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  1. Feb 3, 2013
    Doggy-chew for the fanboys. Don't expect any originality or new content for that matter here. Don't believe me? Look at the 10's. Save your money and go buy a quality FPS, like Half Life. Anything beat this turd of a game, really.
  2. Dec 2, 2012
    Distinct sense of "Meh" - the Halo storylines have become weaker and weaker since the original. The single-player campaign is of course graphically gorgeous, but boring and unmotivated as all heck. The enemy AI is seriously dumb; the one redeeming quality is the ability to play coop.
  3. Nov 8, 2012
    Halo 4 is a great total package in terms of both MP and SP, the campaign is short but very entertaining, I have a few qualms with it but it will keep you entertained and this is something previous Halo campaigns have failed to do, also the ending is rather skeptical but this is the beginning of a new trilogy so there is plenty of time to develop and explain the rest of the story and I look forward to it. This is a great start for 343i and gives me hope that the franchise can only get better from here as they improve as a company.

    The MP is a big improvement over Reach due to faster gameplay flow, better bullet registration, less powerful Armour abilities and no random gun mechanics such as bloom in Reach or spread in H3, this gives the game a lot of competitive potential which may take a bit of modification to realise, ordinance drops are a questionable decision but they are only present in the infinity playlists and they often add a bit of fun. If you are worried about loadouts then I can tell you that their effect is limited as the best stuff imo is unlocked fairly close to the start and it allows players to mould weapons, perks and AAs to their play style and it gives the game a bit more variety. One of the most positive aspects of the Halo 4 MP is the incredible balance of the weapons sandbox, there are a lot of new weapons with the introduction of the prometheans and any FPS fan would expect there to be a lot of overpowered weapons and a lot of underpowered weapons, this is not the case as most if not all weapons have a certain use, all power weapons are limited or can be countered in some way and all primary/precision weapons are useful and you can choose them based on your play style and whatever scenario you are presented with. The main problem with the Halo 4 MP is the lack of good competitive 4v4 maps, a problem it shares with its predecessor, none of these maps stand out for me and they all seem mediocre, this is a shame because one of the best things about CE/2/3 were great and memorable arena style maps, I for one hope the DLC fixes this problem. The BTB maps are thoroughly enjoyable though.

    I recommend playing Spartan Ops with friends because the story doesn't require very much attention and this will maximise the fun factor, otherwise the missions will become rather repetitive. This mode was brought in as a replacement to FireFight and I appreciate this decision, Reach's FF was so inferior to that of ODST's that I am glad they didn't continue to go down that road, hopefully we will see it revitalised in a later title. Having a new episode released every week is a great benefit for fans as sometimes when you first get a new game you can be overwhelmed with the amount of content there, gradually releasing these over time makes you relax and enjoy what you are currently doing whether it be MP or SP and it also gives you something to look forward to. This is also a great idea from 343i as it will get more people coming back to their game months after release and possibly participating in other features and this will help the long-term success of the game.

    Unfortunately custom games options have been downgraded from Reach which is a big disappointment, the game feels limited in this aspect especially from a competitive POV but some things will hopefully be worked out. Theater was downgraded from H3 in Reach and I am sorry to say that it remains that way, you are still unable to watch films with your friends which I found a great way to kill time in H3 so this is disappointing.

    This is where my reviews usefulness takes a turn for the worst as I have never been a forge fan so I cannot rate it at this time, the quality of forge will become apparent when community made maps are released into MatchMaking.

    So overall I give this game a 7.8/10, the MP gets and individual score of 8/10 and it exceeded my expectations. The campaign gets a 7/10 and it lived up to my expectations. Other enjoyable features bring the average up slightly. This makes me a happy guy and I will probably end up putting at least 100 hours into this game so my money has been well spent, long-term Halo fans needn't worry about wasting their money.
  4. Nov 7, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Halo 4 is a sad, sorry sequel to a good series. From start to finish, the game underperforms dramatically; the level design is insipid and repetitive, the enemy design ridiculous, the gamefeel vague or even absent. Major plot points and characters pass by without comment from the Chief or Cortana, critical events go unnoticed, there is no air of mystery or wonder. Halo has always been about being pitted against incredible odds in a high-stakes gamble for the fate of the galaxy; this time it feels like a hissy fight between Cortana and a monkey in a ball.

    Overall, the game is forgettable and bland, lacking any flair or polish. I regret paying $60 for this game; hell, I'd regret paying $30.
  5. Nov 7, 2012
    I've only gotten about 4 and a half hours of gameplay under my belt in the single player campaign of Halo 4 but I've come away with several early - and mostly negative - impressions. Remember these are just impressions and NOT designed to be a full review which means my score may change at a later date. Also, this will be long and Metacritic's lack of carriage returns may make it difficult to read - as usual, I will delineate paragraphs with several pipe characters. |||| First, it's clear Halo 4 uses a modified version of Unreal Engine 3. This doesn't come as a surprise to me as I seem to recall that the engine, itself, was one of the few things Bungie got to keep when they broke off from Microsoft. However, typical Unreal Engine issues like texture pop in and terrible in game text overlays are prevalent throughout the game, often to the detriment of gameplay. |||| Graphically, the game looks nice except for the fact they went crazy with lens flares and bloom effects. I read one user review who made a similar complaint by stating that "if you try to scope in to snipe, your eyeballs will get burned out of your sockets". It may sound like an exaggeration but it is not. The game is heavy on in your face lighting effects which often blind you even when brightness is turned down to its lowest setting in the game options. The best way I can describe it is the same kind of effect you get if you're facing east as the sun comes up over the horizon or if you're driving east into the early morning sun. The glare blinds and washes everything out. |||| The music is decent but it lacks the punch and significance of the scores of the previous Halo titles. A lot of that is because the composer replaced orchestral arrangements with electronic ones. It's a better score than most games but it just doesn't live up to the quality we became accustomed to by the former musical masters of Halo, Marty O'Donnell and Michael Salvatori. Sound effects are disappointing overall. Guns, especially the human/UNSC ones, sound like toys rather than weapons and vehicles sound "off", for lack of a better way to describe them. |||| Speaking of weapons and vehicles, what a disappointment! The Forerunner weapons absolutely suck when you use them but they can two shot you when the enemy AI uses them. This is undoubtedly a byproduct of playing on Legendary difficulty, but that still doesn't excuse the fact that I feel as though I'd be more effective throwing stones than using a boltshot pistol or the lightrifle. Human weapons are vastly underpowered (except the Battle Rifle, which you don't find often) while Covenant weapons are quite powerful (remember, this is regarding campaign, not multiplayer). The Covenant Carbine, which has always been a single shot assault rifle (think of the M1 Garand), can double as a sniper rifle in this iteration of the game. Vehicles, by contrast, handle much differently than in past titles. The Covenant's Banshee and Ghost feel slow and sluggish while the UNSC's Warthog is quick to lose control and go flipping down the path. |||| I haven't really messed with multiplayer much but, so far, it looks like they've tried cloning Call of Duty's "loadout" style with Halo's sci-fi trappings. This doesn't surprise me too much as we started to see this with Halo: Reach while it was still under Bungie's leadership but multiplayer now feels like 343 simply cloned Modern Warfare and called it a day. Even Spartan Ops is basically just a copy of Call of Duty's Spec Ops mode. |||| As a self-confessed Halo fanboy (it's one of the few franchises that I have every single title for), I'm growing increasingly disappointed with Halo 4 as I play it. 343 Industries didn't take any real risks with the franchise nor did they attempt to make it their own. They merely copied elements of what made Halo popular, copied other popular shooter elements for multiplayer, then covered the game in high gloss. |||| Hopefully it gets better. Hopefully I won't run into more quick time events (which have no place in this franchise). At this point, hope is all I have. Expand
  6. Dec 4, 2012
    doesn't matter what we say on here, they sold millions and made millions, they could give a **** less if they create **** games, as long as they make money. The Xbox 360 is extremely under powered, and has been showing its age for a very long time now. The art in this game was the only reason it looked good, otherwise the low res textures, jagged lines, and horrible fade distance just destroyed the graphics on this game. If you like games for combat and no other reason then this game will be perfect for you. If you like depth to the gameplay, and a story that is not serialized, and actually makes sense then this game will be VERY boring. And thats what this game is. Despite the things that it does well with the combat, sound effects, and art, the game in the end lacks an interesting story that makes sense, and has very shallow gameplay. Plus the main story is extremely short. This game can be beaten in a day. Why do they keep making this crap? And now that it has become serialized, its just going to get worse and worse. Expand
  7. Nov 7, 2012
    Same old Halo. Just a teaser for Halo 5 on Xbox720.
    -It´s an OK Halo.
    -You have to read the (great) Halo books (kilo-five and forerunner trilogies) to grasp the plot of this game.
    -Multiplayer has been "CODified".
  8. Nov 9, 2012
    I was hoping this halo would get me back into the franchise, but its just more of the same. So if you are a halo fan you'll love it. But if your not, this probably won't change your mind. Still a solid game though.
  9. Nov 6, 2012
    Quick Review: Graphics: 10/10 Absolutely gorgeous. Cut scenes are better than Wars. Story: 9.5 Greg Bear definitely had a large part in this. Gameplay: 9.5 Slightly repetitive but it kept me interested throughout. Multiplayer: 9.5 Very, very fun, much better than Reach. Dialogue: 10 Brilliant Writing. Soundtrack: 9.5 Average is above 9.5, so it rounds up to 10.
  10. Nov 6, 2012
    My son and I took the day off to play co-op through story like we have with every other Halo game. We loved every second of it. It's not only the most technically impressive Halo to date, it's also the most emotional. If you're a Halo fan, you will not be disappointed.
  11. Nov 8, 2012
    This is my first review here. I signed up just to write this review. I want to start by saying it's really sad and unbiased to watch how many reviewer have given a 0 to this game. It just shows how hateful they are about this game. But again look at my score and you can say I'm overreacting. I'm from a country called Costa Rica and for us is hard to watch the entire world get this kind of games the same day they get out. After avoiding every single spoiler on the internet, I got my hands on Halo 4. I love this series for me there's no other tittle with so much story in and out the game. I've read the novels and I own a lot of stuff of Halo. Yes I'm a big fan. But not a blind one, I know when something is good and when it's not. In this case knowing that most of the team in charge of creating halo 4 already worked for bungie, I thought halo 4 would be a great game. And guess what, I was wright. Repeating what people have been saying about the game, it has amazing visuals, environment music and awesome multiplayer. The turn of events in this game were well thought and the ending was sad/emotional/great. There's a million possibilities where 343 can take this game from now on. But let's get to the point, should you buy this game or not? IMHO i think you should! You won't regret it you will have a lot of fun with it. Well worth the money. Ah ... and good luck to haters, because as the saying says: "haters gonna hate". Expand
  12. Nov 8, 2012
    So disappointed it isnt multi language (audio) like previous games of halo, not even the multiplayer annoncer is in english but horrible translated to spanish and i cant change it, changing system language & location doesnt work
  13. Nov 10, 2012
    After Reach, I had all but lost faith in Halo and it's apparent new COD clone direction. Halo didn't need to do this, it has a fanboy like following and vets that have played since CE enjoy Halo for it's pure multiplayer which entails skill not cheap tactics. Changing it to a concerted mess of perks and armour abilities (a la CoD) was driving the Halo community away, myself included. Now comes Halo 4 and 343 industries have taken the reigns to create a new Halo trilogy following on from Bungie's original. Now for the most part, H4 rectifies the wrongs of Reach and returns SOME of the classic Halo we know and love, but sadly there is still too much inspiration drawn from Call of Duty. If I wanted CoD I would buy the originators of the Cod formula not transgress to a game that is trying to imitate it. The inclusion of the classic BR along with the DMR is nice and creates a sense of who's better in a firefight. The sprint button is also a welcome addition when you consider how archaic H3 felt without it. However armour abilities/ordnance drops and the new SAW gun are over powered, cheap and again as I've reiterated before too similar to Cods unbalanced MP. Despite these flaws MP can still be fun, especially when playing in bare bones modes like Slayer Pro (which is more like classic halo) and modes such as flood can be a relief from competitive game types. The game is in need of Team SWAT, MLG and team doubles but I'm confident these will appear in due course. In terms of single player this game is typical Halo, Sci-Fi movie esque which does a great job telling a story and the dynamic between Master Chief and Cortana and is possibly the most deep and intriguing story to date for the Halo franchise. It's again best shared co-operatively, especially if you attempt Legendary, the only gripe being it is relatively short coming in anywhere between 4-7 hours. Finally as many have said and will experience for themselves, this game is gorgeous, with sprawling lush landscapes and character facial models bettered only by LA Noire. Expand
  14. Nov 10, 2012
    Its so nuts how short sighted, ignorant and trendy gamers are. This game is fantastic. Despite other peoples opinions on how 343 "doesnt understand" what makes Halo multiplayer and story so good (even though Frank O'Connor and a bunch of other former bungie employees and co-creators moved to 343i and are helming the new Halos) this game fulfills all my hopes of what Bungie should have done with the Master Chief and Cortana in terms of characterization and narrative as well as adding much needed new characters into the fold like Lasky(from the kilo five trilogy), the didact and librarian (from the Forerunner trilogy) and sarah palmer. In terms of multiplayer the hit the mark by adding perks but still retaining the balance the series had before. Also i find it funny how people assume that CoD was the beginning of shooters when really it borrowed from predecessors like Halo, Day of Defeat, Counterstrike and Battlefield. Im in no way holding that against any of the respective franchises because that would just be as ignorant and short sighted as most of the reviewers claiming plagerism and ripping of call of duty but i bring it up because almost everything in gaming, as in other art forms, has been done before and will inspire other games so the naive people with the sense of entitlement that every game released should be inovative and redifine the genre should otherwise, it deserves a 0 despite Halo having great production values, compeling story, fun competitive multiplayer and gorgeous graphics should probably stop playing games in general because your they are in for a rough life. Expand
  15. Nov 14, 2012
    weak story mode drives the whole package down but spartan ops is a neat side mode and the mutiplayer. is very good the weapons make for intease battles and are more skill based then reaches they feel more like halo 3s gunplay
    the maps are fun and regicde is a great twist on ffa and the fleshed out zombie mode is very cool
    the graphics are some of the best on the. xbox to date also and
    the combat feels so much more balanced. the lucky unskilled kills of reach are gone love it so far Expand
  16. Nov 28, 2012
    (the halo 4 story was satisfying IMO, this review is more centered on the multiplayer)

    I Love halo, and also enjoy cod on many occasions. These games should be kept separate; converging their features don't make you gain both audiences. 343 said when asked about implemented COD features "Yea we want more of the market share of players, that's the major reason for the change." This game
    should probably receive around an 8-9, but for a halo game, it deserves a 6, plain and simple. I am a huge fan/player of halo 2, 3 and reach online. Halo 4 fails in my opinion to retain its uniqueness of the halo series. I actually enjoyed the fact that sprint was not inherent in previous halo's, IMO this is a core game mechanic that should have been retained. While the Cod mechanics don't technically make for a bad game, they do drastically change the way the game plays. I am surprised to see so many 9's and 10's from halo fans, I would have thought the changes toward COD would yield 7's and 8's at most. I didn't want ANOTHER Cod, I wanted another Halo. Expand
  17. Nov 8, 2012
    The single player campaign is entertaining up to a point but then you reach a level where you are stuck using the lame Promethean weapons, which look cool at first but feel just like hi-tech versions of the human weapons. 343 are really lazy with level design and there aren't many classic Halo moments of jaw dropping scenery. Lots of the later levels look similar and the final third of the game is just a slog. I could forgive most of this if it wasn't for the Call of Duty style multiplayer mode. 3 games online and my friends and I went straight back to playing Halo Reach. Massive disappointment. Expand
  18. Nov 14, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Surprisingly 343 delivered well, i enjoyed the story, the new gun sounds or different gun sounds, a new enemy, new death animations (the fading out) the story is still a bit holed on a lot of ends, but none of it is major enough to effect the game. I would've loved to here more about the "Librarian", the "didact"(hope i spelled that right), and more about lasky as well as the characters. Del Rio can go to HE double hockey sticks. Great voice acting, from the action series lasky looks very different in game. The AI is still pretty much useless as always. And your really doing everything on your own. Overall i am surprised. Graphics-..., Gameplay-7, New stuff-10, Acting out-10 i haven't played any multiplayer or tried any custom games yet so yea... Expand
  19. Nov 9, 2012
    I'll cut to the chase: the graphics are top notch, best on the Xbox 360. Voice active and cut scenes were superb. The game had great pacing in the first two thirds. Changes the history of Halo in terms of what we "thought" we knew about the ancient Forerunners.

    However, there's a lot NOT to like.

    The game has no third act, no final boss fight, lame musical score (good music, but
    nothing as epic as the original Halo trilogy), poor level design toward the end, and missing old features (no more dual wielding, no SMG). The game ends and you're literally like WTF, this is over already? It's easily the SHORTEST campaign (took me six hours on Heroic). You never fight the new villain except in a cut scene. Yup, heard right, you beat the villain in a cut scene. The game literally feels like Act One of a three act play, which isn't a good thing. At least Halo 1, 2, and 3 were all complete games with their own full story arch as part of a larger trilogy.

    The beginning of the game is fun, tons of fun, but the last third is lame in comparison. They introduce all of the new weapons and alien bad guys in by the second mission so later on in the game you never get any new toys, no new challenges, no new surprises. The fun "race against the clock" missions and flying missions are all in the first half, so the second half is just running through repetitive corridors to active a button, then through more corridors to hit another button, rinse and repeat.

    The musical score is good, but nothing that gets your blood pumping. If anything the whole score is just slow, sad, and depressing music. Nothing ever feels epic. Especially at one point in the game when the main bad guy (remember, the one you never get to fight) is slaughtering an entire city of humans. But you don't care. Remember in Halo 2 when the Covenant is attacking Earth? Remember when the game had cut scenes showing the death and destruction, with radio traffic of people crying out and military commanders begging for help as they're being overrun? Yup, Halo 4 has none of that. An entire city is being destroyed and it's like an afterthought in the game. There is NO urgency, no tension, no dread. You just kinda go from one place to the next.

    While I was disappointed with the single player, I was briefly hopeful that Spartan Ops would justify the money I spent on this purchase. Sadly, while the awesome cut scenes promised a lot, I was again let down. I beat the COOP Spartan Ops in under 30 minutes. Yup, all six missions, What makes it worse is each mission is nothing but five minutes of running from one button to the next. Yup, nothing more than more "get here, hit button; go there, hit button" BS that ruined the single player.

    Overall, Halo 4 felt like one big step backwards. It promised so much but delivers so little. I'm hopeful Halo 5 and 6 will deliver, but until then this game is going back to Best Buy. From now on I'll be renting any games developed by 343 Industries.
  20. Nov 8, 2012
    Halo 2 is probably my favorite shooter ever, I played Halo 2's multi-player for far more hours than I would ever want to count. This game does not live up to Halo's reputation, the graphics are the best they have ever been but in just about every other aspect this game comes up short. The campaign is weak but my real problem is with the multi-player. The matchmaking system is probably the worst in any game I have ever played, games regularly start with 4 or 5 players on one team and only 1 or 2 on the other. Taking a cue from Call of Duty they have decided to include kill cams. These kill cams frequently show me getting killed by people shooting 3 or 4 feet to the side of my character or getting splattered by a vehicle which quite clearly didn't touch me at all. The music which defined Halo is also gone. 343 Industries wont see any more of my money, I'm sorry to say that I am done with what was my favorite franchise growing up. Expand
  21. Nov 14, 2012
    This game is just HALO 4 trying to copy COD which equals garbage..................................................................................................
  22. Nov 13, 2012
    Halo has been and will always be a game of brilliant visual and excellent story writing. Often times it holds itself more like a movie than a game. Halo 4 by itself told a new story that, while following the story of the previous games, felt like a new idea. Halo is a game of nostalgia, but this sequel was mostly new ideas and scrapping a lot of the old (possibly overplayed) ones, so people who think Halo Combat Evolved was the best and halo reach was the worst first person Halo game, you're gonna find that this game plays like reach more than CE. They took away most of the things they had in Halo 1 and put in a whole new set of guns and enemies. They kept most of the human and covenant weapons, but in comparison to the new forerunner guns, they seem a little weak, despite the fact that they made basically every gun in the game seem more powerful and accurate. The new enemies are more difficult to kill for a veteran halo player because they fight differently than previous halo enemies. One thing that many people may like is that there are no flood in this game, in fact they don't even mention the flood, or most of the events of previous games at all. But you are back to fighting the covenant, who got a bit of a makeover, but still fight the same and have almost the same guns. This installment of halo did leave me with a few questions, like "where did the master chief get a slightly new suit?" and "isn't there an easier way to do this that doesn't involve me nearly getting killed and us messing around with ancient alien artifacts?" but that is just mild flaws in the storytelling that only slightly take you out of the story. The biggest note with Halo 4 is that in 11 years, nothing has changed as it comes to gameplay. The newer games add slight alterations like suit mods, run features, weapon changes and enemy swaps, but honestly I am still using the same strategy as halo 1. The fact of the matter is you can take that as you want it, for me I like the small changes to gameplay big changes to story but for some people they can play the halo they have and be just as happy. In my opinion I think this game is fantastic and if it didn't have to be compared to the other halo games then it would get more credit. The features they kept were nice, the ones they took out made sense, and the story was new, I don't look for anything else in a halo game. One other thing is that the infinity multiplayer has a strong call of duty 4 influence to it, but it still feels like halo. And they replaced firefight with spartan ops (firefight with a storyline kinda thing) and it plays fine. I give it a 10 because it's worth it's cost and more, and is all over really good. Expand
  23. Nov 9, 2012
    This game is flat out amazing!! Well everybody has there own opinion, i cannot see why it is getting a 5.7 from user reviews. The graphics are amazing especially for it being on very old hardware, game play is so smooth, the MP is addicting as hell, voice acting flawless!! THE SOUND!!! every weapon has been re-done!! Amazing! There are a few issues with servers and such but im sure that will be all sorted out. If you like FPS and MP and a great story get this game! Expand
  24. Jul 16, 2014
    While it wears the Brand 'Halo' on it, it really just feels like an 'okay' game.
    The single player mode didn't meet my expectations. Other than a few parts in the single player, the campaign was really boring and forgettable with no noteworthy locations that caught my eye(unlike the previous halo games, this was a first). It's obvious that microsoft is pushing for this to be an 'online
    experience' by locking away the spartan ops campaign only to those who have an xbox live subscription just rubs me the wrong way since the game lists it even though I haven't signed on Xbox live in months. I really feel like I didn't get my moneys worth this this title and since half of the single player experience is locked away because of microsofts greed I don't plan on purchasing another halo title until this predicament is sorted out, which judging by microsoft's obvious greed it will never happen... Expand
  25. Nov 7, 2012
    Incredible game. It's a shame such an obvious smear campaign is marring a great game's review. The value of this game is amazing. The story is more involved and the cinematics are Hollywood quality. 343 do please keep up the phenomenal work.
  26. Nov 13, 2012
    Excellend start to the new Halo trilogy. 343i did more than expected for their first fully developed Halo game. Graphics look fantastic, the story is enthralling, and the multiplayer is fun. What more could you ask for? This is a must buy for any fan of the Halo franchise.
  27. Nov 7, 2012
    343 Industries have shown us that they're quite capable of making a game that plays like Call of Duty. Now if only they could show us that they were capable of making a Halo game that plays like *Halo*.
  28. Mar 28, 2013
    Halo 4 is just another Halo out there, not much has changed from any of the others apart from updated graphics. I’m quite disappointed with 343 industries they need to step up and make it better game play. Not just updating the graphics then throwing it out there into the market, they need to make something original to draw us back into playing Halo. Don’t get me wrong I think that Halo 4 is okay to play but it is certainly nothing special in the gaming industry. I rember playing the old classic Halo and not alot has changed looking back to it. Halo 4 would be for people in their teenage lives such as people at college and universities. I would like it if 343 industries would make more new content into the game which will bring over the serious gamers from Call of duty and other well known games. So that more people will play it and so that I could have a challenge on there! I would rate the game of around 6.5 out of 10. Expand
  29. Nov 10, 2012
    Halo 4 is very good. I have been a fan of the series since Halo 2 for the X-box and have seen it go through quite a few iterations. If you are a hardcore Halo 3 fan, then this game might seem tantamount to sacrilege. Let me just say: This is not halo 3, I'm sorry they ruined your game, now stop giving 0 star reviews and throwing off the curve. I also advise you to read no further and just go back to playing Halo 3 with the rest of the 400 people in south America who still hold it dear. For the rest of us who don't mind (or at least are aware of the fact) that games change as time moves forwards, Here you go. I compare this game to Halo: Reach which I loved and consider it a benchmark for the series, this game is different, much more oriented for a faster paced (hate to say it) call of duty indoctrinated audience.
    Sprint is a standard feature ( unlike reach where it was one option out of several abilities ) Guns are unlocked as the player progresses through ranks. Points are awarded per rank, which the player in turn uses to "buy" guns, armor additions, perks and upgrades. This system is not too dissimilar to call of duty admittedly, but that doesn't take away from the satisfaction of saving up points for a special unlock. It is rewarding and gives the player something to work towards. Honestly, I am having a blast playing this game. The visuals are stunning, the new player models are slick and the skins have been tweaked to represent a newer generation of Spartans. The single player is fun and engaging, and of course the brutal legendary difficulty setting is quite fierce to say the least. The multiplayer experience is deep with all the usual game types halo fans are accustomed to, and a deep co-op story which runs parallel to the main campaign and releases new 5 chapter episodes every week or so. This feature not only gives you new content o explore, but can further progress the story and lore in episodic installments. 343 took on a huge task when they took the reigns to the Halo franchise. I think they did it splendidly. Don't be a hater, give Halo 4 a try.
  30. Nov 6, 2012
    The most complete and perfect game that already played scenarios with gorgeous graphics, scenarios and very large with lots of variety, making the space with the plane gave a taste of playing with star wars was living on the skin of Lucas scair walker, a fantastic story, well this generation and the best game that anyone can see, this complication is being revised this without having played the whole game, I only ask that people loved to make the revised finish the game first Expand

Generally favorable reviews - based on 87 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 83 out of 87
  2. Negative: 1 out of 87
  1. Dec 17, 2012
    Halo 4 eschews esoteric delivery for a sledgehammer story with a blockbuster aesthetic. Epic, engaging and sensorially awesome. [Jan 2013, p.60]
  2. 90
    In the end, this game is still a fairly conservative and faithful to the original spirit, even with some significant changes.
  3. Dec 3, 2012
    The narrative is outstanding, even in spite of a few plot-point missteps, and the character evolution of Master Chief and Cortana deserves to be further explored with these wonderful storytellers (well, maybe one of them can't happen, but I'll avoid spoilers). However, the gameplay feels jilted, awkward and unrefined, three unforgivable sins in a landscape populated with other quite-capable FPS franchises. As a result, I'm going to average everything out: great story plus bad gameplay equals an average experience. And in this overcrowded FPS genre, "average" is isn't something I'd recommend buying.