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  1. Dec 1, 2012
    Gearbox software is a game developer that has really developed itself over the years. A few mediocre Half-Life expansions, to the infamous Duke Nukem series are a few of the odd titles Gearbox has churned out over its lifespan. Undoubtedly, Borderlands 2 stands out as the crown jewel of Gearbox's vault of games. After sinking about 5 days worth of playtime into this game, only a few minor complaints are what stand in the way of it being absolutely flawless. Borderlands is a mash-up of two distinct genres, FPS and RPG. The two are blended seamlessly thanks to some truly genius developing on Gearbox's part. Players start at level 1 and shoot/loot their way all the way up to level 50 through a rather hilarious adventure involving many different locations to quest across. Enemies require more thought and skill to take down than the original Borderlands, and it makes for a fun trip that rarely ever feels like it's just another RPG grind. Bosses are challenging but not impossible, and some enemy types are pretty cool. Another part of the experience is a loot system that randomly generates guns, shields, class mods, grenade mods, and relics that scale to the players particular level. Things like damage, fire rate, and recharge speed are all determined based on the level of the item looted. The difficulty and levels of enemies scale nicely to the campaign's pace as well, which is more challenging to make happen than you might think. Gearbox has really created a memorable world here as well. There are only a few characters that I wish had a skip dialogue button, lighting effects are magnificent, and the visuals are generally aesthetically pleasing. Some textures are ridiculously pixelated, but it doesn't really detract from the shootin' and lootin'. There are also many, many pop culture references such as Lord of the Rings and Minecraft just to name a few. On the negative side, the frame rate can be a pretty big issue. The game has a hard time keeping up (especially on the 360) during intense shootouts to downright freezing for a good couple seconds during a double conference call shotgun rampage. Also, prepare to see the "fight for your life" screen quite a bit. You can easily get back up by making a quick kill but you may get frustrated trying to run through enemies, or doing a quest you maybe aren't quite high enough level for. These complaints aside, Borderlands 2 is a game any fan of FPS games or RPG games should buy. I'm still having fun with it far after I hit the level cap on my Gunzerker. Well done Gearbox, well done. Expand
  2. Apr 29, 2014
    Just became a memeber and just want to say borderlands 2 goty year edition
    Is awsome and amazing having so much fun playing with family and friends
    If you havent played it what you watin for enjoy
  3. May 31, 2014
    This game will always be my favorite because of how good the 4 player co-op is. If you want a game were you can sit back have a couple of laughs and play with some friends this is the perfect game. The characters, witty dialog, map, guns, loot, and gameplay are just some of the things that make this game great. It takes everything from the original and makes it better like all sequels should and it make you want to play more. The best way to experience this game is with some friends. Definitely the best game to come out in 2012 and i cant wait for borderlands the pre-sequel . Expand
  4. Oct 30, 2012
    Good Lord! Since when do graphics make a game good? Furthermore those aren't bad graphics, it's just a different art style than most games, when did people stop reviewing games based on replay value? As for the gore, someone mentioned that it's toned down in this game, and I have no idea what they're talking about. As an avid fan but reasonable critic of the first game I can confidently tell you that this game takes a great idea, and improves on absolutely everything. The voice acting is great and is complimented by some great writing, the settings are magnificent and diverse (unlike the first which had cool landscapes but they were all pretty similar), there is also actually a plot in BL2 as opposed to its predecessor, the guns are cooler, the skill trees are more balanced, and they added some skill tree options that are geared more towards multiplayer without forsaking us single player gamers. This game literally improved on everything from the first, and in my opinion the only way you won't enjoy this game is if you don't like FPS, RPGs, or both (or if you straight up don't get what all the fuss is about with this franchise, which is fine because everyone has their own tastes). Finally the vault is actually worth opening; instead of being disappointed by a few low rarity weapons at the end of the game, I was rewarded with two legendary weapons (rarest in the game), plenty of other valuable guns, and an itch to start "True Vault Hunter Mode". In conclusion, if you like FPS, RPGs, or both then check this game out, if FPS or RPGs aren't your thing then maybe not, but everyone should at least give it a try if they're given a chance; I live in a house with three non-gamer roommates and two of them are already hooked. Expand
  5. Sep 18, 2012
    borderlands 2 is published by 2k games and developed by gearbox. one thing im specially told about this game borderlands 2 is awesome.
    borderlands 2 start with a great hand down cinematic story.Characters from the previous game initiate events that cause the planet to spit out precious minerals. Like any good story.The most significant change Borderlands 2 can boast over its predecessor
    is a cohesive plot that actually hangs together reasonably well and drives the story missions forward at a decent pace.The other big change in Borderlands 2 comes in the game's playable class structure. The melee-enhanced Berserker has been replaced this time around by a "Gunzerker" class that can briefly dual wield any two weapons, making for some enjoyably over the top combinations (I particularly enjoyed simultaneously using a shotgun in one hand and a rocket launcher in the other, which I can't recall ever doing in a first-person shooter). I also enjoyed the new Assassin class, which comes with the extremely useful ability to escape with the aid of a temporary decoy, and can use skill tree upgrades that make him a quality melee attacker.
    noow the time to tell something about graphics last borderlands using cell shaded engine which mean everything like cartoonist now the game using unreal engine 3.every thing in the game is design very well and work on more then 60 frame per second on xbox 360 and normal pc.if u like the review plz comment about this review thanks.
  6. Sep 18, 2012
    Pretty great with bros. The setting and characters are much better this round. The gameplay is LOADS better, with all that indepth customization and stuff.
  7. Sep 19, 2012
    Borderlands 2 is nothing short of a fantastic game, below you will see the good and bad of the game. The good: -Borderlands 2 graphics are fun to look at and beautiful. -You're put into the action right away. -The game-play is fun and challenging -The writing is hysterical and extremely well done. -Loading times are fast -Each character feels unique and the talent trees are very well done.
    -Every mission feels like it is important in some way, there are few tedious quests.
    -More guns
    -Plenty of character customization
    -The bad-ass ranking is a nice replacement to proficiecies
    -Co-op local and on-line is fun
    -Although the re-spawn animation is a cinematic, it moves along so fast that it is hardly noticeable
    -Seeing many familiar faces(and fighting along-side some of them) is a nice way to connect the two games while still keeping it fresh
    The bad: -There a couple missions that you must run all the way around the map, through enemies much lower leveled than you, that can be annoying
    -A couple small technical glitches(i feel through one of the boats)
    -The inventory is very limited and you'll need to drop quite a few guns before you finally get to a bank
    -There are some difficulty spikes a bit through-out the game, but these really only lead to more trips to the new-u station and a little less money in your pocket

    While the is not perfect by any means, but it gives the player one hell of a ride and i have to say, i can't wait for the dlc for this game
  8. Sep 19, 2012
    So far (7 hours in) I can say this is everything I loved from the first installment with a few new tricks all wrapped up in a shiny new package. There are some issues with texture pop in on occasion and getting stuck in the environment. But these are far outweighed by the greatness of the overall experience of this amazing game!
  9. Sep 30, 2012
    I made a 8 minute review for the Xbox360 version of BL2 and I am certain that I am the only person in the world so far that has made a review for the game and gotten every achievement which made me play in other ways no one else played the game and finding various bugs and different ways to play the game.

    Heres the review
  10. Oct 5, 2012
    I honestly didn't know much about this series. Doing research i read that the first borderlands game was somewhat like rage. which i had played so that's how i made the comparison. So my buddy calls me and says borderlands 2 is coming out were all gonna play online. So I bought it just to go along with it. To my surprise I was blown away how awesome this game truly is. Anyone who loves mmo's or loves games that have weapon upgrades,skills, talent trees,etc. Then this is the title for you. The co-op is flawless playing with a friend or just someone random is very enjoyable the mechanics the great voice dialogue and fun boss fights just work perfectly. This is not a rental this is a must have of 2012 Expand
  11. Dec 18, 2012
    I realize a 10 essentially means the "perfect" game, and while not perfect I have not had so much fun in a long time with a game. BL2 builds upon the successful aspect of the first game, and fixes much of what was lacking in the first. The classes all now feel more viable, guns are better, the humor is more frequent, it is a very well constructed game. It isn't just a copy paste like many games today. Expand
  12. Jan 2, 2013
    I don't know where to start with this review so I'll just start and keep it simple. Borderlands 2 is one of the finest games of the year, it appeals to so many sensitivities in the gamer in all of us. This is a must play for any shooter/rpg fan. One of 2012's must play games, heck one of this console generations must plays.

    I've played through twice one in tvh mode and now I'm in for
    a third. This game is addictive and has tons of replay value, plus more dlc and level cap increase are on the way.

    Play this game!!!
  13. Jan 12, 2013
    Borderlands 2 is a game that gets just about everything right, including the two most important parts of an Action RPG, the Action and the RPG both of which are superb in this game.

    Unlike a lot of games where all the guns only serve as a means to kill the enemy, in Borderlands 2 each type of gun is significantly different to the others to give you reason to choose whether to use the
    pistol or the sniper, this becomes even more varied with the different weapon manufacturers which gives all the weapons in the game their own unique characteristics. The icing on this cake is the elemental damage a lot of weapons offer, which if used right can make an important difference when killing some of the tougher enemies. All of which is supplemented by the fact the actual game engine is on par with any of the dedicated FPS shooters out there including the current king Call of Duty.

    As good as all this is though, on it's own it would soon get boring, and that's where the RPG element comes in, not only do you have a variety of locations to explore, and some rather interesting characters to interact with but like any RPG a leveling system not only serves to improve your characters signature special power but also keeps the game challenging. You will find yourself facing tough enemies any time you enter a new area, really making you work for your kills and XP, but later on when you return to these area you will find yourself levels above the enemies allowing you the godlike satisfaction of mowing them down without breaking a sweat. As you continue through the game this up and down roller-coaster continues making sure the game gives you both a pretty decent challenge but also a whole lot of fun.

    So to recap, Borderlands 2 is an awesome game... but wait... it gets better.

    Unlike a lot of games where the downloadable content adds very little to the game other than to get more of your money into publisher hands, Borderlands 2 actually delivers DLC that is just as good as the main game, giving you reason to either break from the main story or return to the game.

    Perhaps the best bit of Borderlands 2, the developers haven't shoe-horned in Multiplayer modes into it, there is no Team Deathmatch or King of the Hill, no flags to capture or bases to hold, just you and up to 3 other people running round Pandora, shooting and looting and occasionally getting your butts handed to you buy some of the games harder bosses.

    This for me is the game of 2012.
  14. Jun 5, 2013
    This game improves on the original perfectly, and is just a superb and superior game. It's got all the elements. Very engaging, multiplayer co-op is awesome, graphics, sound, story, first person shooting with RPG maneuverability, open world convergence and a loot and upgrade system across character classes just being epic. The game has it all, just wished my kids were old enough to play such an encompassing game but for adults, it's just fun and chock full. The game inclusions are second to none, a real delight and best overall game I have played on the XBox with every single incorporation. I hope they make a Borderlands 3 on the new XBox One. Such a good game that could be even more creatively added to with more compute power of the newer Xbox One platform. I look forward in wait and anticipation of an even mega Borderlands in the future. Expand
  15. Jul 26, 2013
    I have played through this game about 1.5 times. It is an absolute masterpiece of gaming. Great characters, rewarding loot, and infinite weapon combos. Do not doubt buying this game. One of the best fps/RPGs of this generation.
  16. Jul 9, 2014
    Borderlands 2 is a game that will make you laugh while you enjoy exploring the world around you. I play the game again and again and I always find something new or funny that i didn't find before. Also has one of the best villains that you love to hate in a long time. The only reason Borderlands 2 gets a 9 and not a 10 is because when in multiplayer the loot is not separate to each player but shared making getting one of the BAZILLION new guns hard when not playing with a friend. Never the less, this is a great game I would recommend to anyone looking for a fun enjoyable time. Expand
  17. Oct 2, 2012
    Bigger, better and way more bad ass. That has been said before regarding sequels to other games, but it has never been more true than with Borderlands 2. The tweaks to the classes may throw some people off at first, but give the new characters a little time to get to know them and you'll find pure gold. The game seems more balanced overall, with tougher, smarter enemies and the need to utilize each characters strengths to ensure success. If you played Borderlands and even liked it a little bit, you should be playing Borderlands 2 right now. Thank you Gearbox for another gem. I wish there were more developers like you guys that put this much thought, love and attention to detail into co-op games. Borderlands 2 is easily among the front-runners for game of the year - and one of the best co-op games in recent memory. Expand
  18. Sep 18, 2012
    Outstanding game, it really improves upon the first game. In all areas, large or small, this is a truly superior game. Not to badmouth the very good original game.
  19. Sep 19, 2012
    I just need to score this game to level out the number of poor reviews. This game is incredible and anyone who scores this less then an 8 doesn't know fun when it shoots a hole through there face. An absolute must by!

    By the way, this game contains one of the greatest intro videos of all time.
  20. Sep 18, 2012
    borderlands 2 is a amazing game that truly keeps me entertained. I cant stop playing this game because I love it so much if I had to be reborn I would want to be bord in this sick game.
  21. Sep 20, 2012
    I missed all of the press / advertisements of the first game and had it recommended to me from a friend. Once I picked it up, I fell in love with the game....sure it had its quirks but I enjoyed it immensely. I would give Borderlands 1 a 8.5 or 9, so with that in mind I can't understand how some people who loved the first game, or gave it a high score and either gave it a worse or even review compared to the 1st Borderlands. This game improves upon every single area that I had gripes with in the first one, I love the sound from the vehicles, I love the differences between the gun manufacturers, I am lvl 18 currently and there are people whom I've seen that are a much lower than myself that have weapons with a certain style that I haven't ever seen before at all, which I thing is wonderful.

    The most impressive thing, is that this game is HARD. I could play the first game with maybe dying 3-5 times through the main storyline....I think I've died 3-5 times at the character selection screen. Some may not like it, but I find it so refreshing.

    Best game I've ever played
  22. Sep 19, 2012
    Great game! Everything from the first game has been significantly improved, and new exciting features have been added as well! The campaign is simply epic and even better with a friend.
  23. Sep 19, 2012
    Probably one of the best games i have ever played. Loot heavy isnt the word for it , and the guns you get are CRAZY cool looking. The special effect of the weapons ever even cooler ranging from a pistol that shoots sticky like explosives to a grenade upgrade that when thrown it slits into 5, 500 plus grenades. Only thing stopping me from giving it a ten is i wish they gave you more creative control over the characters. You do get to change there heads and outfits but obtaining certain items in game but id rather full control , other then that , perfect game . ( lets just hope the ending is better in this then in the first ) Expand
  24. Sep 19, 2012
    There isn't much to say about this game. It is truly fantastic and improves on the original in every way. Any fan of the original would be doing themselves a great disservice if they chose not to play this game. Actually, the same goes for any gamer. Play this game.
  25. Sep 20, 2012
    Borderlands 2 feels exactly the way a sequel should - lots of little improvements, not too many big changes, and the sense that the baton was simply passed from the original to the successor.

    I played the first game for over 1,000 hours, completing both playthroughs on all 4 characters and most of the challenges as well. Even just 10 hours into my BL2 playtime, I'm still remarking at
    each new discovery "that's EXACTLY what I was missing in the first game". Improved game mechanics, better use of challenges & goals, easier progression - it's all exactly what Dr. Zed ordered.

    You SHOULD ABSOLUTELY buy this game and not stop playing it for any reason...
  26. Sep 20, 2012
    MUCH better than Borderlands 1 (which is a great game)... I've only played for about 3 1/2 hours but I can tell you the game runs smooth with great graphics, great gameplay, and really good voice acting.
  27. Sep 21, 2012
    neilsmif1980 is clearly a troll, since borderlands has an autosave that would prevent "starting from the beginning like he claims this bug did" so grats, troll was trolling. Anyway, the game is awesome, improved gameplay and co-op from the first (split-screen co-op woot woot). If you liked the original there's no way you don't like this
  28. Sep 26, 2012
    Exactly what a sequel should be, It takes everything good about the first game improves it, and adds its own flavor and humor into what was already an amazingly perfect game. Endless hours of exploring side quests and a thrilling story (in addition to play through 2) Borderlands 2 is not one to disappoint.
  29. Sep 27, 2012
    Masterpiece! A review written after 70 hours of game play and completion of normal mode...
    Recently, FPS have become a bore, and Rpg's have taken a wrong turn. Borderlands 2 takes the best of two old worlds gone sour, and makes them sweet again! Seriously.

    I literally have to start with commending: A bad ass intro! it will bring a tier to an artists eye, and motivate even the most
    unlikely of gamers.

    Controls: Let's talk about the core mechanics of this gem, and how it translates from your sweating palms, too your watering eyes. The controls are slick (on the 360), I never felt so comfortable with a games controls, especially a FPS. I get the feeling that I'm 100% in control, and no mistakes will be made unless they were my own.

    FPS Mechanics: In my opinion, it's a very realistic shooter, and this topic deserves some recognition. The reticules and kickback on almost every weapon feel as realistic as any COD game, but have a chance to be further interesting through RPG elements such as; getting an SMG which improves accuracy (shrinks reticule) while shooting. I can't express how much flavor this adds to a FPS. Every weapon feels different even if it's comparing two of the same weapons types, such as two assault rifles. When adding a wacky element like shooting explosive shots from an assault rifle, the mechanics adapt to a realistic feel such as; reloading time increases as the character is stuffing explosive ammo into the gun, or a delay in the burst, or a spread in the reticule. No matter how ridiculous the weapon modification may sound, the game adjusts to realism through mechanics. I commend the FPS mechanics and adore the RPG elements. A perfect and seamless blend that should not go UN-noticed!

    Art Style: WOW! simply wow! it speaks for itself, but my favorite part is that you journey around the color wheel, with environments dedicated to colors. Blue ice-lands, waterfalls, & dams. Orange & yellow dry lands / deserts. Green toxic swamps, and highlands. Purple Errideum lands, red volcanic finally! I truly appreciate the beauty of the color wheel in this game! Story: Story telling is important in games! The best part about this game is that it doesn't try to hard to be professional, but it delivers a rich heartfelt story that grabs you and sucks you in. I remember every aspect of plot, story telling, and the characters which delivered them. It's an emotional roller coaster of feelings which has you on the edge of your seat and almost falling off it! A good game will leave you feeling love for the characters, upset or angry at times, and wanting to reap vengeance, which will carry you through. That's exactly what this game is, and does! Some people actually gave this game a bad review, because they were emotionally broken or depressed with some of the story outcomes. That's Brilliant! I personally am left wanting to relive the experience even after completing the game. Some games like Halo: (not trying to bash, but making a point) I got lost in the story because every detail had a detail and the game tried to hard to cover to much professional explanation, and I got bored / fed-up with it. In BL2, everything has a purpose, but doesn't rabble on and on about it. Simple, to the point, and very rewarding. Sequel: This game is the definition of what makes a true sequel! If you played borderlands 1, you will not only be rewarded in game, but your soul will be rewarded through relationships and story telling references. A lot of the NPC's from borderlands 1 have made an appearance here, and they even talk / reference stories from borderlands 1. You don't need to play BL1 to understand what's happening (unlike the mass effect series (which is a great thing!)) However, you will appreciate and love the characters that much more! And possibly even want to go back and revisit the first game! This is a true sequel, and brilliant marketing system for the franchise.

    Questing: I HATE mindless questing for petty rewards... Optional side missions, are just as rewarding as the main story, and this is why story telling in games is so important to me. They literally suck you into wanting to know what happens in a minor side quest. You build a relationship with characters which become meaningful to you, and curiosity pushes you into finding out what happens. The reward is the outcome of the side plot (and often hilarious), and as a bonus you get a sweet ass weapon and some exp! Game designers really should look to borderlands as a base mesh of what makes a good game!

    Re-playability: Don't fix what's not broken! Borderlands 2 kept what was working well, and made it better! All the classes feel unique and deserve a full play through. with 100+ hours of amazing game play PER-character. your looking at a 400+ hour game with guaranteed amazing DLC already in production. You got yourself the best re-playable game of the decade (and that is an understatement!)
  30. Oct 4, 2012
    This review is going to be quick if you have friends, love to collect guns, love rpgs then this is the perfect game for you. If you played the first borderlands the story wasn't that good, I don't remember the story actually, for borderlands 2 it is different the story is solid, the gameplay is excellent, it is a pretty challenging game. And trust me you will be playing this game for a long time. The first borderlands was awesome this one is amazing. It is really worth your money and time. If you want the season pass don't hesitate buy it. Expand
  31. Oct 6, 2012
    This game takes you back to Pandora in a great way. The gameplay, guns, story, characters, and guns have been drastically improved compared to the original Borderlands and it makes it a fantastic game to play. At every moment of the game something (or someone) is trying to kill you and you get plenty of opportunities to try and kill them right back. This game is utterly lovely to play.
  32. Oct 8, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Developer: Gearbox software Publisher: 2k Games Age Rating: 18 Platforms: Xbox 360, playstation 3, PC Review platform: Xbox 360 Welcome to Pandora. The bad-ass planet that is now under Hyperion, yet more importantly Handsome Jacks authority. You can take control over one of four even more handsome vault hunters: Maya, Zero, Axton or Salvador, each with their own unique abilities. You are on Pandora for some good old fashioned looting when you get mixed up in the crimson raiders struggle against Handsome Jack, meeting familiar faces along the way (of course Claptrap). Expect one hell of a ride.

    For the Full Revew as it wont all fit in this window head over to -
  33. Oct 30, 2012
    This will probably be the best game released by a major studio, that isn't a huge franchise (Halo, Call of Duty, Assassin's Creed), this year. That's hugely significant, and yet Borderlands 2 surpasses any and all expectations that come with that.

    The game has a fantastic hook- basically Diablo with guns. That's a very interesting concept on paper, but when actually applied, is even
    better than you can imagine. You're constantly looking for better stuff, swapping and trading to completely arm yourself against the masses of enemies on Pandora. And trust me, you'll need it. Along with the guns, you have 4 (5 if you preordered or bought it) to choose from.

    Along with that, the story is good. You're tasked with bringing down Handsome Jack, a tyrant who has Pandora in his grasp. This time it's not some lame, thrown together mess, like the first one. Rather than that, this story is compelling, emotional, and just good as a whole. Also, the game has stunning graphics. Even on a console they look vibrant, and I've seen it on PC as well. They're astonishing. The cel-shaded look really brings a slick, sugary layer to the violence that goes on in the game.

    Overall, this game has almost no flaws that I can think of. Therefore, a perfect score. 10/10
  34. Oct 31, 2012
    This game is fantastic... its so much more fun than 1 see my review here at my school's site
  35. Nov 13, 2012
    Never were a fan of looting games... thought i'd check this one out (also for coop with my wife)... it blew our mind. The gameplay in combination with the comicstyle, the looting system and all other features is simply ADDICTING (especially Splitcreen). Let me list up what i like:
    - Many variations of enemys and environments keep the game interesting even after tons of hours of playing
    Different types of Rakks, Bandits, Midgets, Stalkers, Skags, Bullymongs, Threshers, Robots, Endbosses and more... (DLCs bring you more types of enemys like Pirates...)
    - Different environments in smooth transition: Deserts, Hills, Ice, Industrial, Urban and more...
    - TONS of weapons and gear: It will never be boring to use weapons and gear, because of the large variation
    - 50 Hours BEAST campaign: Unique characters in a funny world and a tough storyline keep you entertained and excited - Many comprehensive elements in story, environment, gear and characters
    - Remarkable villain-endboss, which leaves footprints everywhere in the world
    - No cutscenes, you experience most of the story in egoperspective
    - Many Endbossfights
    - Witty anecdotes
    - Many quests that give you a deeper look into Pandora
    - Balanced, not overpowered or underpowered classes
    - Motivating gameplay mechanics, that prevent that you get bored
  36. Nov 26, 2012
    This game is fantastic in combat. brilliant with combat and absolutely astounding with the amount of weapons that are in the game-play. I love the fact that there is a character fit for any gamers combat style whether it be that your a stealthy fighter (Zer0), a defensive and tactical fighter (Axton), an extreme powerhouse (Salvador) or a supportive fighter (Maya). The DLC character is another great addition as Gaige is a deadly foe to have as in a second she can have her robot Death-trap obliterate you within a second. So it is with great honour that I give Borderlands 2 a 10/10. Expand
  37. Dec 4, 2012
    This game is absolutely amazing. It has a very nice graphics and a wonderful cell shading style to it.
    I like how many guns there are in the game. One thing that is a bit annoying, is that there is no head shots, only critical hits. But you can get over that. I would recommend this game greatly for anyone who were a fan of the previous game .
  38. Apr 26, 2013
    This game is great! The graphic are unique and the gameplay is awesome! With over one bajillion different guns, you will never get bored of the loot you will get. There are many interesting characters and the quests are fun and interesting. The co-op is flawless with the ability to take on harder challenges with your friends. Although, the characters are basically the same as the original Borderlands characters with the exception of Salvador and Gaige. Also, there are lots of texture pop-ins which annoy me but it doesn't take away from the game. The story is interesting and I have to give 2K a big thumbs up for Handsome Jack as he is one of the most well scripted villains of 2012! There is also customization in this game with hats and skins for your suit. Overall, this game surpasses Borderlands and is one of the best 'shoot and loot' games of 2012. Expand
  39. Aug 17, 2013
    A game that plays on being a complete badass and the fun aspect of modern fps games. With an interesting world to explore, fun and addictive gameplay. With very memorable characters and over 1 bajillion guns and easter eggs to keep you on your feet as a vault hunter.
  40. Apr 19, 2014
    BL is hands down my all time favorite series (I love the cel-shaded visual style and the mashing of FPS+RPG). BL2's storyline is much more engaging than BL1.The second installment has even more humor than the first, with more quirky characters. I'm playing as Maya, the siren. The skill trees in BL2 have more to choose from than BL1 and they even added skin/head color/style choices for your character. The maps for different areas of Pandora spread out more than BL1, so there are even more creatures and bandits to score loot from.
    The side missions are just as humorous and aid in gaining experience. Without the side missions, it gets a little tough to run through the main story line as a single player. Luckily my bf can easily join my game and help me out if I don't feel like spending some time leveling up with side missions. I haven't completed the entire game with Maya, but I do plan to play all 4 main characters. That's how awesome this game is. I can't get enough.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 59 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 58 out of 59
  2. Negative: 0 out of 59
  1. Nov 10, 2012
    It may be a lot more of the same, but it's prettier, smoother, longer, and filled with more stuff.
  2. Nov 5, 2012
    In the end, I have to say that Borderlands 2 serves as a wonderful example of how to make a sequel work.
  3. Oct 31, 2012
    In conclusion, Borderlands 2 is a significant improvement on the original; it sharpens up the narrative, the core game progression, the visual theme and many other fundamental aspects that needed adjustment.