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  1. Nov 4, 2012
    Its easily the best lego game to this day, but now im seeing gliches and places were you get stuck in corners. Even tho thoses minor errors its the best lego game to date. LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heros 8.0/10
  2. Jul 27, 2013
    Lego Batman 2 is arguably the best Lego game yet.
    With an original story, voice actors, and an open world, Lego Batman 2 puts all other Lego games to shame.
  3. Dec 8, 2012
    With the best graphics, the most exciting action, and by far the best story, Lego Batman 2 is without a doubt the beset Lego game yet. It is so much better now that the characters talk and actually tell a story instead the old game. Don't get me wrong, the original was good too, but it was just a few levels with a very basic and very weak story. It is just so awesome, especially with a free roam environment. One of the best games of 2012, definitely. Expand
  4. Jun 19, 2012
    "Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes" a game produced by Tell Tale (The Walking Dead, Monkey Island, Fable) of the famous LEGO games franchise. The story of the game begins with the Man of the Year award, in Gotham City, where the 2 runner ups are Bruce Wayne and Lex Luthor, and where Bruce will
    receive the award - they are attacked by the Joker and other villains: from there, Bruce appears as
    Batman and begins the game - and there is already a hint of Lex Luthor will join Joker.

    The Graphics are improved: the structures and Legos have their classic appearance, but with details of texture and reflections of things around them are very good, with the sensation are made of plastic. The game scenarios graphics are good, but are always more detailed in close up, and not so much in the distance, which become more blurred. Gotham City has the aspect of a dark city, always in night, with constant light effects.

    Audio: the talking Legos are a nice change introduced, and I think that this gave the story and joke lines more interest. Almost everything in the CG are dubbed with original voices of actors from movies and cartoons, then obviously there is no complaints in that department, which is
    impeccable. The voices appear in all segments that tell the story, ie, the CG, and some characters speak in stages.

    The general feeling os the game is in a kind of funny tone (of course), and resemble a mixture of personalities from the Batman and Justice League animated series with the Batman movies of the 90s. The jokes are greatly improved with the use of dialogue. The songs used are the classic ones from the series and movies, with orchestral music as the theme of Batman and Superman.

    The gameplay is what we see in recent Lego games (especially Harry Potter and Pirates of the Caribbean) merged with what we saw the first Lego Batman: stages in closed scenarios where you can destroy structures for credits, and destroy other objects that help to beat the stage and bonus items, while other bonuses are only accessible afterwards, with other powers given by different characters or other clothing.

    Of course as always we find the various collectibles that are part of all games (eg, gold bricks, vehicles, rescue). Moreover, we can play as in all other Lego games, in Coop, on the same console, which always is fun and convenient, since many stages require coordination of the 2 characters. Compared with other Lego games, the scenarios are more complex and full of things.

    Among the story stages, that sometimes are very large (and high), we see stages of vehicles gameplay, where you drive one of them (or Superman) and must reach and knock down the targets, in action sequences. The narrative and stages are linear, but after beating the stage, you can use Free Roam in the Menus, to get the missing collectibles.

    Although I do not tested the open world mode, with Superman, I've read that in this mode the Coop becomes Slit-screen due to the fact that the two characters you can not keep the same display because of the size of the map.

    In general, I found this one of the best Legos games: sum the theme and variety of scenarios in the DC universe and a open and wide world, with good graphics (thought at distance they could be better), and with a nice humor, with best jokes and funny lines thanks to the use of voice in the game. For those who like Batman and DC Universe, the Lego game series or more casual games, this game is a very nice choice - I would recommend this game and the Pirates of the Caribbean as the best games of the LEGO franchise.
  5. Jan 16, 2013
    As a fan of Lego games this one was my favorite so far. I was nervous at first. The original Lego Batman was one of the worst in the franchise rivaled only by Lego Harry Potter 2, but this game turned out incredible. The voice acting allows for a good cheesy original DC story to be told and while the game has the smallest Level count in any Lego game, each level feels necessary and progresses the plot in some way.

    The post game felt short due to being able to fly to certain golden bricks and switch to the character needed to open the container if possible, but the hub world was large and alive with randomly generated events and boss fights with everyone from the Mad Hater to General Zod.

    Super-man is a bigger Tool then Robin and the game marks the first time I've laughed out loud at a Lego game several times.
  6. Jul 5, 2012
    This is a great game but I can't help thinking they could have used a few more month to work out some of the bugs. The one thing to know is that these lego games may be made for kids but they are the number one game for couples and the difficulty here really shows that.
  7. Jul 5, 2012
    It's hard to not like this game. As the first game brought the Lego Universe in to High Definition, the second brings another milestone with talking characters. This time we know WHY characters are doing things. The story makes sense, which makes me less confused and much happier than I was with the first game. However they did not do much in changing the story mode gameplay, if anything the new suits were just "okay" and most the events felt predictable. The real gem here is the HUB where we casually navigate around in all Lego Games, however Tell Tale gives us 500sq miles of Lego bricks to explore and roam freely. Even as some of DCs most powerful heroes. Just flying as Superman with John Williams classic music fades in is a great experience. Hear the full review on the podcast;
  8. Aug 13, 2012
    I was a little worried when they added voices to a Lego game as the lack of dialogue is part of the charm but they did an excellent job. This game is super fun and one of the best of the franchise. I love flying around as Superman with the theme music playing and the rivalry between Batman and Superman was very funny. Lots of things to smash and rebuild. Lego games rarely disappoint. Charming fun game. Expand
  9. Dec 5, 2012
    My cousin and I were excited to sit down and tackle this game. I'm not a huge fan of the Lego series of games, I find them to be a bit simplistic - and as well they should be, since they are targeted for a younger audience. I enjoy the humor and the cut scenes, but the gameplay becomes repetitive quick. We were both extremely disappointed at how long it took for us to unlock a character besides Batman & Robin, and you have to beat the story mode before you can really delve into your options. By that point, we had lost interest and there is not a lot of pay off for running around and exploring Gotham. It felt boring even as the Flash or Green Lantern. In the end, it just made us a long for a proper Justice League game. Expand
  10. Jul 14, 2012
    Continues to be fun like all the other lego games. The open world is better than in previous games. They also finally figured out how to get the vehicles to be bearable. Except the flying vehicles which still suck. The flying characters aren't that bad but for some reason the controls vary whether you're indoors or out.

    The game itself is shorter than the other games being only 15
    levels. It is also really just about chasing Joker/Luthor. There is no variety to the missions and the final multi-level boss battle is way too long. With some much possibility using all the DC heroes the overall story was perhaps the worst of the series. Basically you'll play Batman or Superman through the entire game making the rest of the cast useless. The JL didn't even get involved until the final mission or 2 making them completely pointless. So much potential lost... To add insult to injury you also are forced to use the Boy Blunder more often then you'd like because he has a skill or too (which makes no sense at all) that is required for certain areas. Nobody likes playing BB so why make us do so?

    Some of the game's puzzles seem harder than they were in past games. It is like the devs went out of their way to find bizarre solutions to puzzles just to add "challenge". Since the Lego games are designed for younger audiences I fail to see how the devs figure kids will solve the puzzles.

    Finally the whole voice thing is something I don't like at all. One of the key features of the Lego series has always been reading the actions of the characters and figuring out your own captions. Now the characters talk (some of them horribly) and a lot of that Lego humor is lost. I don't mind if the devs wanted to add the voice but please give us the option of turning off voice and just letting the chars act out like they use to do. I understand the next Lego game will have talking chars so hopefully the devs will add this option in. I want my Lego chars silent and funny.
  11. Jun 27, 2012
    Probably the best Lego game since the first Star Wars offering. While the story mode itself is a bit short, the biggest blast of the game is without a doubt the open world wandering. I tried to plow through the story just to get to it, use Superman as my main bro. Oh, you are a bat robot in the 25th century. Hit a level 12 freeze problem that took a few hours out of my life... PATCH IT TT!!!
  12. Dec 4, 2012
    Gimicky, Boring, and downright STUPID sums up this 'game', if you could call it that. The game was designed to sell toys and nothing more, so if your kids enjoy this gimmicky stuff, buy them actual legos. Don't waste money on this, or any other lego games. Just buy actual legos, because they're cheaper and provide more hours of fun.
  13. Nov 26, 2012
    Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes is hands down the best Lego game of all time, and is the direct sequel to Lego Batman: the video game. Plot: Lex Luthor breaks the Joker and other imprisoned villians out of Arkham Asylum. He forms an alliance with the Joker in order to achieve his goals. Batman will team up with other DC heroes from the justice league such as Superman, and the Green Lantern in order to prevent Lex Luthor from achieving his evil goals. Justice League: very well blended into the game to aid Batman from time to time. Each hero has their own unique supernatural abilities which make this game more of a blast to play. Freedom: Gotham City can be free roamed in between missions which is great due to the fact that you have access to Batman's vehicles such as the Bat Mobile. My opinion: This is a great game, voice acting is top notch, and the graphics and story are so immersive you will forget that everything is made of Lego, as it will blend in so nicely with the game. Expand
  14. Jul 3, 2012
    I give the game a 8/10. My kids give it a 10/10. So 9 sounds good. The addition of Gotham City is one that really sets this game apart from others. There is so much to do and find, they could just play and ride the roller coaster or play games at the carnival (in Gotham) for hours.

    My biggest complaint is the split screen in this mode (missions are no problem)... though to be
    honest 16:9 really doesn't give you much to work with. It splits the screen down the middle. Mathematically it makes sense. However, it gives you absolutely ZERO peripheral vision. Finding things is all but impossible. Perhaps they should have adjusted the FOV when in this mode to allow for more peripheral. Kids don't care. It bothers me. Expand
  15. Aug 4, 2012
    Pretty good game. I enjoyed the graphics and most of the gameplay in this game and I love the fact that the characters in the game can actually talk now instead of laughs, grunts and screams. Credit to the voice actors as they did a really good job. Couple of problems I had with this game is the amount of work you had to do in each level. I spent nearly a hour on one! Another problem is a glitch I kept having while trying to play the game. It would just randomly freeze at one point. But maybe that's just my xbox! Expand
  16. Jun 20, 2012
    I am giving this game an honest review, but with the understanding that the Fun Factor here is extremely high and the game is highly addictive. This is by far the best Lego Game to-date. These games have been sorely lacking for voice acting, this adds much value to the game. The visuals are bright and colorful, good graphics but do not expect Arkham City. I do not like the split screen, I will deal with it playing with my kids but it will give you vertigo, better off playing single player. The gameplay is fun, light combat, lots of puzzles, nice variety. Lots and lots of characters to unlock which will take some time, you are very limited to characters for use in Story mode in part due to needing certain characters for the puzzles. I cannot wait to unlock more of the characters, but you are definitely going to favor the ones that can fly. Some are also going to disapoint, Gorilla Grod has no abilities whatsoever, is standard size and nothing special to look at. There are several vehicle chase combat scenes that although colorful, are a chore. They are On Rail shooter sections that would have greatly benefited from allowing you to drive. Also, another knock is the map, it does not show which direction you are facing, takes a few seconds to access the map completely pausing gameplay and is quite confusing. I also believe that more effort needs to go into the Boss/Character battles, they are too simplistic. All of this is from an adults perspective, this is a fantastic game for all kids and definitely fun for parents, I just can't help comparing to Arkham City which is one of the best games I have ever played. In closing, I am pointing out details that everyone is going to experience, but it does not hold this back from being every bit a Fun and Addictive experience. Lego Batman 2 rocks! Expand
  17. Dec 14, 2013
    This game is quite poor as it doesn't have a batman feel like the first one, it also includes other dc heroes causing a messed up story line. The puzzles and collectible locations aren't enjoyable and i find them painful. This game was poorly made and hopefully the next lego game can be more like the others.
  18. Oct 14, 2012
    LEGO BATMAN 2 was really one of the best Lego games I've ever played except the open world of Gotham city it was confusing and frustrating when my older brother (who works at Traveller's Tales) gave me this game as a gift I really loved it in almost every way.
  19. Nov 13, 2012
    This game like 100% Arkham City in Lego and it need GOTY
  20. Jul 3, 2012
    This is not only a brilliant Lego game but also a brilliant superhero game. There is a massive variety in characters to choose from ranging from the different varieties of Batman to the invincible Martian Manhunter. The open world style gives the series a revamp and Gotham is incredibly fun to explore. Finally, the voices definitely add to the humour.
  21. Aug 22, 2012
    I'm not the biggest fan of LEGO games, but even I have to admit that this one was really well done. The voice acting made a big difference and the inclusion of the Justice League characters has a big impact on gameplay. Recommended both for LEGO fans and DC fans in general.
  22. Oct 26, 2012
    The most clever game I played. Similar with Grand Theft Auto due to its open playability, Lego Batman 2 is a brilliant sequel to Lego Batman: The Videogame.
  23. Sep 3, 2012
    The best Lego game ever, this is the most fun Lego experience there is:
    *Great Graphics
    *Great Story
    *Great Gameplay *Most Funny
    This is the complete package for Lego fans you need to buy this game !
  24. Jun 27, 2012
    I hated lego Batman, yes HATED. I had to force myself to finish it and it sits firmly at the bottom of the my pile of Lego titles!

    So as you can imagine it was with some trepidation that I approached Lego batman 2. To say I'd set my expectations low was an understatement. However, Mr and Mrs Tell Tale games, all is forgiven. Lego Batman 2 can now rub shoulders (well elbows anyway)
    alongside the Star Wars and Indiana Jones titles in my collection.

    I loved every bit of this game. the free play Gotham sections were SO much fun, especially once Supeman made an appearance. The ability to fly around a dark Gothic Gotham, visiting Wayne towers and the ace chemical plant was a hoot.

    The Lego games have changed very little over the years and the addition of voice actors for this title didn't really make much difference to my enjoyment of it. The formula the developers have stumbled upon really is a winning one and unlocks in everyone the primal NEED to collect every last little thing available, every stud, brick and minikit didn't stand a chance once I entered a level. Two player split screen also adds a great co-op side to the game.

    All in all it took just over 7 hours to get the rather less than elusive 100% butt the sense of achievement you get once it's done makes up for the lack of difficulty.

    Now travellers tales take on the mighty Lord of The Rings trilogy. After this last little jaunt my hopes are high. Please, please TT don't let me down for this one.
  25. Nov 13, 2012
    All LEGO games are awesome, and this one is too. This is a Must Buy.
  26. Aug 23, 2012
    First of all this game is meant for young children so obviously it's very easy(It's impossible to lose) and simplistic. However kids will love it and if you play with a child or younger sibling you may have fun too. The levels themselves are simplistic and i found i got burned out pretty quickly. The real charm in this game is the endless secrets and collectibles which require you to unlock more characters and go back to old levels. In lieu of small hubs in the previous games like the star wars cantina this game has full gotham city to explore, smash and rebuild. I'd say it's as close ot Grand Theft Lego as we're likely to get. You can fly around as superman, run at superspeed as flash or drive around in batman's many vehicles to find secrets and battle supervillians to unlock them for use. I guess they join the Suicide Squad? Speaking of comic references this game has them in spades. There are plenty of funny bits making fun of the batman mythology. The story is actually pretty funny as well. Lex Luthor and the Joker have a(i think) purposely ridiculous plot worthy of the legion of doom. Batman hates Superman and Robin idolizes him. The voices are decent but i was missing the cast from the cartoons. The soundtrack... meh. They had a nice version of the batman movie theme but they used it way too much. Also whenever you fly as Superman in Gotham it plays he john williams theme which sounds nice but it gets really annoying. The single huge issue i have with this game, besides being tedious which can be avoided by taking breaks is that the split screen is completley obnoxious. it jumps around seemingly at random. Sometimes your screen will be on the left even though you're all the way on the right... it's awful and hell on the eyes. But otherwise, it's a good game which kids will love and adults can enjoy. Expand
  27. Mar 19, 2013
    PROS: What' you'd expect from a Lego game; good range of powers spread among characters; good sense of humor (though not as good as some of the other Lego titles by TT).
    CONS: Voice acting is terrible; short story mode most of the unlocking happens Gotham proper, not the stories; map scanner makes unlockables too easy to find.
    BOTTOM LINE: I love TT's Lego games, but this isn't their
    strongest showing. I'll finish this playthrough, then pass it on to my 5 year old nephew. Expand
  28. Jun 20, 2012
    LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes joins Lego HP 5-7 and Lego Star Wars II of my favourite games to play. It has introduced many new mechanics and first-timers to the LEGO Franchise (Most Notable the talking Minifigs and the Open World - Gotham City) While still maintaining the all age friendly gameplay. This game is great for anyone to play on their own, or even better with a friend. A nice distraction and/or alternative from the overwhelming violence that is seen in the majority of games nowadays. The talking Minifigs, to which I was initially unsure about, turns out to be a stand out for LEGO Batman 2. Each character is funny and memorable (And Clancy Browns reprisal as Lex Luthor is top-notch). The Open World Hub is easily the most satisfying gameplay of the game. With the highest amount of Gold Bricks ever: 250 (Surpassing HP 5-7 at 200), Citizens in Peril and 50 Classic DC characters to find and unlock (Not as many as 5-7, respectively, because of a smaller original cast), I will continue to play this game for many more weeks. Also, each main character has his/er own special atributes to give to the gameplay. I can't tell you how awesome it felt like to take off as Superman, head vertically upwards, and slowly hear the Superman Theme (John Williams) creep in through the speakers. I found very few flaws, and none of them took away from the overall effect of the game. Co-op makes a return and is better than ever before, the sleek dynamic split-screen system is back in the Story Missions, and allows for players to explore Gotham City to their hearts content. Parents, if you or your children like DC Comics, and love to have a good laugh, this game must be at he top of your list. A Simply Magnificent Game. Expand
  29. Jul 4, 2012
    The kids love it - The parents hate it. There's nothing like sitting with 2 arguing and fighting children negotiating their way through a level killing each other as many times as the bad guys only to have the level glitch in the end-sequences only to do it all over again - multi-times on multiple levels. So far we have had 4 individual tantrums and 1 all out brawl to the death with flying controllers and we're only 10% of the way into the game. This is going to be fun if the glitches don't get sorted out quickly. Collapse
  30. Jul 6, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. There's a lot to like about Lego Batman 2. There are voices for the characters for the first time, and most of the voice acting is pretty good. Fantastically HUGE hub-world. Largest of any Lego game so far. Stuff to actually DO in the hub-world-----there are Batman or Robin single-person challenges across all of Gotham. These are varied and a lot of fun. Character abilities are varied and make you NEED to open and unlock other characters to solve puzzles. Yes, I actually CHEERED when I FINALLY unlocked Aquaman! Girl supers!!!!! Girl villains!!!!! YEAH!!! And the storyline is fantastic. We see the whole caper, how it goes down, why Bats needs Justice League help, and we are treated to the really interesting dynamic of Dour Batman, Cheerful Robin, and Insufferable Superman.

    There's a lot to not like though, too. There are voices for the characters for the first time, and some of the voice acting is really bad!!! I think Wonder Woman chain-smokes, and I want to punch Hal Jordan in the face---of course, that could be because I still haven't forgiven Hal Jordan for Crisis on Infinite Earths..... The races aren't so much "racing" as they are "completely unforgiving precision movement time-eaters". But the back-breaker for me is the girls. The girls are mostly useless and that is SO disappointing. Huntress has NOTHING to make her stand out except a cross-bow. She can't use ANY of Batman or Robin's equipment AT ALL. Wonder Woman is invulnerable, strong,and can fly, but Superman has x-ray vision and frost breath, so you'll use him even in free-play. Same goes for Hawkgirl----mask, mace, flight-----you'll want to go with Superman. Black Canary is almost useful because of her Canary Cry smashing glass-----BUT..... Man-Bat has that AND he can fly. You'll use Man-Bat. The super-villanesses are even more useless. Catwoman is just Huntress with a whip. NOTHING to offer from her in Free Play. Harley was awesome in the last game, but with flight added in you just don't need her high-jumps (which Clayface can do anyway WITH super-strength). You'll need Poison Ivy to get into some special areas in free play. This makes her useful for exactly 6 minutes of the game.

    But what about Supergirl? She's Superman's cousin! She can do ANYTHING Superman can! She can fly, vision powers, super-strength, frost-breath, invulnerable!!!! And you unlock her when......YOU'VE BEATEN THE GAME AND DON'T HAVE ANYTHING ELSE TO DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I could almost.....ALMOST.....forgive this. Because at least I got to unlock Batgirl. In the last game she could do anything and wear anything that Batman could, all while wearing amazing bat-shaped yellow boots. I loved her so much. I was so looking forward to playing through all of free-play with the Lady of the Night....... Except...... SHE CAN'T WEAR ANY OF BATMAN'S EQUIPMENT!!!!!! No explosive suit, no sensor suit, no electricity suit, no sonic flight suit! NOTHING. She is Huntress with a batarang. Nothing more. The single coolest character in the first game, completely, uselessly nerfed.


    There are girl gamers out there. There are girl comic book lovers out there. WE DO EXIST! And we LIKE to play girls. WHAT is the purpose of DELIBERATELY nerfing ALL of the girls? Verdict: Don't buy this game now. Wait until it hits the half-price shelf 6+ months from now. It's worth a play-through at half price. A SINGLE play-through. But frankly, while you are looking at the half-price shelf, you'll probably find one of the other Lego games. Unless it says "Clone Wars", buy it instead.
  31. Jul 17, 2012
    Never before have I enjoyed a LEGO game so much that I'd play it over and over again. While their cute charm and funny non-dialogue cutscenes may entertain me, I've never actually spent much time on one of these little games. All of that changed after I picked up a copy of LEGO Batman 2: DC Super heroes.

    -Before the Game-
    Before I picked up a copy of this game, I'd seen a few trailers
    for it and did a further research of its content. After hearing that this LEGO game had a full voice acting cast, and not just little grunts and screams, I was... utterly disappointed, actually. Part of what made the previous LEGO games enjoyable were that there was no dialogue, but little signs and pictures that went along with the grunting so that you could follow along to the story. However, with this news, my expectations for the game were truly lowered.

    Okay, time for the review.

    The gameplay of this game is almost identical to that of none other than LEGO Batman: The Video Game. With punching and kicking, along with picking enemies up and throwing them, this game has the new addition of adding finishes to the moves, by pressing a button to finish off the enemy. Also, along with the classic run/walking, the Open-Worlded Gotham City features a full-out sprint which really helps to get to where you need to go. I really love the gameplay of this game. Like its processor, the gameplay is kid-friendly with no blood or gore, but just little bricks falling apart.

    -Story/Voice Cast-
    This part of the review will contain my thoughts about both the story itself and the voice acting as well. The story is so much easier to follow with the voice acting crew. I had expected the voice acting to be lousy and having the actors not really fit their roles, but it was extremely impressive! You can completely tell that the cast had fun working on this game, and all of the actors and actresses truly fit their roles perfectly. Unlike Arkham City, Harley Quinn sounds cute and not annoying, Joker is actually funny when he pulls out one-liners that made me chuckle, and Lex Luthor's voice actor Clancy Brown reprising his role is one of the best things since Mark Hamill in Arkham City! I'm truly impressed with the storyline. The game keeps itself at a fabulous pace and never seems boring at all.

    The graphics in this game look really cool. Unlike the previous game, the metal actually shines, buildings look realistic, the rainwater on the ground actually holds reflections, and the details of the heroes' capes actually look like their made of fabric! I really enjoy the graphics in this game, and think that they've improved over slightly unrealistic graphics of past LEGO games.

    Wow. That's literally all I can say about the setting. This is the first LEGO game to feature an Open-World. The Gotham City includes missions to complete, bricks to collect, villains to fight, and citizens to save. Featuring iconic Batman locations such as Gotham Cathedral, Wayne Tower, and Arkham Asylum, this raging 500 square mile city has kept me busy for hours, and most likely hours to come. However, the Open-World aspect is the source of all the game's issues. None of them ruined the game, but are rather minor little details that seemed a bit rushed. For example, the mini map of Gotham is completely confusing. You can scan the area for the villains, vehicles, and bricks to collect, but there's no way to actually zoom in on these things and completely pinpoint their locations besides placing a marker on the area which appears on the compass. Oh, right, speaking of the compass, that is absolutely, downright awful. It moves around so fast, and the little pictures don't exactly tell which locations they are. However, other than that, there were no glitches or issues.

    Okay, besides the little minor issues in the Open-World, I love this game. LEGO threw out the charm of the old LEGO games and made the Open-World as a Grand Theft Auto-meets-LEGO type thing. This game will drastically change the upcoming LEGO games, and will hopefully make the improvements it needs.

    The voice acting cast could have destroyed the game, but it actually made it amazing. I think that all of these voice actors did a great job, which is why I give my compliments to them.

    The game's graphics are great. The developers put a lot of effort and detail into it, more than any other LEGO game.

    I will be playing this game for much longer. I've never played a LEGO game like it, and in my opinion, it deserves a good score.

    Overall Impression: 9 out of 10
  32. Jul 21, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. the story mode is a bit basic but still there is still a element of batman making it a good game once you have unlocked the super heroes at the end of level 15 the game changes into an open world game and i enjoy flying as green lantern or superman and others also i like the gold bricks trying to find them takes ages but still fun there are also citizens to save to make the feel of being a superhero Expand
  33. Jul 4, 2012
    The kids love it - The parents hate it. There's nothing like sitting with 2 arguing and fighting children negotiating their way through a level killing each other as many times as the bad guys only to have the level glitch in the end-sequences only to do it all over again - multi-times on multiple levels. So far we have had 4 individual tantrums and 1 all out brawl to the death with flying controllers and we're only 10% of the way into the game. This is going to be fun if the glitches don't get sorted out quickly. Collapse

Generally favorable reviews - based on 59 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 46 out of 59
  2. Negative: 0 out of 59
  1. Sep 4, 2012
    Like all the Lego games, the build/collect/smash em up nature is still just as addictive and the design is both brilliant and awful in equal measures. It's heart-warming and fun, two things which most comic games (and indeed comics) lose out on when they ham-fistedly attempt to be 'mature'. It's a grind though, so I think I'll sit the next few Lego games out while I regain the stamina to go through it all again. And I will go through it again.
  2. Aug 27, 2012
    LEGO Batman 2 is a solid game, able to please everyone, and must for fans of comics.
  3. Aug 8, 2012
    It's hard to fault Lego Batman 2, but it's hard to get very excited about it either. [Sept 2012, p.79]