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  1. Jun 8, 2014
    Forza Horizon, a nice twist on the original forza Motorsport series. Changing from a track based racing same to a free roam. With over 150 cars to choose from this game is no exeption. It has a slightly different racing style to forza 4 but it has the nice arcade feel ive been wanting from forza which they can improve on in their new release of forza Horizon 2 at E3 this year
  2. Apr 30, 2014
    Looking at the cover, I didn't expect an engaging, fast, fun and incredible game. Nothing is better than driving strait down the interstate at 200 mph taking in all the Colorado scenery than pulling off a fifty foot drift and into a fence . There are still flaws like the amount of invisible walls, the crash physics and how you can't use half the sweet cars you buy in races. But, that is ignored when I beat my friends speed zone record. Expand
  3. Mar 12, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Turn10 has done it again with Horizon.forget about any other racing game including need for speed.the cars look,sound,and drive amazing and realistic more than you can say for most other car games.while its still street racing it is some what proffesional and organized.upgrading of cars going deeper that i've ever seen i can modify my audi rs4 to a R8 motor its just awesome.there's only 2 minor flaws i found with the game.1 no tuning of the cars wich i tapicaly like and.2 decals and vynals are a bit poor.but otherwise awesome. FORZA rules Expand
  4. Feb 17, 2014
    best game i've ever played on my xbox 360 so realistic, when you've got xbox live you can get 193 cars and the most legany car on the planet is in the offline gameplay. lots of dlc cars to download and car packs ect, rally pack witch is deffantly worth the £13.67 you get 5 diffrent cars to start off with and lots of different parts for when making a rally car. GET IT
  5. Jan 3, 2014
    This game is awesome just awesome the best graphics ever and the cars are so life like it is insane. But finding the barn finds is pretty hard I think.
  6. Dec 19, 2013
    Forza Horizon is a great game. A beautiful open world that immerses you combined with strong racing elements makes for a breath-taking experience. The barn finds in the game, also, are extremely enjoyable.
  7. Dec 7, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. There is really nothing wrong with Forza Horizon but they do need to update the game and put a 2006 or 2007 Chevy Corvette Z06 and a McLaren P1 and maybe more race events Expand
  8. Sep 6, 2013
    Keep doing what you do best, as this shows clearly fine art. I have played this game since day 1, and I love it. A few minor details that have room for improvement even though the bar has been set so high because of this game.
    PROS: Beautiful scenic drives in different locations, real time traffic, great camera views, and good selection of cars
    CONS: Sound! Huge deal for me especially on
    5.1/7.1 dolby, needs more depth, more projection from engine noise such as when your doing 120 mph through a section of buildings or even full throttle in a 500-1000 hp vehicle it would be extremely loud, sound waves bouncing off every object, and tons of commotion to where you cant think straight with a pair of Sennheisser or Turtle Beach PX51 headphones.
    Also more car selection like the older cars from previous games such as mazda 787b.
  9. Aug 6, 2013
    this game is fantastic! reminds me of need for speed underground last generation but with a huge open world and a tonne of great cars. graphically the game is great and the environments and cars have that great feel. the difficulty of the game can be adjusted in a number of ways to ensure the game is never to hard or to easy. throw in a tonne of customization abilities, many racing modes and open world events such as random challenges, barnyard cars and speed cameras this game has a lot of content. Expand
  10. May 18, 2013
    Exactly what IGN said. 'It's the game we've been taught not to expect'. Great map, great cars, great detail, overall the game works amazingly. Only bad thing I would say is how they approach thew DLC. It's good, but only 6 cars for 400MSP is a bit bad. People complain about a small car list, but c'mon. How many games nowadays have 140 cars? With a lot of them being great cars, and not 50 odd Nissans and Hondas.
    The game was short, around 15-20 to complete, but there was still stuff to do after you finish. And that was improved apon even more with the free 1000 club expansion.
    Amazing game
  11. Mar 27, 2013
    So first look into horizon, I'd have to say the only negative complaints are this. There's no split screen multiplayer, and the sound of some of the cars (You're reading a review from a gearhead, keep in mind) aren't very accurate. It almost appears like the FH team focused on the big, expensive cars more than the little ones. Of course, the Pagani Huayra was straight on cue, but the smaller, slower cars aren't given as much love! Other than that, still my favorite racing game, just as good as FM 4, but in a completely different perspective. The only thing I wish I could fix is the noise and the multiplayer features. Expand
  12. Mar 18, 2013
    This game is awesome, they introcued a new side series for Free-Roam in which made users travel around the city beating Racers on the Road to earn cash and also beat the Speed Cams. A amazing game this is.
  13. Jan 28, 2013
    The game is so much cool 150 cars a smalest collection comparing with fm4 and its dont have the co op multiplayer but this game is really fantastic the graphics are so beautiful and the story is so perfect and the multiplayer was the same as fm4 but its so nice
  14. Jan 15, 2013
    I recall seeing rumors for this game popping up in the Forza 4 thread and instantly despising it once I saw the trailer. Being a fan of racing games, dumping many hours in Forza 3 and 4, and also a huge fan of EDM, it was like seeing them perverted and slapped together in some BS off year game. While I still hold strong on my position of the whole EDM center to the game, it held up on the racing side. If seeing a racer look so damn beautiful and remind me what it is like to drive a nice car through a beautiful part of the world wasn't enough, the gameplay was really fun. It held up extremely well to what I would expect from a Forza series and in some cases went beyond my expectations in providing something that a more "arcady" racer wouldn't necessarily require to please most of its fans. My favorite parts of the game were the point to point races that felt more like a reality than something like a circuit race. Being able to fly at 120mph on the edge of the cliff with the orange faces of Colorado's natural formations surrounding me or blazing down desert highways dodging commuter traffic at absurd speeds were really the staples of this game; these were the moments that kept me wanting more. There were definitely dull moments and a lot of the story, if you want to call it that, was exactly the same as NFS: Pro Street. I think the most surprising part for me was how much side stuff there was to do. When I first started playing I was annoyed by how far apart the races were and thinking about how much time I was going to spend over the course of the game driving in between events versus just choosing an event off a grid in Forza 4. Luckily the game soon unveils that you actually have an amazing amount of other stuff to do to pass the time and make those trips more fun. I equate it to interactive loading screens. Some of the downsides for me included not being able to swap my free roam car with ease or not being able to tune/upgrade without visiting the garage in the center of the map. I often found myself driving the same car in between events for each act of the game. So, I am pleased to say that Forza Horizon was the first game I completed in 2013, and if you are the kind of person who enjoys racing games (especially ones that are BEAUTIFUL), arcade or sim, this is absolutely worth dropping time into. Expand
  15. Jan 6, 2013
    Forza was getting stale. Circuit based racing that has been done to death in the franchise full of exotic exports and authentic driving experiences. The restrictions were too tight it seems, as Playground Games have stripped out all the senses of confinement and given us a stunning naturalistic landscape to race around in. Red rocking canyons, long stretches of road and valleys tearing through the countryside with mountains gleaning in the backgrounds. The lack of changing weather systems and varied terrain are slight dents in the bodywork, but bringing Forza to the open world is a successful experiment that is due to a repeat trip. Collapse
  16. Jan 3, 2013
    it's very good many new things great songs why not buy it nice cars nice places to race the game looks awesome it's a free rom if you love free rom racing games you will want to get this game (
  17. Jan 2, 2013
    (review em pt-br aki) Gostei muito do jogo, ótima trilha sonora, bom gameplay. Na minha opinão só peca um pouco em ser arcade e se você bater a 300km/h em uma árvore nada acontecer(só amassar um pouco). Pode ser também que enjoe de jogar, pois acabando as corridas não tem muito mais coisa para fazer. Mas é muito recomedável sim e da pra divertir legal, além de a trilha sonora ser maravilhosa. Fls galera! Expand
  18. Jan 2, 2013
    EXCELLENT music, relaxed/less strict cornering, great points/XP to be earned at EVERY corner, overall a GREAT game. I have been playing Forza since Forza 2, and I know and love the simulation driving that it brings. With Horizon, there is a huge difference from the rest of the series, but even with my love of simulations driving/racing games, they have still done it justice. Yes it may be simpler, and less strict, but the driving challenge is still customizable with all the assists and everything, so I do not see others complaints. I play with a +70% Credit bonus with most assists off, and high difficulty, so the only other gripes I see is maybe the new "shortcuts" as in the NFS series, where the best line might not help you, and may hinder, but the drifting is much improved, there is traffic to avoid on the road, and there is still the great, critically acclaimed physics engine behind it all. It IS still Forza, street style, done right. The entire experience of the Horizon in game festival brings joy to my heart every time I drive main area. They have done a great job at immersing you into the experience, and that is a crucial point I look for. I will say, however, that I am a huge hater of DLC, especially the DLC that is ready at launch, but my copy came with the rally expansion pack for free(Thank you Amazon), and the rest of the DLC cars are minimal in price, and worth every penny. I am new to the XBox racing game, as I have been strictly a PC gamer, but oh my god, why did I not join sooner!? The entire Forza series is a wonder, a brilliant wonder, and I miss not being current with the rest of the series. Anyways, even if you are a hardcore Forza simulation guru and fanatic, do not shy away from this game, as it still offers the same great Forza experience, just keep in mind this version is not the track variety, and instead is based on street racing. Only the tracks really suffer, tbh. Overall, I definitely recommend this game to casual racer fans and simulation gamers alike. Expand
  19. Dec 27, 2012
    This is supposed to be just a spin off , but I didn't realize that it maybe be pne of the best race games i've played, but it is not just an arcade game it is a mesh-up off arcade and simulators, and that is the bad point of this game.It is too realistic!. You accelerate and the car dont go like the NFS, you have to pratice the control of the car becouse it's too hard to control fast cars. But it is too the best point of the game, you can feel like a racer, you take a Ferrari and accelerate to 300Km/h and you feel the volocity of the car, and if you play in first person camera the experience of the being raring is too nice. So its a game that if you like real experience but an open world to explore, and the feel of be free in an simulator this game is for you. Expand
  20. Dec 19, 2012
    Wow! This sums up my experience with this game. Ive been playing forza series since forza3 and i was skeptical about this title at first. I actually enjoyed racing with the previous forza titles on tracks where corners and apex of every turn is hilighted. Horizon gives forza a more freeflow feel, i turned off the racing line completely because this game doesnt penalize u for taking shortcuts or cutting corners. Its just so much fun. A tip to put more fun and make it more challenging especially for forza vets is to turn off assist and switch to manual transmission. Assisst sometimes mess up your driving and make u slower. Having full control of your car with forza physics in an open beautiful world is just awesome. Get this game. Note that is one of the few games in metacritic with a user score approximating the critic score. Much respect to the dev. Expand
  21. Dec 2, 2012
    Ba ba ba ba baaaa im lovin it! This is great fun and looks amazeballs, seriously the graphics made me do a little bit of a sex wee in my pants. The music and Grand Theft Auto style radio stations are cool too! Well done Play Ground Games, a job well done. *salutes you*
  22. Dec 2, 2012
    I just purchased this game on black Friday for 15$, and let me tell you it was well worth it. I am usually a little skeptical when it comes to racing games because I want one that is fun but not too arcade like and also one that is realistic but not simulation. This for me was the perfect mix of the two. It takes a lot from what was great in Forza 4 and just makes it a little more arcade like with better drifting. The vehicle customization is immersive and deep as you would expect from a Forza game, and the car clubs are back and still as fun as before. The online play is your standard fair for a racing game, but they also have playground play lists like infection, and cat and mouse etc. I had a lot of fun playing with friends online and its interesting because every time you rank up, you get a lottery and you can win anything from 4500 credits, to a new car, or even one million credits. Overall the atmosphere is pleasing, the mechanics are top notch, the customization is great, and the overall presentation is very well done. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who likes a little arcade flavor with their racing games. Expand
  23. Dec 1, 2012
    Loved this game. Can be as sim or arcady as you like - my preference is somewhere between. Also plays great with the wireless steering wheel. Gorgeous graphics, fantastic cars and scenery, races and progression are expertly set up - only bummer are the endless taunts you have to suffer from the game's characters before each race. Otherwise, my favourite racing game on console. A+!!!
  24. Nov 28, 2012
    Since i picked this game up i cant put it down! Looks AMAZIN,alot better lookin than Forza 3 and 4, lots to see an do with simulator handlin and sim upgrades,decals,paint,wheels,turbos,suspension, everything from Forza 4 has been carried over, best open world racer and one of the best racing games ever!
  25. Nov 28, 2012
    What do you get when you take a bunch of Brits who worked on such game series like Project Gotham Racing,Colin Mcrae, DIRT, GRID, BLUR and others? You get a new British developer named Play Ground Games and a great game named Forza Horizon is what! I enjoyed previous Forza games but there was a lot that i didn't like about them...1.Driving round the same track for more than 3 laps bores me. 2.The backround graphics looked terrible,buildings and trees etc just looked poo! 3.The music in them was terrible. Forza Horizon ditches race tracks for a big open world set in Colorado let me tell you...this game looks incredible, the backround graphics are much much better than previous Forzas and the whole game is not only one of the best graphical racing games, it's also one of the best graphical games out there on console.The closest thing to compare it to graphicaly is Criterion Games Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2010 which also looks amazing.The locations are very varied and similar too,from deserts to forests to cities to small towns.The new day/night lighting cycle is very impressive,suns sets and rises with bursts of light from behind snowy mountains and through trees,as flocks of birds take to the skys and Autumn leaves gently fall from the trees,while the Horizon festival lights up the sky with lots of lights lasers and fireworks,it all looks impressive. There are around 140 cars on offer with many more to download, graphically the cars are all great but a mixed bunch, what i mean by this is some of the cars (The main big boys like the Ferrari 458 Italia etc) look just like in Forza 4, while others are around 85-95% as good looking as Forza 4's. Think of the cars in Need For Speed The Run and Forza 4...well their inbetween the 2, better looking than The Runs but not quite as good as Forza 4' the cars look great and the change doesnt stick out like a sore thumb at all,the whole thing blends real well.The traffic on the road looks very good just like it did in Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2010,lots of real world traffic cars,vans and lorrys driving around the open world.Selecting cars in the show room look 90 to 95% as good as Forza 4, but the new lighting system looks better with light reflecting off the cars and even the lighting rigs on the shoowroom roof reflecting in the windscreen etc. Theres an overwhelming ammount to do in Forza Horizon, lots of varied events and things to do from racing on and off road,racing planes,hot air balloons,sprint races,track races,street races and more.Also every now and again 'Barn finds' will be announced over one of the radio stations, basically you have to find a barns that have old run down cars in them so an old guy can fix them up for you to keep or sell.Handling is very much like Forza 4 with just a dashing of Race Driver GRID in there + you get to select different modes like Simulator,assisted or customize your own just like in Forza 4, its all there the same as simulator upgrades takn straight from Forza 4, add turbos,suspension,body kits,decals,change the paint,wheels,everything from Forza 4 is in here to keep the simulator fans happy. There are many different road surfaces on and off road and all of them feel different and a pleaure to drive on. The music is much better than previous Forza games, this time the famous British Electro duo Chase & Status have put together over 60 different artists across 3 stations. Lots of house,dance,electro,dub step,drum and base which all the Europeans will love, It also has a diverse selection of Rock and lots of remixes of of indie festival favorites. The radio is alos alive with different radio DJ's talking about random funny stuff and giving you updates on all kinds of things from barn finds,to latest racing news,whos cool and whos not,whos challenging and inviting who to events and talk about random celebrities at the Horizon festival, so the radio stations feel alive the whole time and never get boring.For fans of the cheesie stories and high end custcenes in the Need For Speed Undergound and Most Wanted 2005 series, you will love Horizon as it has all these and a story to it,hot girls,other racers challenging you an smack talkin,weird an wonderfull celebrities,old wise men who fix up your cars while offering you advice and educating you a bit on the classic barn find cars, theres plenty of all that in Horizon and its all done well and looks great. Neat little touches where men and hot girls stand in the middle of the road with flares to start some street races or neon flares shooting up in the sky to start a race before landing in the middle of the road and fizzling out,and fireworks and conffetti as you cross the finish line. I think its the best Forza in the series as i love open world racers (and no im not a kid! Ive noticed simulator fans saying that Horizon is for kids,im 30),add that to its amazing graphics,great music and overwhelming content and you have one of the best racing games ever made. Expand
  26. Nov 24, 2012
    What an amazing game. Somehow they have managed to merge best parts of free roam racing games and the fantastic simulation of forza games into one. In singleplayer there is so much to do and none of it is tedious like other games can be. The cars drive really well (as expected). This game is a must have. The online is the weak link, however and that is why I am giving it a 9 and not a 10.
  27. Nov 22, 2012
    forza horizon is a compilation of great ideas motoring, is all that need for speed should be. The plot attractive, the huge amount of cars, the open world. And all the main features of the series, such as sound, gameplay, beautiful graphics, etc ...
  28. Nov 20, 2012
    Beautiful graphics, especially for an open world game. Perfect blend of Forza quality driving with open world freedom and small arcade-like additions such as skill points for agressive driving. Single player was highly addictive for me and I enjoyed every minute of it. Great music selection and integration of in-game radio. I enjoyed the multiplayer and play it quite a bit but I do with it had more depth. Possibly more game types and many more online statistics. Expand
  29. Nov 19, 2012
    After owning and selling 2 Xbox 360's now i thought i had had enough of the Microsoft console, preferring the slicker graphics and general nerdiness of a PC rig. That was until this game was released...and being an avid fan of the Forza series i succumed to the purchase of my 3rd Xbox 360. So far i have not been disapointed with my decidion, Horizon is everything i was expecting and in places a little more. Having played the new NFS: Most wanted title before getting my hands on Horizon i was genuinely shocked and pleasently surprised by the graphcis, options, feel of cars and attention to detail you get with Horizon. Cars still portray some of the traits from the Forza Motorsport handling models, providing a solid, grounded yet more forgiving feel when hurtling around the country roads in Horizon. The open world take on the Forza game is a welcome addition with tracks, roads and short cuts providing an excellent playground for the generous car list provided by the Turn 10 team. I am only about 2 hours into the game and continue to be enthralled and surprised by what is thrown at me in this game, but from Turn 10 should i expect anything else? Expand
  30. Nov 14, 2012
    Just you and your favorite car against the open environment Colorado. This day and night cycle open world offers you something that you don't see in many racing games. It still has the physics from Forza but has an added twist from Turn 10. Though the game is not entirely simulation like you see in the Forza series it has a lot to bring to the table. Graphics are fantastic as always and driving terrain consists of long open roads to hairpin turns through the mountains. This game is a celebration of cars and the world of racing. I highly recommend it to any of you car enthusiast out there as well as thrill seekers. Expand
  31. Jan 6, 2013
    Forza was getting stale. Circuit based racing that has been done to death in the franchise full of exotic exports and authentic driving experiences. The restrictions were too tight it seems, as Playground Games have stripped out all the senses of confinement and given us a stunning naturalistic landscape to race around in. Red rocking canyons, long stretches of road and valleys tearing through the countryside with mountains gleaning in the backgrounds. The lack of changing weather systems and varied terrain are slight dents in the bodywork, but bringing Forza to the open world is a successful experiment that is due to a repeat trip. Collapse

Generally favorable reviews - based on 83 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 75 out of 83
  2. Negative: 0 out of 83
  1. Feb 28, 2013
    Forza Horizon is not simply a great racing game; it’s a great game in general. From the handling to the visuals and sound, from the tweaking to the reward system, Horizon has everything it needs to be an enjoyable time. It may lack the challenge and depth that fans of the core Forza series know and love but if you’ve admired the Forza Motorsport games from a distance (like me) then do yourself a favor and play this amazing game.
  2. 80
    Valiant and almost flawless effort to bring more arcade elements into the serious Forza games offers more than any other competition. [Dec 2012]
  3. Nov 20, 2012
    Like a real party Forza Horizon can entertain you for hours. The game offers variation in both the singleplayer and multiplayer modes and looks fantastic. The soundtrack just completes it. Despite a few flaws the franchise took a turn that proves to be good for newcomers, but also great for the fanbase. You can't miss out on this party.