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  1. Oct 28, 2014
    Als ich die Screenshots des Spiel gesehen habe, dachte ich nur noch 0815. Und so fühlt sich das Gameplay auch an. Die Steuerung und die Kamera sind extrem frustrierend. Doch das Spiel punktet mit Humor, denn Deadpool ist einfach irre komisch. Ich bin ein grosser Fan von ihm geworden, seit ich das Spiel durchgespielt habe.
  2. Oct 15, 2014
    Terrible gameplay, it seems the game of Spiderman... PS2 version, just a bit worse. Played it 1 hour and I'm having headache. I don't even know who this lazy Spiderman is... maybe a sad comedian.
  3. Aug 31, 2014
    The game has a lot of good things going but it also has some problems. Nolan North who does the voice acting for the title character does a marvelous job embodying the current character that we know him the current line of comics. The game includes other marvel characters like Cable and Wolverine along with a few characters lesser known to the masses. The gameplay is sometimes tedious but not enough to where it gets boring. To me the weapon system was interesting because the case where the higher leveled and more expensive the weapons are the better does not really apply here. The game is filled with hilarious fourth wall breakage and packed with dialogue that will leave you laughing to the end of the game to make up for it's sometimes linear and surprisingly quick story campaign. Expand
  4. Jun 12, 2014
    Okay boys and girls get ready for fun, tongue in cheeks game!
    I almost bypassed this game due to low reviews on this game, but fear not its a pretty good game.
    I was not a Deadpool fan prior to playing this game, but this one has man searching left and right for information on the Merc with a Mouth (his nickname) Try it you won't be dissappointed.
  5. May 2, 2014
    when i heard there was going to be a deadpool game i was like. YES! YES! and then the trailer came out i laugh out loud i really really really really love this game i love nolan north hes just way too perfection and the visuals look great as well the one thing that i don't like about this game is the controlls there are times where you have to jump at right place the controlls are a bit stiff but ether way the rest of the game is amazing love it nuff said 9.9 out of 10 Expand
  6. May 1, 2014
    Wonderful game. Funny, gory, over-the-top, and down right inappropriate-what a Deadpool game should be. The upgrading system was simple and awesome, the different game types gives it a change of pace, and the humor made up for the short length of the game. I think there should be some more features that give it a better re-play value, but that's the only complaint. Cant wait for the sequel!!
  7. May 1, 2014
    as far as combat and gameplay go, it is very repetitive and gets boring pretty quickly. But where this game really shines is in its humor, which unfortunately does not make up for all its flaws, but deffinately makes the game worth playing especially if your a fan of the comics. but of your not a deadpool fan or just don't find the humor in this game amusing, then it is not worth playing
  8. Apr 14, 2014
    Deadpool's first stand alone game is brought to us by High Moon Studios, who has recently made the good Transformers games. Deadpool story is all over the place, Deadpool himself knows he is in a video game and is doing whatever he likes. High Moon nails the character of Deadpool and is voiced perfectly by Nolan North. The game is extremely funny, not just to fans of the comic but anyone who would enjoy Deadpool's raunchy humor. The game play on the other hand is really bland and not original in any way. You can fight enemies with melee weapons (swords) and ranged weapons (guns), but neither of them are fun to use in combat. There are a few sections were the game goes 8-bit or an on-rails shooter. These sections are fun for the moments that you play them, but do not leave enough of an impression to carry the whole game. The graphics and backgrounds are also bland and have nothing interesting to show. Deadpool is extremely funny at times but the game play is so boring and bland that it is not fun to play it. Expand
  9. Feb 4, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Very disappointing game. I really don't have issue with anything other than the gameplay. Wildly incompetent release. Attack animations for enemies are immune to damage, while your attack animations are not. Many times you will die mid Overdrive, while your enemies will be kept from dying by performing their attack subroutine. Especially Mr. Sinister. I knew the game had problems when they went out of the way to tell you that you can be hurt while jumping, which is this gamer's first instinct. The endgame really displays the cheapness and amateurish execution of the enemies. They actually recycle enemies you have already beaten just to pad the game out. Then they pile on wave after wave of Sinisters, again showing their complete lack of care as to how the game plays itself out. Shockingly bad game. I wonder if the Activision team knew they were going to get laid off, and basically just tried to sabotage the game. I will take a long, hard look at High Moon Studios before I EVER buy anything else they are concerned with. Anyone who gives this P.O.S. over a 5 is either a plant, a hopeless fanboy, or they didn't bother to play the game all the way through. Expand
  10. Jan 29, 2014
    Deadpool fan in need of more Deadpool material? "Deadpool" the game is just the thing for you. Not-so-Deadpool fan just happening upon this game? Might want to rent it. Dick jokes and boobs are pretty universal regardless of fandom(s), but aside from character-specific interests, it's mediocre gameplay-wise.
  11. Jan 24, 2014
    deadpool,is a funny game but the humor masks a flawed gaming experience the enemy types are the same the gunfire is flawed the combat feels unfinished and the upgrade system is odd you have to upgrade the weapons before the character upgrade and the game is too short.
  12. Dec 3, 2013
    This game is so freaking HILARIOUS, I love it, my only concern is that I'm half of the game in a day, and maybe about hard mode, it's so hard it's frustrating sometimes, but an overall good game, bloody, dirty mouth and funny as hell, I LOVE IT
  13. Dec 2, 2013
    While I have yet to complete the story, it has earned a 10/10 from me. While the campaign isn't the most solid in the world, that's not the point. The point is simply Deadpool. Anyone who is a fan of Deadpool knows that story lines and scripts don't roll well with him and he's gonna do whatever the heck he feels like doing.
  14. Nov 23, 2013
    It wasn't one of the best games of the year, no. But as a fan of Marvel in general and Deadpool specifically, I think it managed to capture his crude sense of humor well, and adding the voices in his head kept the game light while reminding you continually how nuts Deadpool really is. If you like Deadpool or enjoy stories that constantly break the fourth wall and mock themselves, then this game is for you. Be prepared to laugh A LOT. Expand
  15. Nov 11, 2013
    Are you a fan of Deadpool? Do you follow this current comic series? Enjoy his wit and ridiculous personality? Do you enjoy hack and slash games like God Of War? If you answered yes to these questions than this game is for you. The weapon system is extremely easy to use and the upgrade menu is well designed. It is super simple to start playing and very addicting. The best part of the game is all the one liners that Deadpool blurts out while you are disemboweling enemies. As you upgrade and buy new weapons he gets even more one liners. There are also random cut aways and genre changes through out the game. While this game is by no means original, it is a lot of fun for any fan of Deadpool, Marvel, and Videogames. Expand
  16. Oct 14, 2013
    Never have i laughed so much playing a game and i am sure i have never had so much fun with a game either, this game is to Deadpool what the Arkham series was and is to Batman, the look of the game is perfect for the game, the controls are very good and allow for some very high combos to be built up, the number of weapons and upgrades are great maybe could do with a few more for future games, and the story is pretty good allowing some b-list villains get a shot in the limlight and the way Deapool broke the 4th wall in this game constantly calling High Moon and telling them how awesome this game should be and even calling Nolan North too it was geniusly done but by far the best thing is the performance of Nolan North as Deadpool himself he nails it it is one of his best performances if not his best he was perfect in this game there are a few thing that need to be polished like the repetition of one liners while in combat they could be a few more so that it doesn't seem like he is just saying the same set of jokes over and over but this is just a small issue i really hope this is just the start of the Deadpool games because it was such a great start here's hoping for more to come in the future and maybe we will get that damn movie too Expand
  17. Sep 17, 2013
    This game may constantly repeat itself over and over again, and the gameplay may be a little boring, but the dialogue and story... are among the funniest in gaming history.
  18. Sep 15, 2013
    Very fun and addicting, but there isn't any storyline. The game inside of a game idea wasn't a good idea. It was super fun playing as deadpool with his badass weapons, but the storyline sucked.
  19. Sep 6, 2013
    Un gran trabajo de Unreal technology, Marvel y sus demas compañeros que lograron un buen juego con buenas graficas dedicacion, humor y una buena campaña porque asi logra ser en toda parte este super super heroe Deadpool.
  20. Sep 5, 2013
    Man. I want to like this game more than I actually do. I think the VO is good, and I even laughed out loud at some of the jokes. Unfortunately, at its core it's still a video game, and in that area it suffered a bit. The camera was very hard to see past. It had no smooth transition. If you walked over a bump, the camera bumped with you... harshly. Beyond that, the combat was kinda meh.
    wish they would have spent more time polishing the gameplay instead of sinking it into the cutscenes. Still, it made me laugh out loud, and games don't often make me do that. Would've been happier with a price point of $40 Expand
  21. Sep 4, 2013
    Deadpool wont go down as an amazing game but it will go down as an amazingly fun experience. If you've ever played a third person shoot em up/beat em up game, you've kinda played deadpool. The thing that sets it apart is everything else about the game. Normally its the gameplay that has more sway on a game review but those games aren't deadpool. The humour, the storyline, the voice acting, the violence, the environment, and the other marvel tie-ins TOTALLY over shadow any of the flaws. Those flaws to me being the lack of post game content and the lack of diversity in enemies. Outside of that...I was very satisfied. Defiantly worth the time and money but don't expect to do much with it after you've completed it. Expand
  22. Sep 3, 2013
    The first thing any player should notice is the relentless raunchy humor, which isn't a bad thing, because it's hard to find games like this one. Its fun for a while, but it gets very repetitive and annoying after a few levels. The upgrades are very average and dont do too much to affect gameplay. The graphics could be better. My main issue is that it's very short, it only took me only 10 hours to finish. It's fun but the difficulty fluctuates alot. Expand
  23. Sep 1, 2013
    Let me get something straight before I really go into too much detail in this review: Deadpool, or the 'merc with the mouth', has finally gotten his own well-deserved moment in the gaming spotlight, and he does a few wild and adventurous things with his time at center stage. Deadpool, true to his comic book persona, enjoys himself immensely- whether it be by making fun of Cable and Wolverine, or by drawing...questionable things that Duke Nukem would most likely approve of. In fact...I would most likely compare Deadpool to Duke Nukem Forever if given the opportunity to choose any one game this particular one most resembles. High Moon's Deadpool adventure has about the same sense of "humor", questionable content, and semi-mediocrity of DNF- minus the twelve plus years of publication and design, of course. All things said, if you can stomach the obscenities and tamp down your ire and revolt at nearly everything Deadpool says, you'll enjoy the game's short and sweet-ish campaign to some extent. You won't love it, the mechanics will be somewhat finicky, and it will quickly become repetitive and selfsame- but it'll still be quite a decent experience all the same. Having warned you of this, let's delve into Deadpool's twisted psyche, shall we?

    The mercenary's adventure starts off as cliched as most do, with one exception- Deadpool constantly breaks the fourth wall, and sometimes even creates a fifth one just so he can break it down as well. This makes for an interesting air of paranoia and schizophrenia at all times- probably how Deadpool feels. Not only does he not even begin to bother reading the game's supposed "script", but he explores the world and often adds in what he feels needs to be real to the already insane story. He has quite the imagination, often thinking up inflatable toys, weapons of mass destruction, and even bigger battles of decapitating awesomeness. Expect to see a lot of degrading thoughts manifested about X-Men such as Cable and Wolverine, much to their woe and players' hilarity and enjoyment. While Deadpool's humor and jokes are a little bit crude and prude even for my tastes, and the jokes about certain genitalia gets old after the first dozen times, I must say that if High Moon got one thing right- it's North's portrayal of the merc with a mouth. Nolan North's voiceover does Deadpool the justice he deserves, in my mind, and also adds in some hilarity with schizo-inducing voices, thoughts, and actions. If they did one thing right, its getting the personality and setting right- based mostly on the comics themselves.

    If you can stomach Deadpool's tastes and 'etiquette' then you're in for a semi-entertaining thrill ride, however, if his quirky personality and humor manages to overwhelm you- don't be ashamed, just hit the mute button and keep on trucking through the repetitive gameplay. Deadpool is almost never silent, because true to his character, he spouts off one-liners, complaints, and gibberish throughout his adventures- never once ceasing to take a breath or berate himself. Oh wait- he does talk to himself, that's right... Whoops. Back onto the topic of repetitive gameplay here, it's almost impossible to avoid this repetition mainly because the enemy types, attacks, and even Deadpool's own moveset and performances are very repetitive and forgetful. Almost all enemies are the same clones you encounter in the beginning, while some are beefed up a little more, or maybe quicker and more lithe, or maybe simply more powerful. They all look about the same, although the environments they fight you in change according to the locale and Deadpool's thought process. One of the major annoyances in the selfsame combat however comes from ranged weapons, which are quite powerful, but terribly difficult and pointless to even attempt aiming, as the target locking is abominable at best. Have fun shooting those guys who fly around...

    Combat isn't all so bad as the ranged targeting however- melee attacks actually can be quite satisfying and when coupled with short range 'gun-fu' (yes, I've seen Equilibrium before) can be quite deadly and enjoyable. The combo attacks work pretty similarly to the Batman: Arkham games' combo system, where you can build up your combo while dodging and evading enemy attacks, countering, and adding in further attacks. True to his deadly proficiency with swords and other awesome weapons, gallons of blood follow Deadpool's accurate strikes wherever they travel- through heads, limbs, and other body parts. Now, here's where the repetitive gameplay starts to set in- these almighty combos require insane button mashing skills to keep up, and require pretty much no thought, focusing instead on basic luck. There is an integrated upgrades system for Deadpool and his weapons, however it focuses instead of making him more deadly and powerful than actually giving him more skills or powers. Don't automatically assume this game is simply a brawling, button-mashing funfest though- it does incorporate other gameplay elements as well, instead of simply copying Batman's more successful gaming incarnations.

    As 'easy' to get a handle on as the melee portions of the game are however, once more the target locking issues come into question whenever firearms are whipped out onscreen. Considering the fact that running and gunning to take down similarly armed foes and foes at a distance is all but impossible to do accurately, or even at all in most cases, nearly half of your powerful arsenal will be rendered obsolete after the first few hours of gameplay. While the melee system is by no means perfect or even good, the firearms you handle are still much dumber and cruder than their sharper counterparts. It seems as if the only reasons you should use your guns are to laugh at the hilarious reactions of the enemy AI, witness the decapitating powers of your close range shotguns, and hope beyond belief that your weapons take down that powerful bruiser heading your way- even though you know they probably won't. Sometimes you'll just be so frustratedly desperate though, that you'll try to score that headshot anyway. And sometimes you'll actually succeed- maybe.

    The game is decently put together, although it lacks the level of carefully crafted design and character of the Transformers games. Because of this lack of true polish or depth to gameplay and the 'story', Deadpool's misadventures aren't quite as meaningful or lasting as they could have been given more time and thought. Instead you're stuck with a game that ends up becoming a frustrating mess of controls that don't always work properly, and overpowered bosses that get the drop on you almost every time. The game is by no means a terrible one, but it is most certainly an unfinished one- so much more could've been done with Deadpool's story, and its a shame that, because of this poorer showing, he most likely won't get another chance to tell his full story. You'll probably enjoy the witty banter, and even the combat itself, but the story is another thing entirely. Sometimes Deadpool strikes the right chords, and sometimes it just falls flat or goes completely out of tune. I'd recommend it for comic fans and fans of the character's other incarnations, but I wouldn't recommend it highly to many other gamers. There's really just not all too much more to be said.

    Concept: Create a time-consuming and frustrating game that has potential and plenty of witty dialogue, but shows its true colors too early on to be any more fun afterwards.

    Graphics: The attention to detail is pretty fine tuned, the environments seem to be rendered nicely, and enemies react accordingly to violence, and are animated well- despite their designs being very similar and repetitive at the same time.

    Sound: Deadpool's voice(s) are well-done and his comedic banter is spur of the moment and pays off. The soundtrack, if there is one, is totally nonexistent and unnecessary, but otherwise everything sounds nice and fluffy. Which is obviously a lie, with all the things spewing out of this merc's mouth.

    Playability: Some of the controls have issues during combat, much most others work well enough to get the point across.

    Entertainment: It can be entertaining at times, but most of the gameplay bogs players down in repetitive, frustrating hordes of attackers and Deadpool's stylized dialogue.

    Replay Value: Moderately Low

    Overall Score: 7.0
  24. Aug 29, 2013
    The character is awesome to play and the gameplay solid fun. It combines rather general TPS with some fantastically weird gameplay components. The story concept is cool but not new, it has already been explored in Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard. What is unique is the character, Deadpool, and the attention given to his personality. He is psychotic, weird, funny, crazy, dramatic, and other many other things. The other characters in the game are equally funny, you keep looking for the next weirdness to happen as you play along. The humour and weirdness is what gets me in this game. Everything is over the top. With solid TPS gameplay and awesome characters this game is worth a purchase. Expand
  25. Aug 28, 2013
    God..I really dont undertand these critics that were expecting to deadpool to be a Revolution.The game is exactly what I was expecting,and GOD is it good! Funny,dinamic and brutal,this is the deadpool experience that fans were waiting.Of course that if it had more content,more alternate clothes,collectables(like de comics in the amazing spider man game),it would be good,but the game still awesome.
  26. Aug 21, 2013
    I'm tired of games that take themselves too seriously. i just got Splinter Cell Blacklist and it takes itself way too seriously. It's dope, but too serious. This game on the other hand has all the visual and narrative and gameplay elements you need but it's freaking hilarious as well.
  27. Aug 15, 2013
    Let's be honest. if you're buying a Deadpool game, chances are that you're not looking for the best hack and slash in the world because if that were the case you'd pay half the price to buy Bayonetta and have some ridiculous fun. No, you're here because you love Deadpool. The 4th wall is as expendable to him as every other person that isn't immortal. You really get to connect and love the character despite a linear, copy cut gameplay. Yes the humor is childish, but put it this way. You wanted a game to entertain yourself? you'll be well entertained. Expand
  28. Aug 15, 2013
    While there is no denying that the gameplay is unimaginative, the humour underlying the game is pretty entertaining once you get over the 'trying too hard' prejudice. While I appreciate that long-term Deadpool fans are being subject to the new Deadpool that's had an arguably rough time impressing the fans, the game itself stands as your bog standard hack and slash with a few familiar faces and some nice weapon choices. Expand
  29. Aug 14, 2013
    I have to admit, I had a lot of fun with this game. It's obviously not without its flaws and shortcomings, but High Moon Studios has an incredible attention to detail, when it comes to franchises with big fan-bases. Deadpool is a wonderful homage to the X-Men really, from the perspective of the 4th wall protagonist Deadpool. This game feels like there should have been an X-Men game first and then Deadpool could have made a follow up in the background. The story sets of ridicules, really, but soon introduces a lot of cameos and non-stop jokes on everything. While the game lacks variation in enemies (clones is a cheap trick, but it makes sense when Mr. Sinister is involved), the game redeem itself with great set pieces and kind of a mind blow of where the game is going to take you next. I wasn't the biggest fan of Deadpool before I played this game, but now I am, and to be honest, I was enjoying myself and being entertained a lot more than I was frustrated with the game mechanics and its technical exploits. I wanted more boss fights and a longer game, but for what I got, it was worth the price of admission. I hope High Moon Studios is up for another challenge and continues making great games like Transformers and Deadpool for fans, not just for video gamers. Expand
  30. Aug 12, 2013
    I really am torn with this game. The design and writing are fantastic. The humor and characters just the best! But as a game, it's kind of limp.

    It's obvious the developers cared allot about this game and allot of time and attention has gone into it to. Deadpool is spot on as far as his character is concerned and really just steals the show (I guess that's the point.) But repetitive
    combat, far too easy difficulty (aside from the spike at the end) and a camera that doesn't know what it's doing kind of spoil the game. The camera at times makes the game almost unplayable adding an insane level of frustration what there is no need.

    Deadpool is a nice game that is good for a weekend, but I can not recommend it at full price. Either as a budget /second hand or rental. A real shame as it come very close to being great.
  31. Aug 8, 2013
    This was a fantastic game. It truly captured the character we love unsurprising, given that Daniel Way wrote the script!). A great story, superb voice acting and genuine laughs. I found the gameplay to be almost always entertaining and highly recommend this game! Here's hoping for a sequel!
  32. Aug 1, 2013
    I seriously could not get enough of this game, after seeing dead pool in the the spider man video game where all the different time lines interact. I could not stop laughing. I can't really complain about the repetitiveness. The sense of humor and different jokes along with the humorous hot tub scene that turned out to be fake. The Boss fight was intense and then to finish the job the way they did was hilarious! I seriously loved this game and hope you make another one or some DLC!! Expand
  33. Aug 1, 2013
    Best parts to the game is the story and humor which for me story is a must have nothing else compares. Humor in this kind of game is also one of the most important things and they nail it hard! Graphics were fun and exciting. I found no bugs in my play through and honestly I can't complain I just enjoyed it.
  34. ERB
    Jul 31, 2013
    Game is really funny and entertaining.Good game.
  35. Jul 31, 2013
    Dead-pool isn't the the most block buster there is out now, they new it was going to be a budget game so when they released there game they took of $10 dollars of the price of the game.
    Dead pool is your old school hack and slash with new and unique skill system which allows you to unlock more combos more weapons, yes the game play is very repetitive, with an awful camera angle when you
    go into tight corridors. The voice acting for dead pool is amazing better than most games for voice acting, Dead pool is hilarious he always has jokes in store for you at very good moments. The story line is very linear no point for ever replaying the game because there are no collectibles, no different endings like dead rising where there are 4 I think. Expand
  36. Jul 29, 2013
    For what this game has aimed to do, it has succeeded unbelievably well. Since anything else is really just a matter of the player's taste, isn't that what every game should be scored on?
  37. Jul 27, 2013
    What is the number one thing I have heard about this game? "It knows what it is." What does that mean, it means that they know what kind of game they want to make. Activation is known for making some really ok games and Deadpool is one of their better games. Deadpool is one of the better Marvel superheros but the problem with this game? Its a superhero game and personally I would of liked to see a stealth game then a shoot and run game. Its a really good shoot and run game, but that form of game play can only give so much. I had to play this game for over fifteen hours and I have to say the gameplay got really old. Also hearing Deathpool's jokes was really funny but that didn't make me fall in love with this game. Again its a good game not great, I recommend waiting for the price to go down on this game. Expand
  38. Jul 24, 2013
    For anyone who has bought a minimum of 30 Deadpool comics, is an X-men comics fan and has an affinity for varying styles of gameplay...this game is the If you really enjoy it and participate in an the goofy events(ie flirting with every girl at the party and dancing)this game spews out achievements. I've read several reviews that have stated a dislike of the minigames...and they also claim it is too repetitive! That justs seems wacky to me being that the minigames break up the endless killing and are loads of fun. This game is a brilliant homage to the Deadpool character and I for one can't imagine how they could have done abetter job. Deadpool obviously isn't for everyone(Call of Duty people...why don't they just join the marines?!) but for a true fun loving Deadpool fan this is where it's at! If you don't know about Deadpool pick up a compilation book at your local library and if you love em, definately give this game a try. If you don't know anything about Deadpool you won't get the 10gillion references made. If you don't like Deadpool then just go back to playing Call of Duty. Expand
  39. Jul 23, 2013
    The game is a blast, i enjoyed it a lot, and laughed so much. I guess people that don't like it have no sens of humor at all. This is one of the best games i played in moths and had so much fun doing it. I recommend it to any comic fan.
  40. Jul 14, 2013
    really, really good laugh material, and the game makes you have a really good time. a REAL GAME, with fun and pleasure. the 10 is out because of the overseen game-play and the non-re-playability.
  41. Jul 13, 2013
    The humor is fun and it never feels forced, and it never really interferes with the overall experience, but aside from that deadpool is just another mindless, repetitive, hack and slash game that could've and should've been better.
    The main story is simple but entertaining at the same time, Deadpool has to rescue the world from siniestro...
    yeah, but don't worry this doesn't mean the
    game is soulless and it doesn't have any direction at all, as a matter of fact most of the characters that are presented in the game are some x-men characters and a couple from deadpool actual comic.
    The way that this characters are represented in the game is a great way to any new comer to deadpool or to comics in general, each time a new character shows up (depending on the situation that deadpool finds himself during the game) the game always gives you the option to give you a back story of all of this characters, is a simple but incredible way of interacting with the player in case he doesn't really know any of this characters (although i knew everyone).

    The main problem with Deadpool is the "GAMEPLAY" the gameplay is the thing where you can tell the developers from high moon studios were just plain simply lazy.
    Meanwhile each other department manages to surface into the thin line of bad, decent, and good, the gameplay just fall flat every time i kept playing the game.
    At first the gameplay is pretty straight forward, x or square is for a quick attack, y or triangle is for a strong attack, combine them and, well i don't think i really need to tell you what happens if you have played a hack and slash game in your life (it creates a combo).
    Aside from that every single enemy in the game is never unique at it never really even changes the way that the game is played, you're gonna have you're basic enemy that just tries and fails every time to punch you, then there's the enemy that attacks you from far away shooting at you, and then and finally you have a big type of enemy that, again, it just tries to punch you, oh and don't forget the other type of heavy enemy that just shoots at you,
    i think you're noticing a pattern here, and if you don't let me just share it to you, EVERY ENEMY IS THE SAME.
    There isn't any kind of enemy that doesn't try to either punch you or hit you, oh and they never even change their appearance from the first level of the freaking game,
    so at the end of the day they just fail to accomplish something even remarkably good or innovative at all.
    That's not the only problem with the gameplay aside from that Deadpool has this awful and unnecessary game mechanic that just doesn't stand out in the entire game, because it shouldn't be in a game like this in the first place, and that mechanic is...
    Stealth, stealth is something that is so misplaced in this game, so misplaced that you will never use it unless it isn't scripted by the game itself,
    not because you don't want it to, but because it doesn't work at all, since the entire game is just nonstop cheesy, blockbuster, action you never tend to slow down with the game progress, you just want to continue, until you reach the next room full of enemies, the problem? you ask, the problem is that this cycle of nonstop adrenaline pumping into your body never wants you or lets you stop.
    So when you finally reach the next room full of enemies you can't even begin to think to take it slowly, because since most of this stealth scenarios are scripted, you think there isn't even a choice to put stealth in play.
    And the rest, what you honestly expect?, no really,
    deadpool breaks the fourth wall the entire game, i seriously think that this could've possibly be the game that has break the fourth wall most times than anyone could've imagine, the really beautiful and funny thing about the fourth wall was that it was being braked from time to time, it wasn't something that will suck you out of the experience even if it's recognizing the player itself, when deadpool does it is just not funny, is just annoying, mostly after you hear and see that wall crumbling over, and over, and over again in and endless loop that just becomes an repetitive gimmick until you stop playing the game.
    Overall i liked a lot the deadpool humor that was being presented in the game, i also liked a lot the whole upgrade system (even if it didn't have any gameplay changer at all).
    But aside from that the gameplay, probably if not certainly, the most important aspect of any game keep falling flat and being lazy, if the gameplay itself is broken then pretty much every other aspect of the game should've be incredible and innovative in order to at least make the game interesting and keep the player trying to reach it's goal but deadpool just doesn't even do that.
  42. Jul 12, 2013
    This game is real funny. I have a bad sense of humor, it could just be me. The storyline (which i wont spoil) is great too. Deadpool has to be one of my favorite comics ever, with a good humor, and High Moon did a good job copying the humor from the comics to the game.
  43. Jul 8, 2013
    I will keep this simple. This might have a painfully average gameplaybut the fact is that it has to be the funniest game ever. This alone is worth considering the game.
  44. Jul 7, 2013
    Just average and that's because Deadpool is an extra cool hero and the license is good.
    The other pros are that this game has a great sense of humor and breaks the 4th wall often (though the later levels don't have as much content as the early ones) and Nolan North's best VO ever. The script serves the comedy act and everything else is crap. Ok, some of the death animations are good, but
    just that. Expand
  45. Jul 6, 2013
    This game I was looking forward to for a very long time, But when I saw the game play I was very put off. I then decided to buy the game. I laughed a lot at the beginning but then the game introduced me to combat.It was boring and repetitive again and again, and I thought I am not playing through this garbage.And personally I didn't enjoy the comedy. This game in my opinion is awful.
  46. Jul 5, 2013
    This game is hilarious!Deadpool has to be one of the most entertaining characters of 2013.The gameplay is pretty good,the enemies are a little to easy and it is just a really fun time!
  47. Jul 5, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. The game in itself would be a below average game. The only thing that keeps this game going is Deadpool. We have seen many good games that were carried by the main character, this is one of those games, Deadpools humor is the only thing that moves this game. It tries to be innovative like sidescrolling or 8-bit jrpg style gameplay but it plays it safe. These segments end in like 2-5 minutes or so. But the humor of Deadpool is really carrying this game. He is awesome though, I only recommend this game if you know whats cool on the internet nowadays. Cause they are a lot of pop culture references there. So game without Deadpool would be a 4, but JUST because its Deadpool I'm giving it a 7. Expand
  48. Jul 3, 2013
    I have played both the transformers games by High Moon and the Deadpool game is almost as good as they were. The controls are solid but not easy mode. The combat is challenging and requires good timing like the devil may cry series. The weapon and upgrade unlocks are interesting.

    The humor is up to taste, but its a deadpool game. High Moon is great at bringing IP's to life.

    have been playing on the hard mode setting and it has been an honest challenge almost to the extent of Devil May Cry 3 which in my opinion was the best combo centric action fighting game ever. Expand
  49. Jul 1, 2013
    I knew what I wanted going in playing this game; to laugh my ass off. Let me tell you, the entire duration of the game, that's exactly what I got. If you like crass humor, full of dick jokes, farts, and outrageous gags with some clever tongue and cheek lines, Deadpool is for you. The game continually hit the right chords with my funny bone. Nolan North plays the schizophrenic maniac to perfection too, acknowledging the game, player, and standard gaming components, North helps create Deadpool and makes him shine. As a game, it's a pretty standard hack and slash, but it's a fun one. It's a clunkier version of the new Devil May Cry. gun combos along with an array of assault weapons make combat fast, fun, and fluid. It can only be played in bursts with that in mind, otherwise it gets pretty stale very quickly. Graphically it's up to par with this console generation, nothing spectacular, but nothing wretched. I played Deadpool to laugh and I laughed hard, as a game it works pretty well, but it's nowhere near even Devil May Cry. It's a fun game, with a great story, and a fantastic character that's nailed. Expand
  50. Jul 1, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Deadpool was a fun Game. It is a bit short, which is my main gripe. about 7 hours of gameplay and, "bam", it's over.

    However I wouldn't have given this an 8 if they hadn't managed to capture the essence of the comic book character. I liked how they introduced character like Wolverine, Cable and well the rest On PC the controls were a little complex at first, but then I realised it's because I had got so used to games like CoD and BF3 that I forgot how to actually use a keyboard to play a game. After a few minutes I was throwing combos together like Deadpool saying Chimichangas!

    I am hoping for DLC as I believe there is a lot more they could do with the character, and they could drop a bunch of additional stories and hilarity in rapidly.

    The Game literally engages you and when it was finished... I decided I would do it all again.
  51. Jul 1, 2013
    I don't think I've had as much fun with a game since ever! I highly advise purchasing it. The graphics, however out of date they seem are no problem and is something I can brush off, as a Deadpool fan, this is something I have enjoyed incredibly.
  52. Jul 1, 2013
    deadpool is right his game is awesome! its hilarious all the way through. the combat is solid but not anything special and the graphics are nice looking with some good details especially in the character models, but the real draw here is the comedy and deadpool himself of course. this is by far one of the funniest games ive ever played. the story is barely there, the game is linear, combat is nothing new, but there are too many serious games out there while this game is just a immature mindless hilarious over the top hell of a good time! im very glad i gave this game a shot! Deadpool rulezzz!! Expand
  53. Jun 30, 2013
    True, the combat is "basic" and the humor might be a little off for someone who blushes at the thought of farts (it's not even "witty", it's just immature poop and fart and dick jokes (which is awesome)), but it's a lot of basic and bloody fun, to be honest I have never laughed so much during a game!
    As a regular Deadpool reader I was a little anxious about the 4th wall breaking, I
    expected it to become cheesy after a while, but they did a good job on making it "feel right".

    The healing factor was lots of fun and gave me a lot of opportunities to fight in unconventional ways, the exaggerating of video game cliches made everything twice as funny and the narrative was creative. It progressed a little too fast and it was a total no-brainer (which unsually isn't really my thing). If you're just looking for a couple of hours of immature fun with guns and hammers and swords, then buy it, but if you're not a deadpool fan I would wait until the price drops further.
  54. Jun 30, 2013
    I played this game while i was in vacation. I went to a gaming shop and asked for The Last of Us, they said that they dont have it but they have Deadpool instead as the newest game so far. I remembered what my best buddy said "Dude i love Deadpool, he is just so funny and the best character in whole Marvel Universe". I thought i can give it a try, cuz i like trying new stuff (i didn't have much choice anyway :P)... In the very beginning of the game, u start in ur house.. The actions u can do are molded by pure fun.. I couldn't believe it, i thought it was just for the beginning but i-was-wrong.. Every moment of this game is so funny, i mean c' mon where did u see that u slap Wolverine like a thousand times? (Don't worry not a spoiler). The point is, this game slips through games like perfect story and gameplay like Bioshock and The Last of Us etc. and shows people that a bad game with bad graphics, bad gameplay and so much bad stuff can be very attractive and playable.. I give 8 out of 10 to this game, not just because it is funny, but that it shows people that we need something different too.. I believe in one day all gamers will understand that only fancy graphics or perfect story is not enough. And when that day arrived, perfect games will arrive, and they will get the perfect scores: 10 out of 10.. Expand
  55. Jun 29, 2013
    I give this a 8/10, but to counteract the humorless PC police drones and people who never played it giving it a 0, I give it a 10.
    First it was $49.99. Second it never claimed once to have innovative gameplay. Read previews before buying to learn what to expect. It was fun cutting and shooting up a ton of enemies and the HUMOR IS GREAT!!! Upgrades are cool too.

    I found myself laughing
    the whole time. NOT For the stick up their Politically correct crowd though. This game has jokes 4th wall style when it runs out of budget(won't say more but it's funny) jokes on your playing skill, hell jokes on everything!

    I'd definitely recommend this to people who want to be entertained and laugh but don't expect this to be the greatest game ever made graphics wide.

    Ignore the fools and overly sensitive gaming press with their white knighting and try this game! At least rent it. You will have a great time. Think Spaceballs meets American Pie meets the Xmen origins wolverine game(I think this is more fun than that.)
  56. Jun 29, 2013
    First five friggin' minutes I watched on YouTube...FIRST FIVE MINUTES AND I FELL IN LOVE! Deadpool calls his own voice actor, and before hanging up, he says "Well, f**k you, Nolan!" Sorry, but this game has made me laugh so hard and I'm barely an hour into it!
  57. Jun 28, 2013
    I have never heard of Deadpool before my friend kept on talking about it, so i decided to buy the game, and I immediately regretted the decision The comedy in the game is crap and would only entertain 10 year olds. Gameplay is just X, X, X, Y, Y ,Y, over and over again. Boring IMO. Don't get it whatsoever.
  58. Jun 28, 2013
    This isn't a Deadpool Game, this is a DEADPOOL game. The Deadpool is the important part. This isn't gonna revolutionize gaming, it's a faithful gaming adaptation of a popular character. You're either into that or you're not.
  59. Jun 28, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. So Deadpool is a game based on the the Marvel Anti-hero obviously and it was one of the games I was really excited for this year and right of the bat this game is really good so lets talk about it first thing I'm going to talk about is Deadpool now Deadpool is exactly what we all wanted him to be. He breaks the fourth wall like every chance he gets and does the most disgusting things I could imagine in a Marvel game. And the violence in this game is just "Screwed up" it's like Saints Row 3 and Marvel were combined I mean it's fun really fun in fact. Lets talk about the story: The story follows Deadpool wanting "the best game starring himself" so he and High Moon Studios the developer of the game make a deal and Deadpool gets his first mission to assassinate a guy who Deadpool has to get to because the guy has like the most ridiculous bodyguards ever then Deadpool finally kiddnapps him and of course his mission gets ruined because Mister Sinister kills the guy which means Deadpool is not going to get paid so he seeks revenge on Mister Sinister so Deadpool and Wolverine and other X-men go on an adventure to an Island to find Mister Sinister and now we have our game. The combat in the game is alot like Batman Arkham games except you can use any god damn weapon you want from Katana to a rocket launcher now lets talk about the bad thing the camera each time you teleport the camera won't be able to keep up with where you teleport to which means you can get killed by an enemy so yeah the camera could have been better. So is the game a masterpiece no is it no. Deadpool the game is a really fun game and recommend it for Deadpool fans and for others so in the end I give Deadpool 7/10. Expand
  60. Jun 27, 2013
    This game is so bad it makes me make a review to save you some money. i give him a 1/10 because of the "talk to my d*ck" joke. Just, keep it far away from you.
  61. Jun 27, 2013
    For Video review click here--->

    Like dick jokes and boobs? Then Deadpool is for you! Like a story that makes sense with new enviroments and likeable characters? Then maybe you should go play something else. In Deadpool by High Moon Studios you play as the "Merc with the mouth" Wade Wilson otherwise known as Deadpool. You start off in Wades apartment
    listening to your answering machine where you receive a call from High Moon Studios President Peter Della Penna telling you their going to pass on a Deadpool game. After an explosion at the stuio Peter calls back and says they'll do it and a script is on the way. Thats about the only thing in the game that makes any sense at all.
    Deadpool wants to take charge and make his own game rather than following a script. This is something that works for Deadpool as a character who's fully aware of himself and the world he is a part of. It is not however something that works for a video game. The story very rarely makes any sense because our anti-hero is continually doing whatever he wants while every other character in the game is following a script. Deadpool attempts to be clever at every turn yet only really pulls it off twice in the 8 hour playthrough.
    The mechanics of the game are very similar to that of the "Batman: Arkham" Series. You have light attacks, heavy attacks, an evade/dodge/counter button. You can fire your guns like any third person shooter with aiming by pulling the left trigger and shooting with the right. Just like the Arkham series when an enemy is preparing to attack you an icon appears above their head giving you plenty of time to counter the attack. Nothing ground breaking here but noone really expected there to be. Players familiar with the Arkham games will feel right at home.
    You can unlock a few extra combos and weapons by spending your DP points earned from combos and kills. The unlock menu gives you the option to unlock two melee weapons and three additional guns as well as four thrown items. A flashbang, explosive grenade, land mine and a bear trap. You can also Upgrade each weapon to Unlock a special move for each as well as upgrades for our protaganist himself.
    Keeping Deadpool on the attack builds your power meter in the form of "Momentum" once your "Momentum" meter is full you can unleash a super move in the form of a pole dance kick or break dance combo attack. These are helpful in sticky situations but never really do the damage you'd expect out of a super move.
    The game spans 7 levels. You'll play in a sewer, an office building, a riddled island, an ancient tomb, and a enemy stronghold. Once again nothing groundbreaking. And for a universe so large and expansive this is really a missed opportunity for High Moon Studios.
    You fight the same 4 or 5 enemy's the entire time with a few mini bosses and some big baddies to keep things interesting. Somewhere in the convoluted story they explain the lack of new enemies with a cloning process.
    Really the most satisfying part of Deadpool comes in the form of Stealth Kills. You can slaughter baddies by sneaking up behind them and with the push of a button unleash a cringing attack the usually leaves our foe headless or armless or just plain smashed into the ground. The opportunities to do this are few and far between and there are only two or three animations for each melee weapon.
    Occasionally your rewarded with a retro level, or nod to another popluar gametype which is usually explained by the game being over budget. These levels only come around a couple times and are way too short. They almost seem like a reward for the level design you just spent an hour running through.
    Deadpool is a mess of a game and I'd be hard pressed to recommend anyone waste's $50 of their hard earned money on it. It's definatly not the worst hack-n-slash out there and if you insist on playing it borrow it from someone who wasted their money on it or just get it from gamefly.
    There's not much, if any, replay value here. You do get some challenge missions that you are forced to play at least 3 times each if you want to earn a few extra achievements. You'll visit the same maps you just played through and have 3, 4 and 5 minutes to dispatch the same enemy's you've been cutting to pieces all day. You don't have to reach a certain score or combo length to earn the medal your looking for. You simply have to survive. An easy task to say the least.
    There are no collectables to find tucked away. No extra costumes to unlock. No extra difficulties to reward your efforts. Another missed opportunity.
    Deadpool is his own worst enemy. If he had simply followed the script this game may be worth so much more. All though the story that was there wasn't very good to begin with he made it so much worse by doing his own thing. It really goes to show how hard it's going to be to make a convincing movie out of the character.
  62. Jun 26, 2013
    As someone who is a longtime fan of Deadpool and the Marvel Comics I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical when I heard Deadpool was getting his own game. Don't get me wrong, I always felt as if he deserved his own game but I didn't think a studio could do it justice. Then one a random day, I happened to see the announcement trailer. Once I heard that familiar voice, I knew it was going to be great. Deadpool is one hell of a ride from start to finish and is something any fan of comics should pick up.

    The story starts with Deadpool in his apartment. That's when his trademark humor really kicks in. You can honestly tell Nolan North had a blast voicing the character and his multiple voices and the humor never becomes grating. I have laughed more during the course of this game than i have to most comedies.

    The combat is almost perfect. Almost. Your attacks don't really feel like they have any weight behind and for the most part, I stick with the SMGs and Katanas. Though, there is a ton of upgrades and there is a play style for everyone. Do you like shotguns and hammers that trade speed for brute force? Go for it. Do you like it the other way around? Go ahead. Once you get into your own groove, you feel like a super powered bad-ass and the game shines.

    The graphics are great. They really give off a comic book feel and the backgrounds are great. Everything fits great together and nothing seems out of place. The game runs super smooth and I have hardly ever noticed any hiccup from the frame rate when the action picks up.

    Speaking of action, the set pieces are fantastic. Ever wanted to take a Sentinel's arm and blast away enemies? You got it. How about rocketing around in a foot with a turret as you blast away hordes of baddies? It's right here.

    The challenge mod offers a whole separate mini game as well. As you complete levels, you unlock stages to test your mettle against baddies as the clock runs down. It starts off easy enough but once the difficulty increases, you need to adopt certain strategies for the different types of enemies that come raining down on you.

    That's not to say that Deadpool is without its faults. Sometimes the camera gets turned around in combat. Once the screen gets filled with baddies and the action becomes hectic, you really lose track of Deadpool in the mob and the camera seems to have a mind of its own. But by far my biggest complaint is the mapping of the counter button and the teleporter button. They are the same button and it can be cumbersome when you get stuck in a corner or trying to escape from a mob. There's really not a diverse selection of enemies either and the only difference you really see is when they are glowing blue.

    Overall, Deadpool is one highly enjoyable game. He is lewd, crude, and full of piss and vinegar but I bet you won't laugh this hard during any game this year. Give it a try and I promise you, you'll have a blast.
  63. Jun 26, 2013
    Its Deadpool. is it groundbreaking? No. Does it make mistakes? Yes. Is it a goty? no. Does it try to It is what Duke Nukem should have been, and it is what I expect from a Deadpool game. Why aren't there a lot of collectibles or costume unlocks? again it is Deadpool, He has like 3 costumes, and is always broke.
    Bottom line is this is a fun summer action game that is worth checking out.
  64. Jun 26, 2013
    Absolutely stunning game. The comedy is spot on for the character, it has tons of marvel references and randomness that do justice to the name of Deadpool. Gameplay is fairly well for a hack-n-slash not quite on the level of devil may cry or God of War but carries it's own challenges none the less and has a ton of upgrades to work towards (though you should be able to accomplish most in a single playthrough). The story is long enough to be enjoyable and the challenge mode is just that, challenging. I certainly wish for the price tag that we could have gotten a multi-player but I don't regret my choice.

    Don't confuse this however, this is not for those that:
    A) Don't like hack-n-slash
    or B) Aren't into the kind of humor Deadpool brings to the table (as it never stops and the game is bursting at the seems with it).
  65. Jun 26, 2013
    High Moon has a great history of games, I loved Transformers War for Cybertron and Fall of Cybertron, they did an awesome job turning Transformers G1 into a game, the Bourne surpremecy game was good too. Once I heard they were making Deadpool for the next game I was really looking forward to it, I've had so much fun playing their previous game. Well................ Deadpool is hilarious, the graphics are ok, the voicework is outstanding, there is so much dialog in the game, at some points you can do the same thing over and over and you will hear 10 different things. the gameplay is button smashing with some gun play. the camera can take some getting used to but is not bad at all. I put this between a must buy or at least rent. I'm having so much fun right now with it Expand
  66. Jun 26, 2013
    This game is HILARIOUS!!!. it is absolutely deadpool at his best/ every five minutes I laugh. there are a few noticeable bugs but they don't ruin the experience of the game. for every deadpool fan it's a must buy, but if you are looking for just some funny good time this is also for you. the only people who should not buy this are those who are looking for a hardcore action game.
    Chris Nolan is voicing deadpool in the most funny way possible. Expand
  67. Jun 26, 2013
    I expected crap, I got an original masterpiece. As someone who plays almost everything that comes out, I highly recommend this game.

    Featuring 8bit, 2.5d side-scrolling and a deeply unique story. It's hilarious, well-balance, and very fun to play.

    My only warning would be that it's around the size of a Call of Duty game, which to my mind makes it quite short (around 6 hours long).
    Still, one of the best games of the year thus far. Expand
  68. Jun 26, 2013
    Amazing, Hilarious Wish Combat in Marvel Heroes was like the combat in this game. very fun! I am really enjoying it, I would have bought it even if it were 59.99 and would have enjoyed it just as much.
  69. Jun 25, 2013
    Borderline shovelware tripe with simplistic, uninspired gameplay, ugly visuals and repetitive levels. The game's much-touted humor is very rarely witty, mostly falling flat on its face. Oddly, Deadpool's 4th-wall breaking antics more than once make fun of the game's paltry budget and tiresome clichés, a fact which helps precious little in making the whole ordeal any more bearable.
  70. Jun 25, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This game was a break through for forth-wall comedy. Literally the funniest game I have played since Duke Nukem. I had never heard of Deadpool before this and now I want all his comics forever!!!1! Expand
  71. Jun 25, 2013
    I had a blast playing through the game. For Deadpool fans it's a good time no doubt.
    It's just a fun game and has solid gameplay. Anyone who is looking for an intense and story driven experience should look elsewhere but if you know Deadpool, you'll know what you get. Silly and rude humor, over the top action and a story that Deadpool himself doesn't even care about.
    The only downer is
    the playtime. I finished the game in 5 hours on medium difficulty. Expand
  72. Jun 25, 2013
    This is to counteract people who are rating it 0 when they didn't even play the game yet. This game is fun for any deadpool fan and i would personally give it 8/10 if there wasn't any of those trolls
  73. Jun 25, 2013
    I was pretty disappointed by this one. The camera really this game over and the combat wasn't as deep as I would like it, but, in the end, it didn't even matter! I was having loads of fun. The humor to this game is hands-down the best part. I give this game a nice 7/10.
  74. Jun 25, 2013
    Deadpool is NOT Duke Nukem Forever, it's actually funny and fun, which Duke Nukem is NOT. I BOUGHT THE SPECIAL EDITION OF DUKE NUKEM FOREVER AND CRY EVERY DAY I SEE THE STATUE!!!!!
  75. Jun 25, 2013
    Deadpool is a fun ride but it is a ride that is to short and does not deliver to what the trailer's made it out to be. It's worth a rent or buy the game when it's way down.
  76. Jun 25, 2013
    This game is obviously a very2 self aware game. It's fun from beginning to end and it offers cameos such as Wolverine, Rogue, Cable, Psylocke, and lady Death, the closest thing Wade Wilson have as a love interest in this game. The rest are all for eye candy.... sweet2 eye candy. Deadpool himself set it up to feature lots of boobies. Clever bastard!

    The story is pretty simple: Deadpool
    got a script for the game and he starts his adventure, which he didn't follow at all from beginning to end. Great thing about the story is that most of the time Deadpool will do something out of place like pumping a giant bouncy castle or grab a bicycle, but they all play a part in the end that helps to advance the plot. I guess you can say he's a Chekhov's Gunman laying irrelevant things that in the end plays a role in story.

    Nothing revolutionary gameplay wise. It's similar to X men Origins Wolverine but unlike that game which is only hack and slash, this game combines both hack and slash and third person shooter pretty well, which I'm surprised that it can happen as usually firearms are weaker that swords. You get a selection of 3 melee weapons, 4 ranged weapons and 4 throwable items that you can buy from the store, and each of them are fun to use. For both ranged and melee weapons, you can upgrade them if you kill enough enemies. I recommend the sword and shotgun because those are badass efficient killing machines. You can mix up melee attacks and ranged attacks to make Deadpool do some Gunkata that's awesome.

    As I said before, this game is very2 self aware of itself, and Deadpool himself talks to "Peter", apparently the developer from High moon studios when he sees something so out of place like an unfinished area that looks like an 8 bit Zelda game because Deadpool uses all the game's budget for boobs. There's even a part in game where Deadpool can slap the out of Wolverine. You can practically slap Logan forever and Deadpool will say ridiculous things like "WHY, WONT, YOU, WAKE, UP!" after each slap. It's so silly that it's great.

    I got this game for $30 on Steam instead of the stores that's apparently $50 or $80 here in Australia. Finished it in 7 hours, so the length of the game is ok, and there's plenty of easter eggs to do that I haven't even do yet. For what it is, it's a fun self aware game that'll make you laugh.
  77. Jun 25, 2013
    Funny and silly a bit sloppy on the gameplay side but not bad overall maybe wait until price goes down if you're unsure. Fans of the character will love it especially the jokes at X-men Origins Wolverine and Barakapool non fans as said wait for a price drop.
  78. Jun 25, 2013
    Everyone should have known Deadpool wouldn't be revolutionary but it's still one hell of a funny game and just a fun game. It has everything that will entertain any Deadpool fan.
  79. Jun 25, 2013
    The achievement with the pancakes was the moment when I realized this game was amazing. My literal quote was, "Oh my God *laughter*, he made like a thousand pancakes!". Cue the achievement: I'm Expecting Company Make a Thousand Pancakes." Brilliant, simply brilliant.
    And about the graphics...well, every game can't look like Bioshock Infinite on Ultra Max settings, alright? They're
    good enough, and they're not terrible, so I'm happy. The combat is very fluid and bloody, like X-Men Origins: Wolverine. On the plus side, it's a full M-rated title, so no holds barred on the good stuff! Expand
  80. Jun 25, 2013
    Although this game has flaws- oh wait, I don't care, I couldn't stop laughing, and I am having hell of a good time, so you know what? It deserves a 10/10!
  81. Jun 25, 2013
    Okay, I personally love this game, but I have to admit that it makes some mistakes.
    It lacks some polish, the graphics aren't that great, but I don't really mind that at all ...
    Looking back, the combos were slightly repetitive, but I don't recall it ever being a problem.
    And the tutorial is a bit cheesy and clunky, it's like they didn't even really care if the tutorial was integrated
    into the story well enough, but I guess it's really well explained, since ...You know, Deadpool obliterates the fourth wall.
    Now, I'm seeing reviews saying he makes too many jokes, just ...What do you expect? Max Payne? It's Deadpool. "Sorry I use humor to deflect my insecurities. Plus, I'm HILARIOUS!" Deadpool.
  82. Jun 25, 2013
    I played this game for about an hour and even that was hard to do. Everything in this game feels so effortless and cheap so far. Camera is choppy and annoying. The combat is extremely slow paced and boring. I was running around aimlessly picking up "points' for upgrades which were lame. I understand that Deadpool is a sarcastic comedian in his own mind. This game takes it a little far. Almost everything Deadpool says in this game makes me want to turn it off. It's just not funny. To me if a game does not captivate me in the first hour then it's not worth my time. I feel this game is not worth my time. I give this game a 3/10. Expand
  83. Jun 25, 2013
    I was pretty disappointed by this one. The camera really this game over and the combat wasn't as deep as I would like it, but, in the end, it didn't even matter! I was having loads of fun. The humor to this game is hands-down the best part. I give this game a nice 7/10.

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  1. 60
    A hero that fits in no pigeon-hole, of the video game that prays to the pigeon-holes. Run up headlong, and maybe you are going to be relatively satisfied. [Issue#232]
  2. Sep 17, 2013
    This game is repetitive, with boring level design and a camera which doesn’t want to work. Deadpool is a great character with a lot charisma and humour, but he tries too hard to be really funny.
  3. Sep 10, 2013
    Deadpool is an action game that tries very hard to make fun of the game medium. Sometimes it is very funny while other times it is not. Gameplay-wise Deadpool manages to be pretty standard stuff but it is rather evident that it should’ve needed more time in development.