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  1. May 25, 2011
    For all people reviewing this saying how good it is and what the improvements are they need to get out more.

    Yes the graphics are good, and the game play does present some nice driving. But the interface, car selection, and overall presentation of the game is just a huge step in the wrong direction.

    If you like having to be presented with an annoying voice that shows you the in's and
    out's of the race you are about to do like you the retarded child of a inbred hill billy the go for gold. I seruously wanted to shoot myself having to listen to the BS and be led through the game without being able to skip the crap and get to racing.

    Then there are the options of you cars, they rave and hype about car selection then make you race in there classified box again until you just want to shoot yourself.

    So then you go to the what was once the awesome damage model of the dirt series. Where did it go. The crashes use to be the reason to play, as the car was destroyed from poor or agressive driving. Now your just let down with a lack luster move away from something different to a monkey see monkey do, although visually stunning game.

    All the good has gone, and what is left is a beautiful looking shell of a game.
  2. Nov 12, 2011
    Pick it up cheap, not as good as the hype behind it, cars feel arcade like and handle like the tires are made of snot...........Still own it, nobdy wants it, Garbage
  3. May 27, 2011
    This was of great disappointment to me. DiRT series used to be my favourite racing games. I have all 3 of them now, and I can say for sure that the third is the worst. There will be huge loading times, annoying very slow due to retarded animations menus, ****ed up sounds but that's nothing compared to what this game has done to people who love the series. DiRT comes up in our minds like a very high quality accessible rally simulator. Well nothing from that remained in DiRT 3. I am sorry to tell you that:

    -Physics is screwed up big time. Every move of the car, every turn, EVERYTHING is exaggerated. You pull your controller stick (don't even try to play it with a keyboard) 1 angle, the car immediately starts sliding. Touch a small stone on a road while driving at 30km/h and your car will fly into the sky.

    -Accessibility disappeared with the realistic physics obviously. Playing this with a controller may help on the easy difficulty (though that just plain boring) but to get through the game on intermediate you need a racing wheel.

    -The retarded competitors replicas have been cut out (thank god), but the graphics, however did not improve. As a point of fact DiRT 2 looked better to me. Cars in DiRT 3 look like they are from podium and they remain that way unless you drive through some scripted part of the track, where your card suddenly gets all DiRTy and ****

    DiRT 3 switched sides and is trying to be a rally Gran Turismo now. The thing is: to be a rally Gran Turismo you need to have Japanese love for work and a patience of a tiger. Codemasters have neither. Some people may find the retarded physics "chellenging". Some may claim I am just trolling because the game is too hard. Think what you will. I have completed all DiRT games on highest difficulty. I have played Gran Turismo 5. And I warned you about this one.
  4. Feb 4, 2013
    Graphics are good, so is the physic engine, no doubt about that. But why is still called Rallye? This fun mods are not what the game should be about(drifting get points and Also The rallye maps are mostly 1 big map, just reversed and/or shorter runs. this maps recycling. Do i drive with my car in my own garden? No!! Disappointment!
  5. Jun 20, 2011
    What a disappointment! The physics are back to the Dirt 1, free-axis, physics and it couldn't be any worse. You SLIGHTLY turn the vehicle and it goes careening EVERYWHERE. Where are the awesome Dirt 2 car physics? Obviously, it went away this year, just like the ability to choose what car you'd like to race in. Now, instead of getting to CHOOSE which ride you'd like to drive in, you're FORCED to drive only ONE ride. Even in Dirt 1 you had the option to choose the kind of ride you'd like to race in (with, amazingly, very similar competition structure). And there is also a lack of actual courses in this game, but it that would be forgiven because of "Gymkhana", right? Too bad with the ludicrous physics, that even becomes MORE of a pain as you never really feel like you have control of the vehicle! To close, I'd like to say to people thinking about buying this game, buy Dirt 2 instead! It has a better structure, an actual choice of rides, more tracks (although Dirt 1 beats Dirt 2 in that category) and the car physics were the best of the current Dirt series (that will actually ALLOW proper car car set-ups). This game just seems like an overly-hyped, shined up turd, and play at the fans of the series by CodeMasters. Expand
  6. Jan 21, 2012
    Terrible game! Got it for christmas, expecting a quality racing game with customizable cars and fun gameplay. What did I get instead? Dirt 3. The commentator is awful, because you cant understand her and she says nothing even relevant to what you are doing while you are racing. Also, you are only allowed to pick from certain cars pertaining to each race, and you cant upgrade it or even change its color! This game is boring and redundant, and it does not deserve positive feedback Expand
  7. Jun 10, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Well, its not a bad game, it should have some more improvements. I also believe that this game could be a little easier to deal with. Because on first impression, who has never played any Dirt, you probably have some difficulties Expand
  8. Jan 16, 2012
    Dirt 2 was and is a great racing game. Although the physics seem a bit more realistic at times overall Dirt 3 is much less rewarding of driving skill. Courses are extremely wide to the point of being a bit ridiculous. Car selection is much more limited and confusing often leaving you wonder if your selecting a vehicle with different handling or just different paint. Only one truck and one buggy?!? New modes are all based on crashing into other players and spinning out so if your looking for a racing game look elsewhere. Online play now requires everyone to purchase an add on from xbox marketplace if you don't have a code from a retail purchase. Attempting to play actual races online has often resulted in not finding anyone to race with as they are all either busy playing crash games or perhaps they just couldn't be bothered to get the online play working. Overall it's nice to race new tracks but the online play has been botched by wide tracks, lack of racers and non racing game modes. The number of in game up-sells for cars and tracks is also annoying for such a disappointing title. In the end Dirt 3 is about what I'd expect if Michael Bay had his way with dirt 2. Expand
  9. Oct 10, 2011
    What a shame a once great title turned into a second rate game. Whilst the rallying is still as enjoyable as ever, especially online the shortage of tracks creates major limitations. Add the awful Gymkhana events create a real schoolboy view of rallying. Whilst more tracks are available via downloadable content they were surely originally to form part of your games purchase price, and look like they were only not included to allow for the lets grab an extra buck attitude which blights a lot of recent 360 releases. If you can pick Dirt 3 up at less than £20 and allow an extra £15 for the missing content to be downloaded perhaps then it becomes a more rounded and satisfying product, but for myself i will not be getting burnt when the inevitable Dirt 4 becomes available. Expand
  10. Jan 6, 2014
    After running through Dirt 2 several times, I found Dirt 3 to be lacking in many areas. First of all, being forced to participate in Gymkhana events was a waste of time. Handling on the cars was less than realistic compared to D2. Having raced offroad for 30 years, D2 is the closest sim I have found to actual offroad handling. Graphics are worse in D3, also. Where are the rooster tails? Where is the smoke on pavement? Car selection has pretty much been forced upon you for points, whereas D2 gives you the option of several cars for one race, and end points are tallied only on race results, not on type of car driven. Ken Block was annoying in the D2, but having him as the "star" is beyond annoying. Sound is nowhere near as good as D2, either. I have not used the headphones, but through surround sound system or just the TV speakers, it just doesn't have the same effect. I can turn off the music, but I cannot turn the engine and effects sound down past 50%. Even with those at that level and the voice level at 100%, I have to strain to hear the co-driver. If you've played D2, don't waste you money on this disappointment. If you haven't played D2, this would be ok, but even so, I wouldn't recommend it. Expand
  11. Jan 7, 2014
    Terrible. Absolutely terrible. I've read through the other reviews, and played through Dirt 2 several times prior to purchasing this game, but I just had to see for myself. Big waste of money. A lot of people giving reviews have been raving about the "improved graphics" over Dirt 2. Ok, so maybe the background graphics are better, but overall, graphics are worse in this game compared to its predecessor. The physics in this version are absolutely a joke! I played arcade games in the 70's with better physics than this! No matter what car or what course, it's like trying to drive a brick across a half-greased rubber band. Traction goes from one extreme to another with no rhyme or reason. One second you're sliding wildly out of control, the next it bites like the tires are nailed to the surface, and it doesn't matter what simulated surface you are driving on. Controls are way too sensitive, too. The slightest movement of the controller sends the car into a 90 degree turn. A slight tap of the brakes and it slows from 110 mph to 20 mph in a split second. Cornering is more unpredictable than a ping-pong ball bouncing around inside a clothes dryer, with even the slightest little bump in the road sending the car bouncing 5 feet in the air, even at slower speeds (less than 50 mph). Every vehicle in each class handles exactly the same as the others, so choosing which vehicle to drive becomes a moot point. Sound quality is lacking, and what is heard is mostly annoying. The developers' attempt at capturing shouts from the crowd as you pass ends up sounding more like someone choking a chicken or a drunk with Tourette's Syndrome. Rally? Pfft. The co-driver (when they can be heard over the engine that generally sounds like an overweight bumblebee with excessive flatulence) gives terrible information. A corner of the same difficulty, radius, camber, and surface is sometimes a 3, sometimes a 5, sometimes a 2, etc. I raced rally at the semi-pro level for about 10 years, and if my co-driver had given directions like that, I'd have stopped the car, opened the door, and kicked their butt off a cliff. The "witty banter" from Dirt 2, which was annoyingly over-the-top, is no longer a distraction during the race, but the commentary before and after the race is banal and pointless. Upon entering a race for the first time with a vehicle you've never driven before and having your mechanic tell you that you "didn't even put a dent in it in the last race" is just plain.....stupid, for lack of a non-obscene word. After the 3rd or 4th event, I just turned off the sound on my TV (since it is impossible to completely mute the voices, engine, or effects) just so I could finish the game without the urge to jab an icepick into my ears. The programmers should have spent more time perfecting the physics and actual handling (or just go back to the way it was in Dirt 2, which was much more realistic) instead of making pretty trees and clouds, which nobody in their right mind pays attention to while trying to drive their brick. In Dirt 2, as well as most other racing games I have played, the emphasis was on performance. You raced the track and other competitors to proceed through each level. This game, you race against poor coding and the inevitable Gymkhana events. Gymkhana? Really? I bought this game for rally, off-road, and rallycross racing, not to do donuts in a parking lot and smash styrofoam blocks. What are we, in high school again? But unfortunately, it is forced upon you in every stage of the game. Gymkhana has absolutely nothing to do with rally racing. It has nothing to do with racing period. It is a showboat "sport", much like all the other X Games. Racing is about speed, picking the right line, and passing cars. Gymkhana is about spinning in circles for no apparent reason. The opening and closing sequences to each event are mind-numbingly boring, and again, the developers appear to be more concerned with getting you to admire their ability to render landscapes and shiny cars than they are about bringing you a realistic, challenging racing game. Gutted out the game to the end, and now I will delete it from my XBox and try to forget that I ever saw this miserable excuse for a racing game in the first place. Expand

Generally favorable reviews - based on 81 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 76 out of 81
  2. Negative: 0 out of 81
  1. Dec 12, 2011
    Some dedicated Dirt fans might feel slighted by the shift, but as a newcomer to the series this was a fantastic place to slip in.
  2. Oct 19, 2011
    A very convincing package with stunning graphics and nice feel for arcade'ish racing. There's maybe a bit too much emphasis on gymkhana game mode though. [Aug 2011]
  3. Aug 29, 2011
    Offering excellent driving gameplay to all levels of player skill, Dirt 3 raises the bar for accessibility in a realistic driving simulator. With dozens of unique tracks, cars, and multiplayer games it offers and harassment of content without ever feeling overwhelming. By their very nature racing games are was going to be a little repetitive but Dirt 3 has almost completely succeeded in removing frustration from the mix.