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  • Summary: NCAA March Madness 08 has created a strategic new gameplay experience called Dynamic Post Play that enables you to take complete control over running your offense through the post, and defending your opponent in the paint. Experience the intensity of a strategic match-up on each possession, outwit your opponent by creating a favorable mismatch, and then make a move that scores the bucket to lift your team and your fans to victory. For the first time, you have complete control over dozens of new offensive post moves, including finesse ones like an up-and-under, drop step, hook spin, jump hook, and pump fake, and the ability to combine moves together. Animations can be interrupted at any time to transition into a new move, enabling you to read and respond to the defense, just like real life. Take command of the post on defense with strategic positioning to dominate down low -- guard your opponent man-to-man, front him to deny the entry pass or read the offense and go for the steal. NCAA March Madness 08 finally makes dream match-ups a reality, enabling you to replay classic games in college basketball history. Featuring more than 70 classic teams, take the court as the 1972 UCLA Bruins against any of the great North Carolina Tar Heels teams of the 1980s, the Duke Blue Devils of the 1990s or the two-time defending national champion University of Florida Gators. In addition, the ultimate teams for dozens of Division I programs have been created enabling you to go head-to-head to determine the best team in the history of college basketball. [Electronic Arts] Expand
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  1. In NCAA 08 March Madness’s case, an intricate post-play mechanism, online leagues and the best classic collegiate hoop teams of all time make it twisty enough for us to recommend it as a worthy upgrade to last year’s offering.
  2. NCAA March Madness 08 definitely gives it the old college try and is still a solid college basketball game overall, but just the act of trying to be great isn’t good enough, particularly when there’s not much of an upgrade from its predecessor in the franchise.
  3. The online quickplay is pretty slick and there's even(gulp)online leagues, which will give this baller more legs than the normal yearly update that NCAA hoops games often are. [Jan 2008, p.67]
  4. The ball physics are sometimes off (especially during rebounding), the animations are repetitive and there's not enough new content. Leave this one on the bench.
  5. What a letdown! I had high hopes for March Madness this year, but this one's all sizzle and very little steak. [Jan 2008, p.90]
  6. 50
    It's almost like congratulating Adonal Foyle for working on a new move in the offseason while completely ignoring the fact that the rest of his game is downright awkward.

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