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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 32 out of 53
  2. Negative: 1 out of 53
  1. The graphics, sound, and gameplay all add up to an amazing gaming experience that is fueled by a well crafted story. The missions are varied, the characters are well developed, and the title comes together as *the best* western game ever to be made.
  2. I would have liked to have seen a multiplayer shoot out of some sort in the game, or a draw between two players, to see who the fastest one is. But, I think lag was the main reason these didn’t make it in, maybe next time.
  3. Visually, Gun is one of the prettiest looking titles I’ve seen in terms of quality of design.
  4. 90
    A skillfully crafted work of art that delivers a high level of entertainment from start to finish, especially in high-definition and Dolby Digital audio (highlighted by great western music). But Gun won't jump out at you as a next-gen technological masterpiece--it's just too early for that.
  5. The game’s music fits a Western-themed game very well while providing enough oomph to make the battles appear even more dramatic.
  6. Gun surrounds you with characters and a story that put their own stamp on the genre and make you a participant in a grand adventure that stands up to the rich tales of the legendary west. [Dec 2005, p.150]
  7. If you love a good western then GUN has all those clichéd moments with Indians, stagecoaches, trains, gunfights, jailbreaks, and everything else that has become a staple in western lore.
  8. It isn't a short game to beat, but after you're done there's no online play to make you go back to it. Still, a solid game.
  9. On the one hand, it's a great adventure game and yes certain areas could have been polished. The problem is that they only enhanced the graphics and the audio a bit for the 360 version. In other words, for those who already own it for the Xbox system, aside from enhanced graphics and 360 acievements there isn't much of a difference.
  10. The gameplay mechanics in Gun are a lot of fun, and can be picked up and learned pretty easily with a little tiny bit of practice.
  11. I sincerely hope that Gun does well enough to warrant a Gun 2, and that the sequel really fills out the gameplay and lets it truly live up to its full potential.
  12. Even though it has open-ended free roaming aspects, it feels far more like a short linear game supplemented by hidden areas and bonus missions.
  13. The gameplay's neither terribly exciting nor really unique in the world of action games, and what uniqueness we get from the setting is about all it really has (other than the core story which happens to be pretty damn good).
  14. 80
    You'll likely be so enthralled by the riveting story that you simply won't notice the hours flying by. Of course, that's also due in no small part to the fact that the game is unsatisfyingly short.
  15. Gun is a darn good Western and really the only action title of its kind available for the Xbox 360, but since its already available on current gen consoles I wouldn't purchase a new system to play it.
  16. The Xbox 360 version does benefit from being graphically better than its previous cousins, and, as a result, it's the best version out there, providing an experience that absolutely, positively nails the Wild West as it's supposed to be.
  17. One of the best action games to come along in recent memory. It’s unfortunate that the experience ends so quickly, but few games twice as long leave behind such a lasting impression as remains after completing this adventure in the Old West.
  18. A game that has a mature storyline, bloody, and gritty action and some wide-open fun in a scary game world.
  19. The big surprise comes from the strength of the narrative, which crackles with snappy dialogue and characters that show real emotion. [Jan 2006, p.47]
  20. A pleasant surprise and incredibly fun, but far too brief and in need of some more polish. Count me first in line for the sequel.
  21. Gun may not showcase the true power of the Xbox 360, it is still one slick open-ended shooter that does justice to the Western theme.
  22. One of the strongest aspects of the game is the outstanding story.
  23. Are you a fan of westerns? If so, there’s no reason not to grab Gun while you wait for the next round of 360 titles to hit, but it’s so short and offers little replay value so a rental is probably in your best fiscal interests.
  24. If there's a nit to pick with Gun, it's that it's short. Depending on how much you poke around, you can beat it in anywhere from six to ten hours. To us, that's no problem; we'll take a short amazing game over a long lackluster one any day.
  25. 79
    You've got a rich and compelling narrative, a twitch-happy gun mechanic, and a big landscape in which to explore. On the other hand, the controls are loose and a little sloppy, the targeting perimeter around each character is way too big and forgiving, so it's easy to be a bad shooter, and the vast landscape doesn't have much in it.
  26. After playing through it once, I was left feeling a little disappointed. GUN is still a fun adventure, but lacks in some elements that could have made it a real hit.
  27. Fast paced action, with a fast-paced storyline that ends much too soon. The game feels like an unbalanced mix of realistic combat and shooting gallery mechanics.
  28. It runs into problems that stem from not being produced exclusively for the new console, and from overly formulaic third person shooter material.
  29. A solid game that, on all platforms, performs admirably, draws you into the story, takes itself (and you) seriously, and does the genre proud. It's too thin around the waist to really tangle with the big boys.
  30. A must-rent because of its enjoyable campaign, but I’m afraid that’s all, due to its major deficiency in replay value.
  31. But it's the story line that will grab your attention as you wander from quest point to quest point, doing missions to help figure out where you really come from and how you can avenge dear old Dad.
  32. It's a crying shame that Gun for 360 didn't get the next-gen love it deserves. [Jan 2006, p.62]
  33. 74
    Graphics are not top notch, not even close to it. Make no mistake, this game is a port of a PS2 game brought to Xbox 360 and it looks even less impressive than the Xbox version.
  34. It tries to be a big free roaming blockbuster but ultimately fails on too many accounts to make it what it wants to be.
  35. It’s just unfortunate it’s over all too soon, because there is some good action here – the execution is just a bit off.
  36. The majority of the game is one long gunfight, shifting between a traditional free-looking aim to lock-on, slow-mo shooting. It's good stuff, if you don't mind your foes acting like targets in a carnival game.
  37. This really is how a Western shooter is supposed to be made, the players at Neversoft have shown that they can do more than skateboarding games. This is a mature rated game and rightly so, you’ll see buckets of blood and even though the graphics are nothing out of this world for this console the game is still a decent launch title for any 360 owner.
  38. It's the carefully judged pace and variety of Gun that tightens your grip on its pommel and adds the real beauty to the sunset you'll pause to enjoy after a grueling shootout. [Official UK Xbox Magazine]
  39. GUN is a very fun game to mess around with, yet playing the Xbox 360 version felt very underwhelming when compared to the Xbox version.
  40. Its last-generational visuals aside, the game offers intense shoot-outs, horseback chases and loads of explosions all packaged in a succinct, and rather violent, story.
  41. On its own merits, it is hard to justify paying $60 to buy Gun. It is a solid game, but when you can have essentially the same experience on Xbox for less money, I do not see the point in buying it for the Xbox 360.
  42. Essentially a last-gen game. [Issue #2]
  43. With no multiplayer modes and a barely noticeable graphical upgrade, the only upside to owning GUN for 360 as opposed to any other current-gen platform are the ‘accomplishments’—unlockable rewards that contribute to your Xbox Live account’s Gamerscore.
  44. It's disappointing to be sure, because when you get right down to it, this could be an absolutely excellent game. With better graphics and a tad longer story this game might have been a contender game of the year in some category or another.
  45. On the Xbox 360, this short Old West action adventure feels old all right. And its fairly fun shooting action is dragged down by a slapdash presentation.
  46. Whilst the production values of GUN are high in every possible way, it's let down by a short campaign and an overly structured dynamic of side-missions. The truth is that for a game that should have been GTA: Wild West it's far too restrictive an experience and one that will disappoint those expecting it to deliver wholeheartedly.
  47. The setting lends itself perfectly to the premise, yet ultimately the overly forgiving combat system makes the game too damned easy.
  48. Visually it is probably one of the worst, if not the worst looking game on Xbox 360, and the extra ten you pay for it is a clear sign to stay away from this game.
  49. 60
    In particular, it's disappointing to see that extra processing power hasn't gone to make the horses feel more responsive and real.
  50. Gun for the Xbox 360 plays well enough, and is a lot of fun, but simply not woth the money. No improvement in graphic quality on the 360 makes the PS2 or Xbox version a better buy.
  51. Why roam freely (when the game lets you, which is by no means always) when all that’s out there to find is an empty trek between jarring episodes of production-line gaming? [Christmas 2005, p.105]
  52. Far too generic to be considered anything other than average. [Christmas 2005, p.114]
  53. 40
    A quick and dirty port of a current generation game is a nasty move on behalf of Activision, especially when the Xbox 360 offers much more compelling software for a similar price.
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  1. Kai-ErikJensen
    Jul 30, 2008
    Many of the complaints I hear about this game are about the graphics the game has. However I think that regardless of the graphics this gameMany of the complaints I hear about this game are about the graphics the game has. However I think that regardless of the graphics this game ought to be high on everybody's lists. It has been a long time since any console has had a good western game. Gun's exellent gunplay fun chase scenes and interesting side missions make it a classic game that anybody ought to play. And at $20 it's a great deal. Full Review »
  2. BobR.
    Jul 16, 2007
    This game may not show off the power of the Xbox 360, but it still has better graphics than the WII will ever have. Concerning the game I This game may not show off the power of the Xbox 360, but it still has better graphics than the WII will ever have. Concerning the game I found the gamplay area to be small and not enough opportunities to make money(more side missions). My opinion is this game should be bought but of coarse I like gun game, so it portrayes the title very well. Full Review »
  3. Mr.Fly
    May 30, 2007
    Easily one of the most fun games on the console. Not at all attractive but very entertaining. A definite pre-owned / budget purchase.