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  1. Jul 9, 2013
    NCAA Football 14 again maintains the high level of quality the series has come to be known for. While dynasty mode remains a lot of fun to play, the development team shook things up a bit with a bunch of new presentation upgrades to make this game the best college football game to date. With new reach blocks, hit SFX system, all new halftime show, pass blocking locomotion, Easy-to-read option keys and more really captures the college atmosphere in a game. If you haven’t played it test out the demo and im sure after playing it you’ll buy a copy right away. Expand
  2. Jul 10, 2013
    Gets a 4 out of 10 for not being a crash fest this year. but the same bugs are still there, i just watched Ball St destroy Oklahoma, TAMU lose to FCS West, and Sun Belt teams pull 5* recruits. EA could fix all this, or they could introduce a feature to encourage you to spend more money on top of the $60 in the form of Ultimate Team. Guess what they picked?
  3. Jul 9, 2013
    With the additions of NCAA Football Ultimate team and a upgraded Dynasty Mode NCAA Football 14 has improved upon an already great series. The actual game play of NCAA Football 14 is smooth and seamless. Small changes like the new read and pitch key for option runs are what keeps making this annual series a hit.

    Improvements to the run game are without a doubt the best the series has
    ever seen. Nothing feels better than breaking a off tackle run down the sideline where you juke into a spin move back up field for a score leaving defenders asking themselves "what just happened?".

    If you aren't playing NCAA Football are missing out.
  4. Jul 9, 2013
    NCAA Football 14 is the biggest jump from its previous year this console generation and that has to be accounted for. Physics is now in the game and fresher than what we saw in Madden 13. Dynasty adds new presentation, a whole new recruiting system which is quicker and each week you don't find your self spending a half hour doing recruiting. Ultimate Team makes its way into NCAA which give you another game mode to enjoy when your waiting for your Online Dynasty to advance, or you want to play with some of your favorite NFL players in their college days.

    All in all, NCAA Football 14 is better than last year, in fact its the biggest year to year jump on the Xbox 360 and PS3. Its more dynamic, its fresh, the atmosphere replicates college Saturdays more than ever, and gives you more options and game modes than before.

    This feels like a college football game.
  5. Jul 9, 2013
    NCAA Football has revamped it's hot route and audible systems to better represent what you see in real life. Smell blitz? Hot route your slot receiver to a hitch. DB backed off too far from your flanker? Put him on a smoke screen! With many new blocking schemes (Dart, Cake, Midline, Trap, Counter) for the spread option, you may choose to use this new "Run Free" feature!

    NCAA Football
    has come a long way over the past few years, and now heading into the XboxOne generation, the future looks promising. This game has sustained replay-ability, and seems to be a more realistic representation of what we see on Saturdays! Expand
  6. Jul 9, 2013
    I have been playing the NCAA Football series since my childhood. I haven't had this much fun with the game since the PS2/Xbox days. This is by far, the best NCAA Football game of this generation. The biggest and best change is the addition of the infinity engine in NCAA Football 14. The game feels less "scripted" and allows the user to have full control of their team.

    Other big
    additions for me include authenticity and improvements in the computer AI. Navy, Army, Oregon and other option heavy schools actually play like their real life counterparts. Also, the improvements in computer AI are great to see. I always play on All-American and I am struggling when I face a top tier team with a lower ranked team...which is how it should be!

    Finally, Ultimate Team made its debut in NCAA Football 14! This is an awesome mode and I can't wait to keep developing my team by playing solo challenges and games against real life opponents online.
  7. Jul 15, 2013
    Hands down the worst game of NCAA in recent years. Last years edition was much smoother in terms of gameplay. This game is filled with flaws. Tackling is unrealistic. You will find yourself bouncing off the player you are attempting to tackle. On the flip side you may find yourself being tackled by a player that realistically should not have been capable of making the tackle. Hot stick is weakened. The movement are a lot more quick as far as jukes and spins, BUT the movements are awkward and contorted. Don't spend base retail price for this game. It is at best worth 19.99. NCAA Football 13 is a much more solid game. Defense will leave you frustrated or scratching your head. Physics are a major disaster. Grade is -D Expand
  8. Jul 14, 2013
    Pros: -Read option is better tooled -Run blocking works better -Zone defense is slightly better than 13 -Ultimate Team mode provides some fun Cons -Read option is completely overpowered. -Run blocking makes the offense nearly impossible to stop -Zone Defense is still really really terrible. CPU will pick you apart. So wil human users. -Ultimate team is dominated by 10-year-olds who stole their parents Credit Cards. They buy fast players, put them at tight end, and run corners, slants, and curls all day (which man defense can't stop, and zone defense is too poorly implemented to start). Every single player seems to go on every 4th down and, due to broken defense, will usually convert.

    Defense is pathetic in this game. Offense is overpowered. Menus are laggy. Crashes are unavoidable (and usually happen just as a game completes).

    NCAA football 10 was the best of the current gen so far. Each game since then has overcorrected or undercorrected every single time. Option doesn't work in 13? Make it overpowered in 14. Zone not working? Make it only slightly horrible.

    All told, not a great iteration.
  9. Jul 19, 2013
    Like many consumers I was hopeful that EA would turn it around this year, and produce an NCAA Football that corrected many of the errors of the past few years. Sadly this game is weak in many areas and bears what I would term, "a frustrating resemblance to college football". The most notable weaknesses of this year's game are as follows:
    1. Heavy scripting of game outcomes While this is
    a perrenial complaint about this game, in my opinion it is worse than ever this year. Catch-up behaviors by the AI play heavily into the game and seriously hurt the game's immersion factor.
    2. Strange AI behaviors on defense Generally weak defense (lots of points, even in abbreviated games), strange behaviors by players and odd routes taken by defensive players. I'd love to see a real football game like this. I have a good sense of humor and it would be the funniest game I ever saw, as long as it wasn't my favorite team.
    3. The AI players are notably faster than the human controlled players.
    4. Bugs. No game killers, but definitely a few bugs that can affect the outcome of a game if you hit them at the wrong time.
    5. There was a lot of talk about "physics" being introduced into this game. I really don't see it. There are some nice animations for the running backs, but animations are not physics. Human controlled runners don't seem to have any weight. My running backs seem light as a feather and rarely push forward after contact. They usually look like a volleyball that just got spiked.

    I love college football and I'd love to recommend this game but I can't without reservation. If you're craving a college football game, go ahead and buy it, since it's the only game in town, but be aware of the weaknesses I have mentioned. I've invested my money so I'll wait and hope that some of the more glaring problems are patched soon.
  10. Jul 9, 2013
    If you are a big college football fan as I am, then NCAA Football 14 is the game for you. With the addition of the Infinity Engine 2, player models look more realistic than ever. You will have to do a double take to make sure it's a video game and not a real game on your TV. The running game is much improved over previous versions of the game. If you are a fan of the Ultimate Team mode, you are now in luck. It has made it's way to the NCAA Football series. Now you can use past players of college football to build a powerhouse NCAA team. If you have skipped buying the game the past couple of years, do yourself a favor and pick this game up. If you love College Football and video games, NCAA Football 14 is the game for you. Expand
  11. Jul 13, 2013
    This year, I can honestly say that EA Sports has delivered a modest gameplay experience that is finally starting to reflect the missing fundamentals of football in the respective fashion that football communities have been demanding for over this generation of console gaming. It's only unfortunate that it literally took a generation to turn that corner toward realism and authenticity. The upside to this is that we have a lot to look forward to when it comes to the next generation from this point in regards of gameplay progression. With that being said, here are my thoughts regarding NCAA 14:
    Infinity Engine 2:
    The gameplay has most definitely been revitalized due to the addition of the Infinity Engine 2.0. You can clearly see the improved dynamic physical interactions within the game (in comparison to its first implementation in Madden 13). The physics play out in a cleaner, more dynamic fashion. For those that may not recall, the Infinity Engine in principle, is a physics driven engine that's layered on top of all the animations within the game. So, sometimes you'll get dynamic physics-based interactions, as well as scripted animated outcomes, or get a mix of both in some instances, which brings out more organic gameplay. Couple this with the Force Impact System, and now you have the potential to have some of the most violent trucks and Hit Stick tackles occur to date in an EA Sports football title. The intent of the FIS is make that differential of collisions/interactions between players based on speed, weight, and mass respectively on offense and defense in relation to player skill ratings. It's very rewarding to see that big TE or power back bowl over smaller DBs or out of position LBs with trucks and stiff arm punches alike. As well as on defense laying that blind side hit on the QB, or that WR cutting across the middle getting blew up going for a catch by an LB or DB with a good speed and force behind them.

    With all these good elements, there are issues along with it. Due to the confines of the animation-based principle of the game, you have situations where scripted animations do overtake the dynamic physical presence of other players, it especially happens the most with some of the scripted stiff arm animations. I've experienced numerous instances where the animation would run its full course up field for a gain of 4 yards even with defenders charging toward the ball carrier in the opposite direction. Their tackles are nullified and have no affect on the outcome of the play. This is an eyesore issue for sure that can hopefully be addressed via patch as this contradicts the principle of the Infinity Engine 2 and all its parts. Secondly, there's still a good amount of suction tackling taking place within the game as well. I've had instances where players would purposely get shifted into position as a tackle/stiff arm/Truck is supposed to take place in a particular part on the field. Which leads to unrealistically scripted gameplay outcomes on both sides of the ball, an issue that's been hindering EA football for years.
    In the near future (hopefully), it would be nice to see EA have more dynamic physics based gameplay that rivals titles like the 2010 title BackBreaker. A game that's based on behavior based interactions with dynamic physics and no pre-determined animations in sight.

    Hard Cuts, The Run Game, and the Option:
    For the past few years there hasn't been a truly established run game in regards of precise player movement since NCAA Football 11, but even that game had some shortcomings when it came to the EA themed "Locomotion" technology. They definitely made a nice refinement with the addition of the hard cuts in regards to the directional changes made by the ball carrier. You can see and feel the difference between a power back and a speed back in regards to the ability and sharpness of cutback, juke moves, or just general changes of direction within the game. You still do see some sliding and gliding and players legs quick shifting to compensate for the respective footplant/cut move accordingly. With the "True-Step Locomotion" technology making its debut in Madden NFL 25 next-gen, we should see the quality of the overall player movement increase dramatically. In spite of the shortcomings, the addition of the new and various juke/spin move combos (utilizing the right analog stick) nicely adds depth and personality to a vital element of the game that has been long overdue.
    In addition to compliment the hard cuts element, you have the revamping of the run blocking AI, so this aids in the blockers making more realistic and logical decisions when blocking downfield and addressing the nearest threat to the ball carrier on running plays as well as QB scrambles out of the backfield on passing plays. The of tandem pass blocking is still an eyesore, but the logic is improved and you see the most realistic pockets and blocking scenarios form in this game that haven't been seen since the Xbox/PS2/GameCube days of EA Sports Football. Needless to say, there's a lot riding on what's shown on next-gen, especially in this area where 2k Sports currently upholds the standard with NFL 2k5 and APF 2k8 respectively.
    To expand on the QB scrambling out the backfield, the emphasis on the Option was major this year, with the addition of 30 new types as well as playbooks solely devoted to the option run/pass game. With the in-game pitch and read keys to look out for prior to the snap. It's nice to see that you have to pay attention to what the defense does whether it's the pitch, handoff, or keeper. Any wrong read and be a cost in yards or possible turnover on a bad pitch.

    With all the attention given to the offense this year, there still are some elements to highlight in regards of the defensive side of the ball. The "Heatseeker" control is a new element that aids the user controlled defender with taking the proper angle to tackle the ball carrier. Also, the revamping of the dive tackles that add that secondary attempt to stop the ballcarrier if they elusively slip past the defender or in a rundown effort to make that shoestring-esque leg sweep from behind tackle.
    It is nice to say that FINALLY the war in the trenches is BACK!! The addition of the respective animations for both the O/D-Line interactions showcase that chaotic, yet violent battle that we've been looking for since best being done (at least in my opinion) in All Pro Football 2k8. Now, you clearly get to see the seperation between elite/mid-level/average/poor rushers as they fight to get in the backfield. Once again adding more depth and personality to the overall package.
    The secondary didn't get that much attention this year. while it's slightly improved, this area needs to be overhauled altogether as you have defenders that legitimately don't react to the ball being thrown right over their head as they look at it. Now, the Read & React isn't bad, but it's most definitely the weakest link by far in respect to all that was done in this game. The DB/WR interactions need to be revamped, as well as the AI across the board. Hopefully, the next generation of NCAA Football gaming coupled with the IGNITE engine, will showcase a drastic change in the way players react in game with the dubbed "human intelligence" element to the way the secondary reacts accordingly to what the offense gives them.

    Overall, NCAA Football 14 is a glimpse of the potential future of EA Sports football gaming, with Madden 25 on the horizon to be releasing on August 27 for current gen, and next-gen sometime this holiday season. This is a very nice offering for a soon to be ending console generation, especially for the collegiate football gamer.
  12. Jul 9, 2013
    Been around NCAA football games since the begining. This years' game has a great feel with the new engine. As a Rutgers fan, I am delighted with the new uniform alternatives. I would like to see more penalties such as holding, pass interferenece etc.
  13. Jul 9, 2013
    EA SPORTS NCAA Football 14 is back and better than ever. With the new Infinity physics engine, along with the new running mechanic that features more realistic foot planting, new streamlined User Interface, revamped option game, new position-specific hot routes, new NCAA Ultimate Team mode, new Coordinator Camera view, revamped Recruiting Mode featuring Power Recruiting and Coach Skill Trees, and new Power Recruiting this could be the best ever current generation version in the series. The game is far from perfect though: Road to Glory mode saw little, if any attention, along with Create-a-Coach, TeamBuilder, Coaching Carousel, commissioner controls, and sideline players. All in all though a very fun game to play. Expand
  14. Sep 1, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Hey there folks. I'm chiming in with my due dose of opinion, and just want to give you the biggest and best bang for your buck as always. If my reviews help you in any way to make a decision on whether or not to purchase a game, or if they at least amuse or otherwise entertain you- then I've accomplished my set job parameters. I've decided to pull out NCAA 14 for today's review, and actually recall that I also reviewed last year's NCAA 13- if you're interested in comparing the two. I'll talk a little about the previous year's title as well as I go through the ins and outs of this ones', mainly to show you how it has taken a step down this year. As is common with the EA Sports titles, some years are better than others and the formula changes too frequently to pin any one feature down and realize that "this is it, this is what makes the games awesome!" As with many of the other hit or miss franchise titles under EA's belt, NCAA 14 is one of those so-called "off" years- shaping up worse in some ways than NCAA 13, and improving in a few others, slowly but surely. NCAA 13 wasn't even as well created as 11 or 12, which have undoubtedly been the better titles of the previous several years, but 14 is definitely a remarkable step down for the time being.

    If NCAA 14 had decided to become NCAA Manager 14, or the parallel of the Madden NFL Manager games, then I wouldn't have been as displeased with it- mainly because it comes packaged with a better recruiting sim than football one. Many of the off-field gameplay options provide a more thrilling, strategic, and indulging experience than the actual gameday gameplay does, and that is kind of disheartening to know. This particular game utilizes the same engine as Madden NFL 13, as well as the previous NCAA title, and for that reason, hasn't been upgraded at all visibly in the graphics department of things. There are still some minor pitfalls and inconsistencies here and there, but of course, there always has been and most likely always will be. Some of the plays that involve your other linemen and your running backs or wide outs are well coordinated and thought out, whereas others don't work so well and ultimately you collide with your own men more often than not- resulting in buggy looks and impossible to avoid fumbles both technically and literally.

    Whereas NCAA 13 took a step in a few right directions by fixing certain bugs and inconsistencies from the previous title and titles, NCAA 14 adds more problems than it solves- including poorly thought out AI and indecisive playmakers. It's good that some things have been rendered less harmful or even harmless instead of becoming more detrimental, but when you fail to realize that new concepts could and should have been added as well, then it is still chocked up as a loss on the season's schedule. Run and passblocking assignments are now handled smoother and more consistently and realistically, which is great news- when the AI can carry out their orders accordingly that is. For every step or two forwards however, NCAA 14 always seems to take one or two back- leveling things off, usually back where you started. As has always been a huge technical issue in the past, blockers and defenders often do not showcase accurate or acute awareness of balls coming towards them or inbound opposition. This leads to much more frustration and corny jokes than is probably healthy or worthwhile.

    The gameplay itself is still in need of some major finetuning, and quite rough around the edges. However, that is not to say it isn't still a working, functioning piece of machinery than can be fun at the same time, even if it is mostly a one trick pony performing the same tricks as last year. The option plays work as well or better as they have in the past, which is a welcome advance, and the newer addition of "combos" is an interesting and satisfying gimmick to indulge in once and awhile as well. Nothing game changing, but all things considered- quite interesting to tinker with. NCAA 14 isn't a failure by any means, and it finds it hard to truly gain ground, but it doesn't settle too far into mediocrity without putting up a good fight and offering some new advancements to the stalwart formula. It's good to see anxiously awaited modes such as Ultimate Team and other dynastic and recruitment modes return or appear for the first time, and some changes in their formulas are welcomed as well- however, its almost a last hurrah and a farewell to this console generation than a valid and verified attempt at advancing the series in any way.

    As previously mentioned, the newly anointed recruiting mode is a welcome addition, and is truly the only mode that can save this title from otherwise slipping completely into mediocrity. The strategic process of carefully recruiting and grooming potential candidates for collegiate and athletic stardom has been streamlined in many more ways than one, but it still rings truer than ever and remains an entertaining and fulfilling experience. Having several points systems in place seems like a fine way to balance coaching, teammates and camaraderie, skillsets, offseason workouts, and much more. It's closely related to Madden's superstar mode in more ways than one, but also maintains its own originality and sidesteps some of the pitfalls that its brother series has run into in the past. As a coach, you can choose a multitude of things to focus your views on- recruits and the recruiting process, on-field dynamics, and more. This makes it a process that feels more alive than before, and also more energetic than ever instead of simply being a boring old agenda. It's interesting to see how certain choices affect how potential recruiting prospects view your school, and how badly they would like to go to it- such as their campus visits, your skill as a team, and the contracted dynamics as well. It really livens up what would otherwise be the same dead experience as other years'.

    For the parting remarks and notes, you can take just about any offline mode's recruitment process or dynasty online, and even vice versa to some extent. You can also create online dynasties only playable with yourself and limited to those others you would allow in to compete with your teams. However, there are several nuances with online dynasties, especially where advancement is concerned- so purchase a season ticket if you actually are serious about getting anything done. Just as a word of advice. Ultimately, NCAA 14 falls shy of the mark set by its predecessor, NCAA 13, but it is still a solid game, however flawed it may be.

    Concept: Try to advance the series even more and regress instead of claiming progression and gains.

    Graphics: The graphics look the exact same as NCAA 13's which isn't a bad thing by any means, but also isn't an upgrade.

    Sound: The soundtrack is varied enough as ever and meets with no problems, however, the commentary, which has always been very hit or miss, is quite frequently focused on random aspects of gameplay instead of what would be considered important normally.

    Playability: The controls work fine, but there are occasional inconsistencies and mixups here and there, as has become expected and the norm for the series.

    Entertainment: It's still fun to plan out your dynasty or play it out on the field, despite the overbearing problems apparent at times.

    Replay Value: Moderately High

    Overall Score: 7.25
  15. Jul 9, 2013
    EASPORTS set the bar high this year with NCAAFOOTBALL 14, they have given the best college football experience that one could ask for. The Infinity 2.0 engine brings a smooth and very realistic feel to the game from the new improved Dynasty mode, nike trainer and the ultimate team experience. This years game has bought back those college football gamers who for years were looking for the best game from easports in college football. Everything you see on saturday you see this year in NCAA FOOTBALL 14! Congrats EASPORTS on your success! Collapse
  16. Aug 3, 2013
    By far the most fun ncaa football of this generation. Its a shame that it took them this long to accomplish that. Positives are the read option, option its self, recruiting, better blocking, physics engine. Negatives are outdated GRAPHICS, tons of missing equipment, still some bugs, very poor pass defense, presentation is awful, horrible commentary. NCAA football has a lot of potential its a shame that EA sports has chosen to put so little in developing a good video game for one of the most popular american sport. Expand
  17. Jul 31, 2013
    I was pleasantly surprised by the quality animation and the smooth game play. Then, I remember that this was on Madden 13's engine and nothing special was done here. Just improvements on a one year old engine. The graphics were horrible. It took a step back. It looked very cartoony. Also, despite liking the animations, something just rubbed be wrong about the game. Maybe it was a bit too easy? I don't know. I await Madden 25. I'm more excited for that game. Expand
  18. Jul 12, 2013
    The game doesn't break the mold, but it does add enough features to keep fans (myself included) happy. I'm a little disappointed they don't do anything different for the online features like the Online Dynasty. There is so much potential there that they just leave sit it's kind of sad. The game play is always going to change, that isn't something that should surprise anyone, it's the little nuances like how different modes function that are really visible hear. 7 out of 10, and would be much higher if they put a little more effort into their Online Dynasty mode. Expand
  19. May 21, 2014
    This is an interesting and very good bang that the series goes out on because of the lawsuits surrounding it and the NCAA. The game is far more fluid this year than in any other year and the gameplay is still, I believe, better than in Madden. There are minor things that bug me including a clunky menu screen and the cut-aways for the updates on other games become very annoying. But overall, if this was the year that the game was going to end, they went out on a high note. This game will be a highly sought after game in about 2-3 years as it is the final college football game to be released. I know I'm keeping my copy and probably going to buy up some more in the future, if this goes the route that the final college basketball game did in 2010. Expand
  20. Jul 11, 2013
    I'm a gameplay first type a guy and that's what I will base my review on. Don't get me wrong I enjoy all aspects from gameplay, to presentation, to game modes, but it all starts with the gameplay. NCAA Football 14 has improved greatly over NCAA Football 13, in fact I think NCAA Football 14 is the best football game produced by EA SPORTS on this generation of consoles. The first thing that jumps out at you is the improvement to the player locomotion and hard cuts. You now have the ability to make cuts with the left analog stick simply by changing direction. This feature adds a more realistic look and feel to the running game. Physics has also been introduce to the the NCAA Football Series with the Infinity Engine 2.0, which adds a more dynamic aspect to the gameplay. IE2 is a tuned and refined version of the Infinity Engine and plays out much smoother than the original version introduced in Madden NFL 13. Blocking has really been improved this year. Lineman have a new targeting system which allows them to block the right guy and change their path based on where the ball carrier is going. Last but not least the war in the trenches has returned to EA SPORTS football games. The combination of new D line moves and improved footwork mechanics for the O line provides trenche battles like you've never seen before from the Series.

    Along with pros comes cons, they are areas of concern in this game. Force Impact doesn't always seem to play out accordingly. All animations aren't able to be interrupted, at least not at all times. There still isn't any real DB/WR interactions. Zone coverage has been improved, but guys still don't really play outside of their zones based on the situation. TCP has been improved, but you still don't have full control over ball placement. Hard cuts have been added but that doesn't completely eliminate sliding and weird player movement at times.

    Overall I think NCAA Football 14 is a solid game to end this generation of consoles. I think this game is a building block to show us the direction EA SPORTS Football is going in and set a foundation for the future. For the most part this game plays very well and seems to have more pros than cons at this point.

  21. Jul 9, 2013
    NCAA Football 14 not only set the bar for football games this year they raised it up 2 notches... This is truly the best football game on this Gen and possibly ever. Ultimate Team coming to NCAA was one of the biggest and boldest decisions that the team at EA SPORTS made, and by far one of the best, and could make a run at big brother Madden in my opinion.
    With Physics in the fold
    powering the all new running game in NCAA 14 it has never been more fun and exciting to run different offences like the Spread and Option. Truly I'm excited to see what the New Gen holds for the series down the road!

    With all the positive there also comes negative like Road To Glory not getting love this year or seeing OTP come to the series, or full commentary/halftime show is disappointing, but the rest makes the negative not seem as big a deal anymore. Enjoy!!!
  22. Jul 26, 2013
    Overall this game is heading in the right direction, the presentation has been vastly improved with small cut-scenes to make it more realistic. The new game engine is also a positive side to the game,and Ultimate Team is just awesome, enough said. It isn't perfect yet, but EA is finally putting effort into this game and making strides forward. The downside, however; The game is in need of a patch. I've noticed a few areas of the game that need to be tweaked, which is easily repaired in a patch, after these minor issues are corrected I have no problem giving this game a 9 or even a 10 rating. Expand
  23. Aug 1, 2013
    A solid but unspectacular football game, with improved, nice physics but the game modes are the same as last year's and boring. The new game mode is ultimate team where you play as pro players in there college days which is okay, but doesn't feel right or flow.
  24. Aug 6, 2013
    Fun, but buggy. Several times the ball would disappear. I also do not like the removal of some features in dynasty. Same game as the past five years. It is also way to easy to dominate on offense, and be by far the worst in defense with same team. Maybe its me, but I do not think so.
  25. Sep 2, 2013
    I enjoy playing it, and it's certainly the best due to graphics and feel, but overall, I was disappointed by how similar it was to NCAA 13. It really seems to me like they're taking the games and recycling them over and over while making them a bit shinier every time.
  26. Aug 1, 2014
    When reading this review, I want you to also add elements of my Madden 25 review to the score, why this score is higher than Madden's is the AI on the higher difficulty settings. In Madden, I am able to win by 2.5 3 possessions if I play a smart game and I'm not messing around. On NCAA, the games are always closer and usually are decided by a possession or less. For people playing on All-Madden or Heisman, I recommend fine tuning the interception bar to the 80-85 level for more realism. To often in the EA sports series, I have had the computer or human opponents throw a bad pass right at a cornerback, saftey, or linebacker and have them drop it. By moving the bar up, it will give you a much more realistic copy of a real NFL/NCAA football game that is played in real life.

    I gave Madden 25 a six for flaws I found when just messing around, these flaws are same and/or similar in this game, I gave this game a higher score because of the excitement that surrounds the end season of college football of who goes where and whatnot. The franchise in the game is fun as ever but I usually just play Exhibition because I play it at the Library for free and I really don't want to buy a flash drive to save my data because of the flaws I have found. The 'create a player' mode is really cool too. How they start you off in High School and you get to pick where you want to go to college to play football and depending how you do depends on who accepts you and whatnot. The main problem I had with this mode was if you choose to be Quarterback like most people do, you can't call running plays. When your in the High School portion of the recruitment phase (just play the game and you'll see what I'm talking about), the coach calls all the plays and they are always pass plays and it makes no sense because no team calls all pass plays no matter what level they play at.

    The hurry up mode in this game is also a lot better than Madden 25's I feel. Which gives you the ability to dictate the tempo of the game better than in Madden 25. But this is just my opinion.

    If Madden 25 were to make the AI better, I would also give it a seven. And if EA sports were to fix all the flaws stated in my Madden 25 review, in both games, I would give them both 7.5's.
  27. Mar 11, 2014
    Those who write positive reviews are playing this game a lot differently than I. I bought this game months ago, but finally after playing it today it went in the trash. The a.i. Is absolutely insane. Whenever the comp decides to turn the game around you have no chance. You will throw int's, and on defense the comp will score within a minute. It's crazy, for quarters I mean you can do nothing and the comp will do no wrong, it's really sucks. The ppl who created this garbage do not know about football. Expand
  28. Jul 9, 2013
    EASPORTS set the bar high this year with NCAAFOOTBALL 14, they have given the best college football experience that one could ask for. The Infinity 2.0 engine brings a smooth and very realistic feel to the game from the new improved Dynasty mode, nike trainer and the ultimate team experience. This years game has bought back those college football gamers who for years were looking for the best game from easports in college football. Everything you see on saturday you see this year in NCAA FOOTBALL 14! Congrats EASPORTS on your success! Collapse

Generally favorable reviews - based on 18 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 13 out of 18
  2. Negative: 0 out of 18
  1. Aug 8, 2013
    The Infinity Engine 2 has taken the NCAA Football gameplay to a new level of realism, and with the improvements to the Dynasty mode, even the lack of depth that Ultimate Team suffers from can't hinder the fact that this is arguably the best title in the franchise series.
  2. Jul 16, 2013
    What it does is present a complete package that lacks very little for football fans and NCAA Football fans alike, and for many that may just be enough to satisfy the hungry crowd.
  3. Jul 14, 2013
    Those simply looking for a solid game of collegiate football should ignore all that, however, as NCAA Football 14 offers the same quality the series has been known for this generation with some great tweaks and implementations added. Madden 25 will likely take the crown for the best game of football this year, but those who make NCAA Football a yearly tradition have no reason not to add this solid addition to their collection.