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  1. Nov 5, 2013
    Great, I am surprised that there are so many haters, but that is probably because call of duty will always be a more popular title than battlefield 4. I feel this game is much better than black ops 2 and I hope to see eSports develop in this game.
  2. Nov 5, 2013
    the game is really good everything about it is great. the story line is better then black ops 2 but then again black ops 2 was a game. cod ghosts is 10x better then any other mw,cod or black ops game out their. multiplayer is awesome nothing wrong with it. I give the game a solid 10/10!!!!!
  3. Nov 5, 2013
    Lol these kids "beat it in 3 hours" never has a campaign been less than 8 hours in the cod franchise. This game spans 10 minimum. No loopholes no speed throughs. The multiplayer is balanced and fun. They didn't do away with search and destroy they created a new variant. So shut up. The game is amazing ease check it out even if that means borrowing it lol
  4. Nov 5, 2013
    Don't see any problems with the younger generation playing this game, not much graphic violence and could probably be a 12 but for some strong language from time to time. I was unsure whether or not to let my 14 year old son get it, I let him buy it and I was actually surprised at the small levels of violence in the game. If you are in a position like I was where you don't know whether or not to let your son/daughter aged 13-15 get this game, I say let them. Expand
  5. Nov 5, 2013
    Absolutely fantastic new innovative Fish AI. The fish actually move out of your way when you swim towards them. Mind blowing. Another brilliant addition to the greatest video game series of all time. Also, dogs.
    Don't forget to get it on the best system, that of course being the XBOX 360. And to get the best experience possible don't forget to buy some MOUNTAIN DEW & DORITOS to enjoy
    while playing this masterpiece of a game. Expand
  6. Nov 5, 2013
    Actually no I take that back, It has a variation of S&D no official version, The storyline is Godawful, And you accomplish Nothing at all. You are left with a piece of unfinished crap from Yours Sincerely, IW and it's "new engine"
  7. Nov 6, 2013
    I'm a hardcore CoD gamer that loves to compete to be the best, but with all these new "innovations" it has become impossible to get more than one kill without dying. Its an endless cycle; you run around, kill, get killed, then run around kill and get killed some more. The only way to get a +1,5 k/d is by camping, but I don't have time to waste my life hiding in a corner. This game just doesn't require skill anymore.
    I was also very disappointed with the "customize your soldier", I was expecting something along the lines of rainbow six ,but it was more like GTA 4's customization options; barely anything to choose from.
    My major complaint though is the removal of Search and Destroy from pub games, I used to love playing Search and Destroy with my team, now its been replaced by this stupid search and kill confirm game type.
    The series sure went down hill after they fired West and Zampella. MW2 was a masterpiece, after that, it was the same call of duty trash. The series has officially died for me. Time to move on. Looking forward to Titan fall, which IMO is the true successor to MW2.
  8. Nov 7, 2013
    The game in itself is fun, but that's if you don't take into account that CoD's been the same, reskinned game since 4. The campaign was pretty fun but short and lacking story other than the generic "These are the bad guys. So you're killing them.". I liked the characters but you barely get to know them. Overall I'd give the campaign a 5 or 6 due to the lack of character development and actual plot.

    MP and Extinction are pretty fun as well, but it's not like I'm going to be playing them for hundreds of hours. It gets repetitive pretty fast.

    If you want my advice, just rent it. It's not worth keeping unless you're a diehard CoD fan.
  9. Nov 5, 2013
    Very similar to the last game, which is to be expected. The real surprise for me is how generous they are with multiplayer maps. 15 including the bonus one! Considering how much money they make on DLC map packs, I was expecting the suits at Activision to scale back the content in the initial release to milk this franchise like Gears of War did. Pleasantly surprised.
    If you like CoD, then
    you'll like this CoD. If you want CoD to completely change things up to freshen their formula, then you should just switch to another shooter. There are lots of great ones out there. Expand
  10. Nov 5, 2013
    this game is so horrible,i cant believe that battlefield 3 has better graphics than ghosts,the history is boring as hell,in 4 hours you can finish the game
  11. Nov 10, 2013
    Call of duty is awesome the single player is epic and the multiplayer is the same as always it's a Good fast paced high action shooter I'd recommend it to any true gamers to play
  12. Nov 7, 2013
    CoD Ghosts is Pretty decent and enjoyable, The Single player is fairly short but still fun, Extinction is a nice new addition but could use more maps and then it would be great. The multiplayer which is the big part about Ghosts is good fun to play and has nice features to it, the Strike Package system is back which I personally liked as I could change my class with different strike packages for whatever mood I'm in, the new game types are very good. Cranked is a nice fast paced game as when you get a kill you gain increased speed and some other abilities but at the same time you have 30 seconds to get your next kill. Blitz I have still yet to understand but is still fun. Search and rescue is basically search and destroy but with a new element to it, whenever a player dies he/she drops a Dog tag which if recovered by a team mate will bring you back into the game but if recovered by an enemy you're dead for the round. The class system is good with everything unlocked at the start but has to be bought with squad points which are unlocked through operations (challenges) or by playing and levelling up, character customisation is cool and customisation items are unlocked through operations. Sadly there is no emblem editor, but I can look past that. The maps finally have some variation in them for all weapon types which changes the pace of most games, unlike in BO2 which had very SMG heavy maps. I think I have covered most of the game and overall I give it 8/10, SP is short but still enjoyable, Extinction could do with more maps and the MP is a good solid experience with a lot of new features. There is recycled content but it doesn't make the game terrible as most people are saying. Expand
  13. Nov 6, 2013
    This game compared to battlefield 4 is halarious even this compared to battlefield 3 lol this has the graphics of battlefield 2 boring boring boring boring dud sterio types boring gunplay no imersion honestly why do they think they can keep going with this lol there only community is 12 yearolds spend your money on other games that have depth into them not a half year game that is for 12 yearolds
  14. Nov 6, 2013
    This review only covered multiplayer. Not bothering with campaign till Xbox One release.
    This years COD seems to be a slight improvement over last years. Some of the new multiplayer modes are fun yet stressful at the same time.. The character creation has been overhauled since you can now customize pretty much anything from your face mask to your pants. The make a class system has also
    taken some features introduced in Black Ops 2 and has improved upon it. The gameplay itself is exactly the same as every other COD yet it feels improved at the same time. I personally would recommend it to anyone looking for a fun FPS. Expand
  15. Nov 6, 2013
    I never do reviews on games. This will be my first review because Call of Duty doesn't deserve to be rated a 0 and lumped with other games that Wal-Mart can't even give away for free. I’ve played Call of Duty since the original was released for PC back in ’03. If you bought Call of Duty: Ghosts expecting a completely new, fresh and energizing feel. Then don’t get this one. It is the same Call of Duty formula that we’ve seen for the past 6 years, but that’s why it’s called Call of Duty and that why people buy it. It sticks to the tried and true campaign set pieces and fast paced multiplayer that the series is known for. Infinity Ward did make extinction mode (Aliens instead of zombies) and it plays very well with friends. I never really got into zombies but this mode really encourages teamwork with the different classes you can play once you level your character up to unlock them. On that, I’m giving the game an 8 out of 10 for some of these reasons: They took out search and destroy for unknown reasons, which was one of the most played game types on Call of Duty and I understand the frustration for those that played the hell out of that. Also, the campaign is laughably short. It felt like a tutorial mission to prep me for multiplayer. They shouldn’t of included the campaign at all and focused on a multiplayer only Call of Duty. If you’re looking for something new, buy a different game (Looking forward to Titanfall personally) If you’re looking for Call of Duty, buy it and enjoy the Call of Duty we all know and love. Expand
  16. Nov 6, 2013
    There is ZERO strategy to be found in the multiplayer as the maps lack any direction or flow whatsoever. If you thought there were any gametypes available to change that, THINK AGAIN because HQ, S&D, demolition, & CTF are all gone.
  17. Nov 6, 2013
    Activision clearly thinks their customers are fools who will buy the game regardless of what they do. A next gen game using an 11 year old modified quake engine. So much for all the "we are building a new engine". Adding some poor lighting effects (google ghosts two suns lighting) and upping polygon count doesn't equal a new engine. Then there is the issue of one of the final scene from MW2 being recycled into the start of ghosts. Been playing since cod2 and cod4 is still the best. Not because of nostalgia (as Vonderhaar has claimed) but because the server lag was way less notable to the point that skill actually played a part. Expand
  18. Nov 8, 2013
    I cant comment on the campaign mode because I only play multiplayer. Xbox 360 1.Graphics are very dull looking. 2. Unrealistic gun sounds. They all sound like the are being fired inside of a sewer pipe. 3. I can live with the huge maps, but the re-spawn points are pathetic. 4. Player customization has no effect in game,its all for show, very little developer thought. 5. Voice chat identification in game is gone so you dont know which of your team mates is talking.
    6. Removing SnD from the game? I mean search and rescue is cool and all but to remove the second biggest game mode next to TDM from the game entirely?
    If this what the future holds for Call of Duty with developer Treyarch and Activision then I wont have to worry about forking out $500 for a new console next year to play the Next Gen boring CoD game like Call of Duty Ghosts has become.
  19. Nov 8, 2013
    Call of duty Ghosts Has some great innovations. Extinction mode is a fun twist on zombies! Squads Mode gives you new incentive to the Multi Player Grind New killstreaks are great and balanced. The maps are a great change from the old. You die awfully fast in this one. Multi player has some new innovations. Here is to all the negative reviewers- You all have a unifying theme to your reviews anger and hate.
    Let me ask you a question?
    You all want a "new" and innovating game yet you bash Infinity ward for changing the game?
    You all say this is the same game over and over again yet you crave the consistency and get infuriated by change, curse the developers for changing a game type?
    I agree COD developers should wait and put more time into their game but they consistently deliver a solid at least 7 game. No one plays COD for the Campaign although they have had some decent ones.
    Everyone plays to stomp out kids online and their friends.
    COD is the new playground on which disputes get settled on, where you can put your gaming money where your gaming mouth is!

    So stop your complaining and giving of 0's Hulk Hogans Main Event deserves a 0 not this game.
    I bet half of you went online and got worked over because of some of the new changes and chose not to adapt to it and ranted on here about the game. This game is worth the money great job to the development team keep on innovating!
  20. Nov 5, 2013
    As many of us know, the Call of Duty series has gone on a solid decline since MW2. All educated gamers know that Call of Duty has used the "copy and paste" formula since 2008. The games have slowly gotten old, repetitive, and in general, extremely boring. While I liked MW2 and did not completely hate BO2, MW3 and BO were terrible games. Now we have Call of Duty: Ghosts. This is the first time that I did not buy a Call of Duty game; instead I decided to rent Ghosts and see how it was. After playing Ghosts for a couple of hours, I can officially state that Call of Duty: Ghosts is not only the worst Call of Duty game in the franchise's history, but the worst FPS I have ever played. This game's visuals are atrocious in motion, there are extremely rough textures as well, and the gameplay is horrible. The hit/miss marker is horrific, just like BO2 and the maps are poor as well. The story mode, unlike the previous CoD games developed by Infinity Ward, is terrible. The story is extremely short and I lost interest 30 minutes into it. Do NOT buy this undeveloped atrocity of a game, even when it goes on sale in about a year! Expand
  21. Nov 5, 2013
    An entertaining romp, it annual release is welcome and most gamers are used to it by now. However compared to last years black ops II its a step backwards unfortunately, the singleplayer is fine. Online fine. Nothing has been pushed uniquely added. No risks have been taken. The story is boring but gets better(crazier) towards the ending.

    Better luck next time, think about a combination
    or eras next outing, Call of Duty: Time at war. Feature Ww1 ww2 Vietnam 80s now and the future. That would be epic, we had a taste of it in black ops 1/2 Expand
  22. Nov 5, 2013
    i am the only one who thinks this should've been a DLC for MW3?? i mean what the hell!!! it's the same one but with a dog on it. Either way it stills being good at our amusement.
  23. Nov 6, 2013
    once again a great installment to the series. I would give this a 9 because it removed search and destroy however everyone keeps hating so i'm giving this a 10
  24. Nov 5, 2013
    this game smelled so bad but played so good. seriously the case shelled like burnt garbage and ball sweat. but after vomiting i recovered enough to play it and holy was i blown away. i almost had to vomit again from excitement. the story is fun and captivating and multiplay was put together well. a solid shooter
  25. Nov 5, 2013
    Same gimmick every single year, yet still they expect to make a lot of money, this year they have disappointed, call of duty was dead last year now they are just poking the dead corpse hoping it would give more!
  26. Nov 5, 2013
    This is ridiculous of how many people hate this game. I have played it, and it was one of the greatest games I have ever played, even much so that it has rivaled Black Ops II.
  27. Nov 5, 2013
    I picked Ghosts up this morning and had high hopes that this would be the one that stepped forward with an new awesome touch to the old "COD formula". After about 8 hours of gameplay I feel extremely disappointed... Same old outdated stuff, that has been milked for YEARS now.

    COD:Ghosts is nothing more than a glorified MW2 reskin sadly...
  28. Nov 5, 2013
    Terrible! I've played call of duty since the start and this has to be the worst! It's honestly a joke. I can't even finish this review due to the badness of it.
  29. Nov 5, 2013
    COD lost its way once Jason West and Vince Zampella were fired. COD 4 and Modern Warfare 2 are still the best till this day. Titanfall FTW!!! Respawn Entertainment!
  30. Nov 6, 2013
    LISTEN, I have been with Call of Duty since its inception, Call of Duty: Finest Hour (yes there was a COD before Modern Warfare and have, for the most part, thoroughly enjoyed my COD experience, that is until now. I understand what Activision is doing, trying to appeal to everyone, and appease share holders. But they have overshot and lost sight of who their repeat customers really are, and what they want. It's simple, Infinity Ward is not the Infinity Ward of old, the IW creators are now with EA making Titanfall. And why do you think that is? Because Activision wanted those guys to go in a different direction than what they wanted. The originals from IW knew what COD gamers wanted, a niche FPS, and they thrived at that. So here we are, with a watered down version of what used to be. These things happen unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. The only way to make your voice heard is through your money. I have poured 100s if not 1000s of dollars into this franchise and related items, and up until now, have received great return in the form of fun and entertainment. It's sad to see this franchise go in this way, but that just leaves us with new doors to open and explore. This may not be the death of COD, but an awakening for Activision. We can only hope. Expand
  31. Nov 6, 2013
    The Call Of Duty series is undeniably one of the most popular game franchises in gaming history. However if you're a long time call of duty fan, then call of duty ghosts is going to disappoint you. First off the campaign of the game is extremely short and can be finished in about 3-5 hours at best. Also no new content has really been added, this feels like a copy and paste (again) of the same sounds, guns, it just feels plain bland. However the saddest part of this game, is that not even its multiplayer mode. The one that has delivered hours upon hours of fun, can save it this time. If you're looking to buy this game just for the multiplayer it would save time, money and disappointment to just stay on another CoD game. Expand
  32. Nov 6, 2013
    Multiplayer Review Only:

    Positive: Ghosts appears to have the best connection of all the COD's, very little lag. The game runs smoothly.

    Negative: Maps are too large for 12 players resulting in slow paced and mind numbingly dull games. A couple of the maps look nice but the rest feel very rushed and lacking polish. Many of the games I have played don't even reach the score limit. The
    muddy textures and shadows often make camping enemies invisible. The color palette for me is cartoonish, moving the series in more of a Black Ops direction visually. The character models are generic. The lighting engine looks ancient, very little detail and reflections off of objects such as your guns. It's astonishing that the majority of COD gamers vote smaller and faster maps as their favorites (Crash, Dome, Nuketown, Backlot, Wetwork, Firing Range, Summit, Terminal, etc.) yet IW went in the complete opposite direction. There is very little air support this time around, so leave your rocket launcher at home. For hardcore gamers, there is no map when you hit start which makes navigation through these horribly huge maps very confusing at times. The guns are run of the mill and lack any guts in the sound department. Some grenade launchers, like the Thumper, prevent the player from aiming down the sites. COD needs to either allow or just scrap certain weapons and attachments, I am sick of each installment trying to dumb certain things down and add perks to counter. Just have some guts and stand by your decisions IW! There is very little in the game to write home about as MW2 and BOps2 played a lot better. It is painful being provided with so many cool futuristic gadgets and features in BOps2 only to have them taken away in Ghost. The whole experience feels gutted, generic, and lacks love and polish. I would not recommend this game to anyone. Expand
  33. Nov 7, 2013
    I've been saying it since MW2. Same thing every year. Nothing innovative at all. Activision has figured out how to exploit addiction. Do yourself a favor and stay away from Activision and Bobby Kotick.
  34. Nov 7, 2013
    Again after 7 years the problem continue to immerge in this blockbuster serie....the same again even after all this time. Single player is not the reason to buy the game, there is a reason maybe for replayability in the aliens mode but that ends here. The multiplayer is complete trash I don't even understand how they could go from epic MW1 gameplay to this... the only reason you will play call of duty ghost multiplayer is because you can't run Battlefield 4 on your pc or you don't know how to play it on console/pc. Treyarch and Infinity ward you need a new engine for the Call of Duty serie you are stealing people. Expand
  35. Nov 5, 2013
    Didn't play the single player. I only bought this for the multiplayer. I wouldn't mind another COD iteration, but this one feels clunky and I just don't have any draw to it. After about an hour that was enough. In particular most of the maps play too large. Most of them are just a LOT of intersecting corridors with no line of sight beyond one or two rooms. As a result you spend way too much time roaming these corridors and kills just seem to be one player stumbling up behind another. Also, why are there no merc matches anymore? COD has never compensated for parties in their matchmaking algorithm, so for those of us who can't wrangle up a full squad you'll get dominated. Expand
  36. Nov 15, 2013
    I am counting pixels in 2013...
    I am counting pixels in 2013...
    I am counting pixels in 2013...
    I am counting pixels in 2013...
    I am counting pixels in 2013...
  37. Nov 6, 2013
    This crap is utter garbage. Campaign's quality went down from Black Ops 2, multiplayer is the same as ever, graphics are the same, and the game feels cheesey. Just don't buy the game. It is a waste of money.
  38. Nov 6, 2013
    It receives so much hate (and deservedly so) and yet still makes $1 Billion on it first day. Another mediocre game and another billion dollars, this has gone on for far too long.
  39. Nov 7, 2013
    Its like a pirated DVD of a game it looks rough plays like a games from 2004 and is just bad this is not a new engine total BS lazy cash in yet again some good ideas but the choppy story and ugly graphics and 1980s story line.
    This will be traded in for BF4 i gave COD one more chance they are ripping the piss now.
  40. Nov 7, 2013
    People complain because they think COD has gone stale. It's not stale. It's just bad. The game tries to be innovative and has made progress with larger multi level maps. But it all comes down to gameplay, and whoever has the upperhand because of connection wins. Skill plays little to no role in most online games I've experienced.

    I refused to buy another COD game after MW3 without
    renting it first. This is MW3 all over again. If you hated MW3 because of their network code, this is exactly the same if not worse. One shot kills, bad hit registry, players being 5 steps ahead of you, etc. If you don't know what I'm talking about, then you might be one of the lucky ones and enjoy this game. If you know all to well these experiences with COD, spend your money on something else. Expand
  41. Nov 18, 2013
    Ghosts is disappointing because it doesn’t fix the myriad of problems that have plagued COD for the last several games. Its predecessor, Black Ops 2, is a horribly imbalanced game that failed to accomplish the one thing Treyarch promised would be emphasized: teamwork. Low incentives to achieve goals inevitably led to lone wolf behavior. The waves of insanely overpowered scorestreaks brutalized average gamers. Snipers run around the maps quickscoping while people with smg’s camp and snipe. However, Black Ops 2 delivers fun and frantic gameplay that rewards players for sticking it out.
    Is Ghosts better than Blops 2? No. Infinity Ward addresses some of the balance issues. Score streaks have been nerfed (well partially). The improved hit detection is INSANE. On the downside, health is low. So players kill quick and die quicker. Average gamers and COD newbies will not have the reaction time necessary to respond to incoming fire. So if you don’t fire first, game over. Blops 2 was more forgiving. Blame it on lag, but I like having the opportunity to evade fire. Not here. Expect to see the kill cam without knowing bullets were coming.
    Weapons balance is still off. Shotguns are a joke. The range and spread damage is the worst and most inconsistent I’ve seen. C4 has virtually no splash damage and will not always detonate, so don’t rely on it in a crunch. SMG’s spit out rounds fast, but lose all their teeth at midrange shots. On the flipside, assault rifles possess extreme stopping power and range. Other than sniper rifles, assault rifles trump all other guns at any range. LMG’s have large clips, but they have no other advantages which renders them useless. Knifing lunging is back!! In close combat don’t shoot. KNIFE KNIFE KNIFE!! Players who knife lunge are invincible. So just accept it and die with dignity. Or rage because knife lunging is freaking ridiculous. Like Blops 2, map design and poor weapon balance has once again led to the emergence of only 2 preferred weapon classes. In this game its assault and sniper.
    The upgrade system is different, but not innovative. Players can unlock guns and perks as soon as they have the points to do so. No more waiting until level 55 to unlock a favorite weapon. Play a few rounds, earn “squad points”, and unlock it. I like this, but COD loyalists’ opinions are mixed because it reduces the need to rank up. Except for a handful of perks, most are superfluous and don’t provide enough tactical advantages.
    The large maps are another point of contention. Compared to Blops 2, these maps are huge. But they aren’t strategic and lack choke points. So expect to be shot or stabbed in the back—a lot. Spawn points aren't randomized, so spawn deaths are already ruining the fun. I’ve already spawned on IED’s and been sniped multiple times by the same players who’ve memorized spawn points. Oh yeah, people I’ve just shot spawning directly behind me isn’t fun either. The 6 on 6 matches are entirely too small. Games regularly timeout before all objectives are complete. Camping is rampant. At least 8 on 8 is necessary for the larger maps. Players can run around for several minutes without glimpsing a single baddie. Developers say that current gen systems simply can’t handle larger matches. Xbox One and PS4 will have larger lobbies which will hopefully speed up the tempo. PS3 and Xbox 360 are just SOL.
    The scorestreaks are more ground based and none seem insanely overpowered except the companion dog. It’s unlocked at low score levels and the benefit lasts too long. Dogs will not go away even if their masters are killed several times. So a dog can remain alive for an entire match. Also, the dogs seem to endure 4-6 times the damage of combatants before dying and they suffer no splash damage from lethals. Their high health and persistence is irritating. They kill instantly too. I don’t see how this is any different than a combat drone or VTOL warship.It adds nothing but frustration to the game because it’s merely a different overkill killstreak.
    My biggest complaint is Ghosts’ graphics. The game textures are washed out and game elements are hard to see. Gamers will be shot by someone standing directly in front of them or bump into enemies without noticing. Traps are also hard to discern. Some maps are worse than others. Infinity Ward wanted the environments to look “real”, but the limitations on the 360 and PS3 are just too obvious. Textures look bad, colors are muted, and aliasing is painfully noticeable. Blops 2 has an arcady look, but the visuals are crisp and sharp. Seeing cloaked players on Crysis multiplayer is easier than spotting a camped sniper on Ghosts.
    The campaign is typical COD fare. But I’ve seen it all before. Literally, some of the scenes have been ripped straight from previous COD installments. The squads mode is a confused attempt to "push" multiplayer someplace new. Extinction is OK, but brief.
    Ghosts is merely an obligation to meet a yearly deadline. Pass on this game.
  42. Nov 6, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. you know we all know lag bad textures recycled weapons it's a laugh of direspect no they hate us all they care about is money so they can build the next gen on there xbox one and ps4 while letting the rest in everything is to hate i can call it all know but it wont fit Expand
  43. Nov 6, 2013
    Yet another Call of Duty, yet another zero. This is a series for braindead 13-years. Avoid at all costs this piece of garbage. Lalalalala-lalalala-lala-la
  44. Nov 5, 2013
    Cod needs to die. I havent bought the last 3 but ive still played them stop buying and maybe they'll change the game until then Just do yourself a big favor and get battlefield 4
  45. Nov 7, 2013
    I can't in all good conscience give this game a zero because it is an excellent multiplayer experience. The campaign has some "newish" stuff and isn't "bad". It contains many good moments and some worthy of a face palm. It clearly wasn't the focus of game design. I think the general insult to the public that you can see manifesting in the user reviews would be greatly diminished if the Call of Duty Franchise accepted what it has become. It is primarily a multiplayer experience. Quit tacking on a campaign as a secondary feature. I love and actually prefer campaigns but I don't want to see them suffer because so much attention is given to multiplayer. Multiplayer and Campaign can both be top notch experiences but not when packaged together and created annually. I understand that publishers would rather gouge out their own eyes than release a FPS campaign without a multiplayer, so we'll never see them released separately. Instead take some extra time and refine both parts of the experience then we won't see such a copy and paste franchise. Expand
  46. Nov 5, 2013
    Just reviewing the multiplayer(mostly compared to previous ones) + Moved the scoreboard to the side so it’s not in the way. + Dynamic levels are interesting. + Character patches replacing custom emblems are cool. + Looking down the scope of a sniper looks wayyy better. + Less sway when looking down scopes I’ve noticed. - Maps are too big. There’s only 12 people in a match and a huge level, you spend more time looking for people than actually shooting. As a result.. you get shot in the back… a lot.. Only way to prevent this is with camping..
    - Guard dog’s AI is… extremely low. Leaving it to be a useless new killstreak perk.
    - Huge lag between when you press right trigger and when a grenade is actually thrown I’ve noticed.
    - IED (lethal item that has replaced bouncing bettys/claymores) and motion sensores(non-lethal weapon) have yet to… do what they claim to do for me.
    - Apparently they arn’t having dedicated servers for Xbox360..
    - Took away the ping thing when you look at scores.
    - ‘Sat Coms’ (replaced UAVs)… are sortof useless. The whole point of it is to have a UAV that’s placed on the map, instead of plying in the air.. however.. I found that they don’t do much in showing people on the map. And… they self destruct wayyy to quickly. What’s the purpose in putting in effort into hiding it well when they just blow up shortly after placing it?
    - Characters and models… blend in wayy too much. Both just look like a grey blob. Makes camping soo much easier cause it’s too tough to notice people sitting still.
    - I don’t know if it’s just me… but, there’s something off about how fast and easy it is to get killed.. For example, you seem to just die instantly, but then you watch the kill cam and see he pumped 6 or 7 shots into you and makes you wonder why it only felt like one.
    Conclusion: Skip this one. While trying to the make the game more ‘teamwork’ focused, Infinity Ward broke the simple fun COD game play I’ve come to love. Only way you’ll do alright and not get shot in the back is if you camp… yeah.
  47. Nov 7, 2013
    Here’s the deal: the game is nothing short of an embarrassment. People here are criticizing Ghosts because “it’s recycled”. I agree with that to a certain extent it’s recycled, but for me, I would have loved another game like MW2 or MW3. Recycling gamepay that’s head-and-shoulders above everything else on Xbox 360 isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The problem with Ghosts for me, fundamentally, are three-fold: the maps, the guns and the instant-kill-time. The maps are, well, let’s be honest, diabolical. They’re far to large and it’s like IW decided it wanted to compete with Battlefield, and missed the point as to what makes COD brilliant; which is, insanely fast-paced, non-stop adrenaline-pumped action. By making the maps too large, the fast-paced action that makes COD brilliant dissipates and occasionally you’re left wondering around the map looking for people to shoot.

    Secondly, the guns have no character. That might sound very vague, but you’ll understand what I mean when you play the game. When you fired a gun in, say, MW3, such as the LSW or the Barret 50, they felt visceral. The power of the gun was effectively translated to your ears and almost reverberated throughout your entire body. They felt lethal. That’s not the case with the guns in Ghosts. They sound dull and identikit. Thirdly, the game is essentially like playing hardcore-mode in MW3 because you die so fast. In Ghosts bullets seem to kill you in nano-seconds, and unless you have the reaction-times of a house-fly on amphetamines, you’re going to die 99% of time when someone fires the first shot. Also, taking an objective look at the graphics and comparing them with MW3, as I did last night, I don’t think the game looks as good. The guns, arguably look prettier, but the maps look scruffy.

    There are lots of other things that irk about the game, such as Dead Silence still being negated by Sitrep-pro (or as it’s called now ‘Amplifier) meaning those people who have money to spend on expensive Turtle Beach surround-sound headsets will have a massive and unfair advantage over those who perhaps can’t afford such gaming equipment. It’s elitist and IW knows how unpopular Siterp-pro was in game-modes such as S&D in MW3, because of the endless forum-posts berating them for allowing Sitrep-pro to counter Dead Silence, and yet, apparently, they don’t care. Some have speculated that IW has a ‘special relationship’ with Turtle Beach (the manufactures of gaming-headsets), perhaps explaining why they won’t remove it. Whatever the case, I’m certainly not going to be wasting my time crouch-walking around maps in S&R on Ghosts simply to avoid the people sound-whoring me from 50 yards away. I simply don’t have the patience for that BS anymore.

    GOD is afraid to change. It’s terrified of doing something radically different in fear of alienating the pre-existing fan-base, but paradoxically, that fan-base is growing tired of the same regurgitated gameplay year-after-year. New game-modes and replacing people with aliens isn’t enough anymore. COD needs to evolve, it needs to be dramatically reinvented because if it doesn’t, other games like Titan Fall will, and they’ll steal COD’s FPS-crown. The developers and publishers of Ghosts strike me as the sort of people who think they can keep rehashing the same gameplay year-after-year and expect ever-increasing sales. It doesn’t work like that. If you regurgitate the same stuff year-in and year-out people will stop buying your crap. It’s that simple, and it’s why Ghosts only has a Metacritic user-score of 2.1 out of 10 and why sales are down. The developers of Ghosts are so ineffably lazy, they even copy-and-pasted cut-scene animations from MW2. Anyone seen that on YouTube? This is a company that makes billions and yet they’re still using the same vehicles in the game’s multiplayer environment from COD4.

    What other things irked about the game? Oh yeah, they promised dedicated servers, which would have solved a multitude of problems, including perhaps even alleviating the unbalanced ‘lag compensation’, but lag compensation is still a game-breaking problem, an issue that was hardly noticeable in MW2. Also, they promised no quick-scoping, but that was apparently a lie. In my opinion COD4 and MW2 were the apex of the series. At their height, nothing comes close to their raw emotional, unpredictable highs. Ever since MW2 the game’s overall quality has taken a big hit. To their credit, IW have included destructible environments and evolving maps, but Battlefield 4’s destructible environments easily trump Ghosts. Oh, and the main campaign in Ghosts is very short. Expect it to last around 4 hours. I could go on and on berating Ghosts for hours because I’m so disappointed, but these are only inherently, structurally-limited 5000 letter captions and unfortunately I’ve run out of room. My score is... 0. The game of course isn’t a 0, but I’ve had enough of the same regurgitated content and my score reflects my crushing disappointment.
  48. Nov 7, 2013
    Wow.. Is all i can say.

    Im not going to give an angry review, All im going to say is, COD GHOSTS is 0/10.
    COD 4 was one of my favorite games of all time. I just think they need to re-capture what we loved about COD4
  49. Nov 7, 2013
    In all honesty i was looking for a better call of duty than black ops 2 was and all i got was a $65 dollar piece of dump that disgraces the world of call of duty. I have never been this un-pleased with a video game. I would rather drop another 60 bucks on Resident evil:Operation Raccoon City than Call of Duty Ghost
  50. Nov 7, 2013
    Call of Duty: Ghosts is the expansion you have been waiting for!

    As a game that sells its "Next gen graphics" The graphics on the current gen are horried. The fact that the textures in Call of Duty Modern Warfare look better is sad.

    No one really plays COD for the single player and i havent touched it but from what i have been told it sounds like another COD story. It has a diffrent
    tone to it with the whole show seen in the trailers but i wont dive into that.

    The leveling system is the same, instead of unlocking guns you now gain squad points for doing certain things which will let you unlock guns, accessories and even perks (can be unlocked through leveling) The points system is meh, i like that i can pick my favorite weapon right away but it could take a good 4 hours before you are able to get your weapon and attatchments for it. You can have camo for your weapons but it is unlocked via completing challenges with said weapon.

    The multiplayer has the same basic modes like TDM and Hardcore matchs. There are two modes that i think are new that i love. I find cranked fun as people arent staying in hallways, if you get a kill you move and look for another or you die. The other would be hunted. In hunted you start with a pistol, one clip, two knives and a flashbang. You have to get random weapons from care packages and kill the enemys.

    There is also the squads mode. i havent played alot of that as i have only had the game for about a day. It seems like its a bot match but you can customize the bots and you face other peoples bot teams. So its you and your squad versus someone else and there squad.

    The new "odd" mode is Extinction. Aliens are attacking and you have to stop them. It is still waves but you have to take out hives while you do it. I have not played it yet but there is a leveling system to it so its not just repeattive stuff like Zombies.

    Now, as i have only played the game for maybe 10 hours. I have to say i had NO intention on getting call of duty ghosts. It looked EXACTLY like the past call of dutys, Which i was 100% right. Ghosts is just modern warfare with new weapon skins. Now the reason this is getting a 4 is because even though it is just an expansion its still fun multiplayer. I used to HATE Black ops 2 and MW3 MP but now for some reason i find it fun. They have a new level of customization that makes it feel like YOU are the soilder and not some nameless hack who dies alot.

    Now if you loved the past call of dutys, get it. You will love it as it is the EXACT same game. If you hate the past Cod's, Dont touch it as its the EXACT same game. For being the EXACT same game it is a little more fun this time around.

    So for Ghosts as a triple a title is horrid. compared to battlefield 4 it is a disaster, but as a game where you just want to run around and make little kids and grown men wine, Ghosts is what you would want.

    Thanks for reading.
  51. Nov 8, 2013
    Ok I wouldn't say piece of crap. I will say tons of bugs. I always hated the fact that if I am up against someone face to face, I shoot, bullets appear and I hear the gun shoot but yet I die first, then my bullets vanish. That's not fair why can't we both die regardless of who's bullets hit first? So, 1. Poor design! Ok developers and people who state that this is a realistic game. If I shoot someone with say a shotgun 2 times in the face. There should be absolutely no way someone can pull a pistol and shoot me once and I die. Despite the fact I shoot them in the face from 5 feet away perceivably. Before you dumb a$$e$ say it I know I hit them because I get the hit markers to prove it. Next, on more than 20 occasions in this game in core mode, which is horrible, I'll aim, the cross hairs turn orange, I shoot and no hit markers? huh? What's up with that? Ok, I could send the developers or the ones that can fix this a long list of issues, but can not find the place to do so. Oh, I heard a long time ago Activision would ruin the COD experience once they purchased the franchise. Hmm, I think that person might be right. Expand
  52. Nov 8, 2013
    While the Call of Duty franchise is more of an annual update rather than a series of sequels, Call of Duty: Ghosts puts in some interesting ideas for Infinity Ward's future.

    The campaign has a good playable story which is packed with action and good gameplay, however it undermines that of Black Ops II, as it's campaign was webbed, so you could play it in any way you wanted, whereas
    Ghosts goes back to being linear. Some work could be done to the Campaign, but I found it an enjoyable experience overall.

    The Multiplayer has brought back some favourite gamemodes, such as Team Deathmatch, a few fun ones, such as Infected, as well as some new ones, like 'Cranked' in which you must get a kill within 30 seconds to not die. The 'Pick 10' class system from Black Ops II has come back with some tweaks; The system is the same but you can pick MORE than 10 things in your arsenal. Character Customization has spawned in Ghosts allowing the player to choose how they want to look in-game, which is always good to have. The Multiplayer in all is pretty much the same mechanics as that of the game's predecessors, but with some new features that new players to the franchise will enjoy. But I thought the maps you played on were TOO BIG. They were meant to be designed for 'Ground War' a gamemode in which 18 players can play at once. However 'Ground War' is not available on the Xbox 360, PS3 or Wii U versions of the game, so that was a shame.

    Now, 'Squads'. 'Squads' is the new Online Co-Op engine in which you and five friends band together to play a variety of Co-Op gamemodes. The favourite 'Survival' mode returns from Modern Warfare 3 in the form of 'Safehouse' as well as a few new Co-Op gamemodes that Co-Op fans will enjoy. What's more, any XP you earn in Co-Op or Multiplayer will count towards your online rank. I thought that this was a brilliant feature for those who are better at one than the other and need to boost their level up.

    'Extinction' is Infinity Ward's new Horde-Survival mode in which 4 players must traverse a destroyed alienated landscape and fend off hordes of lethal aliens. The players are armed with pistols of their choice at the start, but guns can be bought along the way. The main objective is to run through the city destroying alien 'hives' and arming a Nuke at the city area thus dashing back to the helicopter. This is kind of a rip-off to Zombies from Treyarch's games in a way, but with a similar system and familiar ideas, this will be good for longtime Zombies players, however there are no Perk-a-Cola's people!

    In conclusion, I thought Call of Duty: Ghosts was a rather decent game. It wasn't perfect, but then again no game is perfect. Changes and patches can be made to Ghosts right now, but in its early stages of the game's release I was impressed with the effort that was taken to make this. The Call of Duty franchise is pulling itself out of the repetitive hole its been stuck in all these years, with a brilliant effort made on Black Ops II, and Ghosts has had a good effort put into it too. Well Done Infinity Ward!
  53. Nov 10, 2013
    Being a long time cod player and taking a break because of things like camping, spawn camping, frustration with cheep play and inconsistent game play, I played my brothers copy of BO2 and looked toward to Ghost. What a let down!!
    The multi maps are horrific perfect for camping. I can't walk into a room with out getting shot from three places. Maps are so bad all I said ALL of my friends
    and family are talking fraud in after less of a week of game play. I miss cod 4 great game but that was the glory days.
    Campaign is just ok while visually stunning it lacks substance, guns are the only cool part as long as you use Assault and smgs or snips you will be out gunned.
    You have lost a fan infinity ward, and my money, we expected better.
  54. Nov 11, 2013
    Absolutely horrible. The critics are obviously being payed to do there reviews. This game is the biggest pile of horrible crap you will ever play. Laggy multiplayer, Buggy dog (Oh the irony), broken NPCs and a HORRIBLE campaign. All they have done is added AI, a dog and 2 new guns. Call of Duty is a dead series now, and we can now prove that Activision is paying for reviews.
  55. Nov 11, 2013
    This is the worst game ever created all things considered. If a free Android game is bad, you don't really care because your expectations were so low to begin with. When a AAA game is this bad, it can be considered to be near the top of the list of worst games of all time. With the budget and the supposed good reviews this game received, Infinity Ward should be sued with a major class action lawsuit of everyone conned into buying this game. The graphics are terrible, the campaign was mindless, and the multiplayer is idiotic. There is no strategy, the maps are way too open and large for 6 on 6 play. With the random spawn points you are dead within a few seconds of spawning half the time.

    I don't think the campaign has any AI, not like you really care when you are playing it. Everything is so cheesy with set pieces trying so hard to be cool that the game feels like a joke. Like IW decided to make a game as bad as they possibly could and see how many pro reviewers would still give it an 8-10.

    Just when I thought the game couldn't get any worse, it ended. The ending was so bad I almost wanted to throw my controller though my TV. Perhaps I should have since I have a Gorilla Glass screen. Maybe if it did break I could add something else Infinity Ward should pay for. Not only should they give me a refund, but they should have to pay me for my time to play the piece of crap to at least think I got my money's worth. I've played a lot of games but that ending was one of the worst in history.

    The only good part is that I didn't encounter any bugs and the framerate was pretty smooth. Yes the campaign stages were varied, but just because a level is set in outer space or under water doesn't make it good.

    It's like IW tried to make Domination so unplayable that it would force people to play the new multiplayer modes that aren't even fun. Black Ops maps were laid out well, but I skipped BOII. Both Modern Warfare games were a blast in multiplayer. I've tried to play Ghosts multiplayer for a week and have given up. It is about as fun as getting your teeth drilled. Wow I ran around the massive castle map and didn't see a single player, then I died without seeing who shot me, then spawned and was immediately shot again. You can practically take flags at will in domination because there are not enough players to populate the map and the maps are so open.

    I am not being harsh enough. The game is that bad. If you rated this game higher than a 0, there is something wrong with you. Last year's Medal of Honor was a perfect 10 compared to Ghosts. The multiplayer had its problems at launch but the first patch really turned that game around. There was strategy and skill required, the game was genuinely fun.

    When you play a masterpiece like The Last of Us and then play this game, it makes you want to quit gaming forever. Thanks Infinity Ward you made me question ever buying a video game again.
  56. Nov 12, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Listen, I'm not some BF4 or CoD fan girl. This review is my truly honest opinion... This game is absolute garbage, and if it didn't have the Call of Duty title, the critics (and more of the community) would've agreed.

    I usually look forward to Infinity Ward's games because MW and MW2 offered so much in terms of advancement and progression in the series (and in gaming at large). I think many can agree that while MW3 was a reasonable game, it was just a MW2 reshell...and I fear that while Ghosts is essentially a MW3 rehash...the things they DID change completely ruined the game.

    - Campaign was only 4-5 hours long, and it was boring...honestly, I can't even remember the names of the characters. Campaign mode is supposed to be a great story that compels you to care about the characters and to hope to GOSH that they survive (Soap!?!?!). But alas, I couldn't have cared less.

    - Multiplayer essentially encourages camping even more than previous CoDs, but increases the map size. Now IF you manage to find someone you're lucky. I just LOVE having to check every single effin' corner for a surprise.

    - Lag issues.. We were promised dedicated servers AT LAUNCH which would greatly reduce the lag. They lied. They can't even tell us the expected date which means I doubt they'll happen. False advertising much?

    - Spawns. Okay, I know it's a big difficult to not have players occasionally spawn near each other...causing one to inevitably curse. However, I thought the huge map size was to compensate for this especially in TDM, FFA, and KC? Wrong. Apparently the spawns are still non-sensical and I end up spawning directly in front of a camping little biyatch.

    -Glitches... They happen, I understand...but I don't want to fall THROUGH the map into the black abyss.

    -Graphics. Now I'm not sure how it'll look on the next gen (from what I hear they focused on those versions)...HOWEVER, on the 360 I feel like I'm playing MW2 which was released in 2009. I mean, seriously? Play Assassin's Creed or Bioshock at Infinity Ward, see how it's done. Freaking BEAUTIFUL games.

    -Leveling up: Okay, I know it's not the most important feature...but I like to feel like I'm making progress when I'm putting 6,7,8,9...hours into the game. I'm a decent player and it took FOREVER to break level 20! Dafuq is with the leveling system, eh? Making me take longer to level isn't going to increase my desire to play this game.

    -Squad points.... Eh. 500 Squad Points for a Squad Member? WTF do I need that squad member for exactly? Is this what you spent millions on? =)

    I'm completely disappointed and in fact a bit angry that Infinity Ward has decided to trick us into shelling out the cash. They promised big and provided nothing but broken promises. Honestly, next time I will be waiting for the reviews from GAMERS, NOT the big names like IGN who give out 9s and 10s to piece of crap games like this.

    I hope this honest review gives you some insight on whether to buy this game
  57. Nov 13, 2013
    Absolutely disgusting in my opinion.

    I deeply regret sinking what? $100 into this.. all to never see my money again. Ugh I think even die hard fans of this series are getting fed up with this.. We are into the next generation of gaming and there dumping this dried out turd down our throats.

    I was infuriated to see that this game had a better score than KZ:SF. which I think is down
    right insulting to the dev's of that series as they have taken a massive step up since KZ3 in terms of the effort they put into their game, and it looks good for them. Despite some shady reviews and scores due to biases certain reviewers have..

    This game has the exact same mechanics of the old games the graphics are tired, lame and as old as the series itself, nothing new has been brought here its just the same old re-packaged, rehashed scam as it always has been, look forward to seeing you all next year same time same channel off to sell this trash now hopefully some turkey will be foolish enough to buy it off me..
  58. Dec 28, 2013
    This game... what can i say. This is the worst cod game ever, the servers don't even work, because there blowing there money on hot tubs and advertising. this game is the same engine as the first Call of Duty, as in Call of duty 1. The campaign is flat out stupid, the ending is terrible, the levelution is the dog is a marketing dog, therefore it is ugly as this game is an insult to the god that is call of duty 4, what a joke. Expand
  59. Jan 3, 2014
    did they bribe the critics or something?
    this game is terrible!
    words cannot express how bad the pc version is!
    why do sites like steam even allow this.... garbage?!
    and the worst part is the lag! it's optimization is so bad!

    well at least on the console it isn't as bad, but it's still far from good
  60. Nov 6, 2013
    Completely copypastes the ending of Modern Warfare 2 (and really, steals it frame by frame). Don't reward this company with your money. They're the joke of the industry.
  61. Jan 4, 2014
    Laughably terrible. I find it funny how Infinity Ward started the franchise and now Treyarch is the top dog when it comes to the new COD games. Let Treyarch take over the Production of COD games. Infinity Ward is the laughing stock of the video game industry. Same game every year just with more BS in the multiplayer.
  62. Nov 6, 2013
    People are idiots here, most people have 1-2 reviews and give this a 1 or lower. You've never seen a 0 game if you say this is 0. It's a pretty fun game with average graphics and little innovation.
  63. Nov 6, 2013
    Wow. So many people hating on this game. I wonder, how have all of these haters had the time to truly give the game a fair chance before bothering to bash it so terribly??? It seems to me that a lot of these people are getting their panties in a bunch because the maps are bigger and they don't already know every little nook, cranny, and camping nest out there on the virtual battlefield. News flash: You will die a lot learning the new maps. Big deal. Grow up. Yes, the campaign is more of the same old thing. Lets be realistic though...the multiplayer is what motivates most people to rush out for the next COD installment, not the campaign...and the multiplayer is on point. GHOSTS multiplayer is far more in depth than any previous COD game. Customization abilities are far more extensive than ever before. Both soldier customizations and weapon customizations are plentiful, to say the least. The larger maps are welcomed too. If you spent $60 on GHOSTS and expected night/day differences between it and previous COD installments you're simply an idiot. B*tch yourself out for being stupid; don't blame the game. If you like the COD franchise and you aren't expecting night/day differences you wont be disappointed in GHOSTS. My only significant complaint is that it lacks Spec Op missions. Personally, I would prefer another nice list of Spec Op missions over the new Extinction Mode, which is just a generic "survival" mode that gets old pretty fast. If "survival" is your thing, GOW Horde mode is still the best survival mode around. Anyway, the morons on this forum that are giving this game a "0" out of 10 are nothing more than internet trolls; many of whom probably haven't even played the game for more than a few hours, if they've even played it at all. I admit that GHOSTS is not a perfect game. It deserves at least an "8" though. I'm giving it 9/10. If there were Spec Op missions I'd give it a 10. I hope this review was helpful. It is intended to be informative; not to childishly berate the game as so many others have done on this forum. If you're one of the people who's hating on GHOSTS, don't despair; there are plenty of Halo clans out there that could really use your help. Lmao. Expand
  64. Nov 6, 2013
    This game is a big pile of s***. It fails so badly to keep you entertained. Already returned my copy, doesnt deserve a higher number than 0. Forget that this game exists.
  65. Nov 6, 2013
    Worse in the series. Graphics and textures are dated maybe 8-10 years, mechanics are just not there, the game was WAY overhyped and not even close to a "new" gen game, this one takes a huge step backwards from its predecessors. MP was already hacked first day (see all the vides and screenshots).
    Stay away and wait for the next Treyarch release, if the franchise recovers from this mess.
  66. Nov 5, 2013
    There are clearly a lot of people just giving this game a flat-out zero, largely because of the hate and resentment they have against this game. They have reasons, sure, but honestly, it's all centered on biased hate.
    Anyway, Call of Duty: Ghosts offers us a new experience, although some of it is quite expected already. It gives us just enough new experience in the campaign and
    multiplayer to have a fun but relatively unsurprising jump from one game to another. The graphics are acceptable, but not at the level of Battlefield 4, the storyline is fine, and the multiplayer is good but not mind-blowing, and overall, Ghosts is a considerably wel-made shooter. Expand
  67. Nov 5, 2013
    Yeh...Call of Duty has never really changed from the casual, 1 shot kill game with higher auto aim feature than any shooter. This one has aliens and a dog? Some features that let you customize an soldier so for a millisecond that its alive you can go NICE! Its near unplayable on all platforms but Xbox. For a game which is just copy and paste, it truly is a failure of modern gaming to have something so buggy coming out. Graphic and gameplay are worse than black ops. Its not a next gen game, its a failure of the industry. Expand
  68. Nov 9, 2013
    You thought IW will give us change? Why? It does not have a point. Seeing a trailer god dammit I see much better dog than ever before. Character customization oh hell yeah. I can be a female. Etc, Etc. That stuff could have been done years ago. Pre-release of CoD 4 such things would be given for a single price. Sure that developers would run out of ideas, but at least we would admit that last Call of Duty was the best. It's all about money today; that's sad reality. Expand
  69. Nov 6, 2013
    Bargbage! This franchise is dead. Reviewers were paid or something. This game sucks. Get BF4 or save your money and wait for Titanfall. I should have just kept my $70 and asked my girl to kick me in the nuts. Same feeling but at least I would still have my
  70. Nov 6, 2013
    One big piece of crap! Played in all CoD games (except 3) with pleasure, but this is the worst CoD ever! Weapons plastic, sound disgusting, dog, which was the main feature of the game, made a very bad! True epic fail! CoD, please change or die.
  71. Nov 5, 2013
    This Call of Duty is not terribly bad, but not extremely fun, though I have only played it on the Xbox360. Hopefully the textures will look better on next gen. The online is the same concept with a few changes to the customization. It is just another Call of Duty. That being said, Call of Duty is not a terrible game.
    It is a basic First-person Shooter.
    Ever genre needs the basics, and
    Call of Duty is just that, and they have the budget to make the basics sorta fun. Expand
  72. Nov 20, 2013
    Honeymoon phase has worn off, so I'm back to update my review. This game of course has the tight controls COD is known for and feels good, but for some reason after the first few days of the game playing good, connections got worse and worse, now it's back to the issues that ruined MW3 and BO2 for me. 1 shot insta-kills, being constantly behind people. Then the spawns! I believe they know exactly what they are doing with connections, spawns, etc. and it's a conscious business decision to try and level the playing field and give inferior casual players an advantage to gain that "customer for life." The only reason I bought the game was because of supposed dedicated servers, but I've only played a few games that would lead me to believe they are there. Oh, well I was fooled again. This series has gotten so far away from what it used to be, and is destined for failure with it's current formula of a half finished game once a year, and deservedly so. If they would only release one ever 3 or so years and actually support it, it would be good, but they won't Oh well Titanfall can't come quick enough and I hope it buries COD at this point. Expand
  73. Nov 5, 2013
    This is not a game for real gamers. It is a game for easily amused idiots that can't handle any depth to their entertainment. It is embarrassing to watch Infinity Ward just make the same game over and over where as Treyarch always tried to innovate and do new things. Adding in a token horde mode is just a sad attempt to capture the charm of previous Zombie modes. It has none of the humor, and none of the fun. Expand
  74. Nov 5, 2013
    Call of Duty Ghost is a great game very cool campaign and sweet multiplayer To start I'm not a huge COD guy have not played one since MWF and holy crap this is awesome the amount of options from local co op to online co op to the competitive, seems to never end. First the co op is huge to me I love competitive but some times I want to hang with a friend and have a blast playing a game together. Pretty much any competitive option can be done in co op which is great for training and just having fun. The competitive is sweet 15 maps with great size to them which makes it way more of a team play then a Rambo, you really get into planing and making your way through them. Customize to the max goodbye to everyone looks the same and hello to what I like. The squad stuff is great but I'll let you figure it out. I felt I had to write this review reading all the hate I was shocked I'm a rpg adventure guy but COD GH has me back to FPS Expand
  75. Nov 5, 2013
    Campaign reminds me of homeland,online same as usual,re spawn problems,sniper heaven! Original search and destroy has gone.maps feel samey,freight looks familiar
  76. Nov 5, 2013
    So bad, I can't believe they get away with doing this every year. It's appealing to mindless drones as they have some new maps to play on in multiplayer so expect huge sales again. I kinda feel CoD is laughing at us, buying the same, uninspiring crap year after year.
  77. Nov 5, 2013
    This is the most terrible game I have ever played!!! It sucks!!!! The graphics are ugly the guns are ugly the spawns suck no search and destroy no demo no tac insert no hardcore dom the maps are wayyyy to big it's slow paced and boring as hell not only would I not recommend this game for anyone to play I wouldn't even let anyone wipe their ass with it!!!!! I will never get another cod unless treyarch makes it.... Infinity ward has had their head in there ass after mw2 and activision can just suck on a lemon oh and extinction is the cheesiest thing I have ever seen Expand
  78. Nov 5, 2013
    Realmente es el mismo juego de todos los años nada mas que este se ve igual de feo pero debora lo que un battlefield 4 Por favor no compren esta estafa!
  79. Nov 5, 2013
    Being a fan of the series since the original modern warfare, this iteration is a real let down. The campaign is way to short. Period. The levels are not up to par with previous installments. I found myself rushing though levels, not to see what was next, but to just be done with it. Character developement took a hit as well. I can honestly say that I didn't really care about the main protagonist, his brother or his father for that matter.As a whole this story line is the weakest in the COD universe, in my honest opinion.

    Now on to the good stuff, Multiplayer!!!! They totally scrubbed it!!!! Search and destroy with respawn???? OOOOOKKKKAAAAYYYY? Squads is total Bullsh*t. I don't know but whatever they were shooting for they missed the mark. It looks like I'm stuck with Black ops II and Battlefield 4. Could be worse.
  80. Nov 5, 2013
    this game seems to suck donkey balls, but that's an insult to donkey balls. What I love about this call of duty game, is that it's exactly like the last one.
  81. Nov 5, 2013
    I am genuinely disappointed with this game beyond belief. It's just bad... The lack of competitive support is scary, I don't play comp but I enjoyed watching it at times... What is with the game mode Infinity Ward? No Capture the Flag (a staple for a fps), no SnD just Search and Rescue which is slightly different, no Hardpoint which was really fun for 4v4's and comp, no Demolition and more. The maps really killed it though, they are overly large having some large maps is cool but they are all huge considering only 12 players are in a game at once... Which makes me question why no ground war? (teams of 9, included in the previous COD)... Also the maps traffic flows are just crazy and make no sense, people come from everywhere all the time... and the lack of guns is unreal, I would say there are half as many guns in this game as in BO2.... The guns noises are really just bad too, just doesn't sound good at all. LISTEN TO ME AND DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY!!!!!! Expand
  82. Nov 5, 2013
    the game sucks! PC is so laggy I can run BF4 ultra and the game graphics are 10 times better then big of maps the maps are to Conner u can get shot from any spot you go two. it to easy to kill and be killed game is just sad for IW and ppl that like it must not know cod like the rest of us do iv been playing COD since call of duty 2. and MW2 was the best one IW is back tracking there self not moving forward. Expand
  83. Nov 5, 2013
    Don't be fooled, this is simply another Modern Warfare in disguise. Once again, it is the exact same multi-player, bringing back the old kill-streak system from MW3. I'm not going to say much about the graphics since it is still on Xbox 360 and PS3 but I can say that in my opinion, the graphics are worse than they were in Black Ops 2, but that is probably because of the different art styles used. The game-play is exactly the same as the game-play from the Modern Warfare series, so don't expect any surprises. This game was a huge letdown with the only pluses being the inclusion of some new game-modes. However, I cannot deny that the Modern Warfare series used to have really fun multi-player, but they have not done a single thing to make this game worth buying over some of the other shooters such as Battlefield, Titanfall, and the others. Expand
  84. Nov 5, 2013
    Why did I buy this game? Refer to my username.

    It was a simple impulse buy. 30 minutes after buying it, I regretted supporting this horrible trash company. The servers lag constantly, the graphics are trash thrown in your face, and all fan favorites were removed.

    The campaign is bland at best. This is the worst installment in CoD yet. We were blatantly lied to about the features
    included, and I feel offended. CoD will not be getting my business ever again.

    I'm considering buying two copies of Battlefield 4 just so I can REALLY support a great game.
  85. Nov 5, 2013
    Sad just sad stop spending money on these games and they will stop making them or at least make improvements this game is worth a third of what it costs including the season pass your looking at $120 of wasted cash wow this game offers nothing that is worth that price please don't wast your hard earned money again stick to the cods you already have there all the same anyway
  86. Nov 6, 2013
    Same thing that Infinity Ward does every two years. Terrible graphics, lack of innovation and abusive price for the same game released over and over again. 10 out of 10.
  87. Nov 6, 2013
    Another repeat of the last cod and the cod before that. Its all exactly the same. Forgettable multiplayer combined with poorly designed maps with bland colour choices gives an overall rubbish experience. Don't fork out the money, it exactly the same, if not worse as the last cods, but i guess there's no surprise their really.
  88. Nov 6, 2013
    5 minutes into playing this game and I can tell I've already made a huge mistake. I could spend hours talking about what I hate but the fact I bought this game proves iw has fooled me again. This will be the last call of duty I buy. I'm pissed I bought it from the xbox store and by a real copy cuz now I can't return this At least I have bf4 Til titanfall. DO NOT BUY THIS GAME IS AWFUL
  89. Nov 6, 2013
    This game was crazy.
    There are too many bugs. And why 6gb ram for this game and will need?
    Compared before and better, but I still long is too low.
    Lost to Battlefield 4 is clear.
  90. Nov 6, 2013
    game sucks. campaign sucks. multiplayer sucks.. story sucks. this all maps only have 2 teams fighting against each other and its always the same "Ghosts vs Fed" thing, at least make more like "Ghosts vs Something****ty" stuff, the only thing i enjoyed so far is just extinction. Overall this game is just one complete piece of ****

    I'm going back to of Doody Modirn Gay****stupid. At
    least I don't have to bother with the ****ty things anymore. you In****iny Ward, I believed that you'd make a better game than BO ****ing 2. THE NEW OF DOODYs!!!! Expand
  91. Nov 6, 2013
    This should be announced the scam of the year. The game is so terrible it hurts. Wooden animations, low quality textures, small maps, camera going through objects, poor sounds, etc.
    They even copied Modern Warfare 2 ending.... pathetic. And they ask that much for this? Stop treating gamers as idiots already.
  92. Nov 6, 2013
    These reviewers are full of it. Great game! This is the greatest Call of Duty since MW2. The reason some people say this is a step back is because Infinity ward looked at what made previous games great and put it in this game. MW and MW2 were their best games so they took elements of those and added in the new features that work well. If you're a fan of the other games then you'll like this one. It can be overwhelming for newcomers, but what FPS isn't. Expand
  93. Nov 6, 2013
    Call of Duty Ghosts is one of those games that is difficult to give a score to. I have only played the multiplayer aspect of Ghosts because the campaign is always over the top and more of a movie than an actual game. I tend to agree with most user reviewers that the multiplayer is not up to par. One thing needs to be set straight though:it is nothing like Black Ops 2 or MW3! Many have said that Infinity Ward is using the same old formula that comes out every year but it's not that simple. Infinity Ward has tried to make the maps larger and more battlefield-ish. This means no more maps that are predicated on three aisles that cut through them (choke points), and hello to chaos. At first I thought this would be a good thing because well coordinated teams tended to hold those choke points down and dominated the objective. What ensues though, is a bunch of randomness mixed with those pesky little campers, and a bunch of luck to determine your fate. I have played the game for about ten hours, and am nowhere near as skilled at this game than I have been at any of the previous iterations of Call of Duty.
    The fact that it takes forever to level up in this game is in itself not a problem, but just about any item you wish to use in this game: guns, equipment, explosives, killstreaks, attachments, etc., need to be unlocked using squad points. Unfortunately, squad points are too hard to come buy and the gamer will spend many hours using the bare bones of his/her inventory.
    For better or worse, these crazy maps require a fairly large clan to get any advantage holding down objectives. It seems that after each subsequent release of the Call of Duty franchise, the developers push clans and competitive gaming, more and more. I agree that this can be a good thing, but the problem is that these people are playing against the gamers who are playing it alone because, for whatever reason, they are not in a clan. The best players have even been playing this game, with their clan, for weeks before the game even came out, on maps that are ridiculous. The playing field is getting worse and worse for the average gamer, which is probably why so many people are hating on this game.
    Here is a breakdown of some tangible ways to score this game:

    Graphics: 7 I thought the graphics looked fine on an aging machine.

    Sound: 9

    Gameplay:6 The controls have been barely touched which is not a bad thing. The problem is more in the maps that reward campers. In Black Ops 2, a camper with the perk "Ghost" on could still be seen on the map. In this game, they remain invisible, and they will kill many skilled players.

    Replayability: 7 Sure there are plenty of things to unlock, but I don't know how many people will keep riding a train that seems to be heading in the wrong direction.

    Over all: 6 Gameplay wins out, and in this case, that is not a good thing.
  94. Nov 7, 2013
    I had many doubts about this game because we all know Call Of Duty is well known for not taking any risks,
    But I'm happy to say it is a really good game, the campaign is action packed in every mission, you do a lot of stuff that has never been on any CoD game before.

    Multiplayer is good, it keeps all the things that made this franchise famous over the years and adds some new stuff,
    not enough to change the way gamers have been asking but still a lot of fun, we all know multiplayer is always fun.

    The aliens mode is awesome and it'll keep you busy and entertained.

    This game receives a lot of bad scores because people think of it as a whole, if you take it as a single game you'll be amazed how fun it is.
  95. Nov 11, 2013
    I am a CoD fan. I always have been and always will be. However, this game was an enormous disappointment. The campaign was terribly short and pretty much the same old wham bam and twist and you were done the level in 2 minutes. The characters were mediocre and cheesy. You couldn't connect with them like in the earlier installments. Multiplayer is what really hurt me the most. There is absolutely no structure to any map and it is just a complete free for all on every one. The respawning is horrible and just seems to get worse with every game. The class and squad system is way too in depth and it takes forever to rank up. The only thing you actually unlock are perks and squad points. The squads game mode is retarded and are a waste of time. The guns are terrible and apparently every gun that isn't yours is silent because all you hear is the whistle of the bullets by your head, not the actual sound of the gun. Some maps are enormous and way too big for six on six. I have never written a bad review about CoD before, but I am really fed up with this game. Expand
  96. Nov 11, 2013
    When I got this game I was excited as hell. I spent all if my Friday just playing the campaign and I was unsatisfied. I noticed several times that the material for the story was recycled from other COD's. So I didn't mind, but when I went to the multiplayer to try their "customization options" they had exaggerated so much about. To sum it up, the game was a money-raker that fell down to hell with any potential it may have had. 4/10 and no more. Expand
  97. Feb 24, 2014
    This is the best game ever. When i got this game i shoved my 10 year old penis through the disc hole and cummed all over my t.v. The best part was calling everyone a noob online knowing they cant do anything. I also found out that annoying people was easy due to my squeaky ass voice. best game ever 10/10. nothing beats this masterpiece.
  98. Nov 6, 2013
    I got this because all my friends were getting it even though its metacritic ratings have been steadily dropping year by year, but I regret it now because its crapper than last years CoD which was really crap. Another waste of money I could have spent on something else. Perhaps I should broaden my horizons a bit and play some different games rather than CoD all the time which actually... when I think about it is exactly the same as MW1 and even CoD1, just with a slightly different story and setting. OMG they've been selling me the same game for the past 10 years!!!! WTF?! i'm a complete sheep and dumb ass!!! What was I thinking? Expand
  99. Nov 15, 2013
    What a horrid game, sometimes I even think modern warfare 2 looks better and that game is really old. I don't understand why people buy this game anymore, it's dead.
  100. Nov 6, 2013
    The game is very good. So good that, if it were on the Ipad it would get 125 across the board. The simmering simps that call themselves professional game reviewers will, of course, knock it down to the mediocre rung because we're dealing with children and their tempestuousness antics of knocking something not on it's merits rather than their prejudices. You just can't get honesty in writers anymore. They are pretty much the bottom of the barrel nowadays. Thanks for reading. Expand

Mixed or average reviews - based on 29 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 19 out of 29
  2. Negative: 1 out of 29
  1. Dec 18, 2013
    It's strange for Call of Duty: Ghosts to be released so close to the next-gen console launches, and in a way, it feels like it was rushed to the finish line.
  2. Nov 29, 2013
    If a deep and compelling single player experience is what you crave, look elsewhere. If you just want to get online and go up against the world, then join the hordes of ghosslings already invading your online network of choice.
  3. Nov 25, 2013
    Call of Duty: Ghosts is a good game but something feels missing.