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Mixed or average reviews- based on 33 Ratings

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  1. Positive: 20 out of 33
  2. Negative: 11 out of 33

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  1. Feb 23, 2011
    I honestly don't see why people hate the 360 version so much. The only valid complaint, kind of, that I see is that it requires XBox Live. I understand people getting upset about that, but here's the question in countering that complaint. Are you sure that it only works on "XBox Live Gold"? As far as I've seen, the answer is no. What is XBox LIVE Gold? Simple, it's what you get when you pay $60 a year to play online and have access to online content. But there's an alternative, called XBox Live Silver, which is 100% free. XBL Silver doesn't give you the ability to play online, but it does allow you to interact with your friends online, and have access to certain things. But here's the detail that people don't know about. Final Fantasy XI actually works on XBL Silver. What does this mean? It means you can play FFXI on 360 without the need to pay for XBL, of course you still have to pay the $12 a month to play the game, but when can you not play an MMO like this for free? In all honesty, when I heard that this game was on 360, I jumped on it. Long have I waited for an awesome MMO that you can play on an actual CONSOLE, and not have to play with a stupid keyboard that has too many buttons for gaming. Trying to play a game on PC reminds me of the Intelevision, which had the stupid ass keypad. Sorry PC gamers, but if there's isn't an actual gaming controler, I can't play it. One of the reasons I didn't like WOW, shocked to hear that? Get used to it, I hate PC gaming. So when I found out that this MMO, which was a smash hit when it came out, was being launched on 360 with XBL support, I jumped on it, big time. Because I love playing MMO's, I really do, but I hate PC gaming, and since the large majority of MMOs are PC exclusive, that's why I don't play them very often. That and I sometimes can't afford the monthly fee. Anway, concerning the game in general, my only complaint about the 360 verson was all the room it took up on my hard drive. 7GB!!! YEESH!! If you want to play the 360 version of this game, make sure you have a big hard drive. One other complaint is how you can't turn the console off while playing. When you wanna get off the game, you can't just hit the power button, you have to shut down from the in game menu first, and wait until it arrives at the dashboard, then you can turn the console off. This can take some time, once it took 5 whole minutes to go back to the dashboard. So, with these complaints, why do I give it a 9? Easy, the game is ABSOLUTELY FREAKING POSSITIVLEY AMAZING!!!!!!!!! Yes, these complaints can be issues, but when you're actually in the game and playing, it's so worth it. It's just like your average MMO, make a character, choose your race and class, where your character was born, the whole deal. But here's the twist, in most MMOs, WOW included, when you choose a class you're stuck with it. You cannot try a different class, if you want to do another class, you have to make another character, which is a pain in the ass because I want to be adventurous. In FFXI, you're character isn't restricted to just one class. You choose a starter class, and you can change to another anytime without the need of making another character. This gives the game alot more freedom, and allows you to help others in need, properly. Say somebody needs a white mage to help them on a quest, but you're in Thief mode. You can just tell him "Just give me a sec to change to white mage and I'll help you." Each class has it's own unique leveling up. Say you level up your thief to lvl 10, you then switch to warrior, you will then be at lvl 1 again. You lvl up your warrior to lvl 14, but then you switch to your thief, and your thief is still lvl 10. This gives the leveling system the propper use of balance between leveling different classes. And once you hit lvl 18, you can do a sub-job quest. Once you do the sub-job quest, you can have a mian job, and a sub-job. So you can pretty much be both a Black mage, and a white mage. Of course there are restrictions. your sub-job can only be half of what your main job is. Say your a lvl 18 black mage, and you also lvled your white mage to lvl 16. When you set white mage as your sub, it will display your white mage at lvl 9, but when you lvl your black mage up to lvl 20, your white mage will display lvl 10. having a sub job gives you access to many other abilities to add to your main job, but some of you white mage special abilities will not be usable as a sub job, mainly your 2 hour power ability, a very powerful ability that can only be used once every 2 hours, real time. The community in the game is great, in fact communication is required. The game encourages you to get help from other players in order to get past quests that you could never do alone, including end-game events. I wish I could go on, but I'm running out of room on this review, but overall the game is great. I give it a 9/10. Expand
  2. Mar 1, 2011
    It's funny how this has so many negative reviews from critics when the PC version doesn't. In the end, this MMO is either for you or not. It has a steep learning curve that requires hours of poking around the FFXI wiki and learning the basics.

    Also for people who do NOT get this because they don't want to pay for a gold subscription AND FFXI: Much like Phantasy Star Universe, this game
    does not require gold to be played online. As PlayOnline is a unique entity from XBOXlive, they do not require it. ... not that doesn't annoy MS, but hey. You can play FFXI with your silver account, Expand
  3. Sep 7, 2013
    Oh my Final Fantasy XI what can I say, it is the first MMO I truly fell in love with. As all my reviews with MMO’s start out the same as I’ve been playing MMO most all my life and they are my favorite type of game to play. As this review is being done on 9/7/2013 that’s how I’ll be looking at the game as it stands now. I’ve done a review of the PC version so check that out. For me the XBOX 360 version of this game is disappointing in my eyes. It’s an older game on a 7th generation console and it look exactly the same as the ps2 version of the game with the exception of higher resolution text textures for HDTV’s SE just lazily ported over the ps2 version with no effort to make it look any better. The game for xbox has long load time, lag in area of more then 10 people and textures look exactly the same as the ps2. If you need to play it on a console then yes the xbox 360 version of the game is your best choice. It should be noted that the PC supports controllers as well and look great for the age of the game with high resolution textures. I did use the xbox version out on my big screen for a bit till I build a HTPC, now I just use a wireless xbox 360 controller adapter and sit on the couch with a wireless keyboard. The game is still a 10 out of 10 for me but I wish SE put a little more effort to making it look more like the pc version of the game not just port over the ps2 version. Expand

Mixed or average reviews - based on 25 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 4 out of 25
  2. Negative: 1 out of 25
  1. Final Fantasy XI is an acquired taste, and one that was built for playing on the sofa rather than on the PC. It's a pity that Square couldn't have served up something more ambitious for our first online RPG, but at least it means we get an RPG that's had three years of being knocked into shape. [Official UK Xbox Magazine]
  2. With no actual way of finishing the game, Gamers can find hundreds and hundreds of things to do, and still not be able to put it down. [Beta review: to be updated]
  3. Even hardened FF fans can't escape the fact that this is little more than a solid, functional port of a four year old game. As potentially enjoyable as it is (if you put the hours in), and as much content as there is in this all-encompassing release (if you really put the hours in), things have moved on considerably in the MMO scene in the intervening years.