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  1. Positive: 80 out of 83
  2. Negative: 0 out of 83
  1. Borderlands is a excellent title, which is a must have for fans of both FPS and RPG games.
  2. The bottom line is that this game is near-perfect and if you love looting then this is the game for you.
  3. Co-op is a blast, the variety of weaponry lends an addictive quality to the game that's rarely seen, and it maintains a distinct sense of humor and personality. It's a long-lasting experience that manages to stay fresh throughout, and the ability to easily jump into a friend's game at any time only lengthens the appeal of an already stellar title.
  4. 92
    The jump-in, jump-out aspect of multiplayer mode is great for people who like to play both solo and multiplayer. And while FPS/multiplayer extremists may find the questing a bit grindy (as one confided to me after a few days of playing), there really is a je ne sais quoi about this game that totally rules.
  5. Even with its technical drawbacks, Borderlands is a shooter for people who want something a little more engaging. It will remind you of every FPS you’ve enjoyed over the last few years, stealing bits of brilliance here and there to make its own enthralling experience.
  6. It’s not just an RPG, not just a Diablo-style dungeon-crawling loot-whore game; no, Borderlands managed to actually cram in some satisfying FPS combat that doesn’t feel tacked-on. It succeeds as both an RPG AND a shooter and for that alone, it's definitely worth your money and your time.
  7. A furiously successful RPG and FPS combination that doesn't fall short on either front. [Issue#52, p.86]
  8. When a game has such vicious combat, an intriguing skill system, and full co-op capability, a mediocre story can be overlooked. Borderlands is a necessity for any fan of the FPS and RPG genres, or just down-right looting fun.
  9. Despite the pre-release co-op hype, this one’s just as entertaining for solo apocalypse survivors. While I wish more dialog was delivered through animated characters, it’s hard not to be taken in by the rest of what this ambitious shooter has to offer—great visual presentation, addictive leveling and looting, frenzied gunplay, four playable classes. Oh, and Mutant Midget Psychos.
  10. 90
    Taking elements from shooters and dungeon crawlers, the game blends them flawlessly into a terrific experience that's an easy sell for anyone who loves either.
  11. Overall, the game is worth the money for all those gamers who enjoy playing with a small group of friends or love looting. Still the game has various noticeable flaws which can have you caught in some pretty weird and awkward situations.
  12. One of the great things about Borderlands is that there is always plenty to do. In addition to the story missions there are always a number of other missions available, either from characters that you meet in the game or from job boards in the friendly settlements.
  13. The art style is great, the co-op is a blast, and while it's far from perfect, Pandora is a planet well worth exploring Borderlands is a fun – if not a tad simplistic – shooter that will appeal to the gear junkies and RPG heads as much as it will FPS fans.
  14. The bottom line here is that as true hybrid games go, Borderlands is as great a success as there has ever been.
  15. 90
    The level of enjoyment derived from the game in single player proves that this is a game best played in co-op, which is where Borderlands shines.
  16. 90
    The fun I had with the rock-solid gunplay and extensive role-playing elements was considerably amplified by each additional player. Borderlands is an absolute blast that I'll go back to again and again, even if my friends aren't around to help out.
  17. Borderlands is one of the year’s most enjoyable games, and I highly recommend it—even to those who may not like shooters or RPGs, because there’s a lot to like from this interesting hybrid.
  18. Borderlands is a deep and engaging, RPG-shooter hybrid that needs to be played to be fully appreciated.
  19. As singleplayer experiences go it's still phenomenal - especially for a loot ***** (rhymes with boar) like me. I've racked up 25 hours in the game now on just one of my characters - and I'll absolutely play it more.
  20. 90
    And there you have it. Gearbox has conjured up something special, and it's not just another Brothers In Arms sequel.
  21. 90
    This game has single-handedly stolen my soul since it arrived at my doorstep and I find myself needing to level up once a night, much like my wife and her World of Warcraft addiction.
  22. Borderlands is leading the way with the new FPS/RPG genre. It strikes a comfortable balance between real-time combat and character advancement.
  23. Wildly entertaining and loaded with enough bullet-fueled action to keep action aficionados more than pleased, Borderlands for the Xbox 360 should be on the very top of your Must Have list. Filled with more than enough missions, plenty of skills and loads of guns, this is over-the-top action at its most insane.
  24. Borderlands isn't perfect. Far from it. But its addictive gameplay and unique features makes it different from the pack.
  25. Borderlands provides players with an open world to explore, thousands of guns to collect, and plenty of compelling moments, making it worth a look for fans of shooters and RPGs alike.
  26. 88
    It's something action role-playing game fans looking for an experience more up-close and brutal than genre entries of the third-person variety should have a blast with, and one of the more memorable products of 2009.
  27. 88
    With the right blend of attitude, solid gameplay and an unapologetic focus on making a really entertaining co-op experience, Borderlands isn't just an alternative to Valve's co-op zombie-blaster this holiday season, it's really the alternative.
  28. Borderlands manages to combine two normally distinct genres into an impressive and potent blend of FPS and RPG entertainment that is best played with friends. Grab your buddies and get hunting.
  29. 87
    In short, Borderlands is a top-quality shooter and grind-fest.
  30. In most ways, Borderlands is a first-person shooter that's really designed towards RPG fans, specifically the Diablo-styled hack & slash games. Regular shooter fans will find a lot to enjoy here however, thanks to the solid shooter mechanics.
  31. Doesn’t have an instant appeal to it, but after a while Borderlands can get seriously addictive. It’s really quite impressive when you realize, that you've put 40 hours into a single player fps game! Still, the game could offer a bit more depth with the character builds. One active skill per character is really not enough. The laggy co-op in Xbox Live is a sore disappointment. [Nov 2010]
  32. Borderlands is a pretty brilliant example of the power of genre mixtures. RPG, Shooter, Sandbox… all of them are quite simple but assembling them creates a brilliant and addictive videogame.
  33. Borderlands, is a great game, a strange but well devised mix of kill and loot mechanics from Diablo and a frantic fps. Long and challenging in single player, the game gives its best in the online coop mode.
  34. Pure and addictive RPG-flavored FPS action, extremely engaging co-op and altogether a vast and mysterious world waiting to be explored.
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Generally favorable reviews- based on 665 Ratings

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  1. Jul 11, 2011
    A mediocre game. At first the experience is a bit new and seems fun, but the game quickly drags on. The original campaign is very short andA mediocre game. At first the experience is a bit new and seems fun, but the game quickly drags on. The original campaign is very short and anti-climatic. The online co-op is a joke, riddled with shameless cheaters and bugs that still exist from release. Instead of fixing the bugs, Gearbox decided it was a better idea to release 4 DLC add-ons. I only paid 10 bucks for the game and all the DLC and I still feel cheated. Full Review »
  2. MordecaiHunter
    Jan 14, 2010
    Borderlands retains the best elements of Fallout 3, leveling, skills, open RPG environment, and the first person shooter behavior and Borderlands retains the best elements of Fallout 3, leveling, skills, open RPG environment, and the first person shooter behavior and ridiculous weapons variety of Modern Warfare, all wrapped up in an orignal and creative style. The opportunities for developing a unique character based on the choices you make in the game are nearly infinite. I love this game, a must buy! Full Review »
  3. WillB
    Dec 7, 2009
    I've never been more disappointed by a game. Glitchy (misplaced markers, corrupted my savegame on xbox) annoying (millions of weapons, I've never been more disappointed by a game. Glitchy (misplaced markers, corrupted my savegame on xbox) annoying (millions of weapons, but they're all the same and you can only carry so many) no replay (quests aren't repeatable) and the ending is a flat-out disappointment after which you're left with no reason to do anything but throw down the controller. I want to like Borderlands, but my deleted character and complete lack of reward make the rest of the fun I had feel not worth it. Full Review »