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  • Summary: Created by the same team that developed Fight Night Round 3, FaceBreaker offers irreverent fun, immersive gameplay and eye-popping stylized graphics. In this in-your-face, arcade world full of ego-wielding characters, each boxer comes to life with unique attributes and distinct personal style, including Romeo, a Latin lover known for his pelvic thrusts, and Molotov, an oversized Russian demolitions expert with a penchant for fighting dirty. Add a little personal motivation to your fight by uploading a photo of your face to create a realistic likeness using Photo Game Face, and go toe-to-toe with a real-life friend or foe. Laugh out loud as you pummel your opponent with a barrage of blows to the face and watch in satisfaction as your progress is illustrated by real-time facial deformation. With haymakers, face shots and body blows, wait for the right moment to drop a super punch to make your presence known. Taunt your adversaries and flaunt your talent, by tying one hand behind your back to add ultimate humiliation to your bout. In FaceBreaker, it just feels good to rearrange your opponent's face. [Electronic Arts] Expand
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 5 out of 57
  2. Negative: 20 out of 57
  1. Facebreaker is so much more than a brawler. This is an intelligent fighting game with all the hallmarks of gaming excellence.
  2. Arcade boxing is coming to the next-gen in order to break faces in a very original and artistic way. Smashing buttons is the key in Facebreaker to punch rivals and perform acrobatics over a good but incomplete videogame. It could have been better if EA Canada had added more length and game modes to the punching pack, but it's still a great opportunity to get funny and easy gameplay.
  3. EA advertised the game as a balanced fighter using a ‘rock, paper, scissors’ format. Unfortunately the game isn’t balanced, it’s not much fun to play for anything more than a few minutes at a time, and the computer AI is evil.
  4. FaceBreaker is extremely simple and straight to the point, but not exactly fun, mostly due to the frustration that derives from the fighting.
  5. It has a lot going for it, from its superb visuals and style to the rather excellent character creation tool, but the button-mashing gameplay and easy exploits ruin all the good work.
  6. Facebreaker is only for gluttons of punishment and definitely a game to avoid or give to someone that you do not really like for Xmas.
  7. 20
    The controls aren't nuanced enough to please hardcore fighting or boxing fans. The frenetic pace and cheap shots will clearly alienate the more casual gamer. If your sole reason for getting this game is to enjoy multiplayer with your friends, it might be worth a look. Otherwise, stay away from this stinker.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 5 out of 8
  2. Negative: 2 out of 8
  1. Nov 11, 2011
    One of the most fun boxing games since punch-out, a real classic. This is a sleeper title but at it's current price in most cases of under 10 dollar it'd be silly to not try it out. Expand
  2. DanielDeveau
    Jun 2, 2009
    Joshua C. sums this game up perfectly in my opinion. The reviewers seemed to have played this game for about 15-30 minutes and made judgments far too quickly. It has the funniest cast of characters in any fighting game. The gameplay is fast-paced, but certainly not a button-mashing festival as the reviews may suggest. Once you master the easiest difficulty level (which is pretty hard itself), the game has great replay value as you step up the difficulty. Much like the old Punch-Out!!! game, most opponents have a weakness that can be exploited, which makes even the fastest or strongest opponents beatable. If you get stuck on an opponent, finally taking him/her down feels fantastic. Seriously, try this game for yourself, it's a great time. Expand
  3. ColinC
    Apr 20, 2009
    The first hour I spent with this game, I felt like I was flailing a bit with the controls. But then things started clicking. Slowly. I've finished this game on the easiest difficulty level and some boxers were very tough to figure out how to beat them. But once you do, it gets a lot easier. I played with Ice all the way through. Good fun. And yes, I had to play some boxes like 15 or 20 times to figure out how to beat them, because my default style wasn't cutting it. So I need to experiment. Throwing them into corners more. Dodging away. Learning how to counter their special stun move. Others I beat almost immediately, because my default style was perfect to take them down. I had with arcade wrestling games back in the mid eighties. I haven't played online yet. Curious to see how my skills stack up against another opponent. Plus you can get this game very cheaply right now. This game definitely doesn't deserve a 54. I'd probably give it a 75, although the fun I've had with it bumps it up even more for me. Expand
  4. redson
    Sep 28, 2008
    FaceBreaker is a ridiculous arcade game thats silly and fun and im really surprised that many people are so down on it. Facebreaker is not a serious fighting game like Virtua Fighter 5 or any Street Fighter title. Those games are impossible to pick up and play, hell, playing VF5 is a job by itself.. I sat down with FaceBreaker for the first time with a group of friends, girls and guys, and we all had a great time. I learned how to play fast and quickly i was competitive with the better players in the room. some of the girls knew how to play already and had a great time beating up on some of us newbies. i think the game is lots of fun and, while it lacks the depth and balancing of a more polished fighter, its a great social game and isnt intimidating for beginners at all.. a definite rent, possible buy if you've got friends that need an ass kickin. Expand
  5. KhristianR.
    Oct 1, 2008
    The style, the animations, the characters and the little animations are well designed. But its sadly let down by each character only having very few moves. Its a quick snack, but then you'll be bored because of its repetitiveness. Its a shame, this could have been a very good game. SCORE : 57%. Collapse
  6. PaulF.
    Sep 26, 2008
    One of the worst gameplays I've ever seen in a box game, EA tried to add more value with a touch of comedy and this feature where you can put any picture so you can fight the president if you feel like...I surely won't recommend this game. Expand
  7. Aug 17, 2014
    I bought FaceBreaker with 5 dollars I found in my couch, and I want my money back. FaceBreaker is an incredibly difficult fighter that I couldn't keep playing past the first 30 mins. I do think that, should I put my time in t this broken game, that I might find some enjoyment, hence the 1/10, but taking the time to get good enough at this game to make it enjoyable, I'm not sure if I'm willing to do that, when there are so many other games I would rather play. Expand

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