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  • Summary: [Xbox Live Arcade] In Elements of Destruction, you are the master of disaster. Use tornadoes, lightning, earthquakes, and other forces of nature to do your bidding. Fired from your job as a top research scientist, you have built a machine that allows you to control nature and exact revenge on the corporation that fired you. Your quest for revenge takes you to locations across the globe where you must use the forces of nature in challenging ways. Shake down buildings with earthquakes, suck up and throw objects with tornadoes, and strike down aircraft with lightning to cause mayhem in cities and towns across the earth. Compete in two online and split screen multiplayer modes including Destruction (go head-to-head with another player to see who can cause the most damage) and Cooperative (work together with other players to destroy the corporate menace). [THQ] Collapse
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  1. 90
    Elements of Destruction can get a bit repetitive, mostly because you only have 3 elements at your disposal - a tsunami, flood, or avalanche wouldve been cool - but the enjoyment gamers get from laying waste to a wide variety of environments and EoD's oddball humor (Doc Herbert sending cows flying at a farm in Canada while singing the country's national anthem) more than makes up for its shortcomings.
  2. Overall, I really loved playing Elements of Destruction. Destroying things using the weather is a delightful concept and makes for some seriously destructive fun.
  3. A very fun title to play and with the inclusion of online and co-op destruction you are sure to have a blast with this title.
  4. The game has virtually no replay value meaning you won’t be coming back to this often, unless you finally do find someone to play co-op with. Nevertheless it is one of the better games on Live Arcade.
  5. It's a novel concept but lack of control variation, plus the obvious graphical deficiencies, make it a dulled thrill. [Issue#36, p.114]
  6. 50
    Refreshing and original. Unfortunately, the lack of victims running from the buildings makes it feel empty, and the repetitious gameplay loses its novelty value after a few hours.
  7. The gameplay is short and shallow.

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