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  1. Apr 23, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. While this was a nice time passer and a nice challenge.

    Bloody Palace breaks the game's loot and money concept, giving you practically 2000-5000 red orbs at the end of every time you play this (Even more if you're really good at this game), and then carry it over to your main game. You can even quit this mode mid-game, and still keep all the red orbs and unlock slots you earned from this.

    It's basically just a way for DMC noobs to grind for money and upgrades so they can beat the game on "Son of Sparda" and "Dante Must Die" mode with all the Gold Orbs and Vital Stars they can use and with little effort. I was able to buy all the health and Devil Trigger Crosses by playing on Bloody Palace for a long time. This free DLC basically just kills the games replay value.

    And while all of that does disappoint me, it still has some fun within this Arcade mode. For example you enter a boss fight after every 20 waves of enemies you defeat, and the environment changes after a set amount of waves as well. This makes it so you won't get tired of easily beating the same enemies in the same drab areas so quickly. But this is not perfect, the time limit is basically pointless, I hardly ever found the clock going down expect during boss fights. And the boss fights are also what kills you in the end anyway because all the enemies in the main waves have shortened health, making progress too easy, especially when you've unlocked all of the weapons. I would've had more fun if this mode made it so you always begin the first wave with Dante only having "The Rebellion", and then you unlock the other weapons at certain points in the game. The boss fights are always in the same order of placement as well. (Beginning with the Succubus, then the Hunter, etc.) I would've been more pleased if the boss fights shuffle their order of appearances instead. (First boss fight being Bob Barbos on the first try, then first boss being Vergil on the second) Still, this is fun.

    But with it killing the point of the other modes, Bloody Palace is definably NOT a DLC you should even bother downloading if you value replaying the main game, especially on the higher difficulties.

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