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  • Summary: [Xbox Live Arcade] Meet Mr. ESC, otherwise known as Mr. Escape. Mr. ESC is an escape artist whose objective is to save people from disastrous situations, clearing each danger-filled stage within a limited amount of time. Save lives in EXIT, a frantic, mind-stretching, action-packed puzzle game! Frantic rescue action: As Mr. ESC, take control and rescue people from dangers like fires and earthquakes. Turn them into Companions and lead them to safety. Puzzle-solving skills required: Use your Companions by commanding them to use items, solve puzzles, and reach the exit within the time limit. Companion abilities: The different Companions you save have different abilities. Young Companions have average abilities, Adults are strong, and Kids can make it through tight passages. Be sure to save the injured Patients as well. Multiple stages: There are over 120 challenging stages to escape, and even more stages will be available for download. Twelve new achievements and leaderboard: Master twelve new achievements, and compete for the best stage times on the leaderboards to prove you are the greatest escape artist in the world. [Microsoft] Expand
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  1. Looks great, Plays great, Music sounds great.
  2. The best puzzler on Xbox Live Arcade. [Jan 2008, p.98]
  3. Taito has meticulously crafted each progressive level in Exit to be a mindbender, thus ruling out all possibilities of this title being a pushover. Throw in the fact that there are a staggering 220 levels in Exit, and you can easily see why puzzle freaks like us are clamoring over Mr. ESC and his hip antics.
  4. 76
    Though it's not perfect, Exit is worth picking up for any fan of Lemmings or Lode Runner.
  5. Between the blipping electro soundtrack and dated, incessant "Help me!" whining voices, Exit serves as a great reminder as to why it is so cool that you can stream music through your 360.
  6. We wish it spent a little more time on puzzles, and little less on weak platforming - but we can't help but love it when a plan comes together.
  7. Annoying, frustrating; even Mr ESC couldn't rescue this game from complete disaster. [Jan 2008, p.94]

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  1. MikeD.
    Apr 11, 2008
    A wonderful little gem of a game. Didn't like it much at first but if you stick with it and become used to the mechanics and such, it becomes so addictive it's frickin' insane. Over 200 stages and the chance to improve your times give it great value. Exit could very well become a classic. Just try it and stick with it for a little bit - I bet you'll end up loving it. Makes you feel smart too! Expand