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  1. Sep 18, 2013
    One of the greatest games I've played in my life. The massive scale of the world along with the story make for a ridiculous amount of things to do. How can people say that they added nothing new? The three character story is something I haven't seen before and makes for a dynamic story. the improved shooting and driving makes the game feel so much better than gta4.
  2. Sep 17, 2013
    Its a great game. Not the second coming. It doesn't have many new features but has refined the GTA IV formula perfectly. This is clearly the peak of the hardware platforms as graphically it struggles to pull off its ambition. Technically its superb but I keep thinking that it is a damn shame they had to 'tech down'.

    Best game ever? no, but it could have been a 'Best gamer ever? Yes!' if
    it was on newer hardware.

    But everyone should experience this cool, smart and HUGE world.

  3. Sep 18, 2013
    It is certainly the MOTHER OF ALL GAMES. The game of the century, that's until GTA 6 comes out but this is definitely the BEST game on earth.The graphics are amazing and the feel of the game play especially when driving is fantastic. There is so much detail about every small little thing! Rockstar have been making amazing games and this a BLOCKBUSTER.
  4. Sep 18, 2013
    The journey of the three protagonists and their pursuit of the dollar in the beautiful, sun-drenched state of San Andreas is a breath taking experience. Quite simply put, this is the best video game I have played for the current generation of consoles.
  5. Sep 19, 2013
    This game is just AMAZING! amazing storyline, Great missions, alot of things to do, it's muuuuch more better than GTA IV and even better than San Andreas, This game is what I was expecting and I'm sure this will be the game of the year
  6. Sep 18, 2013
    This is absolutely the best game I have ever played. Obviously, don't pay attention to the troll "0" reviews from people desperate for clicks on their profiles.
  7. Sep 18, 2013
    This game has just about everything you could ever want and think of, and it's only going to get better once Online comes out the 1st of October and Rockstar can add the things that it intentionally left out to make sure it was the most perfect launch possible. I can already see where they've laid the foundation on certain things (the basketball courts, the convenience stores, and other various places) and they'll make those available to us as the time passes through the update and DLC content they make available. Everyone who is posting negative reviews, either hasn't played the game or suck at playing the game. Don't formulate an opinion until you play it for yourself, cause you just might be missing out on the greatest game of all time. Expand
  8. Sep 18, 2013
    It's unfair go give this game "1" score just because it's console exclusive. Eat I'm also PC gamer, I play more on PC than Xbox. But how can you release such a good game on PC, when 80 will download it for free.

    This game deserves for 9 vote, but if PC fanboys can give 1, I'll give 10. Screw ya

    ///Sorry for my poor english.
  9. Sep 19, 2013
    Clearly the best GTA game i have ever played. The world's large, massive and amazing. So many features to explore. The Online features makes the game even more amazing. Rockstar Games's best release ever. I appreciate all their hardwork in making a superb game like this Thank you Rockstar Games!
  10. Sep 22, 2013
    Let me first start off saying, ignore the crappy one star reviews, which are just fake reviews hating on a game that he or she has never played yet, they're just haters trolling the Amazon and Metacritic user review section..
    Now then, the game is the absolute masterpiece that many suspected it would be with it capitalizing on GTA IV's efforts, bringing back in some parts of San Andreas
    and effectively blowing it out of the water. The shooting has been refined to the likes of Max Payne (without the slow mo diving of course), shooting results in realistic reactions from enemies and never becomes tiresome due to the medium difficulty and A.I. in the game and awesome physics.
    The level design is spot on with outlandish action including the character switching and special abilities within the missions. But it does have one minor flaw. Sometimes you might get a mission failed for performing an action that the game didn't plan for you to do, hence scripted events. This is a very minor flaw but is noticeable.
    My favorite part of the game is the story itself which feature three very distinct protagonists with different motives. The most outlandish would be Trevor, though he may be hated upon due to an action he performs when you first meet him. For many, he may be extremely fun but he will also be the one that is hardest to relate to the most. He is a psychopath and he knows it and it doesn't stop from being judgemental and letting everyone else know what's wrong with them. He is the character who knows he's trash and he deals with it by doing what he does best. Causing chaos. The intertwining stories are spectacular and is a delightful contrast with its dark violent somewhat upbeat action comedy drama to GTA IV's dark, moody, and violent drama on the depiction of the supposed American dream in the eyes of a disappointed man (though they're both different, both stories are a tie for me in terms of which is best.)
    The game does a great job at making you feel like you are part of the world within GTA 5 with its side missions, radio shows for everyone's taste in music and spectacular scope and visuals in general.
    The game pushes the barrier in violence and makes no excuse for it, as it should be. Though there is a mission that I found in bad taste that rose a lot of controversy. Eventually as I thought more on it, I understood the meaning of that one scene, but in the end, I will still dread coming across that scene in my next playthrough.

    If you are a fan of crime dramas, character study and development, satirical comedies, or in playing something that has a story that no other game company has accomplished before, then buy this game and I guarantee once you put a few hours into it, it will be one of your best games of all time, as it is mine. 5/5 and 10/10 for me. Not an exaggeration.
  11. Sep 18, 2013
    I'm seeing a lot of people complaining that this game is "where GTA 4 should have been", and that it's just a sub-par sequel unfortunately placed at the end of a console generation. People saying that GTA5 included things that GTA4 should have had, but they exluded due to laziness, or marketing strategy... What?

    First off, this is thee most expensive video game ever made at $266
    million, whereas GTA4 was right around $100 million. There's a reason that they couldn't include intricacies like planes, semi-truck trailers, or drivable crashable trains; they spent their budget bring it to next-gen hardware, with which they did a remarkable job considering the circumstances.

    As far as my 10/10 score, this game has brought all the things I loved from all previous Rockstar games, including Red Dead Redemption's improved movement mechanics and weapon wheel, Max Payne 3's improved shooting mechanics, Midnight Club LA's vehicular customization and on-road handling, GTA4's introduction to the Euphoria engine, and, well... Rockstar's Table Tennis's tennis mechanic (ok the appreciation of that was a joke, but don't be fooled because those methods were still incorporated).

    Arguably, the production cost of this game surpassed the $266 million quote we were given just on the sole merit that everything from this game was pulled from the best of their previous games, meaning that Rockstar's entire history of games has been a research and development process just to deliver their magnum opus; Grand Theft Auto 5.

    I own a gaming PC, why? For insane graphics. Am I complaining about the graphics on the 360? No. I, unlike many PC enthusiast wannabes, understand that the visuals that are able to be pumped out on an elderly console generation is... miraculous. Considering the limitations, the aesthetics are beyond amazing, and it was breathtaking when I drove into Los Santos for the first time from the mountains.

    There are only two minor complaints that I have, but not enough to ding my score of the game. 1) the mountains surrounding Los Santos appear to be a little less detailed that I would have thought. It's a tiny bit immersion-removing because when you're walking or driving on it, it feels like a polygon with a grass texture, rather than a mountain. 2) The transition time between the playable characters takes roughly 3-4 times longer than advertised on the gameplay trailer. It zooms out quickly, moves over quickly, but then sits there for 5-10 seconds while it loads and populates the area before zooming in.

    Overall, I think it is thee most memorable game I will have ever played, and arguably the best game ever made.
  12. Sep 18, 2013
    Simply put, GTA V improves upon what has worked in the past and gives us more than enough to keep things fresh. From the polish, to the content, to the detail, to the storyline there's not much this game doesn't have mastered. I could go on and on about the things i do like but i think it's better if i go through what i don't like... nothing. GTA V is a prime example of a company putting time and effort into their game. Just like Bethesda, Rockstar is one of the few video game companies left that takes pride in their product and goes above and beyond expectations. There is no doubt in my mind GTA V is the best game of the Xbox 360 era and most certainly the best GTA to date. Once again Rockstar sets new standards and puts everyone else to shame. Expand
  13. Sep 17, 2013
    for those who give 0's and 3's, please check yourselves in a mental institute, do something good for mankind!! this game is the new benchmark for open world games, if not the best open world game of this generation and previous too. the only downside for me is, this game is so packed with content and my time to play isnt ilimited, i started to play and looked at the clock, it was 9h later..... and i barely did 6 out of 69 main missions xD i see many PC gamers just being juvenile, well i do own a high-end PC too, ps3 too and obviously 360, but when i hear "pc is huge market" well........ it proves the ignorance..... yes PC is hardware superior, no doubts but as gaming platform it have a very tiny slice, meanwhile you see games selling 3/5m on each console platform, on PC you'll see 200k PC is expensive to build and its very troublesome regarding bugs and glitches....... Expand
  14. Sep 17, 2013
    Why do people like to troll the user scores of every single big game is beyond me! Why the jealousy!!? Anyway.. I'm talking as a fan so excuse me if I seem a bit biased, but believe me, this game is PERFECT! It's the best game I have played since Red Dead Redemption! GTA V is so ambitious it might frustrate you! So many things to do, a huuuuuuuuuge map, a very good and long storyline. Amazing graphics. Everything is perfect! Expand
  15. Sep 18, 2013
    They game is great! I love the story, the mechanics, the driving mechanics are superb! the graphics are also amazing for being on a 8 year old system.
  16. Sep 17, 2013
    Okay so I've been playing this game for a whole day straight, I never got bored for a millisecond. The vehicle handling has improved like crazy. Unlike GTA IV, that had a glimpse of repeating the same thing in missions (just a glimpse) but this game has 0 out of 10 when it comes to repeating stuff, there's a lot to do (a lot). Missions are exiting, sometimes, in cut scenes I felt like I'm watching a good comic-action-thriller film, it's written incredibly smart. The game looks gorgeous, it's one of those games that will blow your mind, even on old 8 year old consoles. Loading screens are a bit long, but it's really nothing that should really bother you. The game is smooth, runs great, my console worked hard all day because I've been playing this all day, but nothing has changed, the game is still smooth and beautiful. The detail in Los Santos is amazing, it's hard to believe the game is only 16 GBs. The 'three protagonists' idea is works like a charm, and its' very funny sometimes. Character customization, is good, you don't have a lot to choose from when it comes to haircuts and beards (maybe some will be unlocked later in the game) but clothes look good on you, there's no texture problems and the choose is very colorful. And now for the characters: Michael, is a miserable, rich, family man, with a horrible shrink. He is suffering his 'midlife crisis' or 'family hatred'. He has his skill similar to Max Payne's 'bullet time'. (and you can actually make him look like Max Payne) Franklin is a CJ type gangster, his special skill is he can slow time while driving, and handle VERY well. And finally Trevor, he is a psychopath, absolutely crazy, I think the most ridiculous character the open world genre has ever seen. Mercy is not on his vocabulary. His special skill is to go crazy! He can take less damage and deal a lot more damage, while the screen is red, and you can hear him screaming out of joy.

    So I think I covered everything I could, this game is just loads of fun, everyone should get it, whether you are a shooter type guy, a driver, or just a looker at the graphics, I give this game a 10/10 with joy, Rockstar has done it again.
  17. Sep 19, 2013
    Is it "the best game"? Doubt it. Does it have a place on top ten games in gaming history? No. Maybe in top 10 games for this generation. But while we remember the best games of C64 or NES, some old PC gamers remember what they have played on their first XT, XBOX 360 can be quickly forgotten. And I am sure as hell, we will see GTA 6 on XBOX One.

    What makes GTA 5 so important then? The
    fact that when everyone streamlines and dumbs down games we see record sales from a game that does something else, and tries to offer more and more depth. No budget cuts, no "always online" requirement, no tricks to force people to buy. It simply delivers quality and people buy it.

    It is a shining example of how things should be done.

    But it isn't much more. People say "rehash" and name only the tennis and the 3 characters as new. Well, and you have a brand new story, it is longer than an RPG. The world is more detailed than ever. And whats even better guys. But modern day GTAs are famous as art as well, because how they portray values of the western world. And hey, we have a real american family.

    But lets check one big change: How we can choose between different tactics, how it increases replay value. I am sure most of the reviews missed this point as well. Do you like this change? I do. And it shows that each and every GTA has something new. Something new, useful, and valuable. This is why a lot of people can preorder it anytime.
  18. Sep 18, 2013
    The best GTA yet. It starts you right off into the action and keeps it going without getting in the way of you exploring the vast world. Would highly recommend for anyone who enjoyed the previous GTAs.
  19. Sep 17, 2013
    Everything about this game is top-notch,the graphics,the story,the gameplay.This game is AMAZING,one of the best games ever made and the best GTA game.
  20. Sep 22, 2013
    GOTY Subito

    Personally, GTA5 was the best game of this year. Although it misses some of serious issues that GTA4 took, I can clearly say that you will be going to enjoy this game.
  21. Sep 17, 2013
    Brilliant game this.
    On another note, do not go by the negative votes; those are mostly from the SAME person who is a butthurt fan of whatever series that he loves.
  22. Sep 17, 2013
    It really doesn't get any better than this. The world has changed a lot since GTA IV and this game is again ahead of its time. People who vote 0 because its not on PC etc should have votes removed by moderators and allow people with xbox version to vote on it.
  23. Sep 18, 2013
    Rockstar has created the crowning achievement of this generation. A true Swan Song as we near the end of this incredible console life-cycle.

    Not only one of the best games of this year, it's one of the best games ever made.

  24. Sep 18, 2013
    Grand Theft Auto 5 is an awesome game its way better than 4 because the story is so much better because there's 3 characters instead of one so different stories that go together. there's so much you can do in GTA 5 that when i started playing i didn't know where to go you can play tennis, race etc. Now the map, the map is extremely huge its twice thee size of gta 4's map, there's wilderness you can hunt animals Expand
  25. Sep 18, 2013
    I hate these retards giving it a low score just because it's not for pc, I mean come on! This game is amazing with superb graphics, a great story and interesting missions with replay value. It's a huge detailed world which is satisfying to explore.
  26. Sep 19, 2013
    I am not kidding when I say that GTA V is the best GTA game ever. It's essentially San Andreas with prettier graphics, awesome heists, and 3 lead characters.
    I wont even say anything else you need to experience GTA V for yourself.
  27. Sep 17, 2013
    in my vision, it's like sleeping dogs, bur is the best gta EVER, love it love it
    waiting for my play station for play this game, here we gooo best game man, best game!
  28. Sep 19, 2013
    Incredible game! Rockstar have done it again, creating a real living world and providing a fun experience. Ignore the low reviews this is really something!
  29. Sep 17, 2013
    Mind-blowing, the size and detail of the world will leave you wondering how they ever managed it. All physics have been overhauled so nothing feels awkward or jumpy, whether on foot, driving, in a shootout, it all feels slick and easy to handle. The driving in particular is a lot better than previous versions, it feels more like the early 'Driver' games than GTA. Some stealth sections play a lot like Manhunt, which is a nice touch. Being able to drop in on any of the 3 main characters at any point is great fun. I can not comment on the on-line side of the game yet, but the single player has to be played to be believed.......... 10/10 Expand
  30. Sep 17, 2013
    People are not so set idiosyncrasies grade of 0 and no other reviews that have been written by retarded morons so to speak, rating a game with a 0, only poor people living reviews you well, this is a great game, much better than the gta 4 since in this release fix the mistakes they made in the first, I must emphasize the great mapping is the best, and of course its great duration that is appreciated. Expand
  31. Sep 17, 2013
    I made an account just to say this. Do not listen to the negative reviews. I'm sure that 90% of them havent even played the game and are just rating it bad because it is not on PC. The game is a modern masterpiece. The world is huge, the writing is funny and believable and the graphics are GREAT for 7 year old hardware. If you haven't already, buy it.
  32. Sep 17, 2013
    this game is pretty so detailed the cities and everything. 3 characters 3x the fun. This game has so much freedom. This game has improved so much from the previus game gta iv. the driving mechanic, more freedom. Seriously alot of freedom. It's like real life simulator but it's limited by technology. Rockstar must've put a huge budget into this game. 10/10 coming from a dedicated CoD player
  33. Sep 17, 2013
    I love this game!It's amazing how fun it is,everything is so well done and fantastic,GTA IV is a joke compared to this masterpiece,if you enjoyed any past GTA games,you will love this one,because is the best GTA so far.
  34. Sep 18, 2013
    I've waited years for this. This is not a game, this is an experience. My life has just been upgraded thanks to this masterpiece. This is the best thing that's ever happened to me since Friday night, when I managed to pull some bird that's 10 years older than me and smash her back doors in and she crapped all over the place. True story. Fun times. Peace out. QJ.
  35. Sep 18, 2013
    I bet with all of you that 80% of the people who low-rated this game never played it before. It's kind of funny how they blame this masterpiece because there's no good arguments. Just some haters doing what they do best: hating something.

    To say: this game is amazing at all. All its details are well designed: the story, the map, the atmosphere, the cars... EVERYTHING!

    This game will
    be the GOTY 2013 easily because everything deserves it and this isn't overrating, okay?

    Play this game with your mind open, feels the entertainment inside you and then you'll understand how amazing this game is.

    Rockstar, two things that I want to say to you: thanks and congratulations!
  36. Sep 18, 2013
    Hey Hey people who say it's the same as GTA 4, have you actually played the missions? I haven't gotten far in but already, I can see it's a huge improvement from gta 4. I feel a lot of these bad reviews is because it's on current gen consoles, and also cause it's not on pc. A good review rates the game, not the platform the game is on. Also, it's been in dev for 5 years, they're not just gonna take 5 years of dev time and bring it to next gen that quickly. And the pc thing, yes it sucks. But that doesn't mean the game sucks. Expand
  37. Sep 18, 2013
    GTA deserves a higher score than an 8.1 since this game is simply brilliant and beautiful.
    It's an awesome game for this gen wonder what it will be like on next or pc?
  38. Sep 18, 2013
    I think it's funny how people come on here and gives this game a zero. 99% of the people that gave it such a low rating did so because of one of two reasons: 1. They only have a PC and are mad it's not out yet. 2. They are obviously autistic and their mom and dad won't let them get the game because they are afraid their child will cause the next sandy hook massacre.
  39. Sep 19, 2013
    Well I can sure as hell say this is the game you have all been waiting for. Say good bye to commitments, work, uni anything else cause this is the game of the decade.

    Much improved in all areas (shooting unbelievable if you recall Red dead redemption you will be in for a treat) Driving (once you get used to the handling its rather excellent also much improved from GTAIV, Yes some
    vehicles do vary in terms of handling but once you tune them up at a customs shop, its an issue of the past) Gameplay Unbelievable, there's really not much more to say its F****** epic Replayability Well need I say more its GTA for gods sakes)

    Overall an excellent Game I'm personally about 10 hours in and so far i'm loving it. As to all the haters you all To the rest definitely worth the $60 for over 200+ hours worth of fun Need I say more for when Gta Online comes out in october, Check ****ing mate
  40. Sep 19, 2013
    Okay, before you call me a fanboy this game is amazing! Please don't listen to the guys who just hate on its graphics. Voice acting is brilliant, gameplay is smooth, great storyline, enhanced mechanics and pretty much everything else has been improved on. There is so much to do and explore! Randomly generated events and freaks will give you tons of side missions to do. There are so many mini games and jobs. Heists are thrilling and offer HIGH replay ability. The only thing I don't like are the shooting mechanics and the new cop evasion system. Anyway, I beg of you to buy this game and make your life better it will be the game to play especially when GTA Online debuts. Expand
  41. Sep 19, 2013
    I really don't know if I'm playing the same game as some users... I can't imagine how some human being didn't like this game. This is the greatest production I've ever seen in a game. Great history, great characters, best physics ever, fluid gameplay and, well, all that freedom that only GTA brings to us. All the best things of all games of the franchise are present. Congratulations, Rockstar. You made it... again! Expand
  42. Sep 20, 2013
    Easily the greatest game of this generation. They have managed to get so much out of the console with this game yet still get a decent frame rate all though I did see some pop in but you have to remember this is an 8 year old console so if you have to blame anything it should be that.

    The story is great and if you watch the cut-scenes and listen to the characters talk you get more of
    the back story as you play through the game.

    Some other reviews criticise the content of the game but appear to overlook the usual GTA satire on offer as if it never existed before.

    If you want to play a driving simulator go and play Forza, if you want to play a shooting game, go and play COD but if you want to play a game which offers you most of the things you want in one game with a stunning setting then leave GTA in your DVD drive.
  43. Sep 20, 2013
    This is the first review I've ever written for a game on my decades on this planet. I've read through probably hundreds of reviews before deciding to spend my hard earned cash on this game, mainly because I was so dissapointed with the previous GTA IV. I have never seen so much high praise for a game, ever. I have also never seen so much hopeless and useless bashing of a game (more on that in a moment). All of the things I felt needed fixing in GTA IV, they fixed, especially the driving mechanics. The first few hours I spent playing GTA V, were some of the most fun I've EVER had playing a game. Fantastic player control, humorous, well executed and convincing commentary, incredible ambient sound and amazing music. The graphics are incredibly polished and like others have said, quite an accomplishment for the 360. Many people are bashing this game for seemingly pointless reasons. Some, because they want attention, some because of jealousy and some because they are just hopelessly ignorant. I say look at user score distribution. Even the people trying their best to pull the rating down for ratings sake are still failing as of this review. Finally, I will confirm as I have read again and again in the last few days that this IS one of the best games ever made and quite possibly the best game that i've played in my life. That is spanning 24 years of gaming, 12+ systems and hundreds of games. The Cake is Done. Enjoy! Expand
  44. Sep 20, 2013
    While Grand Theft Auto V adds so much more it also takes some things away that may disappoint and frustrate. So back to Los Santos and San Andreas after 9 long years. So is Grand Theft Auto V better than San Andreas? Nope. It lacks the magic that San Andreas had and the story isn't as good. So is it better than Grand Theft Auto IV? Debatable, depends on what you like. The story isn't as good as Grand Theft Auto IV. So does it have better graphics? Being a 32yr old console gamer who has been gaming since gaming began, i can tell you that GTAV not only looks better, 95% of it looks incredible. It really is amazing that this game runs on current gen, what with the insane ammount of content, detail and huge map. It really is the most ambitious game ever created and shows how Rockstar North in the UK are head and shoulders above all other developers by a loooong way. So i said 95% looks incredible, but what about the other 5%? The 5% that doesn't look "as great" is the grass and muddy terrain in the blaine country areas. The wooden shacks etc remind me of the game Alan Wake, but it looks better than Alan Wake (and Alan Wake looks amazing) the grass and mud etc look better than Alan wake, and the trees and foliage look wayyyy better. Also flowers, bushes and long grass will part or flatten when you run through or over them. It's full of neat little touches as usual. Everything else looks incredibly detailed, even butterflies have great detail. The lighting, weather effects and water is just insanely good. So many different types of water and you can't tell where one ends and other begins (Far Cry 3 i'm looking at you) everything is connected smoothley with no visible join lines at all. Even the animals look and move great, as do the characters etc. The thunder and lightning weather effects will make you spill your tea. So does it resemble San Andreas? A little bit. Obviously Rockstar added the character Franklin (who resembles CJ) and the baller gangs etc to add that nostalgic San Andreas feel. The map itself is totally different though, so you won't find too many locations from San Andreas in GTAV apart from the Las Venturas sign and other main landmarks. Gameplay is the same but refined to make things much more fluid and smooth, animations and everything are top notch. While GTAIV went down the serious road, GTAV goes down the fun San Andreas road, which is great and a lot of fun like San Andreas. Audio is also incredible, especially through home cinema system, everything feels and sounds so alive it's impressive. There are also plenty of radio stations and hidden British humour hidden around the map and on the radio stations and TV etc as per usual. The story isn't the best, it's a bit hit and miss and often contradicts itself which is a shame. And some of the voice acting is a bit poo, although fantastic for the most part. For instance, while escaping from the cops my passenger often yelled that the cops were still on us. My character Michael responded with the same 2 lines over and over far too much "Relax i can handle it" "I'll handle this" it became annoying real quick as he repeated those 2 lines every second or so for 3 or 4 minutes. The way he says it is bad voice work too. Luckily it hasn't happened anywhere else in the game mind. So, on to other problems? This is a BIG killer for me. The cardamage has been scaled wayyyyyyy down from GTAIV. The damage in GTAIV was impressive and perfect. In GTAV the cars can take way more punishment and often come out with no signs of damage, even when rolling down a moutain or colliding head on with another car. There is damage, skirts, bonnets and doors will fall off, it just takes a hell of a lot to get them to fall off. You can hit a another car real hard only for the glass to smash and leave nothing but a scratch or broken headlight on both cars. This is a real anoyyance for me. I loved how the cars crumpled up so realisticly in GTAIV. So hopefully Rockstar will make a patch to correct it. It really is bad! Also bike handling is bordering on laughable. Quad bikes hand just like San Andreas, while Motor Cross and other bikes handle real arcady and similar to Driv3r. This spoils it for me as the bikes were always my favourite mode of transportation, but now i hate them. A lot of people have complained about the car handling. I can see why they complain as it is similar but twitchy/arcadey, but i personally got used to the cars real quick, it's just the bikes i can't get sed too. All cars have their own handling style too. Another little anoyyance for me is when driving head on in traffic. In GTAIV they bipped their horns and flashed their lights. In GTAV they just bip their horn. Considering the GTA franchise prides itself on adding as much detail as possible, little details like this are missed, especially when they were in GTAIV. I've found myself missing a few little details from GTAIV like that. Patch the damage and Bike handling etc and this gets a 10. Expand
  45. Sep 23, 2013
    Astounding videogame. I am a huge fan of the GTA series and have been for many years now. I came into this game with extremely high expectations and it delivered. The graphics are amazing, especially considering the sheer scale and size of the game. The missions are varied and fun, and there's always something to do. Whether it's racing,hunting,underwater diving,flying airplanes or simply going on a murderous rampage. The three protagonists(Michael,Trevor,Franklin) are all interesting and fun to play as. The soundtrack is top notch. The gameplay is fluid and an improvement over previous GTA's. It's just an incredibly fun game to play. I give the game an amazing 9.5/10. Expand
  46. Sep 22, 2013
    Just an amazing game. To rate this at anything less than the 10 it deserves is just crazy. I know I will be playing this for hundreds of hours past the single player story (which is great itself). Is this just GTA4 times 10 in HD? Maybe, but that is saying a lot! The truth is that it's much bigger and better in every way. This could very easily be the greatest game of this generation of consoles. Expand
  47. Sep 18, 2013
    An absolute triumph and the best open-world game this gen.

    Rockstar has always been great creatively. Great stories, dialogue, characters, soundtracks, presentation etc. All that has always been great in GTA and still is in GTA V.

    But where V differs from past games is in the mechanics. Gone is the slippery driving from GTA IV, or the crappy lock-on combat from the PS2 games.
    Everything has been updated and finely tuned. Whether you're driving, fighting or running around on foot. Everything feels fluid and painless.

    Toss in the best and most varied set of missions the series has ever seen with three fascinating protagonists and you've got a hell of a send off for these consoles. Bravo Rockstar.
  48. Sep 19, 2013
    Truly a fantastic achievement by Rockstar games. It's a phenomenal experience and anyone who's played any of the previous games should definitely be playing this. I was skeptical since GTA 4 was a disappointment for me so I didn't buy the game at first but I spent a good amount of time reading user reviews and finally decided to buy. This has the feel of San Andreas all the way and they have really carried through the successes of Red Dead Redemption into this game by having fun, varied missions which have a cool cinematic feel to them and giving the open world much more weight. I stayed away from the hype surrounding this game but man it really looks like this one delivers on all fronts, if there's any way for you to at least try the game if you haven't already just do it, this one must be experienced. This will undoubtedly be in the top 3 games of this generation of consoles. Going back to play, bye. Expand
  49. Sep 21, 2013
    When someone or a group of people make their own masterpiece, its apparent what it is. This is Rockstar's masterpiece. The gameplay is the best I have played in my decade of gaming, the story, while not up to the soul crushing saga of Niko Belic, is pretty good. The graphics are spectacular, light bathing the streets, detailed animation, faces that look life like. The three main characters are great, but of the three its Trevor that stands out. He is disgusting, violent, perverted, sociopath. He is also the best character in the entire game and one of the best ever made. His first appearance in modern times setup the character well. He angers a character, breaks him, comforts him, than immediately stomps him to death. Do yourself a favor and get this game. It doesn't get much better than this. Expand
  50. Sep 22, 2013
    I have never played a game more immersive or ambitious than Grand Theft Auto V. This is easily not only one of the best video games of this generation, but of all time.
  51. Sep 22, 2013
    Let's just put it like this; FINALY, GTA: San Andreas got de-throned. About time!!Just can't wait for multiplayer.It's as huge as gta; San Adreas, but so much more beautifull an all the new suff they add, most Epic sandbox game ever.
  52. Sep 23, 2013
    This game is just pure perfection! It takes everything all the other GTA games did right and, makes em even better and adding even more brilliant stuff t) an already brilliant game
    I love Rockstar Games! The gunplay, think: Max Payne 3, lots of guns super customizable, and alreadt a whole wall dedicated to future DLC
  53. Sep 17, 2013
    A way to say goodbye to this generation. This game capatalizes on everything we've learned and enjoyed during this generation. A masterpiece and obvious contender for best video game of all time.... That will be decided when GTA Online is released and the real fun starts... great time to be a gamer.
  54. Sep 19, 2013
    i really want to say it s a bad game and i was so hyped for nothing but this game didn t give tha chance to eving think of saying this the visuals are great and the gameplay is awesome and even if you dind t love gta you will love this game fir sure and i the tha bad user score are from the who don t have xbox and ps3 thinking that watch can be better than the best game in the gaming hisotr
  55. Sep 18, 2013
    This game really marked me a totally, playing all my life, games of all kinds, with more than fan for video game industry, this game really would surprise me at all scopes and I can not stop playing it.
    something that caught my attention is that four years ago I have not thought about playing a game 2 times to run, so totally recommended for all types of player from a beginner, to the
    more veteran. Expand
  56. Sep 17, 2013
    My xbox is modded and i never buy games legally because i dont want to feel cheated out of my money. But i actually pre- ordered this and paid full price. This is by far the best game ever. Far exceeded my expectations. I dont even care for the next generation consoles becuase of this game. Its a shame because no other company can make a game as great as this. Its like Why continue making games if they're not gonna be as good as this? Expand
  57. Sep 22, 2013
    This game it one of the most impressive and well developed i ever seen. Even the little driving through Los Santos to the bigger and surrounding plot. The game delivery a great experience to who love games. Those negatives reviews its just lame, complaining about it was not launch to PC or complaining about when you drive the whole LS you dont have anything more to do, cant understand those people, probably they have about 10 years old.
    If you ENJOY games, you HAVE to try GTA V, you will no regret.
  58. Sep 17, 2013
    Surprise surprise another Rockstar classic This is not just another GTA this is a love letter to all gamers, to the people that put hours in games they love and get rewarded. First of all it's the best looking game out there to date, i mean the level of detail put into creating this huge world was just mind blowing and on the plus side some of the best facial animation since L.A Noire. The story well let me put it this way what Godfather did to movie GTA 5 did to games... I mean all three characters you wanna hate but you get attached to in a weird way, it's just not always you get well written characters that you just wanna know every little detail about them. And Now comes the gameplay well that's the best part, rockstar borrowed from there past games like Max payne 3 and Red dead and even driving elements from Midnight club to give us a perfect combination that really works. So at the end if you loved GTA 4 your gonna eat this up can't wait to jump online!!! Thank you rockstar for giving us the last true epic game for this gen. Expand
  59. Sep 17, 2013
    Filled with detail and world size is amazing. Very innovative gameplay with 3 main characters and the world is living. Even after the game is finished the game still has many things to see and do. Can't wait for GTA Online
  60. Nov 10, 2013
    A good game. Not,not just a great game. A LEGENDARY game. There are some flaws in the game,but not every game is perfect and besides,the flaws are so small you can't tell the difference. A must own.

    What are you waiting for? Go to your nearest gamestop and buy this thing,and play it with every ounce of your soul.
  61. Sep 19, 2013
    Truly raises the bar for sandbox games. Brings us the best of all GTA's combined, especially Vice City and San Andreas. Phenomenal game, I suggest you go out and buy it now or you'll be missing out on an important cultural event in the history of video games.
  62. Sep 22, 2013
    This is a controversial title in which you play the bad guy(s), if you can handle the outrageous and offensive parodying of popular culture, you will be rewarded. The game ticks boxes in the technical department, with great graphics, sound and mechanics which must surely push this generation's consoles to the limit. The gameplay is fun and surprisingly varied, taking place in a detailed, immersive, and interesting open world. I highly recommend this game for fans of open world/sandbox titles. It is excellent. Expand
  63. Sep 22, 2013
    This game is near perfection. Rockstar deserves so much praise and thank you from the gaming communit. I hshave laughed smiled and had a ton of fun. Play this game you won't be disappointed.
  64. Sep 22, 2013
    Pretty nice! Awesome graphics, carismatic caracters, nice playability... GTA V did make a new perspective about the actual generation of consoles! Rockstar is great!
  65. Sep 23, 2013
    It's sad to see so many haters. A game like this deserves a 0? Ok, stop the world, I want get off.

    This game is the best experience ever created. It is amazing, beautiful, too perfect. Rockstar deserves applause, incidentally, deserves all the money that she is earning, because no other game comes at the level of GTA V.

    I still wonder how that graphics can exist even in a world so
    huge and alive, the game actually looks like the new generation, is very impressive.

    Play, just play and know what is a real game. And for the haters: shame on you. Why will not play Call of Duty?
  66. Sep 27, 2013
    So, this game is very good, the game has many things to do, I agree that there are not many changes between the 4 and 5, but he innovates the gameplay and the things that makes the game, for those who like this game prcurar is full of Easter Eggs.
  67. Sep 20, 2013
    If you remember what the joy of playing San Andreas (and previous GTA games before it) felt like, than you won't be left dissapointed. People who are afraid of it being a GTA IV rehash, no fears, it's not.
  68. Sep 19, 2013
    The gameplay is flawless and second to none, but it's the story in the end that stumbles. If you can forgive the weak writing, you'll be in for a lot of amazing moments. The excellent mission design, refined gameplay mechanics and the massive overworld warrant a purchase alone.
  69. Sep 26, 2013
    Así que nada es suficiente
    Y que yo soy la que miente
    Y que todo tú me diste
    Que tú siempre me quisiste
    Que tú nunca hiciste nada
    Que soy yo la que te hace sufrir

    Y le dices a la gente
    Que me buscas que me quieres
    Que sin mí de amor te mueres
    Y que solo son rumores
    Que fue todo un error
    Que por eso ahora estás así
    Suplicando que te escuche
    Y diciendo que todo cambió
  70. Sep 24, 2013
    I've been playing games for the last 20 years and this is the best one i've played. It's insane that this runs on the xbox360 and not the next generation of consoles.

    if this gets re-released on PS4 or the Xbone i'd have no qualms about buying it again.
  71. Sep 21, 2013
    I'm not understanding the poor reviews of some of these people on here. Either they are PC gamers, or people just giving the stupidest reasons to give this game a lesser score. One review I read somebody was complaining about the lack of roller coasters in the game and not being able to go shark fishing and docked it 2 points and gave it an 8. Are you f***ing kidding me?

    IMO, GTA V is
    arguably the best GTA and is one of the best games I've ever played. The world is gorgeous. Looking at the texture of the water while driving a boat or jet ski is just mesmerizing and fun. Or riding a dirt bike up the massive mountain in the game is great to just look at the beautiful scenery of the mountain and the wilderness. Then at the top you look down at the cities and can see buildings 6 miles away. Not to mention the explosions are fascinating to see. The lighting is insane. Walking under a tree you can see the shadow of a leaf on your shoulder almost perfectly like if it was real life. Besides a couple textures that looked a little weak, the game is a graphical beauty!

    The switching between 3 protagonist is revolutionary. All 3 have their own contacts, clothes they can buy, hairstyles to buy at barber shops, types of missions, skills, lifestyles, etc. I have nothing in common with Trevor who is a hillbilly trash. But he is too damn funny and interesting and I enjoy playing as him just like Franklin and Michael.

    The driving is way more intense and more of a racing feel than the boat like driving in GTA IV. It reminds me of Midnight Club LA in a way. The gunplay is way better than GTA IV too because it brings Red Dead and Max Payne elements together and creates intense firefights. The cover system is VASTLY improved as well and is your best friend in firefights.

    There is tons of stuff to do between the three characters like customize cars, buy real estate, racing, pick up nice ladies at strip clubs and streets, meet random strangers, etc, and a big huge San Andreas to explore.

    The only drawbacks I can think of are the car collisions, which don't deform the car as much as in GTA IV. And the popping up of the environment at certain points of the game. Some people complain about frame rate but I haven't noticed anything.

    To most gamers, this game is like heroin. Very addictive and fun. Well worth the budget and years making it. Hopefully I helped.
  72. Sep 23, 2013
    I waited a long time for this game to make an appearance, having had it on pre-order since December 2012. Needless to say it was worth every painstaking minute. The game is beautifully detailed and highly entertaining. I do get the feeling that the best is yet to come with the reease o GTA Online but as a single player experience, there is not a better game out there at the moment. So much so, the only critisism I have is that when it rains, the windshield wipers don't That is all. Expand
  73. Sep 29, 2013
    This is ot just the GTA game, but THE game i've been waiting for. A massive word that feels so alive and with so much to do. Unlike GTA 4, the world is entertaining to explore and interact with, and the single player story does a great job of pulling you in. As great as the game looks on consoles I do hope they release it on the PC soon so we can have a great modding community and more freedom with graphic options. Expand
  74. Sep 20, 2013
    One of the things that becomes obvious when you actually stop playing a great game is that you just lost some conception of time and awareness of the external world at some level and became fully engrossed. The better the game the greater the level of immersion. GTA V is the most immersive and engrossing game I have ever played on all levels.It reminds me of the hours and hours I spent just aimlessly driving in Vice City and San Andreas. I can finally do that again while doing so much more in a more fully alive, and beautifully realized world. This is a must buy, must have and a must play. Now if only GTA V would come to PS4 and Xbone...... Expand
  75. Sep 18, 2013
    Don't listen to the Doom and Gloomers This is without a doubt a 10/10. Looks gorgeous, love the intertwining storylines to mention a just a few. Get it now
  76. Sep 23, 2013
    As many a gamer have stopped by to pen thoughts on this game so shall I .
    Simply put GTA V is my game of the year since i am going to avoid cod ghosts. The story-line is epic and the characters are hilarious.The story is very well written If you take time to do side quests you will enjoy the main missions even more and boy are they enthralling.
    Whats not to like thinks to shoot and
    people to blow up... EPIC. Expand
  77. Sep 17, 2013
    Lowering the user score because the PC version hasn't come out yet is absolutely pathetic. Screw the haters just because they're jealous they can't play the game as well. Get over yourself, FFS.

    It's a great game. Buy it.
  78. Sep 21, 2013
    Best GTA game ever, possibly best game ever. I've never been into GTA. I play them for a few hours and then I'm done. I'm about half way through the game now, still loving it.
  79. Sep 18, 2013
    Well lived up to the pre-launch hype, I've played for a healthy amount of time now to be able to say that this game is a huge step up from anything we've seen on the current generation of Hardware. The scale of the world is huge and everything about it is dynamic and a big step forwards.

    The driving physics (air, land and water) is much improved from previous GTA games.

    this game will set the bar for future AAA titles.

    Whilst I'm not a 'PC Fanboy' I do primarily play PC titles, so I hope to see it there soon so the modding community can take a stab at it, however the game runs perfectly well on the current generation of consoles, so there is nothing to worry about there.
  80. Sep 19, 2013
    I thought that having 3 main characters would make the story more confusing and I wouldn't get sucked into it. I was wrong. The way you are able to switch between them to see them carrying on with their daily lives is amazing, plus the way they all interact with each other makes me love all the characters even more. If there is one thing I can say for certain, its that Rockstar know how to make one hell of a game. Expand
  81. Sep 18, 2013
    This game is better than San Andreas, and that's one hell of an accomplishment. Grand Theft Auto V sets the standard (once again) for open world games. This is the best from all Rockstar games in one package. The combat from Red Dead Redemption/Max Payne 3, the customization from San Andreas, and of course the beautiful graphics and the Euphoria physics engine. Can't wait until GTA Online comes out October 1st. Game of the century. Expand
  82. Oct 3, 2013
    It comes to a point where "gaming", has evolved, it has evolved into something, not better, nor worse, but something different, Grand Theft Auto 5 it's the branch and justification on how games can, and will, talk about society at a whole other level, or even revolutionize the way we see technology to this date.

    Grand theft auto does not only jokes and critiques the whole, "american
    society" as we know it, but at the same time adds up several different in game mechanics and tweaks them like no other open world game ever has.
    One of the best things that Gta V increases it's his magnitude of the three dimensional world that presents to you by the name of "Los Santos", it's massive and each different area feels unique and special in it's on way. You don't necessarily need to be playing on a scripted sequence nor a unscripted sequence to enjoy the vast array that the city of Los Santos has to offer.

    Every activity, or mission, depending on how you want to call them, feels fresh and new, this happens because of the different areas where missions develop and present themselves, while at the same time keeping it's charm with crisp new dialog, every time you jump back in a different occasion into them. They really assimilate an illusion, and a reality that represents perfectly the effort and love that was put in the making of this "game".
    The missions and the characters are written and presented perfectly to, every single one of the main and co stars that appear in the game are lovable, and sometimes even identifiable, this adds up a huge feel of immersion that no other game manages to accomplish at such a scale as this game has.

    The game has his fare share of problems too, though most of them could give you the appearance that are mistakes that could've been fixed in a quick and efficient way, the vast majority of them tend to be there, for really complex reasons, that really make you question the design choices, that the team at Rockstar's headquarters had in their mind. Some of the missions feel, completely and utterly silly, and unnecessary, while some other feel extremely unique, and satisfying to accomplish. The real beauty of the game comes from the sense of maturity that handles, and the way it those it, the game it's mature for several different aspects and subjects that the game handles, and the way it handles them. They never feel unnecessary or dull, they always feel with a purpose and a reason in behind them being there, it's perfect while at the same time keeping the integrity of the criminality, and the brutality, of the reality, that some of this characters manage to have.

    Gta V never manages to break the experience and the illusion of being part of this terrible reality that can and will most of the times be comparable to our own society and the way it affects each single type of person, no matter what your political preferences are, or if you hate violence in entertainment, Gta V will always shine as being one of the best works of criminal entertainment and art, that has ever reached into our circle of appreciable culture, it's beautiful, terrifying, and brutal at the same time, Gta V it's a masterpiece, and a must play of anyone that has an interest in the series until now.
  83. Sep 23, 2013
    I can't stand all the hater's in this review section? Its unbelievable.. After all the garbage ass games that have came out recently your on here complaining about GTA 5 I mean its obvious that this game is amazing, everyone every where has heard of it, if not played it. IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH IS BEING A TRIPLE-A GAME, its because its an amazing video game. I mean people complaining that they didn't change it up enough, but will go out and buy call of duty every year. Complaining that one or two mini-games are lame, o jeez well go pick one of the fifty others then This game has so much stuff to do, so much content, so many missions, and online hasn't even been released yet! Haters gunna hate Rockstar, Keep doing what your doing! 1 billion in three days, holla Expand
  84. Sep 20, 2013
    Dear Escapist Magazine Writer,
    Get Out. No seriously. Get out of my internet. How dare you say that the reason you don't like this game is because the main characters are "scumbags". The game for gods sake is called Grand Theft Auto, named after a major crime. If you were expecting the main protagonists to be all nice and cuddly, then you should just kill your self now, and leave the rest
    of the planet more oxygen. How dumb could you be? Believe it or not, the protagonist does not have to be a goddamn model citizen. Anyways, this is my new favorite game. Its just so good. The soundtrack is perfectly picked and the game play is incredible, not to mention how beautiful the game looks. Buy this game Damn it.

    P.S. Escapist Magazine is the worst magazine on the planet, as all their writers apparently have down Syndrome. Good Day
  85. Sep 17, 2013
    I'm having a ball so far with this version of GTA.

    The story as always is quite shaky (but honestly when you're working with a pseudo-dark comedic setting like GTA how great is the story ever going to be?) but the characters so far are all likeable and I feel a connection with each on a varying level.

    The gunplay is quite fun though the snap-on aiming is bitter sweet. On one hand it
    can feel like the moment you poke your head out you're peppered with bullets and have to duck back into cover. On the other the snap on aiming means you only have to be out of cover for half a second, plink two or three guys and then back into cover, rinse and repeat. The snap on aiming can be disabled, but the controls are just a shade short of responsive and fluid enough for turning it off entirely to be a fix. That minor gripe aside, the guns are fun and the modding system is a welcome addition.

    I haven't gotten hugely far into the game as to test out the characer switching fuctionality, however it's a welcome addition so far and trailers would suggest it will encourage creative and outside-the-box thinking in missions.

    The world itself is beautiful and well done. It's surprising to see how much devs can wring out of current gen consoles.

    The cars are much more driveable than GTA IV which was a pleasant change. They're more responsive and quicker to get moving. However I imagine to some this will be less welcome as it affords a somewhat more arcade-like experience. My only complaint here is the removal of the impressive damage effects that GTA IV had. I had a ball just crashing cars in different ways in GTA IV and hitting them with rockets and grenades just to see the various crippling effects that could be inflicted on vehicles. GTA V moved back to a much more basic model where damage is more aesthetic and less likely to impact on vehicle performance.

    Overall it's well done. The various mini-games scattered about are mostly fun and the abundance of side missions ensures that you're never starved for something to do. Definitely a great game to close out this generation of consoles and makes one wonder what awaits in the next installation of the series on next-gen consoles.
  86. Sep 18, 2013
    This game is great and it improves on everything of GTA IV (Story, gameplay etc.) plus adds features. The only thing keeping me from giving it a 10 is the character development is one sided. Example you play as Franklin for the first couple hours (don't worry no spoilers) and then you start as Micheal and it was weird then first switch and then again once you begin play as Trevor. And also while this game is great and awesome it is not a revolution like some are saying it changes a lot about open world game but complete flip them on there heads? No thats the only two things keeping this from a perfect score. Expand
  87. Sep 18, 2013
    Gta V is really cool game. Do not listen to those who put a low score. This is the best GTA games in the series.
    (Sorry for mistakes, my english is very bad).
  88. Sep 24, 2013
    Grand Theft Auto V is the only game I've ever played that has lived up to its hype. I love this game, it's simply amazing. From exploring the depths of the sea in a submersible to soaring the sun-dazzled skies in a jet plane, this game will grab hold of you from the get-go to immerse you in its shear beauty. The three protagonists are all very interesting, and switching between them, whether on mission or off, is fluid enough to keep you wanting to find out more about this satirical reincarnation of L.A. that is Los Santos. I have been a fan of the GTA series ever since GTA 3, and can assure you that this new rendition is the best one yet. Ignore all the negative reviews written by the negligible, this game raises the bar for video game storytelling. Expand
  89. Sep 19, 2013
    this is he best game i have ever played. the graphics are not stellar but everything else is AMAZING. just think about the multiplayer!! anyone who is doubting getting this please get it!!
  90. Sep 19, 2013
    I Think this is the best GTA Game ever, better than San Andreas In My Opinion, because it have a majority of things of San Andreas, and much more, 69 misions, allrigh, poor mission number, but with 3 characters, the history of 69 missions can last more than all GTA San Andreas Missions (104), but more than 50 are the same, Go with the car at one location, kill some people, go away.
    this, this misions are great!, and the additional missions (21) are so great and are like main missions but not necesary, and all of them adds a waay of time in this game, i am in the mission #53 and i have the game since september 17, playing it all day, all night, and i don't get bored, is the perfect game with the perfect character with the perfect things to do and Missions, if you reading this review and you have the game, GO AWAY AND PLAY IT! Expand
  91. Sep 19, 2013
    Grand Theft Auto 5 brings a face lift to the GTA series sending you back to the wild and beautiful San Andreas. Grand Theft Auto 5 never disappoints with its missions or its dialogue. Grand Theft Auto 5 doesn't just have one protagonist but 3! Michael, Franklin and Trevor all very different and unique characters really bring the story alive, The story pulls you in and doesn't let go until you're drenched in sweat from excitement. The world is large and beautiful with greatly improved graphics from Grand Theft Auto 4 the magical coding Wizards at Rockstar North have pulled off making one of the best games of all time... Maybe even the best. Expand
  92. Sep 20, 2013
    Literally the greatest game ever made. Amazing soundtrack, Next generation ultimate story. Rockstar really did it this time. The advancement on car, gun and gameplay mechanics is huge and consequently makes the game very enjoyable. With plenty to do from Tennis, Triathlons and flight school to hardcore torture missions Grand Theft Auto 5 has it all and deserves easily 10/10, 100/100.
  93. Sep 23, 2013
    GTA 5 is a phenomenal game, first off I am a PC gamer but seeing as I have an xbox, it will not effect this review. GTA 5 Felt kind of like the driving of a Midnight Club game, and had a solid shooting system (far different from gta 4). The game world feels massive and is insanely immersive, I have played for ten hours and only completed 20% of the game, on top of that I have only explored about 1/3 of the world of San Andreas, and barely started any side activities (shooting ranges, triathlons, biking, strip clubs). In GTA 4 side missions were boring and the main mission felt the same way, but everything in this game feels much more fresh and enjoyable. Many people don't bring this up, but this is the smartest game you will probably ever play, it's comments on politics, culture, and overall life seems to nail everyone, but does it in a subtle way (comedic political bickering on the radio). Though this is one if the best games I have played in years... It's not perfect, there are rare pop-in's, and the gunplay isn't perfect (it's really good, but not perfect). Other than that this game is phenomenal, and once it arrives on PC I will buy it again. Expand
  94. Sep 24, 2013
    This is the best GTA ever, and the best game ever, anyone who rates this game lower than a 10 frankly doesn't know what gaming's all about. Thank god there's a company like Rockstar out there who know exactly what gamers want, this is why it made £500m in 24 hours on sale, keep up the good work rockstar.
  95. Sep 30, 2013
    GTA V is a technical Masterpiece. It boasts extremely high quality in all its constituent parts; a VAST amount of content and industry leading immersion It is second to none, and without a doubt one of the best 5 games ever made, if not the best.

    It is also morally indefensible, violent, crude, stupid and repugnant. It wafts of misogyny and cruelty. It has an irreverent and misplaced
    sense of humor. And is astoundingly politically incorrect. For once the argument that video games are dangerous, and make people crazy might even be true.

    All in all a PERFECT game. Buy it today!

  96. Sep 26, 2013
    This is a brilliant game from start to finish. There really isn't a finish and that is what is so enjoyable about this game...

    Other than the trifecta of protagonists there are many other new additions that make this entry into the franchise worth experiencing.

    Some of the freshness comes from the Heists, which are elongated missions that are somewhat challenging and offer large cash
    rewards to the player. These missions punctuate different parts of the main campaign and my only wish was that there were more of them. GTA online promises that this hope will become a reality in a few days.

    Another new addition are the 'Strangers and Freaks' missions which always offer a nice variety of gameplay mechanics when meeting any of the numerous NPCs that dot the map with question mark icons. One NPC might challenge you to a mini triathlon while another asks you to ride at high speed alongside a limo while he takes pictures of the celebrity inside.

    The overall size of the world is almost intimidating. There is no part of it that isn't well realized or a waste of space. I thought I would hate the desert or mountainous areas but it turns out that many of my most memorable events from my current playthrough have happened there. This is a testament to the talent of the developers and many games fall short when attempting to create a map that players really want to explore.

    There's just no denying it. The longer you have to develop a game the richer the experience for the player.

    If you love open world games then this is a must own and the new gold standard of sandbox gaming.
  97. Sep 27, 2013
    The story isnt one huge story, its more like a perfect combination of many small storys. The gameplay is much better than gta 4, the movement is much easier and checkpoints help the game to make longer mission. The game deserves a 10 and the user score should be much higher
  98. Sep 28, 2013
    THIS IS INSANE: I'm a 40 year old gamer and have been since games began but this game is truly Unreal, there is nothing not to like, its mind blowing and epic, its why Game's will overtake Movie's within the next 10 years, i genuinely don't know how they have produced this, its on another level. BTW: i quite GTA 4 as there was to much to do??!
  99. Apr 17, 2014
    [Sorry for my english, I'm french]
    There are already lots of reviews but I'll write mine.
    This game is simply my favorite game of all time ! It is a travel to a world where I would live :)
    This GTA is more than a GTA, every mecanics are perfect, play this game is a pure pleasure, the story is bewitching, the 3 characters bring to the game a brilliant way to play, the graphics are
    amazing and the map too...
    There are so many things to do about this masterpiece...
    I have already written lots of review about this game for my country, France, so I'm tired of tell everytime the same things but this "game" is AMAZING, that's a fact !
  100. May 3, 2014
    This game is cool. I mean, look at the gameplay! They added some new features like animals and anything. Although I am no longer a GTA fan, I'm still liking this game.

Universal acclaim - based on 58 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 57 out of 58
  2. Negative: 0 out of 58
  1. Dec 12, 2013
    Grand Theft Auto V offers one of the best sandbox experiences ever, filled to the brink with stuff to do. The vistas are magnificent and amazing stuff just seems to happen wherever you go. But at the same time the story is tired and the characters unoriginal. Your appreciation of Grand Theft Auto V will depend of what you want out of the series. The freedom and joy of discovery is hard to beat but the rest still has some ways left to go.
  2. Nov 6, 2013
    GTA V continues the game series' tradition of raising the bar for open world action games.
  3. Nov 5, 2013
    Tons of gameplay hours, plenty of missions and activities with an awesome collection of vehicles of various modes of transportation and a large array of firearms put the grandeur once again into Grand Theft Auto.