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  1. Sep 24, 2013
    Grand Theft Auto V is the worst game in the franchise. With one fell swoop, Rockstar takes away the soul of every good GTA game, freedom. Essentially, this game tried so hard to mimic reality that it was its downfall. GTA games aren't supposed to be like real life, that's what was so fun about the other games. Not being able to fire your weapon anywhere, only certain characters being able to buy certain properties, and the police contribute to the games sense of limiting personal freedom. The storyline and the graphics are the only good things about this game, which is probably the sole determinants of most of these reviews claiming the game is perfect. Selecting a weapon or radio station is unnecessarily difficult due to the Saint's Row-esque wheel. What was wrong with the previous controls? Playing this game seemed like an obligation. Continuing on the hamster wheel of mission after mission with little other options. The lack of available cheat codes sends an unmistakable message of you, do it our way'. As a GTA faithful since GTA III, this game is disappointing to say the least. Rockstar tried to make this game too real, and too much like Saint's Row, and by doing so, crushed the free spirit found in all of the previous Grand Theft Auto games Expand
  2. Sep 27, 2013
    So, this game is very good, the game has many things to do, I agree that there are not many changes between the 4 and 5, but he innovates the gameplay and the things that makes the game, for those who like this game prcurar is full of Easter Eggs.
  3. Oct 7, 2013
    GTA online is Total utter changed my score from an 8 to a 0 just because of how bad online is and the lack of community communication by rockstar of how they are going to address these issues. the fanboy's if you put a EA logo on this game instead of a R* one people would be losing their Probably rioting outside their office. That was a joke but still people would be pretty ****ing pissed
  4. Oct 6, 2013
    A pretty sucks balls game is already overvalued with optical, but without fun to do and absolutely. I must admit that I stopped after 35% of the story continue to play consistently. I have no desire

    GTA online sucks boring
  5. Oct 7, 2013
    too much like the saints row series and too much of the same game to me...i feel like it is way too repetitive with little improvements but nothing extraordinary...i guess i'm just burnt out on these types of games since i've played so many...
  6. Oct 12, 2013
    Rockstar have truly lost their way, instead of fun over the top games they now create messy, misogynistic games that try far too hard to be offensive for the sake of it. GTA 5 does have some amazing features to it, such as the world and how detailed it is, but sooner or later everything you appreciate the game will come crashing down due to one thing or another.

    The controls in this
    game are absolutely awful, I expected Rockstar to have worked on this after the mess that was GTA 4, but they feel practically the same. You can't just throw in an auto aim that is far too generous because you couldn't be bothered to fine out the aiming, that is just shameful. The driving is better admittedly, but it couldn't have gotten any worse after GTA 4. Every action is over animated, it makes the controls incredibly cumbersome and frustrating and nearly impossible to get through small doorways without running into walls first.

    The story in this game is about as disjointed as they come, the only real connection being that everyone needs to make money, which is once again an incredibly lazy plot driving point. I never had a sense that what I was doing was important to progressing the story or characters once during my time with the GTA 5 main missions and I found myself getting tired of it very often. Free roaming is a lot of fun, probably where the most fun will be had with this game, there is a lot on offer in the world of Los Santos and it rewards the observant gamer. It is a shame then that the police will punish you for even the slightest of crimes, tap one of their cars? Accidently bump into an officer due to the clunky controls? They will shoot you on sight for it. I'm not sure if there is an underlying message to this about America and its police brutality or if Rockstar really were just too lazy once again to bother adding different reactions to each wanted level.

    The biggest problem with this game is GTA Online, unfortunately it comes as part of the package so it should be rated as part of the entirety of this game. The playerbase is absolutely awful, one of the worst standing side by side with the Call of Duty community. This however is not Rockstar's fault, but like it or not you will have to rely on these people sooner or later to help you either in missions or just roaming around. The missions themselves are pretty much just cut and copy over and over with only the bare basics changed; such as mission location or how many enemies you need to kill. Practically all the missions will revolve around killing a group of people, collecting something and then reaching a destination.

    GTA Online was never going to live up to the hype it created, but it could have been so much more. Because of the disappointing single player and the outright horrid Online feature I can only give GTA 5 a 6/10.
  7. Oct 13, 2013
    a bugged piece of software that cannot be called video game. graphics are good, and that's it. gameplay is subpar and uninspired, there are so many bugs expect to play the game twice because your saved games are lost or you get stuck in the geometry. characters are shiit all in all the game is a bugged steaming pile of fuccking shhit
  8. Oct 12, 2013
    This game is generally good but I hate the fact that all women are walking around with 10 lbs of cleavage on their pencil thin bodies. Most of the time the game is great.
  9. Oct 14, 2013
    I love this game it's one of the best i've ever played of and btw im here courtesy of OfficialNerdCubed break the system metacritic is suckish! Anyways i think that the graphics are good looking they don't overdue it at ALL. The missions are awesome and the story is like a movie.
  10. Oct 17, 2013
    Again that same like in old versions GTA. Huge map, tons of stupid missions, nothing special and new comparing other GTA's.

    Recommended only enter cheat's and get lot of fun from killing and destroy everything!
  11. Sep 20, 2013
    If you remember what the joy of playing San Andreas (and previous GTA games before it) felt like, than you won't be left dissapointed. People who are afraid of it being a GTA IV rehash, no fears, it's not.
  12. Sep 19, 2013
    The gameplay is flawless and second to none, but it's the story in the end that stumbles. If you can forgive the weak writing, you'll be in for a lot of amazing moments. The excellent mission design, refined gameplay mechanics and the massive overworld warrant a purchase alone.
  13. Sep 26, 2013
    Así que nada es suficiente
    Y que yo soy la que miente
    Y que todo tú me diste
    Que tú siempre me quisiste
    Que tú nunca hiciste nada
    Que soy yo la que te hace sufrir

    Y le dices a la gente
    Que me buscas que me quieres
    Que sin mí de amor te mueres
    Y que solo son rumores
    Que fue todo un error
    Que por eso ahora estás así
    Suplicando que te escuche
    Y diciendo que todo cambió
  14. Sep 24, 2013
    I've been playing games for the last 20 years and this is the best one i've played. It's insane that this runs on the xbox360 and not the next generation of consoles.

    if this gets re-released on PS4 or the Xbone i'd have no qualms about buying it again.
  15. Sep 21, 2013
    I'm not understanding the poor reviews of some of these people on here. Either they are PC gamers, or people just giving the stupidest reasons to give this game a lesser score. One review I read somebody was complaining about the lack of roller coasters in the game and not being able to go shark fishing and docked it 2 points and gave it an 8. Are you f***ing kidding me?

    IMO, GTA V is
    arguably the best GTA and is one of the best games I've ever played. The world is gorgeous. Looking at the texture of the water while driving a boat or jet ski is just mesmerizing and fun. Or riding a dirt bike up the massive mountain in the game is great to just look at the beautiful scenery of the mountain and the wilderness. Then at the top you look down at the cities and can see buildings 6 miles away. Not to mention the explosions are fascinating to see. The lighting is insane. Walking under a tree you can see the shadow of a leaf on your shoulder almost perfectly like if it was real life. Besides a couple textures that looked a little weak, the game is a graphical beauty!

    The switching between 3 protagonist is revolutionary. All 3 have their own contacts, clothes they can buy, hairstyles to buy at barber shops, types of missions, skills, lifestyles, etc. I have nothing in common with Trevor who is a hillbilly trash. But he is too damn funny and interesting and I enjoy playing as him just like Franklin and Michael.

    The driving is way more intense and more of a racing feel than the boat like driving in GTA IV. It reminds me of Midnight Club LA in a way. The gunplay is way better than GTA IV too because it brings Red Dead and Max Payne elements together and creates intense firefights. The cover system is VASTLY improved as well and is your best friend in firefights.

    There is tons of stuff to do between the three characters like customize cars, buy real estate, racing, pick up nice ladies at strip clubs and streets, meet random strangers, etc, and a big huge San Andreas to explore.

    The only drawbacks I can think of are the car collisions, which don't deform the car as much as in GTA IV. And the popping up of the environment at certain points of the game. Some people complain about frame rate but I haven't noticed anything.

    To most gamers, this game is like heroin. Very addictive and fun. Well worth the budget and years making it. Hopefully I helped.
  16. Sep 23, 2013
    I waited a long time for this game to make an appearance, having had it on pre-order since December 2012. Needless to say it was worth every painstaking minute. The game is beautifully detailed and highly entertaining. I do get the feeling that the best is yet to come with the reease o GTA Online but as a single player experience, there is not a better game out there at the moment. So much so, the only critisism I have is that when it rains, the windshield wipers don't That is all. Expand
  17. Sep 29, 2013
    This is ot just the GTA game, but THE game i've been waiting for. A massive word that feels so alive and with so much to do. Unlike GTA 4, the world is entertaining to explore and interact with, and the single player story does a great job of pulling you in. As great as the game looks on consoles I do hope they release it on the PC soon so we can have a great modding community and more freedom with graphic options. Expand
  18. Sep 20, 2013
    One of the things that becomes obvious when you actually stop playing a great game is that you just lost some conception of time and awareness of the external world at some level and became fully engrossed. The better the game the greater the level of immersion. GTA V is the most immersive and engrossing game I have ever played on all levels.It reminds me of the hours and hours I spent just aimlessly driving in Vice City and San Andreas. I can finally do that again while doing so much more in a more fully alive, and beautifully realized world. This is a must buy, must have and a must play. Now if only GTA V would come to PS4 and Xbone...... Expand
  19. Sep 18, 2013
    Don't listen to the Doom and Gloomers This is without a doubt a 10/10. Looks gorgeous, love the intertwining storylines to mention a just a few. Get it now
  20. Sep 23, 2013
    As many a gamer have stopped by to pen thoughts on this game so shall I .
    Simply put GTA V is my game of the year since i am going to avoid cod ghosts. The story-line is epic and the characters are hilarious.The story is very well written If you take time to do side quests you will enjoy the main missions even more and boy are they enthralling.
    Whats not to like thinks to shoot and
    people to blow up... EPIC. Expand
  21. Sep 17, 2013
    Lowering the user score because the PC version hasn't come out yet is absolutely pathetic. Screw the haters just because they're jealous they can't play the game as well. Get over yourself, FFS.

    It's a great game. Buy it.
  22. Sep 21, 2013
    Best GTA game ever, possibly best game ever. I've never been into GTA. I play them for a few hours and then I'm done. I'm about half way through the game now, still loving it.
  23. Sep 18, 2013
    Well lived up to the pre-launch hype, I've played for a healthy amount of time now to be able to say that this game is a huge step up from anything we've seen on the current generation of Hardware. The scale of the world is huge and everything about it is dynamic and a big step forwards.

    The driving physics (air, land and water) is much improved from previous GTA games.

    this game will set the bar for future AAA titles.

    Whilst I'm not a 'PC Fanboy' I do primarily play PC titles, so I hope to see it there soon so the modding community can take a stab at it, however the game runs perfectly well on the current generation of consoles, so there is nothing to worry about there.
  24. Sep 19, 2013
    I thought that having 3 main characters would make the story more confusing and I wouldn't get sucked into it. I was wrong. The way you are able to switch between them to see them carrying on with their daily lives is amazing, plus the way they all interact with each other makes me love all the characters even more. If there is one thing I can say for certain, its that Rockstar know how to make one hell of a game. Expand
  25. Sep 18, 2013
    This game is better than San Andreas, and that's one hell of an accomplishment. Grand Theft Auto V sets the standard (once again) for open world games. This is the best from all Rockstar games in one package. The combat from Red Dead Redemption/Max Payne 3, the customization from San Andreas, and of course the beautiful graphics and the Euphoria physics engine. Can't wait until GTA Online comes out October 1st. Game of the century. Expand
  26. Oct 3, 2013
    It comes to a point where "gaming", has evolved, it has evolved into something, not better, nor worse, but something different, Grand Theft Auto 5 it's the branch and justification on how games can, and will, talk about society at a whole other level, or even revolutionize the way we see technology to this date.

    Grand theft auto does not only jokes and critiques the whole, "american
    society" as we know it, but at the same time adds up several different in game mechanics and tweaks them like no other open world game ever has.
    One of the best things that Gta V increases it's his magnitude of the three dimensional world that presents to you by the name of "Los Santos", it's massive and each different area feels unique and special in it's on way. You don't necessarily need to be playing on a scripted sequence nor a unscripted sequence to enjoy the vast array that the city of Los Santos has to offer.

    Every activity, or mission, depending on how you want to call them, feels fresh and new, this happens because of the different areas where missions develop and present themselves, while at the same time keeping it's charm with crisp new dialog, every time you jump back in a different occasion into them. They really assimilate an illusion, and a reality that represents perfectly the effort and love that was put in the making of this "game".
    The missions and the characters are written and presented perfectly to, every single one of the main and co stars that appear in the game are lovable, and sometimes even identifiable, this adds up a huge feel of immersion that no other game manages to accomplish at such a scale as this game has.

    The game has his fare share of problems too, though most of them could give you the appearance that are mistakes that could've been fixed in a quick and efficient way, the vast majority of them tend to be there, for really complex reasons, that really make you question the design choices, that the team at Rockstar's headquarters had in their mind. Some of the missions feel, completely and utterly silly, and unnecessary, while some other feel extremely unique, and satisfying to accomplish. The real beauty of the game comes from the sense of maturity that handles, and the way it those it, the game it's mature for several different aspects and subjects that the game handles, and the way it handles them. They never feel unnecessary or dull, they always feel with a purpose and a reason in behind them being there, it's perfect while at the same time keeping the integrity of the criminality, and the brutality, of the reality, that some of this characters manage to have.

    Gta V never manages to break the experience and the illusion of being part of this terrible reality that can and will most of the times be comparable to our own society and the way it affects each single type of person, no matter what your political preferences are, or if you hate violence in entertainment, Gta V will always shine as being one of the best works of criminal entertainment and art, that has ever reached into our circle of appreciable culture, it's beautiful, terrifying, and brutal at the same time, Gta V it's a masterpiece, and a must play of anyone that has an interest in the series until now.
  27. Sep 23, 2013
    I can't stand all the hater's in this review section? Its unbelievable.. After all the garbage ass games that have came out recently your on here complaining about GTA 5 I mean its obvious that this game is amazing, everyone every where has heard of it, if not played it. IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH IS BEING A TRIPLE-A GAME, its because its an amazing video game. I mean people complaining that they didn't change it up enough, but will go out and buy call of duty every year. Complaining that one or two mini-games are lame, o jeez well go pick one of the fifty others then This game has so much stuff to do, so much content, so many missions, and online hasn't even been released yet! Haters gunna hate Rockstar, Keep doing what your doing! 1 billion in three days, holla Expand
  28. Sep 20, 2013
    Dear Escapist Magazine Writer,
    Get Out. No seriously. Get out of my internet. How dare you say that the reason you don't like this game is because the main characters are "scumbags". The game for gods sake is called Grand Theft Auto, named after a major crime. If you were expecting the main protagonists to be all nice and cuddly, then you should just kill your self now, and leave the rest
    of the planet more oxygen. How dumb could you be? Believe it or not, the protagonist does not have to be a goddamn model citizen. Anyways, this is my new favorite game. Its just so good. The soundtrack is perfectly picked and the game play is incredible, not to mention how beautiful the game looks. Buy this game Damn it.

    P.S. Escapist Magazine is the worst magazine on the planet, as all their writers apparently have down Syndrome. Good Day
  29. Sep 18, 2013
    In some respects, Grand Theft Auto 5 is a victim of its own grand design. It's clearly the best Open World Game in existence, but even now, after playing it with enjoyment, it still pains me to see how far away we are from that ideal realization of an Open World Game.

    Of course this game has a lot going for it, most of which doesn't need to be said, but there are still a boat-load of
    things related to open world immersion that, even after five years, haven't been realized. The major cripple for me is the enormous amount of buildings that just cannot be interacted with. Now, I wouldn't expect every room in every skyscraper to be enterable, but at times, the game just feels like a giant shell for you to traverse.

    AI of enemies, pedestrians et al is still as wishy washy as ever. The amount of times I've seen scripted nonsense go back on itself is quite disheartening, e.g punch a guy out of his car, he agros on you, you take the car fifty yards down the road, reverse back, then the guy is yacking away on his cellphone without a care in the world. Shoot a guy dead, then pedestrians will run for as far as you can see, but come back a minute later, and they'll be stood beside his body without any interest. There's countless of scripted stuff that goes jerky in missions and cop chases. The wanted system has defied logic ever since the game existed, so it's a shame they didn't make it more realistic. I just don't see the sense in the cops being on your tail one minute, and the next completely forgetting you exist.

    In fact, it's a shame a lot more things weren't made realistic. The whole game plays too arcadey for its setting. Gunplay is the same old stuff. It feels fluid but hardly satisfying, and the auto-aim is the biggest gamebreaker I've ever seen.

    Perhaps the biggest disappointment of all is the only true moment of brilliance Rockstar came up with this time around wasn't even fully realized the heists. For the most part of the game, you have to make your own fun. The missions are pretty much the same old A to B affair, but heists could've been massive. The prep work, the management before hand, dozens of ways to execute... sadly, R* just didn't put enough behind it, which is a shame, considering all the timewasters they put in here.

    Looking back at all the things they highlighted in trailers, like hunting, real estate, tennis, golf, races... It's all pretty stocking filler. Something like hunting might sound good on paper, but when you realize how unrewarding and trivial it is, you roll your eyes a little. Same goes for real estate, it just has no depth whatsoever. For me, all of these things could have been sacrificed to make heists better.

    Also worthy of note is the map size. Definitely not small... can't deny that. But when you just take the city, it's small, when compared to the other games. The countryside in LS is borderline nothingness, just like RDR was. I'd be able to dig the immersion, if the game around it wasn't so fast and unresponsive.
  30. Sep 17, 2013
    I'm having a ball so far with this version of GTA.

    The story as always is quite shaky (but honestly when you're working with a pseudo-dark comedic setting like GTA how great is the story ever going to be?) but the characters so far are all likeable and I feel a connection with each on a varying level.

    The gunplay is quite fun though the snap-on aiming is bitter sweet. On one hand it
    can feel like the moment you poke your head out you're peppered with bullets and have to duck back into cover. On the other the snap on aiming means you only have to be out of cover for half a second, plink two or three guys and then back into cover, rinse and repeat. The snap on aiming can be disabled, but the controls are just a shade short of responsive and fluid enough for turning it off entirely to be a fix. That minor gripe aside, the guns are fun and the modding system is a welcome addition.

    I haven't gotten hugely far into the game as to test out the characer switching fuctionality, however it's a welcome addition so far and trailers would suggest it will encourage creative and outside-the-box thinking in missions.

    The world itself is beautiful and well done. It's surprising to see how much devs can wring out of current gen consoles.

    The cars are much more driveable than GTA IV which was a pleasant change. They're more responsive and quicker to get moving. However I imagine to some this will be less welcome as it affords a somewhat more arcade-like experience. My only complaint here is the removal of the impressive damage effects that GTA IV had. I had a ball just crashing cars in different ways in GTA IV and hitting them with rockets and grenades just to see the various crippling effects that could be inflicted on vehicles. GTA V moved back to a much more basic model where damage is more aesthetic and less likely to impact on vehicle performance.

    Overall it's well done. The various mini-games scattered about are mostly fun and the abundance of side missions ensures that you're never starved for something to do. Definitely a great game to close out this generation of consoles and makes one wonder what awaits in the next installation of the series on next-gen consoles.
  31. Oct 6, 2013
    Like SimCity which preceeded it, the game simply isn't finished.

    A large portion of buyers purchased the game for the online portion, which has been embarrassingly off the mark since launch day. The single player is more of the tired formula. Drive to point A...kill at point to point C.

    Cars disappear rendering the money you earned to purchase them inert. Honestly there are
    so many technical issues with the game, it's best to just watch the game footage on YouTube.

    Very poor. Does nothing to take the genre forward, and the only compliment I can pay is that the open world itself is a laudable technical achievement. Gameplay and server architecture...not so much.
  32. Sep 18, 2013
    This game is great and it improves on everything of GTA IV (Story, gameplay etc.) plus adds features. The only thing keeping me from giving it a 10 is the character development is one sided. Example you play as Franklin for the first couple hours (don't worry no spoilers) and then you start as Micheal and it was weird then first switch and then again once you begin play as Trevor. And also while this game is great and awesome it is not a revolution like some are saying it changes a lot about open world game but complete flip them on there heads? No thats the only two things keeping this from a perfect score. Expand
  33. Sep 18, 2013
    Gta V is really cool game. Do not listen to those who put a low score. This is the best GTA games in the series.
    (Sorry for mistakes, my english is very bad).
  34. Sep 24, 2013
    Grand Theft Auto V is the only game I've ever played that has lived up to its hype. I love this game, it's simply amazing. From exploring the depths of the sea in a submersible to soaring the sun-dazzled skies in a jet plane, this game will grab hold of you from the get-go to immerse you in its shear beauty. The three protagonists are all very interesting, and switching between them, whether on mission or off, is fluid enough to keep you wanting to find out more about this satirical reincarnation of L.A. that is Los Santos. I have been a fan of the GTA series ever since GTA 3, and can assure you that this new rendition is the best one yet. Ignore all the negative reviews written by the negligible, this game raises the bar for video game storytelling. Expand
  35. Sep 19, 2013
    this is he best game i have ever played. the graphics are not stellar but everything else is AMAZING. just think about the multiplayer!! anyone who is doubting getting this please get it!!
  36. Sep 19, 2013
    I Think this is the best GTA Game ever, better than San Andreas In My Opinion, because it have a majority of things of San Andreas, and much more, 69 misions, allrigh, poor mission number, but with 3 characters, the history of 69 missions can last more than all GTA San Andreas Missions (104), but more than 50 are the same, Go with the car at one location, kill some people, go away.
    this, this misions are great!, and the additional missions (21) are so great and are like main missions but not necesary, and all of them adds a waay of time in this game, i am in the mission #53 and i have the game since september 17, playing it all day, all night, and i don't get bored, is the perfect game with the perfect character with the perfect things to do and Missions, if you reading this review and you have the game, GO AWAY AND PLAY IT! Expand
  37. Sep 19, 2013
    Grand Theft Auto 5 brings a face lift to the GTA series sending you back to the wild and beautiful San Andreas. Grand Theft Auto 5 never disappoints with its missions or its dialogue. Grand Theft Auto 5 doesn't just have one protagonist but 3! Michael, Franklin and Trevor all very different and unique characters really bring the story alive, The story pulls you in and doesn't let go until you're drenched in sweat from excitement. The world is large and beautiful with greatly improved graphics from Grand Theft Auto 4 the magical coding Wizards at Rockstar North have pulled off making one of the best games of all time... Maybe even the best. Expand
  38. Sep 20, 2013
    Literally the greatest game ever made. Amazing soundtrack, Next generation ultimate story. Rockstar really did it this time. The advancement on car, gun and gameplay mechanics is huge and consequently makes the game very enjoyable. With plenty to do from Tennis, Triathlons and flight school to hardcore torture missions Grand Theft Auto 5 has it all and deserves easily 10/10, 100/100.
  39. Sep 22, 2013
    BAD ENGLISH: 1 punch knock-out... woooww this is stupid. i kill (or knockout? but i dont see the diffrence) in 1 hit? stupid ass hell.. plus in other gta's you realy need to get the guy, now you can run 2 meters behind him, punch the punch button en magically he can make a fast super punch move and knock the person down.. again in 1 punch :D yeeeee fun! yeee iam 13 years old and i like this soo much yeeee!)
    Shooting? Its for me al the same, shotgun, pistol, automatic rifle... all the same Feels ok, not fun after 1 hour... if you think its fun? You never played other GTA's. Its was more fun killing people in GTA 2 you stupid newcomers.
    Explossions.. looks not nice. Again it was more fun in previous gta's., It looked better in GTA 2:P
    Driving? Some people hate the driving in gta IV but they had no skillss The driving annoys me in the beginning but after learning it, it felt i was a very good driver... In real life you have to steer also a lill bit harder with a bad car! Now all the car ar the same.. acardy steering (very fast and loosy)
    In gta 3 you can shoot heads, arms and legs off... in Vice City Still Heads.. after that it was in no GTA game anymore.. dissapointment. Killing is for me now all the same. shotgun or grenade.. they lay down thats it.
    AI: Its very boring, point youre gun at a car.. he drives you over.. or he backup and get out of his car. You kill somebody... everbody runs away... 5 minutes later they comeback didd'nt regonice you as a killer. You shoot somebody in the head and the ambulance is coming, they looked at the guy, they say some very stupid and walked away? (why not bringt the bodie to the hospital.. they still do that with dead people also!)
    Police: If i drive in a big big truck... the police can never push me 3 meter foreward. Iam a GTAIV expert with loosing cops and now i can loose cops very simple again. They never catch me for 4 hours killing everthing if i want... People without skills can act like it are good coops but they arre'nt. Stupid assholles with bad voiceacting. Still killing civillians when chasing 1 stupid (me).
    Graphics: when walkinkg its somethimes very beautifull... (not normal..) realy next GEN on a old console.. But thats the problem.. when driving or in action look in the dept.. look to the leaves and lines.. they are shaking in some way... its drive me crazy. and the driving it selfs cant make up for that. And somethimes overlighted polishd ****!
    Old Good Stuf not more in Gta V: Walk into a hospital=NO MORE. Not take out youre gun in a stripclub or annumationstore.
    Ammostore: You can go in there with a gun, if you shoot already from the outside wait for 1 police star and then you can go in? WHY the is this? In the GTA's before you can go in and shoot everbody you want. (New Govverment Rules in America? because of the crazy shooters in schools and public buldings? )
    The disco in Vice City with gayguys dancing was so fun for me... everythime is played the game i go in there and shoot everbody... so much fun.. And now its impossible or you need police searching you Why? rockstar? why?
    Go in to somebodys Yard and you see them grill some burgers.. Its looks very cool and killing them was superB. Hiss glasses felt of his head and i kicked 1 time more and he was dead, his wife stood up run away and i punched her also down. Everthing lookes so good, but when i walked 3 meters away and comeback. Some new guy was grill burgers near the body's and dont give a The house was already selled to a new owner i think?
    Playing Tennis is a slow bored game in GTA V. It lookes like its in little movieparts, i still prefer Topspin. And then you think: DUHH thats a tennis game. Please get rid of the tennis and make a better AI a better MAP better fighting system. Get rid of al the extra features and make a better more fun gta than befor. And not a mix of san andreas and gta iv (and car driving like saintsrow, little bit the punching system allso... there where poeple who missed the fun in gta.. they tried it now but it doessnt work! give me GTA IV boring but real!)
    Driving arround on gras sand of the street is no diffrence maybe a lill speed diffrence)
    Its no fun for me anymore to drive aaround and do stupid stuff. You realy nead to follow the story. But a humping dog is not funny, blackguys saying al the time is not good voiceacting? Its not funny when youre IQ i higher than 100!
    You realy need to do the story and i think thats still oke... go to a get B get on a jet ski, car, airplane, bus and go to C. Aim Lock Shoot the Bad guy run run, drive away go there go here GO A BEAR.
    tip: never run away or drive away. simply stop you car shoot al the ****s following you need a lill bit skills and than go ;)!

    Gave a 5 ,normaly 8. But whant to kill all the fanboy 10's btw.. i wasssss a fanboy of GTA)
  40. Sep 23, 2013
    This is certainly not a bad game, however I think it is safe to now say that all the critics have been bought out. Are you all aware that R* released all the critics reviews a day before release? Do you not think this is a little fishy? The game is not worth my money after watching some reviews. It was worth playing through other means though, if you know what I mean. Average game, everything GTA 4 should of been. Expand
  41. Sep 23, 2013
    GTA 5 is a phenomenal game, first off I am a PC gamer but seeing as I have an xbox, it will not effect this review. GTA 5 Felt kind of like the driving of a Midnight Club game, and had a solid shooting system (far different from gta 4). The game world feels massive and is insanely immersive, I have played for ten hours and only completed 20% of the game, on top of that I have only explored about 1/3 of the world of San Andreas, and barely started any side activities (shooting ranges, triathlons, biking, strip clubs). In GTA 4 side missions were boring and the main mission felt the same way, but everything in this game feels much more fresh and enjoyable. Many people don't bring this up, but this is the smartest game you will probably ever play, it's comments on politics, culture, and overall life seems to nail everyone, but does it in a subtle way (comedic political bickering on the radio). Though this is one if the best games I have played in years... It's not perfect, there are rare pop-in's, and the gunplay isn't perfect (it's really good, but not perfect). Other than that this game is phenomenal, and once it arrives on PC I will buy it again. Expand
  42. Sep 24, 2013
    This is the best GTA ever, and the best game ever, anyone who rates this game lower than a 10 frankly doesn't know what gaming's all about. Thank god there's a company like Rockstar out there who know exactly what gamers want, this is why it made £500m in 24 hours on sale, keep up the good work rockstar.
  43. Sep 30, 2013
    GTA V is a technical Masterpiece. It boasts extremely high quality in all its constituent parts; a VAST amount of content and industry leading immersion It is second to none, and without a doubt one of the best 5 games ever made, if not the best.

    It is also morally indefensible, violent, crude, stupid and repugnant. It wafts of misogyny and cruelty. It has an irreverent and misplaced
    sense of humor. And is astoundingly politically incorrect. For once the argument that video games are dangerous, and make people crazy might even be true.

    All in all a PERFECT game. Buy it today!

  44. Sep 26, 2013
    This is a brilliant game from start to finish. There really isn't a finish and that is what is so enjoyable about this game...

    Other than the trifecta of protagonists there are many other new additions that make this entry into the franchise worth experiencing.

    Some of the freshness comes from the Heists, which are elongated missions that are somewhat challenging and offer large cash
    rewards to the player. These missions punctuate different parts of the main campaign and my only wish was that there were more of them. GTA online promises that this hope will become a reality in a few days.

    Another new addition are the 'Strangers and Freaks' missions which always offer a nice variety of gameplay mechanics when meeting any of the numerous NPCs that dot the map with question mark icons. One NPC might challenge you to a mini triathlon while another asks you to ride at high speed alongside a limo while he takes pictures of the celebrity inside.

    The overall size of the world is almost intimidating. There is no part of it that isn't well realized or a waste of space. I thought I would hate the desert or mountainous areas but it turns out that many of my most memorable events from my current playthrough have happened there. This is a testament to the talent of the developers and many games fall short when attempting to create a map that players really want to explore.

    There's just no denying it. The longer you have to develop a game the richer the experience for the player.

    If you love open world games then this is a must own and the new gold standard of sandbox gaming.
  45. Sep 27, 2013
    The story isnt one huge story, its more like a perfect combination of many small storys. The gameplay is much better than gta 4, the movement is much easier and checkpoints help the game to make longer mission. The game deserves a 10 and the user score should be much higher
  46. Sep 28, 2013
    THIS IS INSANE: I'm a 40 year old gamer and have been since games began but this game is truly Unreal, there is nothing not to like, its mind blowing and epic, its why Game's will overtake Movie's within the next 10 years, i genuinely don't know how they have produced this, its on another level. BTW: i quite GTA 4 as there was to much to do??!
  47. Nov 6, 2013
    I am sorry to say this, Rockstar have always been a loyal game company but they kind of screwed themselves when they did not bring this masterpiece to the pc! God damn it rockstar! you really up giving console tards this beauty instead of the glorious master race PC! 0/10
  48. Dec 15, 2013
    If you were to look up the definition of overrated, you would find a picture of GTA V. All you do in this game is drive and shoot people, which is what you do in every other M rated game. People didn't even get the full game when it came out. When online was released, it was broken.
  49. Apr 17, 2014
    [Sorry for my english, I'm french]
    There are already lots of reviews but I'll write mine.
    This game is simply my favorite game of all time ! It is a travel to a world where I would live :)
    This GTA is more than a GTA, every mecanics are perfect, play this game is a pure pleasure, the story is bewitching, the 3 characters bring to the game a brilliant way to play, the graphics are
    amazing and the map too...
    There are so many things to do about this masterpiece...
    I have already written lots of review about this game for my country, France, so I'm tired of tell everytime the same things but this "game" is AMAZING, that's a fact !
  50. May 3, 2014
    This game is cool. I mean, look at the gameplay! They added some new features like animals and anything. Although I am no longer a GTA fan, I'm still liking this game.
  51. Sep 23, 2013
    This game is a masterpiece. I really felt the need to add my thoughts as I saw a few so called reviews from folk who are giving it a 0 and that is not at all fair. First off the game looks stunning, I have it on my HDTV and the colours look vibrant and here and there they are on par with next gen. The water is incredible, the ocean feels and behaves just like the real ocean. All in all this is one masterpiece of a game that desrves another 10. The characters are fantastic, Trevor is nuts so much fun. With Oceans, mountains, forests, cities. Land Air and Sea vehicles once you unlock all three you can explore where you lilke on whatever you like. As for no online for 2 weeks, who cares, its not a loss its a good idea. I cannot give it a bad score because I can't play co op for 2 weeks! That will come around when ready. Until then I will enjoy the best game on this generation if not of all time. This is one title you'll never see come out as annual releases. Perfect takes time and GTA V is perfect 10/10 Expand
  52. Sep 29, 2013
    The Best Rockstar game ever! Only problems are frame-rate and load times. as well the online isnt up yet but thats better than the game being delayed. anyone who complains about that should have known already and is sour they are uneducated. graphics are outstanding for a game this size. dont know how they managed to fit all those polygons on the 360. anyone who complains about graphics has no clue how CG is generated and should be banned from game reviews. Expand
  53. Oct 24, 2013
    One of the best games I have ever played and it will definitely be a while to top this. GTA 4 seems so dark and colorless compared to this installment; the city is vibrant and stunning in its complexity and its detail. The game play is perfectly simple and easy to use yet complex if you really want it to be. There is almost too much to do and is easily a game that hundreds of hours could be plugged into. GTA Online is still glitchy and being improved upon but is great in continuing the game beyond the lengthy story line. Its classic GTA with a kick in the face. Expand
  54. Sep 20, 2013
    Now on about the 40th main story mission (stolen the last of 5 cars for a dude) plus done a lot of the "freaks" and other content. After buying 4 back in 2008, and giving up on it inside 90 minutes (I still think it's rubbish I have no sympathy for Niko and hated playing as him. In fact I would love to have played someone to shoot him in the face and end the game then and there when you really despise the character you're playing it's hard to play at all) this game is a complete turn around. Some of the missions are just unbelievable, the size and scope is amazing. Yeah the AI for something this size isn't perfect everywhere, but the gameplay mechanics are fabulous. I'm a PC games, and this is only the second action game I've ever bothered with on console (I much prefer mouse and keyboard most of the time) this is up there is not better than Red Dead (which is the other game I played). The story is hilarious mostly a couple of nasty bits, but mostly really funny. You get to like even the psychotic characters a little.
    Remember this is the "taster" the single player game is the entree to what's coming in a few days. People talk about the game that will topple Warcraft as an MMO? This is it.
    No bull when GTA Online comes out based on this play set this theme park... and with all the other items that are going live and planned over the next 12 months for Online this is the game that will finally challenge WoW for online numbers. And yes expect to pay a little for it either in micro transactions or a sub (probably the former).

    My only puzzle is why bring it out on 2 consoles that are going to be obsolete 8 weeks later? Really odd choice. Am I going to have to keep my 360 and PS3 out alongside my Xbox1 and PS4 just to play this game (as neither console offers backwards compatibility)

    The other thing here is, AAA studios bringing out GFX candy and open world action games for the new consoles have a benchmark to beat. Hell I can see the reviews now "How come this PS4 game has worse GFX and less to do than GTA V which is a last gen game"?

    Conversations like that are going to be all over the place after November 2013 for the next 12 months at least. That's how high GTA 5 sets the bar.
  55. Oct 1, 2013
    Seriously? This is a video game. Having said that, GTA 5 ticks every damn box, its intended to be mindless, it's intended to be frustrating, it's sure as hell FUN, and if you are expecting to earn a college degree or reach metaphysical enlightenment during your time in LS, look somewhere else.
  56. Sep 19, 2013
    So to play the "full" version of this game you need: 1. To preorder so you can have the "bonus" content, 2. Have a "smartphone" 3. Have a facebook account 4. Pay for Xbox gold 5. Pay for "DLC" weapons etc that are already on the disc. 6.Have an internet subscription. And this is a single player game that I just paid full price for...
  57. Oct 2, 2013
    It's hard to write a review for a game like this. On one hand all I really need to do is. Umm... 10. Problem solved right? But.... I have to fill a word requirement. So all I have to say is: well, okay I don't know. Am I there yet? This is the greatest open world/city ever. It beats skyrim because it contains an actual CITY, not just a beautiful land. Am I there yet?
  58. Sep 19, 2013
    A good game but hardly revolutionary, the 3 character model does add some more diversity to the story but that leaves you with 3 characters to build until they are decent and switching from one to another you do notice when one is lacking. The game has all the good stuff they gutted from GTA 4, but little else, but they have made optional activities and mini games it less intrusive when you want to be doing something else.

    The graphics are solid but not exceptional, the mission structure is alright but obvious and while the plot line is complex, enjoyable and different it is more than a little thin in places. The map is nice and it is quite a challenge to get used but in a good way. The AI is both good and bad at times; the cops are like rhino’s on steroids and the npc’s on the street can be just as bad.

    And quite honestly the Trevor character is a bit too psychotic to make him likable; verging on sociopath monster-a whole lot of anger went into making him and this game in general I think.

    If you liked GTA 3 then you will like this game, but wait until its half price or you are trading something in for it.
  59. Sep 30, 2013
    Best Grand Theft Auto yet. It really is extraordinarily vast in scope. The voice acting and story are superb. The graphics are incredible given the limited hardware (PC gamer here and I'm impressed). The city and country feel very real and your choices matter. I wasn't expecting to play my Xbox instead of my gaming PC, but here I am. I must warn you though, it's a VERY adult game.

    buy. 9.5/10 (few graphical glitches and I had a few characters glitch out so I'll remove .5) Expand
  60. Sep 22, 2013
    God please forgive who didn't give a 10, they only wanted to get attention, one of the greatest games ever made and there's people giving a 0, what's wrong, wtf?
  61. Sep 21, 2013
    Its GTA its back and its definitely worth the purchase!
    You will cry you will laugh and you will be shocked through the 30+ hours playing this
    There is so much things to do and i swear you will never be bored playing this
    If it`s one thing i can think of that`s bad it`s the fist combat but it`s not really a big thing since the game does n`t center around it.
    Now for the low reviews
    this game has been given by
    You all can kiss my ass and f off with the score you are giving this, this game deserves the praise and hype and is more the worth the admission price!
    The fact you all are giving this such a weak score is cuz you are all most likely a pc elitist and want it on the pc. The score you guys are giving it is more suited for "ride to hell" because that is a piece of sit game.Not this!! So f you all!
    To everyone else i say buy this game it`s just amazing!!
  62. Sep 20, 2013
    If you give this game a score of under 10 you are obviously missing some brain cells with that said. Game of the year Game of the year Game of the year Game of the year Game of the year Game of the year Game of the year Game of the year Game of the year Game of the year Game of the year Game of the year Game of the year Game of the year Game of the year Game of the year Game of the year Game of the year Game of the year Game of the year Game of the year Game of the year Game of the year Game of the year Game of the year Game of the year Game of the year Game of the year Game of the year Game of the year Expand
  63. Oct 3, 2013
    Proxy review, Lad played it said it was like driver. In that their was more driving than shooting, he finished it in two days. He Rated it as the worst GTA ever and over hyped. Watch him play, couldn't muster the motivation to play it myself meh, Thank the stars for trade-ins.
  64. Oct 14, 2013
    Only thing I can say about this masterpiece is: BEST GAME I HAVE EVER PLAYED IN MY LIFE!!!!!! This is one of the greatest experiences you will have in any console EVER, BUY IT NOW!!!!!
  65. Sep 20, 2013
    Absolutely astounding game, I can't say anything that anyone else hasn't already said, the only reason it doesn't get 10/10 is because of a few simple things, One, the multiplayer isn't out and won't be for another 11 days, so I can't give it a full score as I've not played the full game yet and because of the outrageous claims that this game is "100 Hours Long", which is a bunch of PR I got 100% in about 54 hours and I wasn't rushing, That's half the time they claimed, it's more than satisfactory, but why flat out lie? If they'd had said it's "55 hours long" i'd have still been impressed and would not have come out disappointed that it ended as quickly as it did.
    Last is the unskip-able torture scene, while it's crucial and important part of Trevor character development, it isn't very pleasant and makes a lot of people feel uncomfortable, but I feel it has it's place in gaming as it's not condoning torture, by any means, it's showing how idealistic america thinks it is, when this game shows how really unnecessarily brutal it is, this stuff really happens and it's a real reality check to see it in the flesh.
  66. Dec 17, 2013
    VERY LINEAR missions and progression. Just a huge theme park to drive arround, it's fun, but when you're forced to torture a guy with multiple tools, I just turned off the console and never played it again.
  67. Sep 25, 2013
    Grand Theft Auto 5 is perhaps the most revolutionary game ever made. It sets a benchmark for all game developers to aspire to. Not only for GTA's sales but simply how incredible the game actually is. What is so great about Grand Theft Auto is that it unites the gaming industry, whether you like shooters, adventures or racing, there is no doubt that everyone comes together to buy this game.

    I have no need to say what GTA is about because to be honest, you already know, but maybe you want to know if GTA 5 is the best Grand Theft Auto ever. Well the answer is yes. Not only does it offer a great story, it also has three overall outstanding characters that will entertain you throughout the game. In short its a mixture of San Andreas and GTA IV. The game offers you the enjoyment and entertainment of San Andreas and the rich and detailed story of IV.

    Of course the game is not flawless, far from it. In my opinion the lime light was given to Michael who is clearly the main protagonist of the three. He has the best script and the best moments which I feel is unfair to the other two. They made Trevor seem like too much of a psycho as well. I have spoke to a lot of people who find him annoying/irritating which is obviously a problem for Rockstar. Only in the later stages did Franklin become the star character for me, while both Michael and Trevor were simply too insane for my liking sometimes, Franklin was the one who kept it together and provided sanity within the trio.

    Despite those minor issues of mine, I without a doubt enjoyed every minute of the 33 hours I took me to beat the game. Grand Theft Auto 5 is the probably the 3rd best game I have ever played and is something the gaming industry will look upon in envy.

    Grand Theft Auto 5 is simply one of the greatest games ever made.

    10/10 Outstanding
  68. Oct 1, 2013
    Is in the best game ever? I don't know, but you can surely argue it. Its a magical game that is more detailed, has more content, and contains deeper writing than any game available on the market. at first i was slightly disappointed, but nothing can live up to the expectations set for a GTA title. however, this is a marvelous game that shouldn't disappoint anyone. no body who purchases this title will be able to keep themselves from finishing the game. if a game was ever worth $60, this is it. Expand
  69. Sep 29, 2013
    8.2 for a user score? i bet majority of those down votes came from PC users who cant play the game on their Elite PC with 1080p maxed out graphics AA 60 fps (throwing out PC jargons) things. seriously this game does not deserve even less than a 7 or 8 or heck even a 9!

    My review
    This has got to be the best of the best of open world games, not even the likes of Skyrim or AC can match.
    There is always something fun about GTA like the cops, the cars, the cheats, the guns and GTA V adds more to that with likable cast of 3 main characters a finally interesting story and a lot of action and things to do

    -some glitches is hard to avoid in open world games but is forgivable

  70. May 3, 2014
    Brilliant execution on nearly all points. Lag/chop on XBOX showing the age of the system, unfortunately. But you'll quickly forget about that annoyance as you get lost in the hours and hours of things to do in a beautifully crafted environment. Voice acting is stellar, heists are phenomenal, and we can finally save the game without having to go home to bed. Multiplayer is actually fun and almost as engaging as the single player. If you can't get behind bad protagonists, you're in the wrong game to begin with (your first clue should have been the title), and if you're complaining about the graphics you need your eyes checked. A++ for Rockstar. Will be playing this for a long time. Expand
  71. Sep 26, 2013
    GTA V is Rockstar's magnum opus, and is undoubtedly the best game of 2013.

    Rockstar has redefined the boundaries of the definitive open-world genre, creating a new standard in both size and scale that all other sandbox games will be judged.

    GTA V's cinematic storytelling and dynamic game mechanics blur the edges between gaming and film, fashioning an inherently unique experience
    filled with action, plot twists, and memorable moments that will keep gamers busy for quite some time.

    The virtual world of Los Santos is a sprawling, satirical rendition of Southern California, complete with a smattering of region-based environments--from sunny beaches to forest-filled highlands--that are complete with flora, fauna and of course denizens.

    GTA V's triumvirate of characters are all engaging and have their own personality traits and backstories, all of which are layered and weave into the game's story arc as to provide a unique spectacle of cinematic storytelling.

    The game centers around heists and robberies, with traditional move-based themes featured in nearly every mission. The objectives and missions themselves are wide and varied, punctuating the main story with a variety of random content to enjoy.

    All in all Rockstar has released a masterpiece of epic proportions that has re-shaped the open-world sandbox genre, culminating in an incredible gaming experience that permeates with quality, hilarity and of course explosive action.
  72. Sep 20, 2013
    What a piece of art, I have started my adventure with the newest GTA instalment yesterday and absolutely loving it! Rockstar did a wonderful job while creating such detailed, massive world here. This game take the best from the previous GTA games, Red Dead Redemption and Max Payne 3, to combine it into one of the best games that ever hit the shelves.The visual side is superb if you will consider the size of the game, obviously you cannot compare it to titles like Crysis, but still this is a massive open world game. The gameplay rocks, controls are solid and smoothly, there is a great improvement over the previous GTA titles. Some people are complaining that the shooting is not as good as in Max Payne 3, but please, this is an open world game and shooting is one of the many, many things you will do in this game, so you cannot compare the mechanics to AAA shooters, where the major focus is on shooting. Still it is very enjoyable and I cannot complain about the mechanics here. The story will keep you intrested and pushing forward to check what will happen next. I am still looking forward to start playing Trevor, as yesterday within the first 10hrs of gameplay I was mainly free roaming with Franklin, driving, enjoying the views, swimming, bike riding and checking all the things that the game offers at the beginning. One thing ref to issue with "play disc" install on XBOX hard drive I have installed the "instal disc" into my Xbox hard disc, whereas the "play disc" I copied into the HDD 500gb external disc (it is USB 3.0 but will still work OK if formated to FAT32). The games works very smoothly, within the first 10hours I havent faced any graphic/texture problems or bugs impressive job done on 8years old hardware! Great job ROCKSTAR! Thank you! Expand
  73. May 27, 2014
    after playing watch dogs today i realize that this is a masterpiece, i will play it until it hurts is just awesome, cant wait for a new Rockstar game, they deserve everything they have achieve, so many clones of GTA without any good result, so never betray the original sandbox masters.
  74. Sep 17, 2013
    This game got so much hype before it was released GOTY, Perfect 10, etc... Yes it's better than GTA 4 but with all the features taken away from San Andreas was there anywhere to go but up?
  75. Sep 25, 2013
    GTA5 is fabulous, magical and wonderfully exciting. Surely stands as one or if not the best in the franchise that changed the world of gaming. Great game.
  76. Sep 22, 2013
    Grand Theft Auto 5 sets the bar for sand box games. You can do so many things in this game its ridiculous. I played a solid 42 hours of the game and I stopped playing because I had beaten the game and I needed to watch the new Breaking Bad episode but right before 9 o'clock I had beaten it there are 3 different endings. The gameplay was completely solid shooting, driving, and switching characters was so seamless and easy. I found myself loving all of the main characters equally. The heists were amazing and I cant wait for GTA online to go do them with my friends. Do yourself a favor and pick up this masterpiece. I have 292 hours on red dead redemption and I think I like GTA5 more and it is 10x better than GTA4. Expand
  77. Sep 26, 2013
    If you haven't played Grand Theft Auto V yet, I don't know what you're waiting for. Rockstar Games have always been known for making the absolute best third person action-adventure games of this generation. In fact, one of my favorite games of all time is Red Dead Redemption. They've always seemed to exceed the boundaries of what everybody expects their games to be like, and that's what makes them the superior developer of this generation. If you play Grand Theft Auto V, you will know exactly why I feel this way. GTA V is a prime example of Rockstar pushing things to the limit. The game world is massive, bigger than any Rockstar game that has ever been released. (Though, big fans of Just Cause 2 will probably find the world size pretty pathetic.) The world is huge, and it is filled with so many interesting things to see and do. If you thought that GTA IV was a live city, GTA V will feel like a living world. Environmentally, the visuals are absolutely astounding, and some parts of the city will leave most of you breathless. Though when it comes down to characters, if felt like some details were left out. And some characters faces appear very cartoon like. Though it doesn't really matter. Unfortunately, a huge (and beautiful) environment leaves room for error. Believe it or not, there isn't that much error at all. There are some bugs that appear occasionally, but they're not game changers. There are also some occasional texture issues. A lot of people are complaining about frame rate drops, but the only time I noticed this was while driving a submarine.

    Enough about the presentation, it's time to talk about the 30+ hour story mode accompanying the game. In my opinion, the story is not as compelling or interesting as the well written story in GTA IV. Though it's compelling enough to make me want to play it more than once, which I'm already half-way through doing. The story is mostly focused around Michael De Santa, a former bank robber who has gone into a WitSec program, and is currently residing in his multi-million dollar home with his family, who is dysfunctional in every way. Michael's money is running low though, so he returns to the life of crime. For the first time in GTA history, the player can now play as more than one character. The second available character to play as is Franklin Clinton, a young gang member who constantly tries to survive in an ignorant street life with his old friend Lamar Davis. The third character is Trevor Phillips, one of Michael's old robber buddies who has gone completely insane. Interestingly enough, the three characters stories all intertwine, and this concept creates a fun campaign. The best part is that at any point (when not on a mission), the player can switch between characters. The ending on the other hand, is another story. To avoid any spoilers, the game let's you create your own ending with a tough decision that Franklin must make in the end. Some of them feel linear and short, and the others feel too good to be true.

    Thankfully, the game handles way better than GTA IV. The shooting mechanics are better, the driving is more fluent, and it now features a more realistic flying system when it comes down to helicopters and planes. The cover system has also been improved, instead of a touchy cover system from GTA IV.

    I'm going to relate back to what I said earlier, you have no reason to not have played GTA V. Though I wouldn't approve the game for anybody younger than 15 years old, it's a game I believe everyone should play before they move onto next-gen technology. Who needs the Xbox One when you have next-gen tech on a current-gen game? It is certainly one of the best games ever made.
  78. Oct 2, 2013
    Whenever I play this game, I can't help but feel like there's something missing. I find myself comparing it to GTA IV and being a little disappointed. The story is a pretty good one, just not as good as IV in my opinion. Shooting doesn't feel as nice as it did in IV, although I like the new weapons wheel. Driving has pros and cons. One pro being that the tires handle better. Another being that the player doesn't fly out the front window of the car nearly as much anymore. Flying was rather annoying in the beginning of the game but got better either as my characters flying skill was improved or mine was. Not sure which... Probably the biggest annoyance I have with the game, is the lack of intractable buildings. GTA IV had fast food restaurants, hospitals, etc that one could walk into and interact with. That's largely gone in V. Also, the game isn't quite as fun to run around goofing off as IV. Too easy to die and whatnot. I also hate that the cheats can't be easily activated like you could in IV using the cell phone. To me, cheats are essential for proper goofing off.

    The game just feels considerably less fun than IV to me. Maybe when it comes out on PC the game will look better, play better, and fix some of the cons.
  79. Sep 28, 2013
    Everyone that gave this a negative review obviously have NOT played the game. People are just on this to hate because it is getting the money it deserves. "A billion in three days? What is this COD? I'm gonna go hate on Metacritic because its mainstream which obviously means that its overrated!". GTA V has set a new high for gaming. It features some of the best narrative, gameplay, graphics and characters EVER in a video game. I got mad at myself for playing the game to fast, if that doesn't mean anything then you should play the game to see what I mean. You do NOT want this game to end! Its just to good! Michael, Trevor and Franklin are great characters and will be remembered for a long time. The huge beautiful world and millions of things to do make this game even better. And then on top of that there are the heists! I've been a long time gamer and I can say that the heist missions are some of the best levels I have ever played in a game! If I were to only have one game to play for the rest of the life I would be proud to have GTA V. Buy it if you haven't its well worth the hype. Expand
  80. Sep 21, 2013
    This game is very fun. The story feels like a movie but at the same time it's still a game. The characters are also great. all three of the main characters have their own motivations and all have very defined personalities so they never appear similar to each other. The game looks and sounds great, absolutely great attention to the details in the environment and all the characters and people on the streets animate so fluidly. However, the gameplay the bulk of what your going to be doing, is plagued by something i like to call "Realism Delay," it's what happen's when the game developers try to make their game so immersive and realistic, that the game mechanics get in the way of the control of your character. GTA IV, Red Dead Redemption and Max Payne 3 had this. some people can get over it, but then there's people like me that like to have complete control over the one there controlling. I got a lot of respect for R* they are a great Developer that love what they do, but with these glaring game design choices i cant bring myself to love this game like so many other people. I give it a 7/10. Expand
  81. Oct 3, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. GTA 5 is not perfect for sure, but I never played any games greater than it, so here goes the 10 score. None of the 0 or 1 scores/reviews makes sense to me, this game is a masterpiece no matter how you look at it. I have so high expectation in this game before release, and normally when you expected too much you will get disappointed; however, the quality of this game is beyond my imagination and I am happy with it. I am not a fanboy, there are tons of things I think can be improved in this game, but you have to admit that what Rockstar have achieved here is a technique magic.
    The other day I watched a review video, two guys in the video complained about implementing Tennis/Golf mini games in GTA 5, said no one cares about them and they just wanted to do more illegal things. Seems like it is impossible to make a change and satisfy everyone now days.
  82. Apr 19, 2014
    This game is amazing. The story is full of exciting missions and it also features a very interesting story. There are plenty of fun activities to do as well, such as hunting, racing, and plenty more. However, I do have a few complaints. First, the car customization is decen, but it pales in comparison to games like Forza, Midnight Club, and Saints Row. Secondly, there are only a handful of street races. Other than those few complaints, I think the game is perfect. Expand
  83. Nov 5, 2013
    I'm not usually that into Rockstar's games. I bought GTA IV a couple of years ago and never really finished it. The missions to me seemed very cookie cutter. Drive to point on map. Get mission. Chase/escort/kill someone. Run from cops. Lather rinse repeat. I bought Red Dead Redemption hoping the bold change in setting would grant some bold change in gameplay. I tired of that game as well. When GTA V came out and received the same raving reviews as IV, I was still skeptical. To be honest, the push to buy this title was the GTA Online game. Engaging in sandbox chaos amongst my online counterparts seemed like the change that would bring me back into the fold. As everyone knows, the GTA Online portion was BROKE. So until Rockstar developed the proper patch to undo that mess, I figured I'd give the actual single player game a try. I thought multiplayer would be the GTA fix for me, but was I ever wrong. Heists. Heists are exactly what I was hoping for with GTA. Planning out these heists give such a gravity to the missions. Preparation no longer equals finding the right blip on the map to drive to in order to initiate the mission start cut screen. I'm all in on GTA V and running scores. Expand
  84. Sep 26, 2013
    I held off reviewing this game untill today because I truly wanted to experience everything the game had. I wanted to get emotionally involved with the characters, I wanted to get absorbed in the storyline, I wanted to laugh at the crazy antics, I wanted to see the vast array of missions, I wanted to see what the game as a whole had to offer. And let me tell you when I say this game is an outstanding success in every way. My personal experiences with GTA games haven't gone great, I've always felt that the majority of them were clunky pieces of design which were often over rated and irritating to play. But with GTA V, they've completely flattened out any issues with the other games I had and generally improved it in other things. We're not just talking about one of the best games ever, what we're experiencing here is one of the most amazing feats of interactive entertainment in the modern era. Nothing I've played video game wise, watched film wise or interacted with entertainment wise, has had me more involved or entertained then what this game did. Of course there are times where it's a bit crazy and it pushed the boat a bit far, but this game ISN'T designed for kids it really is that simple. A fantastic bow out for this generation of consoles. 10/10 for me. Expand
  85. Oct 2, 2013
    While Grand Theft Auto V is an amazing ambitious technical achievement, it still has a lot of flaws and doesn't have that magic that previous games in the series had. I'm sure you've heard all the great stuff about GTAV, so I'm only going to focus on its problems.

    When i first heard that the game would feature 3 main characters, it had me worried that the game would be 3 short stories
    instead of 1 long one. And this worry has since been confirmed. I managed to finish the main story in 13 hours and 34 minutes, plus i spent a good hour or two dicking about during the story. Also bare in mind that even though i had finished the main story missions, i was still only 74% complete. So while it's still a long game, it's still short for a GTA game.

    The story isn't as good as previous GTA games. It's not a patch on GTA Sanandreas or GTAIV. You remember and grew fond of previous GTA characters. The only memorable one in GTAV is Trevor, and not because he's a good character who you will grow fond of and will on while playing the campaign. It's because of the crazy dark he does throughout the campaign.

    It simply doesn't have the magic that previous GTA games had. I've been playing GTA since it began way back in 1997. I'm sot sure what it is, it just lacks that GTA magic! I'm still playing GTA Sanandreas 9yrs on, it just never gets old and i'm still discovering new buildings/clubs etc to explore 9yrs on. GTAV doesn't have all this. Yes it has buildings you can enter or buy, just nowhere near as many as GTA San Andreas has. For instance the size of GTAV is huge, yet it only has 1 strip club. It has Clucking Bell and Burger shots, but you can't enter any of them. You can enter clothes shops and buy an array of different clothes for your characters though, but still not as many as GTA Sanandreas. You can also enter 'some' petrol stations, even though the interior is just a copy and paste so each looks the same. Again, you could enter more and had more in GTA Sanandreas. So it's been scaled back in this area to add new different content, like Tennis, Yoga, drinking juice, alcohol, going to the cinema etc. You can't play pool or gamble like you could in GTA Sanandreas either.

    Car damage has been toned WAY down and a bit weird in GTAV. In the previous instalment GTAIV, cars would realistically crumple on impact, even the roof. On GTAV you can kick a car and it would dent and smash realistically, but, if you crash into another car or a wall etc hardly anything happens and sometimes nothing happens at all! You can dent, scratch, have bits fall off, jam your wheels etc, it just a hell of a lot more to achieve all this and is very inconsistent. It really is a big let down and takes a lot of fun out of the game.

    GTA has always been famous for adding such insane detail to its games, and GTAV is no exception. To see a car go around a corner to kick up a little swirling dust cloud is impressive even if i have only seen it happen once so far. The fact that Rockstar North adds these tiny details is part of what makes GTA so amazing. Trouble is GTAV misses some silly little things from previous games that niggle me. For instance, in GTAIV if you drove head on in traffic, the traffic would beep their horns and flash their lights. In GTAV they just beep their horns. In GTAIV if a pedestrian was in the way you bepped your horn and they would move. In GTAV they totally ignore your horn. To get them to move or react you have to be driving quite fast near them for them to react. Or if they refuse to move and ignore your horn you just have to wait for them to walk out the way or run them down. Breaking into cars is also a mixed bag. Some people react and some don't (In GTAIV they reacted) In GTAV they will either react with an "OMG" moment for a split second before walking off without a care in the world, some don't even notice or care, and some phone the police.

    The Police A.I is another downer. You can't even fart without the police being alerted. In previous GTA's you could have a little fun before the police were even alerted. In GTAV if you even look at somebody wrong a whored of police is there to blow your head off. They way they hunt you down is very DRIV3R as well. This kills some of the fun for me.

    Another thing is the handling. Each car has its own handling as in previous games, but this time its very twitchy and arcadey. And the bike handling is straight out of DRIV3R which is another huge let down. The handling in GTAIV was spot on, very cinematic.

    The radio stations in GTA III were great. The radio stations in Vice City were fantastic. The radio stations in GTA Sanandreas were legendary. The radio stations in GTAIV were ok ish. The radio stations in GTAV between "meh" and ok ish. You can see it has tried to mimic GTA Sanandreas in a way, but it's falls flat. 90% of the music is poop (It features Brittney Spears, i know!!) and the humour is nowhere near as good as previous games.
  86. Apr 27, 2014
    It is rare to find an open world game that not only has a vast array of options for the player, but also has the level of polish that Grand Theft Auto 5 has. The main story may not have the focus that Niko's quest for the American dream had, and there are a few 'nit-picks' I have with Rockstar's choices e.g. flight controls, cheat codes not on phone. However these are small blemishes on an otherwise stellar video game experience. Expand
  87. Sep 21, 2013
    This is such a good game. I thought i was going to hate the driving but it is amazing. Te graphics are so good from the waves in the ocean to the highest point of a mountain this game is beautiful. The gameplay is actually GREAT for a sandbox game. The shooting is great and so are the missions. The character switching was executed very well and it is a nice innovation.
  88. Oct 6, 2013
    This was an amazing game, I loved almost everything about it.though the glitches where hilarious as heck,like shark swimming on the beach.


    Graphics *****
    Gameplay *****
    Sound *****
    Lasting appeal *****

    [Flawless you ask I think not]

    This game could hit game of the month,but watch dogs still looks like a great challenge.
  89. Sep 30, 2013
    GTA V is a giant masterpiece with close to no faults. It takes at least 80 hours to complete to 100%, the story is engaging, although a bit worse than GTA IV. Graphics are also impressive considering the age of Xbox and the scope of GTA. And it all runs fairly fluidly! Everyone should pick up this masterpiece. Everyone will find something to love (except butthurt PC fanboys).
  90. May 30, 2014
    Grand Theft Auto V makes Hot Coffee look like ghost, the amount of nudity, drug uses, swearing and pretty much everything is here and it some how pulls it off with the great graphics and being good, the characters are something to care about, the heists are amazing (Certainly the Paleto Bay Heist) and a superb variety of stuff to spend on unlike GTA IV which lacked on stuff to buy.
    only thing that ruins the GTA V experience is GTA Online, its not totally terrible, but it lacks on GTA V stuff, we haven't got the stuff we were promised and it is still buggy.

    GTA V = 10/10
    With GTA Online = 9.2/10
  91. Oct 19, 2013
    Easily the best game of all-time. But I am confused.... why would it be "COD fan-boys" giving the game a zero bringing down the metacritic average? I LOVED Modern Warfare 2 and 3 (cannot stand black ops games as they are not remotely the same in feel or gameplay)... not because I am a fanboy, but rather that they are perfect games, unlike BF3, whereby you have fun and cannot hide in the pause menu or in the corner of the map for five hours, like BF3, with its 720p graphics, appalling sound, and community of knobs and noobs.... The only concession I must make, and it's a BIGGIE, is that MW2 and 3 are now overrun by hackers, which Infinity Ward and Activision are not removing, making their product defunct and unplayable.... because I paid for both games and elite, I truly believe a class action law suit should be initiated by consumers to bring them to their knees and bankrupt them, to send a message to all game makers not to disrespect their consumers and the reason for their entire existence.

    By "fanboys" I think you mean astute gamers who know what they like. I am one of them... and I loved this game (GTA V)...

    To suggest that lovers of COD would want to troll GTA V seems weird to me... what is the motivation? BF3 and other fanboy trolls will again ruin the MW: Ghosts score and it will be about 70 when should be 90, so it is not as if they are hoping to have the Ghosts score be higher as it simply never will be, and this game will just naturally be better because, as I said, it is the greatest game of all-time... objectively and subjectively observed & decided-upon...

    This game is a 10/10. But then, like me, if you lost a character in the online portion, and I did, that will create some anger which will take a while to subside. Those guys had harsh luck and understandable pain with GTA V... none of this has anything to do with COD.... or being gay.. "butt hurts"?? Gee, I wish ten year old homophobic, catch-phrase-obsessed Americans would leave this space free for intelligent reviews and opinions. Just die already, seriously...

    GTA V is the best PS3 and current-gen game of all-time. Easily. This COD fan boy thinks so anyway...... and if others don't, I fail to see why their COD-love (only newbies on COD or unco relentless runners or run/diers as they are known hate COD games) is relevant to any hate of GTA V.
    GTA V is not even an fps. Like, for f***'s sake....

    Fanboyism without purpose or logic, is both tragic, but also largely non-existent and the figment of other fan-boy's imaginations. Sad but true. The negative nancys are not COD fanboys, but rather just bitter, sexually-frustrated, immature idiots with too much time and too little sense.... they hate because they chose to love the wrong game, or because they have not being able to get hold of this game and choose to hate so they are not missing out. It is all embarrassingly Freudian..... but since few gamers are older like me.... most are too young, dumb and full of cum, to even be aware of them humiliating themselves in spurts of ignored irrelevance.

    And that be the truth, Ruth.
  92. Sep 25, 2013
    I could probably write a short essay about how incredible Grand Theft Auto V is, but I'll keep it short.

    A brilliant, perfect length story, with a fantastic cast, set in a living, breathing, open world makes sure that the story aspect of Grand Theft Auto V is good. A large array of vehicles, with great driving and a fun modification system covers the vehicle aspect. There are enough
    weapons available, most of which can be modified, to provide a good range, without things becoming confusing, and when combined with a decent cover system, the weapons seem perfect. The in-game radio and other media is wonderfully satirical, and shamelessly mocks aspects of modern society. The world is big enough to keep you exploring for a while, but not so big that it seems daunting to attempt such a feat.

    There are some tiny imperfections; you can mark point of interest, but not label them, and the clothing system doesn't allow certain combinations. But these are so easily overlooked, they are insignificant.

    This game is a masterpiece.
  93. Sep 22, 2013
    No nead to ower rate I was like. But then... I saw metacritic score. This game is by far can NOT be the 2nd best game of al time after Legend of Zelda Occarina of time. This isn't that good. Its realy great but its max 9.5/10 great. How can this? Pass Half Life serries. Its just unacceptable. I would give 0 out of 10 but I am not a butthurt fanboy. The game is great But seriusly not in the top 10 best games of all time list Expand
  94. LTR
    Sep 29, 2013
    This game is a masterpiece.The story is fantastic,the characters are awesome,the gameplay is really fun,the missions are really fun and the world is beautiful.
  95. Sep 23, 2013
    Great gameplay but with rather boring characters. The ways you can interact with the environment and people around you is truly impressive. Equally impressive is the size of the open-world available to you. The number of things you can do in it seems endless. The graphics is often impressive, especially when you travel through the big environments (city, desert, forest, ocean etc). Having three characters to customize and level up is awesome. My only gripe with the game is that the characters are either cliché or consist entirely of stereotypes. Not just the main characters but everyone else in the game as well. Even Trevor, the most original of the three, becomes cartoonish because he is over-the-top at all times. All of this matters because when you consider how unique and novel the gameplay itself is, it feels like a mismatch. If this was another Saint's Row game this cartoonish depiction of people would fit, but in a game that takes itself "seriously" it does not fit so well. Especially when you compare it to GTA4, Red Dead Redemption and LA Noire. The characters in those games were more interesting and less juvenile. And why is there no female character to play Female criminals do actually exist believe it or not. However, considering how women are depicted in the game there is no question as to whom the game is really aimed at. Fun game by all means, especially if you love open-world games with lots of things to do. I just wish the characters were as original and complex as the rest of the game. Expand
  96. Oct 11, 2013
    Very dissapointed with this game. The clunky movement and gun mechanics feel like a real letdown. The game offers a lot of things but does none of them well at all. The graphics are weak and there appears to be no innovation here.

    Loading times are also far too slow. Any other game with these loading times would have been destroyed on day 1 reviews. The general interface also feels
    quite poor.

    I understand that 5 or so years ago people might find the size of the world immersive, but there's simply a real repeditiveness throughout. This will fool some for a while and then they will move on to another game.

    The one plus is the fairly enjoyable driving and car customization.

    I can't believe how many critic reviews give this ten. Over hyped and something fishy going on there imo.
  97. Oct 15, 2013
    Simply GTA V is the BEST game of this generation single player is phenomenal it is worth every cent and trust me i don't say that lightly personally i don't care care much about GTA Online i got more than enough amazing things to do in sp. :)

  98. Sep 30, 2013
    Perfect, perfect, perfect. Absolutely perfect mechanics, hilarious and deep dialog, the characters begin to feel real as their relations develop. The only glitches are rare and are not game breaking or easily exploitable. Rockstar did an excellent job with this one.
  99. Sep 20, 2013
    The best game of the generation, and possibly one of the best of all time. One epic crime story packed into the most amazinh game world ever been. Unmissable, this is the dream come true.
  100. Sep 21, 2013
    Rockstar: Release GTA V on PC
    Because GTA is an amazing PC game and the idea of it not being on PC is a mistake!

    Please, I must buy GTA 5, and not only me, but hundreds of thousands and even millions of PC players.! I'll take even a collector's edition. Just release it at least until the end of 2013, I want to play GTA 5.

Universal acclaim - based on 58 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 57 out of 58
  2. Negative: 0 out of 58
  1. Dec 12, 2013
    Grand Theft Auto V offers one of the best sandbox experiences ever, filled to the brink with stuff to do. The vistas are magnificent and amazing stuff just seems to happen wherever you go. But at the same time the story is tired and the characters unoriginal. Your appreciation of Grand Theft Auto V will depend of what you want out of the series. The freedom and joy of discovery is hard to beat but the rest still has some ways left to go.
  2. Nov 6, 2013
    GTA V continues the game series' tradition of raising the bar for open world action games.
  3. Nov 5, 2013
    Tons of gameplay hours, plenty of missions and activities with an awesome collection of vehicles of various modes of transportation and a large array of firearms put the grandeur once again into Grand Theft Auto.