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Summary: Bloodforge is a dark and brutal action combat game set in an ancient Celtic world. The fate of the ruling gods will be decided at the hands of one man - our hero, Crom. With an empowering brutal combat system, stunning standout art style, driven by a deep and compelling story, Bloodforge thrusts the player into a viciously dark world where Crom must fight his way through hordes of twisted servants and evil followers of the gods to seal his fate.
Rating: M
Developer: Climax Group, Climax Studios
Genre(s): Action
ESRB Descriptors:Blood and Gore Intense Violence Language Partial Nudity Suggestive Themes
Cast Credit
Kevin Martin Character Art
Chris Rubyor Senior Designer [Microsoft]
James Sharman Technical Director
Gareth Lewis Lead Programmer
Ben Blethyn GUI Artist
Richard Weeks Programmer
Matt Jones Animator
Rhys Cadle Design Director
Dave Owens Lead Programmer
Ross Stanton Animator
Glenn Brace Game Director
Aaron Miller Music
Michael Thomas Programmer
Richard Bryant Writer/Narrative Designer [Microsoft]
Ben Archard Programmer
Jun Li Artist [c4 Digital]
James Smythe Story And Script Writer
Joe Dixon Voice: Balor / Arayn / Wooan
Charlotte Avery Voice: Cailleach / Aerten
Justin Villiers Voice Director [Side]
Roger Carpenter Lead Producer [Microsoft]
Ben Potton Programmer
Nick Hodgson Lead Animator
Craig Moore Environment Artist
Earnest Yuen Executive Producer [Microsoft]
John Klepper Creative Director [Imagination Studios]
Jim Manning VFX
Yang Jin Rigger [Original Force 3d]
Damian Hammond Programmer
Phil Evans Recording Engineer [Side]
Lydia Leonard Voice: Morrigan
Craig Leigh Design Director [Microsoft]
Jeff Blazier Development [Microsoft]
Zhou Yan Senior Texture Artist [Original Force 3d]
Chris Jolley Audio Design
Cheryl Prince Casting Director [Side]
Ian Sutton Video Editor
Nerbert Fekkes Programmer
Wang Qian Rigger [Original Force 3d]
Wang Dong Animator [Original Force 3d]
Slobodan Danilovic Lead Animator [Imagination Studios]
Vanja Matovic Senior Animator [Imagination Studios]
Ondrej Valasek Animator [Imagination Studios]
Sam Tyskling Motion Capture Supervisor / Audio Engineer [Imagination Studios]
David Grice Facial Animator / Motion Capture Assistant [Imagination Studios]
Domuz Milos Motion Capture [Imagination Studios]
Michele Schon Motion Capture [Imagination Studios]
Slobodan Subin Motion Capture [Imagination Studios]
Per Cardell Facial Animator [Imagination Studios]
Erik Larsson Technical Artist [Imagination Studios]
Jacob Alenius Technical Artist [Imagination Studios]
Daria Gu Senior Producer [Original Force 3d]
Ant Hales Recording Engineer [Side]
Dan Fornace Game Designer [Microsoft]
Liu Ke Artist [Original Force 3d]
Yukie Yamaguchi Development [Microsoft]
Murray Andrews Producer
Alex Taylor Combat Designer
Karoly Kasszian Senior Designer
Benoit Moiny Programmer
Oliver Little Programmer
Pete Roberts Programmer
Mike Burmester Additional Programming
Mike Oakley Lead Artist
Dan Mcaul Environment Artist
David Holland Environment Artist
Erik Bakker Environment Artist
Kris Doggett VFX
Pedram Karimfazli Character Art
Jeen lih Lun Character Art
Neale Williams IGC Director
Helen Simm Video Editing
Riccardo Lenzi Producer [OPM Response]
Magali Lucchini Localisation Translation Co-Ordinator [Microsoft]
Joel Mongeon Art Director [Microsoft]
Richard Pryal Voice: Crom
John Mayhew Supervising Producer [Imagination Studios]
Anton Soderhall Producer [Imagination Studios]
Filip Carvell Producer [Imagination Studios]
Andrew Hutchinson Animator [Imagination Studios]
Kristian Petersson Animator [Imagination Studios]
Kristian Petersson Facial Animator [Imagination Studios]
Snezana Cubrilovic Animator [Imagination Studios]
Kim Bourdette Production Assistant [Imagination Studios]
Stina Boberg Production Assistant [Imagination Studios]
Howard Swindell Concept Artist
Ivan Chu Director [c4 Digital]
Steven Wen Lead Artist [c4 Digital]
WenJun You Artist [c4 Digital]
GongMing Zhao Artist [c4 Digital]
DingJin Hua Artist [c4 Digital]
JianHua Hu Artist [c4 Digital]
Jack Su Artist [c4 Digital]
Gu Long Artist [c4 Digital]
Li Fu Artist [c4 Digital]
Yi Jian Artist [c4 Digital]
Cathy Song Producer [Original Force 3d]
Susan Zang Producer [Original Force 3d]
Hu Po Senior Artist [Original Force 3d]
Zhang Linlin Senior Artist [Original Force 3d]
Hu Hailing Artist [Original Force 3d]
Han Xiaodong Artist [Original Force 3d]
Wang Shicheng Artist [Original Force 3d]
Song Shiguang Artist [Original Force 3d]
Chong Chao Artist [Original Force 3d]
Lian Cheng Artist [Original Force 3d]
Peng You Rigger [Original Force 3d]
Liu Jie Rigger [Original Force 3d]
Tang Shuo Senior Modeler [Original Force 3d]
Li Ling Senior Animation [Original Force 3d]
Yu Lifu Animator [Original Force 3d]
Wang Xinli Animator [Original Force 3d]
Lu Qi Animator [Original Force 3d]
Tian Dongdong Animator [Original Force 3d]
Zhang Jintong Animator [Original Force 3d]
Zhang Yichen Animator [Original Force 3d]
Wang Pan Animator [Original Force 3d]
Yi Chuangchun Animator [Original Force 3d]
Wang Junzheng Animator [Original Force 3d]
Yang Chun Animator [Original Force 3d]
Li Lin Animator [Original Force 3d]
Wang Wenzhao Animator [Original Force 3d]
Zang Shiyan Animator [Original Force 3d]
Wang Ziming Animator [Original Force 3d]
Justin Villiers Voice Director [Side]
Ben Archard Programmer
Michael Thomas Programmer
James Smythe Story And Script Writer
Richard Bryant Writer/Narrative Designer [Microsoft]
Charlotte Avery Voice: Cailleach / Aerten
Joe Dixon Voice: Balor / Arayn / Wooan
Lydia Leonard Voice: Morrigan
Jun Li Artist [c4 Digital]
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