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  • Summary: [Xbox Live Arcade] The classic game of stickball comes to Xbox 360 LIVE Arcade with MLB Stickball, featuring all 30 Major League teams and 120 of your favorite pro players. Collect Topps Pro cards from the MLB to flesh out your team. Take to the streets where each neighborhood has its own rules, from the streets of Brooklyn to the beach in Los Angeles. Enjoy the single-player Tour Mode or play with up to four friends either locally or over Xbox LIVE. Experience the classic stickball spin on America's pastime, featuring bounce pitches, rules tailored to each individual environment, and no gloves! Fun "stadiums": Take your game on the road and play in uniquely American venues, from the streets of Brooklyn to the shores of the San Francisco Bay. Player cards: Buy packs of cards to unlock players and build out your rosters, or trade in duplicate cards for the player of your choice. Tour mode: In this one-and-done mode, try your luck against eight randomly selected MLB teams with increasingly advanced skill levels. [Take-Two Interactive] Expand
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  1. Even with some signs of the major league’s style of repetitiveness, MLB Stickball is still one for those that have been waiting for mindless baseball fun in convenient, XBLA packaging.
  2. Traditional baseball-sim junkies will recoil at the ease and simplicity, but kids and casual fans might enjoy stepping up to this plate.
  3. 50
    MLB Stickball is a cute and simple game but its a weak groundout, not the home run it aspires to be.
  4. Proof that simplicity isn't always a good thing, this cutesy baseball download is so vapid you’ll lose interest well before the 7th-inning stretch.
  5. 30
    MLB Stickball is bad to the core. It has few redeeming qualities. It's overly simplistic, it's poorly thought out, it looks bad and it's boring.
  6. Rather than simulate a playground game we never played in the UK anyway, pay the extra and import the brilliant "MLB 2K8." [Jan 2009, p.104]
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