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  1. It’s about time that the Xbox 360 had a party, karaoke style game that felt at home on the console. Everything about Lips is right on the money; the microphones are fantastic, the selection of tunes is sublime and the singing interface is the best in the business.
  2. A self-esteem booster for your tone-deaf friend, though the introduction of more content should help make it stay fun for everyone else.
  3. 83
    Lips is the best new karaoke platform to come along in ages.
  4. Games Master UK
    A great party package that will improve with DLC. Worth a go if you don't have SingStar. [Jan 2008, p.76]
  5. A very exciting first effort from Microsoft. The innovative microphone peripheral, accelerometer-based mini-games, medal system, and the ability to import your own songs make this title stand out from the crowd. However, this title’s short and conventional track list, as well as its lack of online play really hinders it from being a true SingStar killer.
  6. Lips is the interesting debut of the first singing IP from Microsoft. A game with excellent quality peripherals, and with a great value-cost relation. Essential for parties.
  7. In a broad perspective it will always be said that Lips doesn’t add much to the musical/Karaoke genre in which Singstar came out with success a few years ago. Mostly these are equivalent titles that are quite alike bur Lips is a successful bet for the Xbox 360 and a good starting point for future initiatives.
  8. 80
    While the ability to sing to your own music collection has its problems, overall Lips is absolutely brilliant fun, as well suited to a Saturday morning with the kids as it is a late return from the pub.
  9. It's the only game of its type on the 360, it's got brilliant microphones and it at least tries to allow you to expand the potential track-list to infinity. If you like karaoke, and you have friends or family that like karaoke, it's a damn sight better in-law entertainment option than charades this Christmas, and for that we should be eternally grateful.
  10. Lips is a very strong alternative to SingStar if you're a PlayStation-less karaoke buff, and throws in a bit more gameplay than its established rival
  11. For those that enjoy karaoke, and own Xbox 360, Lips is a solid purchase.
  12. Altogether, I really enjoyed Lips, and I definitely think Microsoft is headed in the right direction with its first karaoke attempt. I'd like to see a few more modes tossed in for multiplayer, and maybe a bit more incentive for single-player modes outside of ranking up and gaining stars, but the track list, mic construction, and overall feel of the game is definitely capturing that casual yet fun style of play.
  13. An inviting but subtly deep singing game - but it needs to grow its song library to take on SingStar.
  14. A fun exercise that needs continual updating to keep making it work.
  15. Don’t get me wrong, I liked Lips, it’s just that I expected a lot more from it; especially after seeing what SingStar was able to deliver. Plus knowing the fact that Microsoft is the king when it comes to social networking, this game feels rather incomplete. Lips will surely give you, friends and family, hours of fun if you only have an Xbox 360. If you have a Playstation 3, I would not be surprised if you end up playing SingStar more often.
  16. As it stands, Lips is a solid purchase for anyone looking for a karaoke title, but you will be hoping for a sequel next holiday season.
  17. Sure, Lips has its drawbacks, but when it comes down to it, Lips is a entertaining package that excels at providing a fun karaoke experience that can be enjoyed by all.
  18. Official Xbox Magazine
    So sure, Lips doesn't offer the challenge of other music games, but the presentation is incredibly slick. [Feb 2009, p.81]
  19. Our Xbox 360s become a huge karaoke machine. Lips is not our average karaoke game, as it features several minigames that provide a bigger and more varied experience. A great tracklist and many fun features, but it could deliver videos in higher resolutions, and not every song has its own video. Also, the tracks do not work as smoothly as they could.
  20. I have a feeling that Lips has plenty more cards up its sleeve, but the initial release leaves much to be desired.
  21. If you are prone to having many house parties and find moments in which you would desperately want to embarrass yourself, or those around you, Lips could be just the game to spice the mood up a little. On the other hand if you consider yourself a ‘hardcore’ gamer or expect to enjoy Lips solo, you may be better off giving your lips a reset and wait for a successor on the 360.
  22. Lips does a good job at being a Karaoke simulator. The problem is it's not very good at being a game, especially compared to the other music games available.
  23. A good, pick-up-and-play singing game with a decent tracklist and great presentation and ease of use. Has its share of shortcomings in the single player mode, but can be a hit amongst a group of people.
  24. It’s a fun game, but pales in comparison to other current music games for the number of playable songs and entertainment value.
  25. The microphones themselves are worth commending for their sensitivity and overall appeal, and even if karaoke isn’t your cup of tea it might be worth splitting the game with a friend in hopes that Rock Band and Guitar Hero might have a compatibility patch with the microphones down the road. It might not be the best game in the genre, but as far as a casual singing experience on the system you’d be hard pressed to find one better than Lips.
  26. Lips isn’t the SingStar-killer it could have been. The game offers some original and new gameplay-options, which are fun to some degree, but ultimately lacks the polish to make it a worthy competitor for its equivalent on the PlayStation 3. People who have never played SingStar and are looking to add some spice to an otherwise boring party, are sure to have fun with Lips though. The microphones are wireless, contain a motion sensor, and look way more flashy than their PlayStation-counterparts. Thus, Lips seems like a decent step-up for more karaoke-gameplay on the Xbox 360 in the future.
  27. Not quite up to the excellent standards of Singstar, however a great first attempt which will no doubt evolve over time.
  28. A beyond-solid karaoke title and one that should have some staying power thanks to the world of DLC. Near essential if you like pop music, but it does have Duffy in it.
  29. Lips is sure to work its way up the chart, no matter how badly you want Auntie Glenda to put down the whiskey and stop bellowing out "Another One Bites the Dust.
  30. The song selection is actually not bad at all but the game modes could have been a bit more exciting than the ones found in this game. Still, you cannot go wrong with this one, karaoke fans.
  31. If you need a party game, you could do a lot worse than Lips.
  32. LEVEL (Czech Republic)
    Standard karaoke title with benevolent rating of the performance brings lot of fun for everyone. We can imagine a much much better playlist. [Issue#173]
  33. 68
    Despite all its drawbacks, Lips succeeds in one key area, and that’s providing an engaging short-burst living room karaoke experience. The interface is remarkably easy to use, the initial track list is solid and the motion-sensitive light-up microphones are outstanding (although it remains to be seen how they will hold up with extended use).
  34. 65
    Lips sets out to take the karaoke genre by storm, but ultimately doesn't hit the high notes thanks to a lacklustre single-player affair, lack of online options and a meagre track list.
  35. Lips' wireless mics and excellent song selection make for an evening's worth of entertainment, but it has little to offer solo players.
  36. Edge Magazine
    It’s hard to fault Lips for trying something different, even if it’s just a little. [Jan 2009, p.91]
  37. 60
    The gameplay leaves a lot to be desired. The singing engine itself is par for the course, but the motion-sensing mic as noise-maker and the implementation of Star Stream are huge annoyances that hurt the experience more than they help, especially if you're a big fan of karaoke games. Although Lips tries to transcend karaoke games by doing something different, it's ultimately hobbled by a foundation of mediocrity.
  38. We would have loved to see Lips give Singstar a good run for it's money. Singstar as a series is in need of a good kick in the behind, but alas Lips is not the game to force any innovation in the genre. The major problem we have with Lips is that there are way to few modes and features, rendering the game useless for anything other than a simple karaoke experience.
  39. Lips is a decent karaoke game, but nevers outgrows its bigger brother Singstar. The lack of some real online options and the ease on which you can hum your way past the different songs will scare of some gamers. Nevertheless, Lips offers a wide variety music, let's you play your own songs, offers some nice looking microphones and has and good overal presentation. In the end we still recommend Singstar, except when you don't own a PlayStation 2 or 3.
  40. But Lips is hardly a bad game, so if you're unable to go the Sony route, Microsoft's answer does most of what it needs to do to be successful.
  41. 55
    Though it will quickly bore vocalists acclimated to the challenge of "Rock Band," Lips excels as home karaoke, bringing style and pizzazz to a crowded genre. However, "Lips" is also exceedingly shallow.
  42. It's too easy, too isolated from other players, and too buggy.
  43. Lips disappoints by lacking in features in almost every area, and although the microphones set a new standard for future singing games to strive towards, the functionality is often worse than games nearly half-a-decade old.
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Mixed or average reviews- based on 34 Ratings

User score distribution:
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  1. Dec 17, 2011
    A good game that is a perfectly fine substitute to Playstation's Singstar. In a crowded market Lips is a pick up and go, family friendly titleA good game that is a perfectly fine substitute to Playstation's Singstar. In a crowded market Lips is a pick up and go, family friendly title that would be a sure hit at any house party. Microsoft could have a shinning brand new IP on it's hands as well as a really good game that could help them sell the Xbox 360. Lips keeps people around with fun mini games and a ever expanding library of new and old music of all genres. Full Review »
  2. Daz
    Dec 28, 2008
    can't really compare with singstar as i've not really much experience of, but i think lips isreally good. have used it withcan't really compare with singstar as i've not really much experience of, but i think lips isreally good. have used it with family over xmas with very pleasing results. the songs on teh disk are a very good selection and from xbox live the downloadable songs are only about £1 which i think is very good value. I'm sure this will get quite a bit of use over the coming months. My kids (9 and 5) really like it. Full Review »
  3. TaylorCarr
    Dec 12, 2008
    Magnificent! A great karaoke game that beats out its competition Singstar in some ways and loses in some ways. The microphones are fantasticMagnificent! A great karaoke game that beats out its competition Singstar in some ways and loses in some ways. The microphones are fantastic with the wireless and lighting on the mic. The song list is great and appeals the many different people. However, the feature most hyped about, being able to upload your own songs, is very dulled down. There is no way to get the album artwork, lyrics, or music video for your uploaded songs, which makes the feature kind of pointless. Overall, if you love singing, you should get this game. Full Review »