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  1. Sep 14, 2010
    This game delivered on every front. From the intense single player campaign stuffed with variety to the excellent voice acting, story and sound effects Halo:Reach is an absolute must buy for every Xbox360 owner. It is so rich in content that it can easily race for the top spot among the other heavy weapons in the genre. Although the graphics look quite good they are not on a Gears of War or Bad Company 2 level but they still look very convincing and that improvements are visible. I haven't really had time to dug into the multiplayer part of the game but seeing a lot of official review we can say that Halo: Reach is one of the most rich FPS when it comes to its content. All together if you are an Xbox owner, fond of FPS, have 60 bucks or a fan of the series pick this up! U won't regret it, because Bungie really kept its promise and finished the series with a BANG. Now its only up to Microsoft not to screw it up in the future. Expand
  2. Sep 14, 2010
    Okay, fail fail fail, I got it this time:

    This game is possibly the best in the Halo series, and as a huge fan of all the games (except Halo Wars, and of course that wasn't by Bungie) that is something I don't say lightly. People like duster15670 who don't recognize a good game when they see one are going to bash this game, mostly due to the mountain of crappy titles (modern warfare 2,
    anybody?) out there now that are so popular. Expand
  3. Sep 14, 2010
    Best halo ever. awesome single player awesome multiplayer firefight forge and theater awesome. The score is epic and bungie's final halo game delivers
  4. Oct 22, 2010
    Let me ask you this: what other first person shooter gives you a near infinite number of ways to enjoy the game? Not many that arent for PC. Halo has always been full of content and Reach does not differ. Better graphics and pysics than previous halos what more can you ask for? The people who dixlike the game are COD fanboys or have never REALLY played the game. Those of you who don't want to be characterised as nerds and stay away from the game are just hypocrits because halo is actually much more realistic than COD because it is logical; shields and bioengineering explain why sometimes more than a few bullets will kill you, can COD explain this no its just instant nube tube kills and entire clips waisted into near invincible normal human beings. Reach is easily multiplayer game of the year so far. Expand
  5. Sep 14, 2010
    This game is absolutely amazing just like every other Halo in the series (except Halo 3: ODST which was good but wasn't great). The muliplayer is so well done, Firefight is greatly improved, Forge is also vastly improved and the campaign is just awesome as well. Bungie provided us with many years (almost 10 years) of great Halo games and the last game (Halo Reach) does not disappoint.
  6. AA7
    Sep 14, 2010
    This is one of the best games ever made. I'm sorry COD, but I have found a game that has finally replaced you as the absolute best shooter out there. Halo 3 was good, but this game is, without exaggeration, the best game of the current generation. All hail the mighty Halo Reach.
  7. Sep 14, 2010
    You know I find it hilarious, but at the same time saddening that there are people on this site that are so childish and pathetic. I come here, and see people giving 0/10. Why? No matter how bad a game is, how on Earth could it get 0/10?
    I see people here saying ridiculous things such as, â
  8. Sep 14, 2010
    Halo is the best multiplayer game ever made and thats a fact .. Halo : Reach give Halo series new dimension . But im very sad because this is the last Halo game , one of best game franchise ever made ! See you on XBL !
  9. Sep 14, 2010
    Reach is the best Halo game ever made. Every mode has been improved upon and is awesome. Firefight is a ton of fun, the campaign is great, forge world is amazing. Graphics, while better than Halo 3, still are not up to par with games like Mass Effect or Gears. But thats the only negative and its not a big one at that
  10. Sep 14, 2010
    This game is bloody amazing, it's such a huge improvement from halo 3 in every way. Better game mechanics, less balance issues, improved forge and firefight, campaign and firefight matchmaking support. You need to buy this if you haven't already.
  11. Sep 15, 2010
    If your looking for depth you can find it in Reach. You won't find a game like this for the ps3 or the wii. The campaign couldn't be more perfect (unless it just came out and said at the end that there is going to be Halo 4) the multi-player is spotless and the worlds are beautiful. This game would have been your daddy but a dog beat it over the fence.
  12. Sep 14, 2010
    Fun,exiting gameplay, great story, do I need to say more?

    "Your review must be at least 150 characters long." That means i need..
    spectacular new multiplayer(!) I'ts just fun to bring death to covenant!!!!
  13. Sep 15, 2010
    Do NOT listen to these call of duty( fan boys) there are just down grading the game... there just jealous because there game is not better... anyway Perfect story, sound, graphics, game-play, all in all 10
    But i still can not believe all this negatvitie from the last halo game in the series.
  14. Sep 14, 2010
    Bottom line is that this game is well worth the investment. You will get far more than $60 worth of entertainment from this successor to Halo 3, far more than Halo ODST.
  15. Sep 15, 2010
    Probably? it is the perfect Halo and that's a great thing unless your a fanboy making reviews of games you have never played. Halo Reach takes everything you loved about other Halo games and puts it all into one game and then adds some. This game is hands down the best Halo to date scratch that the best FPS to date, that alone makes these anti Xbox/Halo people burn inside like Hynda he's just mad because Metroid other M flopped look he rated that game a 10 lol. Anyway Halo Reach is a masterpiece of a game but you all knew that already hence why it's set to outsell every PS3 exclusive by the first week lol. Expand
  16. Sep 14, 2010
    Brilliant multiplayer, no other game can compete with the pure quality of this multiplayer experience. If you don't like it, there's always a cod game for regards to play!
  17. Sep 14, 2010
    The best Halo yet, hands down. Intense Campaign, great multiplayer and community support, infinitely improved forge and firefight. If you are a Halo fan or love solid gameplay then you will love this game.
  18. Sep 14, 2010
    Halo Reach is the best game I have ever played, absolutely all around amazing experience. There is just so much to do in this game, you will never get bored. Get it and you won't be disappointed.

    BTW. All those people who gave it negative or a 0 they are just ps3 fanboys who just hate halo because its xbox exclusive. If you notice not one reviewer gave it even mixed, so something is
    clearly wrong with those people who gave it negative. Expand
  19. Sep 14, 2010
    I've played both Call of Duty and the Halo series as a fan. If i had to make a call it would be Halo Reach.
    I can see how the 0-Review Score reflecks the learning curve of the multi-player that COD-Players can't process.
    I'd put my money on a Halo player over a Cod player any day.
    This is what the fan's wanted and Bungie more than delivered.
  20. Oct 17, 2010
    The best game in the entire series. This is a great installment to the Halo games. Anyone who disagrees probably just doesn't appreciate the formula, which can be just as intense as COD with next to no frustration factor. I really don't understand the low user reviews here, I guess this is what happens when you let idiots who aren't experienced reviewers rate games!
  21. Sep 15, 2010
    This is the best Halo game yet. That being said, if you don't like Halo games, you probably won't like this one. The gameplay is very open, there's very little "corridor shooting" like some other shooters (including earlier Halo titles). The graphics are expansive and detailed at the same time. There's a lot of detail, and the up-close details are very nuanced. The online is absolutely packed; even if you don't usually like playing with foul-mouthed little ten-year olds (which is common), you can probably find some good co-op online. My only gripe is the audio track - there's no way to tone down the music volume (or turn it off), I know Bungie is in love with their musical scores (and in fairness it's really good), but I generally like to play with the dialogue and action volume up and the music score turned down. Overall, I'm really liking this Halo. Expand
  22. Sep 15, 2010
    first halo reach sold out over 3 millions on first day ,second he break the most player playing this game simultaneously 4 million people. buy and enjoy best multilayer experience When talking about a series as influential and beloved as Halo, youâ
  23. Nov 8, 2011
    Now, "Halo Reach" here is a perfect example of what epicness is. Bungie made a great game with rich texture and graphics as well as using good lightning effects. The campaign's a 'meh', but its the multiplayer that overrides the cons. Unlike COD, Halo allows 2 people to play multiplayer using the same screen. The weapons are more creatively designed and you are allowed to customize your own spartan soldier. What more could you ask for? A definite game you must try out. Expand
  24. Sep 14, 2010
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Fantastic!!! the Halo franchise breath with a new entertainment style!!! The solo campaign has a stronge story!!! And the multiplayer... Is amazing how always to be!!! Expand
  25. Sep 14, 2010
    Don't let anyone fool you the game is awesome! The best game in the series by far. Gameplay is different and that's a good thing, not that it was bad before but I just thought Halo 3's gameplay was just OK. Halo Reach's environments are masterpieces and the new maps feel more alive and not as dull, when I would play Halo 3 the maps were just so lifeless that if it weren't for the game being so fun I wouldn't have played it half as much as I would if the maps were like Reach's. Don't listen to the other people, I mean why would you when half are saying that they don't like Reach because it feels too much like the other Halos and it didn't change much AND the other half are saying that they don't like Reach because it changed too much and doesn't feel like Halo should. Some others are saying the graphics aren't good, if you compare them to Halo 3 they're a masterpiece, but if you compare them to another game that has top notch graphics because that's all the developer cares about then it's going to look about average (IMO a little higher than average). So go out and buy this game you'll never look back. Expand
  26. Sep 14, 2010
    I haven't played Halo (any of the titles) in at least two years, because I jump around from FPS's, to Racers, to Sports titles, and honestly wasn't even all that excited about this final release (I'm sorry if thats hard for some of you to understand, haha). So when my wife bought if for me as a "surprise" I really wasn't all that excited about playing it. That changed within the first 15 minutes, and has remained with me up until this point (at work, on a 24, and craving some Halo!) As far as the "graphics are horrible" guys, I've got 2 words for you, High Definition, haha. Dont mean to poke at you "humble people", hell, who am I kidding, yes I do. Get yourselves a decent TV to game on, otherwise, they'll all have crap graphics. This game is amazing, being 31, I dont stay up late (late being past midnight) playing games anymore, but I stayed up all night to beat this game, I just couldn't put the controller down (save for bathroom breaks and the occasional snack). If you're into Halo, buy it, if you're not, buy it, its that simple. Expand
  27. Sep 14, 2010
    i feel as though they said "hey, last halo game? lets just take everything thats great from halo 1-3 and odst and make it better!" and it WORKED! no new modes to see thats different from halo 3, (except for firefight) but they improve the general formula for all of the modes, making everything super customizable. solid game, solid engine, solid EVERYTHING! A must own, for any type of gamer, you will fall in Expand
  28. Sep 15, 2010
    I'm not going to give it 10 out of 10 for the pure fact I haven't played it all, but so far, I haven't found one thing wrong with it. And I'm guessing everyone that has given it 0 hasn't even played it, they just like trolling...
  29. Sep 15, 2010
    Okay, first things first, if you're looking here at these reviews deciding for yourself whether or not to buy the game, then take if from me, don't listen to the idiots who are rating it under 5. I mean come on, have you really took note of their reviews. They're spelling things wrong, starting sentences with lower case letters, swearing and saying that the game could never get a 10 rating from someone who isn't a 'fanboy'. Are these really the people you want to listen to and base your answer on? No, I don't think so. That's why I'm here to do my best to give a fair review. Now I admit, I have been playing Halo since 2003, which automatically makes this game good to me. Why? Not because I'm a 'fanboy', but because experiencing something for that length of time makes you proud to be a part of it. But if I take that away from my review, Halo: Reach has the makings of one of the best FPS games of the early 2010s. It is a massive improvement on Halo 3 where many things have been added or modified, and, if I'm absolutely honest, not much had to be changed since Halo 3 worked pretty well as a game itself. The campaign was a fantastically well thought campaign, but it was one for the fans, someone like me will understand the true significance behind this game which some people can't seem to comprehend. As for the gameplay, it's smooth, running on a great engine with great capabilities. The graphics are a step higher than Halo 3, however at some points it did look a little bit too cartoony. I would say more but I would have to say spoilers and I know how bad it is when you read spoilers. As for the multiplayer, the matchmaking is not perfect: it is now much quicker, you get to vote for your preferred gametype and map, matchmaking itself has been advanced with the inclusion of armour abilities and other features. Again too much to talk about, and I haven't even started to mention the armoury! Do I sound like a fanboy yet? You probably think I do, but I am genuinely blown away by this game. Of course Firefight has returned bigger and better than in ODST, now with matchmaking support and now Forge it a map creators dream. Many ideas I had in Halo 3 can now easily become a reality. And there's much, much more to talk about, but you must be bored stiff by now. Really I'd give Reach a 9, but with so many low reviews, it deserves 10. As I say a lot, you have to give something a change. You can't play something for 10 minutes or even 5 hours sometimes and assume the game is bad, or good, depending. So for once, if you're about to write a bad review, actually give the game a good, solid chance. If your bad, you'll get better the more you play. Well Done Bungie! Expand
  30. Sep 14, 2010
    Amazing! This game has it all. I have never owned a game where I have gotten so much bang for my buck. Campaign. Co-op Campaign. Firefight. Competitive Multiplayer. Custom games. Forge. Saved Films and screenshots. And it matchmaking is supported for all of this. Not to mention the gameplay is the best it has ever been in a Halo game. Armour Abilities are freakin awesome. The weapons are very balanced. The graphics are great.. and the game is just damn fun. Oh yeah also the menu system is extremley fresh and innovative as it always keeps you party together no matter what you doing. The amount of detailed online matchmaking settings is also mind blowing. Buy this game. It owns. I just wish it had a few more immersive gameplay mechanics like brink and mirrors edge, where you can interact with the environment. The frame rate can always be a bit choppy at times. But overall you really can't be Halo Reach. Expand
  31. Sep 14, 2010
    With the globs of people bashing the game without playing it, its alot like our political system. Point blank the game is good regardless if you love cod4 or killzone, or just a PS3 fanboy. Remeber these guys names because they will change their tune when Bungie's game shows up on a Sony console......
  32. Sep 15, 2010
    Most of these reviews, you have to realize that they are PS3 fanboys and are trying to rate down one of the best games. As you can see most of their names are "Killzone3" and they rate up PS3 games, and this is their only Xbox 360 review, because that fact is that they don't own one, and are jealous that they can't play Halo 3. Now back to the review. Halo Reach..............where do I start. First of all it has the best graphics in a Halo game that there ever has been. Second of all, it has one of the best full, and meaty multiplayer that there ever was in an Halo game. The multiplayer in Reach even rivals other top games like Call of Duty:Modern Warfare 2. The campaign is also good, even though it is not the best in the series, but can be an absolute blast in coop with your friends. Overall this is one of the best Halo games to reach the market today. I highly recommend you ignore those PS3 fanboy trolls and get this game today. Expand
  33. Sep 15, 2010
    While there are alot of new options, it still feels like the same Halo. Really did enjoy it but i know it won't get great for a couple of days. I know what im looking for is the community/Forge. I couldn't tell you how many times I spent all night playing mongoose racing, duck hunt and ghost busters and thats why I love Halo. The story is the weakest part of the game. It dosn't give you the feeling of exploration when you first stepped on halo or give you any real varrying mission. also this game is NOT COD its not trying to be they can coexist so calm down Expand
  34. Sep 15, 2010
    Ignore the PS3 fanboys giving Reach low scores - from their reviews they've obviously never played it. I own a 360 and a PS3 and love both consoles, but I'm sick of this silliness. Reach is an excellent game in every respect - it is, arguably the best shooter currently available. It does do new stuff, such as jet packs, armour abilities (which are great) and the best space combat in any shooter thus far.Yes, the basic FPS mechanics are largely unchanged, but Bungie have shown the wisdom that so many other games companies lack - don't mess with perfection. The campaign is around 8 hours on Normal and considerably longer on other settings - shorter than Gears 2, but much longer and more varied than Killzone 2 (KZ2 took around 5 hours - an hour longer on Elite. And if you've played KZ2, try to remember an outstanding campaign moment - I dare you. No vehicles either.). The plot is straightforward but engaging rather than enthralling, but it's a video game, and I would argue that previous Halo games (except the first) have been guilty of over complicating the plot; at the end of the day it's just an excuse to shoot things. The campaign is also sufficiently engaging that, combined with some really well considered acheivements, replay is guaranteed at least once, probably twice. Graphically it kicks bottom too, which is a little surprising - I expected ODST with bells, but it is easily the prettiest shooter around at the moment. I haven't tried much multiplayer yet, but again, Bungie appear to have tweaked an already perfect formula - it continues to deliver one of the best multiplayer experiences available. Anyone who mentions CoD (great though it is) is clearly mental - Reach is nothing like CoD and very clearly isn't trying to be (try citing some evidence rather than silly random comments). As for it being the last Halo, it's Bungie's last Halo (for now anyway). Microsoft own Halo and have an internal division (343 industries) dedicated to Halo development, as well as recently launching Halo Waypoint. Reach also broke the record for the number of online players on XBox Live on it's release day. Yep - that sounds like a franchise coming to an end.. doh! Epic stuff. Expand
  35. Sep 15, 2010
    Okay, ps3 fanboys who give the game a zero because they played it for 20 minutes at a friend's house and already biased their opinions before the game even came out, please stop freakin' reviewing games you don't even own! You always point out how the users who give it a ten are raging xbox frat boy fanboys, yet you completely disregard the fact that your own fanboyism is blinding you from telling apart a good game from a bad. And this is definitely a good game. People who come on this site read the reviews to see if they should buy the game, not to see some guy with a playstation and a hatred for anything that even is barely related to an xbox rant on how unoriginal the game is or how biased the fanboys are. I'm not giving this a ten because I've been waiting for it for a year. I'm not giving this a ten because I've played every halo game and I want this one to be the best. I'm not even giving it a ten to up the user score because of the retards who automatically give it a zero. I'm giving it a ten because it is the perfect halo experience, and it is fun as hell. Forget people saying the single player is 3 hours long (juuuust a little exaggerated), or people ripping on the multiplayer being unoriginal (I'm not even sure where the argument begins for that, it has barely any resemblance to CoD); you are going to be playing this game for a LONG time. A better Forge, an insanely improved firefight, an epic campaign (that doesn't overstay its welcome, fallout fans), a multiplayer setup that would last you a lifetime; you are getting more than enough of your money's worth with this package. Plus, seriously, are you going to take your advice on whether to get a 360 game or not from a guy named "killzone3"? (also that one guy who said to keep playing halo 3 instead of this, please never show your face in society ever again. If you even played 1 and 2 than you would definitely know that 3 was probably the worst of them all. I'll explain this simply: halo 1=strategy, halo 2=skill, halo 3=let's see how fast i can unload my gun) Expand
  36. Sep 16, 2010
    Best FPS I've ever played, end of story.

    The individual elements (Forge, MM, Firefight, Campaign, Theatre etc) are NOT the best that have been done, but their combined offerings (Which are unheard of in the gaming market) and the incredible balance, fun, and thoughtfulness put into the game make it a contender for the best game ever made for the 360, PS3, or Wii.

    The only reason it has
    a 6.9 here is because of the pathetic CoD and PS3 fanboys that can't admit that Reach is a fantastic game, but they simply can't/won't get it because of limitations or principle.

    People accuse it of being the exact same thing as the last game, meanwhile in God of War or Call of Duty, Killzone etc the Multiplayer (If applicable) and campaign gets no improvement, and gets simpler.
    Halo Reach innovates and expands upon the other Halos and should be purchased as soon as you have the money.
  37. Sep 14, 2010
    Halo: Reach is by far one of the greatest Halo games, right up there with CE. Although the campaign wasn't as long as I hoped it would be, but I'm sure Legendary on solo will easily fix that. Another small complaint that I have is that the AI seems a bit more stupid and clumsy when it comes to firing, but their driving skills have definitely improved over Halo 3. The multiplayer and forge is what really stands out though. The amount of customization in both is insane, firefight kicks ass too. Don't listen to those idiotic CoD fanboys that are rating this game 0's and 5's, this game is amazing. Expand
  38. Sep 15, 2010
    With the massively popular Halo games its no surprise Halo Reach goes all out in an attempt not to let the series down. The player assumes the role of Noble 6, a supersoldier fighting alongside a special operations unit to combat the threat that is the Covenant who are trying to destroy the planet Reach.

  39. Sep 15, 2010
    Hello. I have seen the other user reviews and I have to say I'm surprised. Halo Reach has to be the best Halo game to this date. Bungie left with an explosion of great multiplayer action, a great story to run through, and upgraded features like Forge and Theater. I consider this my favorite FPS, and games like Call of Duty MW2 cannot seem to match the unique style Halo: Reach offers. Now its predecessor, Halo 3. Enhanced graphics all-around, better story, more features, and of course, better gameplay. This is the Halo I was expecting to play and love. Expand
  40. Sep 15, 2010
    An incredible game almost reveloutionary, it has an elusive, captivating campaign although the story is slow at times, when you finally have satisfaction from that thereis the incredible firefight mode, for hours of fun, and then theres forge, incredible fun with infinite possibilities, and you still hav'nt done multiplayer yet, this is an incredible game and it is worth every penny.
  41. Sep 15, 2010
    This game is nothing short of amazing. It is easily the best halo ever taking the best parts of all the previous halos like the multiplayer from halo 2 and the firefight from ODST. Don't even read the reviews of the people who gave this game a 0 they are ps3 trolls I guarantee you as some say look at uncharted 2 and killzone because they are sad at the beast of a game reach is. The armor abilities are sick, addictive multiplayer cool customizable options and great graphics make up this game Expand
  42. Nov 20, 2010
    If you are a fan of the Halo franchise you will absolutely love this game! From all the cool armor features (sprint, jet pack, armor lock down, sheild) just adds SO much to the experience. The storyline I found to be alil dull but definately didn't lack challenge or fun at all. Multiplayer is definately a treat as u make a spartan and as u complete challenges and earn cR, your rank increases and you unlock tons of stuff to make ur spartan YOUR spartan. Must buy for Halo fans, definately a try for people who are interested in Halo. Expand
  43. Sep 18, 2010
    My opinion best multi player game out there, campaign is not quite up as high up but the story is great considering you probably know how it ends,armor customization probably one of the best features, only con for me is that this game will lower your grades in school, yes you will put off your work/schoolwork to play Halo Reach.
  44. Sep 14, 2010
    Awesome graphics. Awesome gameplay. Awesome campaign. Awesome multiplayer. Awesome co-op. Awesome character customization. Awesome features like forge and theater mode. Awesome game, nuff' said.
  45. Sep 19, 2010
    Bungie, like BioWare and very few others, listens to the fans and improves the games. Every Halo game has been very good at the time, and each one has been better than the last. Reach is no exception. It is a pretty large leap forward. The plot is great and the multiplayer is better than ever. Bungie brought back some of the old maps (Ivory Tower from Halo 2 is now Reflection). The largest flaw in ODST was that there was no matchmaking for Firefight, but now there is. There are some new great game modes like Invasion and Headhunter. This is a great game. Expand
  46. Sep 24, 2010
    I was expecting much more from Halo: Reach, however it didn't necessarily disappoint me. I liked it, but not enough to go crazy, like I did with Halo 3 or Halo 3: ODST. Maybe not the best, but definitely not the worst.
  47. Apr 26, 2011
    10/10 = Masterpiece = One of the greatest first person shooters to date.
  48. Nov 12, 2010
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Deserves nothing less than an '8' and even that may be too low for this game. The story is amazing, especially if you read the books, and it just plays out really well...Well...Except for how Kat died...a little sudden and unpredicted i may say...but it does not change my opinion on the game like ti does for so many dunces who come on this site just to lower the score of things they don't like(probably because they're PS3 players. Expand
  49. Sep 19, 2010
    Halo Reach did everything that past halo games did not do right and then some. An excellent story, fun campaign, great multiplayer, and tons of features. This game is one of the best shooters that i have played if not the best. The multiplayer has so many more modes and features. This includes invasion, headhunter, and generator defense. This is a perfect game. I have nothing negative to say about it and it completely deserves a 10/10. Expand
  50. Sep 19, 2010
    Fantastic. Takes all the best parts of Halo 1,2, and 3, alongside firefight from ODST, and adds it's own unique spin. As this is Bungie, the minor fan service details are wonderful. Ten purchasable firefight voices (including master chief!) are simply one of many excellent touches that Bungie has put into this game.
  51. Sep 14, 2010
    A superb extremely solid game on all fronts. The fact is there has yet to be another console FPS that contains this much content and executes it so soundly. The single-player alone, while facing criticisms from certain reviewers infinitely better than nearly all other FPS single-player modes, and as for the multi-player well its Halo enough said...this game is undoubtedly deserving of a 9.5 or 10. Expand
  52. Sep 14, 2010
    After playing the campaign I can easily say this feels like one of the if not the most amazing halo campaigns you will ever come across, possibly even in FPS games. Bungie truly went all out on this game. Matchmaking has been improved to be more fun than Halo 3, and all the modes that were existing before were revamped completely. The only reason for my 9 and not a 10? The slowdowns that appear randomly. Still, don't listen to all the idiots that are voting the game down just because it's halo and not CoD. It has better graphics than CoD could wish it had, actual AI, non scripted events, etc. This is the game CoD has always wanted to be but never was. It deserves a 9-10 only, as it's a fresh new experience that will keep wowing you all the while you play. THIS IS A MUST OWN GAME.

    If you look at the negative reviews and believe any ounce of them, you will be missing out on a great game, and you will regret it.
  53. Sep 14, 2010
    It's too easy to pick out those jealous ps3 fanboys who wanna bring this impeccable game down. Can't we all see the critics collectively it's the best halo of the franchise and the unbelievaly rich content has exceedingly justified the price
  54. Sep 16, 2010
    HATERS GONNA HATE!....dont be fooled by the user score. its just alot of ps3 cry baby fanboys who wished they had Halo Reach. Reach is by far the best halo game ever made. it is a must get because it has the most importiant thing to a video game...REPLAY VALUE. this game is worth $100. because it will last you longer then any other game. most packed game ever. it is a must get......

    then 700,000 ppl playing it rite now. ps3 fanboys wished they had games that had this many ppl online. killzone 2 only has like 3000 world wide..LOL Collapse
  55. Sep 16, 2010
    Bungie called the original Halo Combat Evolved, which it truly was, proving that an FPS could be not only work on a console, but deliver its own experience different than a PC shooter. Every bit of Reach feels as if that evolution was the mantra, taking the best parts of the previous versions and building on that initial promise. Bungie may have left the Halo franchise for new endeavours, but they left it, and their fans, with a grand farewell, the best incarnation of the Halo universe, and a lot of digital toys for multiplayer fans to play with for a long time to come.

    The single player campaign, though short, ends on a great note (no spoilers), and the multiplayer tops every other FPS console game out there, bar none. I suspect that my CoD MW2 disc is going to go unused for a LONG time to come.
  56. Sep 19, 2010
    Halo Reach is a breath of fresh air after the last two games. It may not be as good as a PS3 game, but the developers already knew that their console wasn't as good. So they played with it. What they bring to the table is an entertaining campaign that feels a lot more open than the rest of the series, with beautiful bright environments, and game play that feels right at home. The few innovations that Reach brings to the table are enough, as the campaign feels the right length and the rest of the package is even bigger. There's a lot to do in Reach, trust me, it doesn't disappoint. I'll end this review by saying that the only two titles that have entertained me as much as Reach are Super Mario Galaxy 2 and Uncharted 2 Among Thieves, it is that fun. Expand
  57. Sep 16, 2010
    Amazing Game. Lived up to all the hype. The campaign is short but sweet full of amazing moments. Firefight is a lot better than it was in ODST, with matchmaking now. Forge World is stunning and powerful, letting you create your own maps with ease. And the Online is the greatest multiplayer feature in any game ever made.
  58. Nov 14, 2010
    Im rating this game a solid ten since it desErves it the game is very well polished halo at its best right from the scenery to mp and to all of the people who slam the game and say it is generic old nothing new come on. What is their really new these days all it is with north Americans now is ur freaking graphics and how easy it is to beat the game and shoot somebody on mp learn how to be what is a true gamer and enjoy not only that for such i highly anticipated game its not FREAKING OVER PRICED ..... COD Expand
  59. Sep 14, 2010
    I have to say that the wait was worth it. Me and my friend Timothy was in line for hours, and our time could not have been spent better.

    Halo: Reach is the best Halo game so far. I missed the birth of my grandson for the campaign. It took me about eleven hours to beat it on heroic by myself. It was really epic.

    My favorite part is near the end, the last four or five levels. I was totally
    hooked the entire time.

    I haven't really had the chance to okay MM, but I know that the multi-player will be awesome. Forge is the best, unlimited customization. Armor abilities are awesome.

    My bfriend Taylor Kimbull is playing the campaign with me on legendary, and we are not even on the third level yet. So hard!
  60. Sep 15, 2010
    This is definitley the best Halo game yet, let the all the haters scream "fanb0i! fanb0i!" it wont make much odds, Ten years ago Combat Evolved came out and made the FPS great, Today that tradition still runs strong due to great shooting mechanics, improved graphics and excellent audio, The campaign is typical of that of a modern game that focus's on multiplayer more so than anything which is understandable the amount of 12 year old boys bantering at school about how there gonna 'murk' eachother. What I would say about the campaign is that it feels like old-school Halo, which isnt a bad thing atall considering Combat Evolved had a un-fathomable singleplayer/co-op campaign. Theres more modes in multiplayer then ever before and the forge is greatly improved, Top that up with decent customization and a level of polish only to be expected by a company of this pedigree and what do you get? Halo: Reach. An achivement that goes full circle back to its roots, and man turning back the clock has never been so fun. Expand
  61. Sep 16, 2010
    Superb game and probably one of the best overall game packages ever made. The different modes and the sheer amount of customisation options you have are mind boggling. That coupled with the best FPS gameplay in the business. Ignore the blatant PS3 trolls, Reach delivers everything by the bucket load - an amazing piece of software that has already broken single format sales records.
  62. Sep 16, 2010
    A brilliant game with a great Multiplayer mode, for many people is the best game of the Year. Graphs, Technic, Gameplay, Variety, Innovation, Sound and Argument, completely amazing, It´s unforgettable in this generation.

    The Forge World 2.0 is wonderfull, this mode extend the game.

    Score: 10
  63. Sep 16, 2010
    Hyndra is gay. He's just sour that every other system doesnt even have an exclusive worth buying. Obviously, this queer hasnt even looked at an xbox. Any game review magazine or fan of gaming period can tell you that the Gears and Mass Effect franchises are amazing as well. The fact that Halo is so succesful just eats at the other consoles fanboys since theyll never have a game like it. Especially weak PS3. I shouldnt talk about Hyndra like this though. He's a five year old. I mean, how else could someone like wii more than 360 or ps3? Expand
  64. Sep 21, 2010
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. The game is excellent in everyone of it's many aspects. First off the campaign, while short (about 8-9 hours long) is fun to play through and definitely warrants another playthrough, probably with one or more friends. The AI in the campaign however is a mixed bag; the enemy is even better than the older Halos almost to point of you predicting their movements, only to find that they've flanked you. Your allies AI on the other hand is unchanged, in that they still can't drive and will probably require nudging to get moving again. The good thing is that your SPARTAN buddies are invincible and can soak up damage, alleviating the pain on Heroic and Legendary.
    Multiplayer is the same as it was before; well balanced and extremely enjoyable. The weapons are rarely overpowered to one-another and those that are can be scarce. The new load-out system which allows players to choose the weapons/ability they start with may seem similar to MW2, but are non-customisable, meaning everyone can only select from predetermined options and not an overpowered one like in MW2.
    Reaches firefight is the same survival-based gameplay found in ODST's firefight. This version however can now be customised at the same level as custom games can be, and uses load-outs like in multiplayer matchmaking. The maps used can't be forged sadly.
    Custom games remains largely unchanged from Halo 3, with just some minor options added.
    Forge is made even accessible in Reach, and the player will feel even more in control of what they're doing. The biggest changes include item degree snapping, the ability the phase items through each other, instead of having to use a glitch in Halo 3, and the edition of a giant forgeable map with many different play areas throughout.
    Theatre is unchanged from Halo 3, aside from the ability to rewind campaign.
    The ability to customise your character has increased dramatically from Halo 3, with tons more options and more areas to customise.
    The graphics are an improvement from Halo 3s and while they're not at the same level as CoD/BBC/Gears, are far to be considered bad, and are impressive non-the-less.
    Overall, the game has more features than nearly all other shooters on the market. Call me a fanboy if you will, but give a damn good reason just why you think it's bad as well.
    9.5/10 (rounded to ten)
  65. Jul 25, 2011
    This an amazing game I love it! if you owned any game in the halo series you will love this. The forge mode is really fun and enjoyable the fact you can create your own game types to go along with the maps just makes user created content that more fun to use and or play around with. The graphics are awesome they are perfect for the setting of this amazing game. Firefight is really fun and now the fact you can edit the firefight setting makes the experience more fun. the multiplayer is just addicting the gamemodes are fun and since bungie puts out a new gametype every month makes the online experience alot longer and more fun. The story is just awesome no complaints overall a great game buy this as soon as you get the chance! Expand
  66. Sep 19, 2010
    Pros: - Plenty of cool new weapons. - Armor Abilities are a major step up from Halo 3's Equipment. - Space combat in the Sabre is AWESOME. - Loads of options for customizing Multiplayer. - Firefight is back, with Matchmaking! - Wonderful graphics and a remixed color palette make this the most visually impressive of the series. - Music, sound effects and voice acting are top-notch. - Core gameplay is the Halo you know and love.

    - The campaign still seems a bit too short...
    - Squadmate AI seems to have gotten dumber.
    - No boss battles or Scarab fights. Tougher enemies like Hunters and Wraiths are few and far between. - I can live without dual-wielding, but only 4 grenades (2 plasma/2 frag)? WTF, Bungie?
    - Not a big deal, but it's been bugging me a little bit: Why exactly is running an Armor Ability? Shouldn't a super-soldier of the future ALWAYS be able to run?

    I highly recommend that everyone who owns an Xbox 360 at least try this game. I'm not convinced that it is superior to Halo 3, but it's a close competition. The pros far outweigh the cons. Even if you find the Campaign to be too brief (as I did), Firefight and Multiplayer should offer plenty of fun.
  67. Sep 23, 2010
    While a lot of people say Bungie has done nothing new with Reach, I just say they haven't played yet. Armour abilities, an extensive cosmetic armoury and a graphics quality to die for. The story was a little iffy at points but the action more than makes up for it. The multiplayer is fun and rewarding. It's consistent, balanced, and hectic to say the least. Also, don't compare this to MW. A military game and a sci-fi game cannot be compared. Also I don't understand what people mean about the graphics being poor. Obviously they don't know the technical side behind it all. Higher resolution textures than have ever been on the x-box, higher poly models than have ever been on the x-box and shadowing and specular quality I have never seen on a console. I guess you need to know to see. Overall, great graphics, great multiplayer, awesome action and a story that holds replay value. Seriously, stop comparing this to MW2 and compare to other sci-fi shooters like Crysis. Which it is ultimately better than. Expand
  68. Sep 16, 2010
    10 10 10 10 10!!!!! Amazing story, even better multiplayer. Definetly best game of 2010 and halo series. MUST BUY. Sorry to see bungie haveta go. Tribute them by buying!!!
  69. Sep 22, 2010
    if anyone knows anything about games, its that graphics don't make the game. People are talking about how this isn't realistic at all.....idiots its **** halo what do yo expect. If you want realism go play arma 2, and sit there for 15 min waiting for someone to walk by.
  70. Sep 20, 2010
    Bungie is sitting on a winning formula, here. They've put together an FPS style that's so solidly constructed, it manages to remain fun a full 9 years on. Slow and methodical at some times, frantic and explosive at others, it's challenging, engaging, and will have you in zen mode at the edge of your seat.

    The campaign is a sweeping, if somewhat flawed, epic. We all know Reach falls...but
    Bungie made the somewhat controversial decision of stepping on established timelines to deliver the optimal game experience for the gamer, not the Halo lore fan. And that's totally understandable, because it's still a blast to play through. And, while some of the characters are extremely well-developed, others seem to fade from the story in rather baffling and confusing ways. However, through-and-through, anybody can enjoy the solid challenge Reach presents over its 7-hour campaign. If only it had been longer.

    Multiplayer is everything every Halo has ever been, and then some. The old adage applies: "If it ain't broke, why fix it?" Frankly, because it's fun. Take that pacing and energy, toss in a couple new weapons and some minor gameplay tweaks, sprinkle on some fan service, and absolutely drown everything in all the custom options and content you could possibly ask for, and you're getting your money's worth here, people. This game will last. And Halo has proven once again just how awesome it can be when played with friends -- team up with good friends over Live, and you'll find no shortage of enjoyment when your playstyles synergize.

    Overall, an excellent game. It's really actually sad to see that PS3 and PC owners won't get their hands on this unless they buy a 360, but seeing as Bungie's new deal with Activision is by no means console-exclusive, anybody who owns any platform should look forward to the kind of quality and quantity Bungie has proven they are capable of with this last Halo.

    The reins have been handed to Microsoft. Let's hope they're kind to this old horse.
  71. Oct 10, 2010
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Okay, let me be the one to set things straight in this dumpster of a user review section. This game is very good in almost every way, save for a very few points. The graphics, while not being completely cutting edge, are still acceptable (somewhere around a COD MW2 level), and truly only come out in the background scenery, which at many times can be simply gorgeous and striking. The Orchestral Score is by far one of the best I have ever heard in any game, only realizing halfway through a level that, "Hey! This music really suits this level, and sounds good!" The plot is somewhat predictable, since you know that every member of Noble Team will die at one point or another, but the storytelling is rather good, and presents it in an only sometimes clear fashion (I'm still not exactly clear how Jun dies). Each mission of the unbearably short campaign is extremely varied and very fun to play, and the additions of the Sabre, MAC Cannon, and the entire level based around flying a falcon all add to the general feel of the game. The emotion of only being a small part of a large battle is ever prevalent, and only breaks at the very end of the game. This game, unlike every other Halo game, surprisingly does not suffer from the one horrible level syndrome (ex. Halo 3 - Cortana). The enemy AI is surprisingly, and almost frustratingly smart; uncannily knowing exactly when they're in your crosshairs. The multiplayer is also varied. The new armor abilities DO change the game significantly, and the new game modes and surprisingly large maps all are very exciting to play on, providing a completely different take on the entire battle the next game, forcing you to change your style of play entirely. The Theater function returns, stronger than ever, along with a newly revamped Firefight mode (now with matchmaking!). The Forge tool is very user-friendly when doing the simple effects, but completely changing a map or creating your own requires a significant input of time and effort, but can be immensely rewarding. My complaints of this game are few, but significant if playing on a harder difficulty. I first played through on Normal, and am currently on "The Package" level on Legendary difficulty, and my frustrations are obvious if you've ever played the game. Through all of the Halo games, Bungie has failed to get one thing right: checkpoints. Forcing me to respawn at a point where I have little ammo, no health, and surrounded by enemy vehicles over and over again until it finally hops me back to the previous checkpoint which I received a half hour gameplay time before the other is simply aggravating. If you are a a mediocre Halo player (like I am), you will find yourself taking 2+ hours to complete one level on Legendary difficulty, which, if I may add, has to be done Solo in order to earn the 150-point achievement. My one other complaint is the friendly AI. While I despise player-controlled AI teammates, I would have been fine with it if it had cut down the number of my deaths caused by being run over by my own Warthog or being driven into a swarm of enemies. That being said, the ability to have AI on your "fireteam" is a nice addition, even if they are extremely weak and die within 15 seconds of joining you. This is certainly Bungie's best Halo game, and I am satisfied and happy that they are moving on to do bigger, and hopefully better things. For anyone who actually bothered to read this entire review, I thank you. Finally, to all of the reviewers that gave this game a 0-5 rating: 1. Get the game and play it for yourself. 2. Judge it as its own game, and don't complain about not having features that the other games did, such as dual-wielding. Only master chief and the Elites are that adept at firearms, and is not a relevant point for this game. This is certainly my favorite game currently, and I will be playing for many weeks straight most likely. After my love-hate relationship with the campaign, I will fully enjoy the multiplayer for all it's worth. I hope everyone has fun with this game, and that they will actually get it. Expand
  72. Nov 20, 2010
    Halo being one of the most famous games out there as it defined the fps genre and the sci-fi one. The single player is simple with a decent story filling in some gaps and making you feel like you are an actual part of the game plus it can be played in co-op as well, the single player will only last you a day or two with challenges making you come back now and again it is really fun with a bit of variety but nothing majorly new 8/10.

    Multiplayer, well it has been revamped completely with the addition of the new armour abilities that make an impact on the battlefield, the game modes however have stayed relatively the same with the exception of the new playlist arena which is Reach's take on MLG. Overall the credit system and ranking up will keep you entertained with the multiplayer for hours on end, the credit system is Reach's currency you use it ti buy things uch as new armour or armour effects and with the challenges which are updated daily and weekly will keep you playing more and more of the game it will even get you playing modes that you don't normally play.

    Forge, a welcome return back to the Halo universe with the community already teaming with spectacular inventions that are available to view and download via the file share community. The tools are a lot more professional allowing you to do a lot of crazy things and build some really good maps and with the addition of Forge World you can go in with friends build and have a laugh with this massive map 9/10.

    Graphics have changed drastically showing off a more realistic and retro styled Halo which fits seeing as it is a prequel, the sound is good and the face cap is brilliant along with the environment graphics, Reach is the one of the few games I have seen where they have captured dropping rain so perfectly 10/10
  73. Sep 18, 2010
    Halo: Reach is Nearly a Flawless Game, The Multiplayer is Practically Impossible to Improve and The Single Player Campaign is One of the best of the Halo Franchise. But it did not have that enjoyable feel that the First 3 Halo's had. At least it was alot better then Halo: Wars and Halo 3: ODST which were not that good.
  74. Nov 10, 2010
    Best Halo overall so far, I just wished they would get more in depth with the campaign, but there is so much to do you will be entertained for a very long time. This is most likely not a game for you if you are bad at it, I say this because most of my friends that have this that are bad do not like it because it is a very skillful game, but Bungie has added set list for more casual gamers.
  75. Nov 20, 2010
  76. Nov 12, 2010
    DO NOT...Pay attention to any negative reviews and heed these words. Halo Reach is Marvelous. It doesnt TRY to be bad ass... it just is. Halo was born that way. It doesnt need 'action cutscenes'' like the call of duty games. Hell it doesnt even need multiplayer. Personally I think a game should NEVER EVER EVER EVER be rated based on multiplayer because that is what destroys games nowadays... its about the details that go into the story, the environments and the overall feel of the game. Halo Reach fufills the legacy of Halo, and Halo will always hold the torch for FPS. Expand
  77. Nov 12, 2010
    This game delivered on every front. From the intense single player campaign stuffed with variety to the excellent voice acting, story and sound effects Halo:Reach is an absolute must buy for every Xbox360 owner. GotY right here folks.
  78. Nov 17, 2010
    After primarily playing MW2, the awesome thing about this game is that it reminds me of what it was like when the primary element of a FPS was fun. Don't get me wrong, MW2 is fun, but it has always felt like it has an air of competition meant to be done by oneself (at least on the console). With Halo: Reach, it takes me back to the nostalgic days of using Xbox Live to play with my actual friends. It can get competitive as well, but it just seems to remind you that you are to have fun and not take everything so seriously (I mean, Rockets on a small level, etc.). Maybe it's just because it has the party system, but it makes the Xbox feel like its a good place to meet up with your friends again. Expand
  79. Aug 11, 2011
    I've been a massive Halo fan since No 1,& i wasnt disappointed by Reach.In fact for me personally,its the best in the series so far.I loved the story,the characters,the events that take place within the campaign,the customisation for your character & the fact that you see your custom character in the campaign cut scenes.Some have criticised the music,but i think its the best music in the series by a country mile! I like the way the cut scenes are cut too,in a very cinematic way,& the first person cutscenes are genius.Always glad to see the Halo games have on & offline Campaign Co-Op,and Campaign matchmaking included this time also.Kudos Bungie! On the multiplayer side,Invasion is a welcome addition,& adds a bit of purpose to the matches,& Firefight is always good to come back to once in a while.In general Reach offers the definitive Halo multiplayer.I am so close to giving this a Ten.On the whole,a VERY cool game. Expand
  80. Jul 28, 2012
    Probably the most fun one can have for $60 these days. With the amazingly well rounded multiplayer with forge and custom games giving you unlimited amounts of replay value. I would easily pay $120 for this game. Gorgeous graphics for its time and most games dont touch it today. The only way you can have more fun than this for $60 is if your into cheap prostitution. Which I do not endorse
  81. Sep 26, 2010
    This game reaches high into the heavens, becoming the pinnacle of current-gen FPS. Like all of Bungie's games, you will witness: incredibly high production values, a plethora of modes and game types -- not to mention a great story filled with fascinating characters.
  82. Sep 20, 2010
    Halo: reach is easily the best game yet in the Halo series. Previous Halo games could not stand up very well in the graphics department, but Reach is a graphical powerhouse, with incredible detail in textures and phenomenal weapon effects. The audio work is brilliant and the gameplay is more fluid than ever. This is Halo's best single player campaign yet, and the multiplayer is so feature-rich, it should last you for years.

    This is the ultimate Halo game, and a true contender for Game of the Year 2010.
  83. Nov 14, 2010
    A very good game indeed, although people say it's just Halo 3 again, it's not. Yes, it plays quite similarly, BUT THAT'S BECAUSE IT'S THE SAME FRANCHISE!!! The Halo 2 engine is a good engine, it is solid and makes for fun game play, so why not? Quite a lot of things have changed, health is back, there's loads of new guns, new multiplayer modes, vehicles, etc. Some games have configurable classes as well. The campaign in really good, with lots of diversity in missions. Firefight is back, and Forge has been overhauled so you can make some very imaginative maps in the Forge World. Also you can get ranks and XP offline as well. There's massive character customisation too. If you can imagine changing your spartan or elite, you can do it, and you have to buy these things with XP.

    The graphics didn't come across as spectacular, but I was playing on a 46" HDTV so any visual flaws were probably heightened. Also I felt we could have done with some more MP maps, there aren't very many at the moment, and they are all bits from the campaign. Not as interesting as Halo 3's maps. Hope DLCs are on the way.

    Very fun. Overall much better than CoD: Black Ops. You're missing out, PS3 gamers.
  84. Nov 13, 2010
    This game is great everything good in past halos is in this one and this is by far the best campaign of the series.
    Although there is a frame rate drop sometimes and the ai is not always at its best this is one of the best shooters this year
  85. Nov 2, 2010
    this game is an absolute must have! everything that was wrong with it HAS NOW BEEN FIXED!!! it really shines in its multiplayer. the new weapons are great. i especially like the new battle rifle. one thing that has been fixed that me and many others have complained about is the amount shots it takes to kill a person. Bungie made it a lot easier to kill someone and it has the game a whole lot more fun. if you do not get game you will miss out on the best and the last Halo game that Bungie Is making. Expand
  86. Sep 16, 2010
    This is the best game ever! It has everything, campaign, campaign matchmaking, firefight with TONS of customizations, super incredible forge 2.0, super fun and addictive online, custom games, theatre, new weapons, new game types, new vehicles, armory, credits, challenges, awesome file browser, amazing stuff on, commendations, new medals, loadouts, armor abilities, epic cinematics, new enemies, active roster, arena, firefight matchmaking and versus and MORE!!!! Expand
  87. Sep 16, 2010
    This game is amazingly fun and I haven't even tried Forge World Yet! I don't see why people keep putting zeros in for a score. It is a solid game with good game play so please write legitimate reviews! I am going to be playing this game for months ahead so I think it deserves a 10/10.
  88. Sep 17, 2010
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. To start, from reading the reviews by Users, most of negative ones are by people who obviously never touched this game. What that said lets actually talk about Reach. The overall game format is pretty standard Halo with some modifications. First is that there is no longer dual welding weapons. Which added to the fact that enemies by and large are harder to take down makes the game more difficult than in the past. Elites are beasts once again where they were nothing from Halo 2 on. When you think of Elites, think Halo 2 Brutes. Single Player offers 10 playable segments (the first segment is video). These range from ground pounding to vehicle combat to space superiority to air support missions. There is a lot of depth in the game play. So much so, while I was playing on Legendary with some friends, one of them comment that "this is not Halo." Of course it is but they are opening it up to show a larger story about the annihilation of the planet. During one point, one of the characters in your squad dies from being shot during a cutscreen and all 3 of us playing were shocked. You have to watch as one by one your squadmates die. I think the story was well done and is a great improvement on the non-Chief based Halo games (i.e. Halo Wars or ODST). When I did the beta for this game, I was very unimpressed by the multiplayer. It looked like a goofy version of Halo 3. I traded in the other Halo games because I love this multiplayer. Bungie really went out of their way to make the multiplayer rich and with lots of variations. Plus the weekly and daily challenges help to give you incentive to play different modes. Specifically Firefight and Forge stand out. This is the best Halo yet and anyone who is in to Sci-Fi shooters should get this game. Expand
  89. Sep 17, 2010
    Every single one of these negative reviews are like "Hurr durr, buy a PS3 and play Killzone 2," which can't hold a candle to ANY of the Halo games. I rarely see Xbots voting down games on the console of your choice...

    My time with Reach has been great. Nothing short of amazing graphics, story, gameplay, the whole package. The multiplayer is the most fun of any game out there

    If you can't have fun playing Halo: Reach, then I feel sorry for you.

    I own both consoles and both games, so I'm not just talking about something I don't know about like the idiots voting 0 and telling you to buy a PS3. Seriously: grow up, and enjoy your console for what it is.
  90. Sep 17, 2010
    Halo Reach is by far the best Halo game ever.

    Campaign is awesome, armor abilities make it a lot better.
    Firefight is bigger and better.
    Forge has more objects and upgrades.

    Plus the new weapons are very cool!
  91. Sep 21, 2010
    Halo reach top game great graphics but can be frustrating wen u die loads as u will throughout the game great game to play will keep u going for hours. amazing story simply has to be said that Halo reach has to be the best Halo game i ave ever played
  92. Sep 20, 2010
    I have been a long time halo fan, and this is hands down in my opinion the best in the series. Great graphics, game play, and loads of features makes this one of my favorite games of the year. Thatâ
  93. Sep 20, 2010
    I should say going into this that I am a Huge Halo fan, I have loved all the past games, Halo CE and Halo 2 being my favorites. That aside Reach tells the story of six very human Spartans and there struggle to try to save a Doomed planet and lay the steping stone for the eventual survival of mankind. Going into this you know the outcome but the story getting to that out come is one of Heroism, sacrifice and loss. Five Hundred million people died on Reach and it is safe to say that this is the darkest game in the entire series. The cinematics have taken influence from movies like "Hurt Locker" and "District 9" in that it is a very close up boots in the mud story, it does this to great affect. I found my self growing attached to some of the Spartans and needless to say their loss left me with a haunting somber feeling that I could not shake, Understanding the characters and the universe will help to heighten the effects of the story. The visuals of this game are beautiful with crisp textures, lush foliage, amazing weather effects, water and animation this may well be the best looking Xbox 360 exclusive out. this is also first Halo game where the faces on human characters look great being on par with Gears of War 2 and Uncharted 2. But all this beauty does come at a cost of the frame rate from time to time, must notably in the first level and in the cut scenes. Game play is the culmination of all the best parts of past Halo games, it feels refreshed with things like weapon bloom, sway and sprinting to give it a far more modern feel. There also are many things that show up for the first time in a Halo game wich not only are pretty darn cool they made this game stand out for me. The enemies are fun to fight and on Heroic and especially Legendary they are a true challenge. The AI in Reach is some of the best in any game I have ever played, Elites are back in front and no longer will you be fighting the boring, stand still Brutes from Halo 3. Hunters on Legendary are the toughest Halo foe I have ever encountered and this is a dream for any long time Halo fan. Though in some of the later levels there can be parts where there are too many high level enemies and not enough of the weapons you need to properly get the job done leading to some frustrating parts. This was my experience on Legendary anyways. Multi-player is very fun, guns have a kick and the new falcon is a blast. Halo 3 left me lacking a little bit and this so far seems to fill the niche Ive been wanting for a while and with so many things to do in this game, it will keep a fan entertained for a long time. With saved films along with an over hauled forge mode added in to the mix along with matchmaking support for the fully customisable Fire Fight and campaign. As of launch yet to be included seems to be the campaign matchmaking. This is a lot of multi player content, we will have to wait and see if it lasts the test of time. All in all this is a fantastic experience that gave me the best first time impression of any Halo game since the original one, this is a great conclusion to Bungie`s Halo and a must play for any Halo fan be it big or small. If you have never played a Halo this is were to start. From the beginning you know the end. Expand
  94. Oct 22, 2010
    Through it doesn't feel like halo anymore it rate it 10 because i respect the original halo which is the best from all halo games.The music and action are different,cold.
  95. Oct 13, 2010
    Remember the laughably bad storyline Halo 2 featured? How about Halo 3's? The Halo series is well-known for its multi-player, and also its stories. Halo: ODST certainly did its best to deliver on the story front, but lacked any real online modes. But now, as a sterling star to guide through the night, Halo Reach has delivered. I'm not a big fan of the Halo series, or the CoD series, but I will say this is one of this years best FPS's. Reach delivers a tale of Noble squad, a group of Spartans ordered with protecting the planet Reach from the Covenant invasion. Of course, if you know your Halo lore you know how this story will end, but as a good person once told me, "Sometimes it's about the journey to the end that matters most, not the ending itself." And boy, what a journey. By the end of the game, you will feel like you've actually connected with the other Spartans of Noble, but then again character development still isn't that good. The ending is great, showcasing a feat of valor and sacrifice that tops off the Reach story greatly. An amazing feature is the ability to customize the look of your Spartan, for both single-player and multi-player. And multi-player now has armor abilities instead of powerups, like a jetpack or sprint ability, though the bubble-shield makes a cool appearance. If you like FPS's or any of the Halo games, this is for you. Expand
  96. Oct 12, 2010
    es una buena despedida para la compañia, bugie se voto con este juego, lo tiene todo orgullo para microsof.... juegos como este no se ven todos los dias
  97. Oct 13, 2010
    this game is phenomenal, the online matchmaking in revolutionary. it is smooth, has good players and is fair. the new armor effects are amazing. the campaign is great. it has an amazing story i highly recommend this game, truly amazing game
  98. Oct 14, 2010
    Reach is one of the top games of 2010 and will probably still be a top contender in 2011. Single player and multi player are top notch. I got it the first day and haven't taken it out of the disk drive. Probably won't until Fallout New Vegas or Black Ops
  99. Oct 16, 2010
    This is a perfect game it combines all the good features and game play from the other halo games and adds more. Forge is amazing and you can make awesome maps with ease. The game has beautiful scenery. If you have an Xbox you must get this game you wont regret it.
  100. Oct 16, 2010
    I love this game!!! Campaign...MULITPLAYER....CUSTOM GAME LEVELS...the fact that it is the last from BIOWARE made drop it from a perfect 10!!! This is a must have!!! 9.85 is my score...
  101. Sep 16, 2010
    HATERS GONNA HATE!....dont be fooled by the user score. its just alot of ps3 cry baby fanboys who wished they had Halo Reach. Reach is by far the best halo game ever made. it is a must get because it has the most importiant thing to a video game...REPLAY VALUE. this game is worth $100. because it will last you longer then any other game. most packed game ever. it is a must get......

    then 700,000 ppl playing it rite now. ps3 fanboys wished they had games that had this many ppl online. killzone 2 only has like 3000 world wide..LOL Collapse

Universal acclaim - based on 99 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 93 out of 99
  2. Negative: 0 out of 99
  1. Jan 18, 2011
    If you loved all the other Halo games, there's little I can say to dissuade you from purchasing Bungie's last creation in the Halo series.
  2. Jan 15, 2011
    Halo: Reach is not a breakthrough, yet it's a clear showcase of Bungie's creative growth. The game is hardly a "must buy" – its single-player campaign is way too short and uneven in quality, while multiplayer has very little room for expansion besides map packs and useless character decorations. But with that said, Reach is worthy of your attention for a couple of evenings.
  3. Dec 25, 2010
    Almost achieves the impossible and fulfills the hype. Among the best shooters ever created. [Issue#231, p.82]