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  1. Mar 19, 2013
    Great story. You'll want to play it again. Great multiplayer, ultra addicting and 1 extra campaign as a bonus. The game gives you endless hours of playing and yet you won't get bored so easily. The prizeboxes is a great TF2 feeling with the game knowing you don't know what you gonna get. What can I say about the game? 10/10
  2. Mar 21, 2013
    This game is absolutely great. Extremely fun to play, and a memorable addition to the Gears franchise. The campaign was very good, and I enjoyed the ability to play as new characters and to really explore the world of Sera and the COG in a way never before, which satisfied the itch to see a great integration of the Gears universe fleshed out in the books into the games themselves. The Multiplayer is great, and OverRun is fantastic! Overall a completely fun game to play that is immensely satisfying. Ignore all the BS hate from haters and trolls, the user score is not an accurate indication of the quality of this game. Expand
  3. Mar 19, 2013
    Gears Of War: Judgment is Epic Game's and People Can Fly's way to say goodbye to the current generation Xbox. It's gorgeous, Unreal Engine 3 at it's peak. The flawless third person cover shooter mechanics that Gears Of War is known for are back, however it's much more faster paced. The campaign last for a good 7-10 hours with the Aftermath campaign as a bonus and the campaign is much better paced this time around with different gameplay scenarios. Aftermath tells the story of what happened to Baird and Cole when they and Marcus's group split because they go and search for reinforcements. Mutiplayer, once again is satisfying and rewarding. This time with Epic Price Boxes, that give the game a TF2 kind of feel. Multiplayer has less modes overall, but they are refined and well done. There's also not going to be as much of a problem finding matches than there were before when there were so many gamemodes that nobody necessarily played. Overrun is the biggest and newest addition to the multiplayer. Class based Locust VS. COG action. It's well balanced and everybody needs to play their role, whether it's the engineer keeping fortifications up and in good condition or medic keeping everybody alive. Overall Judgment is a neat package that every Gears fan needs in their library and if you've never played a Gears game before, this is the right game to start from. It takes place the furthest back in the timeline so you wouldn't be missing anything. Expand
  4. Mar 19, 2013
    Great gameplay, great graphics, and excellent story telling method. This is Gears of War revamped. People Can Fly has done to Gears what 343 has done to Halo.
  5. Mar 19, 2013
    what a great game! The multiplayer is awesome. the new over run mode is as tense as horde mode on level 50. the graphics r amazing so many beautiful colors that i never thought i would see in a gow game. combat is more intense than ever. The new smart spawn system is a great add to the campaign as well. have enjoyed every part of this game hope there will be another like this.
  6. Mar 19, 2013
    As a "Gear Head" the game's single player heavily relied on its combat and presented me with many different ways to approach them. With smart AI you wont be fighting the same enemies if you wipe in single player. I completed the campaign in coop, with the game's matching making filling in those empty spots is a breeze. Also God of War was not the right GOW to purchase. I like PSY
  7. Mar 19, 2013
    jogo muito bom melhor game da série ,porem precisa ter mais personagens e mapas no multiplayer,divertido rápido jogabilidade fluida ..transformou a série..
  8. Mar 20, 2013
    People Can Fly have done the impossible, they've taken Epic's genre-defining gameplay and made it better, this is truly the most fun I've had playing Gears.
  9. Mar 20, 2013
    Absolutely love it. Obviously it was supposed to be a goodbye to the series but what a goodbye it is! Tons of killing, great graphics plus the structure of the campaign. I was afraid at first that it would not be treated with love, but the pcf studio delivered.
  10. Mar 20, 2013
    First off, I don't believe this game deserves a 10. I'm rating it a 10 to combat the 0's and 1's who can't handle change.

    Let me begin by stating that this, in its own right, is a great game. Every battle is unique, I've died on one part and when I retried, it was a completely different set of enemies that attacked. That's a huge plus you need to be able to actually use weapons and
    their strengths/weaknesses to your advantage instead of spraying and praying (I'm talking hardcore+ not on easy of course). I've seen reviews say that you're not supposed to use cover as much as previous games. I don't know if I necessarily believe this as I've used cover as much if not more than previous games, especially using the sniper rifle. Again, true to the roots.

    Secondly, the game is a prequel and designed to be a filler in the Gears series, it's not really a main numbered entry. I get it, I understand how you all don't want things to change, but come on. This was a great filler into the back stories of Cole and Baird, plus two new intriguing characters. There's also a kind of continuation of Gears 3 once you obtain enough stars. Thirdly, the multiplayer is pretty cool. I like the mode overrun and the objective based modes in this game. Once you play the campaign through on Hardcore+, you have a decent understanding of what most weapons do, their strengths/weaknesses, and this definitely helps in multiplayer. Listen, games change, developers change, and ultimately, whether you like it or not, it is all about making that money for the company who produces and releases the game. We, as fans, are lucky they continue to make more entries to our favorite series.

    If the company continues to rehash what they've been doing without introducing new elements, everyone is going to complain just as much, probably more. People want shoot-em-up's, people want achievements, people want something to strive for. The company just added that in to maximize market potential. It's life. Halo changed, Metroid changed, Zelda changed, Mario changed, Final Fantasy changed, all franchises change to sell games. It's a part of video game life. The only franchise that hasn't is Call of Duty and everyone complains how that's "THE SAME GAME WITH DIFFERENT GUNS AND MAPS" too. I swear, you all will find something to nitpick and complain about everything.

    The only thing that bothers me about this game's campaign is how choppy it is. I hate the storyline being broken up by my accumulation of stars. I hate the declassify thing, albeit I can see why they added it, but it really adds to the arcade-choppy feel of the game. And without them, you barely get one star per. This is the only aspect of the game that I can say made me want to turn and run. The rest is brilliant.

    This is a good game. If you liked any of the series and want to learn more about Cole and Baird while getting an action-packed ride, pick this up.

  11. Mar 20, 2013
    Im giving this game a 10 to offset the large amount of people who give zeros just because the game has popularity. I recently played the game and it feels much more balanced and a lot less about hiding with shotguns,and the makes for a much more fun game.
  12. Mar 20, 2013
    El juego tiene gráficos excelentes, tiene una historia interesante y un grado de dificultad bastante bueno el modo multiplayer es interesante ya que contiene nuevas modalidades para esta franquicia
  13. Mar 20, 2013
    Judgment is literally as much fun as Gears of War 2. It doesn’t have this scope or severity one and three had, but it operates on a grand scale. I, for one, couldn’t be happier.
  14. Mar 20, 2013
    Not number one in the series but deffinately number2 in my book. The story mode is just so fun and feels new while feeling classic at the same time. the lighting and visuals are a wonder to look at. Declassified missions make a huge difference. The gears banter is on the lighter side and less out there but still great. Multiplayer is so much better than I ever thought it could be. Being a huge Gears fan who has won over 3000 matches in each gears of war since Gears 1 was a little put off by People Can Fly taking over and Cliffy leaving and just all that put me off but the multiplayer Shines brighter than all! OverRun mode is Gears take on Rush Mode and Adding Domination and Free for All has just given the multiplayer some much needed depth. Hopefully guardian and King of the Hill come back but some Awesome gameplay will keep me here for a long time. The package has a lot to offer and this game deserves the 10/10. Expand
  15. Mar 20, 2013
    Esse game ficou muito melhor que GOW3! Espero vê um Gear Of War 4, quero a volta do Marcus Fênix!
    Espero jogar muito na live, adoro o modo online dele!
    vamos galera, vamos esperar um novo Gear of War.
    Opá, espero que lance um KL3!
    Que venha News ips!
  16. Mar 20, 2013
    Multiplayer review only...

    First of all, if you’re a true gears of war fan, you will like this game. I am not sure you will love it, but you will like it. That being said, I think people fail to realize the greatness that went into the game. Now my review will be on multiplayer alone. I have not played the campaign, nor will I for a while. Ever since I've gotten an Xbox 360 and played
    games online, I rarely play them alone. Now let me address a few things. I think people are coming to want things to be perfect out the box. I haven't played a game that was better out the box then it was when I stopped playing it due to updates, patches, etc. Gears of war 1 was not the same game out the box. Even though it is my favorite gears and had the best game play in my opinion, that’s not how the game started off. When gears first came out, you could down people and unlimited amount of times. People would down guys for half the match to boost their points. There was also the sliding feature, something that us gears players would refer to as the "ICE MAN" slide, where you could pick up a weapon and glide around for 2 seconds before you had it in your hand. These glitches were removed and it gave us a better game overall and is the gears we all remember. Now getting back to GOW judgment, this is an excellent multiplayer offering, with a few changes that you may or may not like, but it’s not a reason to trade the game in within the first 3 hours of playing it. I really feel that people don’t know how to give things a chance. There are only 4 maps, but they are all great, and huge and more are coming in less than 2 weeks. Also too, execution is making its way back as well, so that’s something to look forward too.

    The speed of the game feels like a mix between gears 1 and 3. You pick up weapons faster than ever now, and the shotty is more reliable then gears 2,and 3.

    So here are my pros and cons:

    -it feels like gears
    -y button makes for easy switching
    -no more down shots, (I like this because they already took the down shot from the sniper in previous gears so what’s the point of it being in the game)
    - The Shotty is a little better than 3, but still not as good as one.
    -maps feel like gears but they add more too the game like different heights and elements of surprise.
    -New weapons
    -You can throw grenades on people and stick them. [[ASIN:B002I0H2AG Gears of War: Judgment]]

    - You don’t get downed any more, you just die
    - You can't pick up your teammates any more, or pick up enemies and use them as a meat shield
    - You can’t stick grenades to things any more
    - Not sure if I like the special grenades yet.
    - Melee is faster and only takes two to kill you.

    In the end, I love the game. There are things that I have to get used to, but I got on and had a ball as if I was playing it for a few months. They might even patch these things in a little while. I just can’t see how people can hate the game because there are only 4 maps? That’s a factor that will change in the next 2 weeks. Not that big of a deal to me I guess.
  17. Mar 20, 2013
    Honestly didn't thought that i will be able to experience a better gears than gears 3 in this generation. i was wrong. the game rocks!!! better graphics especially the character models are incredible, for multiplayer the best just got better, although fewer multiplayer maps is a con, but overall is crazy. It's the most colorful gears indeed and it's a very good prologue for a next gen gears. No need to speak about gameplay. it's a kind of its own! Expand
  18. Mar 21, 2013
    A solid effort on people can fly, the multiplayer even better the campaign while it is short its a very gorgeous game.i would suggest that it would be longer in the cutscenesm gears of war has a new hero:)
  19. Mar 21, 2013
    at least its better than the twilight movies they were very horrible and this game is great even though u don't that emotional weight the original series but hey way better than those stupid games that came out earlier this year
  20. Mar 26, 2013
    What a great, well-crafted, fun game. If one is open to the GoW aesthetic, it is hard for me to imagine one not believing this is the greatest of the series. Imo, the best game of 2013 so far. The graphics are sharp, the multiplayer is a riot, and the game is fun. Period. No apologies: This is the best GoW by about ten yards.
  21. Mar 24, 2013
    this game has a lot to offer,first off the visuals and sound are on par with any gears game before it.the campaign and multiplayer is fun,frantic,fast,and more than worthy of the gears of war name.a lot of changes have been made but for all the right is the thing about video games,if you put out the same thing over and over again people start saying you are rehashing the game.judgment tries to do something new and people act like its the end of the world.people can fly are veterans of the series they worked on the pc version of gears of war 1. later epic got them to help out on gears 2 and is a triple A title and it shows. i do think more maps and modes should have come with the game but to me that is minor considering the replay value the game has.judgment is getting free dlc on april 2,dbno,execution,2 other game modes,and 2 more multiplayer maps.title updates to the game will further add to the replay value.more maps and modes will be coming in the months to follow.the story could have been a bit better but the co op and the multiplayer more than make up for that.i am giving this game a 10 only because of people giving it a 0 or 5,which it does not deserve. Expand
  22. Apr 4, 2013
    good game, good game but with some minor bugs in mp, skdjafnjfnjanfjajfanjnsjsnsjnjfsjfajfnajsfjjssjsjjsjssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
  23. Apr 5, 2013
    This game has an amazing campaign, with a lot its action which can last 30 minutes. But now the Multiplayer. OH MY GOD the multiplayer is so perfect. I..I.I cant think of anything to speak about the multiplayer because its that good. Survival is hard. Like really hard at points but I can't get in a match with a full group but i did once. I know other people really hate this game because of getting down is not it anymore, but hey it nice. I love the Gears series and I don't think this game ruined the series.
    Gears Of War Judgment deserves a 10!!!!!! Go buy it right now!!!!
  24. Apr 14, 2013
    This game is really great. This is another great Gears Of War. I have played two of the three other games so I am aware of what would make this game better or worse. The only thing that could have made this game a little better was more need to use cover. For the most part of this game, you do not even need to use cover as it is much easier to shoot enemies in this game.
  25. May 4, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. this game is perfect. it is amazing. anyone who gave it a negative review obviously didnt even TRY the game. sure, its not like the rest of them, but its good. heres some spoilers.
    1.the bigginings slow at Beards testimony. Get to coles testimony.
    2.its awesome
    look for my reviews on the following Minecraft Xbox 360 edition
  26. May 18, 2013
    Finally, the devs decided to get with the times and include some big explosions and cooler guns in their game. The old Gears had was too slow and repetitive. Judgement has some seriously awesome shooting. Baird is a cool protagonist with lots of angst and edgy dialogue just like me. The best thing about this game is how good players don't have an advantage over newbies. It's good because I'm not the best player, but I do enjoy getting kills in multiplayer so I can tell they really care about people like me. The best thing, however, is that the game is now controlled like CoD. I don't have to worry about bad or unique controls, I can just run and gun without getting bored with strategy which is boring.

    Great game, liked it much more than the other Gears of Bores.
  27. Mar 19, 2013
    This game is a blast atm only 4 mp maps but 2 more and 2 more game types are coming for free on the 2nd of april i belive so if u can wait thatd probialy be best idea! GAme controles great ive had nothing but fun and playing all recent gears im likeing how people die in the sence of the person seems to die how hey should unlike previous one it took almost so much damage till the died or got shot to peices. No blind fire has been a complaint i here and dont give a crap about its a game even if blind fire ur thing its a game and youll leArn to cope or just go playolder gears games! Expand
  28. Mar 19, 2013
    The formula has been tweaked, not completely redone. Developer People Can Fly teaming up with Epic Games is probably the best thing that could happen to Gears, Campaign mode finds Kilo Squad (Baird, Cole, and two new to the Gears universe Sofia and Paduk) recalling their journey that brought them to trial for treason and a few other crimes. You play through each characters testimony and it's intriguing enough to keep you playing and a fun story mode. Declassified missions manipulate a certain part of Gameplay to add a challenge but reward to each mission. This adds a refreshing variety to the Gears series that is very welcome. The multiplayer is top notch as ever. If you're reading this review you must have an idea of Overrun, which is somewhat similar to horde vs beast mode and it's phenomenal. The new domination mode mirrors annex with domination in most multiplayer games, with enough previous influence it's quite fun too. Free for All mode is great but with Domination it's confusing, usually COG vs COG soldiers and it's hard to differentiate between teammates in Domination. Survival takes place of Horde and while much like Overrun it doesn't feel as deep and rewarding playing against bots. Customization is abundant and plentiful, many ribbons and metals, skins, and rewards alike. I'll try to keep this more brief but Judgment is a must buy for any Gears fan and a damn good game in general, it's a fresh way to approach Gears and reinvigorate the series with new found life. Expand
  29. Mar 19, 2013
    Hey I don't do this often but this is a game I think a lot of people are on the fence about. It's a good game, I wasn't sure about it either and kind of picked it up on a whim. The gameplay is awesome better than ever I'd say, it's also the prettiest gears game yet, though it sounds strange to call a G.O.W. game pretty. The only real problem I have in the campaign is the story, it just seems like a missed opportunity to expand the lore and give us an in depth look at those early days of the war. All the characters are noticeably quieter this time around, which is a shame because I wanted to get to know them better. I've played through the campaign in about ten hours on normal, though haven't done aftermath yet. Its a solid campaign, a bit more restrained than the last two entries but it almost reminds me of the first gears(which thanks to a free code I can play again for the first time since '07. I've checked out all the MP modes and while overrun is the clear winner they're all a blast. Maps are scarce at the moment but what's there is fantastic and worthy of the great tradition set forth by it's fellow gears titles. All in all a great game that falls just a bit shy of the very high bar set by the trilogy. But at the end of the day a mediocre gears game is better than 90% of the third person shooters out there. Oh and don't be scared of the microtransactions, its nothing and not pay to win or pay to play even in any way shape or form. If you love gears support it, you wont be dissapointed. Expand
  30. Mar 19, 2013
    The Gears franchise is beloved to me. It was one of the first games I picked up for my 360 and I quickly fell in love with its gritty humor and intense violence. After 3 installments, many of accumulated hours on multiplayer and horde mode, with plenty of replays within the story, Epic hands its crown jewel to People Can Fly and, in my opinion. a great addition to a fantastic franchise. The story, although lackluster in comparison to the other three, fared pretty well in my book, the last boss battle was a minor disappointment, but the story was fleshed out and consistent. The new Declassified edition for each mission were a good change of pace from the long, drawn out sequences that we are accustomed to. Though, it took out set pieces, I found it appropriate for its narrative. The multiplayer, though lacking maps, is balanced and addictive, Overrun keeps me coming back for more. I will admit, I wish there were more classic modes like Execution and Guardian. Survival is fun, but Horde was better as a whole. My only real problem wad the control flip, it may not be a big deal, but 7yrs of using a scheme and then it changing was a little off-putting but I will adjust. Overall, the game is still Gears, not as spectacular or extravagant, but at its core, plays and feels like it should. Expand
  31. Mar 20, 2013
    This game is an advancement of the series that follows a safe route. The good frantic and hectic battles with many more enemies than in previous games. Fights are more intense with flanking and charging and varied enemies. Declassify missions add another level of challenge and replayability. Graphics are gorgeous especially the improved lighting effects. (I cannot wait for next gen Gears). Matchmaking so far seems fair and balanced with quick connections to matches. Little if any noticeable lag. What could be better and can be solved through DLC is addition of Horde mode which is missing. Also there is a small number of versus multiplayer maps. I am hoping they will add more with DLC as well. Overall its another Gears game, maybe not in a grand scale type of manner, buts its more Gears and that is a good thing. Expand
  32. Mar 21, 2013
    Ok to be blunt this is not the best story in the franchise but its not the worse. I think the combat in this game is very frantic and fun, it got more intense then maybe any of the other games. The multiplayer overtime may get to be the best, the overrun mode alone is worth the price.
  33. Mar 21, 2013
    Wtf with those bad reviews?

    I mean, I can understand there is bad review but not that much for a really good game!

    The only downfall of this episode is for the player who did all the previous episodes! If it's your first one, like me, it's an awesome game
  34. Mar 23, 2013
    I though this Gears game was a lot more fluid than previous games. The mechanics to me seemed smoother and for once in multiplayer when I actually shot people they died. Which didn't happen a lot in other Gears games if you used a Lancer. Overall I was a bit shocked to see such low scores. The single player campaign narrative wasn't my style, just get on with it. But the new weapons seemed to fit, I thought they might seem out of place with it being a prequel. The Declassified missions seemed more like a gimmick than anything, but does add a bit of replay value to a mission. I think they have done a good job overall in making the game flow a lot better. Expand
  35. Mar 23, 2013
    I used to count on a mix of user reviews with critic reviews to get a good feel for a new game and rather or not it is worth buying. Now with all long running big budget games I see way too many 1s and 0s by these games. (I have played them all and none deserve those ratings!!) All reviews under 4 are clearly trolls and over 10 sound way too much like fanboys, although I can believe that there are some of you who actually like the game that much. Everyone else actually has something useful to offer. Review of GOW Judgment:

    Overall I personally would give this game a 8.8, but I rounded up as giving it an 8 was a little too low. In many ways this game plays the same as the others, but the developers took a few chances and changed a few key aspects of each game mode. I would not say they are vast improvements, just an enjoyable different spin.


    Graphics: 9.2 This area got a little bit of an upgrade from 3. Nice lighting and good effects. The enemies are a bit easilier to spot.

    Gameplay: 8.8 Same as before with changing how weapons switch. You lose a weapon slot but gain a quicker weapon switch. Throwing grenades is easier too. Same flaws from previous games are still present.

    Story: 7.8 I like the new approach in story telling, but the game does seem a bit less epic. I personally would liked if emergence day more of a focus. Villain not as interesting.

    Campaign: 8.5 I know some don't like the arcade options, but I for one really like ways I can challenge myself. They are afterall options and adding different play options is rarely a bad thing. I grew up on old school arcade games so bring on the arcade modes! (they are what sold me on getting this game) Campaign is on the short side. Aftermath is a nice mini campaign to unlock.

    Multiplayer: 8.9 I love overrun. It is my new favorite multiplayer mode. Team I liked a little less then 3. I like survival for good quick arcade mode fix, but I miss horde. Had they included it, this would have been hands down the best gears multiplayer game.

    Overall 8.8
  36. Mar 24, 2013
    This is the best gears yet its a more fast paced multiplayer haven't had connection issues like all the other gears of wars only negatives i found is theres no locust its cog vs cog and campaign is great not bad at all
  37. Apr 2, 2013
    Not much less visible in the game, a single story remained weak.If Multiplayer'a the overrun, and Free For All modes have been wonderful.Not to mention hard and have fun in the Survival mode.And the graphics have become GeoW better than 3.
    In short, Judgment GeoW still managed to be the most successful example of its kind.
  38. Apr 4, 2013
    Game Score Graphics: 9 Gameplay: 9 Singleplayer/Coop Story: 10 Multiplayer: 8 Sound: 9 Lastability:9 Overall: 9 This game is easily the best of the Gears franchise. The campaign is so much better adding the challenges and stars for each level. As Coop singleplayer on previous games was face roll this time its actually a bit more of a challenge and if you dont want a challenge you still have the chance to not worry about stars/challenges and blast through it. There is quite a bit to do in this gears and compared to other games out this is defiantly one of the games i will be playing more than others. The multiplayer Overrun is Amazing and really tactical. Im just a little disappointed in the few maps and missing horde mode as that was a great addition in the previous gears. Which is why i gave it a rating of 8 for multiplayer.

    All in all this game is defiantly worth a purchase and i would recommend anyone who liked the previous ones to go pick up this game.

    Real Talk

  39. Apr 16, 2013
    this is most likely the best gears I have played in years! I'm a expert in the gears franchise so I know what I'm talking about. The multiplayer is the best with 4 fantastic maps and no glitches in sight it's could possibly be the most fun gears yet! This on gears 1 and 2 so badly. People can fly should take gears as its new franchise developer! I love this game so much I can't stress anymore! if your name is cody stevens you stroke ballsack Expand
  40. Apr 23, 2013
    Pros: Its a gears game- nowadays its nearly impossible to ruin a gears game. Its fun, crazy, fast-paced, and gory. What is not to love? Campaign- 4 player co-op locust one heckuva good time, grab a few drinks, sit down with some buddies and play through it. You won't be disappointed. Survival- this is the best gametype in the game by far. Multiplayer doesn't have the COG vs Locust anymore, and it feels wrong to kill other gears (unless you are the locust), so I usually gravitate to this playlist. The class limitations can be annoying, but it takes skill to master them all.

    Skins- good lord people, how many boxes of experience before I simply break the disc in frustration? I can literally earn hundreds of boxes and all of them be experience while my buddy plays two games and gets a copper/chrome/gold skin from the get-go. Yeah, this unlock system is terrible.

    Weapons- gnasher, rush, gnasher, die, rinse, repeat...Oh and who even uses the hammerburst anymore? You'll be sniped dead by a gnasher by the time you raise your weapon to aim down the sights.

    Overrun- fun as heck, but come on, the COG is no fun to play, and everybody wants to be the locust. Just a trivial thing, but a similar point unlock system as the locust would've been nice.
  41. Apr 25, 2013
    A completely new and fresh Gears Of War.
    Yes i know horde is out and a lot of things are out of the window here... but come on people the campaign is good NOT the best, but GOOD. the lack oh maps and modes on multiplayer is a big down but, the game itself is well made no bugs, no glitches, graphics are amazing and the new control layout works like a charm. I see no reason for people
    arguing about that it's a love it or hate it situation. A fast paced game and that exactly what Gears Of War should be. That's My humble opinion. A solid 9 out of 10. Expand
  42. May 7, 2013
    Poor Storyline, way less emotional than GOW2 and GOW3. I miss Marcus and Dom for sure.
    Very good campaign in terms of gameplay, far more intense than any previous Gears game.
    AI is better and more aggressive in campaign. Also, it throws tougher enemies at you... overall more immersive.
    Multiplayer has nothing specially better, but nothing bad also.

    ADDITION Overrun brings in a newer MP mode, a good.
    _________Declassified mode makes it even more challenging.
    DELETION Our beloved HORDE mode is deleted, replacing it with some survival mode, which is not as interesting as classic Horde. After addition of fortification options in horde of GOW3, I thought the series will make Horde experience better. A strong dismal.

    BUT THE GAME IS OVERALL GOOD, A must play for Gears lovers.
  43. Jun 22, 2013
    As a longtime fan of the series i didn't immediatly like the changes to the controls and overall feel to the game. Felt less dramatic/real and more "arcadey". But the new declassifed mission mechianic really hooked me, made the game FAR more challenges thus more enjoyabe. Would put you in many different scenarios such as having a 3-4 minute time limit to clear a level or using only certain weapons, reducing your ammo or even fighting more/more powerful enemies. The controls didn't take long to get used to, and i definetely noticed the graphical improvements since Gears 3 seeing as you can unlock a mission from gears 3 called aftermath.

    Aftermath was fun, brought back a feeling of Gears 1 imo since certain parts were a little creepy. But you definetly can tell the difference in the graphics while playing it, Gears 3 still looks good but Judgment look much better IMO.

    Its a good bang for your buck, you get the Judgement campaign, a single mission from gears 3 Aftermath, Survival (kinda like horde) and then multiplayer of course.
  44. Nov 14, 2013
    Graphics: Nice lighting, good character models, detailed looking environments, but minor anti-aliasing. 9.5.

    Sound: Voice acting is good, traditional gears themes, traditional gun sounds. No issues with sound. 10.

    Gameplay: The single player is broken down into sections with some mechanics feeling similar to a horde mode. The gameplay mechanics are similar to previous gears
    games although the controls have been revamped. The new controls feel great, and the multiplayer feels faster paced. The VS mode is familiar with previous gears but with some tweaks. New game modes such as Overrun and Free for all are new to the gears series, and are actually a lot of fun. The game also adds an aftermath mode to the game’s campaign which feels more like traditional gears rather than the judgment campaign. Even with the judgment campaign feeling like sections after section the game is actually challenging. Probably the most challenging single player in any gears game. There are new declassified modes in the judgment campaign that make it the most challenging. Fans are disappointed this time around because there’s no horde mode although there’s a survival mode, but while it is a fresh take, it’s not as revolutionary as horde mode was. 9.0

    Story: The judgment campaign is a prequel in the gears series, and is told through testimonies from each character. The aftermath campaign takes place during gears 3 and is actually a good bonus. The story telling isn’t any amazing, but it’s just plain simple. No good plot twist, just a story progressing forward, with a seeable ending. 7.5.

    Replay Value: Tons of modes, definitely another gears game with replay value. The single player is short, but there’s a bonus aftermath mode, the multiplayer is never ending. Still, there’s not enough maps for modes like Overrun, or Versus, Epic made a bad decision, but future DLC packs will add more. 9.0.

    Overall Score: 9 out of 10.
  45. May 8, 2014
    This is a truly fantastic instalment that managed to meet my high expectations. Taking all the elements that made GOW3 great and pushing it even further. The levels are just stunning and some of the best Iooking yet seen in GOW. There's loads of room for different tactics and experimentation and good variety in the mission structures. I liked the star system alot, as it made coming back to the game very compelling in an old school 'gotta get a perfect score' way. People Can Fly have demonstrated they were the right studio to work alongside Epic. Expand
  46. Sep 18, 2014
    This is a fun game. It's a nice change of pace from the previous Gears of War games and as much as I love the series this one stands out a bit different then the other games. If you like the other Gears games I highly recommend this to you.
  47. Mar 19, 2013
    This game is stand out amazing. If you play Gears of War and like it then this is a must buy game. The graphics are amazing the new control scheme gets a little annoying but can still be playable. The story could of been better but the multiplayer is stand out amazing. The maps are well built and Overrun is an amazing gamemode. I thought i would miss horde but f that. This game is amazing.
  48. Mar 20, 2013
    I'm not going to sit here and say this is better then all Gears games because it's truly not and obviously it shouldn't be because there are some new makers in the game with newer idea's. Judgement gives a newer feeling to Gears because honestly all Game series have to come to an end eventually and after Gears of War 3 I personally don't think they should continue though a prequel just like any other game isn't always bad. If your a hardcore Gears fan you won't like this because it's really different though I am a gamer and I give everything a chance and I love this game because I have fun playing it, it's new and it doesn't feel the same and boring all Gears constantly because it just isn't fun playing the same thing only remastered with a new campaign. If you like trying new things buy the game and give it a chance. If you wanna complain because it isn't the same then stick to your Gears of War 3. Simple. Being a gamer means you play anything to become better at it. Expand
  49. Mar 20, 2013
    What can I say about my enticement of Gears of War. I went into this game a little skeptical and cautious, this was the first Gears not developed by Epic which worried me, but it was headed by a studio who made a great game by the name of Bulletstorm and was also owned by Epic so it wasnt to far from the roots like Halo and 343. The game keeps a brisk pace through its campaign, that, without the massive set pieces we are accustomed to, was decent in its own right, despite the final boss being rather on the easy and anti climactic side. It holds up to the other three, not surpassing but its up there. The multiplayer is superb, I just wish original game types were there, and the new Overrun mode is enough to warrant multiple replays in that department. The departure of horde had me a little upset, and survival is good but doesnt hold a torch to Horde. The control scheme will take getting used to, but it still plays like Gears and thats all that matters, right? Its a solid addition to the already great franchise, hopefully expansion will bring other content besides the basic map pack and skin customization. Expand
  50. Mar 20, 2013
    Lovable story, tons of new multiplayer modes, and is tougher with the extra mission effects. But the parts are short, Baird and Cole are not funny, and once again the weapons are reused (But the Sawed-off is better.)
  51. Mar 20, 2013
    The reason i gave this game a 8 is because the multiplayer makes up for the crappy campaign. The campaign is repetitive and very shallow with its story. Character are EXTREMELY flat and the ending id disapointing. This is one of those campaigns that you should sell on the marketplace for $20 as a DLC to GoW3. BUT the multiplayer is very much improved. It could take a little while to get used to but its awesome. It changes the usual slow pace of previous GoW and makes it a much more fast paced, dynamic, crazy multiplayer. Expand
  52. Mar 20, 2013
    "GEARS OF WAR JUDGMENT is a serviceable addition to the GEARS saga while offering refreshing new ways to enjoy one of the best third person shooters around. The new additions are interesting & fresh while keeping that silky smooth GEARS feel to it that fans have come to love.

    While it does falter at times & suffers from extreme familiarity, this is a good addition to the series. It does
    feel a bit rushed & the storyline is pretty forgettable even for GEARS OF WAR standards. But the multiplayer is still solid & the Declassified mission structure helps keep the campaign varied throughout.

    If you’re a fan of GEARS OF WAR, this game is clearly for you. Just don’t expect the second coming of Jesus from this one & you’ll have a fun time."

    Read my full review here:
  53. Mar 21, 2013
    Here is a review from a long time Gears fan.

    Campaign: Very fast and very fractured. The campaign lacks the epic feel of the third game to be honest. I know this is a new game and all but the campaign is broken up into small 5-6 minute chunks that dont seem to have very much effect on the story besides getting from point A to point B. The declassified missions are a very fun bonus to
    activate to change up the campaign and get you out of your comfort zone. But the way they are executed makes the campaign feel more like an arcade-like shooter. Shooting as fast as possible to get through the missions quickly. It distracts what has truly captivated me about gears, the beauty and detail. Some of my most memorable moments were in the very beginning of gears 3 when I was on the bridge as Cole. The highway was stretched out over the ocean and it was turned into a make-shift locust camp. Off in the distance was a huge statue over an ocean. It captivated me that I was in this unique universe. I could take my time to admire these things. I feel like I cannot in this installment. The campaign keeps you moving. There is never a quiet moment to just take in the beauty. Some declassified even want you to finish in a certain amount of time rushing the level even more. The way the enemies are placed is what makes it feel quick. You always have to keep moving forward as they continue spawning. Then they end the level and throw you in another one. I was a huge fan of the aftermath campaign though. Was a nice addition. Story was alright and the narration did help tell the story. The characters for the most part were not memorable. Baird lacked his charm and Cole lacked his well, Cole Train attitude. The other two didn't stand out enough to me to warrant being new additions to the gears universe. Multiplayer: The most talked about I am sure. And this is where gears has always shined bright. New additions to multiplayer include the new Overrun mode and domination. Lets start with regular versus. I have never been a fan of shotgun fights in gears. To me they lacked the tactical fighting and use of cover. They always seemed to boil down to the exact same fight every time. Gears 3 started to prove me wrong when they introduced the retro lancer and sawed-off (which surprisingly I did not hate and knew how to counter). But they were quickly dismissed and you received many hateful comments if you used anything but a gnasher. In the versus mode the maps are way more open and way more vertical. They make for a pleasant change to the usual fare of close and tight maps. At the same time this opens up a lot more options for flanking and tactics. At times the maps did seem a little too big and that I was wandering around looking for enemies on certain maps. I really enjoyed these new maps myself along with the new weapon selection. It truly felt like how gears multiplayer should be. Of course the hardcore fanbase will argue that this is not "true gears" but you cannot just remake the wallbouncing gnasher fest that the first 3 games were. Domination is a load of fun and works with this game. Team deathmatch is sadly the only returning mode, as enjoyable as it is I will miss execution and king of the hill. Free for all is a very interesting choice as opposed to wingman which has been so popular in the past. Overall versus made some very bold choices some in the right direction and others not so much. Overrun is possibly my favorite addition to this game. It is furious and tactical. Good cooperation makes or breaks a team. Doesn't matter how good of a shot you are, if you dont work together you are all dead. It is an interesting mechanic that really stresses teamwork and it really works. It was such a blast to fight as humans as your defenses were pushed back and to fight as locust destroying barricades and taking down turrets. The classes actually work for this mode. Every class has its strengths and if you all use them properly you will prosper. Survival is the Human Vs. AI overrun essentially. It is a chance to try and be the new horde mode. Sadly it is not the same good time horde mode was and it doesnt feel the same fighting against AI.
    Overall: The game is great fun. Although the continuity feels a bit off. There are certain things you can do in campaign that you cannot in versus for example; active reload, DBNO, picking up teammates by scruffing their hair. In conclusion the game is a blast to play it feels very fast paced. Sadly it feels like a relatively small package, not that many maps, few game modes and not as many characters skins as previous installments. The game feels a bit skimpy to be a full fledged title to be released for 60 bucks. I feel this new developer can do a good job with the gears universe. It just needs to be done on the standards that Epic has set.
  54. Mar 21, 2013
    Another solid entry into the Gears of War franchise. Although it refines certain mechanics, it doesn't add much new. Overall a solid game though.
  55. Mar 23, 2013
    The campaign with its introduction of 'declassified missions' and new method of storytelling is by far the best one since 2. However, the multiplayer unit as it stands only comes with 4 versus maps and 4 overrun maps, a rather weak package. Two free maps come out in April, and six are included in the season pass, but comparatively to 3, this is still minimal. A few changes for the better, a few changes for the worse. Not the best Gears, but does enough different that its worth an investment. Expand
  56. Mar 25, 2013
    People Can Fly did great and I can see them getting better and better at it. I am an avid Bulletstorm lover. So I've played GOW 1, 2, 3, and now Judgement. I'm mostly a campaign player, not a big MP player. I love the Gears world and have enjoyed every game including now Judgement. I won't agree that this installment has lost the GOW soul, it's just different so it's going to make a lot of hardcore GOW fans mad. I like the control modifications they have made and if it's a little more like COD controls, so what? I for one am glad it's not as difficult as GOW1 (which was hard as hell on Casual) and possibly is a little easier than 2 and 3 too. Play on Insane if you want that ultimate challenge, but my playthroughs on Normal were really fun with some really furious shootouts, and the end boss fight against Karn was cool also! I'm going to try Hardcore mode next. OK, the locust AI should have been a little smarter, each episodic mission piece should have been a little longer (most were only 5 to 10 minutes it seemed), and they missed out on great dialogue possibilities from Baird and Cole which really surprised me so I'm knocking 2 points down for those misses but hey it's more GOW, it doesn't suck, and I personally hope they keep doing them. Expand
  57. Mar 26, 2013
    This game had a great campaign that fits into the GOW franchise as a prequel. I thought they did really well with the story and how you play as Baird. The aftermath campaign they added makes it even nicer, which shows you where Baird and Cole actually go to in GOW 3 when Marcus tell them to go get reinforcements. The multiplayer is ok and can be fun at times. I never really got into the multiplayer for gears except for horde mode on 3. Survival mode is not as good but its ok, but overrun is pretty fun. Overall great game and if you like gears you must check it out! Expand
  58. Mar 26, 2013
    Judgement seems to have moved far away from the original GOW and some elements seem to have started to get dumbed-down to cater for casual non-gamers. Only being able to hold 2 guns, changing them by pressing Y and throwing grenades with LB are changes that are ruining what GOW was. However the combat is the best so far, the graphics are very good, the story is good and the multi-player is addictive. It would have been a higher score but the small changes are holding it back. Expand
  59. Mar 30, 2013
    I will say I got into the Gears of War franchise late in it's life, but I believe every one of it's games are gems, with Judgment only being the newest.Graphics have been polished to perfection, with a few hiccups here and there. It's managed to retain the same, intense gamplay all Gears fans love, while adding new, welcoming additions to it. Campaign has believable, charming characters that will have you wishing they had more lines to say (Besides Baird, the other characters only have around 5 lines outside of cut-scenes). Multiplayer is far from innovative, but like the gameplay, has managed to retain what its so well know for. Overrun is a blast to play online with friends, but will quickly lose it's magic if you play it alone with strangers. Lastly, Declassified Missions were a nice touch, but if you're aiming at all for achievements, it'll make you feel like your being unnecessarily forced to do each and every one. However, the Declassified Missions add tremendous value to the Campaign's replay-ability worth. Overall, if Gears has been your thing since the first game was released, you'll find everything you need and more in Judgement. Expand
  60. Apr 1, 2013
    Judgement is a bit different than previous Gears titles in both presentation and storytelling. It's told through flashbacks, and the play id divided up into smaller sections with more emphasis on individual firefights and less on traveling through huge setpieces. It's still a Gears game, and the shooting action is great, but it gets docked a couple of points because this new structure tends to detract from the "epic" feel I'm used to. Expand
  61. Apr 4, 2013
    I wasn't looking for this game but I'm really having a good time with it.
    The coop experience and the optional extra mission or condition in every cut makes the gameplay variate and intense.
    Quite fun!
  62. Apr 16, 2013
    Judgment is most definitely the weakest game of the series, but it is in no way, a bad game. The campaign was very well written but the idea of declassified missions ruins the good elements of the story and makes it feel too arcade. Also, I find the Survival game mode to be completely pointless. They just made it Overrun with ten waves. Lastly, the game needs more maps, or a better randomization of the 4 maps. I feel like I've played Library 20 times out of the last 30 matches. Expand
  63. Apr 23, 2013
    The game itself was more or less giving fans the chance to learn more about Cole and Baird, which was why I leaped a it. However the gaming style was quite drastically different. Unlike the last Gears of war games, the storytelling isn't as linear and the sections are broken up by arcade style levels. You don't get to keep your weapons that you had in the last section which can be especially annoying if you've just grabbed your favourite weapon.
    But the interesting thing are the challenges they issue you to keep you on your toes, and the enemies in each level have about three different wave styles if you die/restart a level.
    What was nice to see was that if you played enough/got enough stars awarded you unlocked a section from the Gears 3 arc.

    Over all it was definitely a fun game in terms of the main campaign but the play style was a little jarring by comparison, as much as they made it fit to the plot.. I'd rather they just stuck to a flowing gameplay rather than breaking it up into chunks.
  64. Apr 23, 2013
    I liked this Gears entry, not my favorite but the story was interesting an new. The level design was good and the new elements the developers put in were fun but I miss Marcus and Dom. Overall I liked the game but it doesn't top the other Gears games for me.
  65. Apr 25, 2013
    I'd happily give this game an 8 out of 10. I can't believe the negative reviews. The new interface is shiny and blue and the new controls breathe fresh air into the series. But this game Should have been an expansion pack at best.
  66. Apr 28, 2013
    Judgment is a nice extension of the Gears of War series. It does very little to innovate upon its already proven campaign and multiplayer base, but what it does, it does well. Declassified mission options give a great change-up to the campaign experience and force you to approach an encounter with some kind of added difficulty or weapon set that you might otherwise not use. The story is worthwhile, and I found myself enjoying this title more than I had expected to, especially the small spin off to the Gears of War 3 storyline that you experience via Aftermath. This game will find opposition, but Judgment isn't a flop, even if it feels a bit like an expansion pack at times. I think anyone with a level-head and reasonable expectations will find this a good investment of their time & money. Expand
  67. May 14, 2013
    I have had a blast playing. I haven't been able to play this to the extent that I played Gears of War 1, 2, and 3 due to having a 2 year old at home. However, I have been able to put in a few hours into multiplayer and I've just gotten through the main campaign.

    Of all of the Gears of War games, this one has my favorite campaign. I was afraid that having Baird as the lead
    would ruin it, but it turned out just fine. Most of the main campaign is being told as a story be each member of your 4-man team. Each chapter switches up who the storyteller is, and changes who you are controlling. Overall I thought the story was the strongest in the series.

    Also, as many have said, the declassified additions to each mission are a great touch. I hope other FPS games take notice and adopt or even improve on this.

    I haven't spent as much time as many others have on the Multiplayer. Overall it seems like a lot of fun. It's hard to say whether it is better or worse than the previous games, but it does make enough changes to be different.

    I think the removal of the perfect active reload bonus was a good idea. It always seemed silly that people would start off by emptying their clip before seeing an opponent, just to have the bonus.

    Removing executions was a mistake. I can understand why down-but-not-out can be seen as a bad thing at times, but it would have been nice to still allow people to celebrate their victory with a nice skull smashing.

    The starting weapons work just fine. I don't miss having a 3rd weapon. Now you pick your starting gun from a list of choices, and then go find better ones.

    I do think shotguns are still overpowered. This has been a grip of mine since Gears of War 1. It doesn't seem right that you can unload a Lancer into someone running at you, from a distance, just to have them one-shot you with a Gnasher from a good distance away. The game becomes less about cover, and more about charging in with a shotgun.
  68. Jun 1, 2013
    Gears of war judgment is a great addition to the gears franchise. The campaign is great except for the final boss which is way to easy. The new mode overrun is a great thing it offers somethings that players have wanted and we have finally received. As a huge gears fan some things were bad like how horde mode something that changed the series was removed and replaced by survival which is a huge letdown compared to the amazing horde mode. Expand
  69. Nov 11, 2013
    I've played Gears of War since its original release day in 2006. I'm a big fan of the series and its high octane gore filled action. Gears Judgement is a solid entry in the franchise albeit a little underwhelming. The changes to the control scheme are well done and fit right in with the Gears series. The entire time i played this game i never felt for a second like i wasnt playing a Gears of War game so i'll say People Can Fly did a fantastic job with keeping the feel and action on par with the rest of the series. However id say this is the weakest game in the series. Its story just feels half baked and tacked on some how even though its supposed to be a big part of the game. I did like the challenges with each mission but i didnt like the constant stopping and grading the game did. I like being able to see what kinds of kills i got such as a head shot or a grenade kill but i dont like the constant stop and play cycle that goes along with the campaign's structure. All in the all i enjoyed the story it was pretty good but seemed very short and disjointed. The iconic characters return to much success and are just as strong and awesome as always with some good new additions. The multiplayer is very much Gears and is as solid as ever with every offering you could imagine. The MP has evolved a little bit but not much has changed but just enough to keep it fresh. The graphics are as always high standard and the controls are as tight as can be. The gameplay and action never cease to amaze but with the constant slow downs from transitions in the singleplayer i found it to be a little less exciting as the original trilogy. The co-op options and multiplayer options are filled to the brim and with new unlockables and customization options i have a hard time finding a lot of complain about. But all in all this is just another gears game. Its well done but its definatly the weakest Gears. That being said its still worth a buy, maybe at a discounted price but certainly worth the time and money. 8/10 Expand
  70. Nov 25, 2013
    This is my opinion of judgement. I'm a gears fan (rank 400 in GOW3). I have been playing judgement since day 1 and I think that it is the best game in the series overall. below is a list of pros (how its better then past gears and cons (how its worst)
    1. Graphics are by far the best in the series
    2. Characters can now can equip skins (over 100+ character and skin combinations
    without d.l.c)
    3. Declassified missions are now available in campaign
    4. Weapon balance is by far the best in the series
    5. Bigger better and much more detailed maps despite the limited number (5 versus and 5 overunn counting DREADNOUGHT and HAVEN)
    6. Fun new weapons each adding a new twist to gears gameplay
    7. Gears gameplay is still the same at its core (you don't die in 2 shots like in C.O.D)
    8. Some of the best d.l.c available in gears history (in my opinion)
    9. Execution is available through an update
    10. Overunn and survival make up for lack of horde
    11. It's only 20$ new at gamestop now
    1. Both the developer and the majority of fans have given up on this game in many respects (it is still playable online and finding a match is easy enough)
    2. Lack of familiar game modes such as warzone and capture the leader
    3. Less characters (no carmines)
    4. The games few problems will most likely never be patched (most of these issues are opinion based and weapon balance is still really great)
    5. Less interesting story (but aftermath feels like gears 3)
    6. Gears has never had the nicest fanbase (lots of t-bagging and taunters but most games have those issues)
    7. Slightly confusing weapon customazation sawed-off can only be used with lancer, stim gas grenades are only available in free for all, the booshka can not be selected in any modes but overunn/survival but can still be customized with a weapon skin)
    As far as pros and cons that's all I could think of at time of writing overall despite the generally negative reviews by FANS judgement is quite polished (rarely lags with good connection) and well designed and since its only around 20$ its a worth while buy. Also most of the bigger problems that plagued the game at launch have been fixed the biggest current problem is lack of players (usually only around 1000 online at any given time).
  71. Dec 13, 2013
    This game is obviously the best gears released so far. I do not think the single player is anything special but for gears I never have, but I can play the multiplayer for hours at a time. This is simply one of my favorite games and if the single player kept my attention it would have got a 10
  72. Jan 4, 2014
    I played the entire game you play as Baird from the last gears of war games you also get to play as cole and 2 new characters. The story is not as good as the last 3 games the story mode is about 8 hours. I played the full game in one sit down. The story don't drag you in like the previous 3 installments. The game has multiplayer but them taking the locust out of the multiplayer tool all the fun out and also how you can only have 2 guns but that dose not mean you'll still have fun in the multiplayer it's still fun but if you played the MP on the past 3 games you'll have to learn Judgment multiplayer. If you don't have Xbox Live you can play Multiplayer bots which is still very fun. It has a sorta bland story the MP is not as fun as before but it's still a very fun game i i give it a 8/10 Expand
  73. Mar 19, 2013
    I'd be lying if I said GoW Judgement was a bad game, but i'd also be lying if I said it's better than its predecessors- because it isn't. Has Gears of War finally turned its last rotation? The game is the standard you-know-and-love 3rd person visceral shooter that does and offers things right that other shooters can't. The story is beautiful and made me like Baird a little more (But hes still an egotistical A-hole,) the game play is fluid, and two (I think) new modes put into multiplayer that I think are a breath of fresh air, but I do see it getting boring sometime soon.

    ...But what else? That's pretty much it. Other than that, it offers nothing more than the standard a la carte which is pretty disappointing considering the fact that I am a GoW fan. Instead, they opted to take out two things that really got me into GoW in the first place: DBNO, and Locusts. DBNO was so unique in this type of game that other game could not simply do. In the first place, your not supposed to die or get shot, but DBNO gave you that unique fear of getting humiliated- that part is just gone now. Now it just feels like an arcade shoot-em-up with visceral features in it. Another is Locusts- they are gone in multiplayer...soo yeah, kinda sad. Overall, I wouldn't say its a bad game, but its not the best either. They did put thought into balancing which I feel is fine right now, (Save for the sawed off- I still hate that thing) and I think they did a good job. I wouldn't recommend it to any casual shooter- they may end up disappointed, so only hardcore gears need apply.
  74. Mar 19, 2013
    In this review, I will be reviewing the Multiplayer side of this game only. Now, lets get down to business. We all know about the new additions to MP, such as Overrun and Free For All. I have to say, Overrun is very fun and addicting. However, I do think that Horde should have been thrown in as well. Survival Mode, which is supposed to be the sort-of equivalent of Horde, does not live up to Horde. Everyone enjoyed hopping online with their friends and going until 4 in the morning trying to reach level 50. Why screw around with that? That being said, Overrun does help make up for Horde's absence. The mechanics of Overrun are simple and fun. Moving on to the versus aspect of MP, I must get this out of the way: 4 maps is NOT ENOUGH. While I realize that Overrun has two maps to itself, 4 is not even close to enough for MP. Gears 3 had 10 maps, and that was the perfect number. Why was the number scaled back? Surely it couldn't have been for a lack of room. While this doesn't bore me right now, I can see myself getting very tired of these maps in the weeks to come. The problem is is that there just isn't enough. A couple of other things that annoy me: the removal of Down But Not Out and the revival aspect, the inability to carry a shotgun and a lancer, the new "spotter" grenades, and the Cog on Cog action makes it tough at time to single out your enemies. Now, all of that being said, Gears of War Judgment does get a lot of things right. The map design is, as always, magnificent. The maps are now layered and vertical. I think they are the perfect size. Furthermore, the addition of the moving set pieces on the maps adds an interesting layer that was absent in previous Gears maps. Also, I prefer the new respawn sytsem. There's nothing more boring than sitting at a respawn screen waiting to get back in. I came to play the game, not sit and wait. The ability to carry a grenade on your person is a welcome addition but seeing as it replaces your shotgun secondary it peeves me. Some things are tried and true in video games. Why did they feel the need to screw around with that. The action is fast paced and the graphics are pretty amazing. I think this is the current generation of console being stretched to its limits. Wrapping up, I feel that Gears of War Judgment could have very well been a great game. However, its shortcomings really do hold it back. The 4 maps thing seems like a ploy to get more people to buy their Season Pass, which REALLY irks me. For that, I give Judgment a "Good" 7 out of 10. Expand
  75. Mar 19, 2013
    I's quite obvious that the Gears series has taken a turn with the latest installment. The new changes may not appeal to the hardcore Gears fans but Epic and People Can Fly took a new approach to avoid the same old same old that gamers constantly hate. DBNO being removed does take away from the nostalgia value of Gears but in non execution modes (which were most played in Gears 3), DBNO barely had any effect to true gameplay. No locust in competitive multiplayer is another change that I see fanboys often complain about. This is also another change that really has no effect on actual gameplay. This is actually improved in Judgement with the ability to customize your character with skins. The thing many will miss about Gears is the lack of shotgun against shotgun battles that Gears is known for. Only spawning with one weapon, even though having the choice helps, really changes multiplayer. It's no longer as much about closing distance with stealth and strategy but more about taking people out in the open from range. The shotgun is still a viable option in Judgement but is not the only option which adds some positives and negatives. The story of Single player is a decent one for a prequel. You get a story that you never really needed in gears but is fun due to the Baird and Cole conversations. Overall, Gears of War Judgement is a good game. It's not quite on the level of previous installments but still a quality game with fun multiplayer and a decent campaign. Just don't expect it to be another same Gears game. They had to make the change for the better of their company, even if it's not quite the game Expand
  76. Mar 20, 2013
    This is not gears 1 2 or 3, it is a completely different game and is really fun. The story mode is more geared toward an arcade feel and the declassified missions are fun. While short, story mode has a decent amount of replayability. Multiplayer is a totally new creature, turning from the cqc shotgun battles of old and focusing on a more ranged approach. That said, the gnasher is a beast and many players will choose to make that their primary gun. The stuff that kind of makes you scratch your head: no down but not out, no active reload, and no locust in multiplayer. These to me are just bad calls by Microsoft Game Studios and People Can Fly. I get what they were trying to be original, but removing things that make a series unique and replacing them with nothing does not make for a more unique feeling game. All in all a decent game that is a ton of fun but will never have the die hard competitors and fan base of the first three. Hardcore fans, don't forget we still have the original three and gears 3 is still a fairly young game Expand
  77. Mar 22, 2013
    A solid/fun experience. The campaign is entertaining but shallow, placing you in short gunfights and presenting you with a score afterwords. There is a narrative being told in-between the battles, and I like the idea of what Epic is doing here, but the story too comes off lacking any real depth. The controls have been improved, updated if you will, and it makes the MP all the more exciting.
  78. Mar 23, 2013
    The Gears of War series has long been acclaimed for it's gritty, brutal combat and tactical gameplay. While Judgement lacks the emotional story of its predecessors, it's still a worthy addition to the series.

    Judgement takes place weeks after Emergence Day, where Lt. Baird is standing trial for disobeying orders. The levels alternate from the point of view of each member of the diverse
    cast. Returner Cole Train and Baird are joined by newcomers Padduk and Hendrick's. None of the characters add a interesting element to the squad, and Padduks COG-popshots are the only interesting part of in-game dialogue. The main story itself isn't particularly unique or exciting. It doesn't develop well, and Colonel Loomis, while he makes an interesting antagonist, doesn't add a lot to the plot. You see the game's ending hours ahead of time, and never takes an emotional turn like the previous games were so well known for. This isn't to say the campaign isn't enjoyable. The arcade-like scoring sections of the missions, as well as the difficulty multipliers add a new and refreshing element to the otherwise unchanged combat. People Can Fly has done an excellent job making Sera feel new, despite this being the 4th visit to the planet. The Aftermath campaign is set after the events of Gears of War 3. And for all the attention this add on has been getting prior to the release, it doesn't feel like an extension of the previous game's story, but rather an extension of Judgement's. The focus is not on Cole and Baird, as it tries to be, but rather on Padduk, and Sophia's mysterious fate. Seeing a side of the COG not shown in the previous game's is interesting, but Aftermath is short and feels unfinished, and not nearly as graphically impressive as the main campaign. And upon completion you don't really feel like you've accomplished much.

    The multiplayer component of the game feels unfinished as well. The damage of the weapons is much more balanced than in previous games, and the new camos and customization options make for an interesting add-on, but the lack of staple modes that Horde and Warzone leave much to be desired. Overrun is a welcome and fantastic competitive mode, but survival feels out-of-place, given the absence of Horde mode. In addition, the lack of series character models like Dizzy, Carmine, Dom, and others will make some feel that the additional multplayer skins are pointless.

    Judgement isn't a bad game, far from it. The graphics are stellar, and the sound design is fantastic. Movement has been much improved, and the new control scheme is fast and spreads out well on the 360 gamepad. People Can Fly has done a great job making Gears feel fresh. However, Judgement suffers most from a rushed release. Something that isn't too surprising as many companies are trying to beat the next-gen hype and not have their products lost in the storm. Nothing in the game is less than good, but that's all it is. Judgement never goes beyond the imaginary line that separates good shooters from the great ones. And it's a shame to see a game that had so much potential fall short of greatness.
  79. Mar 23, 2013
    As a long time Gears fan i am going to try my best to give a honest review of the latest installment.
    Having just finished the Campaign and played quite a tad of multiplayer, i can say this Gears is just meh? While the campaign adds a nice new element of challenge with the "declassified sections" the story element behind it just feels really bland. It thought in the campaign Gears fans
    was going to get a look at how Baird and the squad grew and a bit of back story. Alas there was hardly any back story. I kind of felt disappointment again by the boss in the game, i distinctly remember the developers saying that Kaan was stalking you throughout the campaign and tracking your movements to stop you, but this was only seen in the last act! However, the campaign is still fun and a great laugh with your friends.
    The multiplayer on the other hand is what makes the game feel the real confusion, you either love it or hate it. The standard game types, Domination, Free For All and Team Deathmatch have been created souly to fight around Judgements fast paced play style. Now players can instantly re spawn when killed and only have the choice of one weapon to go in with. The addition of allowing players to spawn with a grenade is decent as well. It adds a unique twist on some game types, but let me tell you Free For All with always be a Gnasher hell! Especially now with the addition of having a main gun with the shield. The multplayer aspect of the game is just confusing but still great fun.
    Overrun however is defiantly where the game shines. Puts players into two teams (Locust and COG) and one trying to defend a area while the opposite attack. It's one of the strongest elements of the game, as even if a team is all snipers, the clear winner will be the Locust as playing as a team is essential to this game type. It's really sad to see Horde gone and replaced with Survival. Survival is pretty much Overun, only you play as the COG and the locust are bots and really difficult to fight. It defiantly adds challenge to the game again, but i see it as a game type with friends only. One of the most frustrating parts of the game is the amour skins, the weapon skins are all pretty decent, if you like it buy it. However the amour skins really are pretty bland and boring, especially ones like Cascade and Digital which just look god awful and are £3.50 each! But I'm sure majority of the favorite skins are available through prize boxes, which are won by getting kills, ribbons or leveling up.
    Overall, Gears Of War Judgement is a pretty decent game, it's a fun multiplayer experience for Overun and the Campaign is challenging. However lack of story and horde just make this Gears not so great.
  80. Mar 25, 2013
    This game stands on the shoulders of GOW 3. I personally think GOW 3 was a wonderful game and EPIC did a good job in that game. I wasn't a fan of the new weapons in GOW 3 but I loved the game overall. GOW 3 vs GOWJ: Campaign: The campaign has slightly improved in terms of game play. The declassified missions are fun and the enemy bots act slightly more smart. Versus: This is the truly disappointing part of the game IMO. First of all, no execution. The game is super fast-paced when compared with GOW 3. The FFA and domination are a chaos. Overrun is nice, but does not meet up with my expectations from the trailer. I find GOW 3 horde mode more elaborate in terms of upgrades and devices you could use. My main issue with versus, however, is the weapons. You get one main starting weapon: semi-auto sniper, lancer, or shotgun. SOS is back, stinkier than ever. More bullets and longe range. In GOW 3 if you are a few feets away SOS does not do any damage. In GOWJ, I have died because of SOS firing at a 10s of feet away. For some reason it still does a little damage at long range. This has happened to me in domination game type. Also, there is no locus against cog. Its cog vs cog. I hate it. Survival: Nice game mode. Similar to horde expect that cog is defending some strategic points on the map. I would give judgement a 10/10 if it would come to my xbox as a dlc for GOW 3. As a standalone game selling at 60 bucks, it won't get better than 7. Expand
  81. Mar 26, 2013
    GOW: Judgment feels like an expansion, which is essentially what it is. It has a full campaign and MP, but it doesn't feel as "full" as the bigger GOW titles. I am saying this is essentially a bad a thing, just an observation. From a multiplayer aspect (which is what the majority of the playerbase buys the title for) I actually enjoy the MP modes in Judgment more than than the previous titles. For a brief background on my history, I used to play competitively in leagues and tournaments on PC. My games of choice were Return to Castle Wolfenstein and Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. I vastly prefer the class-based, team objective gameplay to that of more "traditional" gamemodes, like TDM and CTF. This is why I enjoy Judgment's MP.

    The 2 main modes for team play are Overrun and Survival. Survival is kind of like horde mode, but with significant changes:

    1 There are only 10 waves
    2 There is an objective. It isn't just "fend off the locust." The locusts are trying to destroy E-hole covers, and you have to stop them.
    3 each time the Locusts destroy a cover, the COG's must fall back to a new position. You get 3 tries before game over 2 E-hole positions and then a generator that must be protected.
    4 The mode is class based. You no longer purchase items with points they are provided by classes. 5 Your class determines your weapon loadout and ability. medics can heal/revive, Soldiers can supply ammo, Scouts can spot enemy and debuff, and Engineers can repair fortifications and plant sentry guns.

    Overrun is the same as survival, except each side (locust and COG's) are comprised of real players. Each team has a chance to attack and defend.

    The game does still offer TDM and Domination, but no hard focus on the "kill the enemy" modes, like the removal of Wingman and "down but not out." I'm sure for many this comes as a disappointment, but for players like myself who like a more or a team element and "substance" to their MP, the new gamemodes are enjoyable.
  82. Mar 29, 2013
    A solid entry in the series, however it's pretty obvious that Epic Games decided to roll the dice on this one and try some things new with People Can Fly studio. Everything about Gears Judgement feels different from your rule of thumb Gears of War title. Gone are the days of directional pad gun a matter of fact, you only get to swap between 2 now using the Y button. Grenades operate a little differently as well, as they are now tossed with the LB button. The enemies are familiar, as are the main characters.....minus their personal flair. While Baird still has his occasional one liners, fan favorite Cole Train is as dry bone as ever. Very rarely does Cole have any witty remarks or funny classical 'Cole' moments. All the charm and charisma that made these characters so attractive in the first place just.....aren't there. I simply don't understand why Epic Games would even think about tampering with a formula that was already perfect to begin with. I feel like this title was really half hearted, and I hope that if this franchise continues towards the next generation of gaming that it corrects it's errors and brings back all of the elements that make Gears of War so great in the first place. Expand
  83. Apr 16, 2013
    Ever since the first game came out i have been in love with the gears franchise, it was an eye opener for many and there have been countless others to duplicate it (ex. Special forces team X). They had a good thing going, their sequels weren't going to great, but finally they aced it. EXCEPT FOR THE GOD DANG LOCKED ON THE DISK DLC, you payed for the game and you expect everything to be on the disk, sure you obviously gonna have to unlock things, but the fact that you have the game but then have to buy the locked skins and armor crap AGAIN just makes me mad beyond repair. It's almost just like what Capcom screwed up on with their games, (horrible dlc) but enough about that, cuz the VIP pass is sort of worth it, anyway gameplay is the same as it will ever be, they changed around some the controls, and teh story is a little bland, but it was fine, i liked the declasiy missions, and there was alot of things to find, it feels alot like an arcade multiplayer style game, it doesn't focus on anything too seriously. Multiplayer isn't as great as it was, almost no great maps, almost no great characters, and almost no great gamemodes that stand out from your normal gears games, there is a great additon to Overun mode, but i like horde better personally, all in all, it was more disapointing that i though it would be, still though if your a fan go right ahead and buy it, for sale, not worth 60 bucks, and im still ticked off about that stupid dlc, i mean who doesn't want fluffy rainbow on a bloody chainsaw lancer. Expand
  84. Apr 17, 2013
  85. Apr 25, 2013
    This game I rated a 7 Reason being is because it has a great story and all and the amount of level concepts are nice But it doesn't really bring nothing new to the table like halo 4 has and blacktops 2 but all and all the story is great but you might grow bored of the online play But its a great game and if you like previous games you well enjoy this
  86. Apr 29, 2013
    Gear Of War Judgment is a prequel to the Gears Of War Trilogy. It explains the back story to the two main support characters from the main series. It is your typical Gears of War game and the mechanics are very much the same as what you experience in the other games. There are some nice new weapons to play with along with some new enemies (some of which I would have liked to have been in the other games). The main new feature that really made the game a joy to play were the Declassified missions. Basically when you play the game there are additional challenges you can activate to make the game more challenging. These vary from using certain weapons, harder enemies and reduced visibility but they do add another level to the game. The main campaign is a little short and does not really have any massive Stand Out moments but its solid enough with a decent enough plot.
    I liked the addition of the Aftermath mode which opens up a story that fills in the blanks from Gears of War 3.
    This game is nothing new and so will not bring any new players into the Franchise but will be a welcome addition to the original games. For this reason I cannot give it a truely high score even though it does not do anything bad. The game mechanics are all solid and the AI is decent enough. I did not understand why in Aftermath they seem to have removed the Declassified options as I did honestly miss them once I had played the main campaign through.
    I have not spent much time on the Multiplayer modes and so cannot really review with any depth but the modes are mainly ports from the other games.
  87. Jun 3, 2013
    Definitely the worst entry in the series, but it's still a fun experience when played with others. The story and dialogue are laughably bad and the set pieces aren't very interesting. The graphics are also more cartoonish. I like the variety of different modes you can play, but they didn't stop me from trading it back in fairly quickly once I was done.
  88. Jun 12, 2013
    I'm not going to stand here and say this game sucks, because it doesn't. It just lacks... Something. The campaign is pretty fun, just extremely repetitive. Visually outstanding and the sound design is as good as ever. The combat is great, but it needs pacing and brakes. Sure moving through hordes of enemys is fun, it just gets a bit much when you're doing it in the campaign for 8 hours+ with no brakes. Check point placement could of been better as well. Button lay out is still the best for any xbox shooter game, imo. The new classified missions are a really nice edition and co-op play is where the most fun is to have. Multiplayer feels pretty good, they've added some stuff which makes it feel fresh, although still nothing to keep me interested for too long. I tried my best to play it with an open mind, and it interested me for a while... But all in all, it's just a pretty average game with lots of co-op and long lasting game play. Expand
  89. Jun 23, 2013
    “Boooom!” shouts the oversized Locust trooper as he fires off another round at COG lieutenant, Damon Baird and the members of Kilo Squad. This is an all-to-familiar site for anyone who has played any of the Gears of War games. Your team is bunkered down in cover, quickly popping-up to fire off a few rounds into a ticker or wretch. There are enemies everywhere, you keep bouncing from one spot to another, and the intensity is at 11! It’s Gears, but is not Gears all at the same time. You know how to play and what the story is all about, but some things have changed, have they changed for the better?
    Enter Gears of War: Judgment, the fourth title in the Gears series and a prequel to the original Gears. This time Epic Studios have put developer People Can Fly at the reigns of their beloved franchise. In an effort to appeal to the modern shooter fan they’ve made some minor control changes and some major design changes to the multi-player. The question is, does it make for a better Gears game or will long-time fans not be happy with some of the choices that have been made?

    Read the full review at
  90. Aug 18, 2013
    I loved GoW 1, thought GoW 2 was ok and I did not like GoW 3 at all. I actually thought this game was pretty fun. There was nothing new but the game looked really polished and the story was pretty decent. The game is really short 6-8hrs. So I would not recommend buying but this game is a solid rent that could be beaten over a weekend.
  91. Oct 18, 2013
    Gears of war Judgement is a good game. but its very medicre compared with the original trilogy
    I mean,Gears of war trilogy has an excelent story and deep characters
    judgement is very dry
  92. Jul 8, 2014
    Gears of War: Judgement is not a game to be dismissed as bad. In fact, it has the same level of polish and good gameplay of previous games. I also like some of the changes, such as the addition of the Declassified segments. The game, however, feels way to similar to prior games, which may upset many.
  93. Mar 19, 2013
    Have played all Gears games since 1. This is by far (as the campaign goes) the least interesting of the series. Overrun is probably the best thing about Judgement. GOW 3 best in the series in my opinion and again, I will probably log more hours in its multiplayer than Judgement. Not to sure where the ball was dropped. Maybe the addition of People Can Fly.... I even thought the graphics were worse than 3. I regret purchasing this game so early... Not worth an immediate purchase like 3 or the others. But regardless a Gears fan will see some excitement from the game. Definitely not the best, but an ok game. Expand
  94. Mar 20, 2013
    I'm a fan of GoW from the start personal favorite is 3. I was very excited for this game since GoW titles are yearly and usually well made. While the game I can tell was well made and they've taken risk's which is appreciated. The Campaign is brilliant and the 10 wave horde redux is great now I can actually play and finish (if I win) However the positives end there. MP the once greatest part of the game is now something I personally Loathe! It feels like epic took things from CoD (1 weapon to start) BF3/TF2 (stim grenades/classes). This might work for some but for me this is a negative I can't name how many times I tried switching my gun with the dpad yes i'll adjust eventually, or how many times ive been annoyed by the LB grenade toss from other players or the health regen. I'll end by saying this for I wanted the last gow on 360 to be great its medicore and is probably the nail in the coffin for me in and my xbox 360 which I was already consider trading in, I've kept it for GoWJ. I don't see myself keep either much longer maybe a month more and putting credit towards PS4 or maybe a few PS3 titles. This game is the official killer of my gamertag. Expand
  95. Mar 21, 2013
    I went into this game with average expectations based on some of the reviews, but what i found on the multiplayer side of things was worse than I thought. First off let me state that I am a huge Gears fan, it is probably my favorite franchise this gen. When I hopped online in Judgment it didnt even feel like I was playing Gears of War. The removal of DBNO, no locust, only one main weapon, starting out with grenades, and all these juvenile armor skins just made me dislike this game. The multiplayer feels nothing like traditional Gears and maybe that is because they took out everything that made it unique in the first place. I have played around 40 or so matches and I havent had that much fun at all. The online right now is littered with people camping with the Markza because of the newly designed verticality, the Gnasher is very weak, and the aiming in general feels off compared to Gears 3. Also the maps in my opinion are bad. The non-symmetrical layout doesn't play well and I miss the symmetrical layouts all prior Gears games had. One other major problem I have is without locust you cannot tell if the person behind you is a teammate or an enemy. I cannot count how many times baird is yelling behind me and i think it is a teammate only to find out it wasn't and I get retro stabbed. It is too confusing at times having all these cog run around. Also ONLY 4 MAPS! How can you possibly only have 4 maps at launch and think your hardcore fans would be okay with that, its ridiculous. Also the lack of characters is inexcusable as well, and most of the gun camos you have to purchase. I personally hate all the gun and skin camos, i think they make a game feel to arcadey and childish. Overrun though, is a great addition. I have had quite a bit of fun with my friends on this but it might get stale after awhile because it only has 4 maps as well. The campaign isnt great but it isnt bad. It has some cool new additions like declassified missions but these also can ruin the flow of the narrative a little bit. Overall the campaign is solid but lacks on the story side of things, but it will keep you entertained for the 6-8 hours it takes you. Also the additional aftermath campaign is a nice addition. Overall I just feel they dropped the ball on this game. It is by no means unplayable, but in the Gears universe i feel like it strayed too far from what made it unique. It loses some of that appeal for me and I just hope they mae another Gears for next gen that will feel more like prior Gears games. Expand
  96. Mar 22, 2013
    BAD: Gears of War: Judgement has been a huge letdown thus far. As soon as I first perused the multi-player I immediately felt that I had been scammed into buying a quick cash grab. The changes that were made in Gears of War 3, such as the nerfed melee, so that obnoxious two-piecing was a thing of the past, and the Team Deathmatch addition where once one team is within five deaths of losing each team member only gets that one life which led to amazing clutch 1v5 scenarios and such, have been discarded. This makes Gears: Judgment a less intense, less fun, and all around cheap experience comparatively to its predecessor. One of my biggest gripes is the game shipped with only FOUR maps for tdm, ffa, domination, and another four exclusively for the new Overrun mode. On April 2nd there is supposedly a free map pack with 2 new maps but even then only SIX maps before having to pay for more is disgusting. Oh and they removed nearly all of the fan-favorite game modes such as Gaurdian, Horde Mode, Wingman. Gears of War: Judgment is such a leap backwards from the amazing Gears 1-3 and the first game i've bought where it was so instantly apparent that it was not worth the $60 price tag plus the $20 season pass i bought before playing once. At the state it is at right now it Judgment should have be nothing more than a $15-20 dlc on Gears of War 3. Good: Despite Judgment being the worst value in the Gears franchise it is still a Gears game which i will play regardless because I'm a big fan. The new addition of a "free for all" mode is great and my favorite game mode currently. Overrun(PvP) and Survival(PvC) mode have been fun and are great additions (but are not worthy of replacing Horde Mode, which they have). The new weapons are great and I cant complain about any balance issues. The campaign scoring system is good and makes me want to go back and improve how many "stars" i can get and the "declassified objectives" you encounter on the campaign missions add some variety. All in all i'm super bummed but its still fun, just not nearly what it could/should have been and is not what the fans deserve after the standard set by the previous Gears games. Gears of War: Judgment is best described by a quote i saw on a forum recently. "[Judgment] is the Halo 3: ODST of the Gears of War franchise."-??? Expand
  97. Mar 23, 2013
    First, I played all Gears since the first one, multiplayer matches and completed campaign multiples times. This one fell very "meh" to me. I would not recommend it for long time Gears fans. Theses are the reasons why I gave it a 6. Negative: 1 -Changes of controls (Seriously!?, you can't change gears controls!!!). 2 -Only 2 weapons at a time (They removed pistols. What?!). 3 -Campaign feel like a bunch of "challenges missions" separated by boring splash screens.
    4 -Multiplayer does not fell like gears anymore. (Where are the locusts, teams death match became humans vs humans?!...).
    5 -Graphics are weaker than previous titles. (Mostly lighting).
    6 -Class system for multiplayer does not make sense.

    1 +Story has some good ideas but badly executed.
    2 +Overun mode is pretty fun.

    Overall, pretty disappointed. It reminds me when I stopped caring about Call of duty...
  98. Mar 23, 2013
    This is most definitely, the weakest of all of the Gears of Wars series. To be fair, I am a HUGE Gears of War fan, I have bought all of the games, and love the IP, but you can tell right away that this game is lacking any of that spark that the original Gears of War trilogy had. Pros: Its still Gears, it looks like Gears, and for the most part it feels like Gears. All the Gears weapons are there still, the Lancer, the Retro Lancer, theres the Gnasher and the Shotgun everyone loves to hate, The Sawed-Off. The gameplay is pretty much the same, your a muscle bound dude killing hordes and hordes of Boomers and Kantus, and thats all good and fun but thats pretty much where the game ends for the funside. Cons: Where do I start? Lets start with the characters. These are dead and soulless. Baird is supposed to be the engimatic hero of this story, but you wouldn't be able to tell if you played it. There is NOTHING about Baird that resembles the Baird from the main trilogy. He isn't funny, he isnt sarcastic, he doesn't seem to even be competent in his station as the leader. Cole Train, easily a fan favorite. What HAPPENED TO YOU!? Once again, no personality. There isn't no "WOOOO" or "GO TIME BABY!" amid the game. This goes for pretty much all the characters, they all play the sort of flat bland character, and it shows in the writing. Speaking of the writing, the story is pretty lack luster, theres no character devlopment, the story isn't personally or for that matter epic. Lets get away from the campaign and look at another fan favorite, Horde Mode. Its been replaced by a similer mode called Survival. Its much like horde mode in the way that you fight off wave after wave of monsters, but in this mode your constantly protecting some object, like a generator, or a cover to a emergence hole, or something of that nature. This could be fun, but what they have done is created tight roles that you cannot deviate from. Theres a Healer, a Engineer, a Scout and etc. You have set Weapons, and set Nades, and thats it. No switching out, you need ammo? You need someone to drop a Ammo crate. No one can do that? Your screwed. So pretty much you need one of everyone, and instead of creating a play style you want, you have to conform to pretty much a standard team who each has a job. :/

    Overall, its not the best of games. Gears fans will find it entertaining, and at times frustrating. I know their decision to knock down your ability to hold 3 weapons, two main and one handgun, now down to 2 weapons, HIGHLY infuriating. But if your not a big Gears fan don't bother, check out a earlier Gears game, or go play GoW 3. The best part of this game is the Free copy of GoW1 that came with it. 6/10
  99. Mar 25, 2013
    Mmmmm. What happened here. The Gears trilogy was a fantastic experience. Meaty shooting and an excellent cover system. Something is just not right with this new Gears and I can't quite put my finger on it. Maybe the way the story is told. Each chapter is broken into 'mini' chapters which really break up the narrative. It turns into simply shoot for a few moments and then walk to the checkpoint and get your score. I'm really not liking this game at the moment. I'll finish it, but I'm not getting a Gears experience like it did with the previous games. Expand
  100. Mar 28, 2013
    As many other veteran Gears fans have already stated, this latest addition is underwhelming. However it doesn't mean its a bad game outright, though I believe it has no place in the Gears universe. The single/co-op/four player ironically is the best after Gears 1, I do like how People can fly have changed it for the better. The problems though are with the multiplayer, which to many is the reason why we brought it. First the day one micro transactions............ absolutely scandalous! Then the maps, discounting the vastly over-rated over-run there are four maps that I counted where the same map gets replayed over and over until it changes. Then no downs, as the boss guards in MGSPW would say 'WHAT?'! That alone makes certain maps and weapons so unbalanced it's stupid. Then free for all, initially a good premise but with experienced players camping at power weapons spots again there is little balance. Lastly the weapons, I like the Beecher a lot but the old lancer and marzker are way too over powered, plus hit detection is very erratic. All these problems new players won't know or care about, but a vet will be disgusted and frankly I feel I have wasted cash on this. BUT the old Gears of War download was a great touch, but I don't think it has aged very well with several glitches, laggy connections and cheating NOT removed ie crab walking or being invisible in brushes etc. Overall an average game but a extremely poor Gears! Expand
  101. May 18, 2013
    Finally, the devs decided to get with the times and include some big explosions and cooler guns in their game. The old Gears had was too slow and repetitive. Judgement has some seriously awesome shooting. Baird is a cool protagonist with lots of angst and edgy dialogue just like me. The best thing about this game is how good players don't have an advantage over newbies. It's good because I'm not the best player, but I do enjoy getting kills in multiplayer so I can tell they really care about people like me. The best thing, however, is that the game is now controlled like CoD. I don't have to worry about bad or unique controls, I can just run and gun without getting bored with strategy which is boring.

    Great game, liked it much more than the other Gears of Bores.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 81 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 58 out of 81
  2. Negative: 0 out of 81
  1. May 9, 2013
    It's Gears 3, minus pacing and ambition. It's still fantastically enjoyable, but it's easily the least interesting Gears game. [June 2013, p.64]
  2. May 7, 2013
    Judgment shows that the People Can Fly team knows its way around triple-A titles. They managed to squeeze a lot out of Unreal Engine 3 – the game looks great even compared to Crysis 3, which set new standards in terms of visuals, also on consoles. And when the technology restrained them, they creatively found a way around limitations. [CD-Action 05/2013, p.60]
  3. Apr 21, 2013
    Judgment feels a bit like an excuse to provide the Xbox 360 with one last first-party game for what is likely to be its final year as Microsoft’s flagship game platform.