Jeopardy! (2012) Xbox 360


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  1. Apr 28, 2013
    I was worried when I bought this game for $30 on demand. There were not a lot of reviews on it. I'm glad I bought this. It really puts youI was worried when I bought this game for $30 on demand. There were not a lot of reviews on it. I'm glad I bought this. It really puts you into the jeopardy game (better than watching it on tv). I can't comment on the online part of it since i don't play online. I bought a 2nd remote and both my girlfriend and I play this just about every night (and I only had to teach my girlfriend how to push the A button and use the stick to make a selection). There is the right amount of difficulty with the categories to choose from and the ability to select one of four answers makes it a bit easier/faster to make it fun verses trying to type in a question. You really start to experience some of the strategy used by the tv players. I like the ability to skip through all the intro dialog by pushing the A button (something all games should have). The voices in both Jeopardy (and Wheel Of Fortune for $20) seem real enough to make you feel like your playing on TV. I was pleasantly surprised with how easy it was to setup 2 players using 2 remotes and get quickly into the game. Both games feel like polished games versus the older PC versions. Even though the allowed seconds to answer feels about the right amount of time to keep the game evenly paced, I do wish Jeopardy allowed you to adjust the seconds. When playing with 2 remotes, there is a certain timing to pushing the A button to answer but it's the same as real jeopardy and I told my girlfriend she was trying to push the button too soon. We've been having a blast playing this every night (only Xbox game I could get her to play) so to me, it was money well spent. After a week of playing it, I haven't gotten a duplicate category yet. The AI player is also smart enough to know when all the wrong answers have been selected. There are a few mini-games and picture challenges which keep a bit of variety. Just like in real Jeopardy, there can be some tough categories as well as some easy ones. You can usually eliminate 1 or 2 of the answers to choose from and the category name is often important when making the selection (they often throw in a few tricky answers that you mistakenly click on too quickly). Even if the online isn't very good (which I didn't test), I'd recommend this game if you are a fan of Jeopardy and want some family fun that makes it feel like you are on the TV show with a few nice touches built in to make the controls easy for even a novice Xbox user. (Now if I could just beat my girlfriend, everything would be ok). I didn't give the game a 10 only because I can't vouch for the online play. Full Review »