill an enemy is awesome and you do get to destroy propaganda-spitting robotic George Washingtons (come on, doesn’t that sound awesome?). I just wished that there was a little more to it, specifically in the stealth department (there is basically no way to sneak around your enemies). Maybe my hopes were just set too high by Dishonored’s brilliant stealth sections.

    The true star of this game is Elizabeth, your companion. You play as Booker Dewitt, a man who is brought to Columbia (the flying city in which the game takes place) in 1912 to find and bring a girl back to America to pay off his gambling debts. The game tackles lots of mature issues such as racism and religion and the world is disturbingly racist yet completely beautiful at the same time. While Elizabeth is helpful in shooting sequences, the real reason you’ll like her is because she is so kind and naive, yet still mature. She is flawed and perfect in her very own way at the same time. She feels real in the same way Clementine from The Walking Dead by Telltale felt real.

    Booker is also a great character. His past is mysterious- even to him, and while he’s done some really bad things in his life which haunt him, he isn’t necessarily a bad guy. Unfortunately, it’s a shame that only Booker, Elizabeth, and Comstock (the antagonist of the game who rules Columbia) are fully realized characters. There is a character I really liked in the game named Daisy Fitzroy (who leads the rebel group known as the Vox in Columbia) who is constantly described as being “no better than Comstock” which is never actually shown until one particular moment in the game which feels out of place and against her personality.

    All in all, Bioshock Infinite is an amazing game. My nitpicks may seem numerous, but they are very minor compared to the game as a whole. You’d do yourself a disservice to not play this game because “it’s shooting isn’t the best” or because there is no multiplayer. This is the sort of game which will be discussed and analyzed for years to come.

    Full Score: 9.5/10
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  91. Jul 10, 2013
    Between the fun gameplay and the great storyline, I really enjoyed this game. The wide expanse of guns and vigors along with all of the skylines make this beautiful setting a great experience to make your way through. The amount of detail put into this game is amazing and you will enjoy every second of it, and if the last of us hadn't come out I'd say that this is game of the year. However, one thing I didn't like about it was that the guns were unbalanced. You'll probably find yourself using either a shotgun or a carbine for most of the game. However, it's still tons of fun and I would give it a 9.5 if user reviews could give decimals, but since that I can only give a whole number, I'll give it a nine. Expand
  92. Jul 10, 2013
    An incredibly overrated game. It absolutely baffles me why this title has received so much praise. I am a huge fan of Irrational Games having only just played through the fantastic System Shock 2 on PC for the first time. That game was released in 1999 and absolutely stomps all over this mediocrity.

    I found the combat dull, the RPG elements non-existent, the looting unsatisfying, and
    the story where this game seems to get all the pretentious reviewers in a dizzy spin exceptionally boring. It contains the usual modern FPS flaws a slow running speed, an ability to only hold 2 weapons, a recharging shield (making the game incredibly easy), and tedious forced cutscenes where you have to listen to the unlikable characters waffling on and on, blocking your path.

    I was completely unimpressed with this game and have put it on Ebay and (begrudgingly) completing it. The game has zero replayability and I will never give it another go.. which cannot be said for far far superior games such as Half-Life 2, Dishonored, System Shock 2 and Deus EX.

    Rubbish and extremely over rated. I can only imagine that 'professional reviewers' feel obliged to give the games high ratings as they are given free, early copies to playtest. Either that or they are being paid, or are easily impressed.
  93. Jul 10, 2013
    Bioshock Infinite is the perfect first person is a bold statement but very true.This game is near perfection, its story is brilliant along with its characters (voice acting excellent as well). It is incredibly paced and gorgeous to look at!. The game will have you in a serious confusion in its last half hour or so as its story takes a massive twist but this was just the icing on the cake and every one will be blown away by it. Play this game! Expand
  94. Jul 8, 2013
    Brilliant I played the 1st 2 Bioshock games which blew me away, but this takes things to a new level, literally.

    The series keeps the winning formula but introduces a whole new story which you really get into even if you would have never played a Bioshock game.

    The only reason it's 9 and not 10 is because there is DLC and I think a game should come finished.
  95. Jul 7, 2013
    Recommended to: Fans of the original Bioshock, FPS fans and people looking for an immersive single-player game to sink plenty of time into.

    While Bioshock Infinite does not make huge changes from the original game's formula, it's still an amazing game that takes your breath away at how it looks, feels and plays. The story, while confusing if you don't pay attention or you didn't like
    your High School science classes, is well told and explained by the many hidden collectables throughout the city and characters. Columbia, while sometimes feeling more like a floating ghost-town than a thriving (or collapsing) urban city during the game, looks stunning, and when done right, like a real city. Sadly, this "real city" feel is lost quickly as the story progresses. Booker DeWitt gives the player a very interesting twist on the usual "tough guy who regrets his past" protagonist with some good depth in his character as well, adding even more to the story. Elizabeth, while being a great companion in general, has a few problems in her AI that make her feel a little fake at times and can remove you from the immersion for a while. The enemies in general are nicely made, with a brain on their heads on Medium and can be pretty cunning on hard. One enemy, the Siren, acts more like an annoying bullet sponge than a tough enemy, making the part of the game where you fight her a painful drag. The levels, even though they are linear, are made very well and sometimes feel like you are playing in an open world game instead. In short, this game is not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, Bioshock Infinite is still an amazing game. With its great story, addicting combat and a city in the skies that blows you away, this game is definitely a game of the year contender, and shows that the sky is not the limit for the infinite possibilities of fun and entertainment that you will get from this game! Expand
  96. Jul 7, 2013
    Definitely a GOTY contender, so far my favorite game of 2013 (as of 7/7). The city of Columbia is a joy to go through, the combat is fairly simple but fun, great graphics and excellent story. Must play, must buy.
  97. Jul 6, 2013
    From beginning to end, BioShock Infinite is one of the best experiences I've had with a game. It is easily a top 5 best game of this generation, and probably the last of it's kind. It is amazing how the BioShock creators took a video game series that was already among the greatest of all time, and made it even better which is what I was hoping for when I saw the trailer and gameplay preview. Almost anything that you want out of a FPS is here for the taking. The first thing you will notice when you start playing BioShock Infinite is the environment change. Instead of being in a dark, underwater city, it's actually quite the opposite. You are now sent to a very vibrant, beautiful floating city called Columbia as Booker DeWitt to find and bring back a mysterious girl that has been imprisoned in this city for years, in order to pay off your debt back home. Through this journey the environment begins to get darker and more familiar as all hell breaks loose once you are discovered. Once you find the girl, Elizabeth, you roam Columbia trying to find a way home. Throughout the game there are a number of plot twists that you have to get through with her. The graphics are great as always with BioShock games, but the color in this game has to be the best of the series. The gameplay, along with the presentation, is what really makes this game an all time great. What the BioShock creators did with the gameplay is take certain elements that they already had in the previous games, and if they didn't make them better, they at least made them different which is a good change for the series. An example of this is the health system and the "secondary hand powers" ("vigors" in BioShock Infinite). Instead of just finding health packs and "secondary hand power" viles or buying them from a vending machine and being able to keep up to a certain amount, you still get them from the same sources, but you can only fill up one meter which you can upgrade in order to hold more. The fact that you can't hold up to a certain amount of health packs or vigor viles is countered by Elizabeth giving you health, vigor, or ammunition with generation periods in between when she is looking for it when you need it. The hacking system is also incorporated into the vigors with the "Possession" vigor which allows you to possess enemy machines for only a short period of time or create salt machines (salt is what powers your vigors). Possession is 1 of 8 different types of vigors you will receive throughout the game which you can use any 1 at any time as long as you have the salt for it. The creators also added a couple of things to the gameplay. Aside from the new guns and enemies that you will encounter, Elizabeth eventually develops the ability to open "tears", creations from different worlds, of ammunition, friendly machines, and cover. The gameplay also hasn't lost it's decision making touch when it puts you in some situations where you only have 3-5 seconds to react with a game changing decision. So what the creators have done is replaced almost all old elements of gameplay in previous BioShock's with different and better elements, and added some other elements that make this game a great follow up and addition to the series. The one complaint i have with the game is the fact that some enemies just can't enter some rooms in some situations for no apparent reason. It should take about 10-12 hours to complete the story of BioShock Infinite. Overall BioShock Infinite is a game with great presentation, a good story line that won't disappoint, and new great gameplay. This is a game that you can't miss if you are a fan of the BioShock series or don't want to miss a potential game of the year/generation. Expand
  98. Jul 6, 2013
    This game was an extreme disappointment. I pre-ordered the game with tons of hype ready for it to come out, only to be greeted by mediocre combat, an uninteresting story, and unlikable characters. After the first hour of combat, I quickly realized that this is all that the combat was. Just shooting mindless grunts in the face, just with different weapons sometimes. I figured it would get better with the new Vigors. I was wrong. After collecting all 8, which is an extremely disappointing number, I was in disbelief about how useless the majority of them were. There were only about 3 Vigors that were worth upgrading, and that left me struggling to use the useless ones just to make an attempt to make the game more interesting. This game gets an extremely low score from me for not being one of the most overrated and over-hyped games of 2013 so far, but also one of the worst. Expand
  99. Jul 4, 2013
    What is there to say I loved this bio shock just as much as the others awesome newish feel to the gameplay I think they did a all around amazing job on it
  100. Jul 3, 2013
    When I first started playing I loved the direction and the setting, a city in the sky with all these features for your character to inhabit like magic and a melee weapon. But as I kept on playing the game started to suffer from repetitive action and events and lost interest in the game all together, even so there is cool breathtaking moments throughout, but forgettable.
  101. Mar 30, 2013
    I loved the original Bioshock when it came out in 2007. That the pace of the plot evaporated after the twist mattered not one jot, the game delivered deep in something sadly missing from many games today atmosphere. Bioshock 2 I also enjoyed in 2010, with the way that it opened up more, and gave a spin on events in Rapture of its own accord, but it never stunned like the original. After seeing the first trailers for Bioshock Infinite 2 years ago, I was hoping for something that would deliver in all key areas of a great game i was not disappointed!! Presentation is generally excellent for the 360, the loads being minimal and fairly fast. The graphics are beautiful in the way that they are executed and the imagination behind them, and if there is the occasional pop-in of objects or textures, and an odd moment of frame rate stutter, it never affects the gameplay. Sound design is on another level though, completely the voice actors do a sterling job, the sound effects are eerie in their delivery, and coupled with the amazing soundtrack which at times evokes memories of Stanley Kubrick's The Shining, amongst other things. The soundtrack is a loud, cluttered and often blustering bundle of objects that does what its supposed to it fills in the spaces that the graphics depend on to deliver the whole 'feel' so to speak. And so to the gameplay, which is where I have to state that this latest entry in the Bioshock series truly is the best so far. There are a handful of neat gimmicks put into the game at key points (the skyhooks, the tears in time), which when coupled with some familiar aspects (the vigors you may have seen before, and the weaponry), makes for some compulsive First-Person shooter gameplay however, the final ingredient, the one that makes this game truly great, and probably one of this years' best (and probably the decades I'm going to state right now!!) is the plot thundering through on some riffs from Alan Moore (think sparks of League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and Watchmen), and some very clear influences from Terry Gilliam (Brazil, 12 Monkeys), and many more I could mention, the whole thing moves from scene to scene, and never ever detaches the player from the game I've said this before, but if this were a book (the whole thing certainly feels like a graphic novel) you'd be up until 4 in the morning reading it!! The last time I played a game that truly made me want to get to the end, to see the whole thing, and know what was going on so much, was either Shadow of the Colossus or Half Life 2, so I think you can understand how highly I rate this game. i could write more, but alas, I'm on my second playthrough of the cursed game you see, and I want to get back to it, so I'll finish with this it is the best single-player campaign game I have played in years, it threatens to overflow with the wealth of ideas bursting forth, and even if you don't think you'll enjoy it, you have to give it at least a try. One utterly superb game. Collapse

Universal acclaim - based on 33 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 31 out of 33
  2. Negative: 0 out of 33
  1. May 27, 2013
    An instant classic that should be kept in a special place in every gamer's collection.
  2. May 11, 2013
    BioShock Infinite is a sure-fire game-of-the-year candidate, and definitely one of the standout single-player games of this generation.
  3. Apr 19, 2013
    Fuzzy-headed narrative and thematically irrelevant auxiliary mechanics make Infinite feel sloppy even when it's working. Combat increases in frequency and decreases in impact after the Hall of Heroes, so for most of its length the game sinks towards a deflated ending rather than rising towards a climax. However, that slow descent starts from a great height, so there is still much to value in Infinite even as it drowns in its own shortcomings.