Dead or Alive 4 Xbox 360

  • Publisher: Tecmo
  • Release Date: Dec 29, 2005

Generally favorable reviews - based on 76 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 64 out of 76
  2. Negative: 0 out of 76
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  1. 100
    If looks could kill, DOA4 would be called Murderer's Row. This game is beautiful; even while you're beating the tar out of your opponent, you'll notice that your surroundings are among the finest you've seen in any fighting game... Hands down the best installment in the series. [Jan 2006, p.38]
  2. The gorgeous and sometimes ludicrous backdrops offer a perfect complement to flowing fisticuffs.
  3. AceGamez
    Boasting amazing looks, stunning animation and instantly accessible yet deep gameplay that's hugely addictive, it's the kind of game that is not only awesome to show off the power of your beloved new 360, but will be a faithful companion for many months to come, thanks to a huge amount to do and a variety of modes both offline and on.
  4. 100
    For fans of the series DOA4 is everything you could possibly want from a next-gen iteration of the game; a revamped fighting system, faster game play, and enough T&A to satisfy even the most jaded otaku.
  5. The action, visuals, story, and sound blend together to make the most complete fighting game in years, and any real fighting fan knows Dead or Alive is no longer the game with all style and no substance.
  6. The most impressive and useful feature of DOA is the ability to counter an advance by another fighter. Bear in mind that countering requires precise timing and practice is the only way to perfect this art. I am still learning.
  7. There is little fault to be found in this game as the fighting is balanced and there are lots of engaging aspects of the title that demand your time.
  8. A stupendous online mode and a boastful display of graphical prowess complete the package. Dead or Alive 4 is the most complete and most enjoyable fighting game in the series.
  9. High Kicks and breast physics don't hurt either. If you don't buy this game, you'll end up renting it repeatedly, so save yourself the money in the long-run and buy it outright.
  10. So, Dead or Alive 4 has it all: sexy looks, sexy women, sexy sound, sexy gameplay, sexy online play, sexy... you get the picture.
  11. Not only is the game technically solid but it's a real looker. It's easily the best looking console game ever.
  12. I only wish that the online mode was a bit more solid and less susceptible to lag, but overall it looks fantastic, flows very smoothly, and has plenty of replay value making this the best title for the 360 to date.
  13. With over 45 achievements to collect and never-ending fighting matches online, you will not run out of things to do in this game for a long time.
  14. 92
    The best game currently out for the 360 and one of the best fighting games ever made.
  15. Intensely frustrating, rewarding, and challenging, Dead or Alive 4 is not a game for those of us with short attention spans, anger management issues, or serious over competitiveness.
  16. The way they mixed in the Halo angle really made sense with the ongoing story and not just thrown in for the sake of a cheap promotion.
  17. Put simply, Dead or Alive 4 is the best fighter Team Ninja has ever put together and it is easily the best looking game to play on the Xbox 360 in it’s early stages.
  18. Team NINJA has the Midas touch, and it looks as if Itagaki gave this one a one-hour massage before release. It has challenging, in-depth gameplay, the best visuals the console has yet to experience, and enough replay value to kill a Kasumi clone.
  19. Most definitely a game that carries the "easy to play, difficult to master" label, but is well worth mastering in the long run.
  20. There’s nothing incredibly new or earth shattering here, but you can absolutely enjoy it for the fighting game that it is.
  21. 90
    The counter system is less forgiving and will definitely challenge fans of the series, especially those fond of DOA3. This affects every other area of the game. The harder characters to master are even more powerful now, and there is more of a ground game, in addition to careful use of the backgrounds.
  22. 90
    It's still "just" a fighting game, albeit an incredibly polished and finessed fighting game, but it won't open your eyes to things you've never seen before. It will bring the fighting game community together, however, thanks to its online functionality, and that's a good thing.
  23. It's not a totally new slant on the genre, but a very slick refinement... Don't leave the girls of Dead or Alive 4 waiting; you'll regret it in more ways than one.
  24. DOA4 is so close to being flawless it's unbelievable.
  25. But it isn't just the best looking brawler around - it's also the deepest, as designers Team Ninja have complemented the game's responsive controls with hundreds of cool combo moves and tons of unlockable characters, outfits, and arenas.
  26. To truly master any fighter you need to be proficient with all characters. DOA 4 offers an enjoyable yet frustrating experience depending on your levels of skill and patience.
  27. I only one major complaint and that’s the last boss Alpha-152. While not the cheapest boss in a fighter I’ve ever nearly broken my controller over, she does have some angering abilities. Having a fight end in three moves (head blast, spinning kicks, locks your head and shoulder and pounds your head in) is more annoying then challenging.
  28. 90
    Each character has multiple costumes to obtain, so the replay value of the story mode is somewhat lacking, unless you are a full blown fashionista who must have all the outfits the game has to offer.
  29. The prettiest fighting franchise out there has grown some brains, upping the skill ante but also bringing a ton of online play modes and unlockable goodies to the table.
  30. The controls feel less random and demand some extra skill, particularly in the countering system that allows one to block a punch and use its momentum to throw an opponent. The game lacks the intuitive feel of similar fighting series like Tekken and Soul Calibur, but it is still tremendous fun.
  31. The biggest unique feature to the online component of DOA 4 is definitely the psychedelic crack land known as the lobby...The lobby is so strange and so far removed from what DOA is visually that you really feel like the developers went a bit mad at some point and threw this in for a laugh and a half.
  32. Unlockable costumes, characters, and achievements only serve to keep you going. It may not be as technical as a Virtua Fighter, or as tournament-friendly as a Street Fighter, but it is a ton of fun.
  33. Game Informer
    The incredible craftsmanship that went into this title makes it the pinnacle in the series and another fantastic Xbox Live application. [Mar 2006, p.108]
  34. DOA4 over Xbox Live is quite an experience. It succeeds on a technical level, but the real reason that it's such a riot is the game underneath. The enjoyable, solid, beautiful game that is Dead or Alive 4. This is the definitive title in the series and, as far as we're concerned, the ultimate game in its genre. [Official UK Xbox Magazine]
  35. Simply put, Team Ninja deserves a truckload of praise for their work on this game.
  36. It really is a beautiful game, truly 'next gen' in appearance if not gameplay.
  37. There was a time when Dead or Alive was the poor man’s Tekken, Soul Calibur or Virtua Fighter, but in some regards, particularly where environmental and visual quality is concerned, the series has taken the lead.
  38. Overall, a truly Next Gen title that is hopefully a sign of things to come as this console matures.
  39. Dead or Alive games used to be all about huge, bouncing breasts and overly simplistic, easy to pick up gameplay. No longer. DOA shall henceforth be known for huge, bounding breasts and a refined and deep fighting system.
  40. 89
    If you can get past that insanely hard computer AI and keep practicing away, then you will find yourself one of the best fighters on the market.
  41. A robust online mode is available, but playing solo won’t leave you bored after a couple of play-throughs.
  42. Dead or Alive 4 has enough new content in it to set it apart, and although the gameplay itself is liberally borrowed from the previous title, it also remains the same solid fighting engine and definitely doesn't feel like a rehash as much as it does a resemblance.
  43. 89
    It has the most evolved gameplay system, without loosing the 'pick up and play' feel every beat 'em up should have.
  44. An impressive feat of a fighting game that boasts some excellent, fast-paced action in addition to terrific good looks. Best of all, you can play it online over Xbox Live, virtually guaranteeing you'll find tough, unpredictable competition at any hour.
  45. Pelit (Finland)
    A must-buy for any fighting fan and an excellent game for demonstrating the power of Xbox 360. It is not the revolution many expected, but it is still easily the best game in the series. [Feb 2006]
  46. It is definitely the finest of the series, and is an achievement with the online modes, and the best looking fighter out on the market to date. It isn’t exactly for everyone though, as it can be difficult in single and multiplayer portions of the game.
  47. The combat engine has been refined to the point where veterans of the series might have a tougher time than newcomers, but there are plenty of rewards waiting for those who can master this next-gen fighter.
  48. 85
    The legs are long, the sex is gratuitous, and the violence is very, very violent. DOA 4 is definitely firing on all pistons. Still, for a series with the word "alive" on the box cover, these characters all seem kind of plastic, hollow, heartless, and downright bloodless.
  49. Official Xbox Magazine
    Fan’s of Itagaki’s “jujitsu-jousting” philosophy….can comfortably mark DOA 4 as the most refined version of their beloved fighter to date. [Mar 2006, p.73]
  50. In the end, Dead or Alive 4 is to fighting games what Halo 2 was to first person shooters.
  51. If you want to be visually impressed, Itagaki and his Team Ninja have knocked another one out of the park with this game.
  52. Voluptuous in every sense of the word. With the best graphics money can buy and a robust online ring, it's a great choice for your new 360. That said, it still doesn't really bring any new tricks to the fight.
  53. While the glamour of the game is still there, DOA4 now has a robust foundation for the underlying gameplay. The problem is that the game involves a substantial commitment that's different from other games.
  54. 80
    Although the game still leaves a bit to be desired (a coherent storyline, for example), the gorgeous graphics and intense action definitely make it worth picking up if you're a fan of fighting games.
  55. 80
    As an overall experience DoA4 is thoroughly capable and enjoyable, proving through its latest incarnation that it has certainly evolved into a fighter that can be taken seriously and seen as more than cheap titillation or a T&A simulator for prepubescents.
  56. I very much doubt you’re going to see a better beat-‘em-up of this ilk on the 360 anytime soon – unless of course Sega decide to port Virtua Fighter 5 over, but until such a dream occurs, this is more than adequate.
  57. The disturbing difference is the 360’s much-vaunted graphics. Hair tosses silkily; veins stand out muscularly; bosoms jounce, waft and settle gravity-defyingly.
  58. Play Magazine
    They don't make 3D fighters more beautiful and fluid than Dead or Alive 4. [Mar 2006, p.43]
  59. 80
    Hardcore fighting fans may turn up their noses at Dead or Alive 4's user-friendly engine, but there's no denying that this game is just loads of fun--especially online.
  60. The fourth incarnation of Tecmo's supreme fighter is another hit on the 360, showcasing jaw-dropping visuals and its trademark solid gameplay.
  61. Even with the high level of detail, and destructibility of the levels, the framerate doesn’t fault even once.
  62. 80
    The best Dead or Alive game so far. The single player is weak so avoid paying full price if you don’t have a friend to player or access to Xbox Live.
  63. It may seem like nothing’s changed at first but on closer inspection you’ll see that DOA has burst out its training bra and into a fully-fledged Wonderbra.
  64. While the package is certainly one of the best-looking fighting games ever, the overall gameplay is hit and miss (though it hits more often than it misses) but with human opponents it can be good fun.
User Score

Generally favorable reviews- based on 217 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 34 out of 57
  2. Negative: 12 out of 57
  1. Feb 25, 2012
    Wow, really surprise, this version of Dead or Alive is the better, the graphics are incredible, the story, the characters, all in DOA 4 isWow, really surprise, this version of Dead or Alive is the better, the graphics are incredible, the story, the characters, all in DOA 4 is fantastic. And the online is really amazing. I love it. Full Review »
  2. Goss
    Jan 16, 2006
    Bouncing Breasts lots of bouncing breasts, surly by puting bouncing breasts into a game that is a poomans fighting game it will sell and Bouncing Breasts lots of bouncing breasts, surly by puting bouncing breasts into a game that is a poomans fighting game it will sell and guess what it does sell only because its the only decent fighting game on the 360, personally if you put dead or alive fighting mechanics up against the likes of Tekken street fighter or Soul Caliber then this game falls flat on its back in the first round and it stays down. so if you like bouncing breasts your gonna love this game but if you like fighting games then this is a stinker, again the only reason this game is getting the scores that its getting is only because its the only fighting game out there. Full Review »
  3. Couch
    Jan 6, 2006
    Graphics are a 9. Sound is a 9. Gameplay is a 9. This game is a perfect 9 to me. It has everything you want and expect from a fighting game Graphics are a 9. Sound is a 9. Gameplay is a 9. This game is a perfect 9 to me. It has everything you want and expect from a fighting game with the best Xbox 360 graphics to date. The game is perfect on normal for most people. It gives plenty of challenge while still allowing you to beat the computer and make minor mistakes. On normal you can actually get by just button mashing, but if your going to want to be good you'll have to learn the awesome (but hard) counter system. For the pros there is a hard and very hard mode. Some things I hate about the game are the amazingly fast battles and the extreme shifts in difficulty. If your unlucky the computer can take you out in as much as 3-4 hits. Sometimes the computer will be near unbeatable, countering you from the start, while at other times they will be unable to attack you if you are able to slam them into walls long enough. Story mode also doesn't take very long to beat, but is actually pretty satisfying due to its hilarious and beautiful cinematics. This game also has many different characters to choose from. Though I wish they were all a little more different. As it stands there are only really 4 "kinds" of characters: the really fast women, the really slow but powerful men (mostly), people who are in between, and then the crazy drunken fighter who is just hilarious to watch. If you have friends and 2 controllers and you love fighting games go out and buy this title. If you sort-of-maybe like fighting games, or play solo most of the time just rent this title. If you hate getting frustrated at times, want a carefree, easy stress free game, don't like memorizing button combinations, and can not adapt to the fast pace of a fighting game DO NOT BUY IT. Full Review »