Generally favorable reviews - based on 81 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 73 out of 81
  2. Negative: 0 out of 81
  1. If ever there was a pure gamer’s game, Darksiders is it.
  2. Darksiders is an absolute must have game, and the best possible way to start off gaming in 2010. In a year where almost every anticipated game is a sequel, Vigil Games has delivered a brand new IP the only way possible - flawlessly. The combination of action and puzzling is so perfectly calculated it screams 'gamer' - there's a gamer at Vigil with some power and s/he knows exactly what we want in a game.
  3. How shocked I was to find that the more hours I spent investing into Darksiders, the more rewarding it felt. Darksiders feels like a breath of fresh air, a step in the right direction and a reinvention of formulas that are sorely missed when used at this level of quality.
  4. Darksiders is a complete game experience, and if you have even the remotest of fondness for action games you should make a point to play it.
  5. Darksiders is a great way to start the New Year, it offers high quality action and brain teasing puzzles topped off by wonderful presentation. Don't miss this game.
  6. I can only imagine the sequel and hopefully the chance to play as one or more of the other Horsemen, but until that day arrives, Darksiders is the ultimate quest for vengeance and a heavenly way to dispatch the endless demon hordes, proving once and for all that it is better to serve in heaven than rule in hell.
  7. 92
    One of the biggest highlights is the voice acting. With a slew of games having a great voice-acting cast, Darksiders is up there with the best.
  8. A solid, well written, well executed game. If you're looking for something new and original, Darksiders is your game.
  9. Drown your enemies in their own blood and besiege hell itself!
  10. It is cleverly crafted on what are some tried and tested ideas, mixed with a healthy dose of epic storytelling and good old fashioned gore.
  11. Finishing Darksiders was one of those great reliefs quickly followed by a refreshed desire to play it again.
  12. Without a doubt, Darksiders is a game that stands on the shoulders of giants, and Vigil Games clearly could not be more proud of this fact, as their passionate yet careful design demonstrates that they both respect and know how to borrow from the best
  13. This is no cash-in. What at first seems like a God of War clone turns into a grown up version of Zelda - a bloody adventure with dark themes and settings, and it actually works. The puzzles are clever, the combat is visceral, there are a good amount of items and upgrades to be had and the world is convincing.
  14. Masterfully crafted, Darksiders is clearly a work of passion, and though it borrows a lot of elements from other games, they come together in such a way that will keep you entertained from start to finish.
  15. What a great and “fun” way to start the New Year of video gaming, developer Vigil Games have a true action experience on their hands with Darksiders.
  16. Darksiders is one of the best action-adventure games of the current generation. Everything in it, you've played before, but never has such a collection of game mechanics been stitched together so well, not to mention feel like part of a coherent game world.
  17. 90
    A great action RPG. Solid, ever-evolving combat meets solid, ever-evolving puzzles in some really evocative environments. There are a few clumsy or lacklustre moments – the flying sequence is dull, for instance, and this isn’t in any way a revolutionary game, but it is good fun and it is well-designed.
  18. Overall Darksiders is an amazing game. They did borrow the best things from some of the most popular titles out there, however, they did a great job combining that with their own ideas.
  19. Despite the same-day release as Sega’s pivotal action adventure title, Vigil Games’ debut is a fine introduction to their future repertoire. The bar for 2010 has been raised a little early, but hey, so did the Apocalypse - and look what that got us.
  20. For me, my bottomline is that Darksiders is a tremendous amount of fun because it's very well designed from top to bottom with just a handful of drawbacks. None of these drawbacks are critical enough to thwart an epic, and truly enjoyable experience.
  21. 89
    It's bold and recklessly inventive in ways that games rarely are these days, and virtually ever[y] aspect of Darksiders shines with quality, making for an experience that, while not exactly original, still feels fresh, satisfying and, above all else, enjoyable.
  22. A unique storyline, amazing art direction and simple combat mechanics, Darksiders does things differently enough to distinguish itself as the first great game of 2010 even though its not a perfect game. If you’ve got some money burning a hole in your pocket, Vigil Games’ first effort is worth every dollar.
  23. Darksiders is revealed to be a very good game and an authentic surprise, showing the true passion of the developers for many classical gameplay mechanics, managing to avoid any "clone effect". The game is only lacking that magic and pathos that could have guaranteed it a place in the games pantheon. It is however an unmissable title for every action-rpg lover.
  24. It's true that it merges the parts of other outstanding games, and some may call that derivative. However, I think its characters, level design and puzzles were enough to help it stand out on its own.
  25. Skillfully designed to appeal all kind of players, Darksiders is a great action adventure.
  26. Darksiders is a great start for this 2010. A long story, a complex and engaging gameplay and a beautiful character design make this games a big debut for Vigil Games. It lacks of originality, but it's recommended to everyone.
  27. 87
    Darksiders is surprising on every front. The right balance between story, a solid fighting system and challenging puzzles will make you want to finish this game. Add the unique graphical style and Darksiders is the first must-own of the year.
User Score

Generally favorable reviews- based on 266 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 65 out of 74
  2. Negative: 3 out of 74
  1. Feb 24, 2012
    OMFG!! This game is by FAR the most UNDERRATED game this gen! Its a **** amazing game.. I dont know why some people hate it, i recommend every "REAL" gamer to buy this AMAZING MASTERPIECE!!! Full Review »
  2. DonnieS.
    Jan 7, 2010
    A fully realized and superbly presented work of fiction that is captivating as it is explosive. All the pieces pulled from other puzzles, like it's god of war weapons leveling, were given far more relevance with a sense of investment unrivaled in the action genre. An IP truly worthy of our attention and our cash. Full Review »
  3. TomN
    Jan 16, 2010
    This game is so good, it shocked me. Outstanding art direction, brilliant level design, diverse gameplay styles, deep but easy to learn combat system, and mature violent post-apocalyptic setting make this a must play. It's definately a Zelda style rpg (not for kids though), but completely unique. It is true that the gameplay feels familiar, but it's the good kind of familiar, like taking your favorite sweater out of the dryer. If you grew up playing Zelda, but are now an adult, you must buy this. Everyone else will have a great ride too. Full Review »