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  • Summary: [Xbox Live Arcade] Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light is the first ever co-op multiplayer action/adventure game featuring Lara Croft. This brand new adventure combines the hallmarks of the Tomb Raider franchise, including exploration and discovery, platforming, and puzzle solving combined with character progression, fun fast-paced combat, and elements of human cooperation and competition. Expand
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 70 out of 73
  2. Negative: 1 out of 73
  1. 100
    You will rarely find a game that offers such phenomenal value for money, even at full price I would wholeheartedly recommend it. It's an exciting reinvention for a heroine whose light has unfortunately faded in recent years; an exciting parade of action, puzzling and exploration elegantly crafted with fresh direction, all while retaining that familiar Tomb Raider ethos.
  2. 91
    Though the game would still be fantastic with its co-op dungeon puzzles alone, Guardian of Light contains a surprising amount of substance; each of its many levels offer a series of achievements that add interesting weapons and items to your inventory.
  3. The new "Tomb Raider" is one of the best XBLA/PSN games of the year. New look, new puzzles, new arcade gameplay style... a complete and beautiful makeover of the series that will keep you entertained for a long time. Instant buy!
  4. Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light is definitely a rebirth for the Tomb Raider series. A meaty puzzle-based platformer that will definitely have fans asking for more, it is the perfect conclusion to this year's Summer of Arcade and 1200 Microsoft Points ($15) well spent.
  5. Lara Croft's return to the XBLA is very good, and as part of the Summer of Arcade series a welcome addition to the great line-up we've had thus far.
  6. Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light is nothing short of a triumph for Crystal Dynamics and the buxom adventurer. The score-based gameplay and objectives are geared towards providing hefty doses of replay value, but even a single playthrough promises to be an exciting journey filled with top-notch action and ingenious puzzles.
  7. Proves too bland to satisfy anyone-even accounting for the fact that "Tomb Raider" is intentionally missing from the title.

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Score distribution:
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  1. Aug 21, 2010
    Who would have thought that there's be a great, inexpensive Lara Croft game after the series of craptastic releases over the last 7 years or so? This is just a great time. Expand
  2. Dec 5, 2010
    Launch issues aside and despite having little to do with the Tomb Raider universe itself aside from borrowing the main character, Lara Croft, this game ranks in the top-5 best XBLA titles ever made alongside other greats such as Shadow Complex, Limbo and Bionic Commando Rearmed. Essentially, the game features a fixed isometric camera angle as you explore dungeons, caves and jungles in single player or two-player cooperative mode. The gameplay is a mix between twin-stick shooting action, platforming and physical puzzle solving, such as trying to get both your players across a pit, navigating a bolder through spike traps and others. The closest comparisons are the older Dark Alliance and Champions of Norrath games, but instead of RPG elements and swords you get guns and more refined platform/puzzle solving elements. Additionally, each level contains mini-challenges such as collecting a certain amount of red skulls, completing sections under a given time limit or destroying x number of items. By completing these challenges you're rewarded with new items, health, ammo and ability upgrades. In all, this is an incredibly great game that's enjoyable both as a single-player and co-op experience and features a long campaign, plenty of bells and whistles and a nice leaderboard that all combine to provide a lot of replay value. The only downside is the game can be kind of glitchy at times, but even those moments can be pretty hilarious if playing with a buddy. In all, stop reading this and go at least try out the demo! Expand
  3. Aug 23, 2010
    This game brings back the core of what Laura Croft was always about. High Adventure and LOTS of fun. Crystal Dynamics have brought Laura back with a vengeance. Outstanding! Expand
  4. Oct 24, 2010
    I for one loved Legend and Underworld and before this game came out, I was really worried that it was going to be a second rate Tomb Raider game. Those feelings quickly passed when I started playing the game. I haven't played a game with a "top down" view in a while. This game was a ton of fun! Great action with all the puzzles that you would expect from a Lara Croft, Tomb Raider game. The variety of weapons and power ups that you can use was also impressive. Not only did I play this in single player but it was really fun to co-op and play it with my wife! Yes, my wife! LOL! She really liked it too. It was nice to play a game that had co-op that you could play together on the same console and not just on-line. For a DLC game, this was awesome. The graphics were good, the controls were tight, and the sound was great. The only thing lacking a bit was the story. Overall, this is a very fun game to pick up and play. Expand
  5. Aug 31, 2010
    I am really surprised they made this downloadable. For the price it's a steal. Great graphics, music, story, and overall it's Lara Frickin' Croft, back in action. Highly recommended. Expand
  6. Jan 18, 2014
    The game kicks off by giving you a history lesson from the overtly and borderline offensively English Lara Croft talking about old relics and typical Tomb Raider type things, this is where you find out about the “Mirror of Smoke” which she has been hunting. This introduction sets you up nicely thinking that you are going to start off trying to find a cool relic with mystical powers; I **** you not as soon as she has finished describing it she starts the very next sentence with “I finally found it!”. What the hell!! Don’t set me up for an adventure and then snatch it away from me, not cool guys!! Along this process of pictures and sound (I refuse to call it a cut scene but I’ll get into that more later) you are introduced to a warlord named Vasco, he snatches the Mirror of Smoke and unleashes all manner of literal hell as an ancient battle that was frozen in time breaks out around the group. It is then you are also introduced to Totec, the other protagonist of this little adventure. I hope this isn’t just me but his voice bugged the hell out of me, not because it was annoying but because it sounds so familiar, it really pissed me off that I couldn’t figure out!

    Now it’s your time to take control as your thrown into the action and told to use some of Lara’s bombs to solve a simple little puzzle, I’m not too proud to admit that I failed at this as I didn’t pay attention to the instructions and I ended up just jumping around the room until I pulled my head out of my arse and figured out what needed to be done. Remember in the description when it said that the visuals were shown through an “isometric view”? Well, welcome to the real world son! Isometric view is the technical term for birds eye view which essentially means that you spend the gameplay looking down on Lara and Totec like some form of, well, bird I suppose! I don’t normally go for that sort of thing but in this case it actually works out quite nicely and the angles don’t get in the way which is always my biggest gripe with fixed camera angles. The gameplay itself is actually pretty good, its a simple case of move the right analogue stick to aim and pull the right trigger to unleash the sweet kiss of death from the trademark pistols. They may have taken Lara Croft and stripped literally everything Tomb Raider from her but at least they had the dignity to leave her with infinite ammo in the pistols!

    As this is technically a platform it means that there is a scoring system for each level and so the levels there is glittery **** strewn Lara Croft GOL 6all over the place; sometimes they appear when you break an item or kill an enemy, sometimes there just there for the sake of being there. They aren’t actually mentioned during the game and it is never actually explained what they are but subject to video game law; anything that glistens is important and therefore must be collected immediately! Pretty quickly into the game you are given a chance to play around and experiment with some of the techniques your going to be using a lot through the game, whether they be using the grappling hook to get across large gaps of using your magical golden spear as a stepping stone to reach higher places. Oh and also, you get given a magical golden spear which in all honesty is pretty damned cool! The next mandatory item in the play book of the platform game is collectables; there are a few different collectable in the Guardian of Light world and they are actually serve a purpose as you use them to upgrade your powers and weapons and stuff like that.

    The storyline itself is a fairly basic one and it’s decent enough but what they have done very well is to break up the gameplay in 2 ways. Firstly, on every level you are given a couple of level specific challenges that allow you to unlock extra relics and power ups. They have also scattered Challenge Tombs in each level, these challenge tombs involve using the skills that you’ve learned along the way and if you get it right not only do you get to survive but you also get a few extra goodies, ya lucky thing you!
  7. Sep 28, 2010
    The graphics are pretty average. Gameplay occasionally has some interesting puzzles but most of them are basically "go here, pull the lever, watch the camera pan over to a door and run through quickly" there are a few nice tense moments but overall can get a bit repetitive especially as its been done so much before. I actually felt like I played this game before the way I steamed through it because every puzzle I have done in some form or other before. The story isnt anything special and the voice acting is pretty poor. The sound design is also pretty generic and doesnt really stand out much.

    This game is far from a 10 on originality alone but the fact there is still no on line co op 2 months after it came out is a big loser for me. I may come back and bump the score up a little higher when they finally update the multiplayer co op to be online because its not something I have experienced as I live out of town and generally out of convenience it is me visiting my mates rather than them coming all the way out to me where theres no pubs and clubs and the average age of the women is about 72. Its quite hard to tempt them round to play some split screen XBLA reboot title of a previouslyl dried up franchise which I would have to say to them "may or may not be good I havnt played it with anyone yet" Until I experience more than half the game its not going to get more than half the score. This 3 is out of 5 for the singleplayer. When they finally release the multiplayer online and the dlc Ive heard about then I may come back and rate it higher if Im not playing RUSE or Halo or FIFA or something too much.

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