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  • Summary: [Xbox Live Arcade] Joining the fight are the familiar four warriors Marco, Tarma, Eri, and Fio, backed by two allies from The King of Fighters, Ralf and Clark. Adding to the seven multi-path stages, this ultimate 2-D action shooting masterpiece also includes elements such as Combat School, which is loaded with more than 70 missions. [SNK Playmore] Expand
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  1. There's actually quite a lot to admire here. [Issue#61, p.104]
  2. Metal Slug XX is so much fun that you can forget its main issues. It's a short game, it has almost no new features and it lacks depth at every level. But it's sheer fun, with great replay value and one of the best coops out there.
  3. It's intense, destructive fun while it lasts, especially with two players. [Aug 2010, p.79]
  4. This side-scrolling shooter has its moments, but it never rises above being a quickie port of a handheld game.
  5. Old-school fare, old-school swear. [Aug 2010, p.110]
  6. No insult to the series' legacy, but a workmanlike sequel that didn't need to be made (or ported).
  7. Backgrounds are blurry. [Sept 2010, p.101]

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