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  1. 70
    The pinnacle of arcade scrolling beat ‘em-ups and still amongst the best the genre can offer today, despite some change-chomping difficulty spikes.
  2. Jun 28, 2013
    Chronicles has loads of content, faithfully translates the arcade games to home console, and does it all with stylish, deep gameplay. I just wish those bosses didn't feel so soul-crushingly cheap today.
  3. Aug 25, 2013
    The Dungeons & Dragons titles were some of the most evolved side-scrolling fighters of their day, with design and gameplay concepts that made them stand out from their contemporaries. However, a $15 price-tag makes it tough to recommend the package to anyone who wasn't already a big fan back in the day.
  4. Games Master UK
    Jul 29, 2013
    No amount of shiny achievements can take the 'dung' out of these dungeons. [Sept 2013, p.71]
  5. Jun 27, 2013
    It is a nice trip down memory lane, but against modern competition like Castle Crashers or Odin Sphere this multiplayer brawler shows its age.
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  1. Jun 26, 2013
    OK before i start with the rant, here is a short disclaimer for anybody in new generations of gamers who have not been blessed with seeingOK before i start with the rant, here is a short disclaimer for anybody in new generations of gamers who have not been blessed with seeing and playing this game on Arcade Machines at the time of its release. This title has been EPiC among all gamers and Arcades in the world, a fight against a necromancer withstanding a trial of time, a game offering a great visceral gameplay and beautiful hand drawn sprite graphics. D&D unmatched by name, by TSR brand and definitely unmatched by all "new xbox-live indie games" (i own xbox and buy all the titles on marketplace as well as PS3 so i have an easily comarable cross-platform experience). if it has not been, it would not have been re-released by CAPCOM right? right?

    Well, not really. This release is one more out of countless examples that show how little thought the corporations give to "porting" the old games. This blatant outrageously sloppy release (many thought to be Capcom's reaction to coming soon Dragon's Crown) has not even minimum but absolutely NO effort being put into it.
    Capcom is already renown among ios users for hideous ports of his games while at the same time demanding for them prices high above itunes average. These games have worse joystick emulation EVER (coming from the arcade games corporation of long standing history mind you) and look hideous on ipads and iphones alike absent of any filters and special effects.
    The temerity of Capcom is incomprehensive as they release afterwards a "vip" versions of the previous failures at even higher prices supposedly promising a better performance and looks (the most important thing in such a game namely controls is still pitiful, take example from CAVE or TAiTO who put great effort into creating a home brew touch controls system which perfectly emulaties joystick controls).
    Needles to say, after witnessing years after years of games which clearly only purpose is to MiLK the audience and suck a few more out of their pocket with NO effort from the corporate machine whatsoever, still i think that Capcom's "D&D" is the one which so brutally showcases these shady dealings.

    Back to the subject i brooded about in the disclamier. I had hUUUUUge expectations toward this game, but don't misunderstand me i would be happy with anything if properly done. My expectations were rather coming from my belief that in spite of witnessing a sh!tstorm of blatant ports this one will be special, MUST be special and will not be mistreated by Capcom. There were also 2 more facts behind my reasoning:
    1. this incredibly expensive retail special edition of the game
    2. the name of the games itself being a mix of names from two original games: "chonicles of mystara". i had some wild hope of Capcom creating a special "black label" of D&D combining two games into one monstrous mashup version...

    Nothing of that sort. We receive the original two games looking hideously bad on nowadays screens, devoured of any filtering available on MAME which would make a world of difference to this release. Whould it be so hard to add some reasonable graphic filters?! MAME can run this game on old Pentium 200 with shadowmask and make it looks great, lets customize controls and be amazingly playable. Whats hard in letting players SET CONTROLS instead forcing me to use arrow keys?! It's worse port EVER!
    The game looks indigestable on Playstation 3 and Steam alike. The final straw are the FiXED controls and the player being forced to play with ARROW KEYS. (for fvkcs sake!!!!)
    This is a sad day but also important one marking my awakening to the realisation of corporate greed. The recipe for success taking the old game and branding it as a remake after slapping some "achievements" on it has just stopped working in my case. And hopefully also in yours. Thats also a reason why i give this "port" a zero, because of zero effort put into creating it and "innovating" the release in a blandest way imaginable achievements.

    vote with your wallet and let capcom rot in hell
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  2. Aug 10, 2013
    This is a pretty decent compilation of 2 RPG-style beat-em-ups (D&D: Tower of Doom and D&D: Shadows Over Mystara) that have never graced NorthThis is a pretty decent compilation of 2 RPG-style beat-em-ups (D&D: Tower of Doom and D&D: Shadows Over Mystara) that have never graced North American consoles until now. Shadows Over Mystara is the better of the 2 games, with more balanced gameplay and more characters. Both games are traditional beat-em-ups with RPG elements such as a loot system, shops, leveling up and branching story paths. However, both games are clearly designed for multiplayer, as playing solo can be a real challenge (especially in Tower of Doom). All in all, this is a pretty good couple of beat-em-ups. Just bring some friends along for the ride. Full Review »