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  1. From the well planned and executed single player campaign to the never-ending online battles, it’s one of those rare games where you feel like you got every penny’s worth and then some. [JPN Import]
  2. Even more jaw dropping is the amount of detail in the characters, creatures and weapons creation. From the concept of thermal energy to the detail and realistic design of the VS, Lost Planet does a great job creating an interesting virtual world.
  3. Just skip the plot (filled with hyper-cool words like "rendezvous" and "amnesia") and you'll be stranded in bug-blasting, giant robot heaven.
  4. 90
    Challenging and visceral, Lost Planet is one of those games that keeps you coming back, even when you're swearing up a storm after dying.
  5. A great game with amazing graphics, epic boss battles, good gameplay, and mechfights in the snow. It's hard to go wrong with that combination, and Capcom didn't, essentially creating a great gaming experience.
  6. Graphically sublime and with well-paced and refined gameplay throughout, Inafune’s second ode to the 360 is one that cements Capcom’s rightful reputation as the format’s premier publisher right now, as well as adding another title of real quality to the console’s second wave.
  7. AceGamez
    There's a bit of untapped potential in certain areas, and the gameplay doesn't quite take that resounding next-gen leap forward that I'm still waiting for, but even with that being the case, I'm hard pressed to come up with any other 360 game that looks better or is as altogether riveting as the gameplay experience found in Lost Planet (well, except for "Ghost Recon" that is).
  8. The storyline and cg movies are confusing at best and some of the camera issues can cause more than a few irritating circumstances. On the other hand the amazing gameplay, mech battles, graphics, and online modes each have their own amount of greatness that makes Capcom games so damn fun.
  9. The Single player campaign will last you about 10 hours, but with the added and improving multiplayer mode, there is tons of replay value in Lost Planet.
  10. Lost Planet is a great game with action-packed gameplay and a nice cinematic feel to it. Even though the single-player mode is a little on the short side, the great multiplayer elements are enough for the price of admission.
  11. Games Master UK
    It's beautiful and refreshingly simple but at the same time relentlessly retro and samey. [Feb 2007, p.58]
  12. The boss battles, the furious action, the Vital Suits and the fun online modes all contribute to make Lost Planet one of the surprise sleeper hits on the 360 so far.
  13. 85
    A great game that suffers from a few bad design decisions. The graphics are excellent by any standard with only v-synching issues preventing them from looking truly amazing. The enemy design and amount of action they deliver makes for great gameplay that is hampered by control mechanics that get in the way of the experience.
  14. 85
    The visuals in Lost Planet are some what of an art form as the environments, characters and objects look absolutely fantastic.
  15. 85
    A hell of a graphical stunner with multiplayer that is balls out insane at times. Not only that, the single player experience is fun and exciting, offering some of the hardest, yet epic boss fights seen on any next-gen console yet.
  16. The action is fast and furious and the multiplayer mode expands the game’s longevity.
  17. Japanese developers need to bring more class games like this to our markets to remind us that not every game needs to be western in origin, ideas, and style.
  18. It's to Lost Planet's credit that the skillful handling of the difficulty and level design puts the player in a state of desperation for almost the entire length of the game.
  19. While the game's definitely not perfect, it introduces some interesting gameplay mechanics to keep the action steady from start to finish, and it sports some truly excellent graphics. It's not going to win any awards for its storyline (I still don't know who some of the characters are), but when viewed as a series of standalone missions, it's a blast.
  20. While the story itself doesn’t work that well in some areas because of moronic dialogue, confusing logic and characters you would rather strangle than help, the gameplay is unique and generally entertaining.
  21. 84
    Provides an impressively solid 12 hours of action and excitement that's just as appealing as any other third-person shooter presently available.
  22. The Akrid will really catch you off guard at times. Sometimes you know they’re around, but don’t know where they will pop-up from and sometimes they’ll scare the sh@# out of you.
  23. Boss fights are rarely this exhilarating, but at the same time, disposing of pawns is hardly ever this boring. I walked away from Lost Planet with sweaty palms from combating giant monstrosities, but also with the feeling that I wanted so much more as I progressed through the quest.
  24. In spite of missteps, if you can find yourself enjoying what Lost Planet does well (which is a lot), you’re bound to experience one hell of a ride that at times gets close to perfection, but just happens to miss its mark.
  25. All of what makes the game exciting—the gorgeous environments, the giant VS suits, the epic boss battles, and the neat anchor tool—adds up to a magical action game, immersive in its environment, challenging in its furious fighting, and wide in its balance of both human-sized and giant-sized strategies. The weak, inconsequential story and clumsy, lethargic control are the only blemishes on this impressive and original effort.
  26. Lost Planet is great because of the sum of its parts and for serving up action that is paced perfectly and a lot of fun.
  27. While the game is far from perfect because of issues with movement, issues with the grappling hook and cheesy looping of knockdown animations, Lost Planet is still very fun to play through.
  28. The story is generic, and perhaps is present not because the developers had a story they wanted to tell but just because they thought one was obligatory; you tolerate rather than enjoy it. The gameplay, on the other hand, is a blast. Action is nicely varied, with all sorts of interesting enemies and levels.
  29. At less than ten hours in length, Lost Planet: Extreme Condition feels a bit brief, but the frenetic action makes up for the vapid storyline and slightly sluggish feel.
  30. Lost Planet: Extreme Condition makes shooting giant bugs every bit as fun as it should be, and even though it ends too quickly, you'll have a blast while it lasts.
  31. While the sound and storyline disappoint somewhat the addition of a pretty good online multiplayer component helps somewhat even though there should be more modes.
  32. Official Xbox Magazine
    It's straight out of 1989, and that makes it either archaic or retro-cool comfortable. With Capcom's steady attention to polish and presentation, Lost Planet falls into the latter category more often than not. And even if it's familiar, it's definitely not repetitive. [Jan 2007, p.48]
  33. Playing Lost Planet is like battering "Ghouls and Ghosts" for the first time. You simply won't believe how stunning it looks. But more imortantly, it's one of those games that pits you against incredible odds and satisfies by making it just about possible to beat them! [Jan 2007, p.8]
  34. 80
    Lost Planet: Extreme Condition is an intense and enjoyable shooter from the reliable Capcom stables. The single player, while a little too short by modern standards is an absolute blast. The multiplayer is a little different, fun and likely to be popular until the next big Live game is released.
  35. 80
    Lost Planet is an arcade style shooter divided into small(ish) chunks, designed to be played again and again. Whilst this might disappoint those who expect a sprawling, epic adventure, it still offers up some superb set pieces and excellent boss fights.
  36. games(TM)
    Lost Planet delivers exactly what you’d expect of a quality Capcom title – a challenging, atmospheric, well thought out videogame experience. [Jan 2007, p.86]
  37. 80
    A unique vision, a mix of NES gameplay and cutting edge graphics, with some great multiplayer to boot. Pick it up to see what happens when one of the industry's biggest companies actually takes one of those "risks" we keep asking for.
  38. Quite literally, an explosive experience that continues to push the Xbox 360's capabilities, the game nonetheless does have its weaknesses, particularly highlighted by the woeful enemy AI.
  39. Despite some niggling flaws with the camera and general speed of the game it does feel reasonably polished. There are some really neat effects used and the idea of having the choice to use the Vital Suits or on foot makes for some inspiring gameplay moments.
  40. 80
    The maps range from nice and small, perfect for fast-action affairs, to gigantic affairs that require teamwork on both sides to emerge victorious. All of the online modes are extremely enjoyable and add a nice layer of depth to the overall game. Sadly there is neither a co-op mode nor a split-screen option.
  41. It has a very Japanese style to it, it’s very arcade-like, and it's one of the best titles on Xbox 360 as a result. The bottom line, 360 gamers must play this game.
  42. Great visuals, over-the-top enemies and white-knuckle boss battles help overcome Lost Planet's handful of glaring flaws. It's almost as cool as it is cold.
  43. It's the charm and pacing of this title that keeps you engaged, excited and almost constantly fighting.
  44. Not quite living up to it's expectations with a story that kind of falls apart at the mid-way point. But presenting fun and action filled gameplay, that makes this one of the better shooters on the 360 right now. Visually amazing, and has great sound.
  45. Play Magazine
    A little restraint may have resulted in a stronger game, but Lost Planet: Extreme Condition has its grand moments when you escape a wild shootout in supreme satisfaction of your dirty work. [Feb 2007, p.40]
  46. 80
    It’s definitely a flawed game. But the experience overall looks so good, and blowing stuff up feel so good, that we just can’t help but recommend it.
  47. Pelit (Finland)
    Lost Planet: Extreme Condition has attitude and style, but the controls do not feel intuitive and the difficulty level is sometimes frustrating. Still, a cool and handsome 3D-shooter. [Feb 2007]
  48. As an action game, Lost Planet: Extreme Condition delivers in spades – even if it can be finished in under 8 hours total playtime.
  49. Eye-opening entertainment that's like stepping inside an explosive sci-fi film.
  50. Fans of futuristic action will appreciate what Capcom came up with on the 360, complete with a challenging gameplay and some pretty stunning visuals
  51. Whilst the tediously poor storyline, rather linear levels and repetitive gameplay stop this latest release from reaching triple-A status, it’s certainly something you should see the year in with as despite the glaring faults, hanging from a grapple hook whilst blasting away with a machine gun is something every gamer should sample.
  52. Taking one part "Bionic Commando," one part "Starship Troopers," and one part action, Lost Planet results in an entertaining game.
  53. Lost Planet is a nice evolution of an older genre, but in some ways, it’s also stalled by its legacy. It’s definitely not the next breakthrough, but it will please anyone looking for a straightforward experience with stunning visuals.
  54. The single and multiplayer demos are both great examples of what this game can achieve when it gets things right. Sadly, they don't prepare you for the immensely frustrating, teeth-grinding periods of shooting-by-numbers and dreadful platforming that spoil an otherwise great idea.
  55. Lost Planet is more about style than it is about substance.
  56. Lost Planet isn't a bad game, but it's seems a few areas like the voice acting, game flow, and enemy A.I. really put a damper on the its overall potential.
  57. There are downsides, like the Akrid's lack of any sense of self-preservation (and strict attack patterns) and a heavy dependence on mechs which are not as much fun to control as in other, mech-centric games. But the biggest drawback is the lack of options and reliability in online multiplayer, which may hurt the game's long term popularity.
  58. The game suffers from a few shortcomings, such as a relatively short single-player campaign and a story that can get a little convoluted around its midway point.
  59. Taken for what it is (a high budget, sci-fi, old-style shooter with a low-ball story) it's a lot of fun. It's a short game, clocking in at around 8 hours on normal setting, but it has legs due to the strong multiplayer component and well-designed maps.
  60. Electronic Gaming Monthly
    Sleek graphics and a fast start can't mask what's an entertaining but ultimately disposable diversion. [Feb. 2007, p.90]
  61. Edge Magazine
    Really, this is a game of strong, simple virtues: knockout action, beautiful character design, lovingly articulated models, crisp sound and overall polish. Every now and then it'll overstretch, at which point it falls. [Jan 2007, p.76]
  62. It does what it says on the tin, and delivers heart-pounding explosions, pant-wetting big alien monsters and hordes of minions to slay. If you can overlook the fact that it doesn't challenge your Xbox 360 either intellectually or technically, and you can just get down and dirty with some big guns and even bigger odds, then you and Lost Planet are going to get along just fine. [Issue 20, p.50]
  63. Feels like a hardened old-skool title wrapped up in some lavish next-gen visuals. Annoyances with the save system, checkpoints and difficulty spikes are likely to mar the enjoyment for a fair few players, but there's still no question that Lost Planet should be experienced.
  64. X-ONE Magazine UK
    Majestic boss battles are marred by ill-suited (and occasionally unfair) controls. If you like your boss battles epic, this is for you, otherwise, "Gears of War" should be your next port of call. [Issue 15, p.78]
  65. Lost Planet: Extreme Condition feels like it had the potential to be a pared-down shooter classic, but never quite manages to make the core combat exciting, varied or challenging enough to elevate it to the lofty realms that early showings suggested it would reach. Nevertheless, with a glorious setting, some memorable boss encounters and some staggering visuals to enjoy, Lost Planet has enough going for it.
  66. A solid third person shooter, the control system could be a bit better, and the multiplayer is decidedly lacking, but it makes up for it in other areas. It is quite possibly one of the best looking games out there, production values all round are high, and the gameplay itself is a lot of fun, despite the flaws, but the short length of the game means the fun is quite short lived.
  67. It’s great for a while, and then takes a steep nosedive into the realm of mediocre shooters. The potential was there, but the sloppy implementation of features is ultimately Lost Planet’s downfall.
  68. The single-player game is short, plodding and has a poor story, but the online options keep you coming back for more.
  69. 70
    The foundation is there; memorable creature designs, epic boss battles, and strong gameplay make Lost Planet worth experiencing. Though slightly marred by some odd decisions with gameplay mechanics, the experience is still delectable and is an easy recommendation.
  70. If you like to feel you're playing a platformer with punishing boss battles, then you just may love it. If you've grown up playing American or European shooters, then you are bound to be disappointed by most of the design decisions.
  71. The controls for grappling and jumping, especially in the mechanized suits, are clumsy; any time you have to climb a great height, it feels like you're playing a second-rate platformer.
  72. 65
    The game gets away from these roots far too soon and often, delving into middling mech territory with brain-dead humans broken up by rote boss battles and a forgettable story. Sleek graphics and a fast start can't mask what's an entertaining but ultimately disposable diversion.
  73. Lost Planet brings to the table an awkward shooter with no story to speak of and whose general gameplay mechanics are somewhat flawed or incomplete. However, there are players out there who may just want to shoot some bugs out in the cold.
  74. 60
    At the end of the day, playing Lost Planet is like dating a supermodel with personality problems: it's great looking and has the potential for good times, but ultimately, it's just not worth the trouble. [Feb. 2007, p.64]
  75. The game has plenty of quality moments, ranging from battles with humongous aliens to beautiful scenery and animation. Unfortunately, sloppy controls and a boring multiplayer mode keep Lost Planet from dominating the Xbox 360.
  76. On the one hand it has so many design flaws that Gamestyle should hate it. But on the other hand it's a fun experience with a number of memorable moments.
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  1. Aug 15, 2013
    The cruelty in Japanese game design is fully explored in this game: if you die at the end of a level you often have to start again from theThe cruelty in Japanese game design is fully explored in this game: if you die at the end of a level you often have to start again from the beginning of it, boss fights are very difficult on even the easiest setting and will require many hours of trial and error, you also cannot save the game whenever you want to. To add to this your character is extremely weak, he topples over very easily after being hit, and will keep toppling over after each subsequent hit...over and over again. In practicality there are only three difficulty settings for this game: hard, very hard, extremely hard. For me the game became too frustrating and consequently too boring after while. There is a limit to everyone's patience and in this game "positive frustration", the kind that ignites your desire to succeed, may very well turn into a black hole...draining your desire to complete the game.The question is whether you regard this kind game design as the blueprint of how games should be, or as an archaic monstrosity best left in the past. Personally I think the game's difficulty hinders the enjoyment of what is otherwise a good storyline and setting. It takes away from the game what I think is much more important than mere technical skill. Full Review »
  2. May 28, 2012
    This game was decent. I liked the setting and creatures but game got repetitive and story wasn't that interesting.
  3. RavenX301
    Jan 29, 2007
    I kinda feel stuipid for buying this game. I seen the reviews and read almost all of them, but it was so good side bad side i didnt know whatI kinda feel stuipid for buying this game. I seen the reviews and read almost all of them, but it was so good side bad side i didnt know what to think. Sense there is NO good games out for my PS3, 360, or Wii (I already got WARIO!) thenn i needed SOMETHING to feel my trigger finger. This does do that, but i dont really feel the explosive feeling in the guns that Gears of War had....Not that this was suppose to pass GOW but it should of mustarded some kind of just feels like the bullets are spraing out. I dont feeel like i am hurting the creatures at all. that was the big big big BIG dissapointment. I couldnt care about story....the Grahpics are lovely and really sold me at first sight and even now......I like the idea of being in a Winter land becasue it hasnt been really REALLY done before this buetifully. Still........i am really left wanting....and not wanting another Gears of War this soon, but i wanted a really fun and powerfully shooter which should be natural for all shooters now a days. I get the fun, but i am still cheated from an other wise unbeileveable experenice with the low impact guns. THey look grewat! but they pack no punch...I cant tell sometimes if I am actually shooting or not.........P.S I feel like a fool also for paying out hard money for PS3.....The 360 and Wii is really all iu needed and all anyone would need. The PS3 has been (Including old PS2 games) a massive dissapoinment. not becasue of the weak start it has, but i thought PS games were good! All the reviews were amazing for so many games i thought it would be great to get a PS3 and get some PS2 games for it till the real ones comes out...but other than Soul Cabliur 3 (Which isnt THAT great) i havnt had much fun at all.....Infact i think sony games are rather cheap...they feel like a second hand Xbox......I hate it and am very angrey at myself for that. Maybe this is why there is such a bad vibe between PS users and 360 users........They know that Mircosoft makes much more valued hardware games than Sony, but feel so foolish about likeing it. Althought Sony has way way more games the actually good games are very very few and far between and even those good games are not as good as the 360 or normal Xbox games....... Full Review »