Generally favorable reviews - based on 39 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 32 out of 39
  2. Negative: 1 out of 39
  1. Jul 19, 2011
    In an era increasingly defined by developers' ever-growing fear of creating anything that isn't a safe, conservative million-seller, Atlus' willingness to create and publish something as unique as this is truly commendable. Best of all, it's not just a weird game -- it's a great one, too.
  2. Aug 4, 2011
    If you are in the mood for a new, fresh, and strange videogame with elements you've never seen together, then I suggest you give Catherine a whirl.
  3. Jul 25, 2011
    It's always nice to see a game developer breaking from the mold and Catherine does that in a huge way. Unfortunately the difficulty is going to alienate a very large amount of people. Tacked on with those who were alienated already when they found out this wasn't an RPG and it's not looking good. We only hope that this game will find the crowd that enjoys both the aggravation of the challenge and the developing storyline that forms the core of Catherine. There is a hell of an experience here if you only have the patience for it.
  4. Jul 27, 2011
    Catherine is incredibly hard to put down, if only because of how well the story is written. You really want to see what happens to Vincent next, and with multiple endings and story paths, the game will keep you busy for multiple playthroughs.
  5. Jul 31, 2011
    Its mature themes, both sexual and religious, never step beyond the bounds of vulgarity and are treated respectfully and provocatively: It's actually mature. For that alone, and paving the way for a new modern hybrid of video games, Catherine should not be forgotten to the lamen silence of the lambs.
  6. 90
    If you hate puzzle games, this certainly isn't for you. But if you decide to throw your time and money at Catherine, you're in for a dream of a game within the genre.
  7. Feb 10, 2012
    One of the best games you'll play this year: adult, intelligent and very refreshing.
  8. Feb 10, 2012
    Catherine is very challenging, even on normal difficulty, and the waking life segments aren't for everybody. It is, however, extremely rewarding to finally make it to that next landing after 30-odd heartbreaking attempts, and the controls are seldom to blame for an errant death. At Catherine's centre is a sharp, cel-shaded look, but the periphery is a soft-focus blur, reflecting Vincent's uncertainty and the slippery nature of his reality.
  9. Feb 6, 2012
    For all intents and purposes, Catherine makes a mockery of the term video 'game' and what most people associate with the term. Yes, Catherine is a game, but it's also so much more than that. By placing you so elegantly into Vincent's world, and doing so in a way that makes you feel as though you are Vincent as opposed to 'just' playing as him, Catherine manages a level of intrigue so rare in the boxed console game space.
  10. Aug 10, 2011
    Catherine may not be the Persona 5 that people were hoping for, but it's a good game in its own right.
  11. Jul 29, 2011
    Catherine is a truly rare experience that combines arcade-style gameplay with one of the most engaging, emotional narratives seen in a videogame. While Atlus has done little to reconcile the game's disparate styles of play, it doesn't damage the overall experience. While the tower climbing sequences may not be for everyone, those that enjoy a good puzzle should seriously consider picking Catherine up.
  12. Jul 27, 2011
    The game will draw attention for its wonderful weirdness, as it should, yet that's only half of the story. Catherine plays its eccentricities against its more down-to-earth side, which makes for a richer comic world than you might get from bizarro fare alone. The upshot is an experience that's both fun and provocative - a nightmare worth staying awake for.
  13. Jul 26, 2011
    Though it may seem standoffish and esoteric at first, patience and perseverance will reveal the charming eccentricities and personality quirks that make it so special. Like any relationship worth having, Catherine takes effort, but the end result is worth it.
  14. Jul 26, 2011
    Catherine is oftentimes agonizing, but like the blonde vixen that bewitches Vincent, it keeps you wanting more, just the same. The story, helped along by beautiful animation and first class voice acting, never stops being interesting. The puzzles test your mettle with genuinely clever design.
  15. Jul 15, 2011
    I loved my time with Catherine. In many ways, I was completely blown-away by it. While I'm sure some gamers will be turned-off by its anime-style presentation and difficult gameplay, I implore those of you who are looking for something authentically different and outright fun to give Catherine a go.
  16. Aug 8, 2011
    The story is very interesting, and the puzzles, while difficult at times, can be very satisfying. I feel that it was a very refreshing game to play that offers up a good story and some of the most unique game play mechanics I have seen in a very long time.
  17. Aug 22, 2011
    It might be an isolated experiment, or the birth of a new niche in videogaming. Anyway, it's definitely worth trying, at list to get a glimpse of the fact that videogame don't always mean seralization and infinite repetition of the same ideas.
User Score

Generally favorable reviews- based on 135 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 32 out of 36
  2. Negative: 1 out of 36
  1. Jul 26, 2011
    An absolute disappointment. The presentation is absolutely amazing (as expected from the creators of the Persona franchise) but the gameplay doesn't hold up in any way. Its frequently boring, frustrating, and uneven. I wanted to love this game, but the sheer missteps taken for the gameplay killed it for me. If I wanted to play a puzzle-block game that was better executed, I'd just play Ilomilo. Full Review »
  2. Jul 28, 2011
    This game is sublime. Atlus proves yet again to be the best game studio/publisher in existence. Atlus, don't stop publishing games. Also, the Persona team can't be beat. Full Review »
  3. Jul 26, 2011
    I loved it. If you are a puzzle fan or an Atlus fan in general, I suggest to get it. The story is really great and I loved the subtle use of the moral choices. The main gameplay consists mostly of puzzles so be warned, if you get frustrated easily you can have a hard time in the later sections of the game, but you'll want to pull through to get more of the story. I also enjoyed the use of the cellphone and how you can change your responses for text messages. The game has a great story and I would recommend it just for that, but the puzzle gameplay is really fun and the coop (not online coop though) is really fun if you have a buddy around as well. Full Review »