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  • Summary: [Xbox Live Arcade] The Gunstar 9 planet was peaceful for many years until the vicious dictator Colonel Red kidnapped the Gunstar twins' older brother, and used mind control to make him his slave. Now, face many different enemies and bosses in Gunstar Heroes, as you battle to stop the dictator from unleashing "Golden Silver the Destructor" with apocalyptic consequences! Multiple game modes: Play all four game modes, and save your progress as you battle the forces of Colonel Red. Multiplayer: Play local multiplayer, or co-op multiplayer over Xbox LIVE. [Sega] Expand
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  1. 80
    Fun co-op play, fun weapons, short and sweet.
  2. Astro Boy on the GBA might be better, actually. [Issue#48, p.99]
  3. 80
    Despite being a little on the short side, Gunstar Heroes is a great port of a fantastic game. At the price, it's hard not to give it another go.
  4. The hardcore will lap it up, but anyone who still remembers what it's like to grin like an idiot while blasting hundreds of enemies will more than get their money's worth as well.
  5. 80
    If you've never played Gunstar Heroes then this is a required download. It's one of the best side-scrolling action games ever created and remains a lot of fun today. Even if you have already played it, the easy achievements and online co-op may be good reason to take it for another spin.
  6. At $5, there's no excuse not to relive the joy. [Oct 2009, p.77]
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  1. Jan 21, 2012
    Platforming STG. Perfect in almost every way. A fantastic weapon switching system, that offers many useful and unique combinations, expansive platforming levels with great diversity, colorful characters and awesome bosses. This game is just as good now as it ever was, with plenty of content to keep you playing through again, and again, and again... Even better in co-op. Expand
  2. Feb 4, 2014
    Gunstar Heroes was undoubtedly one of the stand out titles available on the Sega Mega Drive. A side scrolling shooter players could combine all manner of different weapons as well as performing sliding and jumping attacks in order to defeat enemies, as well as some brilliantly animated bosses, across the games multiple levels.

    This Xbox Live re-release is exactly the same game that was released way back in 1993 and, whilst it is easy to see why it was so well regarded at the time, its gameplay simply lacked the overall depth and variety to keep me interested for any significant period of time. For the low price at which it is available it is well worth a look but I personally enjoyed more modern efforts, such as Astro Boy and Gunstar Super Heroes on the Game Boy Advance a lot more.