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  1. Jan 2, 2013
    After having played many great games in 2012, Halo 4 would be my pick for Game of the Year. By far the greatest Halo game. Good story, great presentation and pacing. Gameplay and weapons the best of any Halo game yet. This renders Halo 3 about unplayable and makes Halo Reach look dated, and that's just the stellar Campaign mode. Really just started playing multiplayer shooters last year BF3, Transformers FOC and I really enjoy Halo 4 Multiplayer.. Multiplayer is not as deep as BF3, but man it is awesome fun. Don't know what these low reviewers think they should have done better, probably prefer zombie or kiddie games, but I feel this is the must have Xbox game of 2012! Expand
  2. Dec 4, 2012
    Game of the Year...This Halo is by far the best of the series. Stunning graphics, a great story, the usual amazing Halo Multiplayer, and Spartan Ops is a good addition. If you have an Xbox, you MUST buy this game! An instant classic. My choice for best game of 2012.
  3. Nov 20, 2012
    Overall not a bad game; I enjoyed the campaign but agree with those who feel it was too short. My first play-thru was heroic and I finished in under 5 hours. Graphics were improved; I wasn't crazy about the music. I like Spartan Ops, and if 343 continues to release new missions for an extended period of time, gamers will likely not feel so shafted over the minimal campaign content. Multiplayer was fun, but I love grenades, and well, lets just say I could kill more spartans with a single fart than with 50 halo 4 grenades. Overall not a bad game, but something is missing. Something is missing from this halo, that makes it, well, less halo-ish. Expand
  4. Nov 13, 2012
    Great visuals, great single player campaign, great multiplayer modes.. The only negative i can think of is the final boss fight but this is my favorite Halo game to date.
  5. Jul 7, 2013
    I really wish that the Halo 4 we got was different from what we got. I did not enjoy the story nor the multiplayer for this game, which is disappointing because this was a highly anticipated game for me, but once I finished the campaign and got some play time in online... I realized this game is NOT for me. The story is pretty stupid, the new enemies they added are annoying. They changed almost everything from the original Halo series. I'm not anticipating Halo 5 or 6 even in the slightest. Expand
  6. May 5, 2013
    I was excited to play this game. I had watched the Forward Until Dawn series and several of the other CG webisodes that had to do with special ops. It looked like they really wanted to take Halo to the next level and advance the plot. All of the marketing for this game was top notch, however the game was not. I was amazed at how little the game felt like it had evolved from the very first incarnation of Halo. The in game plot did not live up to the standard set by all the marketing. As far as I could tell there were only 3 cutscenes that were rendered at cinema quality, the rest seemed to be rendered with the in-game engine. I played the campaign co-op, and repeatedly had to deal with being respawned over empty space or in front of walls on vehicle levels. The AI was unimpressive for the current generation of FPS games. This is the Halo game that will make me stop playing Halo. Expand
  7. Nov 16, 2012
    Halo 4 has given back something to me, that has been lost with Halo Reach. When I think of Halo, I think of a whole package - Competitive multiplayer, an interesting Campaign, and something innovative.

    The Campaign was about an 8/10. It took a different approach to the regular storytelling that Halo is known for, and generally performed pretty well. But I would have enjoyed a longer
    campaign, along with a few extra things that I don't want to spoil.

    The multiplayer I give an 8/10. 343 Did really great to reverse some of the Reach damage. It took out bloom, brought back the BR, and also gives us some pretty nice default maps. From a casual standpoint, I have a load of fun in BTB with ordnance drops and my friends. From a competitive standpoint, I really enjoy a few of the maps on Pro, but it loses points due to no default "real" competitive playlist, and no trueskill system.

    Now with innovation, they really hit the mark with Spartan Ops. I am not a huge fan of it personally, but it really is a great step forward to combine all elements of the game into one. Verdict: A really great game, highly recommended for veterans of the franchise, and newcomers alike.

    Highest Pro: The multiplayer is much more refined and higher quality this title.
    Highest Con: Lack of depth in the multiplayer matches, tied with a short campaign.
  8. Jan 1, 2013
    What do you expect from a Halo game? If you expect a rock solid Sci-fi shooter then your in for a treat. Halo 4 is one of the best shooters of the year, hands down. Overall, if you don't want a lengthy review, it excels in everything it does. Sound feels realistic and adds to the atmosphere. Guns sound like they should. Its something you don't expect, to be wowed by a games sound, but its something that really stands out and adds to the impact you feel when you fire a gun. Visually its stunning. The graphics are vibrant and often make you feel like you have to stop and appreciate the landscape in front of you. It especially shows when you look at the games guns. When you pick up the games guns they flick into life, bending and clicking into place on their own. Its amazing. The noise and style of these guns sends me back to my times playing Star Wars Battlefront, which certainly isn't a bad thing. The multiplayer is excellent. Matchs are perfectly paced due to the size of the maps and guns you possess. Much better than the unfair chaos of CoD. Co-op(i'll get to the story in a second) is so very, very fun. Plenty of laughs to be had here. But I had one problem with this though. We started from the beginning. Master chief is woken by Cortana. He gets out the cryo sleep and has a chat with her. "Jameson", as I was called, woke up just after chief and opens up his pod. WHO IS HE(/them if more than one)? They aren't ever talked to by chief or Cortana. I would have like it if 343 put the effort in to give this/these sidekicks a back story. I mean, in the cut-scenes where do they go? Is "Jameson" a forgotten hero? I remember you "Jameson". The story is a bit too much like Portal for my liking. Baring in mind that Portal is one of my favorite games. Cortana has over done her stay as a computer and is slowly turning crazy. Making things harder for you on your than they should be. But the story is still good, none the less. What you do in the story however occasionally lacks the innovation of the other Halo's held. It follows your generic FPS fashion in 2/3 of what you'll be doing. You know the drill? Walk down a corridor, in Halos case a very wide corridor, and shoot the baddies. But due to everything I previously said, it doesn't get as repetitive as I have previously seen. So overall is a consistent package which is definitely worth your buck. Expand
  9. Dec 6, 2012
    I will put it simply, Go with the vast majority of professional critics, There's a reason the users on here aren't professional critics, they haven't got a clue, it's a fantastic game and is very much worth your time, in the list of things not worth your time are haters on metacritic.
  10. Dec 30, 2012
    The Single-player took a great turn for 343 Industries, but the Multi-player is lacking a lot (Bolt shot is overpowered, most guns are basically shooting peas at the thing you're pointing at). Halo was suppose to be a good balance between Grenade, Melee, and Weapons. But 343 just throws that out the window and says "Hey, lets make the most unfair, most hated multi-player ever. That'll sure show those people expecting a good game." I actually think Call of Duty has a better multi-player than Halo 4, and that says a lot. Expand
  11. Mar 6, 2013
    Halo 4 is such stellar and the epic chapter of the new Reclaimer trilogy had finally begun! The multiplayer is absolute win. Campaign is still a thrill ride and it gotten soo much better!
  12. Feb 1, 2013
    I liked Halo 4, the campaign and multiplayer is fun, however again, it cannot compete with the levels of fun games like call of duty or battlefield gives me.
  13. Apr 19, 2013
    It is better than Reach but, what isn't better than Reach? The gameplay dynamics feel more refined than Halo Reach. The hit-scan weapons reduce multiplayer lag online. The load-outs still make the game feel like a watered down CoD rather than Halo. The lack of an in-game true skill ranking system really irks me as well. Over all I would give this a 4 out of 10 because it was a visible improvement over Reach but still nothing close to Halo 2 or Halo 3. Expand
  14. Jan 4, 2013
    Graphics was a huge improvement campaign wise and I really like the direction they took with the legacy of Master Chief in campaign mode. I am huge fan of Halo Multiplayer and I thought the changes were pretty good improvements for the most part,but one thing kept nagging me, I felt like a lot of the new ideas were COD ripoffs (E.g. Drop packages, the prestige which not really prestige, ranking to unlock item system). COD is amazing title but if I wanted to play COD multiplayer, I would go buy it. I think some ideas were needed to improve the competitive play (Ability to enter and exit games without handicapping teammates) but they lack originality. I personally thought the ranking system in Halo 3 was more impressive when a person's skill level was more important rather than his/her ability to not have a life and live on the game, just my opinion. Expand
  15. Jan 26, 2013
    The story was the big selling point for me and while the Campaign is very short the story made me feel the same kind of sadness I felt for James in Silent Hill 2. The multiplayer is fun but lacks the kind of community Halo 2 & 3 had. The only thing I don't like about this game is the fact that Spartan Ops REPLACES Firefight.
  16. Nov 13, 2012
    I grew up playing Halo. The score to Halo 4 seemed to me like atmospheric background noise.. I rarely noticed it. The music is integral to what it is as a franchise to me. I am a purist tho. I liked the plot of Reach better. I am also missing a lot of the multiplayer options from Reach too. Like the ability to put it on good connection and similar skill. Also the campaign scoring and firefight are also missing. Spartan Ops isn't the same, after the 10 weeks it's going to be useless. Than there's the fact you don't get taken out of scope when you're shot. I love it still but nothing is perfect. I just see it as a result of a new studio playing it safe in some areas and trying too hard to impress in others. Expand
  17. Aug 11, 2013
    343 did a great job taking the mantle away from Bungie. The game looks great with a good story. The action is pretty good but not the best. No more dual weapon usage which was kind of a drag. The game is about 8 hours on hard and can easily be beaten on normal over a weekend. The stand out in this game is the quality of overall sound effects. The music sound great and the guns are "punchy". But I use a amp/dac paired with Beyerdynamics. But overall a good game worth a rental but not a buy. Expand
  18. Nov 6, 2012
    Halo 4 showed us that 343 Studios can handle the series but I don't think they quite get it yet. Being a long time fan of Halo I noticed how Halo 4 felt and looked far too different from the rest. This could be the fact that it's made by someone other then Bungie but I still can't shake it off. QTE's are thrown in to change the pace and some cutscenes don't do the game any justice, they make it seem like a cruddy movie with poor shots and scenes. An hour in the game you're repeating some of the same things you had done earlier so it becomes repetitive and slow. The story to Halo 4 was also a dramatic change in the series. It goes from a simple super solider fighting off aliens to then giving him emotions for an A.I. Nothing is wrong with this but it doesn't fit the title of Halo at all. Enemy designs also don't fit the series and look as if the game is taking a serious Japanese anime turn. I mean really, a ridiculous flying orbs with an alien inside who has telekinesis and giant robots now? Halo has come a long way and 343 did a good job with Halo 4 but they have yet to grasp the series is really about. It was nice that they added a neat touch up to the multiplayer by adding a story line to it. Expand
  19. Mar 23, 2013
    Halo 4 is by far one of the best games of all time. The story is more personal, dark, and rewarding than previous halo entries and ends on an all out high note. The graphics are a revolution in gaming, with detailed environments, superb lighting, ridiculously high res textures, and incredible facial animation and motion capture. The sweeping spectacle and breath taking views of distant forerunner structures reminisce to when people first saw halo combat evolved. Also, the cinematics are so incredible when I first saw them I thought they were live action. They really are that good. As for the gameplay, they keep to the series' main roots, straight up runnin and gunnin like a baller. It is incrediblely satisfying to just run out and desimate enemies. The weapons not only look and sound great but are all unique and perfectly balanced. Speaking of sound, it's epic, from the crack of an assault rifle, to the all new beautiful score by Neil davidge, to the simple hum of a warthog halo 4 stays true to the awesome sound design we've come to expect from halo games. Themu,tip layer has been redone and is incredibly fun and addicting, with the new loadout system, halo 4 adds much more customization that is nice change to halo. Spartan ops is since bit of narrative based arcade style killing feet that can be a real blast to play. While the sequences are over in minutes and aren't that challenging even on legendary and you won't get hold of much of the story during combat,they still feel epic and the weekly cinematics they bring are a treat to watch. As for forge, it's just as awesome as ever but, allowing you to make the map of your dreams, but as been refined to the point that does away with the annoying issues it used to have. So overall, halo 4 is one of the best of the series, an incredible start to the new trilogy, and one of the best looking, best sounding, best playing, straight up BEST game of all time. Expand
  20. Nov 17, 2012
    i dont know how to explain this but, i am a big halo fan, no doubt, and when bungie left and gave the franchise to 343 industries i had mixed feelings. could they do better than bungie? well they didnt ruin the franchise thats for sure! the campaign is pretty short which kind of disappointed me, and the story does have some plot holes but the story its self at the end is pretty cool. apparently this is a start of a new trilogy but i dont see how they can continue from where it ended. another thing in the campaign is the new enemies. THEY ARE ANNOYING! they will piss you off like no other enemy in the franchise. if found the flood annoying. wait till you try this on legendary!

    multiplayer has had a change too, its a bit more like call of duty and battlefield with the custom classes and the sprinting. but it still does feel like halo and fans will be sort of like home, maybe a but more to their neighbors home. the annoying thing i found so far in the multiplayer is that when your playing online, the same maps keep coming over and over again. i find that there are not enough maps that come with the game, but if you want to spend a couple extra bucks, dlc maps are coming. over all i had a pleasant time playing the campaign and the multiplayer. i still have some mixed feelings cause it does and doesnt feel like a halo game. but thats just my opinion. halo ce is and so far has always been the definitive halo game in my opinion.
  21. Jan 11, 2013
    I have played every single Halo game, including Halo: AE and Halo Wars, so I have a good spectrum of the Halo universe and the good and bad Halo games. PROS: 1) Beautiful graphics and sound. This game just looks good! Lush jungles, cool Forerunner areas, etc. 2) Matchmaking system is great as always... easy to find a game and stay with a group. 3) Multiplayer is good fun. Good maps, and an old favorite. Vehicles all perform well. Most weapons feel good to shoot.
    4) Loadout system adds something new to match your playstyle, but doesn't make the game unbalanced.
    5) Campaign was solid, new enemies are always welcome after the Covenant was done for multiple games.

    1) Spartan Ops is pretty shallow and offers little to the game or story.
    2) Campaign was short and the plot was all over the place. IE - Who is this guy, who is that guy and why are they important?
    3) Ordinance drops don;t really work with Halo. I would rather have good weapons on the map that respawn quicker. Many ordinance drops make you choose between 3 equally bad weapons or bonuses. Feels too COD.
    4) 343 Studios went overboard on the weapons. I don't need 3 long range weapons, 3 medium and 3 short range weapons. Just a bit too much.
    5) Armor is unlocked through finishing challenges which forces you to use crummy weapons etc if you want the armor. The credit system from Halo: Reach was great and one of the better ideas from that game.

    A pretty good, almost great game with a few issues. Halo 4 doesn't need to copy COD... everyone has had their fill of that anyway. Also, the campaign was fun, but pretty forgettable. Beyond that though, this game has a robust MP that will make most fans and newcomers happy.
  22. Nov 21, 2012
    I think I must have overhyped myself because I didn't feel stunned by the visuals when I first popped it in. Yes, they looks great but I think I had seen to many screen shots that I really expected to be blown away but when I popped it in it was what I had already seen. Having read the two Forerunner trilogy books prior to playing this I was excited to see how the forerunner, given there history with the human race, would be poised in this game. For those of you have read both and then played the game you were certainly understand when I say that the game does a fantastic job of lightly tying into the books and then making major pieces of the game way better. Bottom line, the campaign was great and music made it epic, and it no way let me down which was a bit of a concern the month before launch. The online was quite a shock. It didn't feel like Halo, borrowed a lot from Call of Duty but it still felt true to its nature. It took some getting used to but now I love it. The various changes they made felt forced at first but once I though about it I felt like they fit better in the Halo universe than anything else I could imagine them doing and another online like 3 or reach was not an option so it was a good compromise. I dabbled in the first episode of Spartan Ops and I like that it was a fairly smooth experience and other than the occasionally crappy teammate who just killed everyone else, it was actually a lot of fun. Halo is definitely in my top 3 this year and with the amount I keep going back to it I expect it will continue to move up. As I know some people are Halo-adverse I can't say I would recommend it to everyone, but if you are the kind of person that has ever had the slightest interest in Halo, this is an awesome point to jump in. Expand
  23. Jan 31, 2014
    Best Xbox game I have ever played! The war games are feroucious and compettitive! the backgroumd design for the levels are amazing....................
  24. Nov 16, 2012
    Best Halo since Combat Evolved. I am not a Halo fan, ever since Combat Evolved you could say I've been a Halo Hater. Till now. I felt that Bungie squandered and incredible Universe by forcing us to play through campaigns with confusing and lackluster stories, that were set in a great universe with characters that had all the potential to be memorable. Also I felt that Bungie never took any chances with updating Multiplayer. I can say with no doubt I trust in 343, they made em care about the characters, I actually enjoyed the story and the visuals and sound are second to none and did a great job of engrossing you. I also feel the Multiplayer with Spartan Ops is a great change and addition to Multiplayer and has had me fighting my way to 50 to get my first specialization Expand
  25. Jan 23, 2013
    Halo 4 is not the masterpiece but it has its place in the Halo universe, Halo 4 has not had many drastic changes in multilayer except from the new load out system that brings a whole new depth to the multilayer, as it is no longer a rush for the best weapons at the start and felling like there no way back when you stuck with the Assault Rifle over someone with a DMR sniping you from a higher vantage point. it also allow for new players to get into the game due to it similarities with Call of Duty (this can be seen as good or bad). The single player on the other hand is the one of the best Halo campaigns to date maybe even one of the best FPS campaigns to data, with so many twist and turns throughout the story, if you have played the other Halos and felt something for the story's then I believe that you have to try this game if only for the single player, we have to give credit where credit is due as 343 have done a stellar job on creating a deep and engaging story line that bring a tear to the eye at the conclusion. If you have not played a Halo before I think you should steer clear of the single player till you have as you will feel nothing for the story line. I think if this is your first Halo it is more like a 6/10 as I feel the story even though being fairly short is still Epic and bring a huge amount to the game for series long fans. Expand
  26. Nov 15, 2012
    i see the haters/call of duty fanboys have rated this game as low as possible. what a bunch of morons. this game is great and way better than Call of Duty.
  27. Nov 12, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. *GAMES EVOLVE* I can understand that people are saying Halo 4 has call of duty features but is that really a bad thing? Does the shooting feel like COD or the action, atmosphere, art design, characters, story, gah its Halo 4 you guys. Games have to evolve every now and then. Uncharted 3 Had loadouts, perks, money system for weapon attachments, character customization, etc and that is still a great multiplayer. Gears of war, you choose what gun you want to start and that has a loadout, maybe not a perk but hell your pretty much a super soldier already. I don't understand why people can't take change. Anyways I just wanted to take that in perspective that GAMES EVOLVE or you'd hate how halo would be if it was the exact same thing like the *Cough* Modern*coughs* Warfare*coughs* series*coughs*. Just know that I'm not disrespecting you guys, just get time with the changes. *Review* I have to say this is the best Halo by far since it seems more in depth into what the franchise is. I am gladly to say this is the real reason why I bought an Xbox for. Story - After almost 5 years(forgot the exact date) since the last game, seeing in Halo 3 where Master Cheif and Cortana were drifting off in space, waiting to be found. After 4 years in cryosleep, Master Chief was awaken by Cortana since they were being invaded by the covenent, later to be found by the Forerunner Planet "Requiem" being sucked in by the gravitational pull and stranded on the planet. Without giving too much away, the story in this game is not only about Master Chief but more into Cortanas side of her story; just in Master Cheifs perspective. Halo series never been really a selling point of its story but lore. This one seems more in depth of it's story though it is short, it is the best story by far and engaging as it give us the reason why we're really fighting the Covenent. Gameplay - Alright, this is where people really want to know if this still feels like a Halo game. Still shooting from the hip?(Yep) Stilll Energy Sheild?(Yep) Still have the badass assualt rifle?(Yep) Plays like reach?(Yep) So whats new about it? Well theres alot of new things in this game. New weapons going for in depth with the covenents but also a new species called the prometheans, which you use they're guns off on their body parts. The gameplay is still that old Halo formula we all know and love. The game also has had a great redone over its graphics, making the xbox go through its full potential though with some merky texture going up close to things. The multiplayer is still there, though it is a little faster than the other ones. I don't know what to say but rather that its **** awesome. It has high replayablity with many and I mean MANY game modes that are **** fun. Some I wish they didnt' take out like SWAT on reach but overall it is a goood **** game.

    This is the best Halo and xbox game I
  28. Mar 17, 2014
    Whilst the campaign was short and linear compared to past Halo games, the story and emotional attachment was good. The multiplayer is sub-par, and very shallow. Taking cues from Call of Duty whilst still trying to make it it feel like Halo was a tough task and it wasn't a good mix. The graphics (the only really good thing about this) are great for its time, some of the best I've seen on Xbox 360, although when you play split-screen with a buddy, the console really shows it's age, having to dial back on the graphics due to having to render the meshes & textures twice on some really old hardware. All in all, the multiplayer gets stale after a few hours of play, and campaign was solid but a tad bit on the short side. As a classic Halo fan, I am disappointed in this project, although some may like it, and it does have some strong aspects. Expand
  29. Mar 17, 2014
    simply the best halo in my opinion, the multiplayer is better then ever, graphics are amazing, and story was more emotional.well worth the buy, for the xbox 360
  30. Mar 19, 2013
    I can remember the days when I hated FPS and then I discovered Halo. Loved the new weapons and new race to fight. Loved the graphics. I can say that I had so much fun playing through the campaign with my brother in law and making jokes. If the walking dead hadn't destroyed my heart before I played this, I might have even cried when one of my beloved characters died. I think the beauty here is that they didn't try to teach an old dog any tricks. They just tweaked the same stuff we've been loving for years. Expand

Generally favorable reviews - based on 87 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 83 out of 87
  2. Negative: 1 out of 87
  1. Dec 17, 2012
    Halo 4 eschews esoteric delivery for a sledgehammer story with a blockbuster aesthetic. Epic, engaging and sensorially awesome. [Jan 2013, p.60]
  2. 90
    In the end, this game is still a fairly conservative and faithful to the original spirit, even with some significant changes.
  3. Dec 3, 2012
    The narrative is outstanding, even in spite of a few plot-point missteps, and the character evolution of Master Chief and Cortana deserves to be further explored with these wonderful storytellers (well, maybe one of them can't happen, but I'll avoid spoilers). However, the gameplay feels jilted, awkward and unrefined, three unforgivable sins in a landscape populated with other quite-capable FPS franchises. As a result, I'm going to average everything out: great story plus bad gameplay equals an average experience. And in this overcrowded FPS genre, "average" is isn't something I'd recommend buying.