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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 30 out of 33
  2. Negative: 0 out of 33
  1. NBA 2K8 is easily the best hoops game on the market this year, a tremendous leap over last year’s game, and one of the best sports games ever made. Bravo Visual Concepts.
  2. 92
    NBA 2K8 is superior to last year's game in almost every way, which is no mean feat.
  3. For the third year in a row, 2K Sports has the best basketball game available. NBA 2K8 has vast improvements, tweaking an already capable engine with fresh animations and change-ups.
  4. 90
    A fantastic game. If you feel like a quick fix, you can hit up NBA blacktop mode and throw down some jams in a slam dunk contest out on the Vegas Strip (you can even jump over cars!). Want to head online? 2K8 features everything from leagues to two-player co-op play against the computer. Want to pause the game and gaze at Drew Gooden's patch on the back of his head? The choice (as strange as it may be) is yours.
  5. Just another great basketball game, packed with features and modes that are sure to keep fans and determined newbies happy at least until the 2K9 comes along or a rival franchise gets its act together.
  6. This is the best version of the NBA 2k series in a long time. It’s a fresh breath of air and I am glad to see where the series is heading.
  7. While the developers definitely misfired with the Lock-on D mechanics, the new animation system changes the gameplay quite a bit, as does the ability to learn how to run plays on the fly. The game's lasting legacy may be the introduction of an emotional element to the Association mode.
  8. If you're a fan of basketball games, I definitely recommend picking this one up, as it is the best basketball offering this year.
  9. The presentation and feel of the game is near-perfect, but the actual gameplay, particularly on offense, comes up short and frustrating. Lock-On D is a nice feature as well, but it can be a crutch.
  10. Despite a few nagging issues, NBA 2K8 is a fantastic basketball game packed to the brim with features and game modes.
  11. It's the full package, with enough new goodness to justify an upgrade from last year's excellent iteration. [Dec 2007, p.62]
  12. NBA 2K8 takes this year's videogame basketball crown.
  13. 85
    This game's brilliant A.I. on offense, the lightning-quick load times, the remarkably improved faces of Steve Nash and Dirk Nowitzki, the new dunk competition minigame, and the removal of 24/7 mode are a load of positives that far outweigh the hang-ups.
  14. 85
    NBA 2K8 has excellent on-court play, awesome presentation and a packed feature set - basketball video games don't get any better than this.
  15. The best basketball game available. Off-Ball Control and the option to switch off the ball handler are great tools to work with on offensive play. However, new defensive controls are not that useful and the camerawork is simply awful. [Jan 2008]
  16. 85
    The animation system is absolutely enthralling to view, the association mode is deeper than Scrooge McDuck’s money bin, and the overall game looks and plays better than any other title in the genre.
  17. While NBA 2K8 may have some kinks to work out in its post game, it’s still the best basketball sim on the market.
  18. Most of the game is fantastic. Even with its hiccups, this is a game that is hard not to give a blanket recommendation to because as far as NBA games go, this is still the king of the virtual court.
  19. There's no revolution going on here, but NBA 2K8 is as solid as ever.
  20. Far and away that best game of basketball you are going to find.
  21. Although this is a great game of basketball, its improvements over last year aren't as significant as you would probably expect. Instead much of the experience felt like a tune up of last year's game, with some more features and modes added on the side.
  22. While there’s really nothing groundbreaking this year, it’s hard to argue with the formula that works.
  23. It's as good as everyone expects it to be, but that's also the problem; the game is great, but it plays it too safe.
  24. Just pipped by "NBA Live 08," but a match in nearly every sense. [Dec 2007, p.84]
  25. Looks so pretty but plays just the same. [Jan 2008, p.90]
  26. It’s rare that a series takes as serious a step backwards as NBA 2K8 has this season. It’s missing modes and gameplay features from last year’s game, while adding subtle changes that few players will notice or make use of.
  27. The new dunk contest and other modes are nice, but the core gameplay is what should be what catches your eye, and NBA 2K8 nails it.
  28. 80
    NBA 2K8 is hands-down the best basketball game available, though it is facing very strong competition for the first time in a long while.
  29. 79
    It's certainly the best basketball game on any system this year. The Association is a solid franchise mode and, if VC can iron out its AI and gameplay issues, next year's model could be something very special.
  30. One shock was that the awesome 24/7 mode has been axed, in favour of the dubiously named Blacktop Mode. This is essentially a pick up and play selection of game types, designed for those that don’t understand basketball that well.
  31. No matter what - and as shocking as it is to say this - 2K8 is not a slam-dunk, no-brainer-this-is-your-next-gen-basketball-title this season. It's merely second best.
  32. It's not quite as satisfying as the Celtics adding Kevin Garnett and, Ray Allen to support Paul Pierce in one off-season, but what is?
  33. Okay if you're looking for feature-filled b-ball - but EA do it better. [Jan 2008, p.78]
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  1. Oct 29, 2012
    Most of the game is fantastic. Even with its hiccups, this is a game that is hard not to give a blanket recommendation to because as far as NBA games go, this is still the king of the virtual court. Full Review »
  2. moknn
    Sep 9, 2008
    Not a huge fan of nba games except for nba jam. This one was way better then nba live, graphics and gameplay wise. Graphics wise i could tell who's who clearly without name plates, nba live is blurred, even the nba live 09 version. Gameplay with the shooting stick is more fun, nba live 09 still doesn't have a shooting stick. I liked the pre game warmup tho. Full Review »
  3. bernardmorales
    Mar 15, 2008
    This game is avid of a fan i have been for 2K8 since Allen Iverson was on the cover, this game is so unrealistic as it can get....Yes the graphics are great.....but the actually in game is do you miss lay up after lay up with KOBE BRYANT???? does the offense make EVERY rebound and put back???? How do you update the roster on XBOX live only ONCE so far this season and its already MARCH??? all i know is, 2K8 has lost a loyal customer...........IMPROVE NBA 2K8!!!!........ Full Review »