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  1. Apr 8, 2013
    The creativity allowed in this game permits a truly unique experience for the gamer. Not only are you allowed to choose your own path in gameplay, but in story too. It is truly a unique game that needs to be experienced.
  2. Apr 5, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I've never been a massive fan of the stealth genre but dishonoured was just so good at what it does its just well worth pay...the only reason why this isn't a 10 is that there was quite a fair amount of bugs in my playthrough of the game Expand
  3. Apr 10, 2013
    Wow. Dishonored shattered my expectations. Someone in my advisory class said something about 'Bioshock" meets "Assassins Creed" so I was instantly curious. I got this game for Christmas and beat it in only 2 days; I was hooked. The story was amazing. At parts I felt enchanted, nostalgic, and betrayed. It was so memorable and so well done. The characters were vibrant and engaging, I fell in love with Samuel the boatman, you actually can feel a level of compassion for them. It was a lot of fun to find every way around Dunwall, being as stealthy as you can be. The combat and powers system was one of the best I've had the pleasure of experiencing. (And I can say so for the rest of the game.) Expand
  4. Apr 22, 2013
    I think Dishonored will be remembered as one of the most innovative games of 2012. The ideas behind the world of Duwall and the Outsider are very well fleshed out and researched. The links to ancient mysticism and beliefs are almost striking and the dystopia steam punk universe is beautifully put together.

    The stealth aspects of the game I personally found to be too difficult to
    attempt, I kept getting caught and then it turned into a bloodbath! It is a little bit buggy with textures not appearing properly etc but overall it is a spectacular game.

    I really enjoyed this game and for me it deserves GOTY 2012 for its innovation and the fact that it is so different to everything available on the market.

    PS Granny Rags is by far one of the scariest old ladies I've ever come across!
  5. Dec 31, 2013
    Dishonored lets gamers play how they want. One can be stealthy and never kill a soul, or violently destroy whatever stands in their path (although this is generally discouraged). Dishonored's levels are vast puzzles with the end goal being to eliminate the target. The story is interesting although nothing too original, but the steampunk world is incredibly immerses the player. The game brings the stealth genre to new heights and should be played by anyone who is even slightly interested. Expand
  6. Jun 20, 2013
    One of the best games out there its so fun to play it can make you cry.I hope there going to be dishonored 2 because we could use another one I never kept my copy of this so i'm mad at my self.
  7. Jul 4, 2013
    Appena completato Dishonored con livello di chaos basso. Davvero un ottimo gioco, con meccaniche stealth che ben si adattano all'ambiente circostante lasciando al giocatore una totale libertà d'azione furtiva o omicida. Nessuna novità particolare introdotta nel genere ma buone idee e ben sfruttate. La trama si sviluppa in modo interessante e coinvolgente ed ha un buon finale (almeno quello che ho visto io). Insomma si merita senza dubbi un'ottimo voto! Complimenti ai ragazzi di Arkane Studios!!! Expand
  8. Nov 17, 2013
    Dishonored is not focused on length but rather replay value. And I can assure you that after beating Dishonored once, you will be playing it all over and over and over again.
  9. Apr 16, 2014
    Un juego fascinante y la posibilidad de pasarte el juego en dos modos, sigilosamente o darles cara, la cantidad de formas de como deshacerte del enemigo como te plazca, y los poderes del protagonista, un videojuego muy al estilo de la saga Bioshock, eso si la trama no es tan espectacular pero se recompensa con las subtramas de los personajes secundarios.
  10. Sep 20, 2013
    The powers that you control through Corvo along with the immense stealth and diversity that the graphics scheme make Dishonored one of those games that you will play for hours. Massive replay-factor due to the need for the best score. Outstanding.
  11. Nov 30, 2013
    Dishonored is very fun, immersive, and just overall badass, the creativity that Bethesda used in the stealth, and combat aspects is immaculate. The only flaw that i'm capable of pointing out is the repetition in some of the missions. Overall if you took Assassins creed, made it first-person and downgraded the graphics, it's Dishonored, personally I think the story could have been a little stronger, but it made up for it in its game-play and aesthetics. Well done Bethesda. Expand
  12. May 22, 2014
    I've spent about 64 hours, and frankly I want more :). This game may look cartoon-ish, but please don't be fooled by this - the game tests your humaneness from its 1st second till its last one: you may kill everyone you see, or you may kill no one at all - it's up to you. And like Sir Isaac Newton said, every action has a reaction (simple form) - I mean, whatever you do in the game, all your actions will have a consequences.
    The main part of the game is dedicated to Corvo. Alas, he is silent, which I don't like. But in the add-ons (The Knife of Dunwall, Brigmore Witches), you're playing as Daud, who is much more talkative. Well, Michael Madsen, as Daud, is fun.
    For those who love stealth games, especially Thief 1&2&3: IMHO, this game is even more Thief-esque than the last Thief (2014). It has a good story, a nice NPCs and their dialogues, a lot of perfectly hidden stashes with loot, and you're free to hide from your foes and neutralize them in old Thief style - by sneaking from behind. Also, the game has a lot of tributes to the Thief series, so you'll definitely smile every time you see them.
    Bottom line: it's a must-have.
  13. Apr 29, 2014
    Although the gameplay quickly becomes repetitive, and the environment is rarely changing, Dishonored is still a good game - not quite the 100's and 99's others have given it, but a good title nonetheless. The art style is stylised similarly to Bioshock infinite, and the freedom the games give you is Hitman taken to the next level - whether you wish to shoot your way out or hide in the shadows, the game caters for that. Expand
  14. Jul 4, 2014
    Dishonored is a game to buy! At hard difficulty, you will need strategies and strealth to make it. The game offers so much possibilities and gameplay options. It's so fun and immersive! It lets you so many ways to kill enemies the craziest ways possible... I would immediately buy a Dishonored 2. Be creative with it !!
  15. Apr 1, 2013
    I would most likely grant this game a solid 8.25 rating. The game largely succeeds at what it set out to accomplish but manages to trip up on more than one occasion. This is definitely one of the better stealth games that I have played in recent memory. You take the role of Corvo, the personal bodyguard to the Empress and her daughter, Emily. As you probably already know, the Empress is slain on your character's watch and Corvo is framed for the dark deed and immediately thrown into prison to await execution. At first glance, this is a fantastic (albeit somewhat cliche) setup for a good revenge story, but as you progress through the game, it never really becomes said story. The people who framed Corvo for the assassination rarely made any sort of appearances, save for when you're sent to assassinate them and so I never quite developed a need to hate them. The story fails to build this hate that's necessary for any good revenge story and so these missions wound up being "Kill this guy because he's supposedly bad". Not to mention that the entire game progresses in a repetitive manner that will quickly bore you of the storyline. I found it difficult to care what the hell happens to the future of Dunwall and what the hell is currently happening to Dunwall as you assassinate targets. The storyline also proves to be quite predictable throughout and there will be multiple occasions where you will have deciphered what happens next before it's even revealed to you. The game attempts its own twist about 3/4's of the way through the game but as I mentioned earlier, you will probably already have it figured out at that point in time. The fact that Corvo is also a silent protagonist means that any NPC interaction is pretty much trimmed to a minimum and so your ability to care for anyone other than yourself becomes quite limited. The inclusion of a supernatural being that bestows your character's supernatural powers feels forced and is entirely unnecessary to the overall plot. The game attempts to include this character as a bigger part of the story but instead, it serves simply as a means of explaining how you're character obtains powers and that's it. The game's environments quickly become bland and rather colorless and the game's climax is extremely unsatisfying. Generally, when a good revenge game or movie concludes, the targeted audience will feel relief and satisfaction knowing that the main character accomplished what he/she set out to do. I felt none of this at the game's conclusion. In fact, I actually began to feel somewhat angry at how unsatisfied I was with how the entire plot panned out. There's two different endings to the story, depending on how many people you actually kill throughout the game. Similar to the original Bioshock, the "evil" ending pretty much sucks and the "good" ending is far and away better. However, unless you want to Youtube it, the only way you can view the other ending is by playing through the entire game again. Honestly, this isn't so bad, as the game does possess some fantastic controls and combat mechanics. In my opinion, I felt that the combat was far too easy. Obviously, the primary goal of the player should be stealth but not every encounter will go so smoothly and this forces you into combat with guards or Overseers. Blocking and countering are key aspects to surviving encounters, unless of course you have ammunition with your pistol (which you always do). Shooting enemies or destroying them with your supernatural powers is far easier than engaging them in swordplay, making any scenario throughout the game a cakewalk. Moving on to positives, the stealth mechanics in the game are top notch and they really give the players an astonishing amount of tools to get the job done. All of Corvo's gadgets are extremely fun to utilize and there's a delightfully wide range of them to choose from to accomplish the task at hand. Whether it be sleeping darts to silently take down targets in a nonlethal manner or explosive bolts to eliminate clusters of enemies at once, it's all up to the player how these scenarios go down. Corvo's supernatural powers are grandly-implemented, never feeling imbalanced or out of place and they really allow you to overcome just about any obstacle. Possessing a guard and walking him into a nearby electrical fence is always good fun. As is with any good stealth game, there are multiple paths that you can take to successfully eliminate guards and complete missions. It's always a treat to become the silent predator lurking from above, waiting for that one guard to be alone before pouncing. Overall, Dishonored is a treat for stealth-game fans. The stealth mechanics are surprisingly well-done and allows for tons of freedom in how the player chooses to accomplish tasks. However, the story is weak and predictable and if you have never been a fan of stealth games before, I highly doubt that this game will change your mind. Expand
  16. Jun 3, 2013
    Gran juego, pense al principio que no iba a ser divertido y me atrapo por completo, Tengo ganas de jugarlo con otras opciones para ver los otros finales, Vale la pena,
  17. Jul 20, 2013
    This game was a totally surprise for me. I loved it. The story is one of the best parts, and I totally got into it. There's ways to optionally dive deeper into the story that I won't reveal but the plotline is rich and very fleshed out. The gameplay is very fun too, and the missions which the game revolves around are all well thought out chapters in the overall story. Many of the characters are memorable and interesting.

    I 'keep'd the game from GameFly because I plan on playing through again on a harder level. I'm debating on buying the DLC as well.
  18. Oct 19, 2012
    A new game that still seems to carry with it a twinge of nostalgia. The predictable twists and turns of the story were not enough to take me down from the high I was experiencing while playing through Dishonored. A fantastic game, worthy of my sixty dollars.
  19. Jun 10, 2013
    Despite all the processing power this generation of consoles have to offer modern games all too often want to just funnel the player from one cinematic set piece to the next. For me the very best video games, such as Half-Life 2 and Deus Ex, provides the player with an interesting game world and lets them decide how best to make their way around it. Fortunately Dishonored allows you to do just that.

    Each and every mission provides players with a number of possible solutions made all the more interesting by the different powers (that are far more than just the usual fire and ice spells so often seen) and weapons that can be found or unlocked throughout the course of the game. As a result it is possible to complete Dishonored without killing a single person or, should you choose, you can simply kick down the front door and fight your way through.

    Aside from the fact that the morality system is a little too black and white the main criticism I would level at the game is that it is perhaps over a little too quickly, my first playthrough took about 12 hours, but it is certainly a game I will return to and play differently at some point. This is certainly one to buy.
  20. Oct 19, 2012
    Great game. This game allows so much choice. The choice of do i kill everyone in sight or do i try to be as sneaky as possible and spare their lives. Even the choice of getting to you objective. You'll find that there are many ways to get to your objectives; up, down, around, straightforward, possessing animals and people, secret passages, the choice is yours. There are also times in the games where you'll feel creative and smart like solving riddles to unlock a safe. This game has obvious influences such as its gameplay is comparable to Deus Ex: Human Revolution. The setting and graphics are very similar to Half Life 2. Expand
  21. Oct 20, 2012
    I am here really to only make one thing perfectly clear. This game is NOT short. If you finish this game in 7 hours then you didnt play the game, you RUSHED the game, skipped entirely sequences and quests and went straight for the finish. I spent a health 40 hours in the game so far, but that is because i AM exploring, i AM being stealthy, i AM looking at the scenery. This isnt a race to see who can finish the game first. It's short because people are doing speedruns in 4 hours. /rolleyes. Expand
  22. Feb 15, 2013
    This is one incredibly memorable stealth action adventure. Dishonored gives the player a handful of fun and exciting tools, all incredibly flexible for mixing and matching gameplay styles. They are hard to pick up, challenging to master, but incredibly fun once dash across a roof top, possess a rat, sneak up behind a guard, jump out of the rat, assassinate him, and teleport back up to the rooftop. PHENOMENALLY satisfying. The story is fairly interesting, but there are some inconsistencies and some rather poor design choices that mar the experience. The core of the game gets everything done right: first person assassination with a dose of stealth and run and gun. It's an incredibly exciting game, and a hard one to put down at that. The story is pretty exciting but simple, but it's the rich and dramatic world that will keep you invested for the 15-20 hour run time. There are a couple of truly unique levels, and playing through the game without killing anyone is a gleeful challenge (to an avid fan of Metal Gear Solid). The ending leaves much to be desired, though, as it proves to be sloppy and rushed. Fans of Assassin's Creed or Half Life will really enjoy this game, as it executes first person stealth, exploration, and gameplay very well. It's just the sloppy story and ending that leaves a somewhat negative impression. So, in the end, triumphant and polished gameplay, intriguing world building, but weak and lacking story. Expand
  23. Nov 11, 2012
    Great First Person stealth game, similar in style to BIO SHOCK but combining a little of the staples originated in games such as METAL GEAR SOLID. Great atmosphere and art design. Too bad that some weaknesses inherent in First Person Stealth Game are still there, namely its hard to 'hide' from your enemies, when you can't see your avatar in relation to your opponents. That's why many great stealth games are made in 3rd person view. Hand to hand combat also leads the camera to move all over the place. Other than those weaknesses, it's one of the original properties released in 2012 so gamers that are dead bored by the usual fare out there (Cough....COD..Cough....) should give this one a try. Expand
  24. Nov 1, 2012
    DISHONORED is great but not as i thought before playing it.there are so many ways to kill the enemies,various upgrades and challenges but the story is not great as in the beginning is not so attractive(i played on hard) because you are weak and stoppable but after 2 or 3 upgrade you are a terminator with unstoppable locations are multi-layers but small(my idea bad).
    graphic details are good but the textures are middle quality(why?i did not know).
    enemies AI is so-so,sometimes challenge you and sometimes just watch you killing them.
    with high&low it is great at total but the best thing is it`s satisfying gameplay elements.
  25. Oct 17, 2012
    Good - but very over-rated. Most reviewers have wet their pants at this game. Many reviews claiming you will play it through 4-5 times just to see what happens if you play differently. Well I won't be. Any one thinking about buying - wait till a price drop. It's worth playing but I feel disappointed having paid full price. Had it 5 days and nearly finished. Will be trading it for Borderlands 2 any day now. Expand
  26. Oct 30, 2012
    A very strong showing of a new IP. It is poised to capitalize on a strong start to probably make a fantastic second entry into what hopefully will continue as a console series. Its flexibility in play-style cannot be overstated... when I was patient I could play super stealth or maybe I wanted a bit more action and to just "move" through the story... Dishonored allowed me to fly around levels knocking out enemies and feeling like the most powerful stealth assassin ever. Awesome fun. Improvements should come with story (fiction is great though) and flow as well as level design could be improved even more. Great job Arkane. Expand
  27. Oct 15, 2012
    First things first, I'm sick of people saying that you can clear a level in x amount of time 'if you want to'. The point is that this is ideal for multiple playthroughs, do all the exploration on your first playthrough then when you go through on your second playthough it is quicker. Why are people complaining about the length of the game when they are just trying to make it as short as possible? You can actually put quite a lot of time into this game if you want to, and I certainly have, it's not the longest ever but not every game has to be a marathon, it has high quality gameplay and a compelling story to go along with it.

    The best part of this game is the choices it gives you when you are presented with each scenario, finding alternate ways to eliminate key targets is very interesting as is route finding during general sequences, this game gives you a lot of freedom considering it isn't open world, plenty of things to discover including side missions, objects that will help you along the way and looting for coin.

    Another great thing here is the setting, Dunwall has a good art style and is great to look at, among its secrets are many interesting back stories which you can get involved in and it helps you understand the place you are investing your time into, it tells you what life was like for certain people concerning plague, industrialisation and repression from the aristocracy, a great representation of Victorian London.

    I haven't finished the game yet so I cannot judge the ending but I understand the low chaos ending is better than the other. 2 points have been knocked off because I think the stealth lacks variety as the developers have focused more on combat focused techniques and then given you a couple of good abilities for stealth which will get you through the game that way.

    Overall I think I can say that the game lived up to my expectations, I certainly wasn't expecting it to be GOTY like everyone else was for some reason but it was thoroughly enjoyable, I hadn't even heard of Arkane studios before this game so good job to them.
  28. Oct 10, 2012
    We have all established that Bethesda are well known for unique games that are worth playing. Dishonored is Bethesda's latest game at a new innovative game. And thankfully they have succeeded. Dishonored smart advertising and unique nature hooked us in the game so our expectations were high. The best feature of the game is the sort of Deus Ex feel to it in the means of gameplay. Each mission of the game is a sort of open land were you get to decide what tactics you will take. There are to main ways to play or stealthily or a more kill everyone approach. What is interesting is that there are many ways to play with either option. Interesting enough the outcome of the game drastically changes with each play style so multiple playthroughs are needed to experience the full package. The environments also change according to play style. if you kill everyone there will be more flies and rats than taking the stealth approach. Both play styles are fun but I prefer the stealth approach as I find that there are more options and spells suited for this play style. Another thing I adore about this game is the art syle. It is very interesting, it is cartoon like but is dark which makes the game have an edge. The graphics themselves are not that good but this does not detract from anything. The game is not hard, so not much skill is needed to beat it but it is very rewarding. A problem I found with the game is that the many ways to beat the game can allow you to skip specific areas way too easily but this is not much of a problem. The powers in the game are all very fun and most importantly very useful. These spells are so much fun to wield and as you will see you will use them a lot in the game. The sound in the game is also very good and with ok voice acting. A thing I did not like in the game is the story. The story I found is not that strong, the world is so dark and violent that I really expected to be blown away with the story and I got a very good solid story. Although some characters are really well written and they are really interesting. A think I also really like are the badass enemies and deaths. The enemies are especially cool looking and you can clearly see the work put into them. The game is not that long it took me 18 hours but everyone who plays this game will definitely play this game multiple times so the $60 are worth it for this game. This game really reminds me of Batman Arkham Asylum and it really is a good game. I really enjoyed this game it is unique and i'm sure that many people will enjoy this game. It has a impressive art style fun characters and in my opinion the small flaws diminished by all this games interesting features. It has the most fun gameplay since Dark Souls and nearly as rewarding. You really need to play this game its worth all your hard earned cash. The reason I am not giving this game a 10 is because its amazing but not a masterpiece but this franchise has the potential for glory. Buy this game it's gameplay is sooo much fun it's not difficult to get hooked in this game! Expand
  29. Nov 17, 2012
    Amazing game. -1 point for a short game and -1 for hard to master controls. Nevertheless, this game is great I strongly reccomends this game when it goes down in price
  30. Oct 17, 2012
    This game is amazing! this game is a mixture of skyrim, bioshock and thief! If your a skyrim or bioshock fan this is a must have. This is a must play game for everyone!
  31. Oct 29, 2012
    Great game, great story, but, is short, and the graphics are not the best, you could finish the game in one day, however, if you like games in first person, you should play it
  32. Nov 3, 2012
    • Dishonored is a game where you sneak around a semi-open world trying to take out a given person using either a weapons, traps, magic or conversation.
    • Level design runs a gambit from wide open areas to tight corridors. The open areas are well set out and promote exploration and discovery which makes the tight corridors feel worse as you remember the great open areas that came
    before it.
    • Stealth is handled slightly differently from most games and involves primarily line of site with shadows playing almost no part in the mechanic. This takes some getting used to at first however makes sense and ends up working well. A tip for protagonists: If you are trying to sneak around: do not walk around with a scary mask!
    • Although the game allows you to either take either the lethal (kill everyone) path or the non-lethal (put people to sleep) path, the game clearly tells you that killing people is the wrong choice. Killing people makes the ending "worse" and takes rewards away from you. Taking the fast and aggressive path also bypasses all the interesting parts of the game and should be considered something extra to do rather than a legitimate way to play through the game (at least the first time).
  33. Feb 3, 2013
    Pros- Good story, great atmosphere, enemy A.I. is spot on, the powers are useful, the combat is decent, Dunwall is an interesting place, and last but not least it looks and sounds pretty good.
    But Corvo is a pretty stale character, the stealth mechanic is broken. Sometimes I walk right in front of a guard and he does not notice me and other times I am perfectly hidden and get rushed from
    nowhere. Game is also on the short side if you follow the main story arch not explore every nook in the universe they have built.
    The combat kept me coming back. It was a blast figuring out to ways of dealing with guards. This is a game like Assassins Creed and Metro 2033. The game is really good but a little flawed but it got me excited enough to see the sequel when it comes out.
  34. Jan 5, 2013
    I find the 8 campaign missions enough for the different ways you can replay this game, plus all the different ways you can play are well supported instead of focus on some. However, some problems I found include textures not loading correctly, which happened fairly often, plus the ending was abrupt; along with the rest of the story, it felt like things were overly explained. Overall a good game, but the story could have been presented better. Expand
  35. lox
    Mar 4, 2013
    I loved this game. It was like Assassin's Creed mixed with Bioshock. The plot is refreshingly simple, you play a royal guard with supernatural abilities who's mission is to avenge the death of the queen and save her daughter, the future heir. The gameplay was so much fun to me, teleporting and assassinating in this game made me feel like a badass. I thoroughly enjoyed every mission in this game, as well as the side quests. There were a few moments in this game that were irritating: like being sighted by a guard when I was clearly behind cover, but that's really the only gripe I have for this awesome game. This game takes patience, since it is primarily a stealth game. Most people who complain about the games length most likely hack slashed their way through every mission and didn't take the time to thoroughly enjoy the game. Needless to say, length was not an issue for me, having beat it twice on high and low chaos. Both times finding as many runes and bone charms as I could, completing almost every side quest and watching every cutscene. By playing in this manner, it took me a day to beat the game in high chaos and another day to beat it in low chaos mode. Dishonored is an entertaining assassination/stealth based game with a new vision that works. Expand
  36. Mar 7, 2013
    You know what? I freaking love this game. Now I never give an opinion on a first play through, unless the game is so kick*** or terrible that the deal is sealed. If it's middling I play again, now that I have a good handle on the mechanics and environments. Dishonored is really fun and can be played with very different strategies through each play through and if you do you will be rewarded with significantly different dialogue and ending. On my second play through the last scene had different dialogue and took place in a different location! Nice surprise that. You can go killer commando, stealth, non-lethal, or ghost and have a really different experience. Once you understand your powers you can be whatever kinda Corvo you want to be and do things totally different. Each play through for me was really fun. It's the kind of game that I would go back to like a good book on a rainy day.The acting is good, the set design interesting, the story, I think is a really good one, the universe cool. Combat just fine. One level I played three different ways, finding a different way to make my way around every time. Love it. If you give it a chance, there is so much to here to be had...good game. Expand
  37. Apr 3, 2013
    This is a pretty good game. I actually loved it for about the 5 hours I played it. It was too short. Another thing i didn't like was that your character never spoke so it never felt like you were fully immersed into the game
  38. Apr 4, 2013
    i my self thought this game was well thought out but to be this short and you have to play $60 just for it i was not that happy the gameplay was good though storyline was really good i like the decision making it gives you over all i was happy about this game just sad it was so short
  39. Jul 6, 2013
    One of the best games of 2012! It offers players with choices and tactics. My first completion of the game was wonderful, but the second and third was a masterpiece.
  40. Apr 18, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This game has conquered the spot as one of my favorite games of all time, but I think I want to get down to what is good about it first before going into the more negative aspects.
    Starting off, the gameplay. This is the core, pure reason for playing the game and it is done fantastically. The stealthing is VERY viable and fun to maneuver as you pass around or behind unknown enemies to give them what for. Their is a WIDE variety of weapons, if you choose to go that route, such as your sword, crossbow, pistol, grenades, etc. As a major part of the story to help get you through the game, there are various powers you unlock through the use of runes, such as a teleportation move called Blink, a powerful Windblast attack to knock out or kill enemies, Devouring Swarm to summon large swarm of deadly rats, and much more to play with. The gameplay and environment go hand-in-hand, making it highly adequate to both sneak around or eliminate all the enemies.
    On top of that, the graphics and musical scores used for the game are fairly adequate and get across their job as they are supposed to. The lore of the world itself and the mystical element is well done, with much intrigue about The Outsider, the being who delivers your powers to you in the game.

    Now, onto the more poor aspects of the game. While the lore of the world CAN be interesting, it is true that the story is not something to be given many praises and that it can be a bit boring to hear the mediocre voice-actors merely spout of their lines without much passion. It truly comes down to an acquired taste, but it doesn't do much compared to the gameplay, along with have the downfall of a silent protagonist in such an eventful game. Also, the final straw that hurts the game: multiple endings.
    In a game all about revenge being everything, you only get the praised good ending by going throughout the game as non-lethal as possible and it hurts the game in the story-telling aspect truly more.

    But, overall, Dishonored is definitely an experience to be picked up and enjoyed. It earns a solid rating and if it convinced me to go through multiple playthroughs, I'm sure it can do the same for you.
  41. Jul 13, 2013
    dishonored is a great game and one of the best stealth games out there
    -great art style-great enemy variety-tons of freedom (can choose your own path go in anyway you want level up any powers do side objectives-kill or dont kill)-fun levels-interesting to explore-very memorable locations-ending without spoilers makes you feel like what you did was for something-powers are fun to
    use-great combat-cool gadgets-you can read minds with a beating heart creepy but fun-assassination targets make you want to kill them-some branching dialogue
    cons-story is unoriginal get revenge and save someone whos very important-twist at the end is just thrown in for filler with no explanation to why its there-some missions have no sidequests so you will have less of a reason to explore-games a little easy-not enough environmental kills like gassing a room with people in it
  42. Jul 24, 2013
    I've played the game through three times now and each time has been a interesting walk through Dunwall. The game offers so many different ways to complete missions and infiltrate locations that you could play through each mission more than once and still feel the suspense of finding and killing or saving your target. I played the game through on hard all three times, each being semi-challenging. The game shines with its use of supernatural powers; allowing fun combos and unique ways to move around each level. I found myself using different combinations every time I played through, as well as trying to get to my targets in different ways, and it kept the game fresh. Dishonored also has books and notes scattered around the city that help provide some lore and back story to help immerse yourself in the world. I'm a sucker for this stuff. It adds time to the game trying to find all of them, and brings the world to life. My first run of Dishonored took around 12-13 hours or so (with subsequent runs each being around half that time) and I never once felt like pacing was a problem or that the story was starting to die out. The game offers multiple endings, each of which have an interesting cut scene that ends the game and wraps up the future of your character and the city of Dunwall. As far as characters go voice acting is sub-par, but gets the job done. I never had any strong connections to any of the characters, but instead I found myself enthralled in the city. I wanted to make sure the city had a positive outcome for the princess, your character, and all the citizens I had read about in their left-behind journals. The graphics remind me of Bioshock's in a way. They're cartoony, but provide a realistic enough looking setting. All in all it's a great game, and for the price you could get it for now it's a must play. Expand
  43. xa4
    Nov 3, 2013
    I simply adore this great stealthily FPS. One of my favourite titles of 2012 which I had lots of fun unlocking each and every achievement. I would love to write a full review on Dishonored but I don't have time at the moment. In short... Pros: -great stealth dynamics -neat and beautiful graphics (like Bioshock's infinite) -multiple different ways to complete each mission
    -excellent atmosphere and background

    -good storyline, but weak approach to get the player interested in it
    -must have skills to play it (not hard but also not easy if you don't know what your doing)
    -not meant for everyone's liking
    -a few other stuff but not something major..

    If you love stealth, this is the perfect game for you
  44. Feb 21, 2014
    I found Dishonored to be a bit of a slow burner and after an hour of two of play time, I was almost ready to throw this game on the scrap heap but I persevered and I am glad that I did.

    The most notable thing about Dishonored for me is the fantastic attention to detail that has been put in to the gameplay. Every map and level is unique from the next and there are so many different ways
    for you to navigate the game. If you find a gung-ho approach rewarding or the stealthy approach, there is something for everyone and whilst I found the stealth takes a while to get used to, I also found it highly rewarding.

    The plot is decent and due to the open nature of the game, you can almost write your own story from it. Are you a vengeful sadist who kills everyone and everything on the path to revenge? Or are you a pacifist master of stealth that won't hurt a single person? Every major point in the game offers you the chance to ally yourselves with different individuals or the chance to "destroy" your opponents in unique ways, ranging from a knife to the throat through to propaganda, kidnapping or backhander deals.

    The graphics are okay but nothing too special compared to some of the other games available on the 360/PS3. The art style is unique though There is also a Bioshock-esque feel to the world with its dystopian setting and audiologs aplenty. There is also a lot of literature also available as you'd expect to find in other Bethesda games too.

    All in all, I thought Dishonored was a very strong game. The only flaws I had with it is that I sometimes found the levels a bit tedious (especially a level just before the end that included the staple 'retrieve-your-stolen-items' mission which is also a chore) and it was quite a short game but due to its variety, it has plenty of replayability.
  45. Dec 21, 2013
    Dishonored is a unique experience. Stealth or not, this game is filled with various choices that effect the outcome of the story. This amounts to a great experience, bogged down only by a few irritating areas.
  46. Dec 20, 2013
    I deeply enjoyed the game, it had a different approach to gaming. One thing that appealed to me was that Corvo isn't forced to kill everyone he sees. You can make it though a good portion of the game without killing anyone. A second is combat is more realistic. In battle, you can't just take out 50 people with ease. Games do that. Dishonored doesn't. Most often, you can only take 4-5 people with your sword. This provides a strong sense of realism in gameplay. Great game with a few flaws. Expand
  47. Jul 25, 2014
    This game's unique, but also irritable. There are many strong points and flaws throughout the major factors of the game. These factors to me are: stealth, combat, story, graphics, maneuverability, and replay value. The story overall is not mind-blowing, but reasonable. Some characters and settings are completely bizarre and some stand out great for the game's overall storyline. I've seen better storytelling in videogames. The graphics overall are fine and compete with about any other game. Maneuvering and the parkour system are important things for a stealth game like this. Jumping over objects and sliding below airlines feel great. The parkour system actually feels special because you can actually see the motion of the first person graphically. The system though is also a nuisance because you need to be in a close distance, or you can only climb an object if you press the button in the right amount of time. Because of this the system feels tighter compared to other games. Combat is more chaotic than what I would say fun. Combat has no set pattern and doesn't really flow well. Any hostile NPC can join the fight if possible, and this leaves you heavily on elixirs. An annoying part of the game is it seems your foes can dodge most of your blade attacks - besides brawling with a foe in that, at the same time more hostiles will just pull their guns out and shoot. Saying this, Corvo does not have a large portion of health. The biggest part of the game is stealth. You rely on stealth heavily during the missions, and there is no easy way past some parts without doing stealth. The only real problem is the game expects you to be a master of stealth instantly. Most areas are overguarded, and you can blow your cover easily taking a way stealth for a while - and like I said earlier you can't get far without stealth. For stealth lovers, this is your game. For people new to the genera, you may have multiple moments were frustration occurs. Dishonored is an all right game, but the risks the developers made feel more like flaws than brilliant mechanics. Expand
  48. Aug 14, 2014
    One of the best games of 2012, Dishonored excels in visuals, story and obviously gameplay. The stealth is very engaging and full of depth and care. And your targets actually feel repulsive and evil. The missions are very open, and you can even do extra side activities to boost your scores. You will constantly be replaying missions to see if you missed anything. The story is compelling, and the voice acting is top notch. While the Good/Evil system works awfully, and missions get frustratingly hard. Dishonored is one of the most engaging stealth games of all time. Expand
  49. Oct 22, 2012
    A very easy game, but that doesn't mean it's not fun to play. The gameplay feels like a mix between Thief, Bioshock, and a Deus Ex game. Not a terribly great story, but not bad either. Not great graphics, but acceptable enough. The hub worlds could use a little bit more activity within them, but I'll give that a pass as well seeing as most people are dead or dying from the plague. Anybody giving the game a 10 or a 1 is a moron. I think 7 is a fair score and I look forward to seeing the improvements in the next game. Expand
  50. Oct 21, 2012
    Dishonored, is, in short, both one of the best games of the year and biggest disappointments. Rarely has a game left me feeling so conflicted. I love stealth, using big open levels that can be structured and fun rather than the more better-sounding but shallower open-world games, that are really quite linear. Dishonored offers both of these, with a kind of Bioshock 1st-person feel, whilst channelling Assassin's Creed, in Hitman-esque open levels, by way of Half-Life 2's City 17. So why did it leave me feeling rather flat? Firstly, the world of Dunwall is a really depressing mix of Steampunk and Victorian England, ravaged by plague. You are constantly reminded how dire the situation is, yet I never felt any connection to it, compassion or, well, anything on an emotional level. This is mainly down to the rather dry writing, flat, emotionless (with one or two exceptions ) voice acting, and cardboard characters so reminiscent of the Fallout and Elder Scrolls games. As a result any feeling of heartbreak at the Empress' death, anger at your own downfall and thus motivation for justice and revenge quickly dissipates into a void of dreary numbness. As someone who doesn't care about graphics, even I was rather taken aback at how poor the visuals are. Whilst the game looks quite painterly from a distance, up close the textures are muddy low-res and ugly. Also the character models look dated and why is it every single maid/courtesan is exactly the same? Pure laziness, which further breaks immersion and emotion.
    The gameplay itself works rather well, giving you multiple paths through each level, save for a few annoying invisible walls, options on ghosting, or taking out enemies in very, or non-violent ways, and gives you various powers to play with. However to really get the most out of these you have to wait a while to get enough to start combining them in fun and creative ways, begging the question of why no NG+ was implemented. Also the AI is inconsistent and not smart enough to really take great delight in outsmarting or toying with them which is crucial in a stealth game. The Audio of the Ai is particularly bad.

    Dishonored ultimately is a victim of it's own expectation. With the talents of people who worked on Half-Life, Deus Ex and Bioshock, I was expecting better. What we got was a game that clearly has grand and noble pretensions, and in a world of shallow, linear, 'cinematic' franchise unit-shifters for people with ADHD, I desperately want to love it and scream at you to buy it. Yet I I'm left feeling how I sometimes do after being on a diet of Hollywood movies, then watching a foreign art-house film with subtitles: I admire it and am glad I saw it, but can't say I honestly enjoyed it.
  51. Jan 4, 2013
    Beautifully crafted and artfully written, Dishonored takes us to a Whale-oil-punk dystopia known as Dunwall. Our protagonist must prove his innocence by killing or otherwise neutralizing the group who framed him for the murder of his charge, the Queen. The game uses a leaning system to allow the player to sneak around levels filled with guards, plague-infested civilans and traps. The player can choose whether to rely on stealth or combat, and their actions affect how the story develops. I gave this game a 7, because it looks great, has an awesome story, great mechanics and awesome style. However, replay value is almost nonexistent. The game is design to be played twice: once by sneaking and killing no one, and buying no powers, and a second time buying all the powers and murdering everything. After you do that, theres not much more to do. Expand
  52. Nov 5, 2012
    An original first person fighter, different from any other. The powers you earn are what make it interesting. I choose the path of choking people unconscious and hiding them in the trash at first, and then when I got to the end I just murdered everyone. I'm not sure what this means, but one path is darker at the end. Mine didn't seem too dark. This game is good not great but I'd recommend it. The ending was eh. Expand
  53. Apr 2, 2013
    I was recommended this game by two different friends as it had flown under my radar despite the rave reviews, and I didn't play it until I borrowed it from a mate in Feb 2013 (I'd just finished Dead Space 3 so we did a swap).
    My initial impressions were rather good! I dig the art-style (though the comically-oversized hands seem a little unnecessary) and the voice acting (despite lack of
    depth to the script) is down-pat.
    There are a lot of things this game does right. The stealth mechanic (and increased difficulty for choosing the more subtle approach) and multiple pathways both on the small and grand scale really show the effort Arkane Studios put into this game. It's immensely detailed for a non-RPG, though the lore you can read in the books littered around and the storyline itself was for the most part, forgettable. I couldn't empathise with any of the characters and by the last levels of the game I was merely going through the motions.
    I did get distracted with the release of Tomb Raider (now THAT was a game that had me hooked).
    Dishonored has heart and I can see why people like it, but if the idea of upping the challenge for the "Clean Hands" achievement results in a run whilst repeatedly saving and loading the game and fumbling your way to a murder-free victory, I'll pass.
    I finished the game today after having it in my possession for around two months, but it was an absolute chore by the end. I hit an almost game-breaking (for me, as I didn't want to start the level again) in the Lady Boyle mission that almost had me throwing in the towel. I'll give the game a solid 7 because any higher and I'd be lying to myself.
  54. Oct 11, 2012
    I'm going to be the first to say it, This game isn't all its hyped up to be! It has VERY good mechanics mixed with great intuitive design, but Is let down by a short story(~6 hours) a lack of re-playability and a very Abruptly disappointing story. They make the game seem like it has tons of Re-playability by telling you that you can re-play the game in different ways, But to be honest, that's the least Appealing thing to me right now; Because 1.) At this point I'd usually try the game's online multiplayer, Dishonored has none. and 2.) There is no new game+, So I'm unable to continue collecting runes and making my Corvo better, You literally have to start again which tbh sounds tiresome, I'd rather go and play a different game. Next thing is the "Bone charms" The basically useless "mini-traits" they give you never seemed to prove useful, The only useful one I found was in the last mission so in theory was no use to me whatsoever! This game would be 100x better if it had a story like Skyrim(Length wise) If this game was 60+ Hours long, It'd be my game of the year, because the game itself is excellent and I REALLY enjoyed playing it, It just ended too fast, for a £40 game, Your not getting much from it, With the lack of re-playability, I'd say this is only worth finding if you get it cheap, because you won't be spending much time on it, I'd pay about £6 for it in a steam sale, because with its annoying down-points this is a great game that's VERY short-Lived, But it's one of those Turning point's in the Genre that you MUST play before this generation is over, A sequel with a 50+ Hour story line could be the best game ever made! Expand
  55. Oct 12, 2012
    I was expecting something resembling the original Deus Ex or the Thief games: Large sprawling levels and a long playthrough. I got 9 missions with a few sidemissions and levels that look open but all the routes go the same way. It gets progressively linear as times goes on. The best mission I have to say was the Boyle Party mission. It's a lot like Human Revolution, as it sort of resembles the open Action RPGs of the past, but has the disgusting dumbed down casualized gloss that all multiplatform releases must have these days. Expand
  56. Nov 4, 2012
    The games execution, art style, and Level design were great. But this is the kind of game you want to really make you care about characters and your actions. Really get you into the world and the story of the protagonist. Sadly, this game didn't really do that for me. With how popular its become though I'm sure this is the start of a franchise, so I hope to see improvements in future installments.
  57. Oct 11, 2012
    This game has a lot of detail and fun gameplay, but the exclusion of new game plus cripples it. Normally this wouldn't be a problem, but since there is so much to collect and the game is extremely short for an RPG I feel like they just kick me in the balls at the end of the game. The story and environment is what saves it. Also I feel like with all the advances in the game industry there is no reason to have a silent protagonist and that comes off as seeming like laziness on the developers part. Expand
  58. Oct 31, 2012
    A creative IP that is deserving of the critics positive reviews. A high level of creativity, semi-open world, and good mix of powers provide for a unique experience that players can tailor to their play style. The negatives from a high-level perspective are unpolished character models and environment textures. Another negative for some will be the large amount of text required to read if you want to gain a better understanding of the game world. Outside of the game itself I feel this game will ultimately suffer from a less than strategic release date. Today Expand
  59. Nov 5, 2012
    So close, just so damn close. At first I feel like this game does everything right. It has some of the smartest AI I have seen, some very intriguing and well made characters, a story that at first seems cliched but later reveals some mind catching points, a setting that awakens the deepest parts of my mind to simply go "wow" and gameplay that made me not want to stop playing. But as I play I noticed for every amazing point this game had, something was left to be desired.

    I'll admit right now, Playing this ganme the first time was extremely fun, but a lot of that was taken away by the Chaos system. While I believe it is an improvement on the now overused morality system we see in many multiple path games, the chaos system took a lot of fun out of my subsequent playthroughs. It is annoying trying to be stealthy or not killing people, especially when it truly is a lot more fun to try out your gadgets (most which cause some awesome looking deaths) and powers than to try to hide in a corner until no guard is looking (which in some cases took long minutes of just standing, walking, and teleporting until nobody could see), this made the game very dull in trying to lower my chaos rating and getting more achievements. However, there is a more rewarding and "good guy" sense in completing a chapter without killing anyone (although by then I'm bored of playing the game and switch to something that makes me think beyond where I can hide so I can choke somebody without being seen).

    In terms of character and story, at first you will think it to be great, but grows cliched very quickly. I will not go into details as to avoid spoiling anything, but one does not buy this game for the story, especially at a short length of 5 to 6 hours per full playthrough (FYI, the real money's worth comes in the achievements, not in the story or the characters, but in the replay value). One thing that does slightly disappoint me is the lack of a new game plus equivalent, which i feel would have made new runthroughs more fun rather than playing from scratch each time and having to recollect collectables rather than just focusing on new achievements.

    The grahics are not ground breaking, but are enjoyable and add to the athmosphere and setting of the game, which is the one thing that will leave you breathless. This world is a world that certainly would host the "perfect game" *fingers crossed for future* and makes you go "wow" as you explore it and see it's technology.

    Aside from Chaos system, the gameplay will also have you smiling greatly, as it has a great combat system with rapidly responding AI that make u think rather than just spamming a button to attack. And the ways to kill the guards become fun as the game advances, with abilities to even turn their weapons on them. (of course, this all still increases your chaos rating)

    I highly recommend this game if you don't mind heavy repetition and short stories, because boy it's short. But fair warning again, the real "money's worth" (aka $60) comes from how many times you're willing to replay and be patient in order to get all the achievements.
  60. Nov 6, 2012
    Overall, I enjoyed this game very much. The graphics are nothing to write home about, however its still a lovely looking game. The gameplay is fun and fairly unique. Trying to do a mission the stealth way can be frustrating at times and left me (more often than not) just slaying everyone in my path. But its the stealth challenge that gives it at least a little bit of replay value. Overall I enjoyed the gameplay as well as the story, but in the long run, the replay value just isn't there for me. Solid game though and worth a purchase if you enjoy a good story driven game. Expand
  61. Dec 21, 2012
    Well, here is the just of it. The game had something to do with Bethesda but, it did not deliver like a game completely created by them. I expected an open world experience and honestly that is what the game should have been. There is just not much reason to play it more than once and even then, the story really didn't make me care about death of the empress or my imprisonment. That being said, it is not a bad game. I just would not pay full price for it. To be so linear in today's marketplace in gaming is absurd to say the least. Expand
  62. Dec 21, 2012
    This game isn't perfect. Dishonored has it's flaws and many people, I'm sure, will have found themselves disappointed when playing the game; I can understand why. What I will say however, is I enjoyed Dishonored very much. It's fun. It is predictable at times and the storyline and levels aren't altogether original, but the gameplay and graphics are good and it's an enjoyable experience. My advice: try it out for yourselves, some will love this game and some will not. Expand
  63. Dec 26, 2012
    The versatility of the combat system in this game is wonderful, so many ways to kill unsuspecting guards and deal with the key enemies. Graphics were great. I didn't notice the audio while playing this game. And story wasn't half bad, but still wanted it to be a bit longer.
  64. Jan 18, 2013
    Bethesda done it again. Mixing Skyrim and a little bit of BioShock, Dishonored is a game totally addictive and compelling, that looks awesome (Besides some character expressions flaws) and also has a great gameplay. I mean, just the character Corvo and all the things he can do is awesome. We can turn people into ashes, possess rats or invoke a group of rats to eat someone, teleport while flying around, and lots of stuff. Also, we can choose how to pass our different "tasks". Corvo is an assassin, but that doesn't mean you should kill everyone. For example, in the game you have tons of guards that will want to kill you at sight. You can approach to them slowly and slit their throats, or you can do "something" (I don't know what the hell is) that makes them unconscious and carry the body around to hide it. It's a much more difficult way to play the game, but the game promises it's the most rewarding. Also, some missions have Player Choice implementation which results great, and although after you finish the story there's no much reason to play it again, Dishonored is still all about the journey. The only problem I had with the game is the problem Bethesda is always struggling with: A good story, with good voice acting and dialogue. Yes, Dishonored looks amazing but not in the plot part. The games suffers from melodrama, but mostly from trying to have a poetic style, to tell a story mostly boring and plain with nothing good to offer. There are some twists, most of them poorly executed, making the game a little bit disappointing. Also, the fact that when the story ends you can't play it in "Sandbox" mode is a little bit a minus. I mean, I got to the end of the game with only a quarter of the powers unlocked, and haven't upgraded many of them. If that's enough reason to play the game again, good for you. I was expecting the Free world Bethesda so proudly showed on previous games. So, Dishonored is about gameplay. You shouldn't expect Game of the year quality, but just fun to make the game good. Bethesda has to improve the story on their games, but that doesn't keep Dishonored from being one of the most played games of this year, and one of the most compelling ones of all time. Expand
  65. May 21, 2013
    At it's core, a fantastic game with solid game play and a original feel on a first person shooter. I just feel they could of done a lot more with it, at times it felt a little cheap rather than feeling satisfaction for using my brain around a certain situation. Also, the trail and error mentality of this games takes it to a new level. Constantly forcing you to save to make sure every inch of progress is docked. A good game, but could of been a lot better. If you're a fan of stealthy games, go for it. If not, give it a miss. Expand
  66. Sep 7, 2013
    ---Rating--- Design: 3 /5 (the mechanics imitate many other games', the narrative is very predictable) Polish: 4 /5 (decent graphics and good ambiance in an interesting- if often dreary- setting) Value: 3 /5 (some limited attempts for player freedom and replay value, but short length) ---Review--- Though Dishonored does possess an interesting and mostly original setting, it is extremely derivative in other respects, with its gameplay closely mimicking that of Thief, Bioshock, and Assassin's Creed. The nonlinear level design is one saving grace, but this is largely counteracted by Dishonored's linear narrative and progression between levels. It seems like the developers may have run out of ideas to keep the gameplay interesting halfway through, which may have something to do with its rather short length. The graphics are a bit suspect at times, and most of the NPCs aren't very convincing, which makes an already predictable plot twist even more obvious. Fans of action-stealth games will likely enjoy Dishonored, but it's not very innovative and the overall quality of experience reflects that. Expand
  67. Oct 12, 2014
    Nice graphics. Very interesting design. Okay story line. Confusing gaming elements. Not much fun to play. It was a good attempt at making an interesting video game. However, the pacing is off putting and there are ways to fail in which you cannot go back. You have to make use of the saves, which is not something I wish to do.
  68. Mar 16, 2014
    Good game with a great art style but nothing to really make this game stands out. Textures loading is extremely slow and this can be really annoying at some points.
  69. Aug 21, 2014
    I think of this game as a combination of lots of game so its basicly, Bioshock + Skyrim + Assassins creed = Dishonored but it doesn't make it the perfect game it was a short story with 10 missions (Not counting DLC) But I just didn't get that much gameplay out of it. I give it 7/10 it had good voice acting and good characters but not as good as some of my favorites.
  70. Sep 11, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I'm going to be honest, based on the reviews on this site, I was expecting such an over hyped game, but now that I've played it, here are my final thoughts about this game, It was good. The game wasn't ass good as I initially thought it would be, because the begging was kinda clunky, but after the 2nd mission, things REALLY started to pick up. The weapons can be VERY useful, the most useful that I used was the Sleep Dart for taking out important enemies like Sokolov and escorting them back to the boat. The difficulty was not that bad, but the Long Daddy's are VERY difficult to get around, especially in the final chapter. And the final chapter was a nice twist, you can choose to either clash swords against your "friend" or just shoot him. As well as choosing either to shoot Samuel before he betrays you, let him signal the enemies for them, or shoot him with a sleep dart and lay him to sleep. This game isn't perfect, some of the puzzle's suck, some of the puzzle's are easier than you'd expect, when you obtain the mask people still think you're wanted, Windblast is nearly useless, and the game suffers from Glitches. So this game does have it's faults, but I think you should shell out some dollars if you want to try out your first First Person Shooter.
    Engine: B-
    Difficulty: A-
    Gameplay: B+
    Final Grade: B

  71. Mar 10, 2013
    it could have been better, specially from a game that is an entire copy from bioshock and has seen many games that used it recipe (like singularity, which is even better than DH).
  72. Nov 18, 2012
    In Dishonored you play Geralt of Rivia, a Witcher and bodyguard of King Foltest. But when Foltest is killed and you are framed for the murder... oh wait, i'm thinking of a much better game. Dishonored is a pretty game, for what it's worth, but the story line has been done better before. In some ways it plays like a dumbed-down Thief. The main problem I had was that the stealth system seemed to be completely broken. It may have been a glitch, but going into stealth mode alerted everyone in the area. Beyond that the combat difficulty was well, low enough that you could just hack and slash through the entire game. I got bored with it after about 30-45 min. Expand
  73. Nov 27, 2012
    I remember seeing pictures of dishonored in an issue of game informer in 2010 and then reading an article about it in 2011. I remember being very interested in the game. I also remember feeling let down that I couldn't purchase it when it was released and how envious I was at the people on my friends list that were playing it and raving about how great it was. Fast forward 2 months later. I borrowed it from a friend and lets just say that I am very happy that I didn't purchase this game. Yeah, the graphics are cool and the combat is kind of fun, but other than that there is nothing special about this game. It feels like I've played this game a million times. The plot is basic. The characters are one dimensional and the fact that the developers try to force emotion on you is annoying. The whole game is one step up above generic. Is this the worst game I ever played? No, far from it, but does it deserve the high praise it's received since it's release? Not really. The whole entire experience so far has been a pretty ho hum, single player fps by the numbers. This is one where you'll forgot you've ever played it a month or two down the road. Expand
  74. Oct 16, 2012
    Let me start by saying that the further you get in this game the better it gets, having said that the first 1-2 hours are not very good. The overall story of dishonored is boring and the twist towards the end of the game is so predictable. You play as Corvo Attano but it is hard to get attached to this character as he never speaks and you never see his face. If you want to upgrade your skills and powers you will have to stray off the set path to find loot to sell, Rune's to upgrade your powers and Bone charm,s which are perks, however you can only have a set number of perks active at one time. By the time you get to the end of most games you have unlocked everything..... this is not the case in dishonored, you can't unlock everything even if you collect all the money, rune's and bone charm's which SUCKS. To sum up...... boring story, boring characters, good game play. Expand
  75. Oct 10, 2012
    Ok, I'll be the one to point out that the Emperor is wearing an extremely unflattering Speedo.

    It's merely published by Bethesda (developed by Arkane), so it thankfully lacks the zoo of bugs usually associated with their titles, but there are many things about the game that rub the wrong way. The setting of the game is a wild pastiche of ideas that feel scattered but do show glimmers on
    originality and potential. Trouble is, the game doles out information in a decidedly non-engrossing fashion and the first hour or so is just an on-the-rails game of hit-all-the-steampunk/fantasy-setting-tropes. The TF2, exaggerated art style is cool, but I can't help but feel that a more realistic look would benefit an urban game of gritty, moralistic conflicts. The stealth (like most FPS that try to incorporate it) can be fairly hit-or-miss and though you can blast your way through from hell to a whalemeat breakfast, the game suggests fairly heavily that the most virtuous path through it is a non-violent one. Not to mention that more than 3/4 of the unlockable powers are all used for killing or facilitating killing, meaning that you're going to waste a lot of runes if you want to go the no-kill route. The combat is simplistic but can be punishing early on and there are a few cool synergies between your powers and your weapons, but good luck to you if you think the game is going to prompt you much in that regard. There is a definite emphasis on "choose-your-own-path" at work but the narrative (and the assassinations involved in it) is broken down into discreet levels and you are graded and given the option to replay each one upon completion, so say goodbye to a fully immersive, open world experience. In a nutshell, the game is best described as a "steampunk Deus Ex" and yes, that would be Square Enix's recent "re-imagining" of Deus Ex, with all the connotations that entails. It's a competent action game with an interesting backdrop, but nothing that you'll be talking about 6 months from now. Expand
  76. Oct 13, 2012
    This game, while having some genuinely interesting points, kind of disappointed me. It just didn't live up to it's potential. First, the good stuff. This game has a pretty interesting steampunk setting, the gameplay concept itself is really interesting and decently executed, and the way they've given you the ability to finish the game without killing a single person (if you so choose) is genuinely interesting. Unfortunately, on the Xbox 360 version at least, the graphics are pretty shoddy (probably due to the poor/non-existent anti-aliasing), and it's very distracting when the scenery has clipping artifacts when you look side to side. In addition to the poor graphics, this game is really short. I've done a few playthroughs, and it ranges from a low of 5ish hours for a "killing whatever and ignoring the optional objectives on easy" run to around 20ish hours for me to run the entire game on the hardest difficulty, finish all of the optional objectives, and collect all of the runes and bone charms. On top of all of this, the storyline really is just not very compelling. The game feels like way more thought went into the setting and lore than went into the actual events and dialogue that you're playing through. In summary, Dishonored is a game that has an interesting setting and some really neat gameplay options, but it's let down by graphical problems, story length, and some poor writing. In my honest opinion, if they would have made this game an open-world RPG, thrown more content into it, and given you a few more options as far as abilities and customization goes, this game could have been great. Such as shame, really. Expand
  77. Dec 4, 2012
    I was to be honest disappointed with this game. I was expecting to keep me interested while attempting to sneak through the game. However i got bored and just ran through the game towards the end because i simply wanted to finish the game.
  78. Dec 14, 2012
    For me this game was a huge disappointment from what I was expecting. Backgrounds and scenery are very pretty and lovingly detailed, but also a bit lifeless, like looking at a still picture. While I get the cartoony look to the main characters was intentional, it just did not appeal to me in the least. Aside from the intro, you (as a player) never really feel connected to Corvo since the narrative/perspective makes you feel like its happening to you and not Corvo. The Corvo persona seems to just vanish for a majority of the game. While the side characters are nice and fun, you really aren't given enough time with them to develop any kind of bond or make a lasting impression (aside from Admiral Havelock & Lady Emily.) While the levels are "theoretically" open to exploration, the game still feel like it follows a linear path. Combat is OK but, has been done far better in other similar games. The stealth aspects work well, but I found the stealth route to be rather boring and unchallenging. Plus, the games overall gameplay feels far too much like that of Deuas Ex: Human Revolution. This kind of took away any real sense of originality. Overall: A good idea that could have used a bit more focus on delivery and execution. I believe people who are new to gaming or have not played this kind of game before are likely to enjoy it more. Gaming vets will only be slightly amused Expand
  79. Dec 30, 2013
    After the high levels of praise this game has received over the past year and a bit, I finally decided to pick it up, and for $23 i was happy with that purchase. When i first played Dishonored i was skeptical, but went in with an open mind, but never the less i was impressed with the core element of this game: choice. Dishonored is a game that you play your way, whether you want to play as a murderous monster or go through the game without your blade ever tasting blood, both are possible, and the city of Dunwall changes accordingly to these choices. With this premise in mind, if Dishonored is one thing, it is fun. The gameplay is simply brilliant, whether you are using swords, ranged weapons or magic, you are guaranteed to enjoy using them. There are also many upgrades you can gain for both the protagonist (Corvo Attano) and your magical skills, this again allows you to experiment more with the gameplay and leads to that word again: fun. This is by far Dishonored greatest strength.

    The story of this game follows Corvo Attano, who is personal bodyguard for the empress, and is framed for her murder, you then escape from the prison and the death sentence with the help of a group called the loyalists, from there you are given targets to eliminate to bring justice to the city of Dunwall. It is a fairly typical and cliche narrative, the empress is alive for five minutes and results in the inability to care much about her demise, which makes your motivation for revenge somewhat weaker. The targets which you assassinate are ridiculously two dimensional and cliche, their only goal being the complete power over Dunwall. One mission has you assassinate (potential spoilers) a pair of corrupt government officials, can you guess their location? that's right a brothel (end spoilers). The problem with the targets is they lack ulterior motives, you have no motive to take them out, you are just told to, many of the targets are just NPC's and not even characters within the game. Next comes the very predictable plot twist followed by more of the same tired worn out narrative and characters. Simply put the story and characters are The game is instead held up by its brilliant gameplay, but this again suffers due to the fact that i honestly didn't care about getting revenge.

    Dishonored really is a unique game, it does so many things right, and delivers choice into the hands of the player, making for one extremely fun experience, its just a shame the story and characters are more two dimensional that the original Sonic game. In my honest opinion, the game is overrated, its a fun play and encourages replayability, and anyone interested in the stealth-action genre or anyone looking for something different should try the game, but if not, then definitely save your money.
  80. Apr 22, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Not the game i was expecting, good idea, good control, great powers, but still, it's not a bethesda game, if you play other games, you know what i mean...!!!! Expand
  81. May 4, 2013
    Not bad but I reckon the game is way to slow I mean it's meant to be played as a stealth game too the story is boring the main hero don't talk much and you had to use your powers to escape certain things like use teleport since you can't jump when you want to.

    The stealth was not hard infact if you got seen a whole bunch of people show up in front of your eyes sadly this is not like
    MGS game where they would try to phone people to get you and where this game fails to be even a good game on the side note this is a lot of thinking you must do on certain levels. Expand
  82. Jun 27, 2013
    First off this game had a great story where(contiue reading if u want spoilers) your guards betray u stab ur wife and take ur daughter and u have to find her nut throught that fills with some sneaky and good combat but why i reviewed this 6 is because i tried this on easy and felt like i was playing hard it was ridicilouis at one point there was like 4 guards with a dog each and i had low health everytime i would die and it was just impossible and ridiclious. i recommed to hardcore gamers like me no one else Expand
  83. Jul 1, 2014
    A moneycow, It's an "in-between-games" for Bethesda. There are so many cheaptricks in this game from re-using textures excessivly, movements in 3d UI, (and what you actually are able to do with your controller) to storyline and interaction-diversity from both objects to characters. What's good is that they used the AI well. But I might think Arkane Studios F*cked this game up. Even with the good reviews, there is no way Bethesda is happy about this title. Expand
  84. Dec 24, 2012
    Beat the game twice. This ain't no played it for 6 hours or got halfway through it review. First, the gameplay is solid, too solid. Halfway through the game, you will feel like a God in a Peter Molyneux game. Instead of being represented by a huge hand that plucks things into the sky, you are a hooded assassin who can magically appear next to an enemy and pluck the life from him however you wish. Graphics are standard fare. The art style is quite different exampled by exaggerated noses and facial features. Music and sound are quite forgettable. Where the game falls apart is that it becomes ridiculously easy a third to a half-way through the game. The story is predictable and the world is rather confined. Not linear, but not quite as realized as it could be. There could be a little bit of simulation game elements added such as an extra room at the base to use as a marker of progress, yet no dice. Overall, standard game with little ambition. Expand
  85. Nov 16, 2012
    I'm a great fan of the games Bethesda softworks make I loved fallout 3 and the appocoliptic wasteland they created bustling with unique and interesting characters and spent many an hour going round the waste land doing mission and side missions/ quest, hunting for big and better weapons, gathering resources and random stuff to sale so I could make more money to buy better armour or guns. I love both the elder scrolls oblivion and skyrim and still spend many an hour playing these games due to they are excellent in quality and replay ability. So when I herd that Bethesda were making dishonored I was really excited at the chance to explore another new and huge city that Bethesda had created so I bought it on day of release. I started to play dishonored and saw that this could have the potential to be a brilliant game even maybe game of the year but as I progressed thought the game I became quite disappointed with it, the game lacks the scope of any of Bethesda's previous games and in some parts feels rather disjointed in the way it plays, it also fells like Bethesda took some ideas from the bioshock franchise mixed it with a bit of assassins creed and created a game that doesn't live up to the expectations of previous Bethesda games, I would say rent this game and give it a try and maybe you will like it but for me this is one of those games I hate and got rid of soon after buying it. Here's to Bethesda for hopefully continuing their amazing dlc for skyrim and hopefully to a new fallout out game maybe fallout 4 for the next generation of console but sorry dishonored wasn't for me Expand
  86. Nov 29, 2012
    This game is not bad but it is not good either. The writing and the acting is atrocious despite some of the voice actors being famous stars. All the dialogue over explains what is already apparent. This is no Bioshock. There is no atmosphere whatsoever and quite frankly I couldn't wait to get it over with. I finished the game hoping it would pay off at some point but it was just trite and predictable. The game play had some good ideas and that is where the game redeems itself somewhat but not enough to make me want to replay it. Also I found all the paintings and the achievement did not unlock. I did not have fun playing this game and do not recommend you buy it, borrow it from a friend if you must play it but I suspect you will be disappointed. Expand
  87. Oct 15, 2012
    The game is not worth $60. I recommend people rent this game first and see if it can have a long replay value based on personal taste. As for me, I'm on my second playthrough and I'm already feeling bored. The game is good - but very short. Don't fall for the Bethesda fanboy hype!
  88. Dec 4, 2012
    Dishonoured has a strong start and a great art direction, but I felt as the game progressed it began to wear thin. Later areas of the game feel rushed, and lack the same level of detail and emphasis on player choice as shown in earlier levels.
  89. Nov 11, 2012
    This game seemed to have everything going for it. Great setting, characters, story, game-play elements, etc. Then I played it. This game is SO short and had absolutely no replay value to me. The alternate story options (killing a target/letting them live) were no where near interesting enough for me to replay the game to find out what would have happened had I not killed/let my target live. Usually a game like this I would replay just to experiment with the powers however, in one play through I managed to get enough runes to have all the powers I wanted. Most of them aren't very interesting, or useful. All you need is Blink and that is given to you fairly early into the story. Once I had completed the game I felt like I played a beta version. Short and unfinished. Expand
  90. Jul 11, 2013
    Dishonored was my first game after beating new Bioshock. So it has a hard nut to crack. Locations in Infinite was smashing my balls off. Dunwall in Dishonored is quite well designed, but it's ugly, boring and it has no climax. Main characters in Dishonored doesnt have any traits they are furniture, so you dont feal emotions when you kill them. Even little Emily was not an incentive to be a good person in this game. All main characters looks thesame even The Outsider, who is the one of most important characters in the game looks common. I agree, game is well scripted and it's not boring. Quests are designed in the good way, but the plot doesnt give you satisfaction after beating one. Maybe there's more options in deducing quests, but hell there is no story in this game! Even if gameplay is very expanded and it has lots of options in it, the game becomes simple game to pass the time. I've sitted to it, just to kill some more people, but not because i wanted to discover Dunwall story or to see what is going to be next. But there are also vices in gameplay. Thereare about 5 types of enemies. AI of all this foes are in retarded dog degree. Sometimes enemies are just that stupid, so they can't see you standing next to them. Probably most overrated game of the year. Expand
  91. Jul 21, 2013
    Bought this because of the hype. That was a mistake. It's not a bad game, but it's not very good or interesting either. It's like Deus Ex with steampunk and without the possibility of playing it the way you want. Teleporting around stabbing the same guard in the back hundreds of times gets old pretty fast. The story wasn't interesting either. Can't understand why people hyped this mediocre game.
  92. Dec 7, 2013
    -Brutal graphics
    -poor third person shooter
    -overly challenging gameplay
    -stupid AI (overly reactive or not reactive enough)
    -too much combat content which at times is overwhelming
    -open world is not open.

    - It only cost seven dollars
    -I enjoy stealth based games
    -suspenseful and overall interesting story
  93. Dec 2, 2012
    Seriously underwhelming. The graphics look dated, the music is forgettable, the controls feel jerky, immersion is constantly broken by loading and score screens that require interaction, the enemy AI is simplistic and inconsistent, the missions are predictable and warmed-up cliches from other games. I was really looking forward to this game, but find myself super-disappointed.
  94. Oct 31, 2012
    I agree with a previous post that this game is well in the Meh range. If you want a better game that pulls off what this wants to do go buy Deus Ex on the 360 and give it a chance (though old PC original was still best). Dishonored tries too hard to be unique (similar to LA Noire) and falls well short. I finished it and immediately removed it from my HD as replayability odds are zilch.
  95. Feb 28, 2013
    THIS GAME IS THE EPITOME OF A GAME THAT IS HYPED SO MUCH BUT ENDS UP A COMPLETE DISAPPOINTMENT. There is nothing great about this game, anyone who gives it over an 8 is bias and doesn't know what they are talking about. First of all this games stealth is horrible all you do is just hide behind something want for people to pass and then run pass them. The cartoony art style is kind of dumb personally I would prefer a more realistic feeling to the graphics. There is barely even free roam, the environments are so dull, plain, and boring. There is barely even a story AND THIS IS A FRIGGIN ROLE PLAYING GAME. All it is that this person gets killed right next to you and since you were at the scene everyone thinks you did it. You go to jail and the guards literally give you a key to escape the jail. After that you try to find out who killed that person. Combat is dull just plain and simple melee combat, some guns and skills to use. That does't sound worthy of a 8, 9, or especially a 10 does it. Trust me you will be disappointed if you make the mistake and purchase this turd. At least I got it half off, but then it still wasn't worth it. Expand
  96. Jul 22, 2013
    Dishonored looks great, spells are fun to use and I love the story. That's about it though. The rest of the game was pretty frustrating and annoying. The AI is very flawed. Trying to go through the game with a stealthy approach seems impossible. I'm constantly being detected by guards and other things without even being seen at all. Seriously, it will show that they have seen my through entire buildings and I'm not exaggerating. In stealth mode and moving at a snails pace they can see me through solid walls. Not only that but sneaking up behind an enemy is also quite difficult as they immediately turn around and just happen to know you are there. Early on, trying to take the non stealthy approach and just killing everyone is way too hard. Even later on it can be quite difficult. Most enemies just pull out their guns and just shoot constantly. It's as if they don't notice they have swords. Also during the 2 second or so time where they are preparing to fire, they cannot be hit by melee attacks. This makes me wonder why it even takes them so long to prepare if they aren't even that vulnerable during that state. The guards and whatnot are also psychic it seems. If you kill someone and no one sees you do it, they just know it's you, without even seeing the body. I'm talking about in an area in which there is a lot of people. And not many of them are hostile, so anyone could have done it. But no, no matter what happens the blame goes to the player. There are also spotlights in the game but you can never see the light shining on the ground. It's as if they forgot to put that in the game. So you have to look at the spotlights directly as it does no good to look at where the light should be shining. There is a good variety of upgrades to be purchased in the game, unfortunately there is no way to get them all. Controls are also a bit clunky at times. Trying to sneak up on a guard and take them out non lethally can be a challenge. As the button to do so is the same as the button to block. So I will be standing behind them, constantly bringing up my sword to block instead of choking them. While it was some fun without all these things annoying me, what really bothered me is that there is NO new game plus. So once you beat the game, that's it. You can replay missions that you did before but you can only have spells, weapons, upgrades, etc. that you had earned up to that point. The only thing I really enjoyed in this game was the spells. I loved using them and wish I could use them more as they would be very useful in previous missions. Unfortunately there is no way to do that.

    Overall, I would say to just rent the game, beat it, then be done with it. Really isn't much to do other than that.
  97. May 15, 2013
    4 Is for the new kind of gameplay bethesda offered us. The rest is and this is the last time i buy some bethesda game. I still don't get why so many people are fond of game like this one or skyrim but this is clearly a stepback. Bored the entiere game, no matter hardest way or not, just bored. When you see the character at the begining you almost know who's going to betray you, you can say it's written all over their faces. A hero we are not able to just see for few second in a game with no voice, no personnality, no charism is not a hero. Please next time bethesda, let us use your tool i'm pretty sure that anyone with a brain can do better than this.
    You'll begin the game excited but at the end you'll be disapointed
  98. Jul 27, 2013
    After one playthrough of this game I was done and although there were certainly things I liked about it, those did not change the fact that I wanted to get done with it AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE. Why? Well the best answer is that the story was AWFUL. For starters, the player character is voiceless. Just imagine playing as Joel in the Last Of Us never hearing his voice and never seeing his face. I mean, there’s a reason why developers who want to tell a meaningful, convincing story use cutscenes and dialogue. As it is the feeling of being involved in this world is next to zero, you will simply be following orders in a paint-by-numbers plot. I guess that would be reason #2 why the story sucks. Choices are also meaningless in this game. Unique NPC’s that you choose to spare have no bearing on the story. Nope. It’s the myriad thugs and guards that, should you choose to kill, make a difference which makes one wonder why there are so many lethal options in the game. So what happens is the little girl will become more morose and say “Kill anybody today?” as though you were a bad guy, and then, all of a sudden your boat driver on the last stage will act angry with you and alert the guards. Did I miss something? Did I play the game with malintent or was I simply playing how I wanted to? It’s a judgment of the player’s playstyle, nothing more. However, simply youtubeing the good guy ending revealed that they didn't plan two drastically different and rewarding ending cutscenes, just the same voiceover lameness that seems to pass for “multiple endings” these days. I did love the art style and the swordplay mechanics, though. Expand
  99. Jan 10, 2014
    I know a large number of people enjoyed this game but I found it tiresome. While the game is sold on having deep and meaningful consequences dependant on which route you choose to take, I don't feel that's a fair description. The story is thin and the changes compared to your actions made are minimal. Also, being told that you can fight or stealth is a bit far fetched also, I found the combat clunky and the selection of weapons unimaginative. I was looking forward to a Stealth game as I love Metal Gear Solid but this was disappointing. I'm not sure where the comparisons to Bioshock are made either?

    The final problem I've got is the enemy AI. At one point on a No Kill run in the final level. A guard sat at the top of the stairs, not moving. Even throwing bottles behind him didn't move him. In the end I managed to get past him but it was ridiculous. The AI wasn't great all in all.

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  2. Negative: 0 out of 56
  1. Nov 14, 2012
    Precise and elegant systemic design engenders an absurd degree of player agency, but is marred somewhat by a sloppy, unconvincing narrative and soulless characters. [Dec 2012]
  2. Oct 31, 2012
    What is there is so compelling that the lack of additional stages can't help but feel like a disappointment. The game's strengths are a double-edged sword. Regardless, this is still one of the best games of this year. With a bit of work, a potential sequel could be one of the best games of any year.
  3. Dishonored is never able complete that transformation from a game into a totally new and exciting world to inhabit. To be sure, our mostly positive rating reflects that this game is well-structured with all the pieces you'd expect and story flexibility will offer up a unique adventure for every player. It's a promising and mostly enjoyable start to what will perhaps be an ongoing series, but it lacks the emotional punch that could make it great.