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  2. Negative: 2 out of 54
  1. 91
    Like Mass Effect 2, FFXIII seems to be an attempt to answer the question of how to create an RPG for the modern, console-owning masses. Square Enix's solution is certainly different than BioWare's, but it's arguably just as effective in its own way.
  2. Final Fantasy XIII is an amazing game. With an engrossing story and a thrilling new battle system, this is one title you can't afford to miss as an RPG fan. However, though it succeeds on the most important fronts, there are some notable areas where the game could have been better. The linear level design is a fairly large stumbling block, and if you are used to open-world games, it can make the entire experience feel a little claustrophobic.
  3. 100
    Everyone who likes Japanese RPG will love Final Fantasy 13.
  4. Final Fantasy XIII is an excellent game regardless of what system you're playing on. However, the Xbox 360 version's graphics are a few steps behind, with noticeable compression in the cutscenes and less impressive lighting.
  5. Final Fantasy XIII is an epic game that plays to its strengths by taking risks.
  6. If you love JRPGs, Final Fantasy XIII is a must have, and even if you don’t, it’s still worth checking out as it’s one of the best RPGs to come out of Japan in a very long time.
  7. An epic adventure that shakes things up quite a bit yet still manages to retain the elements that've made the series great.
  8. Final Fantasy XIII goes back to the J-RPG-roots of the franchise while stripping away that which made its predecessor appealing to fans of western RPG. For Fans of the linear J-RPG genre, FF XIII is a great game; fans of western freedom had better stay away from it.
  9. The streamlined, focused structure eliminates potential tedium without dumbing anything down, and the battle system strikes an elegant balance between strategy and fast-paced action. Stunningly beautiful graphics and a pervasively meticulous level of polish throughout only add to the experience.
  10. It probably goes without saying that this is one of the most gorgeous games to grace a video game console. FFXIII's in-game graphics look like other games' cutscenes. Its cutscenes look like other games' full motion video, and its full motion video looks like a Hollywood blockbuster.
  11. While the emphasis on the story of Final Fantasy XIII makes for an interesting tale, the gameplay feels sacrificed, making FFXIII a good game but unfortunately not a great one.
  12. 89
    Hardcore Final Fantasy fans might be disappointed by the game's abandonment of franchise traditions like open worlds, town exploration and complex mini-games. The game is still worth buying, but it doesn't quite feel as complete as its well-loved predecessors.
  13. Final Fantasy XIII is a big and impressive adventure that manages to push the genre in the right direction. The characters, battle system and the story are all great. The fact that there are parts in the game that are unnecessary long and boring is to bad, still FFXIII is the one of the best RPG’s of this generation.
  14. While I did find the linear game style to be slightly annoying, it’s a small flaw in what is otherwise a really enjoyable game to play.
  15. Square Enix took a great risk changing all the series core mechanics, but it turned out to be a winning bet: a great technical realization and an over-the-top combat system make this game worth the buy for every Final Fantasy and JRPG fan.
  16. A classic game and well worthy of the Final Fantasy moniker.
  17. While the game's first 10 hours still give me pause, the 60 magnificent hours after those initial steps onto Cocoon make up for the tunnel-vision tutorial. [Apr 2010, p.68]
  18. 90
    As long as you don't judge the game on its beginning, Final Fantasy XIII is a game worthy of the series, and a terrific game in its own right.
  19. If you expected a traditional JRPG, Final Fantasy XIII will be very disappointing for you. But that's not what Square Enix wanted it to be: this thirteenth chapter is a completely new point of view for the saga, which was in terrible need of a new direction. The plot is intense and built on an enjoyable smaller scope, the battle system is deep and satisfying, and technically (albeit a couple of unexpected flaws) the game delivers. So that's it, a NEW Final Fantasy: if that's what you were waiting for, big time.
  20. Overall, Final Fantasy XIII is an exceptional title. I really don’t have any big complaints about it and thoroughly enjoyed my time going through the world of Cocoon.
  21. We can't assure it is a turning point in the series, but it manages to make fights fun and it's no doubt an outstanding game.
  22. XIII will definitely be remembered for it’s spectacular visuals and suiting score I’ll remember it for it’s interesting story and wonderful characters that Square even make the lip syncing match the English voices; something that I wish all JRPG’s would do for the added immersion.
  23. 87
    Final Fantasy XIII is probably the RPG of the year and therefore a must have for any RPG-lover. The game is very strong, has beautiful graphics and good voice-acting. Unfortunately after completing this adventure we again have to wait a couple of years for a new part.
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  1. Aug 16, 2010
    Gamepro descriped this game best: "a long hallway toward an orange target symbol on your mini-map that triggers a cutscene, a boss fight, orGamepro descriped this game best: "a long hallway toward an orange target symbol on your mini-map that triggers a cutscene, a boss fight, or both. Frankly for the first six chapters I thought this game had longest tutorial ever, with total lack of towns, exploration or people to talk to. In short anything fun. There are some good points in the game of course. Story isn't horrible, it isn't anything to write home about either, and combat is much improved, however all together game is just bad even with all the improvements. If you want to play final fantasy I suggest you play any other number from I-XII, they are all better than this one. Full Review »
  2. Jul 15, 2012
    Final Fantasy XIII is a pretty game but it lacks all the elements that make a Final Fantasy game good. The characters are boring, unmemorableFinal Fantasy XIII is a pretty game but it lacks all the elements that make a Final Fantasy game good. The characters are boring, unmemorable and at some points even annoying. Lightning is a perfect female replica of Cloud if you take away all of the details that make Cloud interesting. The game is extremely linear and even when you reach Pulse. The battle system is extremely annoying because your party tends to randomly wander around the field and that causes problems during many boss battles when a boss is able to do damage over a specific piece of area. Leveling up is also annoying in the game because you have to use the crystal system. It's not the worst game I've ever played but it's nowhere near the excellence of the games 7 to 10 of the Final Fantasy series. Full Review »
  3. Sep 30, 2010
    Uttter **** the first 6 hours you constantly spam one button and run along a linear corridor, later in the game you can switch stances witchUttter **** the first 6 hours you constantly spam one button and run along a linear corridor, later in the game you can switch stances witch only is useful between the boss fights aka "hours of boring bull**** for some other bull****".

    The story is only good for weaaboos.
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