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  1. Apr 28, 2012
    What can you say about a game so perfect and amazing that it makes all other RPG and action games look bad.Except for Skyrim,there is nothing made to date that even compares to this game.Look,the war scenes sound better than any war game ever made,more real, more authentic and that's just the sound part of the game.If you go into this game without ever playing past Mass Effect games then you come away from your gaming session,blown away beyond belief running to the store to get Mass Effect 1 and 2 on the 360 just to play,go into circles with your choices,let downs,saves,changes,ect..Then you start over,make different decisions and see another game.Now,if your involved and your ready for the next episode then your going to be in disbelief not expecting what's in store for you.I can't praise this game enough.They are very different kinda games but if you had me choose between this game and Skyrim,I wouldn't bat an eye to tell you to get that other shxx out of my face and give me my mass effect trilogy.I guarantee everyone that there will never be a trilogy EVER like this one in the rest of gaming's future.Mass effect 3 is nothing less than PURE GENIUS!10...10...10...10 Expand
  2. Aug 2, 2013
    I can't believe how stupid 90% of the reviewers on this game are being. This game, no this series, is the pinnacle of video games inception into mature, well thought out story telling and emotionally jarring character building. The tension and the moral choices, combined with the stellar voice cast and excellent writing, help center the finale of this game series with a bang, creating some of the hardest decisions that I have ever made in any video game. I literally cried when both Garrus and Tali, who I had gotten very attached to, died in that final rush, an result to the well put together characters, and the bonds that you gain with them. The ending, while similar either way, ties the series up beautifully, and on top of that, possibly TOPS the last two. When I say that, I am mostly referring to the lack of customization that you are all complaining about in the ending from the vast amount of choices you made. To be totally honest, you never really saw the results of your choices in the previous games, until you played the next one. In the first game, you didn't see the results of saving the council really take effect until you met them in the next game. So stop complaining, and enjoy the end to one of the best RPGs that I have ever had the pleasure of playing. Expand
  3. May 7, 2012
    The cinematic experience of this game is one of the best and most absorbing in any game I have played. The technical accomplishment of this game is limited compared to the sequels and the production was clearly a sequel rather than a progression. The ending was powerful though I can understand how many conisder it a cop-out. This excellent series deserved more because of the high standard it set itself. Expand
  4. May 19, 2012
    Both good and bad. Plenty of settings to keep noobs and experts happy. The problem with this game though is that at points you can run round aimlessly and the pace is so slow it's really annoying, but then the game steps up everal gears and the pace becomes frenetic. The biggest gripe however are the endings, despite having 3 on offer, no matter which you chose, 90% of the ending is EXACTLY THE SAME. Expand
  5. May 7, 2012
    Mass Effect 3 is still a great game, however, it falls short in the end. There are some great additions, and just a little too many subtractions. I love the way the guns sound and 'hit' in this game, that was a great little mod. They got rid of 'heavy' weapons except in certain plot points, also nice. You can actually carry all weapons, and not just a select few according to your class, nice. Biotic powers are great as well, love the new sounds and moves. Sprinting is essentially unlimited, which is more realistic, especially for a cybernetically altered soldier like Shepard. They slimmed down the 'scanning for resources' minigame, definitely better. Did away with the silly hacking minigames and just showing the omni-tool animation, this is cool too. So all said and done the gameplay is improved on almost all levels. Love that they brought Ashley/Kaiden back. Sucked not to have a romance option in Mass Effect 2. However their interactions with Shepard could of been a little more. More is always better when it comes to character development, especially when it comes to romances in a world where you're all set to be the savior of the galaxy. Shepard needs something 'real' to fight for. They do have Shepard say this, just wanted more interaction is all.

    Now for the bad. It feels like a lot of the dialog choices were taken away. Way too many instances where there is only 'good' and 'evil' selections. That 'neutral' option is needed sometimes because it just fits better. Rarely any 'paragon' or 'renegade' choices (the blue and red text ones) to use in the dialog as well. The graphics still suck in a lot of places though. Don't know why they couldn't of fixed this somehow. The textures are blurry and lackluster for almost all 'clothing' in the game. The armors are mostly great, but anybody who isn't wearing any has a skewed look to them.

    Day 1 DLC, honestly I could care less. I bought the collector's edition so it came with the game. I paid more money yes, but so what ? I like this game and didn't mind shelling out for it. The story is still great, though like many others I'm not in love with the ending either. I won't sit here and say they should come out with DLC to 'fix' it. It's not so terrible that it ruins the entire game. However I will say that the game would of received a rating of 9 from me had it ended somewhere closer to what I would of liked to see happen. Sorry.

    All in all, still a great game, but arguably so.
  6. Jul 26, 2013
    Casey Hudson ruined Mass Effect. The ending is terrible, but the combat mechanics are simply awful. Tapping a button to get into and out of cover is buggy and more often than not doesn't do what you need it to. The third person camera does a terrible job of maintaining a clear view and often clips into the wall. Mass effect 3 is a perfect example of how EA ruins games. It is no wonder the founders of BioWare quit during the resulting Mass Effect 3 outrage from the players. It is silly really a game marketed as allowing you to tell your own story was ruined because an egotistical (seriously, go look at his web page), childish Casey Hudson wanted to end the story his way denying players what they loved about the game. Like a petulant child, Casey Hudson locked out the other writers to make his own ending and as an EA employee put it, "it shows". Couldn't agree more. Way to alienate a core fan base, tarnish what was a successful IP, and further prove to players why EA cannot be trusted. Even the extended DLC content doesn't fix the plot holes in the ending. It is simply a few more lame slides, that don't really improve anything. Expand
  7. Mar 16, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I have been a fan of the M.E. universe since the beginning, and this game it the jewel on the crown!! I cant believe all the negative reviews!! #1 WHO CARES if the game doesn't recall every little decision youve ever made in ME 1 &2!! Honestly! it concludes the story that matters DEFEATING THE DAMN REAPERS which is the main focus throughout all of the series! #2 this story picks up shortly after the 2nd one ends...maybe if a few more people actually played through and payed attention to all of the cinematic and cut-scenes they would realize that. #3 The graphics engine and overall game-play are extremely well polished! The game does an amazing job of making you feel the weight and pressure of your choices and the task at hand....if you fail...everyone in the galaxy dies.... I think if people stopped criticizing the fact that "ME3 didn't remember the fact that I banged Miranda last game" and actually let themselves fall into the depth of the story, they would realize that it actually makes you feel like your making a difference or failing the galaxy.... I thoroughly enjoyed the game and still a loyal fan..I cant wait to see what the future of the ME universe holds. Long live Bioware! Expand
  8. Mar 28, 2012
    This is a great game. The ending is fantastic; brilliant actually. This game is a continuation and culmination of the story of Mass Effect 1 and 2, which has remained consistent and well told from the very first moments of ME1. All the ending requires of the player is that you as a player engage a little bit of your own depth and intellectual curiosity. If you are unable to engage those qualities, than you have bigger problems than being dissatisfied with the ending of the greatest space saga of the last 30 years. There are some minor flaws in my mind; forcing the player into "multiplayer", you really have to. And also some of the 'enhanced' cover mechanics are buggy, and don't work as they should. BUT it is still a great game and without a doubt will be looked at by future generations as a seminal work of fiction in the early 21st century. Expand
  9. Mar 25, 2012
    First thing's first: Mass Effect 3's ending is truly awful. I won't go into detail as to why because a simple Google search will yield about a million articles on the subject; just know it's pretty bad. Unfortunately, some people have gone so far as to claim the ending makes the game worthless, and I disagree with that. For the most part, the game is amazing. It has by far and away the most personal moments of the series and ties up some sub-plots wonderfully (Mordin's comes to mind). The combat is also really fun, although sometimes the level design is a little clunky. Really, the only criticism I have of the game besides the ending is the overwhelming amount of automatic dialog. It should also be noted that because of this, playing as a true Renegade might be impossible. Overall, Mass Effect 3 is a terrific game with one gargantuan flaw. I admit the ending is so bad I once considered never playing the series again, but after bringing myself back down to Earth a little, I have realized that reaction was ridiculous. It's still the same great trilogy it always was; you just gotta forget about the last 10 minutes. Expand
  10. Feb 6, 2013
    Linear, boring, repetitive and overly scripted missions, no dialogue options, worst reputation system ever, no challenge whatsoever (even on the highest difficulty), multiplayer maps as single-player missions, no side-quests, no bosses, and worst plot ever.
  11. Nov 13, 2012
    Mass Effect 3 is probably the best game in the series and deserves nothing less than a 10 on a rating scale.the Graphics are superb,and the story is top notch,and let's not forget about the awesome musical score that keeps you're heart pumping and the controller going crazy in you're hands.I know this review is very late,but I wanted to wait until all the bugs were addressed with patches before I give my final review.also the multi-player is awesome and a great addition to an already awesome game.too all you Trolls on here giving ME3 awful reviews,get over you're BS and stop bashing this game. Expand
  12. Apr 8, 2012
    Please don't hate me: I give this game a 10 because 99% of Mass Effect 3 is amazing and I'm certain that BioWare will inevitably come to their senses and fix the broken 1%.

    As to all of you who love Mass Effect but give low Metacritic scores just to get back at BioWare for the ending, just give it a 9, and then say it was because of the ending that you didn't give it a 10.
  13. Aug 31, 2012
    The gameplay (i.e. combat) is good. The graphics are amazing. The presentation and story is bad. Sidequests involve either flying somewhere and shooting Cerberus people in a combat zone, or using the Galaxy map to scan planets. That's it - scan planets. You don't actually VISIT the planets, you just scan them, which allows to to magically recover artifacts, and rescue entire races. By pressing the scan button. These sidequests are picked up by eavesdropping on people's conversations in the Citadel (which, by the way, is the ONLY hub in the entire game... funny how everyone wants to meet you on the Citadel - there's nowhere else to go). "Hey dude, heard you talking on the phone to your buddy, saying you needed an antidote to a Reaper poison... I just happened to travel to a planet, and bring you back the antidote... here ya go." "Orly? Thats... awfully convenient... thanks?" You do get to meet your allies from Mass Effect 2, but it's more like "Oh hey Grunt/ Samara/ Jacob, how're things? What's that, you'd like me to kill some stuff for you? Sure. OK, we've killed all the stuff... guess I'll catch you later." It is nice to see how small decisions from ME1/2 played out, but you only really get to see it in small ways, like extranet messages. And finally, the ending seems to have been written by someone with no grasp of concepts like "logic", and is probably the most unsatisfying experience I've ever had with a franchise I used to love. Oh, and the DLC? With ME2, DLC like Shadow Broker was great since it added to the game and expanded on the universe and the characters - this Leviathan DLC is basically pointless for people who have finished the game. In short, the game looks great, but really disappoints - the polar oppoosite to the game that started it off, the first Mass Effect. Expand
  14. Jun 3, 2012
    I know that they are those that were disappointed by the ending they got. There were in fact 7 different endings and the options you had for the ending was based on your military readiness when you went into battle, as well as choices you made in the game. Yes, all the endings did leave unanswered questions, and it was not the classic storybook ending we seem to expect in games, books, and movies today. You know, the heroes hugging and high-fiving each other and walking into the victoriously into sunset. However, I credit Bioware for doing something outside of the standard â Expand
  15. Aug 17, 2013
    At first, I gave this game a 9 for the fact that the music wasn't as rushed as ME2 majority of sounndtracks, for their aesthetically-compensating atmosphere, the moderate depth in characters' feelings about the Reaper War and the improved gameplay movement, flow, speed and resolution, although the power recharge system is still there which was kind of a bummer since ME2 you can't constantly use powers without having them all charging just to use one power. And the soundtracks were absoulute emotional originality! However, despite thinking and thinking more about how MUCH potential this game seriously had, I realized that the EA gaining full control of the franchise after ME2 was just middle finger to veteran fans and a cynical step TOO FAR! The flaws are established; The villains weren't at their most authentic evil, like Kai Leng, who I thought was a superficial rather than a dangerous assassins, Harbinger not getting enough establishment at all, Sovereign was by far the most terrifying verbally and villanous character in the trilogy from ME1, no planetary exploration and instead like ME2, you get an even worse and less captivating side missions just to prolong the original game time, storyline was the main crap that was a bloody punch to the face by Bioware to all of us ME fans, the vaguely rushed, inexplicable and confusing endings were just a mockery to the entire trilogy!! Bioware needs to get their magic back that once manifested in ME and ME... ME3 just had NO diversity in missions, not enough ndifferent enemies, and the most ridiculous of them all, is on the Insanity mode, you instantly get cheap deaths by three randomly stupid husks and a ridiculously annoying Marauder shooting at you while your Shepard is annoyingly shaking from the targetting system, preventing you to kill that last idiot! Bioware just shoved their heads down with EA, not enough impact from decision making from the previous ME and ME2 decisions, although the Javik and Citadel party DLC's were fun, this was just overall bullcrap to me. Satisfactory for gameplay, but replay value for story and real gameplay is no worth whatsoever. BIOWARE MAKE MASS EFFECT 4 COUNT whatever you tend to call the next game! Expand
  16. Mar 14, 2012
    First off, find this guy's review. orctowngrot ------ I don't have to write everything I would like, but he does a nice job at saying what I feel. Okay, I haven't reached the end, so I can't comment on that. But what I can say is that even if I didn't make it to the end, I could stop now and walk away smiling. Mass Effect 3 is a great GAME. It's not the best piece of literature out there, it's not the perfect game by any means, and I'm fully expecting the ending to be a little lame. Because you know what? Compared to the meat of each of the first two, their endings weren't exactly spectacular. Mass Effect 3 in no way deserves a 0, or a 1, or even a 5. The gameplay is great, the emotion is great, the storytelling is great, the... You get the idea. If you liked the first two, play this game. If the ending winds up being off, who cares? You'll still have a great 50+ hours of fun before then. (Note: I actually wouldn't recommend this to someone who hasn't played the first two. There is a lot of backplot that wouldn't be nearly fullfilling [read: not at all] if you are coming in cold turkey.) 9 b/c I can't give is 9.5, and there are definite flaws and bugs. P.S. I don't know what people are on when they are saying their previous choices don't matter. Even if they "don't" matter, there is certainly a great illusion that they do. I'll take the awesome smoke and mirrors that you very much. Expand
  17. Jun 4, 2012
    while not the perfect game, mass effect 3 is an amazing game. the right amount of rpg and action and cinematics that put some hollywood movies to shame. great control, smooth visuals, its hard to pick many faults but the positives outweigh the negatives. if you liked mass effect 2 you will like the third and final chapter of this space opera.
  18. Oct 10, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I've had a long time to ruminate on this one, having beat the game shortly after it came out. Firstly: the ending stinks, badly. It felt completely jarring and totally unearned and incongruent, especially on my play-through. Also the entire starchild plot is terrible. His presence in the tutorial, the dream sequences, all of it: crap. That being said, everything else about this game is excellent. I've been playing the Multiplayer quite a bit, and I think that alone is worth the price of admission. The shooting mechanics are hands down the best in the series, and when paired with the mostly thoughtful class and enemy design, creates an excellent experience in both single and multiplayer. The story, excepting the parts mentioned above, is excellent, allowing for all sorts of different payoffs from the previous games in the series. If you're willing to grit your teeth and bear a crap ending, or if you're just interested in the unique and innovative shooting mechanics that make the multiplayer so fun, its definitely worth your time and money. Expand
  19. Mar 14, 2012
    I normally don't write reviews but I feel this game had been greatly mistreated by the public. I thought the game and story were so good that going into the final mission I felt a little tense. I personally like the ending it was as Epic as the rest of the series, I mean sure it was not happy but I actually really loved that part of it. I really just don't think that people are giving it a fair score and I would recommend it to everyone. Expand
  20. Mar 11, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I went into this game with a concentrated effort not to read any reviews or spoilers. Consequently, I was unaware of any controversy until I finished the game and fired up my laptop. I was not surprised to see most of the reviews agreeing with my opinion. The game ended and I literally froze and whispered, "What? No!" I simply could not believe that all the hype, all the buildup, all the emotional investment ended with such a cheap, chintzy ending. None of my in-game choices or my careful maintenance of my paragon rating mattered at all! What is the point of marketing your game as player-driven when none of our choices make any difference? Expand
  21. Mar 13, 2012
    I was a fan of the first game, I fell in love with the second game, and was hoping not to be let down in the third game. Not only wasn't I let down, I found one of the most satisfactory concluding acts to a video game trilogy that I've ever seen. I have played through the first two games (full playthroughs) about a dozen times. I have read every bit of lore (all the books and all the comic books). Bioware has said that, if you take a ME1/ME2 character import file, you are literally importing over a thousand choice variables into the game. Therefore, from the very beginning, you have a unique experience that is tailored to you. The graphics and gameplay are the best of the series. There is a little bit of choppy-ness in some of the cut scenes, but this is forgivable due to the excellent presentation otherwise. The game's story does seem to rely a lot on prior knowledge- Bioware has said that those who start playing ME3 without an import file will have those "prior knowledge" references removed, but I haven't completed a playthrough without an imported character, so I can't personally verify that. There is a lot of controversy with the ending. I will not have spoilers of what happens, but I will say that the ending is left wide open; the game instead ties up a lot of the game's loose ends throughout rather than right at the finale. I personally found the ending to be quite satisfactory- you basically take what you want from it, everything isn't happily spelled out for you. Overall, this game shines on so many levels. It took me about 30 hrs to finish a very completionist playthrough of the game. Therefore, whatever your feelings of the final 10 minutes are, they don't overshadow the other 29 hours and 50 minutes of undisputed brilliance. If you play this game with an open mind and take the time to engage yourself with the characters throughout, you will find that the ending is quite satisfactory. The ending doesn't lend closure, but there is plenty of time throughout the game to get that closure before the ending. Expand
  22. Mar 21, 2012
    Mass Effect 3 is an epic masterpiece of storytelling in a video game that is crippled by anti-consumer policies and some sloppy corner-cutting in terms of playability. As someone who has been completely invested in this universe, I couldn't be more satisfied with the game's storyline and character development. It is an incredible work of popular fiction, on par with great TV series like LOST or Battlestar Galactica and there's absolutely nothing else like it in video games. It's unfortunate then, that anti-consumer policies bog down what is otherwise an exceptional experience. First of all, some of the game's best and most essential single-player content has been put into a 10 dollar day 1 dlc to curb used sales. On top of that, an online pass is required to access the game's micro-transaction based multiplayer... which you need to play in order to get the best endings in the single-player game. You see what I mean by anti-consumer? I feel like this is especially insiduous and unacceptable. The developers have claimed that you don't NEED to play the multiplayer to get the best ending, but I just don't see how it's possible. I wasted hours of my life playing all the horrible fetch quests and running from reapers on the galaxy map just so I could scan a stupid planet (seriously, whoever designed this side-content... ugh) and get a good rating, but by the end it still wasn't enough. To top it off, it is clear that very little time was spent on the game's UI. That said, I still love this game and think it is an absolute must play. Bioware is clearly still an extremely talented developer and the problems in this game are nowhere near as serious as they were in Dragon Age II. I just hope they learn from the negative feedback and stop nickel-and-diming us to death. I doubt it'll happen though. Expand
  23. MJR
    Apr 20, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I loved the game. I thought the ending left a bit to be desired, for some people a lot to be desired, but ultimately I was satisfied. What questions are left to be answered? The ending cinematic may not have made too much sense but rather than focusing on what happened visually consider what actually happened. The final decision was always going to result in removing to the Reapers. The Mass relays blowing up? It had the sense of being a systematic destruction, the difference between a controlled demolishing of a building or throwing an asteriod into one like in Mass Effect 2. I don't know why the Normandy was running away in all circumstances, that part would not have made sense with at least the control option for ending the Reaper threat. I believe that people are upset that the choices were similar in their result, but what other alternative could there have been? Even if you were hard-core renegade you wouldn't have let the Reapers survive with free will. Destruction, control or synthesis, and the amount of damage you do to Earth and your crew was based on how good your war assests were as well as whether or not Shepard survived. All was based on everything you did or didn't do. And if you didn't play through the first two games, or at least the second, then quit **** If you feel cheated or want more answers go and listen to the second half of the Rooster Teeth Podcast #160. Expand
  24. Jul 22, 2012
    Surprised by the user score. However I have never seen the original ending which apparently was shocking. To start with the positives graphics where excellent, gameplay was great . One thing that really annoyed me was if you imported your character from ma1 and ma2 you started at level 30 with the majority of your abilities not far from being maxed out. Not much of a challenge in that. Overall i feel that with the revised ending mass effect 3 was a fantastic game. Good ending to the trilogy. All in all i would say the best trilogy of games that have been released in gaming history. A must play game for rpg fans. Expand
  25. Mar 12, 2012
    This game is a perfect 10, until the last 20 minutes. The ending takes every decision you made along the way in all three games and renders them all obsolete. You don't have a good ending where you and your squad lives and there's a big party to celebrate with your chosen romance, nor one where you fail and the reapers win. Both of which should've been incorporated. There's no weight of your decisions on the ending, and it really makes me regret playing this series... Expand
  26. Jun 5, 2012
    This game is incredible. The ending is very controversial (as you can see by the huge amount of negative reviews), and is the only reason I wouldn't give this a 10. But they're making a DLC to improve the end, and that's good enough for me. The combat is perfectly polished, fun and responsive. The story is as good as you would expect from a Bioware game. The characters are incredible. This is a great end to an AWESOME series. Highly recommended! Expand
  27. Mar 29, 2012
    ME3 is the sad end of a great series. And I don't mean the now-infamous ending of the final Mass Effect game. I mean a series of games from Baldur's Gate, to KotOR, to the first two installments of the Mass Effect trilogy.. I mean the end of BioWare's run as the pre-eminent storyteller in electronic gaming. Many Metacritic users have written fantastic ME3 negative reviews, so I'm not going to elaborate on those. I recommend traveler's review dated March 29, 2012; it's one of the best examples I've seen. My bottom line: ME3 was destroyed by a Reaper--not Harbinger, but Whoremonger. Whoremonger, who has no passion for story or character. I mean Whoremonger the Money Whore. Expand
  28. Apr 27, 2012
    This game is of the hook the story is so perfect the gameplay is smooth the graphics is fantastic and once again Mass Effect 3 is very addictive having played mass effect 1 and 2 and having all 3 games I must say the mass effect franchise was amazing and very addictive I have given my review on the fist two games and will still not give a review on the first two but will give both mass effect 1 and 2 a solid 10 out of 10 and Mass Effect 3 deserve's the same rating as the first 2 games.This game is a masterpiece the entire franchise is a masterpiece. Expand
  29. Mar 17, 2012
    An excellent game all around, polishing and refinig the mechnanics of ME2 and reintroducing elements people enjoyed from ME1. For the most part it is a well structured game, atmospheric and intense with a cast of well written characters and high stakes narrative.

    Sadly, the ending is a complete waste of time. It is the Epiosde One of videogames. It is a badly written, nonsensical mess
    that aims to be bittersweet, but is just infuriaritng in its slackness and rushes nature. The ending is so bad that it drags down the entire perception of the game, and to a lesser exteent the rest of the series too.

    I give this game 7/10 on the basis that while 95% of the title was exceptional, the remaining 5% was so terrible, such an utter betrayal of not only the series but even basic storytelling, that is taints the reast of the game.
  30. Mar 23, 2012
    I was perfectly impressed by this game. There is a distinct lack of certain character development options, but that is fitting for the theme of the game. I played through the entire trilogy and love ME3. Full blog at
  31. May 18, 2012
    This is the score the game actually deserves. Now before you down-vote me, you will find if you average around the fifty + critic scores the game received it would be around the 89-93 area. Take off the moronic user score feature metacritic, it is used as a tool by a bunch of forum trolls and butthurt fanboys who really have no clue how to review a game. Of course this review will be down-voted by them, and I'll probably be called a "suck up" to the gaming media, but let's look at the facts first. High expectations almost always lead to disappointment, and those who have insanely high expectations will always be disappointed. This is why when you look at a game objectively, or rather as it is, instead of what you wanted it to be, you would find that it truly is a good game. Whether you disagreed with the ending or had problems because you "Felt" that the choices you made in the previous installments weren't reflected enough, it really doesn't matter. It's no reason to give this game a score below 7, and the fact that this game is rated a 3.9 is really quite pathetic. To even think that this game is only worth a "3.9" you would have to be some grumpy old man living in some old folks home or some kid who stays in his room all day, has no friends and doesn't know how to enjoy quality entertainment. The decisions you made in the previous games do reflect in this one, and yes they matter. Characters that die in ME2 wont be around, characters you saved in ME1 do make an appearance and yes your choices DID have reflect in ME3. Name a game that carries the choices you made from game to game on the same level mass effect has? You cant, there is only stand alone games with choices like the witcher 2, but what game from sequel to sequel to sequel does what the ME series has?. The fact people cry because they feel that their choices never meant anything is LAUGHABLE seeing as how they have nothing to compare it to. Give mass effect some credit, it has done a pretty damned good job. The ending to the series is fine, and honestly it really doesn't matter what bioware did people would have cried and crapped their pants. Everybody has a different idea of how it should have "ended" Bioware cant possibly meet everybody's expectations. The gameplay was much improved from the previous two, they added in some more RPG elements, still not as robust as ME1 but pretty close with the talent choices, weapon mods and tons of armor and loot to find. Mass effect 3 is a good game that sold well and that the majority of people enjoyed playing, don't listen to the vocal minority of idiots on here who probably pirated the game or never even played it at all and are just jumping on the hate bandwagon to hate the game like it's some "fad" to do so or makes them "cool and different" Stfu, sit down and enjoy the game. End of story. and....advice to metacritic......implement a system where people need to enter the serial code of the game they bought in order to actually review it. See how many of these idiots are still around after wont find many Expand
  32. Jun 1, 2012
    The Mass Effect series for me has been one of the best for this generation and now Bioware is bringing us the final show down we have been waiting for since 2007. I must say this is one of my favorite games ever. The story is naturally awesome because the player makes it with the many more complex decisions and epic battles. The galaxy is in chaos and the only way to survive is to unite and to do this Shepard must bring the galaxy together. This idea allows Bioware to add those tough decisions and those epic battles so the game isn't so action centered like Mass Effect 2. Talking about the action all the shooting and power distribution mechanics have been smoothed and the game feels less static than ME2. The set pieces and the remarkable battles have made even more epic and weaves dialogue into it all. The graphics are great but not the best on 260 and the soundtrack was great and weapon sounds had a great bang bang to them. 360 users can also use Kniect to issue commands on the battlefield and speak in cutscenes. This was good most of the time but sometimes I did a really loud "ohhh what do I do" and it chose for me which sucked. This game is suitably awesome with the whole shooter rpg mix done perfectly. Mass Effect 3 also includes co-op multiplayer which is a first for the series and I really enjoyed this. Most co-op multiplayer isn't really that compelling but this was great. It's a wave mode with bonus objectives which you gert credits for which you can spend on new characters,weapons and upgrades. There has been 2 free dlc packs with new characters and bonuses.
    Story-10-Mass Effect has always had a great story but this is amazing
    Graphics-8-Great sci-fi sfx and battlefields
    Sound-9-Weapons have great kicks and effects and the soundtrack is another sci fi epic
    Value-10-Mass Effect has always been about replaying for that perfect ending and this is no different
    Gameplay-9.5-Great shooting and cover mechanics, never gets old but a few tech glitches here and there
  33. Jul 31, 2012
    A very big disappointment. You can tell bioware (EA especially) went to large lengths to make this game mainstream. As a result, we get an actioner that has few bright moments that gave us a peek of what the game could have been with diligence in development, instead of rushed release dates. Few ambitions are achieved in Mass Effect 3, despite its core being pretty solid in its own right. Perhaps we expected too much. But I have a feeling they could have delivered. Expand
  34. Mar 23, 2012
    I loved this game, its really epic and well done except for a few things: I loved how the romances were done, they had been deepened, I romanced Kaidan as a fem shep and it was fantastic, what bothered me though was the fact that liara got more attention and story as always, its like bioware wants her to be the main romance and I am no lesbian so I wont romance her, even though she is not supposed to have a gender she does look very much as a woman. Also it didn't matter if you cheated on your li or not as bioware has said which was disappointing as well. And the ending... I am not going to go into it but it was very badly done and none of the choices made through the games mattered. Play the game except the last 10 minutes and you will love it. Expand
  35. Mar 16, 2012
    is the star wars of our generation is an incredible game and immerses you in its history, you warm up to his characters, you stop to look at the scenarios, is a great game and highly recommended
  36. Mar 26, 2013
    I absolutely LOVED this game, but the only problem I have, and this was a HUGE problem, is the ending. The ending was just SO terrible it's not even funny. I was so disappointed.
  37. Jan 27, 2013
    I don't understand all the bad reviews of this game. Ending aside, it's up to the high standard of the previous two games, though not quite scaling the heights of ME2 it's still easily one of the best video games ever made. There is simply so much to do with all the character classes, upgrades, customisation, side missions, etc. Despite it's flaw this is the kind of game most game developers can only dream of making. Expand
  38. Mar 11, 2012
    I really do love ME1, with its flaws it was still an awesome game, for me the best one in the series.
    Then came ME2 i still really liked it, but there was something about it that made it not as good. It might of been that it was more action heavy.
    Then came ME3 oh dear. About 80% is shooting. I was on normal difficulty but ended up changing it to narrative. I just could not be bothered. I
    just wanted to get it done to finish the series. Also sometimes the talking can be a bit choppy when it takes about 2 seconds for someone to talk. Any way. THE ENDING. OMG WHY?
    I expected to do what i was doing from beginning. Destroy the reapers, Save the galaxy and settle down with ma babe Ashley. BUT NOOOOOOO. We get s**t. This is not gonna get out of my head for about a month. I'll start thinking of alternatives and dream about it, what could of happened. It makes me annoyed that they couldn't just have you save the galaxy and have a happy ending. I don't care what it takes. Bioware has to do something. Make a alternative DLC ending or something of god. I think if they spent there time a little wiser the game could of been great. I would like to go back to ME1 and have a perfect game all the way through to ME3 to satisfy me but its over now no going back.
    Might as well talk about MP now. Its pretty fun did have all my items get deleted tho which was pretty annoying. Other than that it is quite entertaining. Overall they could of done better instead of taking a week to make 1 ending and copy and pasting it about 16 times. And one more thing. Why wasn't the history of the galaxy told at the end like what happened to the galaxy after the events?
  39. Mar 13, 2012
    Okay, there are lots of malicious user-reviews on here, and although I do NOT condone them, I totally understand where they're coming from. After 3 games of making difficult choices, the end reveals that it was all for nothing. Nothing you did really makes any difference to the final outcome, and a lot is left unexplained. However, I've read user-reviews on here that have said they loved the game up until the final few minutes and rated it a 1/10. This is the most peevish example of score-trolling I've seen since the last CoD. The truth is, aside from the story's shortcomings, this is still an excellent game. The shooting mechanics are better than ever and the gameplay excells because of it. The dialogue is excellent and the voice acting is, for the most part, nop-notch. It has its gameplay flaws, too, but they're few and far-between. Having the A button (or X button on PS3) responsible for dash, roll AND a context-sensetive action button is very problematic. It's always been a problem when games like Gears and Uncharted use the same button for dash and roll, but having it as an action-button as well is just too much. Often Shepherd does the wrong thing. Also there are some stupid design choices. Example: towards the end of the game, you have to fight your way out of a hangar. Once you've defeated all enemies, you're prompted to "escape the hangar." Usually in the game, clicking the right analogue stick will display a waypoint showing you where to go. But in this instance, clicking the stick simply reveals the prompt again, "escape the hangar." Now, the hangar is 2 floors, with doors and controll panels on both floors, so you're left to check every single door and console in the entire hangar to try and escape. There's also a sense of urgency at this point in the story, which is severely undermined while you run around the hangar trying to figure out where you're supposed to go. These are fairly minor frustrations and as I said before, they're quite rare. But they do occur, and they make the game feel sloppy when they do. It's also a problem when the rest of the game feels so polished and looks so good, then you run into a stupid design decision like this and it feels 10 times worse in contrast. For most games these would feel like minor flaws but for a game with the budget of Mass Effect, they just feel a little lazy.

    In conclusion, this really is a good game bar a few minor flaws, and one major flaw. The major flaw is, of course, the end of the story. A huge majority of the series' fans feel letdown by this abysmal ending, myself included. Usually I wouldn't let a weak story tarnish my opinion of a game too much. But Mass Effect is, and always has been, a story-driven series. The stories in the first 2 games were captivating, here it feels pretty average. Then the ending comes and is far below average. If it weren't for this ending, I'd have given the game at least a 9. If it had a truly great, satisfying ending, I'd probably even have given it a 10, despite its few gameplay flaws. As it stands though, I've had to lower my opinion of this game to an 8. Disapointing.
  40. Apr 3, 2013
    Mass Effect 3 has it's flaws and I am not sure how to judge those. The franchise really has identity issues.
    The game has done things right: graphics, soundtrack, combat, multiplayer, these "touching moments"... yet it still fails to satisfy completely. Some important story-arcs are completely cut off, certain characters were simply dismissed, side-missions are almost non-existent, the
    writing is laughable at points and (this has already been discussed to death) the terrible ending happened.

    I don't know if more time for the development would have helped, but this game seemed rushed and unfinished at every end. It was an enjoyable game up until the ending, but certainly not the outstanding quality fans are used to.
  41. Apr 24, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. So BioWare has decided to show us yet another big fat middle finger, aye? You know, when Dragon Age 2 came, sure it was an atrocity RPG wise especially after a great revive to its genre in form of DA1, I still enjoyed it somewhat, at the very least it didn't kill the franchise. But Mass Effect 3? I'm gonna need some time and space here to successfully describe the depth and seriousness of my emotional distress caused by ME3. In the beginning, there was ME, new well written sci-fi RPG that we had craved for so long, the game offered us freedom of choice to some degree and to this day it's kept its value and replayability. Then came ME2 which to me was even better news because I kinda liked a bit more action paced style we were given while at the same time we also got the same freedom of choice (oh there could have been SO MANY dead characters at the end if you wanted...). The classes were more distinguished and more original in the way they played and even the side-quests on various planets were rather refreshing and not as repetitive as they were in ME1. Safe to say, I've played and finished both ME and ME2 quite a few times (ME twice and ME2 5 or 6 times actually) and I certainly loved the series. I anticipated ME3 fiercely like any other real fan of the franchise. I pre-ordered collector's edition of course so From Ashes wasn't an issue for me, I played through the game and there it was... all that love I had for the previous games, for the franchise... was gone. 90%... neigh 95% of the game is great, amazing even. All the plots tie up nicely and I enjoy most of the characters (although the newcomers aren't anything special and I'm terribly pissed I didn't get to spend the last game with Miranda...) but then it all gets thrown out the proverbial window... What does it matter that I not only saved most of Quarian race AND Tali AND convinced them to coexist with the Geth!! when at the end it doesn't have any impact at all? Giving us three identical sterile endings and marooning everyone in the galaxy at Earth's doorstep is not only an illogical ending, but the worst step that BioWare has ever made in their history of designing games. Pathetic attempts of Ray Muzyka to "defend" this excuse of a proper ending to the series are laughable and heretical at that. So, guys, you gave us the middle finger, now it's our turn. Thank you for ruining what could have very well been the three best consequent RPG titles ever made. Seeing as you gave us no choice in the end, I don't think I have any choice now with the rating either. Expand
  42. Jul 24, 2012
    Well one of the best gaming series ever has come to an end. When I first got my hands on the game I immediatly notices differences from the second game. The first of course is the graphics. Although they don't compare to the those of Uncharted, Gears of War, and Crysis they are still good in their own way. The next thing I noticed is new animations. This is good because in a lot of sequels devs will recycle the same animation. I got to the story and it was extremely good no suprise there. The gameplay was great, weapons where awesome, and the characters where likeable. The multiplayer isn't that great to be honest. It seem like something they tacked on to add more to the game. Although the free DLC is a bonus it isn't much of a plus. Now here comes the ending drama. (Please note that I am writng this review after the extended cut dlc). This part of the game has gathered a lot of negative feedback. The ending by far was good. The main thing I have a problem with is what Bioware promised. The ending didn't have much variety in them. Also your decisions really don't have zero effect on the ending as well which is a huge let down. Overall this is an amazing game but if you where a fan from the begining them you will feel disapointed at the end. That doesn't take away from the game though. It does so much good that it heavily out weighs the bad. Mass Effect 3 is a 9/10 if they would have got the ending right it would have been a master piece. Expand
  43. Apr 25, 2012
    Mass Effect pra mim eh o simbolo maior da geracao atual, sempre fui fa desde o primeiro e comprei minha edicao de colecionador por tamanho respeito e carinho que tenho pela saga. O que falar entao de Mass Effect sem parecer um fanboy? Historia irada, personagens incriveis, tecnica perfeita, mecanica anos luz a frente do primeiro e jah sensacional Mass Effect original. Eh Mass Effect 3 eh muito melhor do que eu imaginava, o unico jogo longo que estava torcendo pra nao acabar, nao por causa do final polemico (ate pq achei sensacional) mas porque eu sei que ao fechar seria o fim, e eu realmente nao queria o fim. Sheppard, Garrus, Thane, Jack, eu realmente vou sentir falta deles, sao personagens que me envolvi e o mais sensacional evoluiram ao longo da historia. Tenho uma coisa a dizer, Bioware muito obrigado pela experiencia, pelos momentos de indecisao de ficar por minutos pensando nas consequencias de minhas acoes, muito obrigado pela estadia na Normandy. Mass Effect 3 tem ainda um bom adendo o multiplayer, nao eh algo sensacional mas devido ao incrivel background torna a experiencia bacana, Quero muito DLCs muito mesmo, e as vezes fico imaginando plots indivduais para cada personagem. Seria maneiro o fim no ponto de vista de cada personagem, e uma mecanica diferenciada pra cada. Mas está de bom tamanho, na verdade estou satisfeito. 10 com louvor se pudesse dava 11. "Sheppard out" Expand
  44. Mar 27, 2012
    After I finished the first Mass Effect in 2007, I couldn't wait to play the two scheduled sequels. I was a little disappointed in Mass Effect 2, as there were less RPG elements in the game. It felt more commercialized. Mass Effect 3 feels even more commercialized than the second game. The addition of multiplayer was not something I was looking forward to at all, and it was just as terrible as I imagined. Having to suffer through disconnections, annoying people online (think any popular FPS online chatter- that kind of annoying), and the exact same gameplay over and over (the only game mode is where waves of enemies spawn, you kill them, repeat) validated my concerns about the multiplayer. I firmly believe it was put in there solely to appease a wider audience and thereby increase game sales ($$$). The single player game was amazing up until the last 10 minutes. The ending was one of the worst I have ever experienced in my 23 years of playing video games. Also, if they are planning to release a different ending via DLC, that only further proves the point that it seems to be more about the money than it does the game, Mass Effect canon, gameplay, or the fans. In summary, much of the game is amazing, but I am overall very disappointed. Wish I would have stopped playing after the original Mass Effect. Expand
  45. Dec 27, 2012
    I'm giving this an 8 even though I agree with a lot of the negative reviews about the ending and lack of consequences of choice. It is very fun to play, and the action/combat is tight and enjoyable (love the sniper rifle). I wish there were some large variance to the results, inviting multiple playthrus. ME2, to me, is better than ME3, but ME3 is worth at least one complete playthru, and if you liked ME or ME2, you'll have fun playing ME3, even if you will be left flat or confused with the end. Bring on a new ME series, and have parts of the game locked out based on a choice you make which take you down a certain path. Have character's relationships change irrevocably and have them join or not based on how they feel about you or other characters. Expand
  46. Mar 16, 2012
    I give Mass Effect 3 a 9.5. If you like video games focused on telling spectacular and immersive story's with tons of customization, then you will fall in love with the Mass Effect series. You will fall in love with this game. If you're new to the series and are thinking about playing this game, I would STRONGLY recommend playing the first two games before you play this one. Each game is about making difficult decisions shaping the future of the galaxy then carrying your decisions over into the next game in the series. So in order to get the full experience out of Mass Effect 3, then you should play the other two games first. If not, then you will be completely lost.

    So overall, it's a fantastic game and one of my personal favorites. I'd strongly recommend it!
  47. Mar 29, 2013
    I don't know what the people who poorly rated this game were thinking but this is one legendary game. It immersed me in the first couple of hours and I can't leave ME3 for long hours once I start to play it. Despite a few flaws (especially the same button used for cover, running and jumping over obstacles), this game is pure FUN and it surely deserves my score of "9".
  48. Mar 14, 2012
    This game is amazing. One of my favorite games of all time. Haters gonna hate. The DLC is worth the price and it took me 60 hours to complete the entire game. Totally worth the $70 price tag.
  49. Nov 2, 2012
    I really enjoyed this game when i played it. The Story is fantasitc, as with every other Mass Effect, and the gameplay has improved, but not by much. There has been a lot of hype over the ending of the game. The ending really was terrible. When I finished the game, I was horrified. But Bioware not only fixed it up, they fixed it for free, and came out with many other DLC's, for FREE. Other than that, the gameplay is good, the story is excellent, but not as good as Mass Effect 2, which is still my favorite game of all time. Also, Mass Effect manages what most games can't. The game has you really caring about the characters of the game. Especially the second and third game. Overall I give this game a 8, because it is a really well made game, and I can't wait for the movie, and Mass Effect 4. Expand
  50. May 27, 2014
    This game RUINED 3 games, time invested into the choices of my characters, my xbox 360 and entire videogame console experience. I will for now stick to playing MMO's.
  51. May 7, 2012
    (possible spoilers)
    Hate that is directed towards this game is only due to fans getting an ending they were not expecting. The ending does not and should not take away the fact that Mass Effect 3 is a fun and engaging game that has lovable characters and a deep, rich world. Would I have liked the ME series to end a bit different? absolutely, but the fact is how the game ends leaves
    plenty of room for interpretation(which is a trend that we gamers are the cause of). Hopefully the coming extended cut DLC will bring more closure to fans that wanted to see the effects that their Shepard had on the Galaxy. Fans should note this was Shep's story if he were to die that should be it for the story. Expand
  52. May 25, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I'm not like most of the people who have reviewed ME3 here up to this point. By this I mean that I'm 47 years old. I also was introduced to this series with ME3. I only got into console-based gaming three or four years ago; the last console I owned before my PS3 was an Intellivision (swear to God). There were several titles in 2009 which grabbed my attention by the ba11s and totally immersed me into gaming. That being said, I tried the demo to ME2 when it hit the PSN a couple of years ago and it made NO sense to me - controlling 2 other characters and figuring out how AI had progressed SO much was just too much for my head to grapple with. Then came ME3. Not only did it romance the heck out of me with the ads (still can't believe they worked so well on me), I suckered into the hype of release day. Still didn't play it for 2 weeks. Then once I started I couldn't stop. I was overwhelmed by the emotions that this game was pulling out of me ... when I went to work, I couldn't stop thinking about what I'd just experienced. I couldn't stop thinking about what was going to happen next ... the first time I had to wipe out an entire civilization it devastated me. My friends started becoming concerned about my inability to separate fact from fiction! ; ) I wasn't aware of the romance options ... and when Steve Cortez said that he had lost his husband in a Collector invasion ... I dropped my controller. (I'm a gay guy). Thank God a friend was here to confirm what I thought I had just heard. (so what if the dialogue betw. Shep and Steve becomes a little contrived ... the ADVANCEMENT that this is for us gays feels MONUMENTAL to me). I almost fell off the edge of my chair while bringing Javic back to life. THAT, ladies and gentlemen, was some BRILLIANT scifi writing. (re the salarians: "they used to eat flies." --- OMG!) Then I got to the end. After I finally stopped CRYING because Shepard had almost just died like that I got to the ending sequence. I knew I hated that little kid from the beginning. I like to think I understand the ending ... and how it got there. I HATE the fact that he (presumably) had to die. HATE IT. I didn't necessarily like the ending to "Schindler's List" either, but that's how it was meant to be seen. Everything in life doesn't come with closure or wrap itself up in a tidy little ending to make you feel better. Some things just are what they are and leave us to figure it out ... or not. If you really think about it, the ending could have been A LOT worse. But this game intrigued me so much that I RAN to get ME2 and ME. Which brings me REALLY to why I'm writing this. The technical advancement from ME to ME3 is reason enough to gush about the game. I was a little thrown off by the "godzilla"-like lip movements, but my God people ... in just 10 years the technological advancements that were made with this series is something that should be rewarded (like by an Academy Award or something). (sorry for the upcoming pun) The mass effect (told you) that this game had on me will always stay with me. And keep me gaming into my 80s (probably).

    Someone on this page made a comment about ME3 being "sodomic and heterophobic"... first, dude, those aren't words. Second, the majority of the world is straight. Statistically gay is only 10% of the population. By giving the male Shep a possible 2 out of 7 love interests that pretty much keeps in line with global statistics. Unless you think the entire world is hetero-phobic .... ??

    I think ME3 ROCKED. (and thanks for letting me rant like this! : )
  53. Mar 21, 2012
    I have to say that this is probably my favorite game in the series, as it causes the playing character to actually reflect on what his/her choices actually amount to after all three segments of the epic are finished. I understand that many people are very disappointed with the ending presented, and without spoiling anything, I want to state that I understand many of the complaints about the ending--personally I like a game to break its boundaries and have a tangible effect on how I feel as a gamer. The game play in this segment of the series is excellent, a true amalgam of the first and second games. The multiplayer aspect of the game also keeps the game fresh after the two (or more) mandatory playthroughs to see the effects of the paragon/renegade choices. With that said, however, I will say that I was disappointed with how many graphical glitches I encountered through my playthroughs. I saw many occurrences of invisible or skewed models in cutscenes and during gameplay.

    All in all, though, the game was a fantastic emotional experience, the ending included. Minus a few graphical issues here and there, I would honestly say that this game is worthy addition to the fantastic Mass Effect series.
  54. Dec 3, 2012
    The first 95% of the game is good, and the last 5% is so atrociously bad and out of character for the series that it will have you going "WTF was that crap?" for months after you finish playing - if the reason you've played Mass Effect has anything to do with its story or characters, that is.

    The only element up to par with ME2 is the combat, which has been further streamlined and
    polished. The sidequest system is a step back from ME2 - you just wander around until you overhear somebody give you a mission. The quest log/journal system is as poor as ever, and planet scanning is still a lousy mechanic. Strangely, there are also fewer and less interesting characters to interact with or have in your party than there were in ME2.

    Also, the plot is formulaic and boring. The plot overall is basically just a rehash of what Bioware already did in Dragon Age: Origins, and the overall mission/character structure is monotonously identical to previous ME games (if you pick a romantic interest - even if it's an old one that you ALREADY had a relationship with - you can't really do anything except get a PG sex scene right before the final mission).

    And oh dear God the ending. Wow. It's bad enough that I'm giving this game a LEGIT 0/10. This is NOT a troll score. The ending quite literally RUINED the entire series for me - I doubt I'll ever play a ME game again, and this is coming from someone who has played at least 6-8 times to completion on ME1 and ME2. I don't want to go into extended detail about why the ending is so awful, so here's the abbreviated version (not a comprehensive list):
    - It's a Deus Ex Machina ending of the worst kind
    - It basically has nothing to do with your actions earlier in the game or earlier in the trilogy
    - It radically alters the entire framework of the narrative within a span of about 30 seconds, without any apparent reason to do so or any explanation
    - In a series about relationships with characters and a grand story where your choices matter, the climactic ending to the entire series has basically nothing to do with character relationships or your previous choices AND the final choice you are given is not explained and seemingly inconsequential.

    It's not hyperbole to say that the climactic ending to this series is simply you being asked the question "Do you like Red, Green, or Blue better?"

    Horrible, horrible, horrible. Yes, it's Bioware's artistic right to make an awful ending. But the fact that Bioware made it and calls it "art" doesn't mean it is good. It's not. It's as far away from good storytelling and writing as you can get. It's just nonsensical.

    Without the ending, this game is probably an 8/10. With the ending, it's utter trash that spoils a great 3-game story arc for no reason.
  55. Jul 2, 2013
    I have to say, the first 95% of the game, leading right up to the very last 15min or so, was excellent. Gameplay was improved, and I actually enjoyed the war asset strategy much as I had enjoyed the overall structure of Mass Effect 2. And this is why it is so astonishing how the final sequence is all it takes to make this very good game into a very bad one. All the excitement that had been building up over the course of the game, and also it's two predecessors, is extinguished immediately and in the worst way, leaving you with the inescapable feeling of being ripped off. The worst part is that there is absolutely no closure to any aspect of the story. The ending didn't just ruin Mass Effect 3, it ruined the entire series. For this, I can not justify any other score. Expand
  56. May 8, 2012
    I used to praise this game, but I never commented after I beat it I was that upset. I won't give this game a bad review because of all the things the only thing that really irks me is the ending controversy and some of the multiplayer.... other than that gameplay is mostly fine, but honestly the amount of plot holes is ridiculous and the negligence of the lore is sickening. I won't mention these things as most people already know about these issues and I don't want to spoil. I have every DLC for every Mass Effect and the conclusions literally just tossed it all out of the for multiplayer, it isn't bad, but it isn't good either. Lack of different modes coupled with a small selection of maps with few enemy variations is just too repetitive. Bioware also hasn't helped by openly criticizing the fans for caring and one said that the fans "aren't producers!" This is true, but following the atrocious ending (in my opinion) Bioware should've looked more closely at it, from a fan's point of view. How can you miss your own lore!? The free multiplayer release didn't really help and the extended ending won't fix what most of the fans have problems with, nor will these free DLCs lighten my mood for paying 10$ for a half hour mission. I am sorry, but that is where I stand... Expand
  57. May 17, 2012
    My favourite gaming franchise, I loved Mass Effects 1-3 so much, that I have 5 characters and have completed minimum of 4 playthroughs through ME1 & 2. Mass Effect 3 is an AWESOME game, no doubt about it. It's setting the standard for story based games and RPGs, now and for the future. Although I didn't mind the ending, I found it cool actually, it could of been WAY more awesome, by including prior decisions into the outcome of the ending and leaves things out.

    Pros: - Hooks you in with all elements (Even if your new to the series)
    - Great refined gameplay! (This game is pretty much Gears of War except more sci-fi and with RPG gameplay and story shaping)
    - Shape the story to how you want (This includes a lot of prior decisions made, unlike most games your previous saves matter!)
    - Great sense of characterisation for who you play as! (You really feel as if you are Shepard)

    - New players forced for a few elements of the game to occur (Which they have no choice over as they don't have a previous save file for the game to recognise) (Such as Wrex's death)
    - Crew development was a lot better in Mass Effect 2 (Its less about other people and more about Shepard)
    - Ending is confusing (Many people would agree, but it doesn't ruin the ending, just leaves blanks for you to imagine to fill in)
    - The game doesn't take into account EVERYTHING you've done in previous games, and areas are left unturned, and the ending doesn't take into account prior choices. All in all, an incredible experience that has changed the world of gaming forever and succeeds highly, but could of strived for complete perfection. Hence the 9 instead of perfect 10.
  58. Mar 11, 2012
    You'll be thinking about your choices days after completion; a feat not many games in the industry can replicate. With this being said, the combat is better, and the multiplayer only adds more to an already robust package. And the story? The Mass Effect series will go down as one of the best written stories in all of video gaming history.
  59. Mar 12, 2012
    Mass Effect 3 is a great game everything about it has been executed to near perfection. The story gets tied together very nicely old and new character's make their appearances once again. The graphics are more smooth than ME2 but just barely noticeable. The only issue I had with the models is the hair color for Dark Brown looked more like dark chocolate and was barely different from black (only flaw and its minor). The game had my emotions torn at times with me thinking carefully about my decisions. The Pro's are far more than the Con's but however the only thing keeping me from giving this game the 10 it should have gotten are the Con's and they're HUGE in my book. First off, there seems to be no point in space exploration and it has slowly been taken out of the game after each installment, no more random scanning a planet and getting a mission or so i've seen now its all for my EMS. Second Day one DLC, does this bother me a lot no not at all but after reading the rumors and seeing the "Proof" it kinda pokes at me a little atleast the cerberus network gave us zaeed's mission free. Third It felt like there was truly no need to play ME1 or ME2 at all I can just upload a MP char and get a similar outcome, speaking of which. Fourth The outcome of the game aka the ending........Although I understand the ending's, I got closure (for one character), I'm vastly disappointed in BioWare and the writing staff that gave us the Previous two games. There was no suicide mission type choices, no epic ending, in a sense we got Matrixed, Inceptioned, ripped off? This is my opinion I enjoyed the 35 hours I played of Mass Effect 3 more than any game since Mass Effect 2. The endings however have left a very tainted view of BioWare saying one thing and giving us another, this will sadly be the last BioWare game I buy, I no longer have an active ToR account since I feel no desire to play it anymore after ME3 ruined the ME franchise for me and any other game they've made. I'll also not be re-playing this game at all since i see little to no value in it. I may be among the few that have voiced there disappointment/rage/anger etc or the many I'm not sure but BioWare has lost a consumer that I'm sure they'll replace with another in me. Expand
  60. Jun 9, 2012
    I wanted to like this game I swear. I loved the first two games and was prepared for more but I just couldnt love it like the others.
    The game plays very similary to Mass Effect 2 , though I have been spoilt by playing other amazing 3rd person shooters and this felt quite weightless and cover mechanic I didnt like. The enemies are quite generic and all follow similar patterns, meaning it
    felt repetitive.
    The game has been updated graphically to make it look fantastic , though with this high polygon count this means shepard always has to have his gun out like a sociopath. The story is awesome and I really enjoyed it, though "cameo-ing" all the characters from the previous game felt very cheesy , though was nice to see what happened to them.
    In the end the story was what pulled me through the boring action, if you've never played Mass Effect , play ME2 and then decide to continue. If you played the others, play through this just to finish your story.
  61. Mar 28, 2012
    This game is simultaneously overrated and underrated. Overrated because critics and fanboys blindly gave the game a pass without addressing its glaring, near deal-breaking faults such as a curious lack of choice, wonky dialogue, a cumbersome cover system, vague journal entries, Jessica Chobot, James Vega, an inexcusable glitch not allowing me to import my Shepard from ME1 and 2 (really, Bioware?) and the now infamous ending. However, I would argue that ME3 is also slightly underrated because, well, the game STILL has solid combat, fun weapons (I love the Scorpion, a heavy pistol that shoots out sticky proximity mines), great music and a some genuinely rich emotional moments that strike a chord. The game's horrible conclusion and inability (or unwillingness) to weave "my Shepard's" actions from ME1 and 2 may not enough to "ruin" the game/series entirely and, for that matter, retroactively (a la Matrix Revolutions) but it's certainly enough to elicit a sense of regret over what could have been the best science fiction story of this current console generation (Portal 2 is safe!). Bottom line: an ominous shadow has been cast over this nearly spotless series. Expand
  62. Sep 3, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Yes the endings were dissapointing, but they came out with a DLC for it. The Reapers are extremely intimidating and cool. Their sheer power makes you realize just how much the galaxy depends on every choice you make. Its the best game in the series, dont let a lackluster ending discorage you. Alot of people expected more for an ending to such an epic series like this, but no game is perfect, just because the ending was bad doesn't mean the whole game is horrible. Anyway, the graphics are great, but the facial motions are very off at times. It has much more humor thanks to EDI and Joker cooperating and joking among eachother and everyone else. To enjoy the game to it's fullest, play the first 2 then play this one, an imported save will greatly increase your enjoment of this wonderful game. The characters are still amazing and we even get some new characters to bond with. This game is just, wow! Just dont play it on Soldier mode, its horrid. Expand
  63. Mar 15, 2012
    I can't believe what people are saying about this game. It's an amazing end to an epic trilogy. Sure not everyone got a specifically tailored experience they were expecting but I mean come on! I still don't think we're at the stage in gaming and technology where developers are able to COMPLETELY make sure everyone gets something different, plus it's a trilogy. I can understand if it's one game, but making 3 games that would take into accounts hundreds of actions to create a unique story for millions of gamers, I think, is still out of our reach. Sure the ending wasn't as spectacular as I would've liked but it closed the game and brought an ending to the amazing story known as Mass Effect. There were still some plotholes but forgivable considering how much I enjoyed the game and the beauty and inspiring moments presented. Apparently hundreds of gamers need to get their heads out of their asses and realize that even though gaming is far more advanced than it was not even a decade ago, developers still have a lot of limitations. Mass Effect 3 is a game well worth buying and playing through. When I get my hands on the first Mass Effect, I will play through all 3 games again (this time as a badass female Shepard) because the trilogy is just that awesome to play through. Expand
  64. Mar 15, 2012
    Amazing game. Great way to finish off the trilogy. Graphics and game play were excellent while managing to keep the flow of the story intact and build character in which you feel an emotional attachment to. People have voted the game down for the ending but its a case that they just don't 'get it'. They don't understand it. Overall, wouldn't change a thing. Get out there and play it.
  65. Nov 16, 2012
    Ignore all of the idiots hating on this game. They are trolls and probably never even played the game. The truth is, this might be the single greatest game in the history of gaming. People complain about the ending, and while I was a bit disappointed, if you actually played all of the game and made the necessary decisions required, the ending you got wasn't perfect but it was still outstanding.
  66. May 8, 2012
    I must be strange because I enjoyed all 3 Mass Effect games nearly equally. If you like 1 and 2 you should like 3 as well. What's good about it? The writing, the characters, the universe, the graphics, the music & sound, the action, etc. It's not perfect, but no game is perfect.

    For the uninformed reader, the reason there are so many highly negative user reviews is because many people
    do not like the ending (no spoilers in my review). I enjoyed the ending spoiler-free and then read why people were upset and I can see their point. I can imagine other possible endings that would be equally good, but I like the official ending too. Taken as a whole, the game, if the Action-RPG genre and sci-fi setting interests you, is a 10/10. Expand
  67. Mar 13, 2012
    Do not listen to the people who gave this game a low score. They are bashing it because of 1. the Day one dlc, which is only ONE mission, a squadmate, and extra squad outfits; 2. Because they do not understand the ending; or 3. haven't played the game and are acting like they have because they just hate the series. This is easily a top contender for this years GOTY and it is only March. The game is excellent in every aspect. The gameplay, story, everything! The gameplay is so smooth and the multiplayer is a giant step in the right direction and will increase the replay value so much. The story is extremely well written and to all those who don't understand the ending, Look it up or something. The graphics have improved too. The game also goes back to more RPG-like roots which make it even better. ME2 was great, ME3 is excellent. The game does have a few glitches like character imports or cutscenes, but are easily overlooked and nowhere near as bad as certain RPGs that came out last year cough*cough*Sky cough*cough*rim cough*cough* The glitches are so minuscule that they won't even make me lower the game a score. This game is so close to perfection, it is ridiculous. If you are a fan of the series, this is a must buy, if not, now's the time to start. And to those who are just saying this game sucked because you, "have to pay for dlc, waaaah," or "I hate the ending" or "Mass effect sucks even though I haven't played it," Grow up. I do admit the dlc is a little dumb but it is only one mission. To those who didn't like the ending really need to look it up or something because the ending is absolute GENIUS just like the rest of the game. If you compare the Critics to the users, there is obviously many biased opinions in the user reviews. Expand
  68. Jul 22, 2013
    First of all I've never actually played the game. BUT! Since its release I've had so much fun reading the reviews I honestly believes it DESERVES a 10/10 score. Every time I feel down or bored I come on Metacritic and feel alive again! I think Bioware never realised it but they invented the Mass Comedy genre in a night. Some of the reviews here are pure gold. Seek for the "fistula" one, it's left-hemospheric exo-plasmatic. To all the reviewers here, a HUGE thank you! You made this game awesome! :D Expand
  69. Mar 24, 2012
    Rented at Redbox first to try it out. It was good enough to buy so I purchased. Not the best of the series but fun anyway. I have not got to the end yet so I cannot say how disappointed I will be by that; but overall gameplay is good, graphics solid. Guess I was hoping for a little more.
  70. Jun 7, 2012
    This game is thus far the best of the year- and perhaps could have been one of the best games of all time, save for lackluster ending. The journey to get to that ending, however, is what counts. People who say the ending ruined the whole series are idiots- the game is gorgeous from start to finish. The story is brilliant, the characters are well developed, and the gameplay is tight and satisfying. Player choice shapes the path to the conclusion, allowing each player to make their own story, although the ending itself is perhaps not as user-driven as many fans would like. Fans of the first two installments will not be disappointed with the game itself, although those seeking closure and every answer to every question posed in the mass effect universe should be wary that the conclusion provides neither. It is the ending of the game, which feels so disjointed from the rest of the game and unrelated to anything else in the entire series, that ultimately holds the game back from being one of the greatest of all time. That said, when taken as a whole, the game ties up many loose ends from the previous two installments and immerses new and old players alike in the series' rich lore. The graphics are gorgeous minus a few flaws here and there and the soundtrack is beautiful and haunting- the series' best. This game was beautifully executed (excluding the questionable ending) and dwarfs every other game I've played recently. It will stick with me for a while. Highly recommended. Expand
  71. Apr 26, 2012
    LOVE the game! HATE the ending!

    There has to be more to it than what we're being told. The whole thing is so completely out of place in the context of the previous games that it has to be some sort of clever ploy by Bioware so they can spring some DLC with the real ending.

    If this is the actual ending then it's an absolute disgrace and a complete slap in the face for fans. If & when they
    fix the ending I'll adjust my score. Expand
  72. Jan 6, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Been a long time fan of the series but I feel this is by far the worst of the trilogy. I'd give it a 6.5 if I could. Spoilers below but will try to keep it vague.

    Pros: Felt like they did a good job building up to an epic conclusion.
    A lot of dialogue and the decision about the genophage was the hardest decision I had in the series.
    For me, ending did a good job tugging on emotions.

    Cons: They completely killed any meaning behind choices. Choices from previous games are whittled down to very small/short parts which are then boiled down to a readiness number for ending purposes.
    In the end you really realize there was no purpose behind any choice.
    Ending does a poor job of wrapping up the series and really felt flat.
  73. Mar 26, 2012
    Well, game is not that good like ME1 and ME2 was (even worst as a ''RPG'' game), and that... ending, haha BioWare is gettin' even better after DA2 ;-)

    Just rent it :-/
  74. May 20, 2012
    Bioware has outdone themselves, this is an amazing game. But of course nothing is perfect. Like most other people, I too was disappointed with the terrible ending. But aside from the last 15 minutes or so, this game was truly amazing. Mass effect 3 starts where 2 left off. The reapers are coming at full force and it's up to Shepard to save the entire galaxy. If you haven't already, I suggest that you pick up mass effect 1 and 2 and play them in order so everything falls into place, just so you won't end up confused (and you will get to meet some awesome characters along the way.) The thing I love most about mass effect is the characters. You actually start caring for the characters, each character has their own individual personality, you feel sad for the character, happy, and hey you might even be attracted to them. You could continue relationships from Mass effect 1-2 and it is really satisfying to see your character, and others develop. As i've said before the story is great aside from the last 15 mins. It really pulls you in and you just can't wait to see what happens next. The gameplay is a lot more fast paced compared to its predecessors but it works. All in all Mass effect 3 is a great game. it's a lot of fun, from seeing all of the awesome characters develop, to choosing to be a hero or a jerk, to the combat. This game receives a 9 from me. I took a point off for the unsatisfying ending. Expand
  75. Mar 17, 2012
    Great Game, except the ending. The ending wasn't that horrible, it has definitely been exaggerated in how bad it was, but I feel like they could have done better. Still worth the money though.
  76. Mar 14, 2012
    Let me speak from my heart,
    Thi is a beautifull game with a beautifull scenary, i like all parts of this game. This is the model of sci-fi grand opera
    Thanks, with respect.
  77. May 20, 2012
    This game was a huge disappointment. The combat was boring, the story was terrible, and the ending essentially ruined the previous two games for me. Mass effect 2 was dumbed down from ME1, but it was still a pretty good game. This one takes it ten steps further. "Action mode" says it all. The graphics are worse as well, many of the landscapes look blocky, the water looks awful...the list goes on. I don't know what happened, if some of the better writers left between games, but the story in this one is cringe-worthy at every turn with few exceptions. I'd have rather this game had not even came out, which is saying a lot since I'd been looking forward to this conclusion of commander Shepard's story for the past 5 years or so. Don't buy this game. Expand
  78. Apr 22, 2012
    Coming into ME3 I was very much expecting a car crash, an unplayable, uninteresting mess not even worth my time. I guess that shows you really can't trust either end of the spectrum these days, Critics were praising it as the second coming of the Christ where as the vast majority of fans were claiming it was the worst game since Superman64. In reality ME3 is neither of these. Where as ME1 was an RPG that felt like a bad TPS and ME2 was just plain bad ME3 strikes the perfect balance between being an RPG and TPS, significantly more weapons and armour than ME2 also offer some nice replay value for completionists looking to collect everything. Unfortunately the story seems to have gotten worse in pretty much every way conceivable, sure there are some great scenes that tap into the ME1 and to a lesser extent ME2 nostalgia but they're just that, scenes. ME3 has the least amount of interactive conversations of the entire series, which just plain sucks. Most scenes play out similar to the Normandy conversations with Zaeed in ME2, the frequency of these is kind of annoying when you look back at ME1 which had an abundance of in-depth conversations with most of the throw-away characters, this in conjunction with it's terrible, terrible ending mean it's hard to recommend ME3 to fans of the series and really there are a great deal more, and better story driven TPS out there if you're coming to ME3 for a shooter. Then there's the multiplayer, let me sum up the multiplayer with a single clause. The multiplayer clearly detracted from the quality of the single-player and ME3 would have been a better game had it not existed. Overall It's hard to recommend ME3 to anyone, it relies too heavily on series nostalgia to be enjoyable for people looking to get into the series this late and isn't a particularly great shooter either. ME3 is one of the most severe cases of wasted potential I've seen in a while. Mediocre at best - 6/10 Expand
  79. Mar 11, 2012
    ME3 took 36 hours of my life to complete, but it was well worth it. One of the best, most heart wrenching, sci-fi storytelling experiences of my life - video game, movie, book or otherwise. ...and - for me - the best video game ever!
  80. Mar 20, 2012
    I just watched what was a phenomenal, even cinematic franchise commit inexcusable storytelling suicide. It's not that the ending is depressing or even bittersweet, as PR would have it spun; The ending makes zero sense - it flies in the face of it's own canon and creates numerous plot holes in the last ten minutes alone. To top it all off, the defining element of Mass Effect, choice, is stripped away from you. No choice you agonized over has any consequence.
    If you're a fan of the series and absolutely cannot bring yourself to wait to play this, do yourself a favor and either rent ME3, or purchase a used copy at your local Gamestop and return it before seven days are up to get your money back. I admit it can be a relatively fun game, up to a point, but you will regret paying full retail price for this disaster.
  81. Mar 11, 2012
    Awesome, just what I though it would be!I`m simply loving this game :) Played 1 and 2 again so i could get back in the story. Awsome :D Nothing less then perfection. I managed to get a copy a few days early and I never thought the story and game could top what the last two games have delivered, but this keeps getting better and better! You really do feel the weight of those decisions you made. Its great to finally see the outcome of these shaping after waiting for 5 years in curiosity as to what would happen. Expand
  82. Mar 11, 2012
    One of the best games ever made. Masterpiece. Even that the ending is not as good as the whole game, it's still 10 of 10 without any doubts.These seires have the best sci-fi atmosphere in games while possessing good plot and actually really nice actors.
  83. Mar 11, 2012
    I'll start with the bad. Problems include familiar lip syncing issues, an improved but still troublesome cover system, what I assume to be a problematic introduction to gamers new to Mass Effect, and the underwhelming and increasingly controversial ending - which I'll return to later.

    Everything right with the game overcomes all of negative. The story was more engrossing than ever. The
    voice acting; inspired. The sound and music was perfect. The loose integration of a genuinely fun, cooperative mutliplayer mode into the campaign was a stroke of genius. Buy now if you have played and completed Mass Effect and ME2, do not rent. If you haven't played the previous games: do so. Before you buy, arm yourself with good excuses for your significant other or boss as to why you've mysteriously disappeared. As for the end. The end may not be what some may have idealized during their struggle through the series. During the play-through, gamers will reflect on what they want for Shepard, what they define as victory. But the dialectic between agency and determinism can only be resolved by resolution. Everything which Shepard struggled for is preserved. Everything which Shepard struggled for is destroyed. Bitter sweet and beautiful. Expand
  84. Mar 11, 2012
    Those who have rated this game below a seven simply do not know how to review games. Straight simple. I'm seeing a lot of ones and zeroes that don't make any sense; not really sure what people are crying about. 1) Graphics: Improved
    2) Sound/Music: Improved 3) Multiplayer: Functional and Enjoyable
    4) Combat Gameplay: Improved--Melee does stuff now, cooldowns make more sense, less ammo
    starvation, certain biotics more balanced than previous two games.
    5) Inventory/Weapon Management: Improved--you can now mod your equipment with a greater variety of equipment depending on your style of play, and there's a wider variety of armor with different buffs.
    6) Skillset/Powers: Improved--definitely more skills/powers than ME2, trimmed the fat from ME1, and gave a whole number of different options for branching out abilities that simply were not present before.
    7) DLC: Incomplete as of yet, but From Ashes is better than Zaeed's DLC
    8) Day 1 DLC: An unfortunate reality of gaming these days. This isn't the first and won't be the last. It may even become the norm. It is however unnecessary for the story, free with the Collector's Edition, and given the delay from the initial forecast for the game's release--right on time. 9) Same-sex romance options. Didn't hear any complaining about girl-on-girl. The male homosexual fanbase now has something more to relate to. Kaiden's advances on Shepard are a little surprising, but no so much now that I remember that he turned down a threesome with FemShep and Liara in the first game when he told me to choose between him and her. These sorts of things make RPGs great; the choices and the consequences that come with them. I can see why homophobes would drop their review score because of this. Because they're bigots.
    10) The story. Here's where people are weeping the most. Apparently some things don't make sense or allegedly retcon what was learned in the first two games. Having played through both of them eight times apiece making different decisions each time, I know that's not the case. Some say that there's no story to the game, but there's more of a story than ME2. And as for choices affecting the final outcome and endgame scenario for ME3, it's no less complete than the influence of ME1 on ME2. If you liked ME2 you should like ME3 if a story is what you're looking for. The game delivered. Everything that people were crying about was addressed. More outfits/armor than ME2. More romance options. Improved Reputation system. New exploration system (and from how much bawling there was about the Mako missions of ME1 and planet scanning of ME2, this is a welcome alternative, but I was one of those people who loved the Mako). It was exciting, gave us more information, more character development, wrapped up a bunch of plotlines seamlessly and had its share of epic battles. One thing that I did miss however was Aria's reclamation of Afterlife. Maybe that's going to be DLC. I want to see that. And maybe we'll get some ME2 characters recruited in DLC as well. So given all the improvements and the adequate story progression based of the progression from ME1 to ME2, I do not see how this could rate any lower than a 7 even if you hate what the story actually is. Personally, I love it. But even if I didn't, I know how to rate the game fairly. I think a lot of people are pissed about what they didn't get instead of enjoying what they did--and they got a fantastic game epic in scope and delivery. Replayability 10/10: Multiplayer and Paragon/Renegade plotlines stemming from the previous games Graphics 9/10:Beautiful cutscenes, breathtaking environments, but people still kind of look molded from clay for some reason. Sound 9/10: Includes music, sound effects and dialogue. Dialogue is great, everyone has their own unique voice (vs. Skyrim where five voices occupy 9 population centers). Sound effects are well done, music isn't my favorite but done well for drama. Where it falters is volume. I know it's hard to hear conversations in a nightclub, but It's a little annoying having to manually adjust volume levels to hear cutscenes in Purgatory. Also, depending on camera angle or POV, people near your character are quiet. Perhaps this is an issue due to my lack of surround sound. Story 8/10: I had hoped for a more meaningful impact on my story when it came to my decisions about the Rachni and the Geth in the previous two games, and recruiting the ME2 characters would have been nice but perhaps overkill. Fun: 10/10: Intense, high-stakes battles. Multiplayer component works great and promises to provide for the long haul. New romance options worth exploring. Great replayability encouraging playing through the previous two games. Wonderful cutscenes. Hilarious and sometimes touching dialogue. Thane will be remembered fondly. Overall 10
  85. Mar 16, 2012
    I loved the Mass Effect Series. I wouldn't call myself a completely hardcore gamer but I have stepped my amount of gaming through the years and I owe that to Mass Effect. It was refreshing to see a game with a great story and good characters. Mass Effect 3 is no exception. The writing and dialogue is top notch. The voice acting is fantastic. The game story starts with a bang the simmers for a bit. But once you hit the 15-20 hour mark it really takes off. I felt like the quantity of scripted dialogue was greater than I'd like but once the story gets good you forget about it. I personally think the combat it much better. Enemies are smarter and the mechanics, while still slightly unforgiving, are much smoother than in previous iterations. The level design is top notch, with Mass Effect benefiting greatly from becoming a vertical game. The customization for your powers and weapons is brilliant. Mass Effect 3 is really a perfect blend of the first two games. What prevents this game from being a perfect 10 is the ending. The last mission is great but the aftermath of your decision is full of plot holes and doesn't make sense. When I first saw an uproar over the ending I thought it was fanboys not getting the ending they wanted and whining about it. Well I was wrong and they were right. It's not that the end was completely terrible, it is just that there is little variation between the three endings and I part that is consistent through all three (provided you have a high enough galactic readiness) comes out of nowhere and doesn't make sense. I do hope Bioware releases a DLC with an alternate ending of some sort. I was very disappointed. However, don't let the ending scare you away from what is really and awesome game and worth playing. Oh and while its stupid to have a $10 DLC, From Ashes is really worth it. Though to be fair it should of been added to the game to begin with. Expand
  86. Mar 12, 2012
    This flame war is silly. Mass Effect is a stellar game! Look at the critic reviews and don't waste time with the people who are trying to knock the score down for malicious and hateful purposes. ME3 is just as good, if not better than the first two. Although, I really loved #2!
  87. Sep 13, 2012
    Great game, and one of the best (if not the best) trilogies in gaming. I just wanted to add my two cents as there are some very strange reviews on Metacritic. I found that the choices I made throughout the series hugely satisfactory down the line. I also feel the ending was great. You can achieve the "best" ending without jumping through any or the peripheral hoops EA set up. The aforementioned ending has emotional weight and payoff. Brilliant. ME4 please Bioware! Expand
  88. Mar 13, 2012
    This has been some ride, since Mass Effect first grabbed my attention. I have played through every bit of the first two games, and loved every minute. Now the final comes, and I feel equal parts excited and sad. Sad that it will have to end, but thrilled to get a chance to play it. And it does not disappoint. The emotion - always the strong point of Mass Effect - is brought to another level. The characters that I have come to care so much about are even more fleshed out. And the goosebumps at certain points of the game...well, I won't spoil. Just get it. Expand
  89. Mar 13, 2012
    Hate fest is pretty adolescent and absurd. I didn't care for the ending either, but the journey to the end was incredible. I'm not going to try to discredit an entire and incredible series because I didn't like the last 15 minutes. The real issue should be the game as a whole. The whole game is great. If you are considering buying don't let all of the whiny self entitled people sway your opinion, Mass Effect 3 is a beautiful game with great game play and an excellent narrative. I will agree that the wrap up felt like a bit of a cop out, maybe it way maybe it wasn't. But if you are a Mass Effect fan please still play the game if you let the whiners get to you you will miss out on a great experience. Expand
  90. Mar 13, 2012
    Hey People, stop making accounts solely for the purpose of bringing down this game. Its childish and stupid. This is an amazing game that I have played since ME 1. Just because there is an ending you don't like doesn't mean you have to give it zero scores. This is the most ridiculous and childish thing I have ever seen, I hope all you "grown adults" out there feel happy for being so childish. Listen to the positive reviewers out there people, if you are thinking about getting this game, just because people don't like a game for its ending doesn't mean the whole game is junk. Overall it is a well built and fun game, so please don't listen to all these childish haters out here who need to put on their big boy pants and grow up. Expand
  91. Mar 13, 2012
    I think this game is being unfairly judged by gamers simply because of the content in certain areas, specifically the romance. Gamers need a reminder, that its all CHOICE, and not fact. On that note I have to say the latest BioWare game Mass Effect 3 is one hell of a game. The graphics, sound and story is very fitting for the franchise. My ownly gripe i have with is the the ending but not because of what others have listed. I simply feel that if you chose to be paragon then the ending should have been strictly the paragone way, and the reneage way was for renagades. Having to chose the final option without including all my other actions felt off to me. Otherwise the game was a good final game. I disliked the ending only because it meant the series really is at an end and I adore this series. Expand
  92. Mar 13, 2012
    Mass Effect 3 is an amazing game if you were interested in the first or the second games or even if you have never played mass effect it is definitely worth buying this game. As for the people who say your choices don't matter they do, bioware has merely made the choices harder, and the consequences as well. Where as in the first two games deaths were minor, based on yours actions companions may die however, i feel that while it is at times shocking after you let it settle in it is something to be appreciated. As for those who say the graphics are terrible that is a lie, the game looks amazing probably better than most games that are out on the xbox360, the gameplay is solid i would say that the shooting mechanics have improved, and that from the occasional cover problem combat is very easy to get into but if you play the game on the harder difficulties such as insane the game is a challenge. For those who complain about the dlc or the ending judge the entire game not just one part, if you feel bioware has wronged you. Now some of you may disagree with my rating but i will say this there is no way mass effect 3 deserves anything less than a 8. In all i recommend mass effect 3 for anybody, it is a great game, the endings for some may be not what they expected but it is an amazing game full of incredible moments that should not be missed. Expand
  93. Mar 14, 2012
    Of all the games I have played, individual or continual, Mass Effect tops them all. And though know there is plenty of criticism with Mass Effect 3, I found none to speak of myself. Although the previous lead writer departed, the story (to me) remained in tact. It may have left most wondering in the end what happened. But I was content. BioWare gave me exactly what I wanted. An end to an amazing trilogy. I started 2 years after the release of Mass Effect [1]. But I continued my journey throughout. Laughed, fought, sat on the edge of my seat in wonder. Mass Effect 2, I saw my decisions (most of them, anyway) carry over. Felt like I was part of something big. Then, Mass Effect 3. The laughter and joy continued. As did the hurt, the worry. Even the sadness appeared. Can honestly say I have never cried during anything. Movies, TV. Nothing. The Mass Effect Trilogy became personal to me in the sense that these are all my decisions spanning 3 whole games. And to see it come to an end, felt good. I hope BioWare keeps the franchise as a whole going into the next-gen consoles. There's so much more that can be done. Expand
  94. Mar 14, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This game right now is one of my favorite games behind Half-Life 2. Those two games are the only ones to ever evoke an emotional response from me. I'll admit it, manly tears were shed but it really takes a lot to get that kind of emotion out of me from a video game. There is a lot of grief over the ending, but it was actually my favorite part of the series because of the closure that it brought with it.

    The tear jerker for me was near the end you and Liara share that special moment where time stands still. That part made me bawl like a baby.
  95. Mar 14, 2012
    This franchise has been the most rewarding series of games that I have ever played, and this game was no different. The game is visually beautiful, brilliantly voice acted, has exciting combat and a stellar musical score that incorporates elements of the previous two games. I can't help but feel that all of the negative reviews posted here are nothing but a gross overreaction to dissatisfaction with the ending. How you feel about the very end of the game is up to you, but all of the people giving this game a review score of 0 or 1 either are simply venting their frustration with the final moments of the game. To do so is to ignore the previous 40+ hours of brilliance. Expand
  96. Mar 14, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. SPOILER WARNING - YOU HAVE BEEN WARNING

    This is partly a review and partly a rant on what I see as fans strong-arming the creative process. First off what did I think of Mass Effect 3? Well considering I booked a week off work to play it and did nothing but play it for that week, that should tell you I bloody loved every minute of it, EVEN THE ENDING and I'll get onto why later. As an ending to a trilogy that I have been completely invested in since 2008 when I got to play the first game properly on my first Xbox 360 (I did play it on my mates console when if first came out, that is when he wasn't playing it and that wasn't much of the time!) I thought it was excellent. The story was backed up by superbly written and acted characters (although Jessica Chobot was a little distracting) and I got the feeling that everything I had done up to this point had an impact. An example; during my first playthrough of Mass Effect 2, I managed to accomplish the suicide mission without any of my team dieing. Seeing them again in Mass Effect 3 felt like seeing old friends and when they kicked the bucket, I genuinely felt emotion. All the main characters in the Mass Effect trilogy have a real character arc, especially those from Mass Effect 1. I wouldn't have thought during my first encounter with Urdnot Wrex that over the course of the trilogy he would be where he was by the third game. Thats the level of character depth Bioware have achieved, whilst excellent story and characters are a staple of Bioware games the culmination of the Mass Effect trilogy is the apex of their long history of creating virtual worlds. Gameplay and grapics wise its on par with Mass Effect 2, which is no bad thing as that game played well also. Now on to the rant about the community feedback regarding the ending, all I can say to all the internet trolls and 'dissapointed' fans out there is grow up!! Look we are all entitled to our opinion, but to say you hated a game because you hated the ending is immature. I'd hate to be a developer at Bioware, having achieved this incredible milestone in the medium of interactive storytelling and to have wake up to this unessecary vitriol over the ending of a game. My opinion on the ending; I honestly preferred it to a happy ever after everyone lives forgettable ending that we've seen time and again. Good Science Fiction creates fantastical worlds and concepts, great science fiction does these things but also challenges us to think. The ending of Mass Effect 3 in my playthrough had me thinking about the futility and insignifcance of our existence, the cyclical nature of history and other challenging concepts. Mass Effect 1 introduced us to this incredible vision of the future, Mass Effect 2 fleshed out that universe and Mass Effect 3 relates it to reality. Just because Mass Effect 3 doesn't end with the fist pumping bravado that characterizes a game like Call of Duty doesn't make it a bad game. I've heard of a campaign to force Bioware to change the ending of Mass Effect 3, entitled 'take back Mass Effect'. This attempt to strong arm the developer saddens me. It shows a community wholely ungrateful and immature to the point where they consider the intellectual property theirs. Mass Effect was Bioware's creation so what obligation do they have to satisfy a groups notions of what a 'good ending' is. With this response to the games ending, all I have to say is I can only see a bunch of children throwing the toys out of the pram. Right thats my two cents, now I'm going to play through all three games back to back. I'll close this article by saying thank you Bioware, thank you.
  97. Mar 22, 2012
    Nothing less then perfection. I managed to get a copy a few days early and I never thought the story and game could top what the last two games have delivered, but this keeps getting better and better! You really do feel the weight of those decisions you made. Its great to finally see the outcome of these shaping after waiting for 5 years in curiosity as to what would happen.
  98. Mar 14, 2012
    I am SICK of all the hate! Duke Nukem forever IS NOT a better game, its user score is currently 5.8!?! That's terrible! ME3 is a great game, don't pay attention to all the b*tching. There are minor flaws in the game, it isn't perfect no game is. It deserves no less than an 8 for everything that Bioware put into it. The story is great, the gameplay is a rush, and the characters stick out more then ever. I've gone through to the end and from start to finish the game was amazing. It makes me sick all of these people giving it a negative review. So overly critical of the game. Don't hate so much unless you're in the video game making industry yourself and you can do better. Expand
  99. Mar 22, 2012
    This game is brilliant. The changes made to the combat and overall feel of the game from Mass Effect 2 makes the game almost perfect. The story is great, and I also didn't mind the ending, like many others do. I didn't give it 10, because it seems like the dialogue towards the end does not really fit everywhere. Something is just not right. Other than this though, the game is brilliant!

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Critic score distribution:
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  1. May 12, 2012
    Mass Effect 3 is an emotional rollercoaster ride with lots of tension and moving moments. The threat of the Reapers make every decision a hard one and your relationship with other characters will be tested. This, in combination with tight gameplay, makes this the complete experience.
  2. Apr 26, 2012
    As a bombastic action-RPG with no previous context, Mass Effect 3 is a dark, engaging game with great combat, a well-written story, and all the epic space-opera you could want. But for those who have played through Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2, it's something much more.
  3. Apr 18, 2012
    The storytelling itself, the more refined combat, the voicework, the visuals, et all, stand as a fine example of some of the best this industry has to offer, and with my minor complaints aside, there's no doubt that Mass Effect 3 will be deservedly at the top of everyone's list come this year's award season.