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  1. Mar 9, 2012
    While not a long DLC it's worth the download if you have the Cerberus Network do to it being free if you do, when you download the DLC you get a new mission that's roughly 45 minutes to an hour long, a new heavy weapon, and a new squad member who's been confirmed to be in Mass Effect 3 (provided he survives Mass Effect 2) Zaeed, the story is pretty good and has two different endings tied to a moral choice you make, Zaeed isn't like the other followers because you can't interact with the same way you can the ones already in the game, so you never really get the same emotional connection, but in the end because it's free with the Cerberus Network it's worth the download, and I am very curious to see what role he plays in Mass Effect 3, but it's not worth purchasing the 1200 Microsoft point/ $15 dollar Cerberus Network, but if you bought it new and have the free code for it I don't see a reason not to download it. Expand
  2. Dec 14, 2012
    A rather average character that is perhaps a bit too gruff for his own good. The loyalty mission is OK, but not at all that challenging or impressive. Perhaps the one good thing that comes out of this DLC (aside from Zheed) is the M-451 Firestorm, one of my favorite Heavy Weapons. Overall: An OK DLC, but you can live without it too. Expand